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In each of us, two natures are at war- the good and the evil.
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Doom Bringer
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Biggest, most grateful of thank you's to Camille Hammond for a very lovely bio.
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Camille Hammond 02/11/18 Hubbae
Are you sure? Are you feeling okay?
...Do we need to find you a doctor?
Noura Orlav 02/09/18 Noura looks at the message, giving it a moments thought. This could be an easy meal. It could also be something else entirely. But, as the case may be, she is also too fcking lazy to do much of anything.

So she does nothing.
Camille Hammond 01/28/18 Hubbae
Are we sure its not a food baby?
Matilde Hammond 01/21/18 “It’s your domestic duty as my flesh father to take care of it, you evolved barbaric baboon.”
Matilde Hammond 01/20/18 "I said pony, father."
Matilde Hammond 01/19/18 "Father. I demand a pony crafted out of Mammoth bones."
Camille Hammond 01/14/18 Hubbae
YES! Yesyesyes. I WANTED PIZZA ALL DAY!! Except now I want tuna... Can you get me some tuna? Tuna on pizza? Is that a thing? PLEASE?
Camille Hammond 01/14/18 Hubbae
Jokes on you. I don't know how to do either of those things! :D
Lloyd R Darrow 01/13/18

Christ, you're still alive?
Camille Hammond 01/12/18 Cami's brow furrows, a gruff vibration in her throat signaling her frustration. TEN inches? Everytime he saw her?! He's exaggerating, and she knows that, but still she swats at him and jokingly shoves at him. "Bully!" She yips, nearly pouting. "You should be praising me for my talent in growing a child. Your child."

The Angel looks up, scrunching her nose, "Who, by the way, has quite the taste for red meat and raw carbohydrates. I think it's going to kill me."
Camille Hammond 01/12/18 The truth was and would always remain; Atticus could home home at the end of the day and recite to Camille his entire schedule. Everything he had done and had planned to do. What accomplishments he'd achieved and even ones that he'd forgone. The point is, that the Angel would regard him with the same interest and wonder that she had the day before. And the day before that. And all of the days that had come prior to this. Because what mattered was how excited he was when he told her about it. The light in his eyes shined bright. His smile was as wide as it could stretch. And at the end of it all?

He'd lean in gratefully, shower Camille with kisses, and ask her about her day.

"Hey yourself." She grins, making a show out of patting him down when he mentions the chocolate. "Chocolate? For me?!" The blonde chuckles quietly under her breath, taking a step forward to close any gap between them as she slipped her hands around his waist. "And you look awful." Cam steps up on her toes, pressing a tiny kiss against the scruff of his jaw. "When is the last time you had a full nights sleep, babe?"

Katherine Murray 01/12/18 Ooooo! I want a cat! *bounces happily* Do you have to tell it what you want? I know television not these little devices, but everyone insists upon them. That entire speaking and it writes for you makes me look like a complete arse; Scottish accents do not translate well.

*thinks about where she was actually going with her train of thought*

OH! Do we need special types of balloons? Can we make cat? Does your Camille know how to do this stuff? *stares at expectantly*
Katherine Murray 01/12/18 *tilts head* Hullo, dearie. Katherine. Or Kat, your choice really. Why does everyone keep forgetting my name? Well, not you, of course. Cannot forget what you did not know, yes?

*blinks more*

Well, now I wish to know about these animal-shaped balloons as well. Would Siri know how? Do you know her? The little God in the phone? *blinks again*
Miryam 01/08/18

"Hmmm must be the dumpster near by."

*shrugs holding her tiny dog.*
Miryam 01/08/18 *Stops*

*sniffs the air around him.*

"Ooo I like you, you reek of rotting flesh and chaos."
Camille Hammond 11/10/17 Hubbae
I'll stop hiding your hotwheels if you stop playing with them so early in the morning. Pregnant wives need sleep!
Mackenzie 11/10/17 Daniel-San
Got it. Yes. I do that. I'm a karate master.
Mackenzie 11/10/17 Daniel-san
What happens if I do that? Whatever that is.
Mackenzie 11/10/17 Daniel-san
I don't speak Mandarin?
Camille Hammond 11/01/17 Hubbae
Baaaaaaabe. Where is all your Halloween candy?! >.>
Matilde Hammond 10/24/17 Disgusting. Who does that?
Camille Hammond 10/21/17 Hubbae
I don't think so... Is he a friend of yours?
Matilde Hammond 10/21/17
Camille Hammond 10/16/17 Exhausted. Camille is exhausted. Her one saving grace is the time that she gets to come home to her husband. Spend time with him. Relax. Most nights they barely had dinner before skipping right to the relaxation. He didn't seem to mind. Atticus enjoyed spending his time with Camille as much as she did him. It was just one more thing that helped to solidify their bond.

Upon first glance, Cami can see the candles flickering through the windows to Atticus' trailer. It's so bright, and of course the girl has no idea that he'd constructed such an elaborate set up- So naturally Camille panics right away. "Atticus!?" She throws off her seatbelt, busting through the car door as fast as she can manage. "Oh my fvcking god.." Cam curses under her breath, sure that her husband is up to something on the other side of that door.

"Atticus-" A few steps carried her to the front door of the trailer. Flaxen hair blows wildly around her as she forces the door open. "What are.." Her words begin to slow, "Doing..."

Cami can't help the grin that spreads across her face. She doesn't see her husband at first, the light from the candles nearly blinding her. It's a lot to take in. "What did you do?" She accuses playfully.
Camille Hammond 10/15/17 "BABE." Cami bangs against the jail cell bars, the rattling of loose steel loud enough to garner the attention of everyone in every cell on the entire block. "I can't even believe you're.. ... ...." She rambles on, mumbling and muttering while she pulls a handheld circular saw from a black bag on her shoulder. It roars to life, sparks flying as she saws away at the bars with a diamond blade. "Breaking you out of jail..." Somethingsomething, "You owe me."

You managed to break out Atticus Hammond.
Camille Hammond 10/12/17 Hubbae
You ASKED what I meant by throwing down. And I am the most appreciative wife, ever. I bet if you think back on occasions such as this morning, you'll find that you agree with me!
Camille Hammond 10/12/17 Hubbae
Kicking your ass. :)
Camille Hammond 10/12/17 Hubbae
I am on my way!!! Save me some.
... Or I'm throwing down.
Camille Hammond 10/12/17 Hubbae
Awwwwwwww babe. I love you more. ♥
Camille Hammond 10/12/17 Hubbae
What is it? What? Where are you!?
Camille Hammond 10/09/17 Camille busts into their sweet, hurrying to shut the door behind her lest anyone catch the streak of blonde mess as she sneaked in. She turns her back to the hard wood paneling and pauses to catch her breath - chest heaving as her lungs worked hard to replenish her. Cami's eyes flicker back and forth between her two hands out in front of her, both of which are soaked in blood. So much so, that it drips and forms small pools at her feet.

"Baby?" A few chaste steps carry her further into the room, her eyes now searching her surroundings, "Something happened today..."
Camille Hammond 10/05/17 Camille, of course, had heard Atticus wander into the room. The door clicked behind him, and immediately the girl had called out for him. "Atticus?" But he's crept up on her, arms slipping around her waist with just enough time for her to swivel and face him.

"Oh, baby..." Her arms snake gently around his neck, pulling him closer and allowing her to close the space between them. He steals a tender kiss, and with a smile filled with adoration she turns to nuzzle his cheek. "I love you too. You're the greatest thing that has ever been mine, truly." Her lips perk, and her arm slacks as her finger drops to tap the tip of his nose. "Mon préféré. Mon amour."

Camille Hammond 10/03/17 Hubbae
:( Nothing! I just wanted you to know!
Camille Hammond 10/03/17 Hubbae
I love you.
Mackenzie 09/30/17 Daniel-san
You don't want to do that. Fingers stiffen, bloat, and squish.
Mackenzie 09/30/17 Daniel-san
She's going to sh-t velveeta.
Mackenzie 09/30/17 Daniel-san
I'm a vampire, Atticus.
Mackenzie 09/30/17 Daniel-San
No thanks. Hate people food.
Camille Hammond 09/30/17 -snickers-
"Baby, there are no monsters under the bed. I checked already, remember? And you have Longclaw, anyway. We're as safe as safe can be!"
Autumn Summers 09/28/17 Eyes narrowed, Autumn didn't even bother to suppress the huff. Typical man. "Just see if I tell you the next time I go on an adventure. Spoil sport," she grumbled.

Then the corners of her lips twitch. "Aye, it's a small world. No doubt we'll be seeing each other again, sooner or later. I fully expect your story next time."
Autumn Summers 09/28/17 "A head butt?" She laughed again. "I'm not that bad. I just... tend to throw things."

Likewise, Autumn could wax eloquent about her husband and never grow tired of it. "You know, they say being in love is a form of insanity. All things considered, I'm apt to agree with that statement. Lucius has the patience of a saint." One brow arches. "Though now I'm curious what sorts of things you scheme."
Autumn Summers 09/28/17 "Worth is a matter of perspective, no?"

Autumn's expression softened a touch as Atticus spoke. Unlike some, she never begrudged the happiness of others. Quite the opposite, in fact.

