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She is the foremost of those that I would hear praised. - W.B. Yeats
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Harlowe mac Lir 10/22/19 ~She giggled, blue eyes sparkling in the dark dungeon as she watched him pretend to swoon in response to her kiss. She loved this side of Manny. She found many sides of him loveable, in fact, but she was particularly fond of this light, playful side. Rolling her eyes in response to his antics, she resisted the impulse to bring a hand up, to touch her lips which still tingled from that brief contact with his.

She resisted too the almost overwhelming urge to pull him back to her, to inhale the scent that was uniquely Manny as she devoured his mouth with her own. The dungeon wasn't the most appropriate make out spot. But still, thoughts of pushing him up against that wall and having her way with him lingered. A little, sexy growl fell from the lips she wanted to feel on her skin, as if he could read her mind, and Harlie smirked, pleased that this...thing between them, this almost explosive response whenever they were near one another, was still mutual.

He spoke then, and the huskiness of his normally light, lyrical voice made her stomach flip and body parts south of her lips tingle in awareness. He winked and she bit her lip. Tilting her head to the side, she allowed her eyes to rake slowly over him from head to toe. She slid the tip of her tongue over her lips. Stepping closer, her body pressed against his as she gazed up into his eyes. When she finally spoke, she found her voice had taken on a husky quality of its own.~

You might regret that. I'm findin' that I'm quite...needy lately.
Harlowe mac Lir 10/21/19 ~Harlie paced, wearing a path into the cement floor of the too small cell that caged her in. It had been some time since she'd found herself locked up in these dungeons and she hadn't missed it a bit. The claustrophobia that had plagued her since her return seemed to have worsened and she closed her eyes for a moment as she fought for control. She took in a few deep breaths and slowly exhaled, an effort to calm herself, to keep from screaming for a guard to release her immediately...or completely breaking down.

She caught his scent before he spoke. The salty clean scent of the ocean was light, breaking through the stale air of the dungeon, and Harlie inhaled deeper, taking him in. And then he spoke, His deep, melodious voice filled her ears as her eyes opened, relief evident in them. Immediately she began to feel more calm, despite the butterflies that fluttered in her stomach when the endearment she loved fell from his lips, and a grateful smile curved her lips as she watched Manny work his magic on the locked cell door.~

A little too quiet for my tastes. You know I prefer when things are a bit more...excitin'.

~Her words were light, almost teasing, as the door swung open and she stepped outside the cell. Relief flooded her, leaving no trace of the panic that had been holding her hostage just a moment before. She started to take a step away from her...whatever he was, but, feeling a pair of eyes on her backside, she bit back a smile and backtracked.

Standing in front of Manny, she smiled slowly. Stretching up on her toes, she reached out after only a fraction of a second of hesitation and cupped his face in both of her hands. Gazing unflinchingly into the ocean eyes she adored, fingertips playing with his adorable dimples, she leaned into him as she placed her lips upon his in the softest of kisses. Pulling back slightly, her voice was a whisper.~

Thank you, darlin'.
Thorne 10/20/19 He made to protest, to disprove her playful taunt and only made himself look adorable in how he seemed to pout and grow quiet, watching as her majicks took hold and consumed the very metal that was used to cage the Godling in.

"Oh, my little Godling, did you forget that you may call on me at any time and that I would be there? After all, one of my Menagerie should never worry about their own personal wellbeing as I offer many things. You do fall into that selective grouping." Shifting upon bare feet, the scarlet Witchling, of sorts, stood upon the tips of her toes, legs extended and shoulders back, left arm raised and fingers grasping at.... nothing. Absolutely nothing and yet, there was just something there, or perhaps it was a form of a hobby, miming there being something there just to give an elegant turn, long skirts of glimmering gossamer shimmering in the pale lighting.

She stills once more, still upon the tips of bare toes, but she balanced easily, effortlessly, and her head tilts to the side, mis-matched hues of blue and green seeming to glance him over as the woman ponders. Settling, once more, upon her feet, she watched as he bowed to her, offering up a soft laugh to him as he gave her that dimpled grin. He spoke of making sure that she sought a fitting meal, and she couldn't quite help but to tease him further. Approaching, knuckles softly stroke his left cheek, that once corrosive sludge having seeped back into her very flesh, the ruptures to the surface having restructured to have unblemished flesh once more.

"Why, dearest Godling, are you offering up that meal, or do you tease me with such temptations, hm?"
Thorne 10/19/19 A familiar scent tickled at olfactory lobes and the scarlet crowned beauty couldn't help the smile that spread across cupid's bow, enhancing supple features even as a sort of madness twinkled within the beguiling pair green and blue. Bare feet moved silently upon the ground, the canvas of cement and stone quickly consumed as she moved, following that particular scent that was cloying and pinging across her senses, drawing her further and further until the entrance of the Dungeons was in view.

