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Guess Who's Back?
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Due to current events, Atom has been replaced by his inner "demon", Idris. Profile is in the works.

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Created by Cersei Lannister
Autumn Summers 02/07/19 Idris
Happy you made it home safely.
I'm at Blaize's right now, but have been back and forth to check in on Maddie.
Is she glad to see you?
Adrian Jaye Michaels 12/23/18
Will Summers 12/05/18 Catman von Finklestein
MeiMei did say for me to cuddle Maddie so.... It works.
She also said to play nice with you.
Told her I'd tie you up if you got handsy, and then made a quip about putting you on a leash but that you'd probably like that too much.
But, who am I kiddin? Maddie will probably dictate how long for us to groom her and be her warm place to nestle up. Not that I'd complain.
Autumn Summers 12/04/18 Idris
Thank you.

Autumn thinks of additional things she could add, but it doesn't seem the right time. She hopes Idris will understand the 'thank you' is for more than keeping his meat mitts off her sister.
Will Summers 12/04/18 Catman von Finklestein
Compromise? I get half, you get half, and the cats just become like liquid fur and take up whatever they want?
Autumn Summers 12/03/18 Idris
...I'd rather you break things or burn the house down than sleep with my sister.
Like I told her, I'll be fine.
Just play nicely.
Will Summers 12/03/18 Guy that's shacking up with my sister
Fair warning, while Autumn's gone, the bed's mine. Got it?
Autumn Summers 12/03/18 Idris
Please don't break anything while I'm in Moscow.
Or burn my house down.
Or sleep with my sister.
Adrian Jaye Michaels 11/21/18
Edward Brollachan 11/20/18 A single eyebrow arched inquisitively. He had only met the man before him once, but remembered his manners.
"Thank ye, sir... pretty is as pretty does, and it feels pretty fookin' awesome."
Marah 10/22/18 " Yeah crazy can be good, I think everyone gets crazy once in a while. I know I have to let loose once in a while."

+ she gives him a soft smile looking around herself+
Autumn Summers 10/18/18 Idris
It is completely your fault I typed in 'sex' instead of 'text' when I sent a message to someone the other day.
Edward Brollachan 10/14/18 The ancient Scot regards the young man carefully; there is little evidence of what he is or might be. But since Dessa, whom he trusted implicitly, brought him in to the coven, he must have something supernatural to offer.
"Fàilte air bòrd... Welcome aboard. I am Edward..."
Amethyst 10/13/18 "Welcome to The Menagerie Mr. Mowbry."
Marah 10/13/18 + Marah walks up to the new member and smiles innocently+

" Welcome to our crazy home Idris. My name is Marah if you need anything I mean anything at all please ask."
Dita Morgenstern 10/12/18 [small smile, relaxes a smidge.] It's nice to meet you, Idris. I'm Dita.
[fiddles with the hem of her shirt.] I just wanted to say hello. I'm sure you're busy so I'll take my leave.
[waves.] Have a good evening.
Kat Steel 10/12/18 "Noo..I 'try' to pay attention. Doesn't always work but hey, I am trying."
Dita Morgenstern 10/12/18 [approaches, cautiously.] Welcome to the Menagerie, Mister Idris.
Kat Steel 10/12/18 Welcome home! *grins*
Autumn Summers 10/11/18 Since her sister's death, Autumn has been off. Restless. Introverted. In need of distraction. To Idris, she's tried to keep up the facade but has grown distant despite her efforts. It isn't his fault. Grief is not an emotion she processes well.

She needs something to do. Gardening only reminds her of Spring, and movies lost their appeal several days ago. There's one idea and, while normally Autumn would simply do what she pleases, she finds herself wanting to tell Idris.

Which brings her to sit next to him on the couch. "Idris, I'm going back to Jerusalem. To the house. It shouldn't matter who this person was but it does. Anyway, I'd like to know if you want to accompany me." Her eyes drift over to his face, awaiting his answer.
Autumn Summers 10/06/18 Idris
You have every right to feel that way, all things considered.
Luckily for you, they don't know where my house is.
I quite like you, psycho or not.
Autumn Summers 10/06/18 Idris
And leave me all alone, ripe for the picking by another man?
If anyone comes for you, they're invading my territory and they'll deal with me. End of.
Autumn Summers 10/02/18 Idris
Wine and cheese.
Lots of wine.
Autumn Summers 10/02/18 Idris
Lord of the Rings marathon tonight?
I need a distraction.
Autumn Summers 09/30/18 Not So Sneaky
Maybe, but not this particular vintage.
Silly demon.
Come back in here and I shall butter your muffin.
Autumn Summers 09/30/18 Idris
Poison, love. Doesn't matter if it's ripe or not.
PS - I know you did. Why do you think it was sitting out there on its own? I let you.
Autumn Summers 09/30/18 Idris
Because you want to bite so very badly, but you just. F*cking. Can't.
Kiss, kiss.
Autumn Summers 09/30/18 Idris
Funny, but wrong.
A poison apple.
Guess why?
Autumn Summers 09/30/18 Idris
Then you're going to love what I think I'm going to be for Halloween.
Care to hazard a guess?
Autumn Summers 09/30/18 Clever
Does that mean giving in and being sweet wouldn't push your buttons?
I have catnip for Jacob.
No muffin ninja today.
Autumn Summers 09/30/18 Mister Modest
Life's not fair, love.
Guess you should remember that before being so smug, hmm?
Blueberry, fresh out of the oven...
Perfect to cut open and melt butter inside.
Autumn Summers 09/30/18 Idris
Now you make me regret it.
No muffins for you.
Autumn Summers 09/30/18 Idris
Fine, fine...
You win this round.
Autumn Summers 09/30/18 Idris
Aye, Sarah is lovely.
Can you really say that now? Because I'm an entirely different person than when we met. Literally.
Autumn Summers 09/30/18 Idris
You know full well you're gorgeous.
Don't think I haven't noticed how people stare and flirt when we're out.
Honestly, it would give me a complex if I was insecure.
Kat Steel 09/30/18 Congrats on PotD!
Autumn Summers 09/30/18 Idris
Such a sweet face...
And such a terrible liar.
Autumn Summers 09/30/18 Idris
Why are you on the front page?
Autumn Summers 09/28/18 The calm presence of the normally energetic Idris is a nice change. Akin to the quiet strength of a deep flowing river. It's a moment Autumn easily sinks into. Part of it, perhaps, is the bond beginning to form between them. She considers the thought and decides not to dig at it.