She laughed and shook her head. "It sounds like you adore her. I maintain my husband is a glutton for punishment, given he willingly puts up with my shenanigans. At least he knows to duck now when he hears me squeal." The redhead cleared her throat and looked sheepish. "A friend of mine texted me some very exciting news and I my phone slipped out of my hand, went flying, and may or may not have connected with his head on its way..."
Camille Hammond 09/27/17 -tackles over-
Babe. BABE!
-high pitched, whiny voice-
Autumn Summers 09/27/17 A rich laugh escaped her lips. "Aye, you have the look of a troublemaker. Honestly, it must've been from something a while ago. I've been ensconced with my husband more often than not as of late." Mischief twinkled in her eyes now. "Besides, how would I have gotten in touch with you? Whispered on the wind?"
Autumn Summers 09/27/17 "Me? Trouble?" The redhead flashed a perfect, innocent smile. "Whatever gave you that idea? I can assure you, I've been on my best behavior. Have you, Atticus?"
Camille Hammond 09/23/17 Hubbae
.. Please make it happen. I'm the meantime, come keep me company in the one we already have? 💕👅
Camille Hammond 09/23/17 Hubbae
Where will we fit with six pups in the bed? 😣
Camille Hammond 09/23/17 Hubbae
Then.. okay! But they'll need their own room!
Ella Donovan 09/23/17 ~*~ Ella recognized the man from his touch to her rear earlier on several occasions. The gleam of his ring brought a scandalous smirk to her features. She walks closer to him, and after her proclamation gives him a flirtaious wink. ~*~

''You have a nice butt. You can touch mine anytime.''
Camille Hammond 09/22/17 Hubbae
Who's going to take care of that whole litter?! AND a bean?!
Camille Hammond 09/21/17 -mumbles-
Oh, I'm sure they were just jealous of your eggo waffle box.
-tugs on-
I'm proud of your war butt. As long as no one touches it, we good.
Camille Hammond 09/21/17 -squints-
-spins him around-
-thoroughly eyes the goods-
They make your butt look amazing..
-narrows eyes further-
You can't wear them out! People will be throwing themselves at you!
Camille Hammond 09/21/17 Hubbae
I will be the judge of that. Don't deny your wife butt touches! .. Erm, I mean. >.>
Camille Hammond 09/21/17 Hubbae
I don't know. Bring your butt here and I'll inspect!
Camille Hammond 09/20/17
Camille Hammond 09/19/17 Hubbae
I know.. I was hiding.
{video download}
Camille Hammond 09/19/17 Hubbae
You're so pretty when you sleep. Are you feeling okay?
{video download}
Camille Hammond 09/19/17 Hubbae
BABE. How did you even get that? I was making eyes at you... Did you put up cameras too? Great minds :')
Camille Hammond 09/19/17 Hubbae
Okay, so maybe I shouldn't have put them in the bathroom..
I wasn't thinking. -cough-
{video download}
Camille Hammond 09/19/17 Hubbae
I.. caught this gem, too. Is it illegal to harbor videos of your husband?
{video download}
Camille Hammond 09/19/17 Hubbae
Babe! I set up surveillance cameras for added security. Look, I caught you on film. You're so cute when you're studying! {video downloading}
Camille Hammond 09/18/17 Hubbae
{video downloading }

A man after my own heart. ❤️
Camille Hammond 09/18/17 Hubbae
You're lucky you're cute. It's like you climb right back out of these holes with little to no effort. SOMEDAY I'm going to become immune. I swear it!
Camille Hammond 09/18/17 Hubbae
You can't see me but I'm glaring at the phone.
Camille Hammond 09/18/17 Hubbae
What? Pizza.. RAT? What a waste of pizza!
Camille Hammond 09/16/17 -lil puff of air- Okay, okay. I'll put the bean out of my mind for now.
-side eyes-
Can we double up on the burrito blanket?
I want snuggles. I won't take no for an answer!
Camille Hammond 09/16/17 -whines-
-climbs all over-
It's not my fault. It was in the library! I was curious.
-slaps book onto the floor-
That thing is evil. THIS thing is evil.
-points to general belly area-
-uber monster mode-
Camille Hammond 09/16/17 -stumbles through-
-head stuck in a book-
-eyes so wide-
Babe.. The bean isn't a bean anymore. It's a TADPOLE. A tiny little tadpole terrorist.
Is it swimming around in there?! Oh my god I can't handle this.
Camille Hammond 09/15/17 Hubbae
Just so we're clear, you can't take the bean Necromancer hunting! Not until it's at least 25!
Mackenzie 09/14/17 Daniel-san
That isn't a tiny helper. It's a tiny terrorist.
It's okay. I'll sprinkle some pepper on it.
No doubt it's overloaded with salt already.
Mackenzie 09/14/17 Daniel-san
That's fine. I'll eat it. Problem solved.
Mackenzie 09/14/17 Daniel-san
That happens to be made out of pasta, right?
Mackenzie 09/14/17 Daniel-san
With a food baby?
Mackenzie 09/14/17 Daniel-san
What do we want? We want to be divorced.
Camille Hammond 09/13/17
Camille Hammond 09/12/17 "Not from you. Never from you." Her voice is still quiet when she speaks, but her body loosens. Tensions melting when he's closed the space between them. Atticus reaches for her jacket and she doesn't fight him, instead allowing him to take it from her relaxed grasp. He is so insistent, and the girl nods along to his words. Eyes perpetually fixated upon his own when he spoke. Cami chews at the corner of her mouth nervously, but has no trouble believing every word that comes out of his mouth. It helps to soothe her. It settles her nerves. As best they can for now, anyway.

"Okay." She muses, taking a step closer when he swoops in to kiss her with the tenderness she needed. Her arms wrap around him once more, and again she finds a place against his side. "Scouts honor? Promise?" As needy as she fought not to be, Camille needed more reassurance now than she'd ever needed. It was likely that she would need more in the months to come. "I'm sorry. I'm not upset with you at all. I'm just..." She looks up, eyes locking with her husbands as a soft smile graced the full pout of her lips."You're right. Everything's going to be just fine as long as I have you. I know it will."
Camille Hammond 09/12/17 It only matters what you want. In an involuntary notion, her pale brows knot over her gaze. Your body presses a trigger inside of her that is unintentional. Cami peels herself back, eyes bouncing back and forth between his steel stare. Suddenly, panic springs upon her. She's pushing herself away from him, scrambling across the bedspread with a look of confusion across her face. "It's not even my body..." She whispers, voice just loud enough for the man to hear her when she spoke.

It would almost seem that the blonde is frightened, the way that she jumps from the bed and onto the floor. At first she paces, fingers pressed against her lip as she chewed absently at the skin. But then she stops, her eyes once again finding her husband, a deep breath caught somewhere in her throat. "This isn't supposed to happen. How could this happen?"

She wants to reach for him. To wrap herself up in the comfort he brings her. But her body is restless. Her mind is on fire. Her breathing becomes erratic the more she thinks about what is happening. Camille reaches for her jacket, hanging off the back of a large chair positioned next to the bed. Balling it in her hand, she looks to the floor before she starts off towards the door.

"I need some air."
Camille Hammond 09/12/17 Atticus insists that she can tell him anything. She already knew that. Cami doesn't feel bashful or scared. She's nervous. Quickly, she scampers- climbing on to his lap and wrapping herself around him in one fluid motion. The Angel often relishes the way she fits against her husband. Like a puzzle piece.

"I love you." Camille slips her around around his neck, her face buried against the crook of his shoulder. "Do you remember what we talked about earlier? Before.. you left."

Without pulling away from where she has her face hidden, her eyes peel up, barely able to catch the corner of his eye. "I wanted to know how you felt so badly because..." Cami peters off again, swallowing a lump in her thrown that refuses to go away. "I went to see Elouise tonight. While you were gone. We had a long conversation and she made me..."

Okay, she can't quite bring herself to pour over the details. "Atticus, I think I'm-" Camille chokes over the last word, unable to force it out clearly.
Camille Hammond 09/12/17 Cami is pretty sure that she can smell the chicken nuggets before Atticus even comes through the door. The soft creaking beneath his steps alert her to his entrance, and from her toes her gaze lifts to meet him in the doorway. Cerulean orbs follow him to the counter. They watch as he kicks his shoes off. Atticus turns to slide across the floor and rush at the bed, only to realize that she's upright and alert. His face says that he's noticed the concern in her expression, and then he softens.

He seems much brighter than when he had left. Out of his mood, perhaps because he'd eaten. Camille offers a genuine smile, exuding warmth which is all that she'd ever wanted him to feel. She shakes her head, denying that he had done anything wrong, and instead pats the spot on the bed next to her. Her fingers make a grabby motion, beckoning him closer. "You weren't rude. You didn't do anything wrong, I promise."

"I'm just not feeling well is all." It's a white lie, and she's completely prepared to leave it at that. Camille doesn't do confrontation unless it's in the face of politics or danger. Her brows raise over glistening oculars, and from her lips she blows the remnants of a lungful of air. "Actually... it's a little more than that." Her hand searches for his across the bedspread, desperate for some sort of contact.

Camille Hammond 09/12/17 He said he was going for a walk, and so Camille allowed him his space. She didn't text him. Didn't call him. Instead, she took a walk of her own- landing somewhere between the kitchen, her room. Namely, Elouise's. The visit didn't last long. It hadn't gone well, though it wasn't particularly bad. Cami didn't know how to process. The Angel wasn't the best at being human, and now she would have to kick her experience in to high gear.

She waited on the bed for her husband to return. The bed spread was still made from the morning- perfectly smooth save for the folds around her body. Cami sat upright with her legs pulled close to her chest, her chin pressed against her knees. Her expression was nearly blank, and almost impossible to read. She didn't cry. Camille almost never cried. Her emotions had not made a habit of getting the better of her.

The girl would sit here, patiently, until Atticus decided to come back to her. If and when were of no consequence. She wasn't going to sleep for a while.
Camille Hammond 09/11/17 -forrows brow-
-sits up, stares after-
What's the matter?
Why do you look so disappointed?

