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Iodine Violet 09/13/18 Her brows gather as Summer begins to tell her tale, hazel eyes narrowing as she listens to each and every word intently. Iodine is unable to fathom what the events that transpired could have done to Summer or her siblings- she guesses that there is so much f-cking pain there, with all of them. She imagines there is anger, maybe fear, especially if the ones that hurt she and her siblings were still alive. More importantly, the betrayal of one's parents.. the people that are supposed to protect you.. that must have been awful as a child to live through and to continue on facing each day after. Summer wasn't kidding when she said her parents were the lowest of the low. The dark haired woman inwardly cringes at herself, at her complaints of having a meddlesome family. She ain't got nothing on Summer.

Taking a long drink from the bottle she's clutching, Iodine's eyes never leave Summer as she continues on. But the smile Summer gives and the glance, she's not buying that the woman is all good with what happened. Especially when she mentions that her friend died, by her hands. She won't ask the details, she imagines it is either due to hunger or Summer didn't have a handle on her strength. It's f-cking tragic regardless. A decorated hand reaches for Summer, hovers momentarily, then finds rest on Summer's forearm for a few seconds before retreating. A silent, 'I'm here girl'. Even the strongest of will and mind need a shoulder sometimes and Iodine's shoulders are strong enough to help bear the burden for friends when they need rest. But still, Iodine remains quiet, taking in everything that Summer says. Sometimes people don't need to hear anything. Sometimes people just need to talk and know someone is listening. Even if Iodine wants to give her a pep talk or express her sympathy or curse the piece of sh-t parents she has.

'Condensed version'. The brunette laughs quietly, but sincerely. She's in no rush. Iodine's got all the time in the world at the moment. Babbo is good, she's got drinks and smokes and food on the way and a new friend to share it all with. The story is pretty captivating too. And as Summer continues on, escaping, driving, speckled eyes are growing larger by the second. She's on the edge of her seat when she hears how Summer was impaled by a tree branch. After escaping the horror, on her way to save her sisters, as a vampire. Iodine blinks, rapidly. She's trying to hold back the laugh that is bubbling up because let's face it, Summer was right when she said she had sh-t luck. The f-cking irony. I'M A VAMPIRE. I CAN DO ANYTHING. I'M IMMORTAL. Dead.. By a tree branch. Iodine can't contain her growing smile, she's all teeth and eyes at this point, even with a hand placed across her lips. A laugh barks out, she's not laughing at Summer though. "Whatever happened to Fortune favoring the brave?" Hazel eyes are tearing up and she's shaking her head. "Girl, you're not allowed to drive. Ever." She thinks about Summer's reason for not enjoying her time as a vampire and nods slowly. "I get it mami. It wasn't your choice. I respect that. I wouldn't expect you to like it either. I mean, I regularly go looking for someone to make me one but yuh, if I was forced to be something I didn't want to be. F-ck that." Her smile fades slightly as a certain realization creeps up. "So, how are you here? A higher power brought you back then?"

Funny how a girl that comes from a family of slayers, who hunt demons and sh-t, doesn't think about Angels. No wonder her parents were always in church on Sundays and for every religious f-cking holiday there was. And the way Iodine leads her life.. she's sh-t out of luck when it's her time to go. "I should probably hit up a Church this Sunday." She's laughing now, hard, at herself. Like one day of church as an adult is going to make up for years of living like a criminal. "Yuh, you're exactly right. You're free girl. And I think this tattoo, with the magpie escaping it's cage, is going to mean more than I originally thought." She pulls a cigarette from the pack and lights it, taking a long drag while she thinks, her brows knitting as she does so. In retrospect, Iodine's never looked at being a vampire in this light. It kind of saddens her really. She should have seen it when Noah died. And the many that followed after. "I guess there's really no such thing as immortality then. No guarantee that you'll live forever. Maybe the only thing to do is live your life how you want to and enjoy every second of it."
Celsius Summers 09/12/18 Cel cants his head towards Summer, squinting his eyes. “Don’t remember me big sis? Ugh. I was the pretty one.”
Winter Summers 09/09/18 Winter had half a hot dog in his mouth when he felt someone so rudely stick there hands in his pocket, did he bother to pull the dog from his mouth? Heavens no! He took his bite turned to look at who had the sticky fingers and his eyes went wide.

Speaking in between chewing. "Summer? Whatever do you think you are doing? Touching the goods! Yours is obviously still better!"

Summer just failed at stealing money from you!
Winter Summers 08/27/18 "Of course I remember her name! It written on the tag of the her dress I know own. Compliments my curves way better then it would hers." Winter nodded his head at his sister. "I get that sometimes you just gotta have a change but you ever start running low on cash I have no shame. I'll shake it for you. Not for you specifically." Winter held his hand up. "You know what I meant, I'm gonna stop digging my hole deeper here."

"No no little sister I have no trouble making money. I simply haven't found the right place to live yet is all. You know how picky I am, as you just said only the finest for me." He smiled as he listened to his sister, he was just so glad to be in her company again. "It is! Having a natural tan is sooo much better then having that fake sh*t I was always worried about looking orange. And I spent SO much money on the good **** because it would be a cold day in hell before I was pale like Blaize."

He shuddered at the thought, while Blaize worked the pale look Winter would not have. At all. Ever.
Iodine Violet 08/24/18 "No ma'am, I'm all about marinara with my mozzarella." Thank f-cking God. Iodine.. is Sicilian. And relieved. Sriracha was great- but not on moz. She decides she can now dine at ease with Summer. The woman may not judge others but Iodine does, silently, when it comes to condiments and Italian foods. Actually, not so silently when it came to Italian food. But food is sacred in her family. It's probably the only time the family could come together and sit and enjoy one another's company. And meal preparation was always the best. It was really the only time she had her mother's attention.

'Dumpster fire'. Iodine snorted quite loudly while listening to the woman. Summer is a breath of fresh air. Chill, real.. not a victim. Unlike so many people she's come in contact with. Iodine gets that others have it rough too but it's -those- people that grate on her nerves. The people that always have to one up you when you're down. "Yuh, but you know, I was more fortunate than most, no matter how my family acquired their money, and I sometimes forget that others aren't as lucky growing up."

A decorated hand grabs the bottle that's placed in front of her and raises it to her lips. Taking a long sip, she sees Summer's finger twirl and almost chokes on her beer. So they're drinking tonight it seems! Swallowing the mouthful of beer, Iodine laughs as the server steps away, her other hand spinning the vodka on the rocks before taking the glass in hand and holding it up. "A saluti!" Cheers in Sicilian. Iodine thinks long and hard on Summer's words as she drains the contents of the glass. She has vampire siblings.. living in Europe and England. The tattooed girl might be slightly jealous but she's more curious why Summer isn't a vampire. Well, she assumes she isn't with her wording. "Like you said, this isn't the sh-tty life Olympics." she winks at Summer. "I'm good now that I have Babbo." Not really. The loss weighs on her conscience. "If we could just keep that bit between the two of us, about Noah, I'd greatly appreciate it."

