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Gray Taylor, Victor Lockheed, Blaize E Summers
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Disclaimer: Spring is hostile. She will kill you. She will belittle you. She will insult everything down from your crooked toe to your whack @ss face. Cheers.

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RealmPride is the mask of one's own faults
Created by Gray Taylor
NeighborhoodDungeon Breaks
Created by River Song
Summer S Summers 10/21/17 Spring
You have OUR birthers? Or rather, the sperm donor? In your basement? Alive and intact?
My my, baby sister. You do have more patience than I thought. Or perhaps it isn't patience. Perhaps it is cleverness and the diabolical need to punish.
As for me, it's the b!tch I want.
You know the saying- there's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other. Well, I happen to know a specific place in hell for cows who throw out their offspring like last week's garbage.
A woman like that deserves to have her head shoved up her clown-car tw*t.
Sh!t, I need a bigger blunt, obvs.
...You are talking about our birthers, yea?
Summer S Summers 10/20/17 Spring
Are they dead, the breeders?
If not, and if I ever run into them, I will end their cursed existence.
Damn, now I’m hopin’ to run into them.
Imma smoke a bowl and settle the fvck down before I set out on a Breeder Kill Crusade.
Nate Mishal 10/20/17 "Aaawww whaa', tha's i'? You're leeebin' m'alrery?" Nate opens out his arms, somewhat ironically considering his origin. The joint hangs limply from his lips, obstructing his speech.

He grabs it from his mouth, resuming his crucification.

"You've had sh!t in life. I get it. Blah blah blah. We've all had f*cking shi!t. I've been dumped on this godforsaken hell against my f*cking will. You think that was fun? You think it's fun being here? It's f*cking not. So sue me for trying to have a little fun and trying to making f*cking conversation with you. But fun. F*ck the f*ck off. I don't give a flying f*ck. But when you're sat there later, wallowing in your own self pity, all alone, remember that you could have been having some f*cking fun with a random stranger tonight instead. Now shoo, off you pop."
Nate Mishal 10/20/17 “Well they’re new, these lips.” Nate protests, pouting them a little. “I juss gut ‘em.”

He smokes some more as she smokes her own and this time, as he exhales, he forces the smoke toward her face and snorts a laugh.

“How’d you get to be so f*cking angry all the time? Or maybe you just like pain. What if I smashed your face into the concrete, Weed? Cracked your bones in all the wrong places. You like the sound and smell of bloodies bones? I know I f*cking do. So why don’t you get over your sorry a$s self, hitch a ride on the ‘f*ck it train’ and take me out to go main a couple of unsuspecting skin bags?”
Nate Mishal 10/20/17 Nate attempts to catch the lighter, sort of misses…ish, knocking it with his knuckle, reaching to grab it again and somehow managed to secure it between his thumb and finger. Suck skills. Much inner-applause. He lights the joint and tosses it back to her.

“You’ll grow to love me, sh!thead. So get over yourself and chill the f*ck out.” He offers the joint as smoke billows from his mouth. “Want a drag, hag?”
Summer S Summers 10/20/17 Spring
It is very weird without him.
Are we fvcking cursed? I was gonna ask if we are damned, but I know the answer to that question.
I think we’re cursed.
Nate Mishal 10/20/17 "I f*cking like you, Weed. You're something else." Nate waggled a finger at her, his face occupied by a wide grin, teeth bared. It's not some pleading admission, but rather a 'Yeah, you'll do' statement. "This f*cking rock is full of sh!t-for-brains and those f*cking nancy dogooders, but you, you speak your god damn mind. It's refreshing. You're the f*cking Spring Awakening to this otherwise hell pit of an excuse for a population. Now, you mind if I borrow that to..." He fiddles in his pocket, pulling out a rolled joint. " light this beast. Or are you planning on setting me alight? I don't mind so much either way but if you choose the latter, it'll be a waste of our potential."
Nate Mishal 10/19/17 A connection. Her body to his as she goes low, aiming for his special place. She's screaming, hurling abuse, and Nate? What does Nate do?

Well sure, the impact of her leg to his d!ck definitely causes his body to move - but it's the force of the action and nothing more. For while he DEFINITELY had junk down below, he doesn't feel the excruciating pain some lesser beings surely would.

He looks down, back up to her, down again and once more to her face, his own blossoming into a grin.

"You're f*cking hot!" he exclaims, and then shrugs. "And I don't say that...ever. Especially about, y'know, blood-sucking fiends or, well, anyone. Bravo. Do you need me to pretend that hurt though? Would that help? Because I can totally grab my balls and cry in agony if that's what gets you off, Weed?"
Nate Mishal 10/19/17 "Oh my god, you actually DO exist. Haaaaaa..." Nate continues to p!ss himself laughing, palms clutching his sides in near-agony. "We had bets! No one... NO ONE would ever think to name their kid 'Weed'...AND HERE YOU F*CKING ARE! That bird-brained Gabriel owes me a metric f*cktonne of moonshine for this one."
Caleb Noire 10/19/17 Ye, if ye could feckin' do that th't be grand. I'm not in th' mood to argue wi'h ye. Although if ye insist... I'll shOVE ME F-CKING FIST DO'N YE THROA' AM I BEIN' CLEAR ENO'GH YEH THICK TART.
Caleb Noire 10/19/17 Le’s go ahead and get this out of the way then, lass. Wha’ in the bloody fvck have ye done wi’h me brother?
Blaize E Summers 10/14/17 Spring
I saw what has been done.
I am here if you require me.
Gray Taylor 10/14/17 Spring
Your new Jew forced me out. We both know there is no telling you what to do.
Mackenzie 10/12/17 My B-tch
Mackenzie 10/11/17 My B-tch
I might have cursed him with eternal damnation...
Mackenzie 10/10/17 My B-tch
An alliance?! Who sent it? You can eat anyone you like.
Jameson Orlav 10/10/17 To:
Subject: re: alliance

Dear Spring,

I hate your stinking guts.
You make me vomit.
You're scum between my toes.

Love, Jameson.
Blaize E Summers 09/29/17 Grumpy
The Orlavs are still around? I could have sworn they would have died by now.
Well, I will be coming to Moscow to visit within the week.
I will be sure to bring dinner.
Blaize E Summers 09/28/17 Grumpy
How come?
Have you tamed a famous Russian bear into your own personal body guard yet?
I feel if anyone could do such a thing it would be you.
Blaize E Summers 09/28/17 Grumpy
My, my. I leave for a little vacation and come back to my sister, a coven leader!
Good show, Spring.
Gray Taylor 09/24/17 Spring
We've a new Jew? What's his number?
Gray Taylor 09/23/17 Spring
No thanks.
I'll just stay here, drinking your liquor that I bought you.
Mackenzie 09/18/17 My B-tch
Crisps are too salty. I'd rather be the bread to his fondue.
****. It's all f-cking disgusting.
Mackenzie 09/18/17 My B-tch
What. The. ****.
We said no sharing! What the f-ck is going on in London?
Mackenzie 09/18/17 My B-tch
At least your Jew is pretty. I f-cking hate him, but he is nice to look at. Until he starts talking. Then I just want to f-cking punch him. I'm not worried about blue cheese, at that. Why. Has he said he's bored?
Mackenzie 09/18/17 My B-tch
Jews don't live forever. Take the money and run.
Why tf would he turn to blue cheese? What does that mean?
Educate me, you f-cking Jew b-tch. I won't have blue cheese.
Mackenzie 09/18/17 My B-tch
About the same time.
I do think you should do it, though. Jews are rich.
Tell you what, though. Victor.
Nailed it.
Mackenzie 09/17/17 My B-tch
When are you going to marry that Jew of yours?
Victor Lockheed 09/16/17 TayTay
What I do with my d*ck is beside the point, it’s not my fault you were probably too drunk to read the departure boards.
The pickin’s are better here than in Communist Russia.
Victor Lockheed 09/16/17 Springaling
I'm in London. I told you I don't like Moscow, and you went and opened up over there like some sort of sadist.
Wait. I almost forgot who I was talking to.
Victor Lockheed 09/16/17 Jerry Springer
I know you're talking about Gray, and just trust me. It works. Trust me.
Victor Lockheed 09/16/17 Pretty Angry
Insinuate that they're gay. It tends to work for me.
Summer S Summers 09/13/17 Spring
I heard you opened your own outfit. Nicely done, baby sis. I've no doubt in my mind you'll do amazing.
To be honest, I've not a clue what Azhi Dahaka means. I joined them because they are like me, they keep to themselves, and when they do come out of the dark, they scare children. Lo, I have found my people.
Speaking of people, I come from the school of thought that most are actually fvcking a$$holes. If they are like me, or like you, they are all utter tw@ts. With some very limited exception, of course.
I hope it goes without saying, but I've always got your back. Even if it looks weird if I'm fighting from the other side. I'm not as strong as you, never will be. But my feathers can kill a b!tch. It comes in handy. I'll mail you one some time. Not that you need it.
Miss you too, b1tch.
Gray Taylor 09/08/17 He doesn't bother knocking. Gray simply walks in, knowing full well where to find Spring and her extra liquor. Giving her a dark look, he knows he is looking at the very last close friend he has. Without a word, he crosses the space, easily finding a bottle of rum before taking a seat. A long pull is taken, and he casts her a sidelong glance. "Don't you go, too."
Gray Taylor 09/08/17 Spring
Gray Taylor 09/08/17 Spring
Depends on how fast the Jew drinks.
Tonight, it'll be fast.
Gray Taylor 09/08/17 Spring
Great. I'm going to drink myself blind.
Be there in five.
Gray Taylor 09/08/17 Spring
Where is the liquor?
Gray Taylor 08/30/17 Spring
You didn't strike me as the sort to f-ck around.
Gray Taylor 08/29/17 Spring
Lucius Dalca 08/27/17 A rather large rectangular package arrives at her door sometime in the afternoon with a note written in fine calligraphy inside. Once she opened it she will see a large black scyth with a razor sharp blade neatly packaged.

Note: To match the new name.
Mackenzie 08/27/17 My B-tch
I'd hit that.
Mackenzie 08/25/17 My B-tch
You sexy beast. Look at you. Love the crew name.
Victor Lockheed 08/25/17 Angry Beaver
Sounds good. I never liked Moscow anyway.
Gray Taylor 08/25/17 Spring
I didn't realize herpes was transferable like that.
Gray Taylor 08/25/17 Spring
This is your house.
Wherever you damn well please.
Victor Lockheed 08/22/17 Rage Face
Just tell me about the mass homicide. I've been needing a vacation.
Victor Lockheed 08/18/17 Angry Bagel
Does a bear sh*t in the woods?
Gray Taylor 08/18/17 Spring
You mean a bat mitzvah?
Girls have those at 12.
Can you read Hebrew?
Gray Taylor 08/18/17 Spring
It's the middle of summer. Do you really want stew?
Why not kabobs?
Gray Taylor 08/18/17 Spring
That's more like it.
Don't forget to fold.
Gray Taylor 08/18/17 Spring
That's not very Jewish of you.
Summer S Summers 08/18/17 Spring
Yep, still dancing on poles. Still making a fvckin killing. I invest 80%, the rest I spend on pasties. You know the saying “A fool and his money are soon parted”? It should be engraved in stone in all strip joints. Like, don’t mind if I fvckin relieve you of all the quid in your wallet, stupid bloke.
I don’t know if smoking had control over anything. It’s more that I couldn’t control it? I don’t fvckin’ know, dude. I think I came up with the idea while stoned and just stuck with it.
I stay out in Sydney, with this group called Azhi Dahaka. They’re pretty cool. They keep to themselves. They are like me. Plus it’s nice and hot here, sunny most of the time. It’s perfect. It’s winter right now, kind of a trip. Good time to visit though, for those who aren’t that keen on heat and the sun. *hint-hint*
Douchlav’s? Oh.. The Order? I don’t really fvck with Russia, tbh. Too damned cold and the food is complete garbage. Don’t get me started on the politics. Talk about a nation filled with cold wankers. Literally, the only thing that place has going for it is vodka. And you know what? Other places make booze, so I’m all the fvck set. Fvckin seriously. Anyway. They are kinda like me (The Orlav’s, not Russians. Fvck those guys), so I guess I look at ‘em a little differently. I was gonna ask if they were bothering you, but then had to laugh for about five minutes straight at that thought. What’s got them on your radar? You vacationing up with some drunk pillocks, heard an American accent and it drove you bat sh!t? Understandable, honestly.
Gray Taylor 08/17/17 Spring
Let's not talk of crooked male genitalia.
Gray Taylor 08/16/17 Spring
I need details. How will you carry this out? And can I watch?
Gray Taylor 08/14/17 Spring
Who is Jessica Fletcher?
I saw he died. Pity, I think.
Who are you going to torture now?
Or will your focus be purely Orlav?
Mackenzie 08/12/17 My B-tch
Oye. Is that your husband in the Obits?
Summer S Summers 08/09/17 Summer had to scroll down the list quite a ways to finally find the last text exchange between her and her youngest living sister. In fact, when she saw the date of their last contact, her stomach twisted. Had it really been that long? What had happened? She had her own idea, but it wasn’t worth dwelling on. Not as she aimed to reach out.