Camille Hammond 09/11/17 -eyes narrow-
-lifts her shirt a little, flashes belly-
I got my belly button pierced!
Camille Hammond 09/11/17 -eskimo kiss-
I'm so glad you feel that way! 'Cause I have something to tell you...
Camille Hammond 09/11/17 Squats. Cardio. Don't think I haven't noticed you watching!
-shakes her head-
Nuh uh. Nope. I asked you first. You don't get to turn it around on me this time, baby.
-jabs at his chest-
Camille Hammond 09/11/17 -busts through door-
-tackles him to the ground with a screech-
Atticus Lee Hammond, I swear to the sweet baby Lavender.
Tell me what you want from me. Tell me right now, and don't even
think about lying to your wife.
Camille Hammond 09/11/17 Hubbae
No way. Can you imagine a ton of little Atticus' running around? Oy. Me? A simple angel changing 97 diapers a day while daddy is trying to mine new strands of incurable diseases?! ... is this a modern day Brady bunch thing?
Camille Hammond 09/11/17 Hubbae
Maybe? It's probably because my tiny, incapable body is malnourished and I'll need to eat your face in order to replenish. 😘
Camille Hammond 09/11/17 Hubbae
What does that even mean?!
Come home!
Camille Hammond 09/11/17 Hubbae Why do you keep saying that?! I'm not weak. Hmmph. 😞
Camille Hammond 09/11/17 Hubbae
To Elouise. Because Elouise. So crass. Too forward. She drives me insane. ... Why? Is this your way of testing out the waters?!
Elouise Warrock 09/11/17 Atticus
My child is my hobby. Yours should be getting your wife to 'put out and pop out' as the tabloids say.
Elouise Warrock 09/11/17 Atticus
If you want a baby so bad, why don't you just knock Camille up, and GIVE. MINE. THE. F*CK. BACK.
Camille Hammond 09/11/17 -huffs-
I didn't do anything. She hates me for existing!
What if she tries to serve us both for Christmas dinner?
Camille Hammond 09/11/17 -can't quite scoop up, is so wee-
Gasp! Why that no good, southern dragon...
-pulls close-
Don't worry. I'll protect you!
Camille Hammond 09/10/17 -wanders through, lots of panicked stumbling-
Atticus?! I would recognize that scream anywhere, where are you?
-spins around-
Soleil Whitaker 09/10/17 Atticus
Well, we're stereotype breaking lesbians. We like pumpkin picking too.
Camille Hammond 09/10/17 Hubbae
Soleil Whitaker 09/10/17 Atticus
Everyone likes to go apple picking!
Camille Hammond 09/10/17 Hubbae
LE. SIGH. Yes. Keep him for football.
I'll bring nachos instead.
.. Babies are too young for beer, right?
Camille Hammond 09/10/17 Hubbae
You're SUCH a liar. Your pants are even on fire. Who do you think you're talkin' too? If you give that baby back now, I'm not buying tacos for dinner. Your call.
Camille Hammond 09/10/17 Hubbae
D: Aww, babe, no! Don't. Look, I can tell you're sad even through text message. Don't do this!
Camille Hammond 09/10/17 Hubbae
So many no's to that. I don't want to raise Elouise's child. I don't want to be tied to Elouise forever. I don't want Lavender to be jealous. I'm selfish and I need more of your attention than anything, ever. But he can hang out for a little while, aiight?!
Camille Hammond 09/10/17 Hubbae
Yes, I do. The answer is KILL HER. Because what's mine is mine, and I'm a possessive monster. [kissy face emoji]
Matilde Hammond 09/10/17 "I like laughing at ugly specimens that were created. I also enjoy lighting flames with small sticks and that flick a flame switch. What do you like doing?"
Camille Hammond 09/10/17 Hubbae
Oh my god, babe. He's absolutely adorable. I'll be more impressed if you show up and you're matching. Sunglasses and all! ... Don't show Elouise. I don't need her thirsting all over my man.
Elouise Warrock 09/09/17 Atticus
Where is my child?
Camille Hammond 09/09/17 Hubbae
What kind of wife would that make me? What kind of host?! Sitting around while other people build my house. No way!
Camille Hammond 09/09/17 Hubbae
I am NOT a former lesbian. I thought Big Forrest was helping with the house? How many people are camping out? Do I have to barbecue and make tea? Is that what good wives do? Omg! ... Uh, anyway... yes. If you want to then definitely yes.
Camille Hammond 09/09/17 Hubbae
I don't know! I've never been on one!
Soleil Whitaker 09/09/17 Atticus
Did you just assume that we like to camp and build things because we're lesbians?
Soleil Whitaker 09/09/17 Atticus
Charleston? No. I think we could make a trip.
Soleil Whitaker 09/09/17 Atticus
Drinks sound great - I'm sure Rhiannon would be up for it, too.
Except, I'd prefer not to discuss certain transgressions involving Elouise in her presence.
Still a bit of an open wound for the both of us.
But, yes. Ask Camille. Let's get together sometime soon.
Soleil Whitaker 09/09/17 Atticus
We used to be. Past tense.
She saved my life once. But, then almost destroyed everything I'd built with Rhiannon.
I no longer associate myself with the Orlavs.
But, kudos to Camille for finding some kind of trust in Elouise.
Soleil Whitaker 09/09/17 Atticus
I do. We used to be friends.
Alright, don't call the cops, then.
Good luck.
Soleil Whitaker 09/09/17 Atticus
Definitely call the cops.
Soleil Whitaker 09/09/17 Atticus
Wait, Logan Orlav?
Matilde Hammond 09/09/17 "I'm daughter of Camille. I'm perfect in her image."
*Doesn't notice irritation*
"No. This book says parental bond is normal. Mother said I should act more normal. How do we bond?"
"You're unlikable. But Camille chose you as my father."
Matilde Hammond 09/09/17 "Father. What is this parental bond?"
*waves random book*
"I don't want to smell unpleasant like you."
Soleil Whitaker 09/08/17 Atticus
I'm sure he's fine, then.
He's probably just tired - babies live the life, really.
Let him nap, and if he doesn't wake up within a reasonable time frame, call the cops.
You could always try adoption, you know.
Soleil Whitaker 09/08/17 Atticus
Sometimes I ask myself that, but then I realize that Rhiannon was made for me. :)
You're worried that you killed this child because you gave him a cookie and some juice? Omg.
He should be fine. Babies sleep, poop, cry, and eat.
Why wasn't it okay? What kind of cookie, though?
Soleil Whitaker 09/08/17 Atticus
Is that a gay joke?
Babies? No. I'm 23, I'm practically a baby myself....
Also, when did you have a kid???
Camille Hammond 09/08/17 Hubbae
I'm sorry! I'll eat your feelings with you.
Um. You know what I meant. I am here for moral support.
... We can get a puppy?!
Camille Hammond 09/08/17 Hubbae
I don't think you're going to be able to do that.. Elouise is kind of attached to him. :(
Camille Hammond 09/08/17 Atticus Sr.
Yeah, he definitely doesn't understand. But that doesn't mean that he's not IN to it. Impose your nerdiness on him, babe. He might just have a chance to break that Warlov mold!
Camille Hammond 09/08/17 Boothang
Um. UM. I don't think he understands words yet. It's (probably) totally fine!
Camille Hammond 09/08/17 Hubbae
No, just keep being you. It helps to keep you around. You keep my blood pressure level, which is safer for everyone really!
Camille Hammond 09/08/17 Hubbae
Uhh, what about Lavender?! Logan kind of needs to be kept on lock down... Elouise is coming back, too. Although I'm sure she wouldn't mind if you babysat on Sunday nights.

Jameson made contact. She thinks he might come to Bloemfontein. Super stress-case, you dig?!
Camille Hammond 09/08/17 Hubbae
I... Don't know. They should stay, right? Definitely.. I think.. 😩
Elouise Warrock 09/08/17 Groupchat: Atticus, Camille
Jameson is looking for him. I'm coming home, and I'm moving him somewhere else. He simply can't have him. It's not an option.
Camille Hammond 09/08/17 Groupchat:
Hubbae, Smelouise
Yes.. He's right here, I have him. What's going on, Elouise?
Elouise Warrock 09/08/17 Groupchat: Atticus; Camille
Is my baby still alive?? I'm on my way back to Bloemfontein.
That Girl 09/08/17 Your secret is safe with me. xoxo
Mackenzie 09/07/17 It's tea and cake or death, kid.
I suggest you choose tea and cake.
Camille Hammond 09/07/17 -laughs-
-saunters over, tugs at his towel-
No, you don't need a snickers.
I know a better way to adjust your attitude.
Camille Hammond 09/07/17 -mumbles-
Be careful, babe. Your Sookie is showing.
Camille Hammond 09/07/17
... I was exfoliating.
Matilde Hammond 09/06/17 "Father. I visited the clerk and they gave me this... birth certificate." She holds out the paper for him. "Why do you smell like soiled cloth?" Head cants to the side, as her nostrils scrunch up in disgust.
Camille Hammond 09/05/17 Hubbae
Oh, um.. its an offer in general. On the table. Off the table. However you prefer... 😏
Camille Hammond 09/05/17 Hubbae
I'm so sorry, Babe. I know it's inconvenient. He'll he gone soon, I promise. 😞 I'll make it up to you.
Rhiannon Whitaker 09/05/17 Work Husband
Logan Orlav?
Gross. No thank you.
Camille Hammond 09/05/17 Hubbae
What does that even mean?! ... where's Logan?
Rhiannon Whitaker 09/05/17 Work Husband
Is he cute?
What's his name?
I don't know if my wife would let me keep him.
Rhiannon Whitaker 09/05/17 Work Husband
What do you mean he's not yours??
Oh. Marital problems? I'm so sorry!
Rhiannon Whitaker 09/05/17 Work Husband
Oh my goodness!
I love babies!
Do you need a babysitter?
Rhiannon Whitaker 09/05/17 Work Husband
Do you know a good recipe for chocolate cake?
Camille Hammond 09/05/17 A budding smile washes over her visage, fingertips moving to graze the scruff against his cheek as she caresses his skin with a gentle touch. He was thoughtful and unapologetically protective. Just a few of the traits he possessed that made it easy for her to love him. But he also new that Camille was fierce and protective herself, demanding respect where it was due and often unwilling to bend. "You don't need to learn to do anything, or like anyone. All I'll ever ask you to do is trust me. You know that."

