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Siobhan Doyle


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Born: September 21, 2011 Forum Topics Started: 1
Race: Vampire Forum Posts / Replies: 229
Affiliation: Reign of Fyre Mail Replies Sent: 5899
Home City: Tokyo Mail Sent: 2401
In Union With: Killian Doyle Last Login:
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11/21/14 at 3:54 pm
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Even A Man Who Is Pure Of Heart And Says His Prayers By Night.May Become A Wolf,When The WolfsBane Blooms And The Autumn Moon Is Bright.

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I survived the great Bloodout of 2011...with only minor withdrawal symptoms
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I visited the Realm Haunted House on Halloween 2012 and an Elder took all my candy!
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Siobhan Doyle's Biography
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"Hello Daddy , Hello Mom I'm your ch ch ch ch ch cherry bomb. Hello world I'm your wild girl, I'm your ch ch ch ch ch cherry bomb."

Siobhan has never been married, She has been engaged a few times but they died but she never married them.She only married Killian her child hood love.

Name :Siobhan Brigette Boru Doyle
Nick Names : Shiv,Firecracker,Little Dove and Mama Hybrid Of Dragons.
Born :Crossmaglen Co. Armagh Northern Ireland on Oct.31
Eyes :Baby Blue
height: 5.5
weight: 115
Race: born as a witch but was turned into a wolf then vampire, Hybrid and Banshee
Parents: Ambrose Murchad Boru & Brigit(the Irish Fire Queen)
Siblings:(I am the youngest out of 6 )Ronan, Liam, Deidre, Bren, Cadhla and a adopted sister Cassandra Carnivale
I just found out I have a older Twin sister that was taken away at birth her name is Faia and I can't wait to get to know my twin better.
Markings : Trinity knot Tattoo on her left wrist like the rest of her siblings.She also wears a fire stone opal that connects her to her siblings
Relationship status : Married to Killian Doyle 3/11/14 my first and only marriage
Children : Kelda Saga Doyle born 9/4/2014 @ 6:10 pm.5lbs. 5ozs.
Powers: Fire and Water Elements, the power of controlling time and space, able to move things with her mind, energy blast ,and the powers of foresight from the banshee demon that lives in her.She is also a true Alpha werewolf that stands 12 ft tall and weighs 600 lbs.
Familiars : Her wolf Charon, White Tiger Shakira, and 5 dragons Tempus, Abraxas, Zankou, Lilith & Hades.