I was thinking about how I hadn’t heard from you in a really long time. It kinda bummed me out, but then I know you like to keep to yourself and that fvckin’ sapling. I also realized that road went both ways and I hadn’t reached out either. I have my reasons, but not worth hashing out. What matters is that you’re doing good, you and that sapling. Is it a tree yet? What kind is it? I tried my hand at growing a plant but it died, despite my mere fvcking presence being enough for photosynthesis. Go figure.
I quit smoking. It makes me feel like I have one tiny bit of control in my life. So that’s cool.

I meant cigs. I quit smoking cigarettes. Not like, quit smoking everything. I haven’t completely given up on life.
Winter visited not long ago. He’s kind of a mess. I don’t know what’s going on with him. When he was set to leave, I got him an Uber to get to the airport. I haven’t heard from him since.
Okay, longest fvcking text in the history of texting. I went long winded because I know you have unending patience for such sh!t. ;)
Gray Taylor 08/01/17 Spring
Is that Spanish? French? Russian?
What is your plan?
Pulp Fiction, or Reservoir Dogs?
Gray Taylor 07/31/17 Spring
Who you killing?
Gray Taylor 07/31/17 Spring
I'm back. Anyone die?
Mackenzie 07/23/17 My B-tch
Jesus f-cking Christ. I have news, you dirty slag. BIG NEWS. Like, I'm pretty sure you might want to kiss me. Again. What is that sh-t you put on your lips, anyway? Is that chapstick? Or do you just rub Jolly Ranchers on them between puffs from your cig?
Victor Lockheed 07/23/17 Rage Crumpet
Alright, but only because of your unwavering fascination with what’s between my legs.
[IMG Rec’d]

Mackenzie 07/22/17 My B-tch
I thought I smelled you earlier, tried to find you, and couldn't. What f-cking gives? What does a girl have to do to get her main b-tch to pay a visit? Sing f-cking Sabbath? Christ.
Victor Lockheed 07/22/17 Victor's eyes narrowed as he read Spring's message, not because of anger, but rather because he was attempting to read the message between her curses. Puffing on the cigarette hanging jauntily from his lips, he tapped out his response.

Rage Crumpet
Naw, my trusty baloney pony is still attached. I can submit photographic evidence if you're not convinced. 👌
Victor Lockheed 07/22/17 Victor, the sh*t that he is, had forgotten to give up his key to the Mercy stronghold. No one had said anything to him about it, and he'd keenly assumed it was because Gray hoped he'd show up in the middle of the night for a visit. The guy was definitely a pillow-biter. No judgement. It was flattering, but Gray would just have to be disappointed.

It wasn't the suited rainbow that he'd come to drop a message, after all.

Ductaped to Spring's door was a bag of cheetos with a message and a phone number sharpie'd onto the package in black.

What is dead may never die.
-House Greyjoy, b*tch
Mackenzie 07/17/17 My B-tch
Queen Jew? Omfg. Did you curl your hair? Are you wearing one of those awkward little hats? Is your suit freshly pressed? You need a gold scarf thing. Like the ones priests hang around their necks over their gowns, but for Jews.
Gray Taylor 07/16/17 Spring
Don't kill anyone without me.
Besides, I'm sure they will be terrified of you without me around. No buffer. Builds anticipation. I know you love scaring people.
Noura Orlav 07/16/17 "I am nothing like them," she speaks quietly, begrudging being lumped in with her brother and Elouise.

Noura watches the girl, fully aware that she is in dangerous territory. She's seen the woman stomping around Moscow, heard talk of her, and read about her on numerous occasions. She is dangerous. But, she is also someone Noura wants on her side. So, she gives Spring a nod, tapping the wallet in her pocket. "Yea. Whatever you want."
Gray Taylor 07/16/17 Spring
I'm taking a short business trip.
No killing.
Noura Orlav 07/14/17 The first statement makes sense. The question, even more. What comes after, Noura is lost on. Dark eyes focus on the petite package of doom before her, and already she likes her. She's angry. Noura can appreciate that. "I'm Noura, not a normal Orlav. I'd like to buy you a drink."
Noura Orlav 07/08/17 Noura had left the compound. For now, at least. She has every intention of returning and annoying the everliving sh-t out of select people... but for now, she takes in the sights of a long-since burnt Christmas tree. That's about when she spies the angry looking girl. Even on concrete, she could feel the Earth quake with each step the other takes. "You're that girl, aren't you?" She calls out. "The one who terrorizes Elouise."
Athena Maximus 06/30/17 She walked up to Spring's door and knocked on it. In her hands was an actual sapling for her to have for her special day. She waited for her to open up the door before speaking. "This is for you. Please don't scare it to death like you've done to pretty much everyone else."
Gray Taylor 06/30/17 Spring
I appreciate that even though you left Moscow, the Orlav tribe is forced to see you everywhere today.
Mackenzie 06/29/17 My B-tch
Ultimately, that is what we all want. F-cking creatures.
Gray Taylor 06/27/17 Spring
Please leave Moscow. You're scaring the children.
Mackenzie 06/27/17 My B-tch
You're with the Orlavs? I might have to pick your f-cking brain. xoxo Get here faster.
Mackenzie 06/26/17 My B-tch
YES!! Please come visit me. But no killing. And you have to be careful, because there's a kid present. Don't ask. It's weird. It's not mine. Don't worry. I want to see you in a suit. I bet you look hot af.
Mackenzie 06/25/17 My B-tch
That's unsurprising. Good for you. How does it feel to be a Jew? Are you saving money faster? Has your hair gotten curlier? I moved to New York. Stole the beard and made him come with me.
Mackenzie 06/24/17 My B-tch
I miss your f-cking face. Is that arsehole still holding you hostage in London?
Gray Taylor 06/24/17 Spring
Maybe later. I don't hate myself enough yet.
Gray Taylor 06/23/17 Spring
It's been quiet lately. Too quiet. Have you broken something?
Blaize E Summers 06/05/17 Very Angry Spring
They are still around the Orlavs? I thought that had been a one time circumstance...
I knew Autumn had tried to assist in making a cure but it did not pan out well. I had assumed after that all communications had ended.
This is quite unsettling. I shall inquire them both.
Blaize E Summers 06/05/17
Angry Spring
That wasn't nearly as bad as I was expecting.
The lubed d!ck individual was my coven brother. I told him not to even try speaking with you...I guess he got brave.
Last I remember he was looking into something for me so no. I don't think so.
I think Winter seduced him, though... which worries me.
And what's this about loving slayers?
Blaize E Summers 06/05/17 Spring
Alright, lay it on me.
I know you have choice words for me.
I died so this will literally not be the worst thing to happen to me.
Autumn Dalca 06/01/17 Spring
The two curls and hat?
Autumn Dalca 06/01/17 A small package and note arrives for Spring. The note reads:

I saw this and thought of you. Since you're a businesswoman now, you can keep it in your office. Enjoy! Love you.


Inside the package is a wrapped coffee mug.
Lucius Dalca 05/30/17 Text: Jewish Springalicious
As in being one of the most hated racial groups in the world type of struggle. Anyways, I am in London to meet the other cheap @ss jew. He mentioned you will want to be there so see you there.
Elisa Stratten 05/30/17 Neighbor Lady

Jeesh, alright alright. Someone's a little touchy.
Cole Ward 05/30/17 "..Cole Ward. Angry Hall lady." Cole commented taken aback by her level of hostility. He had been subjected to some outbursts in his lifetime, and he had a feeling this raging hall monitor would take the cow. The entire cow.
Gray Taylor 05/30/17 Spring
Once she has her demon spawn, I don't honestly care what happens to her.
Autumn Dalca 05/30/17 Springtime
Lard is slick. Good for cooking with, by the way...
Don't you remember super gluing your fingers together? It f*cking sucks.
Knock his arse out and stick them to his skin. And his hair.
Autumn Dalca 05/30/17 Springtime
Stick them on with super glue.
Autumn Dalca 05/30/17 Springtime
Toe collection? What the actual f*ck?
Know what? I don't want to know.
Autumn Dalca 05/30/17 Springtime
Well, light might be an issue in Gray's closet and they'd get destroyed in d*cktard's bed.
Aye, a present.
What do you say about going out and getting you a few snappy suits, too? You can out-Jew and out-dress Gray.
Lucius Dalca 05/30/17 Text: Jewish Springalicious
You are a jew now prepare for disappointment. Welcome to the struggle, b*tch.
Autumn Dalca 05/29/17 Springtime
That's almost cute.
Ever thought about putting a greenhouse and/or garden on top of Mercy's building? You'd have a f*ck ton of room, then.
Anyway, I've brought several cuttings back from Romania for you. And a surprise. A good surprise.
Autumn Dalca 05/29/17 Springtime
How much space do you have for new plants?
Lucius Dalca 05/29/17 Text: Jewish Springalicious
I knew you would like the idea. By the way, it talks too.. It has 20 original phrases from the Führer himself. Tomorrow I'll bring it to your office.
Gray Taylor 05/29/17 Spring
Have you a license?
Gray Taylor 05/29/17 Spring
That's driving.
Gray Taylor 05/29/17 Spring
Wildlife requires licensing.
Gray Taylor 05/29/17 Gray is in a mood (read: a good one). Spring has taken to being a businesswoman in her own, terrifying way. He figures that positive reinforcement is a good thing. Let's be honest. So, he leaves a gift bag outside her door. Inside the mess of tissue paper, she would find a baby Groot funko and a note.

For the sapling
G. Taylor
Elisa Stratten 05/28/17 Scary Crew Member B-tch
I'll keep my eyes out for the giant f-cking @rse pimple f-cking chav stick...right after I make off with this sapling.
Lucius Dalca 05/28/17 Text: Jewish Springalicious
Too kinky but no... You better love that doll like its a god dam conjoined twin... Mini Hitler will be your BFF.
Gray Taylor 05/28/17 Spring
11. Must make sure to have the cigarette buffet ready and to your liking.
Gray Taylor 05/28/17 Spring
And how to properly wear a suit, it seems.
Elisa Stratten 05/28/17 Homeless Hobo
I'm sorry I seem to have lost my contacts...happen to have some puss I could borrow?
Gray Taylor 05/28/17 Spring
Business lesson tonight.
Lucius Dalca 05/28/17 Text: Jewish Springalicious
So if I gave you a Hitler doll you will be offended now?
Autumn Dalca 05/26/17 Spring
How goes being a Jewish businesswoman? Taken anyone for all they're worth yet?
Gray Taylor 05/23/17 Spring
Gray Taylor 05/23/17 Spring
Speaking of, I picked up a baseball bat for you. Solid wood. Very sturdy. It's propped up outside your room.
Gray Taylor 05/23/17 Spring
I don't know why he thinks you need it. But I told him you went. And he believed me.
Gray Taylor 05/23/17 Spring
Winter thinks you went to therapy.
Gray Taylor 05/20/17 Gray
Let me know.
Gray Taylor 05/20/17 Spring
Anything else?
Gray Taylor 05/20/17 Spring
You need anything?
Gray Taylor 05/20/17 Spring
Where are you?
Autumn Dalca 05/18/17 How fitting...