"He was gone for a few months. I'm still not sure what happened. His sister lived at the institute as well. She has some theories..." None of which either of them had explored... Yet. But time is an incessant nag and the more that word spread of Jameson's debauchery, the more Camille feels that it's within her bounds to assist in any way possible. "Its been a long six months, regardless." Anyone who knew the lot of them could attest for this. It was most evident in the tired ring around their lives.
Camille Hammond 09/05/17 A quick shake of her head, and once again Cami has closed the distance between Atticus and herself. Her delicate fingers find the opening of his shirt, tugging lightly at the lapels and then palming them flat against his chest. His mere presence asserts a calmness in her, settling her nerves with his touch, or his voice. Usually both. "There's always danger, Atticus. Maybe it's Jameson this week. Maybe some new coven with a bone to pick next. That's the responsibility we take on as leaders." It's not a no. It's not a yes. It's just a fact.

Never mind the buzz around the TURNING of Jameson Orlav. There were rumors. Ones that were hard to prove wrong. Rumors of Mackenzies hand in all of this. Nothing that Camille had solid proof of, and nothing that she could do except provide a place of sanctuary for his grieving wife and their child. Her friends.

"Elouise was my first resident." She offers, a faded memory dancing through her mind. "She came around almost as soon as I opened here. I trust her, even if she's... a bit unstable. You should know that I don't take the matter of trust lightly."
Camille Hammond 09/05/17 A small smile plays on her lips, pressing against her husbands as she returned the kiss with equal pep. Slowly, her hands wander until she finds his fingers, offering a tiny squeeze before she turns to the (now) sleeping baby in his carrier. Camille shrugs, her eyes scanning over Logan, because his body is so small that she can hardly tell if he's breathing.

"Jameson was a doctor.. Kind of. Long back story. Hell bent on finding a 'cure' for vampirism." Bony fingers rise to form quotation marks around the word cure. "They met at the institute. Solitude. Got married eventually. Couple of weirdos, if I'm being honest. But they seemed to work just fine." Camille, without thinking, tugs a soft blanket over Logan and tucks it in around him. "Jameson had a lot of enemies. He went missing and we thought..."

The blondes lips purse, her expression hardened as she turns back to face Atticus. "He's a vampire. Elouise was.. IS.. Devastated. She's a bit of a loose cannon. I asked her back so that I could help keep an eye on her. It's been hard on a lot of people."
Camille Hammond 09/05/17 Camille nods, clearly satisfied by his admission. A slow exhale deflates her. She is not overly concerned about the prospect of their own children, but the Angel feels better knowing that he has faith that Logan won't completely perish while left in her care. "Damn Elouise." She mumbles, glancing up. "I'm going to murder her."
Camille Hammond 09/05/17 Pale brows furrow over her bright eyes, and though she's clearly in contempt of his teasing, she still looks to him with as much adoration as she always does. His hand finds her waist, and instinctively, her arms snake easily around him, pulling Atticus closer even as her eyes roll. "That's not fair, I don't know what I'm doing. What if I break him?!" A streak of panic flashes across her eyes.
Camille Hammond 09/05/17
"What are you..." She chokes on a pull of air, a snicker replacing the last word. Her hands find her hips. "This might be the most endearing thing I have ever seen."
Camille Hammond 09/04/17
Cami snorts, the sound and sensation illiciting a skeptical glance from Logan. "Yes. Don't ask me why. It never made much sense to me, either." A soft shake of her head, and Cam would turn to find the door, eyes darting around as she searched for whatever bag Elouise had left. Atticus asks the inevitable question concerning the babies father. Camille answers with the most honest thing she can think of.

"He's dead." It wasn't a lie. Jameson Orlav is a different story for a different day. A story which probably had everything to do with Elouise and the (ithadbetterbetemporary) abandonment of her child. "Make some extra pasta, too. You're looking a little skinny yourself." She's teasing, of course. Ever the jokester she was.
Camille Hammond 09/04/17
Without realizing it, Cami's bottom lip is pressed between her teeth, ears perked as she listens intently to whatever Atticus spews at her about the baby. To be honest, half of what he says could be total gibberish and she might not even know the difference. What she did know, was he was putting on a brave face for her. Whether it was intentional or instinctive, she would never know.

"Thank God. I've never touched one. I mean, I've touched a baby.." Not by choice, of course. "This is Jameson's baby. Have we talked about him before? Used to be more even tempered than Elouise. Was my third for a long time." Her brow perks, and her head turns to face the man who stood at her side. Camilles grin is bright. "Let's take him to the kitchen! ... If we're lucky, we'll find a baby whisperer along the way."
Camille Hammond 09/04/17
Atticus sees right through her. There's no way he doesn't. His hand presses against the small of her back and visibly, she relaxes. The boy in her arms rubs his face against her shoulder, a little pouty but mostly content. Logan seems more curious about Atticus than he does Camille. It must have been the blonde hair. "Well, that's good. What do babies even eat? I'm pretty sure I can't share my Mac n' cheese with him." Her eyes shift to her husband, a tiny grin playing on her lips. "I sure hope you've changed a diaper before."
Camille Hammond 09/04/17
"Babe, I'm..." How does she even express without sounding ridiculous that she is ultimately the worst person for Elouise to have dropped Logan off with. Camille has zero maternal instinct. Even so, her face softens as she watches Atticus try to keep the child calm, clearly as disheveled outwardly as Cami feels inside. She feels, however, as though it's important for her to, at the very least... Pretend she has some inclination of what she's doing. "How long has he been here? I'm so sorry. Elouise didn't call or anything. She's kind of a tw-t like that."

Cami steps to the two of them, arms outstretched as she grabs for Logan and pulls him to her body. He's even tempered - for now, confused as the rest of them maybe. She tries her best not to look horrified, but is most likely failing terribly. "Did she leave a bag, or...?"
Camille Hammond 09/04/17 Camille is pointedly out of breath when she forces the door open, eyes searching the room before her hand had even left the doorknob. "Atticus? Are you here?!" Blonde hair swirls around her shoulders as her eyes finally land on her husband, a tiny child in his arms... both very confused. Suddenly, Cami can't hold back the laughter that threatens the tip of her tongue. "Oh, my God. WHAT a sight!"
Camille Hammond 09/04/17 Hubbae
... Logan? You have... Logan? Oh, dear God. Did she leave food? Did she say anything? WHYDIDSHELEAVEHIM?!
Camille Hammond 09/04/17 Hubbae
What?? Are you okay?!
Elouise Warrock 09/04/17 She knits her brows. "I'm not going to touch you, weirdo. Relax." She goes about setting up the crib, not paying attention to what Atticus is doing. "I told Camille I was dropping him off. Looks like you're a dad now!" With the biggest, sh*t-eating grin. "Best of luck. He needs a bottle in...ten minutes."

After giving her son a kiss on the forehead, she scoots tf out of there. SUCKS MOTHERF*CKER.
Elouise Warrock 09/04/17 Elouise has a plan. London. ...other stuff. However, none of these plans involve a baby. Maybe just making another one. Ayyyyooooo. The blonde troops up the stairs to Camille's room, baby bag, collapsible bassinet, and, of course, Wolverine in hand. Once she reaches the door, she drops everything. (Not the baby, omfg).

"Camille~!" She chimes, knocking a obnoxious pattern on the door. "B*tch, are you there?" Without much care, she pushes open the door, kicking the baby paraphernalia inside. "Hello?!"
Camille Hammond 09/04/17
Maybe... so what if is?!
Camille Hammond 09/04/17
Is this... are you... -chuckles- Are you hitting on me, babe?
Camille Hammond 09/04/17
Am juuuuuust sittin' here. Not doing anything!
Camille Hammond 09/03/17 Hubbae
You make it easy. Buttttt, you can't tell anyone how adorable I am. Or WE are. Appearances, you know. People need to believe my heart is made of ice. ❄️
Camille Hammond 09/03/17 Hubbae
Coincidentally, you coming home is my favorite part of the day. Works out nicely, doesn't it?
Camille Hammond 09/03/17 Hubbae

Most favorite to boot.
Camille Hammond 09/03/17 Hubbae
You are the biggest nerd I have ever met in my life. ❤️
Camille Hammond 09/03/17 Hubbae
Not at alllllll. Someone's gettin' some extra lovin's tonight. 😍
Camille Hammond 09/03/17 Hubbae
{video loading}

Where are you, and why aren't you HERE?
Camille Hammond 09/03/17 Hubbae
{video loading}

Is that so? Care to... elaborate?
Camille Hammond 09/03/17 Hubbae
{video download}