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Last five threads posted in:
ForumSubjectLast Post
New OrleansCafe Du monde Lunch
Created by Ciaran _M Boru
NeighborhoodRe-opening of "The Blood Brew Tavern" (All are welcome.)
Created by vamp_goku
Ciaran _M Pendragon 11/21/14 Cierra_Boru 11/20 (21:24) Vivien- Failed A head for a head, off with her head! Lovely lady?Is he serious? Fact: Bounty board doesn't lie . Vivien is far from lovely lady . No lady would of bountied a 10 year old child even if he didn't know about it. He should check his facts on that lovely lady thing again.
Ciaran _M Pendragon 11/21/14 She wont. She was warned where I could warn her not to return yet so that was $ well spent on his part. NOT !!!! Da never said he was bright birdie. *Laughs*
Ciaran _M Pendragon 11/21/14 Angelica Star 11/21 (02:36) Eric The Crow $50,000.00 Tic toc tic toc your time is up!! Seriously? Mom is in Cancun. WTH? * Rolls eyes*
Eric The Crow 11/21/14 Let me guess your puppet master is pulling on your strings again he laughed~ I"f you say so my dear No one Controls me in this realm get your facts straight before you start your threats towards myself and of that lovely lady by the name of Vivien~ I recall nothing of the sorts that has gone on today as I was out hunting my sweet angel, mapping out her home of Mr Doyle he chucked softly~
Eric The Crow 11/21/14 A misty fog rolls underneith the blond's feet as the Crow appears in front of her~ Excuse me he said with a gleem in his dark cold icy blue eyes. I believe you have gotten it all wrong Miss Siobhan as Erick tilts his head and smirks~ I have no clue on any bounty that has or hasn't gone up on this child you speak...! Reaching into his pocket he places the quarter in your hand and says heads or tales Siobhan? You choose flipping the coin into the air as the coin lands in his hands ah its tales you win! As Erick smiles to you. I will look into this for you my dear to find out what she is talking about turning into his Crow he flies off~!
Ciaran _M Pendragon 10/29/14 Oche Shamhna Shona Aunt Siobhan (Happy Halloween)
Ciaran _M Pendragon 10/29/14 "Call grams ? Have you lost your mind that woman in a crabby mood is death walking. No I havent tried her."
Ciaran _M Pendragon 10/29/14 A bit confused since the gods arent known for sending children back much less a Boru for that matter. Not with out the whole life for a life thing.
Ciaran _M Pendragon 10/29/14 Everything is fine with us. Its just that cierra is back some how I dont understand how but she is back as an angel. that might be why but I swear it is not due to something I did.
Grim 10/26/14 "Well I am not worried about finding someone. After all all its gotten me is hurt. But thank you for thinking someone is out there for me. Something I have found in this realm is love is for those who want it. I don't anymore I have been burned to much." He nods his head as she left. He said what he needed too. Now it was time to go work on training.
Grim 10/26/14 "I was here and we was together when you married him. I guess you didn't remember cause I wasn't worth remembering. Its ok I don't blame you honestly. I am happy for you and your new family. Maybe in time we can be friends but right now I can't promise that. Right now I don't even know what I am doing back. I woke up in a tomb and was shocked I didn't want to come back but I guess there is some reason I guess I must find out why."
Grim 10/26/14 He looks down and sighs. "You know the reason I killed myself this last time is because you hurt me more then you will ever know. We was together and I thought we was happy. Then all of a sudden without even telling me you got married and expected me to be happy. We was together I thought you wanted to marry me and love me but you married someone else. I was crushed."
Grim 10/26/14 "I've been back a couple days now. I didn't want to both you with my return but I had to just see you. I see your happy and starting a family. Don't worry I didn't return to mess up your life."
Grim 10/26/14 Grim had warned her looking down he turned then looked into her eyes. He said nothing he needed not to say anything his face would say it all. It looked blank and emotionless knowing he needed to keep like this so not to show pain.
Grim 10/26/14 He kept his back to her not wanting her to see his face. "Once upon a time we did. But I am not worth remembering. I never was." He stayed standing there but kept his eyes looking forward so not to give away who he was.
Grim 10/26/14 Grim kept to the shadows seeing her with her daughter he sighed lightly. He knew she was happy now there was no need to bring up a bad past with him. He turns and starts walking off.
Grim 10/26/14 Grim watched her from a distance. He had returned but was keeping his distance so to keep from hurting her again. They both been through a lot and he wanted to keep the peace.
James Ford 10/25/14 tank you puts head down and walks off to play.
Jǫkull Ridire 10/23/14 Sounds very good
Killian Doyle 10/23/14 something like that.
Killian Doyle 10/23/14 no i havent forgotten
Killian Doyle 10/23/14 "I figured you stop to go shopping was all. no worries." *Grins*
Ciaran _M Pendragon 10/23/14 Uncle Killian been looking for you. I think he thinks you got lost o n your way home .* smiles a bit.*
Jǫkull Ridire 10/21/14
Killian Doyle 09/27/14 "Sun and fun."
Draven Ravenwalker 09/21/14 *He smiled as he walked up to his aunt and picked her up and hugged her.*

"Hey auntie Shiv how you doing I missed you."