Not that she expects Summer to run off and share Iodine's secret. She trusts her.. maybe for the first time Iodine isn't reluctant to trust someone. "So, I'm curious. Why aren't you a vampire? I mean, it seems like such a blessing, you know? Being strong, being able to heal after an injury, immortality. And look at you, Miss Thang, so pretty. You could look like that forever!" A sincere smile flits across her lips. "I'd love to be one."
Jeremiah Jones 08/20/18 "I'm not bad with plants. I'm not even bad with kids. Most are pretty chill on the beach and during surf lessons. The kids, not the plants. But I think they get that the ocean is a pretty serious thing. I mean, we try to make it fun but you know, they know bad things can happen." To say the least. Miah has a great respect for the sea and the tempermental **** she could throw his way. It's probably why he's lasted as long as he has out there. He talks to her about his love for her. He respects her and tries to protect her. He praises her for good waves and cheers her on for the bigger ones. And when it's turbulent and crazy huge, when he can feel the earth shake beneath his feet as waves crash, he gives her space and sits in quiet awe of her strength. 30 and 40 foot waves is the most he'll generally go. Anything higher, he'll let the professionals handle. And that's measuring from behind. "Sorry for the rambling."

He's walking, talking, enjoying his company when his phone beeps. Reaching for it and seeing the text from Summer, he laughs and types back a reply. 'So he says! He's probably a serial killer or something. Better check his bathroom, make sure he doesn't have a lot of lotion laying around :P' Send. His smile all but fades. Would she know he was joking or would she have second thoughts about breakfast? He turns to look at Summer. "Ok, poor form on my last text. But I mean, if it makes you feel better, feel free to snoop around my place. I'll even wait outside while you do. The place is small. Like a cardboard box. No basement. There is a loft but that's where I sleep." He even raises the hem of his shirt so she can see around the waist of his jeans. "No weapons."

He lets his shirt fall. That was probably even more awkward for him to do. But his apartment is seriously an overpriced studio that is minutes from a good surf spot by foot and maybe an hour drive to Zuma for bigger swells. As promised, a few minutes walk leads to his front gate. A small bungalow hidden behind a wood fence has multiple boards propped against its walls. Their sizes ranging from smallish to large for different wave sizes and technique. He doesn't unlock the door, it's already unlocked, he simply pushes the door open. "I'll wait here. Go on in, have a look around. I need to check the mail anyway."
Olivia Pierce 08/19/18 Olivia was at the Azhi Dahaka compound, A rectangle stone pot was outside her quarters. She loved plants . The succulents were artfully arranged and they are the first gift she had ever received from anyone. Her finger touched one of the prickly succulents. She was like them. Her frail-like body and downcast expression hide her resistance and hardy nature . She smiled softly and placed the prized plants on the window sill.
She looked at the plain white and it's message. She saw Summer's contact info. She fished out a cheap burner cell phone. She keyed in the contact info. She left a voice message.
"Thank you for the plant. I loved it! I am friendly in a cautious manner. Thank you for the welcome Summer!" She left the message on her voice mail. She was shy around people but once they were friends. She would do what she could for them.
Iodine Violet 08/19/18 Wings. Hot sauce. Iodine's mouth is watering and suddenly the cheeseburger isn't looking so hot. Now a few dozen wings with sauce on the side is sounding like heaven. The girl was always a sucker for wings. "F-ck yes, girl. I'm gonna have the same I think. Still getting those potato skins though." And then Summer is mentioning mozzarella sticks. Be still her heart. "Are you a marinara sorta girl or a sriracha and ketchup sorta girl?"


Iodine looks up, mirth in her eyes but the look on Summer's face instantly makes her feel like she's said something wrong. She nods as Summer asks about a cigarette, the offer still stands of course. But suddenly, Iodine is feeling really small. Like she's stuck her damn foot in her mouth, again. She grimaces as Summer continues on with her story. Mainly because, Iodine had it pretty good growing up. She didn't come from a broken home. The most she really had to deal with was her parents fighting over whether she would be an opera singer or a musician or just straight pretending she didn't exist when her brothers were little. That and like, money laundering and extortion and murder- but it didn't break up their home or anything. And no one ever went away for it. Boney fingers reach for a cigarette, light it and she inhales slowly as she listens. "I'm really sorry Summer. That sounds really f-cked up. I probably shouldn't be so sullen about my life."

She sits quietly, deep in thought about how honest Summer had been, dark eyes dipping to look at a content Babbo. He's looking at her like she needs to order a few extra wings for him, of course. A free hand drops to scratch a floppy ear- a silent, 'don't worry, I gotchu'. "So like, I know we just met and all but like, I have this aversion to touching people or being touched. I wasn't like abused or anything.. it's just.. Noah, he didn't just pass away. He like, f-cking exploded girl." Her voice is hushed, eyes seeking out any that might be watching or listening. "Back then, I didn't know it but my blood is what killed him." Another long drag, a deep exhale. She was probably sounding a tiny bit insane or contagious. "I killed my boyfriend.. on accident though. He was a vampire." Yuh, she just laid that sh-t right out there didn't she? Didn't even bother to check if Summer might be a vampire or even know that they existed.

"So like, yuh, I mean, aside from Cade.. I just don't get close to people. I can't afford to. But you're right, we're free. Even if I have some restrictions." Iodine straightens up as the server appears with their drinks. "I'm gonna take two dozen wings with hot sauce on the side." She points to Babbo as an indicator for her order. "And a large order of your potato skins- extra sour cream. And my friend would like.. you're going with the hot wings and moz sticks?" Hazel eyes turn their gaze to her new friend. "Whatever you want girl, my treat. Word?"
Jeremiah Jones 08/19/18 A boisterous laugh escapes Miah as he realizes too late that he made it sound like HE, of all people, had children. Christ, no. Not that he doesn't like kids, he just doesn't like them enough to have any of his own. Nor does he have a relationship with a woman he would be interested in having children with. Once, long ago. Now, no. Plus how is he going to rip bongs with kids around? 'Pull the bowl for daddy when I give the thumbs up'. That's a whole bunch of nope. The thought sends him into another fit of laughter. "No, duuuude, I'd be like worst dad of the year and ****."

His phone beeps in his hand, signaling he has a message. Rudely, he checks it and is surprised that she really had text him. With a smile, Miah quickly types back a message of his own. 'That dude you're talking to is a total douche man. You should run. :P' Send. His eyes are back on her, as is his mind. "I meant, kids that I give lessons to. During the summer, I work at a surf camp. But school just started back so I'm free most weekdays." His head bobs. "Or should I have said I had kids? Would that have made me more likeable?"

He laughs again, his hand depositing his phone to the front pocket of his jeans. Tips? Is she in the service industry? He hadn't asked before and she hadn't offered the information but now he's curious. Especially since she doesn't know how to cook. Most servers he knew, sorta knew their way around the back of the house. He'll refrain from asking though. It'll give them something to talk about over breakfast. "I'm down for breakfast, always. Like right now, I kind of want pancakes. Or maybe chicken and waffles. Sweet and savory. Hell yeah." Right now, he could eat everything in his refrigerator. Better idea. He clears his throat. "So like, right now, I don't got **** going on and I'm starving and thinking a bowl would be cool too. You down?" His hand comes up to point north. "My apartment's a few streets away. I know it's late but, could I offer you some food and some herb? My place is small, nothing fancy but it's clean and I got a great view of the beach that's only slightly obstructed by some palm trees and bushes."
Jeremiah Jones 08/18/18 He's watching her curiously as she pulls out her phone but doesn't give it up to him. Not that he wanted her phone for more then a few seconds, but it shows a lack of trust. He understands. It's smart on her part, really. A strange guy asking for a girl's phone, who does that? Him, apparently. Or club guys. Dance not motorcycle. He's seen that the few times he's been at clubs, studying his mark. Then she's waiting for his reply and as he is about to give his number, Miah blanks. Not like a slight hesitation where a person would think maybe the last few digits were jumbled. A full on 'what the **** is my number', blank. He never calls himself and generally doesn't hand his number over to people. A quiet laugh, his left hand dips into his front pocket and retrieves the phone. A few quick presses and he finds his number. Jesus. How embarrassing.