"Well, well, well... Looks like the Little Godling has gotten himself into a spot of trouble. Oh dear, not quite god-like, methinks..." The Witchling tittered to herself, rather amused at the thought of stone and ironwork keeping a being such as he imprisoned. Oh, how shameful.

The many different tunnels and various cells did little to confuse the creature in human form, bare feet carrying her further and further as she followed that familiar, tickling fragrance that proved to be a homing beacon, passing by various torches that flickered beneath the damp drizzle that trickled and dribbled from stone walls. The lights, barely there as they were, did little to help, or hinder, her in such a self-appointed mission of freeing the uncaring, foolish, clumsy man of a Godling.

"Oh, look how the mighty have fallen, my sweet, darling Little Godling. Tell me, have you let yourself drift so far off coarse that you would rather let yourself waste away into but a shell of your former self by sitting here, hm?" There is a gentle tease to her vocal exhalation, cheek coming to rest against the bars that have him caged in, peering at him with those mis-matched eyes of hers, playful, taunting smile upon blood red lips.

A soft laugh escapes her and she grasps at bars, back arching as she leans back, hair spilling down her back in a waterfall of vibrant hue, eyes closing as she savored the taint upon the air, almost having folded in half with how far she has tilted herself before standing straight once more, letting her gaze lock upon his even as something moved beneath the exposed flesh of her arms, twisting, twitching, writhing beneath her skin and casting shadows upon her form even as a black sludge began to ooze forth where skin ruptured and and thorned vines protruded from the wounds borne upon her being.

"No matter, my Little Godling, I've come to grant you your freedom." The vines twirled around the bars, digging the sharp, piercing thorns into the metal, digging, scraping, plundering product even as that sludge continued to drip forth from her body, oozing down delicate wrists and clamboring upon the bars. Smoke started to rise the moment that viscous sludge came into contact with the metal, eating away at the stout material. Seconds seemed to pass by as minutes, but within moments the bars were rendered useless and broke apart in her soft palms, vines withering and falling to the ground, breaking into ash upon collision.

You managed to break out Manannán mac Lir.

"Come along, my Little Godling. You've a date with Freedom."
London 10/16/19 Manannán mac Lir just failed at stealing money from you!

"You missed. If you wanted my number, all you needed to do was ask."
Harlowe mac Lir 10/15/19 ~She bit back a soft, amused smile as she watched the unfathomably powerful god she had been married to trip over his words. It wasn't often that Manny was taken off guard or awkward and she loved that this time she was the reason for the lapse in his usually smooth demeanor.

She nodded her head at his second attempt at words and caught her bottom lip between her teeth, biting down on it. Nothing would happen that she didn't want. She believed his words. But that was the problem, wasn't it? She wanted so many things. Things she knew she wasn't ready for. They weren't where they used to be. And she didn't know when, or if, they would get back there. But she was tired of denying that there was still something between them. The kiss they'd just shared, that mind blowing but all too brief kiss, had proven that the passion they'd shared was still very much alive.

It was on the tip of her tongue to point out that they already knew each other very well, but she realized he was right. They weren't the same people they had been during their marriage. And so their date would be about getting to know each other all over again.

She unclenched her fist from his collar and smoothed her hand over his chest, slowly letting both hands fall away. He released his hold on her and took a step back and the faint trembling of her body subsided as a few inches of space was created between them.

Ignoring the little voice in the back of her mind that urged her to grab Manny, to pull him close again and not let go, she released a soft sigh and nodded again as he told her the location and time that they should meet. When he continued to speak she arched a brow. Another round? Uncertain whether he meant another round of their game of truth or dare or their kiss, she gave a shrug of her shoulders. She took a step back when she wanted to take a step forward to close the space between them and feel his mouth on hers once again.~

Maybe later. I've got some errands to run. I'll see you at 8:00, Manny.

~Harlie's gaze traveled lingeringly over his body. Stopping at his mouth, she moistened her lips with the tip of her tongue before she forced her eyes to meet his. Lifting a hand to her lips, she kissed her fingers then blew the kiss to him. And then she turned and hurried away.~
Harlowe mac Lir 10/14/19 ~Harlie's eyes went wide. A date. She hadn't been expecting that. Though she supposed she should have. Manny had been trying to get her, get them, back to where they left off since her return to this realm. She chewed on her bottom lip as she considered his suggestion. An evening spent on a yacht, much like the one they had fallen in love on, she assumed. The one they had spent most of their time on in the early days of their relationship, making love and getting to know each other.

Did she want to go back to that? To be reminded of all the memories they'd made together? To be alone with him in the middle of the ocean, under the influence of alcohol and the moon and stars shining in the midnight sky?