Show me.
Autumn Dalca 05/18/17 Springtime
Jews are arseholes.
Autumn Dalca 05/18/17 Springtime
Your manners are f*cking perfect.
Lucius Dalca 05/16/17 Text: Springalicious
F*ck you...
Lucius Dalca 05/16/17 Text: Springalicious
Where do you come up with these curse words? What the f*ck is a trollop?
Lucius Dalca 05/16/17 Text: Springalicious
I'll light your @ss on fire first. Its just 6 weeks! They will be gone in no time and you get a certificate!
Lucius Dalca 05/16/17 Text: Springalicious
No, you have to go back! I am still paying reparations for that b*tch. What the f*ck is a Light festival?
Lucius Dalca 05/15/17 Text: Springalicious
Hollywood, b*tch! If you ask nicely you might.
Which reminds me... You need to go back to etiquette school.
Lucius Dalca 05/15/17 Text: Springalicious
No, I went to Jurassic Park at California Universal Studios. Sooo close enough.
Deal! Nobody is going to get passed the Nazi Jigsaw army. NOBODY.
Lucius Dalca 05/15/17 Text: Springalicious
Your face is a t-rex @sscrack. I swear to god, I will dress up the Jigsaw he is getting for Christmas as Hitler with the moustache and everything. I am starting to hate Jews..
Lucius Dalca 05/15/17 Text: Springalicious
How the f*ck do you make a Mercy poster and not include me in it?!?!? Am I not motherf*cking important enough?! Is that it?!?!
Autumn Dalca 05/15/17 Spring
Mackenzie 05/15/17 My B-tch
Short. Red hair. Tons of tattoos. Smells like a wanker's wand. Fat f-cking fingers. She looks like a wee one, and has this weirdly round nose. And tattoos. Loads of them.
She annoyed me. Pity her.
Mackenzie 05/14/17 My B-tch
This fat fingered, redheaded b-tch just stuck her fingers in my f-cking pocket and thought she was f-cking slick. The f-ck is happening to London?
Mackenzie 05/11/17 My B-tch
I was hungry.
Mackenzie 05/06/17 My B-tch
That husband of yours still alive?
Gray Taylor 05/02/17 Spring
Oops. I sent him a new key. Besides, I know how you miss him. You're welcome.
Gray Taylor 05/01/17 Spring
Gray Taylor 05/01/17 Spring
Did he? I'll send him a copy straight away.
Gray Taylor 05/01/17 Spring
I was thinking about what a beautiful couple you and Casey make. Is he finally back from his trip?
Lucius Dalca 04/25/17 Text: Springalicious
If that is what you want then okay, *****. I am back in London. You at your place? I will shock the f*ck out of you.
Autumn Dalca 04/25/17 Spring
A few weeks ago. We spent some time together.
Have you heard from the others? Are they okay?
Autumn Dalca 04/24/17 Spring
Holy f*ck.
Do you believe it? Do you think he's dead?
Autumn Dalca 04/24/17 Springtime
Miss you, sissypie.
Lucius Dalca 04/24/17 Text: Springalicious
The supernatural doesn't work that way ;p. We can most certainly try though. What exactly don't you want to feel? Narrow it down for me.
Lucius Dalca 04/24/17 Text: Springalicious
Its called being human.. When you became a vampire it doesn't change. Sometimes it amplifies but you can learn to cull them.. Do you miss your husband or your feeling something for someone else?
Lucius Dalca 04/24/17 Text: Spring
That is an odd question coming from you.. The answer varies depending on what feelings you are trying to get rid of. Why?
Gray Taylor 04/21/17 Spring
Absolutely not.
Athena Maximus 04/18/17 Text:
To: Springtastic
Hey wanna screw with gray?
Lucius Dalca 04/17/17 Text: Springalicious
You love him don't you! :-O I f*cking knew it! You do have a heart even if its made of ice and cobra venom :D
Lucius Dalca 04/16/17 Text: Springalicious
You have been quiet, Spring. Wtf is going on with you?!
Gray Taylor 04/14/17 Spring
Haven't seen anything in the Obits. I'm sure he's just plotting your doom. Or the saplings.
Phantom Wraith 04/06/17 Walks up with a case that is open and filled with pepper spray that he hands to her before turning and walking off.
Gray Taylor 04/05/17 Spring
How is this the first time I've heard of this?
Gray Taylor 04/05/17 Spring
This is 2017. We don't have an elevator attendant.
Gray Taylor 04/05/17 Spring
I don't know who that is.
Gray Taylor 04/04/17 Spring
Where does Cruise fall into this?
Gray Taylor 04/04/17 Spring
Is this real life?
Penny Blackwell 03/29/17
Gray Taylor 03/17/17 Spring
It's a plan. I'll schedule a car.
Gray Taylor 03/17/17 Spring
Business class? How proactive of you. When?
Mackenzie 03/17/17 My B-tch
At least we're ugly together. No. I haven't demanded yet. Building up is so much more fun. Husband dead yet?
Mackenzie 03/17/17 My B-tch
You're a f-cking Tan, too. But I still f-cking love your fugly mug arse.
Autumn Dalca 03/13/17 Spring
That's what it takes to get you to text me?
Not a chance. But I love you, too.
Lucius Dalca 03/11/17 Text: Springalicious
Guess who is the top earner in this motherf*cker!? This man thats who! Suck it, eat it, love it!
Gray Taylor 03/11/17 Gray
If you know Jewcakes so well, why don't you make them?
Gray Taylor 03/11/17 Spring
Gray Taylor 03/10/17 Spring
I can't make latkes for a Scientologist. Sorry.
Gray Taylor 03/06/17 Spring
Gray Taylor 03/06/17 Spring
I'm just getting a feel for your inner Jew.
Gray Taylor 03/06/17 Spring
Latkes. L-A-T-K-E-S. Potato pancakes.
Gray Taylor 03/06/17 Spring
How do you feel about latkes?
Gray Taylor 03/04/17 Spring
Just ordered your first dreidel.
Gray Taylor 03/04/17 Spring
Less, Jesus.
Gray Taylor 03/04/17 Spring
Disrespect these gentlemen, you disrespect humanity.
Gray Taylor 03/04/17 Spring
I had these made with the skin of dead popes.
Gray Taylor 03/04/17 Spring
Leave my shoes out of this!
Athena Maximus 03/04/17 She thought about it for a moment. "Gray told me you LOVE LARD." She watched as she typed back furiously. Fking Wanker. "What if we got him a whole bunch of it and mess up that "Perfect" hair of his." She laughed softly, "He won't be able to get it out for weeks."
Gray Taylor 03/04/17 Spring
Shabbat Shalom, b-tch.
Gray Taylor 03/04/17 Spring
So maybe we should be Jews together.
Gray Taylor 03/04/17 Spring
And mine was a Jew, too.
Gray Taylor 03/04/17 Spring
That's close enough, I think.
Gray Taylor 03/04/17 Spring
I don't know if yours was, but I hear she was a nudist.
Gray Taylor 03/04/17 Spring
His mother was a Jew.
Gray Taylor 03/04/17 Spring
So pretty.
Gray Taylor 03/04/17 Spring
Have I ever mentioned that your face reminds me of masticated cupcakes?
Gray Taylor 03/04/17 Spring
It's never too late to denounce Jesus.
Gray Taylor 03/04/17 Spring
I think we are.
Athena Maximus 03/04/17 She watched as another coven member approached her, and she already knew who it was before she walked up. Spring Summers. She laughed as she listened to her welcome. "You must be Spring. Thank you for the welcome." She looked her up and down before smirking. "Someone told me you like to be mean to people." She gently crossed her arms as she came up with an idea. "Which is why I need your help. It seems as though Mr. Gray has been too busy with work. Let's mess with that wanker."
Gray Taylor 03/04/17 Spring
By the way, I told Athena you love lard.
Gray Taylor 03/04/17 Spring
Gray Taylor 03/04/17 Spring
Anyway, just wanted to say hi.
Gray Taylor 03/04/17 Spring
But you know that, of course.
Gray Taylor 03/04/17 Spring
I think you did rather well, being stuck living with the likes of me.
Gray Taylor 03/04/17 Spring
And ever.
Gray Taylor 03/04/17 Spring
Gray Taylor 03/04/17 Spring
And yet, here we are. Best buds.
Gray Taylor 03/04/17 Spring
I can't even stand you. You have the stinkiest gas ever.
Gray Taylor 03/04/17 Spring
You realize you're pretty much my best friend?
Gray Taylor 03/04/17 Spring
You are probably the single most inspiring person I've ever met.
Mackenzie 03/03/17 My B-tch
You are a f-cking genius. I swear to f-cking god, next time I see you, I am going to lick your f-cking face.
Mackenzie 03/03/17 My B-tch
I've hooked Victor. Am trying to see how far I can push my luck. Am demanding a large cat. He will cave. Ideas for next demand?
Lucius Dalca 03/01/17 Text: Springalicious
Drip drip drip, b*tch.
Lucius Dalca 03/01/17 Text: Springalicious
I don't let anybody cut me up. Or get that close to me, period. Your sister is the exception to the close part but we have known each other for 8 years and counting.. COMON, Not the same thing..
Gray Taylor 03/01/17 Spring
I'm too handsome for a beard.
Lucius Dalca 03/01/17 Text: Springalicious
Wait why did they try to operate on you?
That still doesn't answer my question on who 'do' you like :P
Lucius Dalca 03/01/17 Text: Springalicious
You don't like them? Who DO you like at this to point besides me? I know your love for me burns like the hot intensity of a thousand songs XD
Lucius Dalca 03/01/17 Text: Springalici
Its Russia.. Nothing to it really. Good ice cream though!
How should I know? We never hang out anymore.. You gotta promise not to try to kill me :D
Lucius Dalca 02/28/17 Text: Springalici
If I come back to London are you gonna promise not to be mean to me? Or at the very least not try to kill me :P
Lucius Dalca 02/28/17 Text: Springali
WHAT?! Its not my wedding. JFC. Its a friend of mine. She lives in Moscow. Where are you at?
Lucius Dalca 02/28/17 Text: Springa
You'd be bored without me!
I am not sure yet... Supposed to be attending a wedding and sh*t.. Not sure how that event is gonna go. Where are you?
Lucius Dalca 02/28/17 Text: Spring!
Come on... You know you love me around to bring joy and fun into your life! I am one of a kind and you know it :D
Lucius Dalca 02/28/17 Text: Springalicious
You miss me yet? :D
Mackenzie 02/23/17 B-tcharse
Hang on. I'm coming, and I'm bring my scissors. Works every time. I'm gonna Edward Scissorhand your arse.
Gray Taylor 02/23/17 Spring
You're a girl. Don't you watch chick flicks? Google wandering Jew, ffs. It's a goddamn plant. A weed. It doesn't die, much like your hatred for Casey.
Gray Taylor 02/22/17 Spring
Have you tried giving him a love fern? There's a weed called the Wandering Jew, too. That thing is impossible to kill and will ruin your life once it starts growing.
Gray Taylor 02/22/17 Spring
Lost your touch? You make my life unbearable and insufferable. I'd say you're top of your game.
Gray Taylor 02/22/17 Spring
What are you talking about? Is something wrong?
Autumn Dalca 02/21/17 Spring
Your fingers. F*ck off, Spring. There are sometimes I sincerely wish we didn't share this bond because you are such a goddamn f*cking b*tch. Get over yourself.
Autumn Dalca 02/21/17 Spring
Aye, because beating the piss out of each other and ourselves is effective. Remember the last time, in Moscow?
Hard pass.
Autumn Dalca 02/21/17 Spring
Neither do I.
Don't threaten Lucius again. Ever.
Autumn Dalca 02/21/17 Springtime
Prove me wrong, then.
I fully intend on it when he gets back to London. It feels delightful.
Autumn Dalca 02/21/17 Springtime
You... Know what? I don't want to know.
You're still losing your touch. Love you, too. ♥
Autumn Dalca 02/21/17 Springtime
You're getting rusty.
Autumn Dalca 02/21/17 Springtime
Have you managed to off your husband yet?
Lucius Dalca 02/14/17 Lucius searched for Spring and found her. Not like she was hard to track down regardless. All a person needed to do is close their eyes, don't make a single sound, and voila... There was Spring cursing at some poor SOB when she wasn't cursing at her own shadow.