The moment ends all at once when Idris bounces up. Her eyes follow the moon out, chin on her shoulder, and she chuckles. There are moments Idris acts like an oversized kid. She finds it endearing. "Go get the blankets," she calls out, "I'll join you shortly."

With that, Autumn carefully hauls herself out of the tub, and then busies herself finishing up. Her jammies already set out are tossed on and thr mostly empty plate and two champagne glasses are carried into the kitchen. The promised beer and junk food she hauls into the livingroom. "Ready?"
Estelle Kingston 09/28/18 Text to: Other Son In Law
My minions tell me you left the castle in the company of a certain bootiful redhead.
Autumn Summers 09/27/18 The concessions, plural, because he did it not once but twice, cost him. She knows this. As such, a delicate bubble covered hand emerges from the depths of the warm water to touch Idris' bare shoulder. The gesture is her way of acknowledging what he's done instead of calling more attention to the deeds.

Then she reaches for the bacon. "Promise. Any funny business and I will come straight to you. In the meantime, I have an idea. Let's put on our most comfy jammies, break out the blankets, munchies and beer, and have a Harry Potter marathon?"
Autumn Summers 09/27/18 "Don't be so sure of that. I'm more than able to resist your charms, as you well know." The words might sound harsh if they lacked her playful tone. She found it surprisingly easy to relax around Idris despite all his flirting.

The denial makes her arch a brow. It takes more than that to fool Autumn. She is exceptional at reading body language. "For the record, I don't believe that one bit. Also for the record, it's okay. You don't owe me your innermost thoughts. But if you change your mind, you know where to find me."

And that's that. Onto the next subject. She dislike when people pry at her so won't do it to him. "After you've had a decent rest. You and me both. We'll be able to focus better then, aye? I'm bloody tired, too." If she adds herself into the equation, maybe he'll resist less.
Autumn Summers 09/27/18 Aye, she could definitely get used to this. Hard to beat being served breakfast by a scantily clad man while lounging in a bubble bath. Why didn't she do this sooner?

Accepting the mimosa, Autumn nods her head in thanks. Then studies the exhausted demon. That he's passing up an opportunity to climb into the tub is... off. It troubles her. But her lips curl into a smile anyway. "Such a gentleman. Didn't know you had it in you. Might be wasting your only chance, you understand."

Autumn winks and sips the mimosa. "Thank you for breakfast. What's on your mind, Idris?"
Autumn Summers 09/27/18 Idris
There's been enough bad news in my life.
I have to hope.
This took a morbid turn.
Are you almost done?
Autumn Summers 09/26/18 Autumn nibbles at her lower lip, staring at the text. How truthful to be? How much to tell? Idris came for her when she called, but she'd done the same for him. If it was entirely about trust, he wouldn't be staying with her. They are getting there but opening up at all is never easy for her.

When it rains, it pours.
I am relaxing. Thus the bath.
Let's hope for the best, aye?
Autumn Summers 09/26/18 Idris
I try not to think too hard about it.
The drinking will come, but later, and harder stuff than mimosas.
I need a level head right now.
Autumn Summers 09/26/18 Idris
Careful, I could get used to this.
Aren't I supposed to be looking after you?
Seems to be backward lately.
Autumn Summers 09/26/18 Idris
No, no...
The BEST would be if you brought mimosas, too.
Autumn Summers 09/26/18 Idris
Agreed. No animals.
Know what? Fine. You're bringing food.
There's a long tray that rests over the lips of the bathtub in the linen closet in the hall.
Bacon and eggs? ❤
Autumn Summers 09/26/18 Idris
The Pope is in Vatican City, unless he's travelling.
Maybe we can hunt down a Cardinal?
I'm not getting out of this bathtub for anything less than bacon.
Autumn Summers 09/26/18 Idris
Are you sure? I'm starting to be a firm believer in 'anything is possible'.
You fell over and conked out three seconds after we got back.
I'm not strong enough to lift you anymore, so gave you a pillow and blanket.
Physically, all is well. Just adjusting.
How do you feel?
Autumn Summers 09/25/18 Autumn bristles. She is not in the mood for this. Opening her mouth, she prepares to unleash a scathing retort and nearly swallows her tongue upon hearing he left the stove on. "You WHAT?!

It's all she's able to get out before Idris sweeps her into his arms. Any other time, she might have enjoyed the embrace, but she won't be telling him that.

Then they're back home. Her eyes sharpen to little daggers. Briefly. When he start's falling back, Autumn automatically reaches for his wrists to catch him, and severely underestimates her mortal strength. He goes down. She goes with him.

"Thanks for breaking my fall..." he's out cold and can't hear her, but it's the thought that counts. Scrambling up, Autumn bolts to the kitchen to snatch the perfectly baked cookies out of the oven. "Of course," she sighs.

Disaster averted, she fetches a pillow and a blanket. The pillow is tucked gently under Idris' head and covers him with the blanket. "Sleep sweet."
Autumn Summers 09/24/18 "Maybe your balls need to toughen the f*ck up, buttercup," Autumn snarls right back. Funny thing, her temper has been on edge since she woke up Friday morning. Wonder why. Up until now, they haven't really butt heads. It's been calm, even fun.

She bites back another scathing retort at the painfully obvious attempt at diversion. Yesterday he told her about the "cats" breaking the front door and called him out on it.

Swearing, Autumn stomps over to Idris. "I don't believe that bullsh*t for one second. You forgot something, didn't you? Fine, we'll go. Then you get your ass into bed. No negotiating. Let's do this."
Autumn Summers 09/24/18 In feigned obedience, Autumn nibbles on the sandwich. Peanut butter and jelly isn't exactly one of her favorites, but he asked nicely, even if he ignored her request. "You're splitting hairs. You still fell on your face," she quips.

The sudden rush to depart, predictably, makes the former redhead dig her heels in. It's an automatic reaction to when she feels pushed against her will. "Idris, damnit. I want you to rest because I'm worried about you. Okay? I'm allowed to worry. That's what humans do. There's no emergency for us to go back right this bloody second."


Blue-green eyes narrow in suspicion. "Is there?"
Jameson Orlav 09/23/18 Unknown
{Location Sent}

Autumn Summers 09/23/18 From her vantage point, shoulder leaned on the door-jam, mirroring the exact stance she assumed the first time they met and she watched him, Autumn once again watches Idris. Only now it's rummaging for food instead of playing teddy bear baseball.