As she gazed into his expectant eyes and felt his arms around her, his embrace light, not trying to inflict harm, not suffocating or possessive, but secure, right, she took a deep breath. And then, her heart pounding in her chest, she gave him the only answer she could. Nodding her head, she gave him a shy smile. There was no hesitation in her words though when she finally spoke.~

Yes. I'll go on a date with you, Manny.
Harlowe mac Lir 10/14/19 ~A slight smile curved her lips at the sexy, admiring tone in his words as he slowly erased what little distance lay between them. He reached out to cup her neck and draw her closer still and she couldn't quite suppress the slightest tremble of fear that went through her, even as her flesh tingled where he touched her, at once soothed and aroused by his hand.

Her gaze stayed firmly on his own as she waited in breathless anticipation for what she knew was about to come, neither pressing closer nor pulling away. And then, finally, after what felt like a million years, his lips touched hers. As he kissed her, a sound, halfway between a sigh and a sob, escaped her, and he deepened their kiss. And then she was returning it, hesitantly at first and then more enthusiastically. Her mouth moved beneath his, kissing him, sucking and nibbling gently at his lips. Giving pleasure as she took it, happily following him on the sensual journey he led.

She had missed this. Touching. Kissing. His touch and his kiss. And she didn't know when, or if, as he had said, she would feel this brave again. And so Harlie relished the moment. The intimacy of it. Committed every caress of his fingers, every brush of his mouth against hers and the gentle nibbling of his teeth to her memory.

When he finally pulled back, breaking the kiss, she swallowed a protest as her stormy blue eyes opened to gaze up at him. It was only then that she realized her body was pressed fully against his and her hands were on him, one pressed flat to his chest, unerringly finding the place where the tattoo that decorated his skin lay beneath the shirt covering it. The other hand was fisted at his collar, crushing, wrinkling the material she had needlessly smoothed earlier.

She made no effort to move away, to put distance between them though, as she gazed wordlessly into his gorgeous eyes. She nearly purred and rubbed her cheek against his hand when he stroked her jaw with his thumb, leaving a trail of tingling flesh behind. And then he spoke and she licked her lips, nearly groaning from the familiar taste of him on them as his soft voice filled her ears. Her own voice was equally soft and slightly husky when she gave her answer.~

Da...dare. I choose dare.
Harlowe mac Lir 10/14/19 ~She felt his ocean eyes on her body, everywhere, as surely as if he had reached out to trace her curves with his hands. A shiver went down her spine and her skin heated in reaction, making her cheeks flush. She watched, transfixed, as the tip of his tongue slid out to moisten his full bottom lip and she mimicked him, sliding her tongue over her own lips.

She barely resisting the urge to close the ever shrinking gap that stood between them as he leaned in while she fixed his collar, she inhaled deeply, taking in the salty scent of the sea that clung to his skin. He smiled that slow, sexy smile she loved and flashed the dimples that made her weak in the knees. As he finally spoke, she almost closed her eyes to savor the sound, his lilting Irish accent speaking his pet name for her like music to her ears. Her gaze flicked between his eyes and his mouth, finally settling steadily on his mesmerizing teal eyes as she nodded slowly.~

I dare do exactly what you're thinkin' about doin' this very second.
Harlowe mac Lir 10/13/19 ~Harlie stopped in front of Manny and tilted her head back to meet his eyes for a moment. Her gaze slowly drifted downward, taking in every inch of his body and she bit down on her bottom lip to hold back her appreciative sigh. It was apparent to her that he'd been working out. The changes in his physique were evident even covered by the button down shirt and jeans he wore. At least to her eyes, which had spent countless hours memorizing every hard line and bulging muscle.

He was looking good. Really good. Or maybe she'd been without physical attention for too long. She licked her lips as her eyes leisurely trailed back up his body. Taking her time meeting his gaze again, her hands itched to reach out and re-familiarize themselves with his body and all of its changes. To trace the firm muscles of his chest and abs. And then the rest of him. Reaching out as her eyes landed on his again, she fixed his collar, smoothing out the material. She allowed her fingertips to linger on his shoulder briefly before she cleared her throat and her hand fell away. And then she spoke softly.~

Truth or dare?
Beau Theroux 10/10/19 With a sheepish look appearing on his bearded visage the man looked at his nails. Were they really so long? Now he was feeling self conscious. Quickly he shoved them into the pockets of his jeans. Evergreen hues returned to the other male paired with a brilliant smile.

"Many thanks, pal. I will be sure to take your advice. I am called many things, but Beaudoin or Beau is my go to. Pleasure to make your acquaintance."
Harlowe mac Lir 10/07/19 ~A little smile curved her lips, accompanied by a soft blush that filled her cheeks as she read the next words sent by the man who, she couldn't deny, still made her weak in the knees. The morning after their night of drinking and truth or dare, the first time since she'd escaped hell that she'd had a restful sleep free of nightmares, had been awkward.