-Target Locked In and Confirmed-

"Hey b*tch! Try catching this one!" Before he even said that he had already thrown the nasty bloody heart at head and made a run for it from his hiding spot. Whether it hit her or not, he didn't care. The man had a plane to catch and did not want die!
Autumn Dalca 02/14/17 Springtime
Wouldn't be the first time.
You can pay for copies of it. You know that, aye?
I believe you did call Casey your husband. In fact, I have the proof right here on my phone. I'm happy for you, sissypie.
Autumn Dalca 02/14/17 Springtime
Nope... It's Valentine's Day!
Smile. It won't break your face. Maybe....
You did marry the poor b*stard. You must like him to some degree.
Autumn Dalca 02/14/17 Springtime
How is that different than any other day for you?
Go knock Casey around.
Autumn Dalca 02/14/17 Springtime
Happy Valentine's Day.
I miss your face.
Gray Taylor 02/13/17 Splat.

Gray looks up from the paper he is reading, a day late copy of the New York Times. The written word speaks of impending impeachment of the newly elected President, and this pleases the Bear Jew greatly. In fact, if Spring didn't stomp so much, she might even hear him muttering from beyond the door about Hitler incarnate.

But no. Instead, she stomps, throws, and screams.

Just a normal day at Mercy.

Sighing, he sets the paper aside and stands, walking to open the door without a single f-ck. Blood? Fine. Entrails? Fine. It's nothing he hasn't seen before. "Spring, decorating doors?"
Lucius Dalca 02/12/17 The plastic lunch box came sailing through the sky like a missile. He had heard Spring voice and just knew she had found him. Who the f@ck told her where he was hiding?!..... Autumn..

Clunk! Down Lucius goes.

"You B*tch! F@cking hell tha hurt!" He rubbed his head and noticed the blood on his coat. "This is my favorite coat!"
Autumn Dalca 02/09/17 Springtime
I am stone sober. Swear it. This motherf*cker is real.
Autumn Dalca 02/09/17 Springtime
I just saw a giant f*cking animated teddy bear lumbering around. What the actual f*ck...
Mackenzie 02/07/17 My B-tch
omfg can we hang piñatas from your ceiling and go to town?
Autumn Dalca 02/07/17 Springtime


Autumn Dalca 02/06/17 Springtime
Have you ever been to Transylvania? You should come. It's really quite picturesque. Much different than London.
Noura Orlav 02/05/17 DAMMIT, KAREN.
-Takes a deep breath-
-Bellows out- HEEEHAAAAAW!
-Hurries along-
Gray Taylor 02/04/17 DesperateHousewife
We are going to find out.
Gray Taylor 02/04/17 DesperateHousewife
No. That's good enough. I trust your judgment.
Gray Taylor 02/04/17 Desperate Housewife
We need an administrator. Thoughts on Lockheed?
Gray Taylor 02/03/17 Spring
Don't you have a marriage license? Who married you two?
Gray Taylor 02/03/17 Spring
An agreement of assets. A contract. ...signed before nuptials.
Gray Taylor 02/03/17 Spring
Did you sign a pre-nup?
Lucius Dalca 02/03/17 Text: Springalicious
Just remember I love you when you see me next time.......................
Lucius Dalca 02/03/17 Text: Springalicious
I am not your f*cking *****! It will take more to buy this fine piece of @ss!
PS: *gives her a heart emoji*
Lucius Dalca 02/01/17 Text: Springalicious
But it was working sooooo well!
And I am not telling :P I value my life, B*tch!
Lucius Dalca 02/01/17 Text: Springalicious
How is my second favorite season of the year?! Are you still in school?
Autumn Dalca 01/31/17 Springtime
Growing fast, but she's happy. She likes to hide under the bed and pounce ankles. Little sh*t.
Autumn Dalca 01/31/17 Springtime

And I miss you. ♥
Elouise Orlav 01/30/17
Lucius Dalca 01/30/17 Lucius feels a cold shiver running down even before reading the full text. Well that was weird.

Text: Springalicius
I think its already working! The # of F*ck yous is already getting shorter. Wooooot! Im paying the school extra for sedatives and a better security team. I think the investment in the long run will be best for your husband, the Coven, London, and the rest of the world!

PS: I am travelling the Witch corner in this side of the world *wink emoji*
Lucius Dalca 01/29/17 Text: Springalicious
You see.. I might have incidentally gave them all your contact information and paid them extra to find you if you don't go. They are going to bomb the f@ck out of your cell phone, home phone and voicemail :-D
Lucius Dalca 01/29/17 Text: Springalicius

I got two things to tell you.. One, I signed you up for the London school of Etiquette.

Two, I am in New York. Have fun Monday at school!
Gray Taylor 01/28/17 Snape
Somehow, it is fitting. Maybe it's the hair..
Lucius Dalca 01/26/17 Text: Forecaster B!tch
But.. I
Lucius Dalca 01/26/17 Text: Springalicious
Why is the sky blue?
Mackenzie 01/24/17 B-tch of my life
Mackenzie 01/23/17 B-tch T-t
Autumn Dalca 01/23/17 Springtime
Thank you. Love you.
Autumn Dalca 01/23/17 Springtime
Because I can't be there myself, and I'm asking you.
Autumn Dalca 01/23/17 Springtime
Keep an eye on Lucius for me? Please?
Lucius Dalca 01/22/17 Springalicious,

Fackkkkkkkkkkk no.... Maybe later. I needs me time. Thanks for the sapling video. I got alll the material I need :D
Lucius Dalca 01/21/17 Text: Springalicious,

I love my suite... I just...
Autumn Dalca 01/21/17 Springtime
Eh, whatever. Who are we kidnapping?
Autumn Dalca 01/21/17 Springtime
...but you're married now.
Jason Reindhart 01/21/17 -shrugs-
"Sure, as long as it's no bigger than an Allosaurus. Any bigger and things get...messy."
-awkward laughs-
"So, what dino do you want? I can only be carnivores."
Gray Taylor 01/21/17 Spring
But you didn't answer my questions.
Gray Taylor 01/21/17 Spring
What? Spring. This is 100% business. Why? Does she like him? What has she said?
Gray Taylor 01/21/17 Spring
Maybe you could ask? Official business and all that, you know. You're the best for the job.
Gray Taylor 01/21/17 Spring
Depends on the activity, I think. Did he elaborate...?
Gray Taylor 01/21/17 Spring
Just checking. Thank you.
Jason Reindhart 01/21/17 -shifts back in an explosion of steam-
-is now a naked bearded man covering his privates-
"Winter said you'd like that. Anytime you want to go for a ride, swim or fly, I'm always around somewhere."
Jason Reindhart 01/21/17 -gives a dino shrug-
-comes close for head pats-
-raptors love head pats-
Gray Taylor 01/21/17 Spring
It is... so, what are his relations to your sister?
Jason Reindhart 01/21/17 -nodnods-
"What you are about to see must stay between us. Only few know of my abilities and I'd prefer them not become public knowledge."
-lifts a finger and goes to hide behind something to undress-
-is suddenly engulfed in hella amount of steam-
-steps out as a velociraptor, all feathery and scaly and whatnot-
Jason Reindhart 01/21/17 -Stares at-
-strokes beard-
"You're that Spring woman from the papers, right? Winter's sister? The one who really likes dinosaurs?"
Gray Taylor 01/21/17 Spring
How is Casey?
Lucius Dalca 01/21/17 Springalicious

You are correct. We good to go?
Lucius Dalca 01/21/17 Springalicious

You want to show me while I record? I want to be a youtube star :D
Lucius Dalca 01/20/17 Springalicious, What the f#&% is the sapling? Everybody is talking about it!
Lucius Dalca 01/20/17 Springalicious

Do it for the vine ;)
Autumn Dalca 01/20/17 Springtime
They aren't exactly shining examples of model parents, sissypie. Please keep your clothes. Keep them on. Your body is beautiful but save the undressing for your husband, aye?
Autumn Dalca 01/20/17 Springtime
No, they're not. You see wives every day who don't prance about without their skivvies. Besides, your clothes wouldn't fit Victor.
Autumn Dalca 01/20/17 Springtime
Huh... Okay, let's not give your clothes to Victor. Why would you give them to him, anyway?
Autumn Dalca 01/20/17 Springtime
How are we doing today?
Gray Taylor 01/20/17 Spring
What? I don't want to be a nudist. The world is not worthy.
Gray Taylor 01/19/17 Spring
You're drunk.
Gray Taylor 01/19/17 Spring
...I'm Jewish.
Gray Taylor 01/19/17 Spring
Don't you read the papers? Victor is needy. He'll wear them.
Gray Taylor 01/19/17 Spring
I couldn't possibly infringe upon Casey's territory. ...turn to the left, again.
Gray Taylor 01/19/17 Spring
Gray Taylor 01/19/17 Spring
Don't you? I thought that is what you did all day? Make sandwiches, naked?
Gray Taylor 01/19/17 Spring
When did you become the good wife? It's terrifying. I don't like it. What's next? Are you going to rub his feet?
Autumn Dalca 01/19/17 We're doing this again. Mkay.

Glad to hear it. If you need anything, let me know, aye?
Autumn Dalca 01/19/17 Huh... Curious.

Perfect. Cheers.
How are you feeling this morning?
Autumn Dalca 01/19/17 Springtime
...that was generous. Will you give me the key for Lucius now?
Lucius Dalca 01/18/17 It was done. Your going to love the next couple of days b*tch.. He glared at her during the times she had her back turned then smiled when she faced him. It was more or less what kept happening until they made their way to the Coven home. "Why does it come as no surprise that the males in your family are all flaming butt pirates? With women like you around to take the rein, it wouldn't surprise me if you had a ****** in between your legs either you fat twat."

He shrugged and tried to get into his zen/happy place but every single time he tried she just kept smashing it. Jesus, here comes another little Game of Thrones Joffrey with a f8cking wig on and the crossbow of destruction. Such a sadistic f#ck. "Another thing why would I want to f@ck you? That's like going into an iron cheese grater with spikes all over the hole just shredding everything going in or out. No thank you angry Kristin f*cking Stewart... Im good but if the day ever comes when I want to shoot myself in the head with an emo succubus, Ill come get you."
Lucius Dalca 01/18/17 "Ohh... my... f@cking.. God...." He wanted so hard to bang his head against hers but he held his bearing even when she got closer to him still. He just wanted to get this over with... with this walking plague. The Black Death had nothing on this f*cking *****. Sooo much hatred in such a little thing... Just why? Why god? And great, she was kicking him too. He almost growled as she started leading him to the Coven building.

Every step he was chanting the rite in his head and weaving signs secretly behind her. Tomorrow was going to be a new day.. Brandddd 'new' day for Spring. "The same amount of time when you got fangs shoved up your nasty, ****-stained @sshole..." He responded back to the last question she asked while wondering if female vampires got their periods. "Seriously... How the f@ck did you get married... Did you use a love potion or had a witch work some type of vodoo f%cking magic to get him to marry you." He just had to know.
Autumn Dalca 01/18/17 Springtime
No. He needs his own goddamn room.
Autumn Dalca 01/18/17 Springtime
Can I please come get a key for Lucius' room? For some odd reason, he ended up with a key to mine.
Gray Taylor 01/18/17 Spring
You're going to hell, you know that?
Gray Taylor 01/18/17 Spring
Not at all. She can do what she wants. Or who.
Gray Taylor 01/18/17 Spring
Who the f-ck was that I just saw walk out of Autumn's room?
Lucius Dalca 01/18/17 Just keep smiling, smiling, smil..inggg.... F@ck, this was so hard to do with this angry emo porcupine but he managed it well. He couldn't believe someone would marry this...this thing.. He reminded himself to get her husband a trophy for not killing her or offing himself.

