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I'm in the middle of nine things, all of them annoying. What do you want now?

"Not even accidentally? You, you....accurate eater, you!" - Daniel Mowbry

"Silly Nicci, Elders don't get Otterly Quotes ...or do they?!" *Dramatic Music Plays* - - Otter380
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Nicci's Biography
Born Niccollette Moira Bruyeire, Nicci was one of three children, growing up in a small house in the Parisian countryside.

From her earliest memories, Nicci knew she wasn't quite "normal". Her parents never confirmed or denied that fact for her. Her Grandmother however was happy to do so. On her sixteenth Birthday Nessa, Nicci's Grandmother, sat her down to explain things as only she could.

It turned out that Nicci's Grandmother was also quite unusual. Some people referred to her as a witch, others called her a Heathen, some just felt she was a strange old woman with odd tendencies.

As Nessa taught Nicci how to develop her unique talents some painful truths began to surface...
Nicci learned that her Mother had not been entirely honest with her about her true paternity.
Nor had she been as forthcoming as Nicci first believed about her own abilities.

As she learned about herself and the forces she could control Nicci became exceedingly skilled in certain aspects of her life, while letting others fall to the wayside.

A year or so into her training she finally decided to try and do something about her petite frame, standing a mere four feet ten inches, her height had been the bane of her existence for many years. As spells are bound to do this one backfired, instead of giving her the height she had dreamed of Nicci remained as petite as ever with one slight difference, her ears which had always seemed slightly out of proportion to the rest of her body where now obviously over-sized.

Nicci spent several days hiding this fact from her family before finally going to her Grandmother for help. Taking one look at Nicci, Nessa let out a strangled cry and went straight to her mother.

It was still quite some time before Nicci learned the truth of why her ears grew as they did, and the reason for her Grandmothers peculiar reaction.

The story behind Nicci's ears is a painful one for her family, as it is most unbecoming. During the midsummer festivities the year her Mother wed the man Nicci had always thought was her Father Nicci's Mother was visited by a young elf. Nobody ever knew for certain if there was trickery involved or if her Mother knew what she was doing that night, well no one but her mother that is.

After she discovered the truth about herself, Nicci decided to leave her family's small home and start a life away from all the deceit. She packed her few belongings and moved to LA where she met Demon, a Vampire she came to love and respect as most of the people in the realm do.

During her time in Demon's castle Nicci met and fell in love with a wonderful man. As there relationship bloomed she did as well.
Sadly it was not meant to be, the young vampire was slain and she gave up on love.

After spending several months in the sanctuary of Demon's castle she decided it was time to move on. With Demon's blessing she left the coven and moved herself into a position with the Elders.

She now spends her life trying to help those like herself, The outcasts, the lost, and the confused.

In time she found herself involved with a man she had for some time loved as a friend,
But much like her mother Nicci is drawn to trouble the man she had given her heart to was a Slayer, a race that is forbidden to the Witches. After days of agonizing over what to do, one thing was clear, She could not remain allied with the Vampires and her Witch kin, So with a heavy heart she went to those in charge, in hopes of finding a solution, after some soul searching she found the answer she had been looking for. Swallowing her pride Nicci aligned herself with Dr Van Helsing in the hopes of finding a way to somehow bring the many races together in peace

Like the mist Nicci now wanders the realm with no real direction. She keeps very few close, if you ask her she'll tell you it's better that way, much less likely to get your heart broke. At first glance she appears to be the same woman she always was, however if you take the time to look a bit deeper you will find she is nothing of her past self but rather a hollow shell of a once outgoing, happy woman.

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