They hadn't exactly been in a good place before he'd shown up at her apartment that night with Yule. But the following morning, when they'd found themselves tangled up together on her couch, she'd had visions of herself cooking breakfast for him. The two of them sharing a meal, at least, for the first time in what seemed like years but would've been a matter of months. She'd excused herself to shower first though, and all the while, as she washed the scent of the previous night's booze away from her body, she definitely wasn't disappointed that he didn't take it upon himself to walk into her tiny bathroom and join her. She couldn't deny the emotion though when she'd gotten dressed and walked back into the living room to find Manny gone. Without a note or text to explain his absence.
Harlie had assumed then, and the assumption was reinforced by the lack of contact from him, that Manny had finally done what she'd been asking him to do since her return and given up on her. Moved on. And so, it was with that assumption that when she ran into him again and invited him to the opening of Feu/Glace that she assured the man she had literally given her soul to that he could bring a date.

The thought of seeing him with another woman nearly killed her. Made her want to kill the hypothetical woman. But she knew she would endure it. She wasn't the woman he'd known, the woman he'd married. Not anymore.

This text though, his words, made her reevaluate all her assumptions of the recent signals she thought he was sending. The smile on her lips grew as butterflies fluttered faintly in her stomach.~

I'll see you there.
Your first round of drinks is on me.
Lark Harper 10/06/19 The poor gal was flustered, embarassed by her own lack of awareness that she simply worries her lower lip with her teeth, an attempt to not hyperventilate even as she worked to gather each sheet, careful to not overly smudge the pencil marks upon the pages.

""I, uhm, yeah. I mean, yes. Music. I... I dabble. Okay, no, that isn't exactly true. Before I became aware I was a classically trained Opera singer. I have learned to play several instruments but I prefer the piano, followed by a close second in the violin. " Lark offers a shy smile, tucking the pages together and then tucking a strand of hair behind an ear.

" Thank you...? Oh, where are my manners? I'm Lark, Lark Harper. Mack sometimes calls me her Songbird." Poor gal, easily flustered and known to blush at the littlest of things. Cue said blush.
Harlowe mac Lir 10/06/19 ~Her heart skipped a beat when she reached for her phone and saw that the text she'd received was from the Celtic god she couldn't get out of her head no matter how hard she tried. Taking a breath to calm herself, her blue eyes took in his words. And then her fingers were tapping at her phone screen as she chewed on her lip.~

Think Roaring Twenties. Anything in that era would be appropriate.
But it's fine if you'd be more comfortable in something more modern.
You won't be kicked out for wearing the wrong clothes. me, anyway.
Anything else you need from me?
Midori Aikyo 10/04/19 "Thank you!"
Lark Harper 10/04/19 It had been difficult for the songbird to become accustomed to having knowledge of this Other world that had been hidden from the normality of human kind, but she seemed to have managed it, even if it did come with aid from the Coven leader. Ah, Mackenzie, she really is a great gal.

Distraction saw the darkly tressed young woman accidentally bumping into a fellow Coven member, the pages of marked papers falling from her grasp to which she begins to apologize profusely, carefully crouching down as best as modest skirts would allow to gather up the sheet music.

"I am so sorry! I'm such a clumsy person. Mack keeps telling me to get my head out of the clouds, er... well out of my music but I seem to have not quite heeded that just yet."
Harlowe mac Lir 10/03/19 ~Harlie nodded, swallowing past the lump in her throat. She forced a bright smile even as her heart squeezed painfully in response to his words, his agreement with her own. Blue flames flashed briefly in her eyes as she glanced down at the stack of flyers she held.~

Great! That's...great. I'll see you then. I guess I'd better get busy handin' out these flyers. Have a wonderful day.

~She gave a nod of her head. Chewing on her bottom lip, she looked up at him, not moving to leave. Suppressing the sigh that sprang to her lips a moment later, she gave another nod. Lifting a hand, she wiggled her fingers then turned and walked away from him.~
Harlowe mac Lir 10/03/19 ~She looked down at his outstretched arms then back up into his eyes. Those ocean eyes that had the power to mesmerize her, hypnotize her every time she gazed into them. Eyes that made her want to fall into them, into him, and agree to anything he might suggest. She blinked and then gave a shake of her head.

No! Um...I mean, no. But thank you. I appreciate you offerin'. But I can handle it. I'll see you there though.

~Her gaze lingered on him for a moment before she turned around and started to walk away. After taking a step, she whirled around again.~

Oh, Manny? You mean, feel free to bring a...a date. If you want to.
Harlowe mac Lir 10/02/19 ~Her arms full of sheets of papers fresh from the printer, Harlie stopped in her tracks when she spotted an achingly familiar form. After a moment of indecision, she took a deep breath and then walked up to Manny. Stepping close, but not quite touching, she tilted her head back to look into his eyes as she took a sheet of paper from the top of the pile and stuffed it into his hand. She caught her bottom lip between her teeth and bit down on it and then offered him a small, hesitant smile.~

I'll see you there, right?

All throughout the Realm strange events were occurring, dark and dangerous things were stirring within the space they had all claimed as home. And yet, among all of those frightening happenings, there was an undercurrent of something more. Strange flyers were materializing at random intervals. On alley walls, grave stones, in pockets and upon coffee tables, tucked away in the most peculiar places where you would swear there was nothing before.