This b!tch was worst than the gas chamber during the holocaust.. F*ck sakes she is getting into his personal space now. "Can you just shut the f*ck up and lead on already??" He responded in a calm tone while keeping the smile intact... Barely. Just barely but still clinging on to his lips. "Jesus, personal space too, woman. Personal f*cking space." He hid one hand in his back making small signs for the spell while the other one kept in front in case she was going for an attack.

He never knew with her. In the years since he last saw her she had grown more restless and just meeting her in London was... Ugh... Thank you for leaving me alone Autumn thank you so f+cking much. Spring was the type of person which would have a segment dedicated to her in a 1,000 Ways to Die.

Lucius Dalca 01/17/17 Lucius tried hard not to bang his head on the wall. How the f@ck can someone named Spring be such a pain in the ass.. She was the total opposite to spring, or autumn for that matter! Maybe a total eclipse or something jacked up like the black hole but spring?? Her parents were either obsessed with the weather or had the biggest sense of humor in this god forsaken world. Either way, he joined their coven so he'd have to suck it up but perhaps not entirely.. He didn't have to be overtly strong but he could be smart and use his powers to an advantage without the others figuring it out it was him...

"Would it kill you not to be such a f*cking prick about it? Smile for once. Look follow my example " He said almost like the last sentence was a 'key' word to a rite. He wanted her to turn around and go about her way so he could try the spell again. For that the energy needed to flow and feel almost natural to her before it shrouded her aura.

He smiled. It was forced.. Sooooo forced but it was a smile.
Lucius Dalca 01/17/17 Lucius had this dreadful sigh hearing that familiar voice from that familiar person. Its her again....... Not having her as a b*tch for a week felt so good. Maybe a few more days... Just a few more f_cking days..

As he turned around to face her, he ends up catching a key and raising an eyebrow at Spring. "I do have magic sodding fingers, vampy." He responded back to her with a smirk as he looked down at the key, "This is the key to her house?" He asked with a little bite at the end.
Autumn Dalca 01/16/17 Springtime
Don't threaten me with a good time. Kiss kiss.
Gray Taylor 01/16/17 Spring
Autumn sent it.
Gray Taylor 01/16/17 Spring
Nothing. Just the childhood picture of you that I received earlier today. Not much has changed, apparently.
Gray Taylor 01/16/17 Spring
No. Not quite. It is scientifically proven that girls that wear flower clips in their hair as children are more likely to marry for true love.
Gray Taylor 01/16/17 Spring
I see now why you married Casey.
Gray Taylor 01/15/17 Spring
But look at this amazing picture I took of you. You'll never compete with me, I know. But it's close. Enough.
Gray Taylor 01/14/17 Spring
Stop following me. ffs.
Gray Taylor 01/13/17 Spring
Has anyone ever told you that you are highly self centered?
Summer S Summers 01/13/17 Grabbing her phone to respond, Summer stopped short. F-ck her sideways if seeing the words "my husband" from Spring didn't floor her. Cracking up as she walked down the busy streets, shoulders bumping into passerbys, Summer sent her reply.

Do I know any slag hobo's? Have you SEEN my usual type of guy I shag? Don't answer that. The answer is: of course I do. There must truly be trouble in paradise if you want me to sic some of these goblin-d-cked douchecanoes after your groom. I'll text you some numbers.
Uh, do me a favor though. Don't say who gave you the number. I don't want them to remember me. It's hard enough to shake some of these cretins.
Gray Taylor 01/12/17 Spring
I'm just helping to keep tabs on you. A favor to Casey, if you will.
Summer S Summers 01/12/17 Spring Summers just stole $0.00 from you!

You hard up for cash, lil mama? I've got singles by the bundle, babe. I just take 'em out of my chonies as soon as they are put there. XD
Autumn Dalca 01/09/17 Springtime
You're gorgeous regardless. Kiss kiss.
Autumn Dalca 01/09/17 Springtime
Looking gorgeous, sissypie.
Mackenzie 01/08/17 My B-tch
Wait. Wait. Are you f-cking married, or are you a couple of tweens oogling? God dammit, Spring. Hit that sh-t. Blindfold the sapling, and hit it. Like, not literally. Bang. Jfc. Take it from me, it works. I've been married more times than I can count on one hand.
Mackenzie 01/08/17 My B-tch
YOU HAVE SEEN HIM NAKED!? I mean, is it more like a choooooode, ooooor... just unfortunate? You know what? It's okay. It's all about the motion in the ocean, yea? So long as you don't kill each other, it will be okay.
Mackenzie 01/08/17 My B-tch
Omg. You are totally into him. Angry twin, I think you actually LIKE him. Don't worry about Sol. We've been doing this dance for a looooong time.
Mackenzie 01/04/17 My B-tch
No... I'm not married. But I am pretty sure I proposed to Solomon last night, and I don't regret it so much. Haven't heard anything from him. Might be dreaming. ...are you married?
Summer S Summers 01/04/17 Spring
I was gonna ask if you are mad at me too, but then I realized you're always mad. I'm gonna take that as a victory.
Autumn Dalca 01/04/17 MRS. SUMMERS
Do you see something wrong here, MRS. SUMMERS?
I told you not to eat the f*cking worm!
Autumn Dalca 01/04/17 Mrs. Summers
Autumn Dalca 01/02/17 Springtime
Noura Orlav 12/31/16 Wrong Number
omg. You'll never believe what happened. This b-tch came up and started yelling at me to get out of London, so I pretty much too the high road and told her to go f-ck herself. It was so fun.
Autumn Dalca 12/31/16 Springtime
...I don't want to be anywhere near Mercy right now.
Autumn Dalca 12/31/16 Springtime
If you need me, sweetness, call me. I love you. Happy New Year.
Autumn Dalca 12/30/16 Springtime
There are a few we ought to overlook... Otherwise, when do we begin?
Autumn Dalca 12/30/16 Springtime
Who the f*ck needs killing this time?
Mackenzie 12/29/16 Spring
wtf. Why can't he be killed? Give me a name. I'll f-cking end him.
Gray Taylor 12/29/16 Spring
Only if it is multicolored. Taste the rainbow, you salty sea hag.
Gray Taylor 12/29/16 Spring
So make one. Be a woman.
Autumn Dalca 12/24/16
Gray Taylor 12/22/16 Spring
That was a really great first try.
Gray Taylor 12/22/16 Spring
Just admit that you like him, and things will be ten times easier.
Gray Taylor 12/22/16 Spring
I think you're both going to be just fine. And unharmed.
Gray Taylor 12/21/16 Spring
Careful. I might like it.
Gray Taylor 12/21/16 Spring
And promptly shove it up your ass.
Gray Taylor 12/21/16 Spring
You would regret that.
Gray Taylor 12/21/16 Spring
Alright. I'm taking you shooting, then.
Gray Taylor 12/21/16 Spring
You seem the sort to try it.
Gray Taylor 12/21/16 Spring
Have you ever gone skeet shooting?
Gray Taylor 12/20/16 Spring
No. Actually, I'm irritated I didn't notice it before.
Autumn Dalca 12/20/16 Spring
Thought you might appreciate not getting a nosebleed. Let's go eat the f*cking creeper shark. He's a d*ck, anyway.
Autumn Dalca 12/20/16 Spring
I feel like I'm about to come out of my goddamn skin. Up for a prowl?
Autumn Dalca 12/20/16 Spring
Thank you for proving my point. ♥ ♥ ♥
Autumn Dalca 12/20/16 Spring
The lady doth protesteth too much.
Autumn Dalca 12/20/16 Spring
Orly? My spidey senses say otherwise.
Autumn Dalca 12/20/16 Spring
I knew you liked him. Aww, my little sister is growing up!
Mackenzie 12/20/16 B-tch
Got a thing for Vic, do you?
Autumn Dalca 12/19/16 Bring It
If that's what it f*cking takes to get past this sh*t, game on.
Autumn Dalca 12/19/16 Spring
Are you willing to talk to me yet?
Gray Taylor 12/18/16 He'd been fetched for a meeting. Like it or not, Gray Taylor still has to tend to business. So, as he stands in the elevator next to a ridiculously attractive woman [Read: f-cking WOW], he manages to shield her from the crowd within. The doors begin to close, and once more open.

He doesn't see who enters.

Somewhere between the fifth and third floors, that is when it hits him. A smell so noxious that he swears he might just pass out. Or vomit. Or make a face. He can feel himself instinctively wanting to shield nose and mouth with his hand in attempt to filter the air he breathes.

It is death. This is what it is to die.

'Oh, my...'

What was it his mother said to him? A fox smells it's own hole first?

" ****s sake, Joanna. Lay of the goddamn protein." Joanna is his secretary. Or was. Because she is going to regret crop dusting him. He is so going to fire her.
Autumn Dalca 12/16/16 Spring
Autumn Dalca 12/14/16 Spring
I still miss you.
Gray Taylor 12/13/16 Gray stands at the gate, as promised, looking quite out of place. By that, we mean that there are not really many standing and waiting for the incoming flight and it's guests.

Apparently, Londonites do not often travel to Moscow.

Regardless, he waits patiently. When Spring arrives, the city would know.

You better not be haunting duty free.
Autumn Dalca 12/12/16 Spring
I know you're pissed at me. You have every right to be. I f*cked this up badly. I should've talked to you.
Moscow is f*cking cold but beautiful. I miss and love you.
Gray Taylor 12/11/16 Spring
Leave a note for Ra. He'll take excellent care of both the cat and the sapling.
Gray Taylor 12/11/16 Spring
I'll be at the gate when you land. I promise.
Gray Taylor 12/11/16 Spring
Because I need someone as angry as me.
Gray Taylor 12/11/16 Spring
You don't have to see either of them. Just me.
Gray Taylor 12/11/16 Spring
I need you here.
Gray Taylor 12/11/16 Spring
Your flight leaves Heathrow in four hours. Get packing.
Gray Taylor 12/11/16 Spring
Stop being a goddamn brat.
Gray Taylor 12/11/16 Spring
I'm sending you a ticket to f-cking Moscow.
Gray Taylor 12/11/16 Spring
No. Don't pull that sh-t.
Gray Taylor 12/11/16 Spring
I don't want you alone with a sapling.
Gray Taylor 12/11/16 Spring
Are you f-cking kidding me? Is he really?
Gray Taylor 12/11/16 Spring
Where did Winter go?
Gray Taylor 12/11/16 Spring
Say it to my face.
Gray Taylor 12/11/16 Spring
If by that, you mean it destroys property - sure.
Gray Taylor 12/11/16 Spring
It is a goddamn sapling, Spring.
Gray Taylor 12/11/16 Spring
So the problem is that you feel like you've been abandoned.
Gray Taylor 12/11/16
Do you want your sister home or not?
Gray Taylor 12/11/16 Spring
Tell me what it is.
Gray Taylor 12/11/16 Spring
You never have any troubles telling me when you have a problem with me, and now you're going to go quiet?
Gray Taylor 12/11/16 Spring
What is the problem, Spring?
Gray Taylor 12/11/16 Spring
You're right. I'm sorry. How are you?
Gray Taylor 12/11/16 Spring
How is the sapling?
Gray Taylor 12/10/16 Spring
Miss you too, Spring.
Gray Taylor 12/10/16 Spring
Think of the most offensive joke I could possibly reply with, and go with that.
Gray Taylor 12/09/16 Spring, Winter, Blaize, Will
I'm going to Moscow to speak with Dr. Orlav. Don't follow. Spring, keep Mercy in check.
Gray Taylor 12/09/16 She's only giving him single word texts, so Gray can only assume that the situation is dire. He wasn't completely sure how to go about this, but what choice did he really have? Spring needs his help. She needs blood. Within minutes, there is a knock upon her door.