But the feng shui is all off...
Camille Hammond 09/03/17 Hubbae
Umm. Did you check the... errrr is it in the...
WHAT does it look like? I tidied up, sorry!
Camille Hammond 09/02/17 Hubbae
I was booooorn ready. 😍
Camille Hammond 09/02/17 Hubbae
Are those my only two options? How about sexy husband...
Camille Hammond 09/01/17 Hubbae
Don't get sour on me now. No takesie-backsies.
Caitlyn Darrow 08/31/17 Atticus
OK that would be nice. What's the most important thing to have? A bouncy house? A pinata? A ball pit?
Caitlyn Darrow 08/31/17 Atticus
Camille Hammond 08/31/17 Hubbae
😍😍 is this.. are you.. UM. Yes, okay, that sounds good.
Camille Hammond 08/31/17 Hubbae
Yes.. my room is on the top floor. Why???
Camille Hammond 08/31/17 Hubbae
No.. I didn't know you had one? Are you sure you didn't leave it in New York?
Caitlyn Darrow 08/31/17 Stranger
I like parties! Is Cami going to be on TV? The Bachelorette??? I don't know how to film movies.
Caitlyn Darrow 08/31/17 Stranger Danger
She's my best 🍊!!!!! CAMIIII 😍
Soleil Whitaker 08/31/17 Atticus
Admittedly, you might have me beat, even with the duckling.
And yes. Unfortunately.
I got a shoutout.
Soleil Whitaker 08/31/17 Atticus
Your ego is a product of finally getting your d*ck wet, isn't it?
Soleil Whitaker 08/31/17 Atticus
Excuse me. I'm the blondest of the blonde around here.
Therefore, I'm the cutest.
Besides Rhiannon.
Soleil Whitaker 08/31/17 Atticus
Twinsies? Okay.
Soleil Whitaker 08/31/17 Atticus
My hair is not a cry for attention. Rude.
Soleil Whitaker 08/31/17 1/3 of Gleesome Threesome
I don't think of myself as a miserable creature. Most of the time.
I like the former better.
Soleil Whitaker 08/31/17 Atticus
If you're my wife's work husband, what does that make us?
Camille Hammond 08/31/17 Hubbae
Yeah, about that.. I'm already here.
{video download}
Camille Hammond 08/31/17 Hubbae
Oh, it still stands, alright. And the faster you get here, the better. 👅
Camille Hammond 08/31/17 Hubbae
No. Not like a Costco card! .. I'm not sure what that is but trust me when I say it's not. You're pulling my leg, right?
Camille Hammond 08/31/17 Hubbae
Um.. Babe it's not.. I mean it's just.. I'll tell you what. As soon as soon as you come home I'll tell you. And THEN I'll remind you. 😘
Camille Hammond 08/30/17 She has every intention of spinning back around when she hears his arms drop to his sides. From her over the shoulder glance, she can make out the disappointment in his features. Cami should apologize for snapping, because (she assumes) Atticus hasn't DONE anything wrong - he's simply caught up in the train wreck that was Elouise Orlav, but the girl has no time to make amends, as he grasps at her, turning her so quickly that she almost loses her balance. Her breath hitches, and by the time she's caught it, he's taking it away again. The man pulls at her, his lips pressed to hers in a feverish passion. Without time to consider an alternative, the Angel returns the gesture with equal fervor.

"..." Cami would mumble something completely inaudible against his lips, but it wouldn't come to matter. Her arms slide around his neck and she pours all of her energy in to wrapping herself up in him. Legs finding his waist. Weight shifted against him, though her small frame would not prove to be challenging. She was always absolute mush in his hands, and now was no exception.
Camille Hammond 08/30/17 At first her mind swells, and upon revelation that Elouise had planted one on her husband, she's ready to stomp out of her room and hunt her down. She'd mess up her face for that, with blood and knuckles. Because Elouise would learn boundaries, even if by force. But the turn of the conversation brings a sudden flush to Camilles cheeks, highly evident and impossible to miss.

"She said what?! Cette petite pute curieuse!" Cami huffs, each of her palms finding one of her cheeks as she takes a step towards her bed and turns her back to Atticus. "I'm sorry. She's -" The blonde pauses, chin to her shoulder as she looks back at her husband. "And how do you feel about it, exactly?"
Camille Hammond 08/30/17 Camille, through narrowed eyes, sized up her husband as he places her onto the floor and projects an ounce of attitude into her direction. She pulls the toothbrush from her mouth, waving it like a wand as she responded to his sky accusation.

"While I had always hoped that I'd one day have psychic abilities, I'm afraid I haven't quite grown into them yet... " Hello, sarcasm.

"Care to elaborate? What do I need to tell you?!"
Camille Hammond 08/30/17 Camille comes running, toothbrush hanging out of her mouth. Hair disheveled. No shoes. She heard her husband scream from two floors up, and so did the rest of the world.

"Atticus?! What in the? What's wrong?!"
Elouise Warrock 08/30/17 Elouise cackles. A crazy, sort of unhinged kind of laugh. Because he just admitted Camille is still a virgin. She's tempted to climb off of him and go get a beer. Maybe pat herself on the back. Instead, she plants one on him. Nice and thick. "'re not gay. Is it small? Like Donald Trump tiny? Just turn the lights off, then!" Charming, El. So charming.
Elouise Warrock 08/30/17 Elouise approaches Atticus, totally, 100% on the prowl. It's just what the blonde does. She lives to f*ck up other people's days. And Camille is especially sensitive when it comes to her husband, it seems. Obviously, someone isn't getting any. So, the good wingwoman that she is, El jumps out and tackles Atticus.

"Why won't you sleep with my friend?! Is she ugly? Do you think she's ugly? Are you a Ken doll?" She is tempted to grope, but, she's not a total creep. "Well?! What's the deal, man?!"
Camille Hammond 08/29/17 Hubbae

Whoops, that knife isn't meant to be there!

... or is it?!
Camille Hammond 08/28/17 -wraps around-
That's the best idea I've heard all day. You spoil me!
Camille Hammond 08/28/17 -slaps at hand-
Next thing you know, he's eating pizza and ice cream and we have an obese child!
-shifty eyes-
I guess that's because that's all we eat.. shhhh
Camille Hammond 08/28/17 -blinks-
What do you mean it's his favorite? You've been giving him soda?!
-crazy mom eyes-
What if he's a diabetic?
Camille Hammond 08/28/17 -bursts through the door-
Do NOT give that dragon any Dr. Pepper!
-tackle attack-
Camille Hammond 08/28/17 Hubbae
Oh. Well, yeah that is likely. Were they at least fresh donuts? He DOES have a sweet tooth. Just don't leave the rest of them unattended. He's a sneaky little brat!
Camille Hammond 08/28/17 Hubbae
What?! Oh my god, is he okay?! My poor baby!
Camille Hammond 08/27/17 Hubbae
[vid rec'd]

I'm here.. Netflix is here.. Pillow fort is here.. where is Atticus?
Camille Hammond 08/26/17 Hubbae
Oh my god. That's the greatest thing I've ever seen! Look how nerdy! I'm making this my background.
Mackenzie 08/25/17 Daniel-san
Are you calling Solomon a weirdo?
Mackenzie 08/25/17 Daniel-San
Rhiannon has occasional fits of psychosis. Don't worry.
Rhiannon Whitaker 08/24/17 Prince Preener
Um, duh. Pretty sure she barbeque'd my cat.
Rhiannon Whitaker 08/24/17 Prince Preener
I don't touch Mackenzie's things.
She's scary.
Caitlyn Darrow 08/23/17 *stares*
Camille Hammond 08/23/17
Camille meets his eyes with a glimmer in her own, free hand pulling loose one of his from her hip. Carefully, she presses the bone into his hand, closing his fingers around it before her smile melds into a playful smirk.
"I happened upon it at the museum." She pauses, brow raised, "The natural history museum." No? Not ringing a bell? "It's a saber tooth tiger bone, babe. A dinosaur. A cat(ish) dinosaur."

Now, gentle laughter rolls freely from her throat, her expression expectant. "It's like two birds with one stone. We can call him Tigger."
Camille Hammond 08/23/17 Camille busts through the door - Nearly out of breath, with hair from her ponytail loosened enough so that her locks began to slip from the tie. The girl spots Atticus, a wide grin spreading across her face upon sight of the man. A few gentle pads of her (still) bare feet would carry her to him, the space between them dissolving until there was nothing left but her body pressed flush to his. Her fingers find the edge of his collar, tugging him close enough so that she can capture his lips with her own, her smile still evident even as she embraced him. When she pulled away, her other hand would appear between them, opened wide with a small bone nestled in the center of her palm.

"Look what I found."

Camille Hammond 08/23/17 Husband
I'm doing this for you. You should start thinking of ways that you're going to thank me. 💋 Be home soon!
Camille Hammond 08/23/17 Cami isn't entirely sure where Atticus had run off to, though she's certain she had heard the shower running when she'd walk past the bathroom. The girl had big plans today, but his involvement would be minimal. It was a surprise. The only thing she needed was...

Flaxen locks bounce across her shoulders as she tiptoes across the cool tiling of the kitchen floor. There, his jacket may across the back of a tall kitchen chair, pockets nearly emptied save for the wallet and keys she would find once she dipped her hand inside. A soft snicker escapes her pale lips as she pulls a small handful of bills from the folds of the leather, tucking it back into place once she was done.

"Thanks, babe." Cami whispers, jotting a quick note and heading out the door.
You were successful in stealing $188.00 from Atticus Hammond.
Julliet Swan 08/23/17 *runs fingers through hair*
Um, I don't recall asking for your not-so-professional opinion, but thanks? I guess.
*pops bubble gum*
Yeah, too bad we can't all just roll out of To Kill A Mockingbird.
Well, anyway, I just swung by to introduce myself... and tell you to take care of Cami.
So take care of Cami, hm?
I know where you live.
Julliet Swan 08/23/17 *grins*
It is quite possible she could be filling your pretty little head with heartwarming remarks.
And it's Julliet.
That's with two l's, not one.
I think that makes me pretty cool, too.
*hair twirl*
Julliet Swan 08/23/17 *purses lips*
You have a cool name.
Does your personality live up to that kind of coolness?
Camille Hammond 08/23/17 BestHusband
{video download}