With them came the doors, black oak with a spindly red flower engraved in the grain, seeming to come from nowhere. They would simply appear in those same odd places. Tucked in an alcove of a back-alleyway, taking up space on a mausoleum, or within abandoned houses. And the flyers were the key.

On the selected date they would take flight, tugging and fluttering like moths to a flame, and lead the way – for those who were found to have one of those pieces of paper in their possession – to those doors. Others might stumble across them in those hidden places and place their hand upon the smooth wood, watch them swing open, and walk through.

That same red flower would bloom on the back of the hand of any who chose to do so. And there would be another pull, a shift in the air as they traveled through darkness, and a second door would open revealing a fog covered woodland. A short way ahead there would be a house, tall and strange, with a large black door inviting them in.
Harlowe mac Lir 09/30/19 M
You made sure my drunk best friend got here safely.
I guess it won't hurt to share a drink or two to show my gratitude.
I'll hold you to that.
Harlowe mac Lir 09/23/19 M
I'm sure the people you're partying with would disagree with you. On both counts.
Have a good evening.
Harlowe mac Lir 09/23/19 ~Harlie's gaze was glued to her secondhand tv, where two half-dressed supporting characters in the series she was binging were finally giving in to their feelings for each other. A sigh left her lips as the male kissed and stroked the fair woman passionately. It had been so long since she'd been touched like that. And despite her aversion to being touched these days, she couldn't help replacing the face of the woman on the screen with her own in her mind.
As the dark features of the male on the screen morphed into the all too familiar fairer features of a certain god though, she gave a shake of her head to clear it. It was just because he was the last person she'd been with. In this realm. And as a shudder went through her, she refused to think of her time in hell. As much as it hurt, thinking of Manny and their time together was the safer option.
And so as the characters on the screen consummated their new relationship, Harlie's thoughts drifted to Ireland. To one of the last days and nights she'd spent with Manny. When she'd surprised him with her arrival from L.A. Their reunion as a storm raged outside the huge windows that served as walls in their bedroom. And much later, a gift she'd been planning for weeks.
Her thoughts lingered on the other gift she'd had for him. The one he'd never gotten. As she wondered if it had ever been finished, or if it had been discarded when the people she had hired couldn't reach her, she heard the chime of a text on her phone. Reaching for it, a frown tugged at the corners of her mouth as she read the words on the phone screen.
I miss your-
I need-
Come over.
I miss you.
She started several texts, only to delete them all before she could press send. Another sigh left her lips. And then she was tapping at her phone again.
The Ex
I didn't give up on you. Not until I had to. To try to save myself.
Can we not do this? I don't want to argue. Not tonight.
Aren't you busy anyway? A friend told me about y'all are having. Have fun with your new friends.
Melinoe 09/15/19 Mel squealed with happiness, throwing her arms around the mans torso. "Oh, thank you! I know it's a silly request, but you just seem like so much fun. Oh, I'm so glad that you joined Sine Metu, mister! I think we're going to be great friends!"
Harlowe mac Lir 09/13/19 ~As she read his next words, Harlie's mouth fell open. She snorted derisively and then her fingers were flying over her phone screen as she tapped furiously at it.~

C0cky SOB Looking for an invite? No, I'll make do with the chocolate I have on hand.
Jealous? You wish. It was just an observation.
You're free to do whatever you like. Date whoever you want. Hook up with this entire realm, have a whole litter of baby gods and goddesses. It's no longer my concern.
I kissed one person. And it was hardly random.
It sounds as if you're the one living with the green-eyed monster, lover.
Harlowe mac Lir 09/12/19 ~She had just bitten into a third chocolate, the flavors of chocolate and salted caramel mingling in her mouth, when her phone chimed with a new text. Ignoring the way her stomach flipped over when she saw who it was from and read the words on the screen, she used the tip of a finger to trace those achingly familiar Gaelic words, hearing them echoed in her head in that sexy Irish brogue.~

Salted caramel was always your thing, not mine.
There are some things chocolate and flowers can't fix.
I'm sure friends will make sure you're not too lonely.

~She had seen him, of course, around the city. Even in a town the size of New York, the devastatingly handsome god was hard to miss. As was the new crowd he seemed to be hanging out with in recent days. ~
Leigh Roberts 09/12/19 Offering up a friendly, toothy smile as he had introduced himself. They came to meet when suddenly Lilly had gotten the man before her but in turn, also claimed her -- again. Splashed with the green goop, it was looking as if they were just apart of some nutty paint party.

"Fvcking Lilly.." she'd sigh as she hung her head.

This would be the second time she had a run-in with Lilly and her paint balloons. "This takes forever to wash off.." stopped before ahe could finish as he then nominated her with their handshake that she was now it. Fvck.