Upon opening it, she would find not Gray but a rather pretty young thing donning a little back dress, impressive heels, and a pulse.

"Hello! Mr. Taylor said you require assistance. I am here to help!"

I'll clean up the mess.
Gray Taylor 12/09/16 Spring
What about it?
Gray Taylor 12/07/16 Spring
He absolutely will feel it.
Gray Taylor 12/07/16 Spring
...Let me threaten him within an inch of his life.
Gray Taylor 12/07/16 Spring
I do NOT understand what you are on about. How is SHE getting YOU killed? We are SAFE in London.
Gray Taylor 12/07/16 Spring
Go to Moscow, and you can get her killed. Don't f-cking move.
Gray Taylor 12/07/16 Spring
No. You're not. Stay put.
Gray Taylor 12/07/16 Spring
No one asked her to go do this. Don't f-ck with me.
Gray Taylor 12/07/16 Spring
No one is touching you with anything. Don't worry. And I don't want you going there. F-ck knows what he's capable of.
Gray Taylor 12/07/16 Spring
[Forwarded message]
I've debated whether or not to even tell you but it's unfair for me to keep it a secret. I am in Moscow meeting with Jameson Orlav about a cure. I will give him your number and ask him to contact you... should anything happen. Please trust me.
Yours always,
Gray Taylor 12/07/16 Spring

Gray Taylor 12/07/16 Spring
I'm going to kill Jameson Orlav.
Autumn Dalca 12/07/16 Springtime
I'm sorry in advance for what I'm doing. Ask Gray, he knows. Please take care of Maddie for me. I love you so much.
Gray Taylor 12/06/16 Spring
You don't know what sort of tree it is, do you?
Gray Taylor 12/06/16 Spring
What sort of tree is that? Sapling? Thing?
Gray Taylor 12/06/16 Spring
...Should I call for a landscaper?
Gray Taylor 12/06/16 Spring
jfc. How is your sapling?
Gray Taylor 12/06/16 Spring
You're quiet. What trouble are you making?
Gray Taylor 12/05/16 Spring
Whatever you are doing, stop.
Gray Taylor 12/01/16 Spring
Gray Taylor 12/01/16 Spring
Gray Taylor 12/01/16 Spring
Gray Taylor 12/01/16 Spring
What did you do.
Gray Taylor 12/01/16 Spring
8 feet. Why? What are you doing to it?
Gray Taylor 11/29/16 Ra, Spring
Please don't set the building on fire.
Gray Taylor 11/29/16 LonelyGirl15
What? I can't hear you. Too busy texting every- ****. FIRE.
Gray Taylor 11/29/16 LonelyGirl15
It's okay. It will be our little secret. I won't tell anyone. Except Ra. And maybe Autumn.
Gray Taylor 11/29/16 Spring
YOU'RE LONELYGIRL?!?!! Spring. You can do better than that. Also, you should probably speak to a doctor about that cold sore you mentioned.
Gray Taylor 11/29/16 Spring
HippyCupid... why.
Autumn Dalca 11/28/16 Clover
I'll remind him. He's a man. He forgets. Thanks for the warning but don't let them stop you from having a good time. By good time I mean, in your new bed.
Autumn Dalca 11/28/16 Clover
We can have one of the boys build some shelving for them. What knickers?
Autumn Dalca 11/28/16 Clover
I bought you a new bed. The frame is steel. I don't recommend kicking this one unless you want broken toes. Do feel free to have a good f*ck in it to test its durability. Cheers.

Gray Taylor 11/27/16 Spring
Don't say the name. Gives it power.
Gray Taylor 11/27/16 Spring
Thank. F-cking. God.
Gray Taylor 11/27/16 Spring
For once in my life, I have no f-cking idea.
Gray Taylor 11/27/16 Sh-tface
I don't want to see that. Thanks, but no thanks. You sound like Winter.
Gray Taylor 11/27/16 omg
But it is LOUD f-cking.
Gray Taylor 11/27/16 F-cking woman
Stop f-cking and I will f-cking give it!
Gray Taylor 11/27/16 F-cking Hell
If you stop doing that, I will give you a lantern from Jurassic Park. Just stop what you're doing. Please.
Gray Taylor 11/27/16 Gretchen
None for you.
Mackenzie 11/26/16 To: B-tch
From: LOL B-tch

Apparently, going home to London for take-out.
Gray Taylor 11/26/16 Spring
Gray Taylor 11/26/16 Spring
Fairly certain I left him in yours.
Gray Taylor 11/26/16 Spring
Where is Sean Bean when you need him?
Gray Taylor 11/25/16 Spring
Agreed. Fourth floor bar in five?
Gray Taylor 11/25/16 Spring
Gray Taylor 11/25/16 Spring
Fine. Don't be a little sh-t. How is that?
Gray Taylor 11/25/16 Spring
Wtf. Hey pot, you're f-cking black. -Kettle
Gray Taylor 11/25/16 Awkward.

I'm not so sure I'm the favorite right now.
Gray Taylor 11/25/16 Spring
Gray Taylor 11/25/16 Spring
I don't have any American family. ffs.
Gray Taylor 11/25/16 Spring
I think I've a new ad campaign, too. I'll put it out in this week's paper. It'll be great.
Gray Taylor 11/25/16 Spring
Fine. I'll do it myself. Starting with your brothers.
Gray Taylor 11/25/16 Spring
Come on. Let's get everyone under one dysfunctional roof.
Gray Taylor 11/25/16 Spring
Because. It's better than stamps.
Gray Taylor 11/25/16 Spring
I need help collecting Summers.
Gray Taylor 11/25/16 Heh.
Well, I'm sorry but there isn't much I can do for you without a name. Do better.
Gray Taylor 11/25/16 Death
Which leper was it? They give you a name?
Gray Taylor 11/24/16 Jerk
Wtf. No. Pierogis for life.
Summer S Summers 11/22/16 Not expecting a response from either of her sisters, Summer couldn't help but giggle as she read the response from Spring. With a noisy stretch, she rolled out of her cozy bed and tugged on a pair of leggings emblazoned with dollar signs. Giving a shrug, she decided to roll with the men's button down shirt she was wearing. Who knows who the original owner was, and who really cared. It was cozy and now hers. Slipping her woolen-socked feet into a pair of well worn Birkenstocks (they could take away her patchouli and dreads, those damned angels would have to pry her Birkenstocks off her cold, dead feet), Summer grabbed her purse and ran downstairs. She wasn’t sure where Blaize was, so she didn’t bother with shouting a goodbye. He was likely down in the basement painting. Definitely didn’t want to bother that process. Hopping into her light blue VW Bug, she sped off through the rainy streets to Springs place.

Knocking as she let herself in, Summer kicked off her sandals at the front and grinned at her sister, tossing the carton of Noblesse on the couch. “Seriously, they give those to prisoners in the Israeli jails. Not as a courtesy, but as punishment. You’re welcome.” Snickering, she flopped down, unbothered by the patchwork duct-tape upholstery. “Now. About that drink?”
Summer S Summers 11/21/16 She’d heard through the tiny grapevine that was her family that her sisters had a blow out fight. Summer flopped onto her bed, shoving pillows out of the way, staring at the ceiling. Fairly sober, she licked her lips out of nervousness and put her hand on her belly. Discord among the very few she actually loved in this world made her feel physically ill. She didn’t know what the fight was about and she didn’t need to. That was between them. Despite that, Summer felt like she needed to reach out to the two bullheaded women, knowing that they were very likely isolating themselves. With a sigh, she chuckled as she glanced at her tall, antique apothecary chest. Each tiny drawer contained a different means of escape and isolation for the woman. They all had different ways of quieting the storm.

Rolling over, she grabbed her phone and sent out a text to each, just needing to send out that tether to her baby sisters.

Spring, my shining diamond- I finally returned from Jerusalem. Yes, I did pee on her grave. No, I did not get caught. I brought home some Israeli cigarettes for you. They’re called Noblesse and I guess they are just awful. Like, wreck your throat terrible. You’ll love ‘em. And I love you, no matter what. Xoxo- S
Gray Taylor 11/21/16 Spring
There should be Beats by Dre in the table drawer. And a really nice set of knives in the kitchenette. Also, if you dial *4, an anvil drops from the ceiling on the offender. Of course you have a magic closet. ffs.
Gray Taylor 11/21/16 Neighbor
They handle whatever I tell them to handle.
Gray Taylor 11/21/16 Neighbor
Shall I call security?
Mackenzie 11/20/16 To: My B-tch
From: Other B-tch

Why didn't you tell me about this place sooner? Wtf. I'll be there in half. DNA test because I'm not convinced we're not f-cking related. What if you're my great great great f-cking niece. Weird.
Mackenzie 11/20/16 To: My B-tch
From: Other B-tch

Where are you? I need a proper drink, and a DNA test.
Mackenzie 11/19/16 To: Spring
From: B-tch

Decided to try out the cliché look. What do you think?
Autumn Dalca 11/18/16 Those hateful words hit Autumn like a sucker punch to the tits and then some. They cut deep, as intended. Any love she possessed for her sister - No, no longer sister. Only Spring - dies right then and there.

Autumn tolerates a great deal from Spring, for years she’s put up with her bullsh*t, but this? Out of line doesn’t even begin to cover it. She’s dead to Spring? Fine. No problem. Autumn is done. She refuses to allow that b*tch to drag her down into the abyss because everything said didn’t describe Autumn, it described Spring.

The terrible things we see in people are often reflections of ourselves.

Spring hates herself so vehemently, she’s willing to destroy things between them because of it.

And Autumn is done trying to save her.
Autumn Dalca 11/18/16 If Autumn wasn’t righteously pissed at her sister, the way she went arse over teakettle on the couch would’ve sent her into a gigglefit. When isn’t someone faceplanting funny? Other than this moment, that is.

“You aren’t Gray. He isn’t nearly as f*cking mouthy. Not by half. So, for once in your goddamn life, shut your f*cking mouth, Spring Weed.” She wants to use middle names? Autumn will play ball. “He didn’t bring sh*t into anything. I know your temper and knew you were going to go for his nuts. That’s why I’m here because, yeah, I’d like to have him in once piece for our date.”

Since when were they going on a date? Gray must’ve said something. Had to be.

Autumn pointed a hostile index finger at her sister. “Not a word. I’m not f*cking finished. First of all, you are my sister, not the hall monitor of my sex life. I will f*ck who I want, when I want, where I want, in however many positions I good and damn well please. You get absolutely no say in the matter. Hear me? None. Because it is my choice who to take to bed. It doesn’t matter if Gray is a fling or the love of my life. Secondly, how f*cking dare you begrudge me happiness, regardless of the cause? You, of all people, know exactly how rare any sort of good feelings are for both of us. So where the hell do you get off sneering a moment of my happiness off? Is it because Gray gave it to me, and not you? News flash, it isn’t always all about Spring. I LIKE GRAY AND THERE IS NOT A GODDAMN F*CKING THING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT. If you have a problem with it, there’s the door.”

She points the finger toward the door. “Don’t let it hit you where they split you.”
Gray Taylor 11/18/16 It all happens so damned fast. Spring is sauntering into the room, venom in her words and fire in her eyes, egging him on and daring him at the same time to go further. And then, she is in the air. Lunging. Flying. Whatever one might call it, she is headed straight for him in this comical ball of fury as she fights to extract her shoe like a weapon and beat him sense with it.

It causes the corners of his mouth to stretch, pulling upward into a bemused smile before Autumn appears. Then all cards are off the table. But, this is really his time to shine, and as Gray makes to move quick out of the madwoman's path and pray for the best, he is already considering the options.

Further infuriate Spring and calm Autumn, or let the two women brawl it out on their own.

