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Born: May 28, 2017 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Vampire Forum Posts / Replies: 4
Affiliation: Death Mail Replies Sent: 29
Home City: London Mail Sent: 4
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02/17/18 at 1:15 pm
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Dark Embracer

Spring Taylor

Elisa Stratten

Katherine Murray

Gray Taylor

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New YorkOops.
Created by Mackenzie
Gray Taylor 02/11/18 V. Lockheed
I love it when you overstate your masculinity.
Spring Taylor 02/11/18 Cheesed!ck
Gray Taylor 02/11/18 V. Lockheed
Wish I had a new phone.
Im sure hes lovely.
Spring Taylor 02/11/18 Cheesed-ck
Mackenzie 02/03/18 Feb
She's a brat.
About this hotel.
Tell me more.
Katherine Murray 02/03/18 -blinks- This... is not how that was supposed to go. I am not equipped to handle this. I have to find an adult. An adultier... adult. S'cuse me.

-probably runs-
Katherine Murray 02/03/18 Victor Lockheed just failed at stealing money from you!

Ima eat chur fingies.
With fava beans.
And a nice chianti.

-shifty eyes-
Mackenzie 02/03/18 Feb
You left me in the sticks?!
The f-ck. She doesn't need a f-cking Jew.
I need a f-cking English b-stard.
Mackenzie 02/03/18 Feb
Right. Well I made this rule. Which is the same rule as yours.
I win.
I'm at the bar. I'm Irish. What do you expect?
Mackenzie 02/03/18 Feb
They have a fireplace. Upgrade.
Your flat in London has anti-vampire rules.
Can we move the f-ck out of that, too?
Mackenzie 02/03/18 Feb
Are you kidding? The Den just opened back up.
BAR, Tan. A bunch of drunk crazy people.
What could possibly me more entertaining?
Mackenzie 02/03/18 Feb
You know... I kind of don't care.
Don't make it a habit.
Solomon will get pissy.
Don't know where they are. I never clean.
Mackenzie 01/28/18 "Get dressed. You're taking me out."
Spring Taylor 01/28/18 cheesewanker
The fcking curl. The blimey hat. ****ing hums shabot sha ****ing lom down the ****ing street. JUST BRING ME A ****ING JEW CHEESE TWAT.
Spring Taylor 01/28/18 Cheesed1ck
Bring me a f*cking jew.
Tanvir Buckley 01/27/18 "Well, without the protective walls of the catacombs, you'd have to go public with your Chippendale performance. And despite hardly knowing you at all, I just don't think you have it in you to be so bold. I have all the notes we need to get the party started but the question you have the balls?"
Tanvir Buckley 01/27/18 "See, they say I have a sh*tty memory but that's an image that's obviously burnt itself onto my retinas."
Mackenzie 01/27/18 Feb
Nope. That just makes you a creep.
Tanvir Buckley 01/27/18 "I swear I've seen you in just your boxers, wandering about all...all...nonchalantly. Were you ever a member of After Dark?"
Mackenzie 01/27/18 Feb
Wow. It's not like I'm under the legal age of consent. Christ.
Mackenzie 01/27/18 Feb
Going to break up with me?
You scared, Tan?
Mackenzie 01/27/18 Feb
My death day age is not important.
Mackenzie 01/27/18 Feb
F-ck. You're old.
Cradle robber.
Mackenzie 01/25/18 Feb
How old were you when you biffed it?
Asking for a friend.
Mackenzie 01/20/18 Feb
I have just made friends with a man that goes by Butcher. In Russian. And you said the woods are boring.
Jameson Orlav 01/10/18
Spring Taylor 01/07/18 Cheesed!ck
Please go wank yourself with a barbed coil you ****tard. What fun?
Katherine Murray 01/07/18 *arches brow* Of course it would not be because of your looks, why, you do not even have a beard. But this face of mine, it could launch a thousand ships. And my bite, suffice to say, could enjoy all the throats on said crafts.

Legendary? Darling, I prefer monstrously immortal. I will leave the legends and fairytales to the children. *toothy grin*
Katherine Murray 01/07/18 *stares back* Well, I s'pose she likes pretty things that bite, is that why she tolerates you? *bats lashes*
Mackenzie 12/27/17 "Uh huh. And I suppose that is just your form of a victory dance, yea?" With that, she glances over her shoulder at the slumped form not far from them. And, once his crime is clearly known, she slips a hand into his back pocket with a gentle tap as she claims her real estate.

You witnessed Victor Lockheed attack Drep Doden!
Mackenzie 12/27/17 "Hands." Mackenzie hisses, despite a gaze that flickers without shame over the tall, dark form of Victor.