LillyEmperium 09/12/19 * from a darken corner in the hallway Lilly stood waiting before calling out* something for you... *At the first sign of movement she lobbed a balloon full of paint as she said* tag..... you're it
Leigh Roberts 09/12/19 Wha..?
Seafood? Nope.
And I thought I was random..
-offers the man a hand-
I'm Leigh.
Leigh Roberts 09/10/19 Welcome to Sine Metu.
Hope you enjoy random body parts.
Harlowe mac Lir 09/10/19 ~Harlie came back to the apartment she'd been renting since her return to find flowers, chocolate and wine lying at her door. Knowing immediately who these gifts came from, she bent down to read the note propped up in the middle of it all anyway.
Her heart clenched in pain and she pressed a hand to her stomach as she read the words scrawled across the paper in Manny's familiar handwriting. Pressing the note to her chest, her stinging eyes closed for a moment as she fought to control her emotions, to hold on to the anger that had been to only thing holding her together, keeping her going, since her return from hell.
Gathering up the gifts, she unlocked her door and stepped through it. The tiny one-bedroom apartment was a far cry from the spacious penthouse she and Manny had shared. The entire apartment could have fit four times over in the master bathroom of their...Manny's home in Ireland. There certainly wasn't enough room for two people without risking the chance of them bumping into each other at every turn. But, as she was living alone these days, it was fine with Harlie. Temporarily, until she found a way to make some money to afford a bigger place at least. She combatted the claustrophobia she found she suffered from since her time in hell by going for long walks and exploring the city. The benefits of that were twofold as those walks also helped to clear her mind and allow her to think. About what she wanted. In life. And love. And what to do next.
With a deep sigh, she unloaded the flowers, chocolate and wine onto the kitchen counter. Grabbing a vase, she filled it with water and hesitated a moment before arranging the bouquet, a mix of pink roses and Gerbera daisies in it. Fingering a silky petal, she chewed on her bottom lip. They really were gorgeous. And that, and her utter mental and emotional exhaustion, was the only thing that prevented her from tossing the whole lot into the trash. She just didn't have the energy to hate Manny. Not tonight. And besides, it felt like forever since she'd had chocolate. Reaching for the box, she selected one, and as the taste of rich chocolate and salted caramel touched her tongue, she made a sound of appreciation.
Grabbing the entire box, she wandered to the living room with it and plopped down onto the couch. As she savored a second chocolate, she took out her phone and began to type.~

You don't give up, do you?
Wine, chocolate and flowers? After the unicorns I thought you had more imagination than that.
Though I suppose I have to give you credit for remembering all my favorites.
LillyEmperium 09/10/19 *chuckling Lilly Lilly looked to him* Darlin I think he did....give her lil time, try to win her back...
LillyEmperium 09/10/19 Sincerity... sincerity....sincerity... patience..... communication....chocolate.... wine and flowers sometimes help too....
Melinoe 09/10/19 "Um, Manannán? Could... could you give me a piggy back ride sometime? You're just so tall..." A goofy grin graces the girls features as she stares up at him. She knew her request was silly, but he was just seemed so full of warmth and kindness.
Kira Garrett 09/09/19 Kira laughed as she held up her hands in defense. "I see that now, I was obviously mistaken. I apologize." Hearing talk of returning to the water, she sighed. "I think we're going to be great friends." Her palm found its way to his shoulder as her smile grew even wider.
LillyEmperium 09/09/19 *softly she chuckled* no harm, no foul dear. No offense taken. However by the sounds of things, I take it things didn't go well with the misses
LillyEmperium 09/09/19 *with a soft chuckle, Lilly nodded* Manannán, you know of my husband but do not recall my name? I think your being bit silly now. My name is Lilly. You're welcome, should you need any help feel free to ask
Nicolas Murray 09/09/19 Nic grabbed the hand and gave it a hearty shake. “I like you already, Manny! I can see we will have a lot of fun together. Also..” He let go is Manny’s hand and clasped him on the shoulder. “Mon ami. Tag. You’re it.” With that he ran off as fast as his Christian Dior’s would take him.
Kira Garrett 09/09/19 Manannán's smile was infectious, and Kira could help but to grin widely. "I'm a siren, landlocked for the most part unfortunately. It's wonderful to meet you, I'm Kira. I've heard about you, before you bit the big one."
Nicolas Murray 09/09/19 Ah, welcome to the fold. My name is Nic if you need anything. The more trouble the better.
Melinoe 09/09/19 "Hiya, mister! Welcome to Sine! I'm Mel, welcome to the family!" Melinoe extends her hand, a bright smile on her face.
Kira Garrett 09/09/19 Welcome to the ranks! Nice to see another ocean lover in these waters.
-Giggles, thinks she's hilarious-
LillyEmperium 09/09/19 Welcome to the coven, should you need anything feel free to ask
Mackenzie 09/07/19 -Mouth agape-
-May be staring-
-Swallows, lifts bottle-
Sláinte, indeed.
-Takes a hearty drink of magic whiskey-
It would be very much an honor to have the Protector of my home and provider of whiskey as part of collection...
Mackenzie 09/03/19 -Squints-
For Ireland..
-Tilts head slightly-
And how do you feel about living for the Irish?
-Pauses, shakes head-
That... I'm Mackenzie.
Virelai Tylwyth 09/03/19 Yule grinned and canted her head to the side. "I'd be happy to do so. I'll keep an eye out and do what I can if I happen to come across her."