He opts, at first, for option B. Let the girls handle this. His gaze cuts to Autumn momentarily, and he feels that slight pang of having wanted to go with option A... but, he absolutely must remain in her favor. And not be a whiny sh-t. Instead, he is charming, sweet, and understanding. Which simply makes him a little sh-t. "It's alright. Spring didn't mean anything by it."
Autumn Dalca 11/18/16 Autumn is fit to be tied. Oh, she’d texted Gray, trying to warn him of Springs wrath because of a slip on her part, but she knows her sister. Considering she neglected to answer back…

She storms down the hallway toward where Gray and Spring are looking like they’re about to have it out, temper swirling about her, snapping and almost alive. “SPRING SUMMERS! What the actual f*ck do you think you’re doing?” Honestly, that kind of yell shouldn’t come out of someone so tiny. “Leave Gray the hell alone or, so help me, we are going to go rounds, sister mine,” Autumn snarls.
Gray Taylor 11/18/16 "Good luck with that," Gray mutters, as he takes a seat upon the couch with a stupid, tattered note sat upon the cushion next to him. Refusal. Let it sit there as a constant reminder that he is the most stubborn of them all. "I don't know if you have picked up on this yet, but Ra is very much had."

There is something delightful in the way he works to anger Spring. Yes, words are chosen carefully, but he has dealt with people far more foul than she could hope to be. He has required buttons to be pushed before his temper is lost. Until then... "You know, I was just planning a date for us tonight. Something really thrilling. She really is very fun."

This family absolutely loves to torture him. It's true. And Gray has someone grown tired of it. There is little he can do, or would do, but a little privacy would be nice. Then again, these women are probably one and the same. Did Autumn tell her... huh.
Gray Taylor 11/18/16 He stares. What? He's trying to what? Gray stares at Spring, not even moved by her question. However, the person on the other end of the phone is. And if there is one person he cannot stand upsetting, it is that person. What is that thing Gray is defined as? Oh. Yea. Vindictive.

"I'll call you right back, darling."

Phone to pocket. Glare to Spring. He tries for a moment to consider what it is he is about to say until just one word escapes him before the door is swung to close.

Gray Taylor 11/18/16 Knock. Knock. Screaming.


He wants her to hustle? Hah. At the same time, his phone is beeping into his ear, demanding his attention be drawn elsewhere. "Yes, of course. You know I will," he's talking into the phone as he glances at the string of messages piling up fast.

"Let me- What? No."

Annoyed, he near stomps his way to the door and swings it open, not once removing the phone from his ear as he glares down at Spring. If looks could kill. "What is the problem?"
Autumn Dalca 11/17/16 Spring
Autumn Dalca 11/17/16 Spring
B*tch you better answer me!
Autumn Dalca 11/17/16 Spring
What are you doing?!
Autumn Dalca 11/17/16 Spring
Autumn Dalca 11/17/16 Spring
Autumn Dalca 11/17/16 Spring
Autumn Dalca 11/17/16 Spring
Autumn Dalca 11/17/16 Spring
Not yet, anyway...
Autumn Dalca 11/17/16 Spring
What?! Of course we didn't.
Autumn Dalca 11/17/16 Spring
Yeah, I did fall for it. I like Gray and for one shining f*cking second, that 'stupid sh*te' made me happy.

What more details do you want? There's nothing else to tell.
Autumn Dalca 11/17/16 Spring
Jesus f*cking Christ. You're so damn nosy. Gray sent me one of those singing telegram things when he asked me to come to London with him. They had mustaches and everything. It was really sweet. Even charming. Not that I'll ever admit it to him... he has too much ego for his own good.

Then I told him to leave me alone. We both see how well that worked out. I'm so f*cking confused. I want him near me, want to see him and at the same time I don't.

Are you f*cking happy now?
Autumn Dalca 11/16/16 Spring
What f*cking song?
Mackenzie 11/15/16 The carnival was a year ago. More than! After that, I got married, separated, camped on his couch, made him mad, made out with him, pissed him off again, went back to my husband, and then... he went off the grid for a bit. Actually, he's not answered my texts in ages.
Solomon King 11/15/16 He’d predicted that she would spontaneously combust from his lack of serious answer, and he wasn’t entirely wrong. He could practically see steam rising from her forehead. He’d made her so mad, in fact, that she tried to reach up and grab his beard. She was pretty quick, admittedly, but he was quicker. She only pulled out a hair. Or two.

Eyes only watering slightly from the sting of beard pubes lost, he waved a hand mildly to signal for her to chill out. “Alriiight, you got me. It’s only a little about the garlic. As for the rest, since you seem to need to know so damn bad, married women just aren’t my thing. I might be pretty, but I’m no homewrecker.”
Mackenzie 11/14/16 Wait. What? He is Mr. Morals, and all, but my sticky wedding isn't his issue. Well. It's a small issue. But one he'd likely look over because I can only do so much. ...You know, he won me a teddy bear at a carnival once. And bought me popcorn.
Mackenzie 11/14/16 Oye. What I f-cking need is a goddamn divorce. What do you do when your estranged husband can't pay his half? What is that sh-t? The bank says no!
Mackenzie 11/14/16 How badly do you want to know why Solomon King isn't jumping at his chance? Is it something likely to kill you, or a fancy?
Mackenzie 11/14/16 Garlic? Are you kidding? He is such a lying bugger. That man. It's his beard. It's full of secrets.
Mackenzie 11/14/16 Jaysus. I go away for one week and you're raising holy hell. ...What did he say?
Gray Taylor 11/14/16 Spring
Why does it smell like wet dog?
Solomon King 11/13/16

He honestly hadn’t expected that she was actually going to whip her pants down. Christ, this girl. Desperately stifling laughter, he waved a hand at her. “God, alright, I’ll tell you if you pull your damn pants up.”

He took a step closer to her, leaning down to her level conspiratorially and lowering his voice. “Right. So. Your b*tch. She’s a vampire, yeah? It’s a huge issue between us. I just.. I just can not live without garlic. I can’t do it.”
Solomon King 11/13/16 Solomon bit back a smirk as she lifted her shirt to expose her unfortunately hairless back, making his future plans of beard-creating moot. Crossing his arms, he lifted a hand to his face, stroking the beard in question.

“No no, I want to figure out this beard situation. It needs to be better next time, right? If I can’t use your back hair, surely I can use your áss hair.”

Stroking his beard helped to hid the smirk. Only just.
Solomon King 11/13/16 Solomon tried to follow her train of thought. Really, he did. But it was difficult to work out the meandering route that choo-choo took. Regardless, she only seemed to have two levels of thinking. Angry and f*ck-off angry. As she talked, he idly wondered if the vein throbbing in her forehead ever got a break.

It was pretty hard to make Solomon angry. And this situation was no exception. More than anything, he was put off. He was gonna have to make a long-distance phone call after this.

“I see. Well, you’re right. It was an ugly fashion statement. Next time, instead of skinning your mom’s back for the beard pubes, I’ll skin yours.”
Gray Taylor 11/12/16 Finished.
Gray Taylor 11/12/16 What Neighbor?
Remember that picture you sent me?
Gray Taylor 11/12/16 Dead Woman
Do NOT corrupt him. I will burn every f*cking raptor bandaid in the country.
Gray Taylor 11/12/16 JGKDFGJDKFG
Gray Taylor 11/12/16 Spring
Do you understand me?!
Gray Taylor 11/12/16 Spring
Step. Off. Ra.
I will cut off your ****ing booze and admit you to goddamn rehab.
Gray Taylor 11/12/16 Spring
You send him this way.
Gray Taylor 11/12/16 Spring
Do not make me lock you in the f*cking tower.
Gray Taylor 11/12/16 Spring
You get free booze and cigarettes. Not Ra.
Gray Taylor 11/12/16 F*cking Spring
Who the f*ck are you talking to? Is that Ra? I can goddamn HEAR you.
Autumn Dalca 11/11/16 Reply to: Spring

Solomon King 11/11/16 The bear of a man crossed his arms slowly as his ears were assaulted by this woman’s mouth. Who in the world did she think she was, shrieking at him on the sidewalk like a coked out trucker?

“Did anyone ever tell you that compulsive swearing is a sign of a limited vocabulary?” Voice deep and gravelly, he continued, “..and which question did you want me to answer, the one about your ‘b*tch’ or did you want know what animal I skinned?”
Gray Taylor 11/11/16 Angry Elf
Yes, yes. You as well. Ta.
Autumn Dalca 11/11/16 Reply to: Spring

Isn't there always? Who did you piss off this time? Maybe you should write me a list. Kiss kiss.
Gray Taylor 11/11/16 Gray
Like f*cking lizards.
Gray Taylor 11/11/16 Spring
Last time I asked and didn't get an answer, I had to send a memo. I f*cking hate sending memos. ...Will lizards do?
Gray Taylor 11/11/16 His phone was on silent. There was that. And he wasn't stupid enough to allow for easy listening between the walls, either. It wasn't until Spring was at his door that he sat up and paused before picking up the doomed device and seeing the five hundred million texts. And picture. Really, it didn't strike him as anything. Until it clicked. That blue dress. Autumn had been wearing it.

He deletes it immediately. He's not a prick. He likes Autumn. "You should really be more careful!"

Hell, no. He isn't opening the door. And he would definitely take this opportunity. Because he that's what friends do.
Gray Taylor 11/10/16 Spring
I think I hear Ra calling.
Gray Taylor 11/10/16 Spring
Is that what you call it?
Gray Taylor 11/10/16 Cannot Compute
Is this bribery?
Gray Taylor 11/10/16 Dammit.
Don't make me regret it.
Gray Taylor 11/10/16 Suspicious
Fine. Yes. But don't make me regret it.
Gray Taylor 11/10/16 Spring
What the f*ck is cheese grace?
Gray Taylor 11/10/16 Spring
Dinner is served in the form of a crazy blonde that enjoys chicken nuggets. You can find her trailing behind me like a lost goddamn puppy.
Gray Taylor 11/10/16 Spring
He's very independent. Has his own room. And yes. Paperclip thief. Cannot begin to tell you how much it upsets him when they are taken away.
Gray Taylor 11/10/16 Spring
They're for Ra. They're his thing. He likes paperclips. Mostly because there's a paperclip thief out there, and he cannot seem to keep hold of one.
Gray Taylor 11/10/16 Just Spring
Good. Glad we have an understanding.
Gray Taylor 11/10/16 Spring Showers
Are you going to clean up after yourself? Because I'm not hiring a f*cking hazmat team.
Gray Taylor 11/10/16 Grouchasaurus Spring
Creeping isn't my thing, but thanks for the invite. Have you any paperclips?
Gray Taylor 11/10/16 Jesus F*cking Spring
Excuse me for interrupting your goddamn nightly punishment upon society. What'd they do? Look at you funny? Sneeze? No. Wait. I know. They breathed. I've sent your goddamn house key.
Gray Taylor 11/10/16 Spring
Won't you by my neighbor?
Solomon King 11/10/16 Solomon heard someone yelling, but it didn’t make him take pause. It was New York, someone was always yelling. Then he heard his name.

Oh great, someone found out my middle name.

He turned to behold a vaguely familiar wildwoman brandishing a newspaper and hurling accusations at him about her ‘b*tch’. He knew fairly quickly she must be talking about Mackenzie, and instantly remembered who this woman was at the sight and mention of the newspaper, but he decided to play coy.

“Hey, I thought that reporter said that you were pleasant.” A giant booted foot came down on the slowly smoldering newspaper on the sidewalk, snuffing it out. He wasn’t a veteran firefighter for nothing, anyhow.
Summer S Summers 11/08/16 Hmmm. Spring didn't look nearly as excited as Summer felt about her super cute wings. What was with her? Tilting her head to the side, her eyes widened with surprised curiosity. "Yea, I died. Everyone gets these." With a gasp and cluck of her tongue, Summer glanced nervously upward and chastised Spring in a hushed, shocked voice. "Spring! You can't shove your fangs in their faces. She doesn't mean it!" Summer yelled the last part at the sky. A lone pigeon flapped its wings in response, uncaring. Smiling sweetly, the dim blonde tried her best to reassure the woman in front of her, clearly angry as a wet cat. "I'm fiiiine. I like it. It's fun. My wings smell like cotton candy and I can really be a vegan now. Not like earlier." Summer's nose wrinkled in distaste, recalling her feeble attempts to feed on only vegetarian or vegan people. It was a paradox that was obvious even to the intellectually challenged like Summer. Gasping again, Summer squealed, "You're jealous, aren't you! That's it, I just know it. You wish you were an angel too. Imagine that, Spring Weed is actually jealous of ME!!" Her voice raised in octaves out of excitement as she spoke.
Gray Taylor 11/08/16 Spring
I am committed to learning your language.
Camille Hammond 11/08/16 Camille feels the itch. It claws desperately from depths buried well within the back of her mind. The voices had been quiet for far too long and as with most silences, after a while they become most deafening.

