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Thou shall not try me.
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Born: June 28, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Demon Forum Posts / Replies: 2
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07/23/19 at 9:09 pm
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Jameson Orlav



Last five threads posted in:
Bishop 07/22/19 -adjusts cuffs-
-side eyes-
"What happened to those wiles of yours? Working out for you?"
Bishop 07/22/19 -clink clank-
"Never was a fan of Shawshank. Overrated really."
"Ah, there we go."
Bishop 07/22/19 "Of course not. I am sure you have plenty of wiles."
-sees the hand-
"How very strategic of you."-clink clink clink-
Bishop 07/22/19 "Oui, distracted. Mistakes were made."
"Womanly wiles, you say? Now this should be interesting."
Bishop 07/22/19 "I am not f-cking with you. I was distracted before departure."
-clears throat-
"I will figure this out."
Bishop 07/22/19 -shameful silence-
"I left it back in Moscow."
-heavy sigh-
Bishop 07/22/19 -another moment of silence-
"Oui. I do."
Bishop 07/22/19 -a moment of silence-
Jasper Thompson 07/17/19 Jasper's one-eyed gaze then finds the ceiling, coming to watch her lose a ball in a negative space, like an amateur. "A clever word coined by feeble-minded women who really just don't have anything interesting to add to a conversation. Fret not," he continues, smirking as she fails, again, "I'm not interested in your lacking skills. I just want you to move." With the last of her balls spent, Jasper shoves her unceremoniously to the side, depositing his quarters with the accompanying gesture. A splash of her beer finds its way down his throat before being deposited into her waiting hand, and he dismisses her with a shooing wave of his hand, already spending his attention elsewhere.
Jasper Thompson 07/17/19 Jasper is already leaning against the wall as she whirls around to meet him, and their eyes lock levelly. Holding that gaze, a hand comes up, winding a quarter deftly through his fingers. "Yes, actually. You suck at pinball, and I want a turn."
Bishop 07/16/19 -thinks-
"Getting him into the barn will be easy enough. Lure him somewhere with limited access or obstacles in case of a hasty retreat. A stall, upper levels."
-twirls knife while contemplating-
"If he becomes aggressive or tries to run try to slow him. Severed Achille's tendon should do the trick. A frightened bull is a dangerous bull."
Bishop 07/15/19 -tilts head-
"Let us hope he is not a leg man."
-offers switchblade-
"Freshly sharpened."
Jameson Orlav 07/14/19 That is so sweet.
Love you too.
Bishop 07/13/19 -gives a lookover-
-puts finger to lips-
"An innocent aesthetic. Good choice."
"Might be difficult to hide a weapon..."
Bishop 07/12/19 "Sent you the sign in. Feel free to do as you please. It's your face, might as well keep the account, hm?"-gives a lazy salute-
"I will bring an assortment. You can pick what tickles your fancy."
"Speak of the devil. Tomorrow, dusk. Oh, and he is going to make you fried okra. What a treat."
-wrinkles nose-
-calls after-
"We will discuss plan of action tomorrow beforehand."
Bishop 07/12/19 "He is big. However, he is arrogant. He underestimates you."
-shuts down the app-
-pulls out a karambit out of nowhere-
-gives a twirl-
"I can lend you one of my toys, if you like. If you'd prefer I take the bull down, I suppose I could."-stops twirling-
"Either way, we shall wine and dine."
Bishop 07/12/19 -puts finger to his lips-
"You need not worry. Stealth is a specialty of mine. I'll be nearby. If something goes awry, I will be the trap that snares the bull."
-tap tap tap-
"And he wants Cheryl to come see his barn. He wants to go straight for the hay, it seems."
Bishop 07/12/19 -shows-
-is obviously Odette-
"I imagined you the type who likes to play with her food. Ease them into a sense of comfort, then instill fear."
"If you ever want a farmer for non-dietary needs, you would do well on here."
Bishop 07/12/19 "Plenty. I went with the timid approach. Used the blushing one mostly. This bull says he wants a mate, but I believe he simply wants a romp."
-starts typing-
"The way he's warming up to Cheryl, I think we will have him within 24 hours. I hope you like wine, I instilled in him Cheryl gets 'wild' after a few drinks."
Bishop 07/12/19 -nods-
"She passed away two years ago. Father, ten. No siblings. And he enjoys going on lengthy trips to the West."
-clicks tongue-
"Easy to make men talk when they think they have the upper hand in the exchange. Almost too easy."
Bishop 07/12/19 -shows phone-
"William, goes by Billy. When he isn't working the farm he is-"
-checks phone-
"Working the bars at the gym. A young bull looking for his mate. His words, not mine."
"I think he shall suffice, hm?"
Bishop 07/12/19 "I am well aware."
-checks phone-
"She's popular, but I'm picky. I like my meals lean, high protein. I have my eye on some prey but it's in the early stages."
WildKat 07/10/19 "I 'think' you meant to say, 'OWN' this cause duh, your already know it. So now own it. Totally makes sense, right?"*has to go and rethink things*
WildKat 07/10/19 "So you want to know this?"
Bishop 07/10/19 "Oui. Your eyes, they follow me everywhere I go."
WildKat 07/10/19 "Why would I want to know this?"
Bishop 07/10/19 "Your face is everywhere."
"Might want to look into that."
Shadwyn Drake 07/10/19 Welcome to the coven!
WildKat 07/10/19 "Awww, Congrats on PotD!"
Andy Codin 07/09/19 You're welcome
Bishop 07/08/19 -gives a lazy salute-
"I will bring sharp toys."
Bishop 07/08/19 -posts it-
-stares at her-
"That will create quite a mess."
-cracks a bit of a grin-
"I love a good mess."
Bishop 07/08/19 -does quick google search-
"Nothing on alpacas. However, this is voted as a favorite among farmers."
-adds Deuteronomy 8:10-
-gags a bit-
"Christianity. Blek."
Bishop 07/08/19 "Drat. Well, I suppose my national identity is a sham."
-tap tap tap-
"Farmer boys do enjoy puns. Oh, my headline will be 'Live, Laugh, and Love.' And a photo of a pitcher of iced tea. They like that, yeah?"
Bishop 07/08/19 "Is it because I forgot my baguette and pointy mustache back home?"
-starts the catfishing-
"Nice touch, the taxidermy. And she knows how to work a hoe."
Bishop 07/08/19 -contemplates-
"You aren't nearly as annoying as I had thought."-nods to self-
"I like them with overalls. I suppose I will get to work."
-turns on the app-
"I think my name will be...Cheryl."
Bishop 07/08/19 -stifles the desire to grin-
"Well, I do like the taste of a farmboy in the morning so I suppose that works out."
-sends a picture of himself flipping the bird-
"And now a contact photo."
Bishop 07/08/19 -squints-
"How's that?"
-looks at phone-
"What did you do?"
Bishop 07/08/19 -barely uses it so doesn't care-
-keeps hand out waiting for it back-
-looks bored-
Elowen Jocosta 07/08/19 "Yikes. Touchy. Well carry on being cranky. Don't let me stand in your way."