Babe, it's midnight. I've got my fanciest dress on. Lavender and I are cooking macaroni and hot dogs, and the only think we're missing is you. Suit up and join us. ♥
Remi Rose 08/22/17 Really wasn't trying to be. Was actually just kidding. Had been going through things and her humor was a tad dry. Elouise was difficult but didn't hate her nor any other blonde. Actually her good friend was that most platinum she's ever seen but he wouldn't know. He wouldn't know any of it and even as he attempted to insult and bring her down, he hung onto this grin which helped her find the funny in it all. She'd huff out a small laugh with a bright smile and waved in return. "We'll see."
Remi Rose 08/22/17 "But if you ever met Elouise, you have at least a slim understanding. So, I do have reasons. To not know me and assume I have no reasonings seems petty and just dumb. Also, how am I supposed to know you were married and to a blonde of all things? I don't recall you being so defensive when we met and I made a remark on blondes. I don't keep tabs on you. I don't even know your name!" Sticks her tongue out towards him.
Remi Rose 08/22/17 Raises a brow. "No.. Have you ever met Elouise?" If he had, he'd understand the hate and untrusting nature towards the platinum type. Plus, she's a redhead. Blondes and reds have always had hair animosity. Where's he been? Some rice plantation? "You seem -really- offended. Ohemgee! You were born a blonde female, weren't you?!"
Remi Rose 08/22/17 Blinks. "I'm no Walmart employee but I'd say either next to the blonde hair dye or by the cheap knockoff Britney Spears body spray. I'd hate to assume you've had issues last I saw you?"
Camille Hammond 08/22/17
That's not true! I do lots of things! Like.. Um.. Stuff. -coughs- At least I'm pretty.
Camille Hammond 08/22/17
To be fair, babe, I said that nobody should be wearing pants... -Scoops up the sandwich, inspects closely. You're good at this.. You should stay on sandwich duty.
Camille Hammond 08/22/17 Hubby the Kid
You dont. I prefer your draaawl to that six slinger speech, anyway. I WILL take a tune, however. 🎶 I'm your most loyal groupie.
Camille Hammond 08/22/17 CowboyHub
I don't know about all of those harmonicas, but I'm all for the hat. Are you going to play me a tune 'round the campfire, bucko?
Camille Hammond 08/22/17 typing...
New Message!

You did? Is this a joke? Did you leave some scruff? [thank the sweet lord].
Camille Hammond 08/22/17 typing...
New Message!

Do I still think you're the hottest husband in the realm? Yes. 😍
Camille Hammond 08/22/17 typing...
New Message!

You.. fixed it?! It um. It looks so good babe!
Camille Hammond 08/21/17
A dress? No, no. On the list of kinks that might be a little ways down. I'm still waiting on the cowboy hat. Me-ow. I think you'll find my bribery skills to be quite impressive.
Camille Hammond 08/21/17 #1Babe
Oh damn, that was you..?
Kidding 😎
Now come collect your smooches.
Camille Hammond 08/21/17 Fav.Nerd
I'll give you three tacos and a life altering kiss. Because I'm an overachiever.
Camille Hammond 08/21/17 Hubbae
A Thestral of course.
What's the most expensive body part on the black market? If you could wish for anything, what would you wish for? ..How many tacos to talk about the dress?
Camille Hammond 08/21/17 Hubbae
What's your Patronus?
Camille Hammond 08/21/17 Hubbae
Who's your favorite Disney princess?
Camille Hammond 08/21/17 Hubbae
Have you ever worn a dress?
Camille Hammond 08/21/17 Hubbae
Babe, would you rather be turned into a hologram or into 2-dimensions?
Camille Hammond 08/20/17
It's perfect. You've done well. I reckon I'll keep you around a lil' while.
Camille Hammond 08/20/17 Oh, it looks like Lavender!
-heart eyes-
Camille Hammond 08/20/17 She fakes a frown, but the truth behind her countenance would forever betray her. It was impossible for her to feign emotion in any regard for very long.
"No! No naked cake-" No, Camille. Press pause on the frosting conversation. Look at this man.

"Okay, that's a good enough reason for me. Any excuse to take you out and flaunt you." She slips a thin arm around his offered limb, allowing him to lead her towards the promise of way too many carbohydrates and an imminent calorie crash in the near future. "You're racking up all sorts of hubby points."
Camille Hammond 08/20/17 Cami turns, spoon half sticking out of her mouth because she could not resist the tub of frosting in the fridge. In contrast to her chagrin, a broad smile paints an expression that speaks eons of her infatuation.

But she wont admit it

Oh, my knight in shining armor! Tacos and ice cream? What have I done to deserve such a treat?
Mackenzie 08/19/17 Daniel-san
Dipped in chocolate.
Mackenzie 08/19/17 Daniel-san
Time to go home. Now.
Matilde Hammond 08/19/17 "What are you trying to say? I have no room." Matilde glances around their general area with pure unsoiled confusion. "I will leave you be, father." His request is spoken and doesn't even warrant a blink from the statue bonde.

"I do not speak falsehoods, father Atticus. If you do not wish for me to call you father, perhaps you should have thought about that before marrying my mother. For now, I'm daughter of Camille and Atticus."

Matilde Hammond 08/19/17 "Your words are a facade for your emotion, Son of Adam. I do nothing for the sake of God. He is not my father." Bearded Dragon? Was this the slang language she heard about? Or did he have a real dragon. This seemed to ping a live interest in her eyes, before it was dispensed back to the robotic void.

"I am not looking to intercourse your head. Camille is my Mother." But his word trumped over hers. His wife. What was this thing? This curious underlining thing she didn't understand. Matilde determined that she didn't like it. Obedience to the spouse of her creator. Her bottom lip wobbled slightly, but the dark wings fluttered a gust up her back.

"I understand, father."
Camille Hammond 08/19/17 Best Husband
Ewww, an eyeball? Aren't they all squishy? Do they bounce? .. Were you that hard up for a ping pong ball?
You can't see me, but I'm snickering at my phone.

[part 2/2]
I'm not sure how many hobo's I've physically fought for my own amusement. One time I burned down a bar because I had no where else to go and I was cold. My gummies? Definitely not actual candy. 150% narcotic.

Best Husband
There isn't a whole lot more to tell. There's the small matter of the bounty on my head, but we should probably discuss that in person. [hearteyes emoji]
Camille Hammond 08/19/17 Best Husband
You sound like a Doctor friend of mine. Vampires are his thing, though. Or, well, were his thing... I'm sure you're much less sadistic than he, however. I think? Are you???
[part 2/3]
I did some very questionable things in order to come into my property in Bloemfontein. They included but were not limited to breaking into the office of a government official and threatening to remove the fingers of said official's mistress until he complied with my demands.
[part 3/3]
I'm really not as awful as that sounds.
Matilde Hammond 08/19/17 In true @sshole kid fashion. Unwittingly she falls into such a category. She follows him.

"I'm not an Excrement. I'm a celestial being made from my mother. That wasn't a Good Bye. You seem emotional, Son of Adam. And you're talking to a human backside. Why is that?"
Camille Hammond 08/19/17 Best Husband
I will one-up you and refuse to avoid any questions you might have. Because I am stubborn, and I detest secrets. I eagerly await your arrival. 😘
Camille Hammond 08/19/17 Atticus
She's not my daughter.. not in the traditional sense. On paper I was married, it was more like a drunken bet. Yes she was a woman. No I didn't sleep with her. I'm sorry about Matilde. She doesn't really have a grasp on how things... work.

To be fair, there are a lot of things you don't know about me, as I'm sure there are things I don't know about you. That doesn't mean I'm trying to hide anything. I promise.
Camille Hammond 08/19/17 Atticus
Yes? I am an open book, you know this.
Matilde Hammond 08/19/17 Matilde is awkward. She doesn't recognize when someone is departing from her. It boils down to her lack of human interaction. Both brows arch almost forming together as she watched him turn to retreat. Insensitive to the core of her created being.

"I'm incapable of being worried. If you have film to be developed, I suggest you hurry before the film expires. A b!tch? Son of Adam you need your eyes examined. I'm not a female canine."

Camille Hammond 08/19/17 Hubbae
All of the above, please.
I thought it might be a huge spider and contemplated setting it on fire, but then I remembered all of the books. I thought better of it.
You're lucky I'm so considerate!
Matilde Hammond 08/19/17 "I don't have psychological issues. I'm not the one trying to fuse my cheeks with my hands, Son of Adam. There is no fight here. The pleasure of flesh doesn't interest my mother. You can ask her divorced homosexual wife, the other daughter of God with the flamboyant wings.

Is she?..
Are you...?

I will not be affiliated having a father born of Adam.
Camille Hammond 08/19/17 Hubbae
Funfetti cake. Always funfetti cake.
Camille Hammond 08/19/17 Hubbae
If you bring home a cake, you can do whatever you like.
Er, almost.
...Just bring cake. And your ridiculously adorable face
And maybe a razor. When did you grow a mustache?
Matilde Hammond 08/19/17 "I don't want to touch my mother's hair. You are incorrect, Son of Adam. My hands would drive into your skull and extract your brain to plant in the soil of the new Eden. I hear there is also a brain in the penis of man. I can rip that out and use it as compost."
Camille Hammond 08/18/17 Hubbae
Oh, uhh.. Matilde? She's not my daughter exactly... Sorry. I'm sure you were looking forward to bouncy houses and birthday cake. But we can do that for your birthday! It's.. Complicated. Come home soon and we'll discuss it.
Oh.. I tried to break into your trailer but I'm pretty sure there's something alive in there. So I decided to go to the pool instead. Miss you!

Matilde Hammond 08/18/17 Matilde regarded the man in front of her, then shifted her intense gaze to the fruit in her hand. Evolution was a lie. Obviously the sons of Adam and daughters of Eve learned not through their curse. She was sure the serpent would come for this one.

"Your bed? I will make haste." Hauntingly void eyes glance back to him, her face making no movement to coordinate humanity. "I'm Matilde. Daughter of Camille. I don't care who your pleasure of the flesh father is. Your bloodline began with Adam, and that is who I will refer to you as. You have been decieved son of Adam. I will seek out my mother, now." Her tone automated by nature.

The apple tossed in his direction. "Devour a pomaceous fruit for enlightment."

Matilde Hammond 08/18/17 The Build-An-Angel blonde stood a few feet from Atticus. Her lips pursed and her liquid blue hues overflowing with some emotion to be determined. Blackened wings flutter behind her with brittle bones accenting through the feathers. Pale digits simultaneously dance around an apple in her palm.