"I wasn't referring to the scan. I was referring to the strain of hopping us both back to London will put on you. My guess is you landed flat on your face when you got here." She gives him a shrewd look that immediately twists into distaste at the sandwich.

"Oh, I can think of several things that beat it and I will be delighted to show you." Sighing, she takes the sandwich. The please got her. "Then you're going to rest. You need it."

The smile that twists her lips is deceptively gentle. "Please."
Autumn Summers 09/23/18 The comment about 'those kinds of deals' makes her thing of one person in particular, of course. What would be think of what she's up to? Later, Autumn might ponder on that, but for now there are more important things to attend to.

She narrows her eyes slightly at Idris. Cheeky git.

It's right then she decides the sensation brought on by whatever Idris is doing she does not care for. At all. By iron will only she keeps herself from yanking their hands apart.

When he's gone, she gives a full bodied shudder. "Splendid. I dread what your more thorough investigation will feel like," she grumbles before following after him. "Look, Idris, we'll stay here for the night. I'd prefer you get rest before we go back. I don't fancy being splinched like Ron in Harry Potter."
Autumn Summers 09/23/18 It isn't only emotions. It's a sense of self preservation. Given the fact her body is nowhere to be found, her soul, her essence is all that's left of Autumn.

As she told Gray; she is very angry, but she's also scared. The fact her palms are sweaty betrays this. When they get home, she plans on having a full on breakdown. Privately, of course.

"Deal? Poor choice of the word, all things considered. To be clear, I am not offering, promising or giving you anything in return. Excuse my bluntless. It isn't personal."

After rubbing her hand on the fabric of her clothes, Autumn reaches for Idris'. "Very well. Every step of the way. No tricks."
Winter Summers 09/23/18 Winter's brows furrowed did he see a hint of purple for a second? Was he imagining things? He didn't do any drugs today so it certainly couldn't be that! This one was rather odd and for some reason his wings twitched. Probably nothing though!

"You would be correct once you get a taste you always come back for seconds handsome." Winter was on fire tonight! "So what? A drink? Two? I know a decent strip club with some tasty wings." Damn he was smooth.

Winter watched as his hand was brought to the mans lips, and then kissed! Did he slightly swoon there? By Joe Timothy he believes he did! "Pleasure to meet you Idris. Winter Summers, yes it's a god awful name."
Autumn Summers 09/23/18 Autumn feels sorry for the man. She truly does. Perhaps she'd rummage around and find him a pain killer and alcohol to wash it down. Then offer to let him sleep it off. Better to err on the side of caution. Who knows what might happen to them if Idris couldn't concentrate well enough?

Sympathy doesn't mean she's going to let him root around in her head willy nilly.

"Not so fast. You tell me what you intend to do and what that entails. I've had enough people f*ck with my head to last a lifetime." She licks her lips. "The current circumstances don't exactly help, either.
Winter Summers 09/23/18 Winter's eyes went wide as the man grabbed a hold of him. Out of all the men he felt up they never did that! His brow would arch as he heard the mans words. Was someone actually hitting on him!? Was this a joke? Was it his birthday?

"A snack? Oh honey I am a whole god damn meal! Do those eyes of yours work? A snack b*tch please." Winter would proceed to smirk. "My bad I have SUCH a hard time keeping my hands to myself when it come to attractive men however. And you did catch me before I could firmly grasp."

He let out an exaggerated sigh before his smirk would return.
Autumn Summers 09/23/18 "Happens to the best of us." Taking Idris' current state into consideration, Autumn curbs her almost desperate need to get home. Nothing and no one has come looking for the blonde yet, and despite the assurances given to her, actions speak louder than words. If a person did barge in, chances are he'd help keep her safe.

Besides, it'd be a poor way to repay his help by demanding they jump back lickety split. She's not quite that cold.

"Oi!" Autumn snaps her fingers in front of Idris' face. "Eyes are up here." She points to her face.

She plonks down into a chair opposite him and sighs. "I've heard stories, but I'm not one who can. Honestly, I don't know how it happened. I've rubbed a lot of people the wrong way in my life." Autumn shrugs. "The only thing for certain is it seems I'm stuck in this body for now."
Autumn Summers 09/23/18 Oddly, Idris' assessment and calm acceptance helps to soothe nerves that have been jangling since her rather disorienting awakening. The knot between her shoulders eases a smidgen.

Right up until the big man careens into a wall.

She can't care less about the things he scattered. It's him that makes her worry. As such, Autumn darts forward and swivels, ducking under his arm to drape it over her shoulders.

"Bloody hell. Let's have a seat, aye? You're not much good to me if you knock yourself unconscious." With that, she steers Idris toward the nearest armed chair. If he conks out, he'll slump over instead of topple off the thing sideways.
Autumn Summers 09/22/18 With Idris on the way, Autumm paces. Oddly enough, she's found her energy level in this new meat suit doesn't differ much from previously. Less endurance, yes, but still plenty of energy and drive.

How will he react? What will he say?

Questions circle around in her mind until Autumn hears the voice of her rescuer. Gross. She abhors being 'rescued' but she can't afford to wait for Blaize or risk slipping up and being detained traveling back to London.

Cautiously she pads toward Idris, rounds the hallway corner, and meets his violet gaze.

Long blonde hair. Blue-green eyes. Darker skin. Several inches taller. Though a different color, it's the eyes that give it away. They burn with the force of Autumn's personality.

"Glad you made it." Different voice. Same accent. "Surprise."
Autumn Summers 09/22/18 How long does this take?

Maybe when this was all over, Autumn might take medication classes. Goodness knows such a thing would be helpful in this situation. Luckily for them both, Idris hasn't exactly been shy.

Oh, no.

He's happily paraded around her house stark naked. She didn't mind exactly, but it was the principal of the matter. Turns out his antics are helpful in this instance. Who knew?

Another chime on the cellphone makes Autumn grind her teeth. She snatches the device up and almost sobs in relief after reading the message.

What's a white lie between friends?
I'm at a private residence.
Come right in the front door.
[address attached]
James Kelly 09/22/18 James fails to catch the fall in his features, however small it may have been. Instead, she merely watches and listens with an amused quirk of her brow. And then, he extends a hand. There is a moment of consideration, though James finds herself erring on the side of danger.

Why not? What is the worst that could happen?