Victor Lockheed just failed at stealing money from you!
Spring Taylor 11/13/17 F*cking Cheese man
Spring Taylor 11/12/17 Cheesewanker
Where the hell are the chunky plebs hiding? I need more blood than this anorexic bull ****.
Mackenzie 11/11/17 Feb
Not me. We dont talk to each other like that.
Want to join? Im in the kitchen at the takeout place in town.
Spring Taylor 11/10/17 Dangerously Cheesy
In your bloody dreams cheesemonger.
Oi. My Jew left you a note that said he didn't fancy you or any other man.
Did you try to seduce him over Poker Face?
Spring Taylor 11/10/17 Cheesemeister
Oi. I think every hobo is you. I try to steal their blimey pants.
Until they turn around..
and DO YOU SEE THE FACE. DO YOU. BLOODY SEE IT CHAV. ..huh..I think yours is less hairy.
Spring Taylor 11/10/17 Cheesy Locks
[image attached of corpse]
How many of you are there?!?! Bloody hell.
Mackenzie 11/10/17 Feb
Christ. She hates me.
Kill them. Im in the mood for Chinese.
Spring Taylor 11/10/17 Cheesy
Didn't know you had a bloody twin. I should have known you wouldn't comment on my blimey mouth.
Mackenzie 11/10/17 Feb
[Screenshot Attached]
Where the f-ck are you?
Mackenzie 11/10/17 Feb
So long as you're unscathed, I'm happy.
Mackenzie 11/10/17 Feb
I didn't realize she feels anything other than anger... bless.
Mackenzie 11/10/17 Feb
Yes. But don't change the subject.
Mackenzie 11/10/17 Feb
Because...? She declared war on me.
Mackenzie 11/10/17 Feb
What the f-ck is she doing?
Spring Taylor 11/10/17 Cheesed-ck
The realm is going to fcking burn.
Mackenzie 10/14/17 Feb
Read 7:11 P.M.
Mackenzie 10/07/17 Feb
I saw a tan thong in your top left drawer.
Mackenzie 10/07/17 Whipped...

Your reaction is all I needed. Thank you.
Mackenzie 10/07/17 Feb
Are we going to have to get domestic over this?
Mackenzie 10/07/17 Feb
Black is not a neutral color, Tan.
Mackenzie 10/06/17 Feb
I have decided you may never wear neutral colors.
Blaize E Summers 10/01/17 In his investigation of the members within Spring's coven, a name came up the likes of which he had heard thrown about the realm plenty of times. Victor Lockheed. Blaize never really paid attention to anything that involved the man because he simply did not care. It never effected him. Now he found himself walking the same coven halls as the man.

The images in the gossip outlets of the realm provided plenty of angles to familiarize himself with Victor's features. When the man on question had been found, Blaize approached him with a soft smile on his visage. "Hello, Mr. Lockheed. I am Blaize Summers. I thought it wise to introduce myself to my fellow coven members so here I am."
Noura Orlav 09/25/17 Victor
Noura Orlav 09/25/17 Victor
You'd have to catch me first, old man.
Noura Orlav 09/25/17 Victor
So... awkward question.
Do I call you Father, Pops, Dad?
I draw the line at Daddy.
That's some perverted sh-t.
Mackenzie 09/18/17 Feb
I'm going to Central Park tonight. Some concert.
Maybe I'll find a good meal or two.
Doubt it will be very exciting.
Mackenzie 09/18/17 Feb
I'm mad at you for going to London.
Just decided.
Mackenzie 09/17/17 Feb
This is completely unfair.
F-cking London.
Mackenzie 09/17/17 Feb
Love it when you talk dirty to me.
Mackenzie 09/17/17 Feb
Redhead.. I like it.
Get some grub and think of me.
I'm stuck here until tomorrow night.
Mackenzie 09/17/17 Feb
Too high of a code of ethics.
I'm purchasing him a bride.
What color hair, do you think?
Mackenzie 09/17/17 Feb
As if he could take me.
No. It's far worse than celibate.
He doesn't f-ck around. At all. Ever.
Can't you lose functionality without sex?
Mackenzie 09/17/17 Feb
Cat's out of the bag. You're my Brit, I'm a danger to society, and we're getting closer to an understanding.
One problem: He's not gotten laid in at least two years. How the f-ck is he alive?
Spring Taylor 09/14/17 Cheesed-ck
How do you keep a Jew out of your room?
Mackenzie 09/10/17 FEB
Cute. Whats for dinner tonight?
I want details.
Mackenzie 09/10/17 FEB
Tan, am I easy?
Mackenzie 08/25/17 FEB
Adorable. Make sure to dress for the occasion. You can consider this a proper date.
Mackenzie 08/25/17 FEB
Les Mis? Your age is showing. Which showing?
Mackenzie 08/25/17 FEB
Such a gentleman. How do you feel about Broadway? Those private balconies often have rich meals.
Mackenzie 08/25/17 FEB
I'm heading into the city.
Care for dinner?
Spring Taylor 08/22/17 Cheeseknob
Let's murder Moscow.
Spring Taylor 08/22/17 Cheeseknob
Oi. I don't want to hear about your f-cking kinky sh!t.
Spring Taylor 08/18/17 Cheese D-ck
I need to commit mass homicide. Want to join me for a f-cking buffet?
Mackenzie 08/17/17 FEB
Oh? Miss me already?
Mackenzie 08/16/17 Mackenzie smirks at the message, glancing up from where she sits on the couch. Burrowing herself deeper into the corner, she begins her reply and attaches to it a picture of a body wrapped in trash bags, secured by duct tape. Evidence of a steady drip of blood is evident.