"Man, I'm higher than I thought. Sorry." He clears his throat, slightly embarrassed. Smooth Miah, so ****ing smooth. Maybe you should just explain you're socially awkward when it comes to women. "Three two three, six five six, ten ten."

Even more embarrassing is the fact that his number is so god damn easy to remember. He specifically asked the guy behind the counter when he purchased the phone to give him an easy one. Yet he's still unable to remember it. He internally curses himself. At least it makes him look like the stoner he really is. Maybe he needed to dial back. He's starting to get paranoid that he's killed a few brain cells too many when he remembers he is having a conversation with Summer. "So yeah, feel free to call me any time. Or text. I'm generally free most days and nights now that the kids are back in school. The weekends I'm usually at the beach giving surf lessons."
Iodine Violet 08/16/18 Speckled eyes watch the tossed packet of sweetner while Summer's lilting voice expresses her beliefs on death. Yes, there were many times Iodine contemplated the journey; the finality of death. She's also weighed the possible continuity of the journey. The girl is fairly certain, with how Noah exploded all over she and Cade and the reason for it, that her one true love isn't coming back. Even if there are demons and angels, she's positive her Noah will not be returning. She only hopes when it is her time to go, she will meet him again, somewhere. Heaven or Hell- because she's already someplace between.

"That's a great way to look at it but I don't think he'll be coming back. Ever." She offers the blonde a smile as decorated arms fall to rest on the arms of the chair. Even if she's thinking of all the people she's killed in the last two years since Noah's departure. Will they be waiting for her too? Will Noah be upset with her for continuing her studies and attempts at immortality? "I'm not really sure what my path here in life is but hopefully there's a better one when I finally rest my head for the last time."

Her attention falls to the menu that awaits before the server returns. She doesn't want to waste the person's time by making them return to the table more than once with forgotten orders. "If I ordered potato skins, would you eat some?" Hazel eyes raise to look at Summer. "Because they sound f-cking amazing but I'm also set on this big ass cheeseburger.. " an index finger taps on the picture. "What about you? Your path. Did you have any dreams as a child? Whenever someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I had no answer. It makes me wonder if some of us just are meant to be.. free."
Jeremiah Jones 08/14/18 Jeremiah's eyes train on Summer, pupils dilating slightly as she poses and laughs. She's fascinating to speak to and watch. Maybe if he wasn't preoccupied with a personal job, he would study the woman closer. Follow her. Learn about her. Completely creepy- but in an innocent way. He's not lived life as a normal person. He wasn't introduced to society as a child. Miah has been sheltered, hidden away, trained until it was necessary to activate him. He's only learned about societal ways in the last decade on his own, as an adult 'child', after he went dark. Father was far from a good 'parent'.

"Self defense, I'm down." He chimes in but lets her continue. He would rather hear her speak than speak himself. And then she's telling a story of an intrusive and somewhat vicious duck. He blinks. Not in disbelief but in mute fascination as he has never had these types of experiences. A laugh escapes him though as she continues on, telling the story of her conversation with said duck and it's retreat. Smart duck. Foie gras. All parts of the pig hot dogs? What? Blue eyes wide, brows raised, he's processing as fast as his high mind can. Quite frankly, the girl can conversate. Summer's asking about foie gras and why people would eat it. Miah's so focused on her that he's unsure now, how to answer the question. "Sadly, I enjoy foie gras, especially with a fig jam. It's buttery and the acidity and sweetness of the fig jam compliments it well. I will say that I am not a fan of how foie gras is achieved, the process seems quite cruel, but I still eat it. And really, I'm just an amateur chef, I just have a nose for cooking. Replicating. And I like to try weird things."

For being an 'American' and a 'surfer/stoner', he's slipping while speaking to her. He gives a nervous smile. In all his years, Lukáš has never failed at acting as he is failing at this moment. Then again, he has never spent this much time speaking to any one person. A few minutes here and there with his neighbors, a quick chat with cashiers at grocery stores but never long conversations with stunning, and honestly friendly, girls. "Before I forget Summer, could I get your number? No, wait, I'll give you mine. Don't want you to think I'm a creeper or anything." But he doesn't have a pen on his person, or paper. His brows knit. "If you don't mind me inputting my number in your phone, that is."
Winter Summers 08/11/18 Winter nodded his head agreeing with his sister though his head stopped nodding along and his brow arched as he heard she wasn't feeling the dancing. "Oh is there a particular reason for that? Should I get up on the pool and shake what I was given. Move out of the way Cinnamon! I am way better then you." Does a little hip wiggle to emphasize his point, before smiling at his beloved sister.

"Wanna go back to the hotel I am staying at? I mean it's not the best but currently what I could afford." He gave a simple shrug of his shoulder. "Oh my god! Do you know the best part about being what I er we are? I can actually have tan! This isn't sprayed on Summer!" He was positively beaming now.
Winter Summers 08/10/18 Winter's teeth found his bottom lip as he waited for his sisters reaction to his news. His worry washed away immediately as he saw his sister reaction and was overly thankful she didn't ask for details. His journey to becoming an angel wasn't a pretty one by any means.

"I did, wasn't really sure how to go about coming out. With my sexuality everyone just kinda knew! Did I do an alright job? I will most certainly show you!" He looked left and right. "Is this something I should do in private you think?"
Iodine Violet 08/09/18 Iodine looks up from her phone and eyes the pack of Sweet 'n Low. "That stuff will kill you." Of all things to say. She blushes slightly but it is true! "But I appreciate you giving me artistic license.. many people can't relinquish control which I understand -but- it kind of limits me when they don't see what's in my head and my vision."

She watches Summer order from their server and suddenly thinks she might have been a touch too involved with her devices and doggo. Summer is polite but.. bubbly? Nice. Summer is just really nice and it makes sense since this person will be handling their food and drink. Iodine is just focused at times and tends to forget the world around her exists. She has tunnel vision when it comes to her art and consults. "No, you don't have to pay! I mean, I appreciate it but we'd be in my shop and consults are always free." Her teeth press into her lower lip. "Besides, you'll be spending money on the tattoo. The least I can do is pay for drinks and dinner."

Iodine's eyes dip from Summer's gaze to look at her own arms and legs. She actually does have a favorite, on her right inner forearm, a calavera skull with Noah's name across the forehead. Her left finger points to the calavera, she smiles. "This one, it's my favorite. It's a memorial piece and a reminder of mortality. Death comes to all, it doesn't matter if you're rich or poor."