Do it. Come on, just a little taste.

Soft white teeth bare, grinding top against bottom while gently dirtied fingers curl into fists. Unkept fingernails dig into the flesh of her palm, almost hard enough to prick the skin and allow blood to flow from the surface.

What are you waiting for? Look at them. Look at them all. Sheep. Your sheep. Herd them.

A vindictive growl. Heavy and rough against the delicate workings of her wind pipe. What she would give to silence it forever. To finally be able to fight through these urges. These insistences.

A dark mass of hair works towards her. It captures her attention, like fire against a dark night sky. A woman. Female, at any rate. Smaller than Camille, but little could be said for how she might put up a fight. Closer she draws, until she's almost perfectly aligned, ready to pass the Angel without a second thought. No mind paid to her. Strangers now and forever.

Until Camille extends her arm with all of her strength and punches the woman square in the face. The pressure against her knuckles sends a searing sensation through the entirety of her body. From her head to her toes she tingles, a deeply satisfied sigh resonating as the strange woman is impacted. Slowly, a tangle of messy flaxen locks bounce back and forth while her head rolls from one shoulder to the other.

"Thanks." Oh, was she gracious as ever. Thankful for the release at the expense of anyone.

You hit Spring Summers.
You won the encounter!
Gray Taylor 11/08/16 Gray smirks, quite happy with the response. Happy might be too strong of a word. That would imply giddiness... and he is far from a giddy gentleman. But, the knowledge that Spring doesn't actually hate him that much is enough. Now he just has to enlist Autumn. Hm.

Naturally. Your company is far from something I would seek voluntarily. I do value my life and sanity.
Gray Taylor 11/08/16 Spring
I'm your neighbor.
Mackenzie 11/07/16 For you, I will pave the road with p-ss poor intentions and pick the best of the litter for your drunken munching. God knows, you are such an eloquent drunk. And so f-cking creative.
Mackenzie 11/07/16 My *****. You sexy beast. I don't care what the papers say, you are by far the most charming individual I've ever met.
Gray Taylor 11/07/16 Jesus f*cking Christ.

Needlessly Rude Spring
Yes. Those are the terms. Endless booze. All the cigarettes.
Gray Taylor 11/07/16 ****ing Spring ***
Answer the goddamn question.
Gray Taylor 11/07/16 Spring-a-ling
What would you do if offered a penthouse suite and never-ending supply of booze and cigarettes, and it was all yours?
Summer S Summers 11/07/16 Blinking a few times, Summer stated plainly, "Spring I have no idea if you've been knocked out. Am I....? I don't know the answer to that question either, but guess what! I DIED!" She nearly gushed with excitement, rubbing her head where she was bopped. "And I went to Hell, but Lucifer was soooo rude! Oh my different-god, he was so mean, Spring!" Her voice pitched upward in a whine. "So then I got sent to heaven. It's so lame up there. Like, so so boring. But I got these. Watch." Summer released her wings, white tinted with hot pink. Her eyes lit up like Vegas, like she'd never seen them before. "Aren't they amazing? I picked the color myself. Albert said no other angel has pink wings. Told you- F*ckin' boring."
Summer S Summers 11/07/16 "Sprung?!!" Wait...that sounded wrong. "SPRING!! Oh my god!!" She shrieked before promptly slapping her own hand over her mouth, casting a guilty look heavenward. "I mean, oh my different-god! What happened to you?"
Gray Taylor 11/06/16 Spring Summers
Who text who, here?
Gray Taylor 11/06/16 Gray groans.

Spring Summers
Sounds like you're feeling better. I missed your sweet abuse.
Gray Taylor 11/05/16 Autumn; Spring
They aren't zombies. Those are lepers.
Gray Taylor 11/04/16 Spring Summers
Feeling yourself, again, yet?
Gray Taylor 10/31/16 Spring Summers sh*tf*ckwords

I cannot keep you girls straight.
Wait. Are you an Autumn related?
What do you mean, what is the deal with Autumn and me?
I'm sure we both slept just fine.
Gray Taylor 10/31/16 Summer
Who are you, and what have you done with Summer?
555-4729. You didn't get it from me.
Gray Taylor 10/31/16 Oh, yes. Something is wrong. Very wrong. Spring called him. She did not curse his name. She did not lace each statement with equal measure of profanity. The worst bit... she sounds like a basic b*tch. Who is she kidding? It's Halloween, and this is a prank. Gray decides he would not be so easy. "Really? You've called me about a shopping spree and a latte?"
Gray Taylor 10/31/16 "Spring?" Gray looks at his phone, baffled, before pressing it to his ear again. He barely recognized her without a profanity laced introduction. "Is something wrong?"
Gray Taylor 10/30/16 You know, I did. Turns out, all I had to do was follow the trail of what I can only assume was 'last nights' chicken nuggets.
Gray Taylor 10/29/16 If I knew where I lost him, I'd have found him already.
Did you take something for it?
Gray Taylor 10/29/16 Ra. Raaaaaaaaaa. R-A. Like the Egyptian God.
But Asian.
Did you hurt your head? Why are you so confusing?
Gray Taylor 10/29/16 Do you have a master?
Wait. Why would Ra be my master?
More importantly, who is your master?
Gray Taylor 10/29/16 I'm sorry. I don't understand. Master?
Gray Taylor 10/29/16 ...Well, I have a name to.
Actually, Spring, have you seen a um... well. He's Asian, and has excellent... teeth.
Gray Taylor 10/29/16 How else am I meant to get your attention, then? Calling out for the angry woman?
Gray Taylor 10/24/16
Gray Taylor 10/23/16
Gray Taylor 10/23/16 Yep. You adore me.
Gray Taylor 10/23/16 So... like me, yet?
Mackenzie 10/16/16 Jesus Christ. It's a ****ing phalange, isn't it? I knew I saw a goddamn bit go flying. Goddamn aristocrats just can't keep it together.
Mackenzie 10/16/16 New clothes. Screw haircuts. Why? Is something wrong with my hair?
Gray Taylor 10/16/16 Absolutely, you are. Such angry perfection.
Gray Taylor 10/16/16 Idea?
Gray Taylor 10/16/16 So all this time, you've just been hangry? You're a sadist and a masochist.
Gray Taylor 10/16/16 I wish you all the luck in the world with that endeavor, sadist.
Gray Taylor 10/16/16 ...That is mostly true.
Gray Taylor 10/16/16 And you are as friendly as barbed wire, but I still make the effort.
Gray Taylor 10/16/16 Spring Summers. The first step toward peace is remembrance.
Mackenzie 10/08/16 You must know the answer. Is this a trick question?
Gray Taylor 10/07/16 I was always taught, growing up, that if first I did not succeed, I should try again.
Elouise Orlav 10/07/16 -shifty eyes-
...right. I'll just keep looking then.
-scampers off, bat flailing in the air-
Elouise Orlav 10/07/16 -innocent whistle-
-drags baseball bat behind her-
Did a shirtless man come this way?
Jameson Orlav 10/07/16 The man runs through, ripping mindlessly at his veins where tubes and needles had been inserted. Something attached to him beeps, and he flails around like swatting at the sound might make it go away. Actually, he looks a bit like he's been abducted by aliens and then left to die in some desolate cornfield.

"DON'T even talk to her. She's crazy. AND armed." The man snaps, a hitch in his step as he toddles off.
Gray Taylor 10/06/16 One day, you're going to like me. One day. You'll see.
Mackenzie 09/24/16
Mackenzie 09/24/16 If I were a ****ing Magic 8 Ball, I would say no in a very colorful ****ing way. You speak angry.
Mackenzie 09/19/16 Yea....nah.
Mackenzie 09/10/16
Mackenzie 09/08/16 F-ck! Have I lost you?! Are you still in there?! Is it finally time to break out the electroshock therapy kit?!
Mackenzie 08/31/16 Oye. Are you ever not pissed off? F-ck.
Mackenzie 08/09/16 ...Like a girl date?
Mackenzie 08/01/16 T-ts and f-cking wine.
Mackenzie 07/29/16 And run the f-ck away from anyone wearing plaid. Yes.
Mackenzie 07/29/16 You look f-cking amazing in stripes.
Mackenzie 07/24/16 F-ck yea! And we can wear matching outfits and do our hair the same and wear yesterdays makeup the same! Better yet, we could both just dress up as that creepy b-tch from The Ring. Scare the ****ing monocles off the drunks.
Mackenzie 07/24/16 Yes. To the bar. We go to the bar. Now. You and me. We can probably make people think we are sisters, too. Look at us. ****ing twins. ...Except you're tall. F-ck it.
Mackenzie 07/24/16 ...You are the sister I never had.
Mackenzie 07/23/16 I love it when you wear yesterdays makeup. So fetch.
Mackenzie 07/17/16 YES. Oh, word of f-cking warning. This one is weird. Turns out, he's got this weird fetish. Likes to be called Poopsy Doodles. ...Sounds like mum issues, if you ask me. Good thing there is f-cking two of us.
Mackenzie 07/17/16 Jesus f-cking Christ, of course you can. But you need to shower. You smell like a Hobo. Wait... no... that is clearly perfume. Or... wait... what is that? Oh, f-ck it. Let's go kill our man.
Mackenzie 07/17/16 I f-cking did it. I was walking home last night and I spotted him. Thank f-cking God, I wasn't covered in blood again. I got him. Like a f-cking Pokemon, I caught him. He's shackled to a bed. Still alive. His heartbeat is divine. But seriously... it was like this.

Mackenzie 07/14/16 Well, we have to f-cking find them first. And then we have to decide on how we want to kill them, because I am not sucking that ridiculously sour f-cking blood. F-ck that. And THEN... we have to find our handsome bloke. The rest is easy. But those b-tches...
Mackenzie 07/11/16 Jesus f-cking Christ. There's more of you.
Autumn Dalca 07/11/16 Ah yes, them. Don't remind me. Beyond tired... I doubt they'll notice I'm gone. They barely recognize any of us anyway.
Autumn Dalca 07/11/16 You're going to have to be a wee more specific than that. They're everywhere.
Mackenzie 07/07/16 No. I mean like that movie Jem, but spelled properly. Gem. I just want to paint your f-cking face with schnozberries and lick it. Because then, it would taste like goddamn schnozberries.
Mackenzie 07/06/16 You're a f-cking gem.
Mackenzie 07/04/16 That's it. You are clearly my spirit animal. Spring Summer, never fall. Please. I'm begging you.
Mackenzie 07/04/16 Nudists, then. That's some fancy bloody sh-t they came up with just so they could walk around in their birthday suits all day. Socks, however, totally counter their argument of exposure.
Mackenzie 07/04/16 Jesus. It could be worse, you know. Your name could be Purple Haze, or Joanna Manc-ck, or -oh! I read about this one person somewhere named Sh-t Fun Chew. Can you f-cking imagine? All those burning bags of festering turd left on the doorstep? ...Actually, no. I think you have it worst of all. I don't know your father, but I am 99.99% sure he is not something I would want to see in only socks. ...Did he sock his.. um.. you know, at least?
Mackenzie 07/04/16 Well, if you're going to go there... were they at least smoking the good stuff? Because your name is just unfortunate. You should sue.
Mackenzie 07/04/16 ...You amuse me. A great deal. I don't know why, but you definitely do.
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