I tried to be discreet. Truly.
Jameson Orlav 08/13/17
Mackenzie 08/12/17 Favorite English *******
Picked up a hitch hiker.
Poor f-cking idjit.
Spring Taylor 07/23/17 Duddleswell Pissant
JFC. You sent that quicker than a headless turkey running away at dinner. Oi. Where are my f-cling pants @rsehole?
Mackenzie 07/22/17 Feb
He's passed out, currently. Food poisoning.
Sure you understand.
See you soon, Tan.
Mackenzie 07/22/17 Well, f-ck. She stares down at the mess of a girl held hostage by Victor, obviously terrorized and likely soon dead. She knows it, too. Mackenzie can see it written all over her blotchy face. It makes her miss doing these things with him. Torturing, killing for the sheer thrill of it, and all that ever came after it.

"Looks like Vic might be visiting," she muses aloud, sure that Jameson would hear here even through the pain.

Right where you left me.
Didn't realize you had a type.
Mackenzie 07/22/17 She reads the text, blinking before a slightly sinister grin takes residence upon her face. Glancing down at Jameson, Kenz lets out a quiet laugh followed by a huff of frustration. God damn him.

F-cking English B-stard
I disagree with your agreement to disagree.
Show me yours, Tan.
Mackenzie 07/22/17 Victor
I'm not the one who changed their mind.
This one is going to suffer for a very long time.
Mackenzie 07/22/17 She rolls her eyes. Mackenzie knows he's being honest, and she also knows it is meant to be a dig considering their current state (hint: there is no state). She snaps a picture. Jameson Orlav, on the ground howling in pain as he claws at his stomach. There is a distinct change to his usual appearance, agony aside, and the bloodstained, near white hair splayed on the edge of the picture might be a good indication.

Funny. I have a similar situation, Tan.
[IMG Attachment Received]
Mackenzie 07/20/17 Victor
Where are you?
Autumn Summers 06/13/17 Bit belated, but welcome back.
Elisa Stratten 05/30/17 "Well good luck with whatever endeavors brought you back here. Quite a bit has changed in the past few months....well years really."

Elisa swept loose hairs away from her face, and offered a soft smile. Not one to hide emotions, it was clear in her eyes that she had something more to say. Curiosity generally led the poor girl to stick her foot in her mouth...and often places equally unappealing.
EtaineNightBreed 05/29/17 "Welcome back....please stay this time, Mr. Lockheed and if you need a few bucks for plane fare. I am good for the return flight as well. Remember Cancun if you can't log in.. Or I will make sure your bum is packed off in style." Etaine smiled at the new not so new comer and disappears into the night.
Maylus_Jay 05/29/17 You mate have more lives than a black cat. [Extending his hand he smirked] Welcome back lad.
LillyEmperium 05/29/17 *As she strolled threw the realm, Lilly noticed a familiar face once again returning. Shaking her head she chuckled * welcome back ...again Victor.
Elisa Stratten 05/29/17 The confusion was distinct in his facial expression, and the regret was clear in her eyes. This wasn't going to be an easy explanation, and it certainly wasn't a short one. It had been well over a year and a half since Elisa's death and only a couple weeks since her return. There had been many faces he had surely met in his time here, but hers was not one of them.

"No, I'm afraid not. You may not have known her either, but I feel like you might have at least known of her. My sister's name was Brenna. She was in After Dark. I'm an old friend of Mackenzie's. I haven't been around in a while."
Evaine Sterling 05/28/17 "Welcome to the Realm. If you need a coven. Contact Julian Montgomery or Bree Ravencroft." Eva smiled deviously as she arched an eyebrow. "You will do just brilliantly."
Elisa Stratten 05/28/17 Elisa had been gone for quite some time. And in that time she had missed much. This man would not know her name, but he might know her sister. Even so, she felt the need to reach out. "Welcome back, Mr. Lockheed."
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