Or a vampire.. apparently.
Winter Summers 08/08/18 winter's smile fades a smidge when he hears the words not really my choice. "What does that mean? Did something happen? Should I ask? I don't wanna ask anything that will bring unhappy thoughts." Winter's eyes cast downwards at his clothing attire it wasn't anything particularly fancy today but he would be lying if he said the shirt wasn't clinging to his muscles in all the right places.

"Ah yes dress up was a fabulous time, and goodness I wouldn't touch mother's clothing with a ten foot pole. What little clothing she did on. F*cking nudists." Wasn't really sure he could say that because whenever he was home he was naked but still he wore clothes more then they did! "Of course I do believe you have much better looking wings then I do." He gave her a half smile, perhaps it wasn't the best way to break to his sister that he was the same as her but Winter never really excelled in these types of situations.
Jeremiah Jones 08/06/18 "It's a great accent, who doesn't love British accents or even Australian ones?" He gives a kind smile. "I hadn't planned on whipping up bangers and mash even if I do love the onion gravy." Stifle his creativity? Never. He's learned to be creative with food due to lack of income from time to time. Especially after going dark. "There is nothing wrong with fried foods! They can be made into gourmet meals too!"

He was really trying to be humorous about the eggplant parm with octopus and squid ink pasta. Honestly, it was just meant to tease her. But octopus, if prepared properly, didn't taste rubbery at all. It breaks down and is very tender. "Octopi yeah, they're really smart. I think I've seen those same videos." He laughs quietly. "Calamari on the other hand, squid, I'm not sure about their intelligence but they're mean, like, they'll totally eat you. No joke." His eyes are wide, he's seen those videos. Humboldt squid. Terrifying. Especially for a person that spends a large amount of time in the water. He gives Summer a small nudge when she admits to having an insatiable appetite. "The girl can eat!" And from the sounds of it, not salads. Good. **** those salad eating girls. "I just made myself hungry thinking about breakfast foods so I thought I'd ask."

What is his favorite meal? Does he have a favorite meal? He thinks long and hard. A decade ago, he'd have said anything that had flavor. Anything that wasn't bland and meant only to provide nutritional value. Now, he's not sure. He's traveled the world, dined in many small establishments to actually experience the culture of these different countries because really, it's food that represents who they are; it carries their sentimentality, their love and is an expression of their culture. People were always proud of their national or regional dishes. They were always willing to share that, if nothing else, with a foreigner. "I like alot of things, can't say there really is a favorite. I think it depends on the season too. In the winter, I prefer dishes that are warming. In the Spring, I like more bright, light flavors, like citrus. During the Summer months, stuff that is cooling or cold. Refreshing. Fall, spicy. Not hot sauce spicy but you know like, spices." He probably sounds mad. Maybe a little too into food. But he lives to eat, he doesn't eat to live. "Sometimes 'high brow' is what I crave, sometimes a bowl of mac and cheese is what I need. If that makes any sense."
Jeremiah Jones 08/05/18 Vegetarian. He stops breathing. 'But not anymore.' He starts to breathe again. 'Except Cephalopods'. Breathing hitches. Not allergic to anything, awesome. Likes greasy and fried food, he can work with that. Hot sauce on beignets? He stares mildly confused. He's high but thinks maybe she just meant the catfish. Hopefully. A hand reaches up to scratch at the back of his neck as he continues to listen, kind of fascinated by how she relates her food experiences. So she grew up in an economically disadvantaged family. He doesn't judge because he can relate. His parents had sold him to his employers. He clears his throat of the growing lump and smiles a bright white, dazzling smile.

"Not afraid? Because I thought I'd start us off with oysters on the half shell followed by an eggplant and octopus parm served over squid ink linguine and finish it with a sprout and cucumber salad that has been marinated in rice wine vinegar." Poker face. "But since you don't like any of those things, I'll have to alter the menu." Large smile. But seriously, who doesn't like raw oysters? Heathens that's who! "I personally like raw oysters. I don't know what someone blowing snot in your mouth feels or tastes like though, so maybe you're correct." He rubs his chin thoughtfully. "Maybe we'll have to start off with something less creative. Like beignets with a raspberry sauce and a touch of ginger powdered sugar. Maybe breakfast will be the first meal we cook together. I mean, that I'll cook and you'll turn the pages of the book."

But a big breakfast. Crepes. Beignets. Thick cut bacon. Eggs Benedict or Neptune. Sourdough french toast. Something they can graze on for hours while the waves roll steady. "Do you like breakfast food? I'm assuming by 'chip shop' you're English and I know breakfast is a bit different in the UK." Maybe he'll make her fish and chips for lunch, a craft beer for the batter though. Not some cheap lager. Maybe a whitbier. Hoegaarden with it's clove and coriander and citrus and vanilla notes. Add a Creole marmalade dipping sauce. It sounds delicious to him. Maybe he'll just make it all. "I hope you have a large appetite."
Iodine Violet 08/04/18 "Thank you.. " Iodine mumbles as Summer holds open the gate, Babbo padding along in front of the girls. She's focused on Summer's words, their growing pitch.. which means she's totally down, the pictures she's looking at and the many ideas that are rushing through her brain. "And yes! I was thinking a few ribs would be broken and the bird would be escaping its 'cage'."

The woman thinks upon Summer's preference of black and grey and the wheels start to turn again. With the muted grey and black, she could really make the iridescence pop. Deep purples. Emerald greens. Bright blues.. it was sounding more and more amazing. Taking a seat, Babbo finding rest at her feet, Iodine slips her backpack from thin shoulders and begins to deposit the contents on the table. Sketch pad. Tablet. Lap top. Dog dish. Bottle of water.

"The only thing I'm wondering about is the white.. laying it in if you wanted it that stark.. is going to be a nightmare. What I'd like to do is use your own skin tone for the white sections of the bird and maybe do some well placed highlights with the white and a slightly darker flesh tone for low-lights. I don't want to chew your skin up." When the server comes to the table, Iodine stops speaking as if their conversation is top secret and pours a bowl of water for her doggo, cash in hand. "Whatever my friend would like and I'll just take a bud and a vodka on the rocks, please." Her stomach growls. "And a menu if you have one? Thank you."
Jeremiah Jones 08/03/18 His hands would find the front pockets of his jeans as he listens to Summer sound off why she wouldn't steal from him. Her argument is valid even if it isn't all true. Her jokes were actually funny! Plus, she respects his 'space'. Which, as of late, Miah is finding this harder to come by. "Ok Mizzzz Summer, I trust that you won't steal from me." Blue eyes narrow, a faux look of suspicion. "But if you are looking for stuff to steal, I can tell you I don't have money, but what I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a culinary nightmare for people like you."

His hands remove themselves from his pockets and wave dismissively. "Pickpocket me all you want. I don't have alot of cash." Another bout of laughter and he hangs his head. "I'm just a poor surfer boy with a sweet set of cooking skills." Which reminds him. "What do you like to eat? Like, your total favorite and what do you refuse to eat, like, what's absolutely the worst? Any food allergies I should be aware of? Like do I need to keep an epi-pen around in case I accidently feed you peanuts or shrimp?" These are valid questions if they are going to cook together. The absolute last thing he needs is to run into any authorities.
Winter Summers 08/03/18 Winter was expecting a hug perhaps not as one as tight as the one he was currently receiving but he wasn't going to complain. His muscular, tattooed arms wrapped around his sister as he embraced her back. And just like that everything seemed to be alright. His woes vanished just by this simple gesture.