Bishop 07/08/19 "And you don't shy away from asking for others belongings, it seems."
-holds up phone-
"Do you not own one? I thought all the kids nowadays had one of these?"
Bishop 07/08/19
Elowen Jocosta 07/08/19 -awkward smile-
"I've been forced to say this so here it goes. Welcome to the coven."
-leans in-
"I'd run if I were you.I missed my chance to."

Andy Codin 07/08/19 Welcome to our coven. I hope you enjoy being here
Bishop 07/07/19 -stares back-
"Since you are new and I respect the persistence, you get this one time."
-walks off-
Bishop 07/07/19 -whips out knife-
"Don't make me shank a new member. I have been on my best behavior."
Bishop 07/07/19 -stares-
"Don't touch my stuff."
-walks past-
"Welcome to the terror dome."
WildKat 07/07/19 *flashes crazy eyes*
WildKat 07/07/19 "Something.."
WildKat 07/07/19 "You heard nothing...nothing."
WildKat 07/07/19 So....welcome to the 'craziness' but you didn't hear this from me.
Jameson Orlav 07/07/19 Wait, wait.
You offer to stab me, and I'm supposed to ante up?
Da fuq!
Jameson Orlav 07/07/19 ...Are you flirting with me?
Jameson Orlav 06/30/19 -flicks-
LillyEmperium 06/29/19 Welcome to the realm
Lesprit 06/29/19 "Welcome to the realm Miss Odette. I hope you enjoy your stay. Oh, be careful if you ever feel the urge to turn into a swan. Some people around here get a bit trigger happy." I smiled at my silly little reference and joke before offering a small bow and disappearing.
Mackenzie 06/28/19 I'd love to boop your nose.
But will settle for a lock of hair.
Flahme 06/28/19 Welcome to the realm!
Geoffrey Drake 06/28/19 Welcome!
Dessa Chambers 06/28/19 Welcome to the Realm!
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