Her right hand would meet with his, and James confidently stumbles her way through a playful curtsy. "There is nothing I love more than strange, fun men and some good mystery." Honestly, it's a wonder she hasn't been kidnapped yet. And she knows it. "But I have to tell you, if we're not drinking snake's blood and getting tattoos, I might be a little disappointed."
Jameson Orlav 09/22/18 “Nobody makes stronger drinks than me.” Jaw tight. Eyes trained. The slightest quiver at the corner of his mouth suggests a smirk. “Unless, of course, you prefer something a bit more... public?” What say you? Is it a show, you’d prefer?
Autumn Summers 09/22/18 Idris
Quit texting me and let me concentrate.

After sending the message, Autumn does exactly as requested. She concentrates on Idris. Specifically him, not Atom. All the tiny things she's noticed that make him different and unique from his brother.
Autumn Summers 09/22/18 Idris
Any time.
Autumn Summers 09/22/18 Idris
I'm sorry, it's been a stressful 24+ hours.
No, no picture needed.
Fair warning, you won't recognize me.
See you soon, I hope.
Autumn Summers 09/22/18 Idris
Ever been to Jerusalem?
Can I take pictures of a specific place and send to you?
Autumn Summers 09/22/18 Idris
Define 'limits'.
Autumn Summers 09/22/18 Idris
We both know that's a lie.
Are you willing to disclose what sort of capabilities you have?
If so, do any involve traveling quickly from one place to another?
If aye, can you take another person along?
Jameson Orlav 09/21/18 “Hmm. Deal. Name the time and I’ll tell you the place. Bring your best ‘yes’.”
Jameson Orlav 09/21/18 “Who ever said it was one or the other?”
Autumn Summers 09/21/18 Idris
Gray mentioned you. Tried to warn me away.
What are you doing pestering him?
Thank you again for Maddie.
I promise I'll let you know if I need you, and can't wait to taste your cookies.
Gray Taylor 09/21/18 "Mhmm. And what, pray tell, did Autumn say about Spring?" Gray is, if nothing else, highly protective of the monstruous woman. While many find her angry personality troublesome, he sees right through it.

He would shake his head at the offering, instead pulling out one of his own and lighting up easily. He doesn't trust this man before him as far as he can throw him.
Autumn Summers 09/21/18 Autumn laughed bitterly upon reading, if you ended up dead.

Far, far too late for that, she suspects. If, by some miracle, her body survived whatever the hell happened, and there's no guarantee it did, how would she get it back? If it didn't, well...

Thank you.
I already have a call in for backup.
Hopefully this will be sorted soon.
Gray Taylor 09/21/18 "There is nothing to steal away," Gray's tone is flat and unamused. He isn't quite sure what exactly is going on here, or what is being assumed, but it sounds off-base. "As much as you were forced to watch, you clearly never paid attention."
Autumn Summers 09/21/18 Idris
Take care of Maddie for a few days, aye?
Had a small emergency and will be back soon.
Try not to break anything. Or set the house on fire.
Gray Taylor 09/21/18 "What do you mean by affiliates?" There would be a slight tick downward at the corner of his mouth. It had been a strange few months, this much is certain, but given his entire purpose - that should come as no surprise. And this man, Idris, seems to be just find with telling all.
Lucius Dalca 09/21/18 "Huh...Interesting" He replied back reading the expression, "Somethings do change.." "Still a pulse, yes. Different driver." The man Mucous knew as Atom gave a sickening smile. "Atom was far nicer than I."
Gray Taylor 09/21/18 "Everyone has a choice." His judgment is clear, and Gray can feel himself tensing as his irritation builds. Attentive. Such an interesting word in this situation. And right now, he is considering the safety of both women. "What do you want?"
Jasper Thompson 09/21/18 Mmm.
-shakes head to the cigarette-
-brow arches as he repeats his name-
-bark of laughter-
Well, Idris, I can assure you, we all have complicated situations around here.
Then again, you must know that, as you’re living for the radar.
Gray Taylor 09/21/18 The man has set Gray on edge, though through careful practice he remains cool. Pieces are coming together that are nothing short of both interesting, and confusing. But what strikes him the most is the Spring situation. "So, you are openly admitting to creeping on multiple people. Fantastic."
Lucius Dalca 09/21/18 Lucius smirked, "There is still a pulse.. Good on you"
Gray Taylor 09/20/18 Quirking an eyebrow, Gray’s eyes narrow just slightly. “What did she say?”
Samantha Winchester 09/20/18 "Yeah but she must have had her reasons for going that route. I will miss her she was my only friend that was alive. Now I am alone again at least till my baby gets here."
Gray Taylor 09/20/18 Gray's stormy depthslift up to look over the man before him, expression blank as he meets his gaze. “Yes. And you are?”
Kat Steel 09/20/18 "Hahaha, Yes I know. Weird right? Thank You very much Idris Mowbry."
Samantha Winchester 09/20/18 " Yeah i didnt kbow she was going to do that"
Jasper Thompson 09/20/18 -smirks-
Don’t we all. -eyes shine with mischief-
Though you consider my name to be useless knowledge stored in your vault for said knowledge,
-smirks again-
I don’t recall your name...
Hiding under the radar?
Valentin Metzger 09/20/18 -chuckles- I look forward to it.
Samantha Winchester 09/19/18 ~smiles~
"Thank you sir,I am just taking over till Dead Girl can come back full time. Mean while I will run Channel 4 the way she would want it."
Remington Agnes 09/19/18 “Oddly enough, that sounds a lot like what someone with something to hide would say.” A nervous laugh followed, along with a what-the-hell type roll of his shoulders. He shook the hand, but it was fleeting, and back into his pocket the fist would go.

“Rem. Uh, just... Rem.”

The walking ball of vibrating anxiety glanced at his watch. “I actually have to go, but... it was nice meeting you. Work calls,” he laughed, though it was clear he was grateful. “Until next time.”
Jasper Thompson 09/19/18 Aha!
-smiles and shakes head-
Too bad for you, I'm actually a one-hit wonder.
-doesn't wink back-
-but does shake hand-
Jasper Thompson. Good to know you.
Jasper Thompson 09/19/18 -shrugs-
Inevitably, yes.
-eyes up and down, suspicious-
Why? Look, if it's a weird video, I do a lot of drinking, okay?
Valentin Metzger 09/19/18 -chuckles- Ja, you looked quite good. Bitte schon.
James Kelly 09/18/18 As Idris begins to list of the warning signs, James finds herself laughing. It's that delighted sort of laugh that is close to what many would call a belly laugh, but not nearly as embarassing. She loves trouble. James fancies herself a blessed woman, and laughs in the face of danger. Sometimes, literally.