She stepped back a little more and stared after him as he disappeared at an almost alarming speed down the corridor, taking her own time to make her way out of the dungeon.
Virelai Tylwyth 09/03/19 "Ah..." Yule paused and turned, tilting her head ever so slightly to the side. She looked at him, really looked rather than playing the part of a ghost who came and went, and smiled. "I too spend much time here reflecting. This world," She made a sweeping gesture with her hand and her smile became just a little bit twisted, "It makes for a difficult home. So easy to make mistakes."

A low, thoughtful hum vibrated in the back of her throat as she clasped her hands behind her back once more, rocking onto the balls of her feet briefly before settling her stance. "I am certain your strength will return to you."

She held out her ungloved hand then, rather than the bloodied one. "Manannán is a strong name. My name is Yule. It is a pleasure to meet you."
Virelai Tylwyth 09/03/19 Yule hummed a strange tune as she walked down the corridor. Earlier she had broken open a redheaded woman's cell and had spent most of the evening toying with the dungeon locks. Whatever it was she had left behind with that carnage she had created the night before gave her more strength than she had expected. She flexed her fingers and stepped up to the door of another cell.

Still humming, she stripped off one of her black gloves and ran her fingertips against the lock of this man's cell, watching ice form and crystallize until the entirety of the lock was covered inside and out. Once again, she jammed the heel of her hand against the padlock and watched it shatter before stepping back and tugging the cell door open. It felt like deja vu.

Giving a similar bow, leveling her gaze to look at the man, she smiled sharply. "They have awful accommodations, don't you think?" Straightening up, she clasped her hands behind her back, her drifting gate returning her to the mostly shadowed halls. Glancing over her shoulder, Yule's smile widened. "Hopefully you didn't have to be caught her long. Good luck to you."

You managed to break out Manannán mac-Lir.
Mackenzie 09/02/19 I've been deceived.
Where, then, were your born?
Please don't say Scotland.
-Sips and stares-
Mackenzie 09/02/19 -Holds up bottle-
-Edges just a tiny bit closer-
-Sniffs at-
Ugh. You smell like Kerry.
Mackenzie 09/02/19 -squints-
-gasps, catches-
Sweet nectar of my life...
Mackenzie 09/02/19 -throws potato at-
Ciaran_M_Boru 09/01/19 "You are in some serious trouble then Manny. Good luck with that."
Harlowe mac Lir 09/01/19 ~As she read the follow-up texts, she felt the warmth in her fingertips grow along with the rage inside her. Finding a bench, she sat down and laid her phone beside her. After a look around to make sure nobody was around to watch her, she flexed her fingers and held her hands out, pointed toward the sidewalk.
Sparks crackled and popped along the pavement for a few long minutes before she finally released a sigh and picked up her phone again. Faint tendrils of smoke drifted from her fingertips as they flew over her phone screen.~

Lying Cheating Ex
You can stop pretending that you give a f*ck.
You said yourself you could find me in an instant. I was down there for months.
But you couldn't tear yourself away from your beloved first family for a moment to find me.
It's fine though. I survived everything they did to me. No thanks to you.
Harlowe mac Lir 09/01/19 ~An annoyed breath left her when she heard the chime of another text. Stopping in her tracks, blue flames flared in her eyes and she felt a tingle of warmth in her fingertips as she read the text in disbelief. Hands shaking with rage, she struggled to keep her hold on her phone as she tapped at it with more force than necessary.~

Lying Cheating Ex
Ask one of the demons that kept me company in hell for the past few months.
They told me all about what you were up to while they were having their fun with me.
And who with.
Virelai Tylwyth 09/01/19 It must have been happenstance that had Yule back in the dungeon once more her icy hands - cold to the touch even through the gloves she wore - fiddling with a pair of lockpicks outside of an occupied cell. This time, it did not take her long to pop the lock open and pull it loose. She did not speak, her mind fuzzy as her thoughts drifted, but she did swing the door open in silent invitation to freedom. Her eyes darted down the musty corridors and she bowed her head slightly, keeping her gaze slanted away from the cell's occupant, speaking at last.

"Best be gone before the others arrive. Good luck to you." And then she turned on her heel and strode down the hall, deeper into the labyrinth of the cells.

You managed to break out Manannan mac-Lir.
Harlowe mac Lir 09/01/19 ~When her phone pinged with a text she had been wandering for hours in search of the man who had stolen her heart and then shattered it into a million tiny pieces. Pulling the device out of the pocket of her leather jacket, she read the new series of texts and scowled down at the screen. Snorting derisively, she tapped out a short message.~

Cheating Ex
F*ck off.
Lose my number.