"I am alright, I couldn't be better." He smiled like a giant goof looking at his sister. "And you? You look good! I love what you have done with your hair. You were always the most fashionable out of the both of us."
Winter Summers 08/02/18 A bitter sweet smile came to his face as he looked upon his sister beautiful face. "Hello Summer. I..." He rubbed the back of his neck nervously. He had ran this conversation through his head so many times. What to say, what to do. How to explain but none of it was coming out. "I missed you so." He extended his arms. "I am so sorry I left you my sunshine." Not that he assumed saying sorry would fix the damage he caused but it didn't feel right not saying it.
Iodine Violet 08/01/18 It isn't that Iodine isn't paying attention, she's just so engrossed in the pictures she's finding of these birds. Black and white magpies, javan magpies that range from emerald in color to sky blue, and brilliant yellows. The questions in her head keep multiplying.

"Lead the way!" she chirps, Babbo standing at the ready to follow Iodine's lead. She doesn't leash him, even if there is a leash hanging from a belt loop. Honestly, the dog is a perfect angel and doesn't need to be tethered. Regardless of laws. She'd gladly pay the fines. A muzzle? What's that. "So were you thinking of something more photo realistic or were you looking for something more water color like or black and gray shading?"

She shares the screen of her phone with Summer. "And if you wanted color, were you looking for the green/blue magpies or the yellows? This has so much potential.. " She's really excited. "Because if you're thinking black and white, I'd really like to highlight that iridescence they have in their black feathers.. but if you're thinking the greens or blues or yellows, that would be amazing too. I could do it photo realistic either way but if you wanted something more soft, the colored ones in a watercolor style might be sick as f-ck." Then her eyes widen. "Or maybe we could do the magpie 'inside' your rib cage- like skin torn or cracked like a porcelain doll with faux ribs and the magpie behind it?"
Jeremiah Jones 08/01/18 She's smiling, angelically, and he's actually unsure if she's joking or serious. Not that he has any valuables. Just his surfboards, depending on which one though. Maybe his knife set, since good kitchen knives aren't cheap either? He starts to actually make a mental checklist of items he owns and their costs when she begins to laugh and states clearly she's only joking. "Oh ok, for a minute there, I thought you were serious and like, I was thinking I might have to start nailing **** down." He starts to laugh along with her but hadn't she said that she never steals from people she knows? She also referred to him as Mr. Smith after he called her Mrs. Smith. "I'm hoping that I fall into the 'people you know' category, Mrs. Smith? Because we just met."
Iodine Violet 07/31/18 "You're not wasting my time at all!" Iodine was out promoing the shop, this was her job.. to talk to people. Albeit, not as much as she has with Summer. But talking to Summer is easy, unlike a lot of people in New York. "I'm gonna be honest wit you," Iodine looks sheepish, "What the hell is a Magpie?"

She laughs, embarrassed by her ignorance as her hand digs for the phone in her pocket. A few quick presses and she's learning about the bird that's related to a crow. Okay! She can work with this. The bird is slightly different but has some amazing coloring. "But a bar would be great, or even coffee, because I have a lot of questions."

Iodine prefers tattoos flow with the body. She needs to know how Summer wants the bird placed. If she wants the bird mid-flight or perched. If the woman wants the whole bird or just the head and 'shoulders'. If she wants to incorporate a tree branch and if so, if there were flowers she might like on the branch. So many questions, she's lost in thought. And does she have the tools necessary in the backpack that hangs from her shoulders? She thinks so. "Parents are over-rated girl. My dad, my mom, nice people if you're on their good side. Real sh-t if you aren't. It was like a bad Sicilian Opera on the daily growing up." To put it mildly. "Canvas' choice.. bar or coffee?"
Jeremiah Jones 07/31/18 He actually knows a girl that used to order Chinese for the weekend to pretend that she had a special someone in her life. So she 'didn't look pitiful' to the employees of the restaurant. She thought they bought it too- until they sent one fortune cookie. Like a, 'we know'. So when Summer mentions they actually asked her 'rice for how many', he loses it until tears are threatening his eyes. "Me-time is great. I'm all for it. You don't have to explain." His hands come up like he's warding off an attacker.

"Sous chef?! You chopping things?" He eyes her suspiciously, in jest of course, glaring blue eyes on whiskey colored gems. "Not sure I want to see a knife in your hands, Miss.....Page Turner." One hand on his hip, his other waves in the air wildly, his voice accusatory in nature, again, all in jest. "With my luck you'll be like, Mrs. Smith, and suddenly slicing and dicing me to pieces for some contract."
Iodine Violet 07/31/18 "For real girl. For real." Iodine agrees as she takes another drag from her cigarette. That she still might feel slightly guilty for smoking. "I've had this ongoing love hate relationship with cigarettes for the last 7 years. I hate my clothes and hair smelling like them but I f-cking love the way they taste. Especially when I'm drawing or painting. That's when they really get me."

"" Iodine's shaking her head. And poor Summer, with all older brothers. She couldn't imagine what that might have been like. "I bet your brothers used to threaten boys that came around. Amirite?" She starts to laugh. Maybe younger brothers weren't so bad. "Oh sh-t, right now?" She's sort of surprised by the sudden interest. "Yeah, we're open. I could totally sketch up something but not sure we'd be able to ink you tonight. I mean, I could. I'm sort of the boss, half boss, so we're open as late as I or Cade say." She ditches the cigarette, flexing her fingers after. "I can still feel my hand so I'm up for anything." She points down the block. "Not far at all. Five minute walk. What were you thinking of? And where on your body?"
Jeremiah Jones 07/30/18 "You'll need someone to help you with a beast like that." He gives a boyish grin. Maybe he'd invite her over for a day of bong hits and bbq. Or something French? "You'll be lightheaded by the time you get done pulling, let alone clearing it." Unwritten rule: You have to cash the bowl. Alone.

"No, I totally get what you're saying." Miah watches Summer watch whatever has her attention. She seems like a cool chick. Chill and down to earth. "Dirty realism man. His writing does get dark after awhile." Honest. Real. But is he thinking of Bukowski?

"Drama is over-rated." He chuckles, he's not much for t.v. and he prefers to binge watch seasons at a time. "I don't really watch cooking shows, I prefer cookbooks." His brows raise at her confession. "Totally pathetic, like, how do you even live with yourself?" Mock shock. "I bet you're the girl that orders a weekend's worth of food on a Friday night so the Chinese people don't think you're alone right? Just playin'." He rubs his chin and throws caution to the wind. "Maybe one day, afternoon, not night so like, you know no pressure of a date or anything, we cook together." Let him rephrase. "I mean, I'll cook and you turn the pages?"
Jeremiah Jones 07/30/18 He snorts. Hard. This of course, sends him into a louder fit of laughter but he concedes.

"Yeah, I agree. But sometimes, you just gotta rip a 6 footer." Or maybe you didn't. It depended on how stupid you wanted to be that day really. "Hipster?" Now it's his turn to feign insult. His hand clutches at his chest like she's just mortally wounded him. "HOW DARE.. yeah man, ok, I could see how you would think that."