And his eyes. She can't help it as she leans in for a better look at them, a residual grin on her face as her laughter subsides. Are those contacts? She's never seen anything like it. Absolutely brilliant. "Now, if this establishment isn't at the very least questionable, a lady such as myself might just feel duped."

She lets out an amused huff, and shakes her head gently. "Make it plural, and you've got yourself a victim."
Remington Agnes 09/18/18 Remington halted with an oof, an insistent frown taking purchase. “Nothing on your face, pal.” Fists would sink into his pockets nervously, though he attempted to remain stoic on the surface.

But he would only falter.

“Ah, no hard feelings, man, I’m just nervous around people, I guess.” The smile procured was apologetic in nature, closed-off as the man still was. “I’m still just getting used to things, heh.”
James Kelly 09/18/18 Johnny. James would remember this man, Idris, as Johnny. Not because he particularly looks like Hollywood's famous bad boy, but because if the air about him. "I think we can agree that the wrong part might be subjective," she jests.

A soft shake of the head and quiet, polite refusal is given at the offered cigarette. James isn't a smoker, though she has no issue with any who might be. However, it is the magic trick that really gets her, and she shows it with an impressed raise of her brows.

And he's a femme-abilist. How intriguing. Move over, Johnny. Idris is the new, improved man. "Such flattery," she smiles brilliantly. "I may never recover. Tell me, Idris, what are the warning signs? You know, for if you are in the wrong part of town?"
Remington Agnes 09/18/18 “Sh-sh!t!”

He clutched his chest, the man having startled him with the sudden appearance. Regardless, he smiled with a good nature, brushing it off as just another friendly greeting. He considered the question, but could only respond with an exaggerated shrug. “Yeah, sure, well enough. I’m not sure what it is I’m finding my way around, or if you know something I don’t...”

A sudden shift displaced his demeanor, mismatched eyes narrowing slightly. “Yeah, actually, I’m well enough, thanks.” The smile was much more forced this time around, and it instantly melted from his features when he turned to go.
James Kelly 09/18/18 Oof. James turns to face the source of the voice, which happens to be a tall drink of water. Honestly, the men she's been running into lately. There must be something in the water.

An easy grin would pull at her lips, and she takes his hand easily to give a gentle, ladylike shake. This one feels dangerous, like some good, old fashioned Johnny Depp in his 21 Jump Street days. He's clearly got the the charisma, as well. "Thank you," she would welcome his presence. "Idris. I'm James."

Leather jacket and sunglasses combo? Plus ten cool points.
Autumn Summers 09/17/18 Idris
A man after my own heart.
See you soon.
Autumn Summers 09/17/18 Idris
I'll be on the next flight to you.
Autumn Summers 09/17/18 Idris
For what, exactly?
Kat Steel 08/14/18 Congrats on PotD!
Valentin Metzger 08/14/18 -stops, looks at the poster he holds in his hand then the male- Congratulations, Herr Mowbry, on Realm's Most Wanted.
-turns the poster to face the man- Very handsome photo.
-gives a nod-
LillyEmperium 08/14/18 Congrats Mr. Mowbry on being the popular person today
Autumn Summers 05/20/18 Idris
It makes no difference to me. I dislike sports in general. But I'll happily bring an aluminum bat for you.
Autumn Summers 05/20/18 Idris
They can be useful to make furry vermin fly.
Autumn Summers 05/20/18 Idris
Have you considered golf clubs?
Autumn Summers 05/20/18 Idris
Wine is doable. I'll raid my brother's cellar.
What sort of theory involves a baseball bat?
Autumn Summers 05/20/18 Idris
You know, I think I will. It'll be nice to see you. Trying to talk to Atom should be interesting... be there soon.
Autumn Summers 05/15/18 Idris
If you see Atom... speak to him... communicate with him in any way, please tell him I miss him?
I hope all is well with you, too.
Kat Steel 04/28/18 Congrats on PotD!
Kat Steel 03/09/18 Congrats on PotD!
Kat Steel 01/01/18 Congrats on PotD!
Elouise Warrock 11/27/17 -stares at-
-eats popcorn-
Sarah Noire 11/12/17 "Atom Newton." The raspy voice spilled forth from the shadows. A figure develops there. The familiar white labcoat tarnished with splotches of fresh crimson. A different emotion possesses the green-blue hues, a definite boil of anger.

With the help of the shadows she checks on him, the scalpel patting against the side of her slender leg.

"Mother will fix this." It's a hissed promise she meant with every fiber of this vessel's body.
Autumn Summers 10/11/17 Atom
Aye, and you're still my friend so I'll still be there.
Happy hunting.
Autumn Summers 10/10/17 Atom
If you need anything at all, tell me. I'll be there.
Sarah Noire 10/09/17 Sarah stared at the newly grave with a ton of apathy. Straightening the late. Gloves she flickered into the darkness only to reappear in front of her son. Still with the same painted porcelain doll expression. They knew this wasn't her strong point. She clears her throat, and clasps her clammy hands in front of her. "Do you feel the grief my son?"
Atticus Hammond 08/16/17 "Listen, man. She's pretty, she feeds me, and we snuggle. It works." He looks around shiftily. "I still can't tell if it's a joke, though."
Atticus Hammond 08/15/17

"I'm not looking to get murdered. But a friend is good, Mr. Beard. I'll happily accept.."
Atticus Hammond 08/15/17

"Okay, fair. You're among the weird now. But, still, you're not trying to have my children, so, I accept you as you are, murderous teddy bears and psycho mother."
Atticus Hammond 08/15/17

"I feel like I should have more questions on the Hell bit, but... You're still the most normal person I've met."
Atticus Hammond 08/15/17

"What quality? Is it the body? It's the body. I can't help it. I didn't choose this life. I didn't want to be pretty! Pretty was thrust on me!" He waves exasperated hands in the air. "I have a Mr. Miyagi to guide me away from the STDs, but I'm still stressed out. I feel like she'd be the same sort of person that would lead me towards someone with herpes for her own amusement."
Atticus Hammond 08/15/17

"Well that's ah - ... Um." His space is totally invaded. He's almost too awkward to object. Scratch that, one hundred percent too awkward to object. "Seems the women around here like anything. I haven't had a friendly reaction, but they still come running. Crazy, man. They're crazy."
Atticus Hammond 08/15/17

"Hey! I've got scruff!" All offended and stuff.
Atticus Hammond 08/15/17

"Thanks. Nice beard."
Autumn Summers 07/26/17 Bombtastic
I could just pinch those cheeks!
You're not at all? How? I'm not too bad but... I will cut a b*tch if I have to.
How is your fur baby? Ours were so happy to see us when we got home.
Autumn Summers 07/26/17 Bombtastic
I miss your face.
How territorial is Kai over you?
You over Kai?
Autumn Summers 06/26/17 Atom
Sooo... want anything from Moscow?
Autumn Summers 06/20/17 Atom
That's a good thing, aye? I am a little bit obsessed with Lucius...
Be right there!