"Son of Adam. What have you done with my mother, Camille?"
Maylus_Jay 08/18/17 :Feels a hand pulling for my wallet: You have failed slayer. You need a lighter touch.
Elouise Warrock 08/18/17 Atticus
Is your favorite color blue waffle, or are you calling me blue waffle? What's a blue waffle?
Elouise Warrock 08/18/17 Atticus
Wtf. I'm just trying to be your friend. You know what?
I'm deciding for you. We're friends.
I'm making us friendship bracelets. What's your favorite color?
Elouise Warrock 08/18/17 Atticus
Yes, I got your number. I wrote you a song! It goes a little something like this:
Elouise Warrock 08/18/17 Atticus
Yes, I got your number. I wrote you a song! It goes a little something like this:
Elouise Warrock 08/18/17 Atticus
Yes, I got your number. I wrote you a song! It goes a little something like this:
Elouise Warrock 08/18/17 Atticus
Yes, I got your number. I wrote you a song! It goes a little something like this:
Elouise Warrock 08/18/17 Atticus
Yes, I got your number. I wrote you a song! It goes a little something like this:
Elouise Warrock 08/18/17 Atticus
Yes, I got your number. I wrote you a song! It goes a little something like this:
Elouise Warrock 08/18/17 Atticus
Yes, I got your number. I wrote you a song! It goes a little something like this:
Elouise Warrock 08/18/17 Atticus
Yes, I got your number. I wrote you a song! It goes a little something like this:
Mackenzie 08/18/17 Daniel-san
Gazelles are fine. Hippos are not friendly. I thought Camille was watching you. She assured me that you would be safe. Do I need to come to Africa?
Mackenzie 08/18/17 Daniel-san
By slow do you mean sitting still?
Camille Hammond 08/18/17
-eyes up and down-
-clicks teeth together-
-tugs at, drags towards the clubhouse-
Yes.. Yes, that'll do. Perfect fit!
Camille Hammond 08/18/17
One well fitted suit will work just fine!
It's not going to last very long anyway.-
-clears throat-
Camille Hammond 08/17/17
No one said anything about your projected life path, bucko.
-snatches book back-
No worries. Although I am certain you would look absolutely sinful in a suit.
Camille Hammond 08/17/17
So I just finished reading this book...
-flashes book cover at-
Are you going to grow into an uber suave lawyer with a bunch of meddlesome kids?
Solomon King 08/17/17 Oh. Okay.

Beard dripping with whatever the hell that was, Solomon loudly scooted the chair back from the kitchen table and stood to his full height, quickly snatching Atticus’s lapels with one impressively meaty hand.
Mackenzie 08/17/17 Daniel-San
You got this. I have faith in you. I'm not far. Don't worry.
And I'm growing out my hair, actually. Patience, young grasshopper.
Mackenzie 08/17/17 Daniel-san
You also think I'm a lesbian. Solomon have a long history. Loads of drama and angst. We share all the best decisions and worst luck. Also, I'm a fan of beards. And his face. And he is one hell of an intense goddamn kisser. Go. Beard Deet.
Mackenzie 08/17/17 Daniel-san
Damn beard. Okay. Listen. Go to the kitchen, in the cabinet above the stove. There is a spray bottle full of a pale green liquid in there. Unmarked. It's Deet for Beards. Just spray it at him from two feet away. Aim for the beard. You'll be safe to talk. Otherwise, no Dairy Bell.
Camille Hammond 08/17/17
Aww, YIS! This is the best day ever! Where did you find him.. did you steal him? Never mind the lesbians, we have a dragon.. please don't slay him.
Camille Hammond 08/17/17
Oh my, that's a busy day indeed. Where did you find a lesbian? And you're copping up other blondes now?? What's the something else.. oh my god, did you get be a dragon?!
Rhiannon Whitaker 08/17/17 She's a jealous lil thing. Cute as a button, though. And sexy. And hot. Ugh. She's the whole package.
Rhiannon Whitaker 08/17/17 You met Soleil? ... Did she threaten you?!
I'm going to kick her cute butt!
*starry eyed*
Just kidding. Her butt is too good. Too pure.
Rhiannon Whitaker 08/17/17 If you're Prince Preener and I'm Princess Poo, does that make you my work husband?
Camille Hammond 08/17/17
Atticus Hammond is beautiful, but there's just
something about the rugged archaeologist type..
Wait, are you.. kinkshaming me?
-huffs- -helmet head-
Camille Hammond 08/17/17
All of the above. Don't forget to stop at a Redbox along the way. We're having an impromptu Indiana Jones night.
...We should find you an Indiana Jones costume.
Camille Hammond 08/17/17
I'll trade you the rest of my tequila for a ride.
..But the gummies will cost you extra.
Camille Hammond 08/17/17
-smells of tequila-
-blue stained mouth-
Oh, THERE you are. I've been looking everywhere for you.
Have you seen my unicorn?
Solomon King 08/16/17
Oh, nice. He hadn’t actually expected the nachos to work.

Who was he kidding, nachos always worked.

“A bro-date?” Solomon peered at him from over the offered heap of melted cheese and tortilla chips. Seemed nice enough, if not a little… quirky. Mackenzie really enjoyed taking in strays. Himself included.

“Sure, man. I should warn you though, I’m the most expensive drunk you’ll ever meet.”
Solomon King 08/16/17
“Camille?” Solomon squinted up at him, again wondering just who the hell he was. “Oh. Well, that’s too bad for Mackenzie, then. You two would’ve looked good together. Best Couple, Winter ’17. Now get out of the way Bradley Pitts, I’m trying to watch a show.” He held up his mound o’nachos to him. “Want some? The movie only just started, I can rewind it a bit.”
Solomon King 08/16/17
Unblinking, Solomon carefully chose a cheesy-bacon-loaded nacho and put it into his mouth, chewing the loud, crunchy goodness and swallowing it down completely before answering. Nacho porn.

“If you like her so much, why don’t you marry her? You’re a strapping young man, she’d love it.”

She’d so wrek u bro.
Solomon King 08/16/17 Solomon was minding his own damn business, eating a mess of nachos on the couch while watching The Matrix, because dammit he was an adult, when some rando just appears and starts throwing questions at him. About elbow deep in guacamole, the bearded man stared up at him.

”And just who the flying f*ck are you?”
Idris Mowbry 08/16/17 "Hey, whatever floats your goat, yo. If it's a joke, at least you are getting food out of it. Food is life. Especially Red Velvet cake.... Mmmm."
Idris Mowbry 08/16/17 "Welcome to the married life. I guess one of those ladies were just the right amount of crazy for ya', eh? Eeeeeeeh?"
Mackenzie 08/16/17
Not my friend. Not at all my friend.
Mackenzie 08/16/17 Yes. I'm calling a liar a liar.
What's her name?
Or did you not catch that?
Blond narrows things down only so much.
Mackenzie 08/16/17 My friends are either extremely angry, or extremely manly.
And the angry one doesn't like marriage.
Who conned you?
Mackenzie 08/16/17
Excuse me? Do I look like a mother?
Camille Hammond 08/16/17
Be still my icy heart. What did I do to deserve such treatment? It was the ring, wasn't it? I got such a good deal on it, too. I mean... When I saw it I knew you deserved nothing less.. ♥
-clears throat-
Camille Hammond 08/16/17
Oh mon dieu. What a gentleman you are, even if you can't keep your shirt on. Hey, I'm not complaining! Did you get the lash? Did you make a wish? .. Did you wish for a bigger tiara than mine? Why do you always have to be better than me?!
Soleil Whitaker 08/16/17 Atticus
I suppose we'll just have to wait and see, then.
Let's make a plan soon!
Soleil Whitaker 08/16/17 Atticus
No pressure, friend. I promise.
Drinks weren't a ploy to get you in our bed. It was an act of genuine camaraderie. :)
Soleil Whitaker 08/16/17 Atticus
Perhaps. But, she's also very sociable.
There's no contract saying that you absolutely have to, but it's an invitation, if you want it to be.
We've never used that label, but I suppose it may work. We don't do it all that often, really - it's happened twice since we've been married.
Soleil Whitaker 08/15/17 Atticus
Jeez. That's harmless.
Sometimes if Rhiannon and I go a little overboard, we wake up with a third person in our bed....
Liquid courage also seems to dissolve any and all boundaries we have as a married couple.
Soleil Whitaker 08/15/17 Atticus
I like the honesty.
Maybe we will be friends, afterall.
You know what they say about alcohol - it's liquid courage. Maybe it'll help with the social thing. :)
Soleil Whitaker 08/15/17 Atticus
I do know who you are, indeed.
Glad we got this sorted - I don't think I'll be needing to punch you in the face.
I'll let Rhiannon pick the time and place. She's good like that.
Soleil Whitaker 08/15/17 Maybe a Little Jealous
I'm a... territorial creature, by nature. And I'm hyperaware of the attention my wife attracts on a daily basis.
Forgive me for being so brazen.
I suppose the three of us could go out sometime. Drinks, maybe?
Soleil, by the way. I'm Soleil.
Soleil Whitaker 08/15/17 Not Jealous
Rhiannon. High cheek bones, caramel eyes. Undoubtedly the most stunning woman you met today.
She mentioned a new "co-worker."
There will be no punching necessary if you keep your interactions with her to a minimum.
I trust that you're a smart man.
Soleil Whitaker 08/15/17 Unknown Number
Stay the f*ck away from my wife.
Autumn Summers 08/15/17 "The potential is there, aye. Time will tell." The woman had few friends and preferred it that way. But she accepted the hand nonetheless, a small smile on her lips. "I am hard to miss... take care of yourself, Gatsby." Mischief twinkled in her eyes. "And watch out for thirsty women."
Camille Hammond 08/15/17
Idris Mowbry 08/15/17 "Yes, murder is bad for your health. If you ever need help getting away from the women, feel free to call for help. I am really good at disappearing acts, AKA I throw down a ball of assorted powders to cover our escape."
Autumn Summers 08/15/17 She looked a bit sheepish at the mention of 'bookstore'. She'd been known to kill a few hours-ahem... well, enough time in them. "I happen to agree with you. Although there are some who might disagree... but paper books will always win over electronic ones. My bookshelves bow under the weight, and I still need more."
Idris Mowbry 08/15/17 "Well technically, I could, but that would be some weird demon magic mumbo jumbo sh!t... also, I'm married and my husband would tear you to shreds. But I will gladly call you friend, Mr. Stubble."
Idris Mowbry 08/15/17 "A 7 year old man from Hell with a psychotic surgeon mother is normal compared to these other people? Huh. I guess I need to up my game... how about the fact that I am currently battling a killer teddy bear infestation? They like to throw sharp stuff."
Idris Mowbry 08/15/17 "The life of a pretty boy is a hard one but we must shoulder this responsibility for the sake of others. If you would rather be ugly and gross, my mother does surgeries that specialize in the grotesque and unbecoming. I can put a good word in for ya." He gives a wink with a nudge. he is trying to help. he really is."At least herpes are easier to get rid of than STDs...right? I never took sex ed, I was raised in Hell. Technically, I am 7."
Idris Mowbry 08/15/17 "Well, you are a man and you have qualities women find appealing so, yes, they would be all over you. I'm so sorry. It will die down at some point, that I can assure you. We all go through it, believe me." The man's eye twitches at the recollection of his younger days wandering around the realm. Still, a smile persisted. "Just make sure to wear running shoes in case you need a quick escape."
Idris Mowbry 08/15/17 Pouts then invades the man's face space to touch the scruff."Well, I'd be a imp's uncle, you're right! I hear chicks dig this stuff." Was never taught 'personal space.' Is also a big, bearded man-child.
Idris Mowbry 08/15/17 "Why thank ya! I grew it myself. Nice...uh... chin? People compliment those, right?"
Idris Mowbry 08/15/17 "Welcome to the Realm!"
Mackenzie 08/15/17
Mackenzie 08/15/17
Autumn Summers 08/15/17 The corners of her lips turned up ever-so-slightly. "Gatsby is workable... I think you could have pulled it off. Books are one of the loves of my life. My husband keeps trying to convert me to an e-reader, but so far I've resisted. Something about the book and turning the pages," she offered a low laugh.
Mackenzie 08/15/17 I thought we agreed that Daniel and Miyagi did not chill?
Mackenzie 08/15/17 Rocky Road? Damn. I prefer Bunny Tracks. I always feel like I'm hunting f-cking rabbits. I'll get the f=cking pints. You get the spoons. Meet you in five for some Netflix and Chill.

