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Born: July 20, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Witch Forum Posts / Replies: 0
Affiliation: The Basement Mail Replies Sent: 38
Home City: New Orleans Mail Sent: 5
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11/16/18 at 12:07 am
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Black Lord

Jameson Orlav

Atticus Hammond

Last five threads posted in:
Valentin Metzger 11/14/18 -stops, cants head- What is a 'hit' list?
-looks to his notepad, the many names and smiles- It is a grocery list.
-nods- You reminded me of something I needed to pick up from the market.
Valentin Metzger 11/14/18 -arches a brow-
-pulls a small ledger from a coat pocket-
-adds the woman to a growing list-
-gives a nod-
-continues on his way-
Atticus Hammond 09/05/18 Theodora
You're an aggressively bad liar.
Atticus Hammond 08/26/18 Theodora
What the hell is a paleo pancake?
Giovanni DiGiorgio 07/22/18 Giovanni watched as the woman lifted to cup to her luscious lips of hers. Hearing the statement about having space in the city. He felt quite the opposite. He'd had been use to the hustle and bustle of the city before. But never had to do it alone. Not for awhile now.

"It's not quite all glitter and gold for me. It can be quite depressing at times. But you don't have that look in you. You seem to be good at that just fine. Being a 'Lone Wolf' as one would say."

Not quite sure what thoughts would ramble in her mind at this point. She seemed to tap her well kept nails along the table side as she looked at him. She was strange no doubt perhaps he chose the wrong person to entertain.

"No derailment here, just glad I could humor a woman. And no, nowhere in particular I was just roaming the streets new to the place as I mentioned before. You? I mean do you have some place to be?"

Or rather be it would seem. Time seemed valued to this one. It was hardly something he could waste as all he had was time in this world. He thought at one point he had very little but now it cursed him.
Giovanni DiGiorgio 07/22/18 Ohh she would bring that back up, it was bad enough he had to endure it the first time. The taste of the bread still haunted his taste buds. A fail tempt to being a bad ass I guess bit him in the ass.

His hands crossed back over to his original poise of posture. He gave a smirk at her second comment. As he unfolded his arms and began to talk with his hands once more.

"Yes, you see Chimps may have been the first animals into space. But us bears made it up there just as fast."

Laughing abit at how sour he had been over the bear comment, he seemed to finally let it go with a final laughter. he looked at the woman she was a smaller framed individual. Yet there was something about her that stuck out more to him than that.

"I do well for myself, I suppose. Or I have in the past I should say. I'm not fairly sure I know what I want here in L.A. It was suppose to be a fresh start I suppose starting at the top is quite the opposite."
Giovanni DiGiorgio 07/22/18 The waiter came back by and grabbed the plate that had toast on it and took it inside the bistro.

'Sorry about that ma'am I meant to clean up after the last tenant but you sat down so quickly.' Hearing the mans words Gio, looked behind him in embarrassment of eating someone else scraps. He then looked back reflecting on what she had said. He gave a smile and then replied.

"A bear in the city, well I do enjoy a good Zoo or too. But the outdoors suit me best I think, less paparazzi more fish and berries. Less bones to gnaw through." He still was butt hurt it seemed from her comment, not even noticing it could have been applied as a compliment. Today was just a normal day though he figured he go on a walk and enjoy the fresh air. Something he imagined bears did too in their spare time.

"L.A has been home to me these last few days yes, I just moved into a Penthouse not far from here I was just on a stroll."
Giovanni DiGiorgio 07/21/18 The man grew interested in her, she barked back and it was humorous. He grab a chair from one of the other bistro's tables and say on it with the back of the chair to his chest his arms crossed over the top as he spoke he used his hands.

"Normally, I show my teeth and they scurry away in fear. If all else fails. You know I eat them...." Seeing a piece of toast that rested on her table he took it upon himself to be fed with all the pain he went through of being called a bear it was the least the woman could do.

As he finished the toast he licked his finger tips and looked to the woman. With question in his eyes. He wondered why she called out to him. "So tell me Goldilocks, what brings you out this far into the woods? and don't tell me your bringing cookies you baked to your grandma. I'm a bear not a wolf."
Giovanni DiGiorgio 07/21/18 The man hearing a mock of words come from that of a nearby woman he looked in the direction the arrows flew. Women seemed to be all about voicing their opinions about his well, looks. But this was probably the first he heard that didn't go in his favor.

"You haven't seem my face of the California Flag have you? I'm quite the 'Star' here."
Chase Cooper 07/21/18 -Awkward laugh-
Don't. I mean. It's fine.
-Rubs face, clearly not surprised-
I exfoliate.
Chase Cooper 07/21/18 Skin.
-Pulls a face-
Nope. Just your face. I-.. just wow.
Chase Cooper 07/21/18 -Stares at-
Atticus Hammond 07/21/18

That's rich, coming from you. Ms. "I eat people". You know, if I sneeze too hard those stab wounds leak.
How does that make you feel?
Atticus Hammond 07/21/18 You reek.
Camille 07/20/18 Ah, welcome back. The realm certainly could use more pretty things.
EtaineNightBreed 07/20/18 Welcome to the Realm and to the Basement!
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