No sooner than Autumn hit 'send' on her phone did she stuff it into her pocket and scamper down the hallway, through all the zigzags between their room and the one Atom shared with Kai. She didn't bother knocking. She burst in, one giant ball of Autumn energy. "I'm heeeere!"
Autumn Summers 06/20/17 Atom
What the actual f*ck?
Teddy Jace? Like your Jace? Not yours but you know what I mean... why is it named after him?
Autumn Summers 06/20/17 Atom
...murderous teddy bears of terror?
I shouldn't ask but I'm going to; what the hell?
Autumn Summers 06/20/17 Atom
What is there to do around here? Anything interesting?
Autumn Summers 06/15/17 Atom
Aye, we have two cats. Maddie and Vali. They are our fur babies.
I'll come give your kitty pets!
Autumn Summers 06/12/17 Atom
Aye, no foolin'. Please do. The cake is as big as I am...
Autumn Summers 06/12/17 Atom
There is a giant cake in the kitchen your amazing husband baked for me and Lucius. Ignore the note he wrote on it. You're more than welcome to help yourself. There is no way the two of us will be able to eat all of it.
Lucius Dalca 06/10/17 Text: Atom Noire
Cake sounds good right about now. I will let Autumn know.
We are on our way.
Lucius Dalca 06/10/17 Text: Atom Noire
We have met before but didn't have much interaction until now.
Me and my wife have had an interest in your coven, and my schedule is clear. We can meet whenever you want.
Autumn Summers 06/10/17 Not Forgotten
It was very spur of the moment. As in, engaged and married the same day.
We will do the whole shebang later, and you and Kai will absolutely be invited.
I understand you need to speak to him. Here is his number.
[information shared]
Autumn Summers 06/10/17 Excited Much?
Me and my... husband... are interested.
Did I mention I got married? O_o
Autumn Summers 06/10/17 Atom Bomb
Hiya, handsome. I have a question...
How do you feel about two new additions to your crew?
El Orlav 05/04/17 ~*~ Ella grinned and her eyes sparkled with recognition. This man had greeted her on her first day, and she remembered his face. ~*~
''Thank you. Is there a teal Tuesdays?''
Sarah Noire 05/03/17 Sarah was leaned over a cadaver with a sparking set of cables in one hand. She proceeds to shove them into a massive hole in the chest cavity. Apathetic eyes turned towards Atom, her lips frozen in a disapproving line.

"What business do you have there?"

She releases her hold on the cables and walks closer to him. Personal space eluded her, as she lifted a hand to pat him on the head.

"Just be careful and bring me back some Hell Mold."
Autumn Summers 05/02/17
Sarah Noire 05/02/17 Atom
Also. I know you didn't just text me. You better come visit me. Right Now.
Sarah Noire 05/02/17 Atom
Atom Newton Noire. You're not going to hell without me. Crowley isn't dead.
Autumn Summers 04/30/17 Atom
We are here.
Good timing... I just got a new phone.
Autumn Summers 04/27/17 Atom
Really? That is a neat trick.
Good luck with Kai... I hope he doesn't hate me forever.
Assuming we both get green lights, where do we go from here?
Autumn Summers 04/27/17 Atom
But it isn't your price to pay.. it's mine.
Working on your power. Is it safe to assume he'll need to come along?
Following orders isn't a subject I excel at, but I will listen.
How does Kai feel about all of this?
Autumn Summers 04/27/17 Atom
What kind of price?
Power... I know someone who has a lot of power.
Autumn Summers 04/27/17 Atom
Okay, my turn...
You funny.
But seriously?
Autumn Summers 04/27/17 Atom
What exceptions?
Autumn Summers 04/27/17 Atom
That would be creepy... wearing my brother.
He hates demons. Sorry, but it's true.
Are you saying we would have to kill someone else?
Autumn Summers 04/27/17 Atom
So it's possible? Can anything be done to make it easier? Or to lessen the chances of those things happening?
Autumn Summers 04/27/17 Atom
Absolutely serious.
Autumn Summers 04/27/17 Atom bring him back.
Autumn Summers 04/27/17 Atom
I just realized that means I still have a soul. How the f*ck does that work, if I'm technically dead? Brain game for later...
Anyway, I ask because one of my brothers was recently killed. Wrath and violence would be his cardinal sins, I think.
Autumn Summers 04/27/17 Atom
What would it take for you to locate a soul in Hell?
Autumn Summers 04/27/17 Atom
I may need a favor.
Autumn Summers 04/24/17 Kai; Atom
I know we just got here but we have to go home. Family emergency. Will try to get back soon.

PS - Happy Birthday, Atom.
Sarah Noire 04/19/17 You're my favorite.
*pinches cheek*
Nemesis Wolfe 04/16/17 Confusion showed upon her face at the basket filled to the brim with novelty candies for the holiday. Her nose twitched at the smell of rotten eggs and knew all too well it was not from the dyed eggs laying about the realm but from the man in the ridiculous costume and a frown appeared. Lifting the basket with one finger she tilted her head and tried not to breathe in too deeply. The foul stench was not playing well with her stomach and she feared that her appetite had fled along with the sweet heavenly scent of her coffee that now was tainted.

"He smells funny. Dementia stated the obvious.

She ignored the voice in her head. Knowing Demi was only trying to agitate her. It was not working. Her attention was more hooked with the male prancing around the realm handing out baskets to every person he met.