~She shoved her phone back on her pocket, a renewed purpose in her steps. He was at their apartment? It was time she paid her former husband a visit. Make him hurt as much as he had hurt her with his lies. And then she would burn the building and all of the memories it held to the ground.~
LillyEmperium 09/01/19 Thank you dear. Harlowe...ah yes red hair. Just seen her. *Points towards the direction she came from* she was looking for you dear.
Virelai Tylwyth 09/01/19 Yule stood, tucking the worn wooden rune back in its bag, and stood. Casting a final, almost longing, glance at the grave she waved her hand. The spider vanished in a puff of white smoke, returning to her once again, and she made her way back to the more frequented part of the graveyard.

She pulled the note that had appeared during her visit from her pocket and read it again, a smile tugging at her lips. It seemed even she could still be surprised by the happenings within the Realm. Always expect the unexpected. She thought, bringing the note up to her nose.

The scent of magic was faint, but it was there, a subtle and almost cold sort or scent - at least to her. And she allowed herself a moment to wonder what other surprises the Realm had in store for her, before she set off searching once more.
Matt Boru 09/01/19 Something like that yeah. So it seems.
Ronan Boru 09/01/19 "Good luck Manny your going to need it."
Ronan Boru 09/01/19 "It's a habit ya know. Your wife lost have ya . I think she been asking a bout you . Matt said he had a run in with her. Are ya in trouble then with her "
Matt Boru 09/01/19 "Aye Ronan Boru is my father. how do you know him exactaly"
Ciaran_M_Boru 09/01/19 Welcome back lad.
LillyEmperium 09/01/19 Welcome back
Daxx- 09/01/19

Daxx walks up to the newest member of the Realm. The Eternal Embrace Pirate smiled. "Welcome to the Realm. Have some Rum on me."
Shadwyn Drake 09/01/19 Welcome to the realm!
Virelai Tylwyth 09/01/19 Humming softly, Yule was rustling through a desk in the sparsely furnished apartment – searching for paper and a pen – when a little, leather-bound black book came zipping across the room towards her head. Without looking in the direction of it, she caught the corner and sat up, setting the piece of parchment and the pen she had found on the flat surface of the desk.

With a soft sigh, she opened the buttery leather cover and ran her finger down the page, scrolling along the list tucked inside. It seemed there were new arrivals come to the Realm and she, in her own way, had decided to welcome them. Though she had no association or status herself, a man who had been kind enough to help her had said that if she were able, she pay that kindness forward. And so she had decided to do just that.

Pen and book in hand, she wrote a short note in elegantly looping script across two of the pieces of paper. Enclosing a small gift and sealing each of them with a blob of hot red wax, she stamped a spindly flower into its center and sent them off with a wave of her hand. It wasn't much, but perhaps it would help them along on their journeys. The letters would arrive at their intended destination one way or another, even though there were no names or addresses to guide them. She knew that this was a more impersonal greeting but she hoped it would be enough to keep her word.
Matt Boru 09/01/19 ~Matt looks at the male~ You’re a tuatha de dannan. Welcome to the realm. My grand mother is Brigit the fire goddess. One of Aunt’s is The Morrigan. I am Matthew Kian Boru. If you should need any help please let me know and I will help if I can.
Ronan Boru 09/01/19 Welcome back lad
Manannán mac Lir 09/01/19 Hands in pockets, Manannan stared up at the apartment block where he and Harlie's home lay nestled on the top floor. The windows dark and empty, staring back at him accusingly. He had already been to Ireland. She wasn't there.

"Harlie, mo grá. Where are you?" the wind stole his voice, making his Irish lilt a scattered whisper. With the cool night air swirling around him, he stood and waited. For her.
Imashe Korbinchenko 09/01/19 Imsahe stood there and sighed as she took the card, placing it into her pocket of her new jacket "Thank ye, i will keep dis safe until i find her for ye. She beh a lucky female to have ye as a mate " Turning away from him as she caught his ocean eyes that would haunt her mind and vanished into the night.
Ashlyn Starling 09/01/19 Her eyes softened as she looked at him and nodded, smiling gently.
"You're welcome. And of course I will. If I see her, I'll deliver the message."
Imashe Korbinchenko 09/01/19 She frowned and bit her lip as she thinks "I nay seen her but i beh keeping mah eyes open for ye. Dis Harlow ye mate den?"
Ashlyn Starling 09/01/19 Ashlyn walked up to the newcomer with a basket of homemade cookies and a soft smile. "Hello and welcome to the realm. I hope you enjoy your stay as well as have fun."
Imashe Korbinchenko 09/01/19 Imsahe walks up cautiously towards the stranger and tilts her head , smiling softly "Tal male, welcome to dah realm. I beh Imsahe, if ye need help i will try mah best"
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