He's rubbing his arm. She hadn't smacked him hard but he's not one for sudden contact. He thinks he might be lucky that he was laughing too hard to see it coming. The amicable woman might think him, well, crazy. "Classics are always great. I'm not really down with fantasy or sci-fi. Horror I like. Palahniuk, Fight Club man. What a great story." He's got no clue who Christopher Moore is though. "What are your thoughts on Bukowski?"

And then she's smiling, a pretty, toothy grin, asking about his cooking addiction. "What can I say? A boy's gotta eat after a long day of surfing and smoking. I don't have a pretty girl at home to cook for me." A large hand moves over the top of his head, brushing at loose strands. That sounded kind of misogynistic. "It's like, totally relaxing, and oddly, comforting. You know what I mean? Like, the smells and ****. Reminds me of my mom." Mom? Nun. "So like, yeah, I like to cook. The more difficult the menu, the better. I like to pretend I'm on some cooking show." He laughs nervously at his confession.
Iodine Violet 07/30/18 Iodine is clapping, Babbo is barking. They're both impressed with the spin. The excitement dissipates noticeably when Summer discloses she's quit smoking cigarettes. Now Iodine feels like an ass. Cigarettes were hard to quit. Harder than any drug she's ever stopped doing and the girl's convinced that they put something along the lines of crack in the 'tobacco'. It isn't any easier when a person offers one randomly. She's feeling like the devil right about now.

"Sh-t, I'm sorry girl." The pack finds the railing next to her, in case Summer wished to have one but now, Iodine's even considering chucking the one she's just lit. "I can't tell you the number of times I've tried to quit but there are days.. " Days she can't get through without a cigarette? It's safe to say that the world is better off with Iodine smoking. Especially since Noah's death. As Summer mentions her family, Iodine's nodding. "The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb. Amen."

Which means Cade and Aria are almost one being at this point. The people you shed blood with tend to be closer than family. "I've got all younger brothers and they were all little snitches when I was growing up." A small laugh rings through the evening air before she takes a drag from her cigarette. "They'd kick me under the bus to save their own ass then get beat for snitching by my dad." She's laughing harder now, the irony. "Of course, my mom would then ground me for whatever I did.. not that I really was around long enough to listen."
VaylinShadow 07/30/18 Smiles over at the beautiful female and nods "Thank you Darling"
Jeremiah Jones 07/30/18 "Joints are great, I prefer them myself. I just saw you more as a bong person." He winks at her, not in a salacious way. Just teasing. "Motorcycles are cool man, but I prefer scooters. I like to live on the edge." He flexes, goofy grin growing with their exchange. "I'm mean on a vespa." Dancing, not his cup of tea. He's too big to look good doing so. But what guy really looks good dancing? He's got a mean case of dry mouth, especially when she mentions life threatening activities. If she only knew. He attempts to moisten his lips with his tongue. "I like gaming. Movies. Cooking. Reading when I have the time. Pool." Killing people. "What do you like to read Summer, when you're belly up on the beach soaking up the sun?"
Jeremiah Jones 07/29/18 "Leisure past times?" His head tilts, confused by the term. His fingers make air quotes as his smile grows. "What's considered 'leisure past times'? Like, ripping bongs? Horseback riding? Reading books? I bet you'd like it. Skydiving, I mean."
Jeremiah Jones 07/29/18 "I can believe it." Most people that don't grow up by the water don't learn to surf. It's more a way of life for true surfers. "Boogie boarding is excellent." He laughs with her. "Alot easier than surfing for sure. Generally less dangerous too." No one has ever had their throat slashed by a boogie board. Not that he can think of. He leans his head forward. "I'm going to assume you don't like skydiving or bungee jumping either?"
Jeremiah Jones 07/29/18 "Shark Island and North Narrabeen are pretty good spots too." He nods his head. "Bondi is usually pretty packed." Not that he's been there a lot. He spent a week in Sydney, on a job. "But yeah, man, I might have to take another trip and crash with my friend." His hands find his pockets. "Do you surf?"
Jeremiah Jones 07/29/18 She's smart. Smarter than he's given her credit for. "Yeah, man, that's right...we voted on that ****, didn't we?" He gives a boyish grin, his face is flushing red but not out of embarrassment. A citizen of California would know if cards weren't necessary any longer. "Maybe I need to dial back..." He's mumbling to himself when she brings up Sydney and that's when his eyes brighten. "Sydney? You live in Sydney? I've got a friend that lives there. Great surf...but not for a few more months."
Jeremiah Jones 07/29/18 "Cool, Summer, good name like it's summer and your name is Summer." He laughs quietly, eyes heavy. "I'm Jeremiah but like, my friends call me Miah." She's welcoming him to the state. He'd say he's lived there his whole life. There's even files somewhere saying he has. "Yeah man, it's great right? My doctor hooked me up with a card when I broke my ankle skating." He's patting his pockets looking for the card. "So like, do you live here too? I grew up here."
Jeremiah Jones 07/29/18 Sir? Miah looks behind him as the blond woman speaks. Was she speaking to him? He points at his chest. "Me?" Yeah, he might need to lay off the pakalolo. "Hi, yeah, it's good thanks." His hand runs over his head. "How's your day, miss?" If they were going to be formal.
Iodine Violet 07/29/18 Speckled irises visibly do Summer the once over, dramatically ogling her. "Girrrrrl.. you're hot! Don't be humble!" She twirls her finger in the air. "Spin for me mami! Werk it." A laugh escapes and Babbo, thinking Iodine is giving him hand commands, starts to turn in a circle. "Oh sh-t.. Babbo.. not you." She pats his back as her other hand digs for a doggy treat in her pocket. "You're a good boy though."

"Massive Attack and Portishead are amazing.. especially on rainy or mellow nights. Love some Lords of Acid. I'd have tipped fat too.." Iodine tilts her head as she thinks about what she's listening to as of late in the shop. Nothing new. It's all too.. bland? Poppy? "Some psychobilly I dig, like old stuff though, The Cramps."

Lately she's been listening to a lot of random sh-t, no one band in particular. Nothing new. "It's never clients choice." She laughs. "If they want good work, I need my music to put me in the mood for the piece. I have to admit, I listen to a wide variety of music whether I'm working, jumping or just sitting at home with Babbo. There are times I prefer female artists over male. Some days I'm in need of industrial and some days I just want to work on my sketches and paintings and turn on some blues or opera. And then there are days I just wanna bounce around to ska or dancehall, hip hop or rap."

She and Cade come from a musical family. Cadence. Aria. Corelli. Da Capo. Even if they're mobbed up. "The old family business is sorta centered around music. I think they thought my cousin and I would follow in their footsteps. Either making bowed instruments or singing Opera." Neither of which were very exciting prospects at the time, even if the girls excelled at singing. "We decided to go a different path in life. They weren't exactly happy with our choices but at least we're legit, you know?" She pulls a pack of Camels from the pocket of her overshirt and pulls one free. "Cigarette?" She brings a lighter up to her cigarette, lights it and exhales her words. "Large families are exhausting sometimes. What about you? You have family around?"
Iodine Violet 07/28/18 Iodine's brow arches at the revelation. Summer's an entertainer. Okay! This.. this is something the girl can relate to! One of her uncle's used to run a club. Great place for laundering money for the fam. She smiles and nods as she listens to Summer, and wonders if she herself will ever get to the point where she doesn't love tattooing people anymore. The hours are long. Her hand is numb by the end of the night and she feels cross eyed.