"Is this some kind of sick joke? Because I do not find it funny. I dare say, you are horrid with comedy, sir.... She said in a cool tone and the frown she wore deepened.
Summer 04/16/17 *puts down her crucifix bong long enough to stare openly at the hot dude making deliveries*
*tries to remember if she ordered anything*
*sees the contents of the basket and decides this might be evidence of a god existing, somewhere, somehow.*
Happy Easter to you!
vamp_goku 04/16/17

Happy Easter! Muahaha!
Cassandra Carnivale Jadu 04/16/17 Cassie giggled a bit taking the basket then smiled.

"Thank you Mr. Noire that is very thoughtful. Happy Easter to you as well."

She continued to smile as she watched him hop away.
Caitlyn Darrow 04/16/17
Nemesis Wolfe 04/15/17  photo easter-bunny-meme-eggs.jpg
Lucius Dalca 04/13/17 Lucius had seen a strange man around the parts of the town that only a few brave souls ventured and wondered who the person was. He had a strong demeanor and seemed to carry himself in that regard when walking on the streets. Usually Lucius would be more cautious but the man loved a good fight and the stranger looked like he could give it.

He approached the stranger and without warning started the fight. Blows were exchanged but in the end Lucius held the upper hand with surprise and he used it to win.
You hit Atom Noire for xxx damage.You won the encounter!

"I did not expect that..." He commented to himself as he cleaned himself up and leaned close to rummage through the man's pockets.
You were successful in stealing $0.00 from Atom Noire.

"Oh you cheap b@stard..." He shrugged his shoulders and went about his way, "I wonder if Gray is around.."
Autumn Summers 04/13/17 Atom
Why? Just because?
Fair warning: I intend on commandeering Kai to go on a co-op baking/drinking spree.
Autumn Summers 04/13/17 Atom
I forgot to ask when you would like us to visit.
Trying to put plans together.
We've been inordinately busy...
Autumn Summers 04/09/17 Atom
You say that only because you've never locked horns with my Lucy. Kai has nothing on him.
Autumn Summers 04/09/17 Atom
I would have no arse left from the chewing waiting for me when we got back and I'm quite fond of it.
Maybe you can talk to him and explain. He's f*cking stubborn.
Autumn Summers 04/09/17 Atom
I did not know that little bit... But I did mention the spa and beach.
Sec plz.
Autumn Summers 04/09/17 Atom
My Lucy is trying to spoil our plans. Any idea on how to convince him it's all good?
Also, would you mind him joining me when I come to visit? Maybe that will help...
Autumn Summers 04/09/17 Blonde Brother
You can share mine. We're kind of a mixed bag, so you never know quite what you're going to get.
I like kids... I'm about to be an aunt! Sort of. Seems to be a lot of this adopted family stuff going around. No complaints here.
Wait, what? Spa? Beach? In Hell? You've got to be joking. I have to see this.
Autumn Summers 04/09/17 Atom Bomb
It's official. I'm adopting you as my brother. I need another brother like a hole in the head but whatever. You're adorable, and I get Kai too, so it works out.
Huh... you've piqued my curiosity. I'll ask Lucius what he thinks. Something tells me he'd be beyond angry if I left without mentioning it.
Autumn Summers 04/09/17 Brothah
Maybe, but I won't. You're too goddamn pretty. And Kai would be really pissed at me.
Did you? Sorry I missed it.
Lucifer is above your pay grade for now.
Autumn Summers 04/09/17 Broski?
I can certainly ask.
Aye... that would be a problem. Kai is rather territorial. But so am I, so I understand where he's coming from.
The only reason I believe they're afraid of you is because how small I am, and yet can put my fist through a concrete wall. Looks can be deceiving.
Monsters often hide behind the sweetest faces.
Autumn Summers 04/09/17 Atom
I might be able to help you with that, if you'd like. Well, I know someone who can.
Hah. I have no doubt you do well in the modelling world.
Take me to Hell? Really? I'm game but Lucius might not like that...
Autumn Summers 04/09/17 Atom
That is bizarre...
Good thing I don't age. Not that I'm planning to go to Hell. But it's a good thing to know.
Autumn Summers 04/09/17 Atom
Er... what?
Autumn Summers 04/09/17 Atom
You haven't had free time, ever? Come on now. There has to be things you like to do.
There's nothing wrong with spending time with family. At least you have a relationship with your mother. Mine could die this second and I would have no laments. But my siblings and boyfriend? That's completely different.
I hate calling him my boyfriend. It sounds so high school.
Autumn Summers 04/09/17 Atom
Where's he gone off to?
I was under the impression being a leader was very time consuming, paper airplanes aside. Hmm... well, what do you for fun? Besides burning buildings down.
Autumn Summers 04/09/17 Atom
I am fantastic. Exceptionally spoiled...
It's been a bit. I'd love to come for another visit, as soon as scheduling allows for it. Seeing Kai is always a pleasure.
How is he? How are you?
Caitlyn Darrow 03/23/17 ATOM. YOU'RE GROUNDED!
*stern tone*
Autumn Summers 03/19/17 Atom
I agree with that up to a point... but there is such thing as too possessive.
As for packing, no, I don't take nearly that much. Clothes can be washed and such. I also like to buy a few things from wherever I travel. What about you?
Autumn Summers 03/18/17 Atom
He is a bit possessive of you but he's always been nothing but kind to me. Sweet, really. We always end up baking and drinking together. How do you tolerate other people cuddling with him?
I work, travel... and am remembering how much I dislike moving. It would be easier just to buy new things.
Autumn Summers 03/17/17 Atom
Hi there! This is Autumn.
The redhead who was visiting Kai last month, just in case. He gave me your number.
How's things?
Autumn Summers 02/11/17 I've seen it! My sister thought I'd been eating mushrooms.
*cants her head to the side*
Why is it named Teddy Jace? As in... the Jace who Kai warned me about? That's too much of a coincidence not to be deliberate. It's not alive, right? It's animatronics, aye?
Autumn Summers 02/08/17 *stops upon hearing the voice*
*swings around*
*looks up... and up...*
As in, his current cuddle buddy? Aye. You must be Atom. Pleasure to finally meet you.
El Orlav 02/05/17

~+ Ella watched the man as he welcomed her, with equal excitement she greeted him. Carelessly and shamelessly lost in a romantic daydream. She also apologized for her delay of returning the friendly gesture. +~

'' Hello! I'm sorry my mind was briefly lost. I'm back to being attentive. ''
Sarah Noire 02/04/17
Flereous 01/12/17 A small smirk flitted across the mans lips as he eyed the boy before him. "Well haven't you grown up Little Prince?" The question came out as more of a sarcastic snarl than anything else but Flereous thought it got the point across quite well. After all to him Atom was nothing more than a boy.