Actual chill.
Mackenzie 08/15/17
Sit your ass down. You leave, you pay the Price. There's STDs out there.
Rhiannon Whitaker 08/15/17 "Trust me, I get it. I have a woman's hands all up in my business, 24/7. Handsy little thing. Love her to death, though." Rhiannon gave a wave, small smile on her lips. "Let's chat soon. Less than ten words. Promise." And at 9 words already, she gives up, trotting away happily.
Mackenzie 08/15/17 Jesus f-cking Christ. You think your frolic is too Mucci for the world? Or would you just like to Bannon all hope now?
Rhiannon Whitaker 08/15/17 She liked this Atticus. He was awkward, and funny. Like Chandler Bing, except no annoying brother. She did indeed scrawl out her number, promptly releasing his hand thereafter. "Well, that, or you could come for a drink with my wife and I. She's lovely. You guys have the same haircut."
Mackenzie 08/15/17 Do you know HOW to frolic? Let me see your best skip. Knees to your chest, Atticus Finch. Let's go.
Mackenzie 08/15/17 Technically it isn't lying. My property is in the country, and there are forms in the country. So you could farm on that land. If you pick a flower, you will then be a farmer. ...Yea.
Rhiannon Whitaker 08/15/17 "New guy! Hi! I'm Rhiannon. If you need anything, just let me know. I'm usually around. But I'll give you my number, just in case." She reached for his arm, already brandishing a sharpie.
Elouise Warrock 08/15/17 So you wanna get naked, or what?
Mackenzie 08/15/17 ...I suppose that depends on how fast you can pick up a brogue and learn my signature glare. Of course, you might have to join the farmers dating site, too.
Mackenzie 08/15/17 Anytime. We'll have you rated at 'mild sh-thead' before you know it. It's smooth sailing from there.
Mackenzie 08/15/17 You have a dog? That changes everything. Dogs make you 36% more likable. It's a proven fact. A true statistic, that I just made up. You're f-cking welcome.
Mackenzie 08/15/17 If you do it before, maybe just a light spritz. I didn't realize you were into online dating. Have you met Joe from C block, yet? I hear he likes chess and long showers.
Camille Hammond 08/15/17
Touché. I see your point, and I like it.
You're going to get along just fine here.
Mackenzie 08/15/17 ...before or after the perfume?
Athena Maximus 08/15/17 She smiled softly as she walked up to one of the newest members of the realm. "Hello there, I'm Athena and I just wanted to stop by and welcome you to the realm." She gently held out her hand for him to shake. "If you have any questions or need any help. Feel free to ask!"
Mackenzie 08/15/17 Help yourself, Atticus. Just please remember to turn left for warm water and right for cold. Oh, and two spritzes of the perfume. Any more than that, and this place will go up in flames. I need a goddamn cigarette. You stress me the f-ck out. This is going to be fun.
Camille Hammond 08/15/17 I'm always going to look better than you. Tiara or not. Clothing.. No clothing.. None of it will offer you any redemption.

Mackenzie 08/15/17 I suddenly smell something like... like.. oh. What in God's name is that? Ah. Bullsh-t. Snake your own goddamn drain. If you don't want to die of herpes, I can help with that. If you want to die, well... by the stink of it, you're halfway there. ...My name is Mackenzie.
Mackenzie 08/15/17
Your... okay. Okay. Fine. But I refuse to do that break of day bullsh-t. And I don't wash cars, either.
Camille Hammond 08/15/17
You know, then I'd be obligated to bring my own, which is undoubtedly more fetching than your own and, well... I know how fragile the male ego can be. Messy, messy.
Mackenzie 08/15/17 Orlav. Blonde, loud, into self-flattery and looks like a bear. I've seen people contract syphilis just by standing in the same room as that one. You're going to have to catch up, kid. You're not in Kansas anymore.
Camille Hammond 08/15/17 I've got a sneaking suspicion that you already own a tiara or two.
Mackenzie 08/15/17 F-ck that. No. 5 is for desperate grandmothers. I can't help you with that wasted potential. ...You smell like Orlav, too. Jesus. You probably have the clap by now.
Autumn Summers 08/15/17 "Not really, but it isn't difficult to pick out a Greek name. And I was referring to your mother being an avid reader. That, or she liked the book." She shrugged her shoulders. "No club, sadly."
Mackenzie 08/15/17 Look at you.
Already so popular.
I can smell eight different perfumes in the immediate area.
Autumn Summers 08/15/17 "Avid reader, then? Either way, it is still a very Greek name." A shapely brow arched. "I didn't throw it. But since we're playing nice... my name is Autumn."
Camille Hammond 08/15/17
Don't worry. I'll make you feel like a princess.
Remi Rose 08/15/17

"There always is more to give.." She'd whisper softly to herself. Remi would watch as he gathered himself to again attempt his exit from her and not one to stand in another's way, she'd allow it but she wouldn't give him the last word. "I doubt that I'm looking for something that isn't there. Perhaps next time, I'll see it." She'd offer up a small wave. So far she'd assume he was just a liar but he seemed too sincere and determined to be one. It was most likely that he was unaware of what he had that others were looking for.

Elouise Warrock 08/15/17 -marks for death-
Elouise Warrock 08/15/17 Woah, short stack. Let the Napoleonic complex go.
You're kind of a d*ck, aren't you? I like that. Let's be friends.
Autumn Summers 08/15/17 Curious and how you ended up with the name of an ancient Greek philosopher. Accidental or by design?
Remi Rose 08/15/17 "You either underestimate yourself or you're a liar. I'm intrigued to see which one you exactly fall under. Possibly both? Already found yourself a lot of attention, hm? I wonder why.." Giving him an extra look over. Not into blondes? He must be one of those all business types. But what was his business? He had something. Remi was just unsure if it was something she wanted.

"If you must go, though.. I'm sure the welcoming committee is far from done with you."

"..I won't hold you back."

Remi Rose 08/15/17 Exaggerates a gasp as she lays a hand against her chest. "How could you even think such a thing? No. We usually all just want something. So, you must have something.." Eyes him over a bit.

"Be warned, though. Drugs you worry about? The blondes are on a mixture of hair bleaching and prescription medicine. It's never pretty. Unless you're into that sort of thing."

Autumn Summers 08/15/17 I'm sensing some sarcasm, but you're welcome anyway.
Camille Hammond 08/15/17
I'll give you that. This is no Vegas. Although I heard once that Elvis is living in Moscow.
Elouise Warrock 08/15/17 Ew. Are you flirting with me? You definitely are. I'm sexy as hell. But still. 'Little lady'? Ew. I'm probably taller than you, ass-wipe.
Elouise Warrock 08/15/17 Ohemgee don't point Nerf guns at peoples faces!
Remi Rose 08/15/17 "Welcome to ala' sh-thole! Enjoy."
Camille Hammond 08/15/17
Hmm. I say give it a week, and then decide if you'd like to thank me.
Autumn Summers 08/15/17 Welcome to the realm.
Elouise Warrock 08/15/17 Welcome to the Realm!
Camille Hammond 08/15/17 Welcome to the Realm.
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