"You must pull good money if you're traveling like that." Iodine couldn't deny, Summer must have been one hell of a dancer if's she traveling so much she can't keep a pet. Plus, she's easy on the eyes. "You must be good.. but I feel ya, I grew up around dancers and the hustle gets old. Maybe just take a break for a few months, do the bartending gig for a while." Bartending is great money, especially in New York; Iodine's done that though she's never danced. Papa would have her head if she ever stepped on stage. "What's your fav music to dance to?" She's curious about people's taste in music. Music is life.
Iodine Violet 07/28/18 A small laugh escapes when the woman mentions she travels a lot and how she felt it wouldn't be right to subject a hypothetical pet to that kind of lifestyle. Iodine understands completely. She travels quite frequently.. though for short trips. But Babbo is always well taken care of in her abscence. God help anyone that mistreated her doggo. Her head tilts to the side as Summer stands, appraising the fair woman and possibly feeling a bit of a street urchin.

"Well, you're always welcome to visit with my hansum boy here. He's the shop's mascot. On the books he's my 'emotional support' animal.. so he's allowed by law. Had to find a way around health codes and such.." She glances briefly to the Cane Corso and gives him a loving smile. He really was her service dog. It was after Noah's death that Aria adopted him and they've been pretty inseparable since. "Two years now. He was just a pupper when I bought him." Iodine presses her lips together. "You know, if you ever decided to get a furbaby and needed a dog sitter or something, I'm sure Babbo would love to have a friend visit. What do you do for work? I mean, if you don't mind me asking."
Esper Valari 07/28/18 Thank You.
Iodine Violet 07/28/18 "Either or.." Iodine watches as Summer crouches, keen eyes on Babbo in case he should misbehave. Not that he was mean. Sometimes he just didn't realise how big he was or his own strength. "And we guarantee our work. If there's any problem, we'll take care of it free of charge."

"He is sweet right? Total cupcake." And Babbo knows he's a lady killer. He's got his happy face on- tongue lolling out the side of his mouth that's drawn up into what looks like a large smile, paw waving at Summer.. encouraging her to pay more attention to him than his owner. Really, he isn't helping the business at all. "Babbo is italian for Daddy.. like.. a term of endearment. What a child would call their dad. Babbo, papa.." Iodine laughs quietly, her fingers giving his wrinkled head a scratch. "Sicilians tend to use the term for someone that isn't so bright. My dad hates when I call him Babbo." The Cane Corso's grey eyes are dancing now, he's heard his name a few times. "But my Babbo, he's a smart guy. The dog I mean, not my dad. Not that my dad is dumb.." Generally speaking.

An awkward pause. "Do you have any pets, Summer?"
Iodine Violet 07/27/18 "Nice to meet you Summer." People always thought Iodine's name was strange but then again, it was. It's not her given name but it works better than Aria when you want people to remember you. "Yuh, it's just a 'stage' name. Us tattoo artists need jazzy names, you know?" Not the real reason she goes by Iodine but she won't bore the woman with the details. She just sounds crazy probably and clears her throat to try, to the best of her knowledge, to answer the pretty woman's questions. "You could be allergic to the ink. That would be my guess. Or maybe the artist isn't laying it into your skin at the correct angle. And as far as the piercings, some do take a long time to heal but you don't want to take a piercing out until it's healed anyways. Abcesses can occur if you do.."

Speckled eyes fall to Babbo and she smiles down at him. "Yes, a boy. Babbo.." His ears perk up at his name. "He won't bite. He may look mean but as long as you aren't trying to kill me or anything, he's a cupcake." Her eyes find Summer's. "Babbo, don't be rude. Introduce yourself."

The dog raises a paw to the woman as if to shake her hand. He really was a good boy.
Iodine Violet 07/27/18 So maybe the night did take a turn for the worst. It happens, right?! Iodine isn't so sure. As she stands on the street with Babbo, cards in hand, she notices a pretty blonde cruise by. Does the woman have tattoos? Would she be interested in one? Does she have friends? Did she need or want another? Maybe someone that she could grab a cup of coffee with? A shot? Okay, a cigarette? These are all questions that are rapid firing through the, sometimes twitchy, girl's head. She's got a lot of free time when Cade's busy.. don't judge!

"Hi! I'm Iodine!" She extends a gloved hand to offer a business card for the shop she works at. "We have a deal going on.. 40 percent off your next tattoo or piercing with this card." She almost shoves it at the woman after her spiel. "I mean, if you're looking for ink.."
Abram Gusto 07/22/18 His brow arched in interest as he watched the woman take a visible step away from him. He had suppressed the urge to laugh at the movement, so maybe this girl wasn’t as naïve as she seemed to be. Clearly, she had a sense of danger somewhere inside that head of hers, be it a few moments too late but it was there. She also mentioned creatures that lurked, and that was what really held his attention. He hadn’t given her enough credit, she was certainly smarter than she appeared, or she was simply a strange and mysterious creature of her own. He was intrigued. “Perhaps, you’d like to show me where these creatures lurk. You seem to know this place very well and I could use a tour guide, especially if you can show me something truly fascinating Summer.” He let her name roll off his tongue as he stared with intent at this girl before him, his coy smile still plastered to his lips.
Abram Gusto 07/22/18 He watched as she chewed on the bar and tried not to look repulsed by the woman’s actions. She was an odd character, which he supposed made it all the more fun to keep his interests locked on her. He didn’t understand humankind, their actions, or the thoughts that came into their minds. He was an expert possessor and could access his vessels memories but he didn’t take on their bizarre mannerisms. This woman would be interesting to look inside, to visit her mind and discover the eccentricities that lay in the depths of her being. However, he was fresh in his new body and didn’t have the strength to jump to another one so soon after ascending. As the woman continued her speech Abram let his hands rest in the pockets of his tailored trousers. He looked casual and at ease, nothing like the roiling chaos spasming within. “Well it sounds like this is a very interesting place to be. I look forward to exploring it.”
Abram Gusto 07/22/18 Abram listened to the woman as she rattled on, her tongue quickly clicking against her teeth as she moved from one thought to the next. This woman seemed like she was hyped up on something, but Abram listened intently keeping his gaze drawn to her face as she spoke. Finally the woman took a break and Abram took a second in silence to decide on what answer to give with woman that was satisfy her curiosity. “I find that the people tend to be more interesting than the city itself, not weird experiences, just new ones.” He nodded satisfied with his vague answer. “You seem to enjoy this place though, you must have been around for a while if you can pinpoint a stranger on a crowded street. Tell me darling, what is the most appealing part of this place?”
Giovanni DiGiorgio 07/20/18 Taking the card he fingered with it as she spoke his eyes grew to hers, in question he looked down to the card as he did tricks with the card as if it were a coin through his finger tips.

"High...?" He stopped for a moment to let out a small just laugh, he gave his all to famous smirk, his eyes gleamed his the dark mascara that filled around his eyes made them stand out more, he smirked broke as words left his mouth and he placed the card deep into his wallet. "Aren't we all...?" "Till we meet again then, Misses....?"
Giovanni DiGiorgio 07/20/18 Helping the woman back to herself again as he placed his left palm of his hand behind her bicep, the man had just made his way off his plane that hit L.A.X not long before he had what seemed as a mob of people greeting him.