"I hear you've got a lover now too, perhaps I'll just have to pay him a friendly visit..." He couldn't help but snicker at that. He was never 'friendly '. It just wasn't in his nature. But oh did he love to toy with the Prince of Hell.
MysticRose 01/01/17 Newyears picture from
Happy New Year my Friend!!
MysticRose 12/25/16


Samantha Winchester 12/15/16 Thank you so much
Camille 12/13/16 -narrows eyes-
-zoolander pout-
Camille 12/13/16 -stares-
Sarah Noire 10/10/16 It should come as no shock that she had been creeping behind a closed door to hear the exchange of words. The moment of definite truth. Was Atom more like his male maker or herself? A grin crept across her lips after his acceptance. She knee'd open the door and burst through it like an uninvited red beverage man.

"This is quite lovely and expected! Congratulations. I will do the custom of finding gifts now!" Before there would be any objections she blurred out of the scene quicker than she had burst through the door.

Kat Steel 08/28/16 Congrats on POtD!
Sarah Noire 08/05/16 She leaned over the cadaver, and narrowed her eyes as she concentrated the scalpel just above the eyelid. Just as she inched the blade through the flesh, her body turned rigid. Atom? The scalpel was stabbed into place, and she removed her labcoat to tent over the cadaver. It confused her why she felt the need to cover up bodies around her offspring. Never the less, it seemed to be a phenomena that occurred repeatedly.

"Atom, Don't be so overdramatic. It doesn't become you. He merely made me angry, and his cellphone was the only thing I could crush without harming him." Sarah positioned her figure to block the covered corpse. No need for Atom to witness it, for surely he would nag her about it. Thoughtfully she gazed up to his face, and tapped her finger on her chin.

"Kai is probably with Jace, since they have their own team now."
Sarah Noire 06/28/16 Normally her irises were a permanent canvas having no need to blink. However, this moment her lashes fluttered a few times. Why did she always catch Atom when he was about to eat? At least this time it wasn't severed heads in cereal boxes or an awkward father meeting.

An almost gentle nervous chuckle left her lips, perhaps she would distract him while he ate his sandwich. Whilst she moved her hands in a blur to remove the fuzzy pink cuffs, her gaze closed in on him.

"When are you and Kai getting married? I got married and I feel normal."
Sarah Noire 06/28/16 Sarah rarely hesitated when it came to things, but with Atom it was different. She felt an inner conflict that no one could imagine. She held onto the gift bag Kai had given her, and carelessly twirled it around. Zoning in on the task at hand, she blurred her movement to come into contact of a general proximity of her offspring.


Her black swirl gaze stared down at disbelief as her hands became fastened with the pink fuzzy handcuffs.

Oh what the fresh hell.. ATOM. I need to speak with you.

She called out in her best angry mommy dearest voice, as she tried to wrestle the handcuffs off her so she could confess to him.
Sarah Noire 06/05/16 "My dear Atom. Do you really need to ask that question? Of course we will rule the world!"
Sarah Noire 06/05/16 Hugs weren't really a bloody mother's thing. She placed the scalpel into the small chest pocket of the coat. Moving towards her son she extended her arms and brought them together around him. Hugs were so odd. It was almost an invitation to suffocate someone to death, as was kissing. That however, wasn't her intention at this time. "I'm as euphoric as I can get for this news!" She didn't end the hug either, so she awkwardly clung to his form.
Sarah Noire 06/05/16 She got the text in the middle of playing operation. Her brows furrow, as her fingers roll across the metallic handle of the scalpel. In a flicker her form gone from her lab, and materializes near Atom. "A TEXT?!" She yells out agitated, ignoring the fact she basically crammed his personal space in her bloodied labcoat and scalpel accessory equipped.
Sarah Noire 04/21/16 She sighed and closed her eyes. Letting the warmth of her offspring bring her comfort. "My dear Atom. I was better off with your sex fascinated father." The words murmured in a monotone voice, placing her small hands against his shoulder for a soft pat. Silently giving him praise for being there, but she would be damned if any other emotions escaped her. That's what got her in this place anyway.
John Doe 04/21/16 John Doe Fact #483: John Doe can skip a stone a dozen times...under water.
Sarah Noire 03/24/16
Sarah Noire 02/29/16 *walks by*
*grabs at face*
*squishes cheeks*
Hmm. That should satisfy my maternal instincts for awhile. Oh, wait maybe not.
*bear hugs*
*dangles awkwardly*
We shall not speak of this.
Tamy Lynn Emperium 02/21/16 "Welcome to afterdark"
Sarah Noire 02/20/16 Uncrossing her arms, she placed a hand on her hip. Her nose slightly wrinkled at the mention of ruined appetite. She would blame the Mowbry in him for that one, only because she obviously had no problem murdering someone and eating a sandwich afterwards. Her head tilted slightly at the reaction of her boyfriend. "Wow. Well, he hasn't tried to have relations with my sister and all of the realm so.. It's safe to say that he not like your father." The answer was followed by a loud huff, "He is nice, and helps me with my experiments. He's not worse by any means. He's better, and I don't have to worry about him seducing every Nancy and Paco that he meets."
Sarah Noire 02/20/16 She crossed her arms across her chest, almost making the same exact expression. "It does, but you could have dropped a note. I ..didn't have much choice on the matter, but I'm here now too. Ryo is around, and your father.. hasn't been around." Her shoulders lifted into a shrug. "Would you like some cereal? Have you ate? I promise I won't stuff any heads in the boxes this time." She said with a soft sigh. Baby steps. Baby steps. "I do have a new boyfriend though."
Sarah Noire 02/20/16 Do not lose your temper, Sarah. She tried to calm herself, before she spoke in response to Atom. However, that never worked. "ATOM! Where the f*ck have you been?! You bet we need to talk. Right Here. Right Now."
Mercy Prescot 12/16/15 "Merry festivous!" Mercy, a bit intoxicated and dressed Ina Santa hat said with a grin. "Here! For you...may lights not be the only thing lit this holiday!" With a grin she hands over a bottle of special brewed egg nog. "Trust me it'll put anyone in a jolly mood." With a tip of her hat she strode out of sight yelling....Merry Christmas to all and to all a drunk night!
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