*He put her down and smiled.*
Saphire Ravenwalker 09/11/14 "Yes auntie Shiv I know you all to well but thank you. And Uncle Killian just showed me the baby she is so cute and precious but really tiny. Congrats ."
EtaineNightBreed 09/05/14 A note attached to the basket reads ~ Best wishes on the arrival of the little one from the NightBreed family Erik and Etaine Nightbreed.
Lilly_Emperium 09/05/14 Of course, an everyone will be glad to help. Just remember dear, in the end.....your instincts will kick in
Lilly_Emperium 09/05/14 Congrats to both of you! If ya need anything, let me know
Amethyst Pendragon 09/04/14 " Congrats on your little one Aunt Shiv, I can't believe how tiny she is. I hope ya both are doing well and get as much sleep as ya can when the tyke is sleeping."
Mystic-Husky 09/04/14 "Dear gods Siv, she is beautiful. A Little early, but beautiful just the same." Hugs her
Killian Doyle 09/04/14 Kelda Saga Doyle photo keldasDoylenewbornnopink.jpg Baby Girl: Kelda Saga Doyle 9/4/14 @ 610pm 5lbs 5 ozs. Parents: Killian and Siobhan Doyle
Mystic-Husky 09/03/14 "Thank you Siv. She is a darling. Just got to get use to having a girl, after two boys."She giggles "Christmas with the family should be fun with all the babies this year in the family."
Mystic-Husky 09/02/14 Proudly introducing Baby girl, Siri Ridire. 8lbs, 10ozs.
Mystic-Husky 09/01/14 She laughs lightly"Thank you for the welcome and yes dearest you are the late one again."
Mystic-Husky 08/31/14 She smirks."Aye, I have no plans to visit the dirt this time. I actually hadnt planned that last trip." She giggles.
vamp_goku 08/16/14 Goku walks up to her, smiling wide giving her a simple red rose along with a white one as well.*
"I truly hope all is going well with you, and your husband along with your kido's..I just wanted to say hello along with congrats.. Please forgive my delay, live as been harsh on me is all.."
Killian Doyle 08/15/14 Exactally.
Killian Doyle 08/15/14 "If I didnt do it and you were there you sure as hell would of done it first. You dont beat on a lass and I dont care who ya are or what she said , did or didnt do to or for you."
Killian Doyle 08/14/14 "well then I dont know what the deal is with Ciaran the guards are idiots beside remember who Ciaran is now with out Ronan here on the island? Who wouldnt place the lad on the most wanted list? As for the guy with the axe well I would introduce him to ya little dove but seems he left with wet pants that night. Dont worry I didnt actually hit the SOB with axe though I was just trying to scare him."
Ciaran _M Pendragon 08/14/14 "well then I dont know .The guards are idiots apparently and that is all that."
Killian Doyle 08/14/14 *gets up and looks at her shocked by her actions* "Son of a... What the hell Siobhan are you talking about? " *He looks at her* "they must of confused Ciaran with Matt again and for me well lets just say throw one little axe at a jerk in a bar smacking a lass he was with and that gets the guards all sort of up in arms apparently."
Ciaran _M Pendragon 08/14/14 What ? Wasnt me they must of got me confused with Matt again. You know how the police arent all that bright and well we have that twin thing going on. What has he done to frame me for now? Must of mouthed off to the police again. You know Matt and his mouth?" * Ciaran looks at his aunt with a stright face.* "As for your husband I know nothing about it.
Cinderz 07/13/14 thanks
Faia Shiria 05/22/14 Sighs deeply "For the most part of my childhood I've been performing but since my early teens I've been wrecking havoc around the world all on my own." A sly smile curls her lips "It's never to late though is it? I'm game if you are." snickers mischievously.
Faia Shiria 05/21/14 A humorous chuckle left her lips as she watched shiv intently. So youre the bad one ey? I wonder what shell think of me. I might be giving you a run for your money by the end of it all. Faia shrugged and ran a hand through her messy hair. Either way. Itll be nice to have a family, even if Im the odd one in the bunch.
Faia Shiria 05/20/14 Breathes a sigh of relief then a soft rosy color spread on her cheeks. I eehh. Right. Id be happy to get to know the family better. Ive been alone for all my life, pretty much. Raising an eyebrow Faia looks at shiv curiously. Why do you say that?
Faia Shiria 05/19/14 Blinks. I hope youre not counting on me to babysit. Ive never even held a baby before. Swallows hard. Im serious. I wouldnt know what to do with it. Bites her bottom lip and nods. I know. I dont wanna miss out on anything either. Im still pretty stunned by the fact that I have real family here. I hope mom finds something soon. Id like to meet her.
Faia Shiria 05/19/14 Turns with a surprised look to her face before a genuine smile appears. Oh! Thats wonderful. Congratz to both of you.
Gives a great big hug. Ill need to come around more often. I dont want to miss out on anymore family.
Killian Doyle 03/27/14 Aye for now it does indeed.
Killian Doyle 03/27/14 ~takes the flowers and smiles~ "My sun and stars I can easy tell you apart you. You have the Irish acccent. You have the fire opal and the celtic wedding band so there for aye I can tell you apart."
vamp_goku 03/13/14
Killian Doyle 03/12/14 Siobhan and Killian Doyle Wedding bands photo KillianandShivweddingrings_zpsffc1ef43.jpg Never ending circle just they way life is and love. Le gra go deo ( With love forever)
Killian Doyle 03/12/14 More then likely not. Hes a smart lad and knows how to play his cards right and knows to wait to take any drastic action if he has to til the time is right. If he didnt he be dead too. He let Marie know where he stood only because he had her right there and was able to do so with out fear of angering any one else. A trait no doubt from the Boru side of his blood."
Amethyst Pendragon 03/12/14 *Ami looks at her and pouts* "How could you not even with out a notice. Gee feel the love here but we will throw a party Cassie will want an excuse for cooking a buffet. Congrats auntie you deserve to be happy and be taken care of. Now i have to meet this man."
Ciaran _M Pendragon 03/12/14 "Well you and Doyle were predictable. Congrats on the union."
Killian Doyle 03/11/14 ~ Killian looks at her and smiles* I should of given this to you along time ago and saved you the pain of the other guys being well control freaks. always said A Boru and Doyle would be hard to beat combination. Tell me you still think it is?  photo AmiengagmentringHaven_zps7e645cad.jpg
Bella Swan Cullen 01/26/14 congratz on profile of the day...
Ciaran _M Pendragon 01/26/14 Realm's most wanted I see. * Laughs* Uncle Liam is gonna love when he hears this one. For once its not him or I."
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