"A kind thank you, I see this place is very friendly."
Abram Gusto 07/20/18 Abram lifted a single eyebrow as he watched the young lady approach and greet him with a cherry hello and a finger waggle. Was this a normal thing? He hadn’t walked the earth in human flesh in decades but weren’t parents supposed to teach their children not to talk to strangers? It seemed humankind was looking for an excuse to let chaos wreak havoc. Abram couldn’t deny the excitement behind that thought so he decided to play nice and put on his most charming smile.

“Thanks, darling.” He extended a hand towards her and flashed her another handsome smile before offering his name. “I’m Abram, and I’m new around here, but you apparently already knew that.” He slanted his head to the side and waited for a response his hand lingering in the air for her to take hold of.
Livia Vlcek 07/11/18 It had been a while since Livia had returned to the mess of her Sydney apartment but once there, the Slayer noticed something that had not previously existed at her residence. Pale eyes wide with disbelief, Livia snatched up the note attached, a soft smile touching scarred lips as her eyes roamed over the words. You see, the Czech woman loves peonies. Maybe moreso than any other flower. Maybe it is their sweet scent or their beautiful blooms...or maybe it's because what they represent in certain cultures: Bravery, honour and fortune. Carrying the plant inside quickly, she swipes a text to Summer.

:: I just received word of your newest station achieved. Congratulations've worked very hard for it. That is all you. I'm only doing what I am supposed to do in assisting you with your goals. It's nice that someone is actually taking my advice. LOL. Also! I found this most amazing peony plant awaiting me and had to thank you immediately for it. Thank you, from the bottom of my cold dead heart, it's truly beautiful. No one has ever been so thoughtful. I will treasure it always. Always. ::

Jackson McCarthy 06/24/18 Jacks smiles and offers a nod, "Thanks! Gotta admit though, I don't really feel much different. Maybe just a touch cooler." He laughs. "Need a hand to where you're going" Notes the travel bag.
Imogen Moreau 06/13/18 "Y'know" Imogen mutters, brushing dungeon dust from her jeans. "I f*cking hate this place." From a table across the way, she retrieved her belongings, continuing to mutter obscenities as she buckled her belt and pulled on her shoes. "There's a back way out through here if you're interested? Unless you fancy facing off with the guard - which I do not, just to make it clear."
Autumn Summers 05/15/18 Summer
That makes perfect sense. It's a heady feeling! The knowledge I can snap a neck without effort does help the being in control bit, too. And yes! Raked the cash in. A surprising amount... I'm beginning to believe a female could put herself through medical school this way.
Autumn Summers 05/15/18 Summer
Is it always like that when you dance?
Does the thrill go away? Does it get old?
Autumn Summers 05/11/18 Summer
I don't doubt that for a second.
Maybe one day I'll have a chest to go with my ass instead of a couple bee stings.
See you soon!
Autumn Summers 05/10/18 Summer
Hot damn.
Beautiful as ever. It suits you.
Hope you packed PJ's. We're going to have a movie marathon tonight. Tomorrow we'll paint the town.
Autumn Summers 05/10/18 Summer
Will be? Sounds like you've already signed me up.
Of course I remember. Just like it was yesterday. I do miss our nights out.
Autumn Summers 05/10/18 Summer
Glorious. I like that. Might have to try it myself.
While I'm not a technology guru, I picked up a few things here and there.
Does your current spot do amateur nights? Hah.
Autumn Summers 05/10/18 Summer
I was imagining something far more sinister.
Want me to help with that? I have very little to do these days.
Autumn Summers 05/10/18 Summer
What were you doing with your phone on stage? I want to know?
Autumn Summers 05/10/18 Summer
Really? Interesting. Thanks for the warning. Sounds like you have a story to tell.
Do you have a picture, for extra security?
Autumn Summers 05/10/18 Summer
Funny how life works sometimes, isn't it?
That sounds like the perfect recipe right now. I'll get one of the rooms ready for you. Maddie will be happy to see you. We both will.
Autumn Summers 05/10/18 Summer
London. In my old house.
Autumn Summers 05/10/18 Summer
I miss you.
I feel so lost.
Spring Taylor 05/02/18 Summer
F*cking sh-te. I'm going to make this b@stard choke on his Cholla. Oi, I'll just square the f*ck up and fist his face if he rejects me. When the f-ck are you going to come f-cking visit me?
Beau Theroux 04/24/18 The word hit him a bit harder than he expected. 'Mum' she said. It was true, once Beau had waited tables with his mother. While she would tend to the patrons he would collect the dirty dishes despite the table being only just under eye level for him. Those days had come and gone; as did his mother. "No, my grandmother. Sorry, my slang gets away from me sometimes." Despite the ache that echoed in his chest he continued on with with his guest, his smile never faltering.

As the two made their way towards the bar a high pitched whistle emitted from the man's lips. "Alan, Justin, we got a customer. Go make some boudins, will ya?" The Siamese twins both looked to Beau in unison before flashing him a smile and giving a thumbs up. Wordlessly, the twins sped behind the counter to where the kitchen was situated. "They don't speak much. Shy fellas." Beau plopped down on one of the bar stools with a relieved sigh while he kicked off his shoes. Whether the woman decided to sit as well or not, he continued. "They are from all around the world. However, they work for my uncle in his travelling circus troupe. The circus comes here for a month or two then they set off on a year long tour around the world." As he spoke his eyes seemed to drift off into memory in the distance. The applause. The cheers. Blinding spotlights.

A slap upside his head caused his body to recoil from the memories. A French swear or two escaped his lips as an elderly woman stood with fists on her hips; a foul look on her visage.

"Beaudoin LeRoy Theroux! I leave you in charge of the bar for the day and you go off lord knows where! These slackers can't be responsible for nothin'!" An arm swept to gesture to the rest of the 'extended family' who had just polished off a bottle of tequila only moments ago. Beau's face began to fluster a soft pink. "Maw, I was gone for just a few minutes. It's fine, I brought a customer!" The woman shot a look at Summer. Instantly, her features softened to a loving smile.

"Welcome, darlin', I am Maw Theroux, owner of this establishment. If you need anythin' or my boy here gives you trouble, gimme a call." The elderly woman gave a playful wink before giving Beau another slap upside the head followed by a kiss to the forehead. With that out of the way, she began to take stock of what alcohol was left on the shelves.

"And that's my grandma. She don't look it, but she's old as dirt."
Livia Vlcek 04/23/18 *waits*
*might have screamed due to Jacob's sudden presence*
*glances down, embarrassed, to read the new text*
*thinks she preferred Boss Lady over Spatchc0ck Mistress...contemplates*

Not a Union workerYou're totally fine.
He just believes I should keep all my clothes on in public.
He might be doing the public a favour, actually...
When's your next shift? Maybe I'll come and make it rainnnnnnn!
Livia Vlcek 04/23/18 *might have only been kidding about dancing for extra cash...maybe*
*gives a half-c*cked grin as she retrieves the buzzing phone from her pocket*
*chuckles quietly*

Shiny Disco Ball

Just do not tell my husband of my inquiry. I will be grounded.
My spatchc*ck is amazing though.
The Orange She Wolf 04/23/18 *she smiled and grinned back* any and all help is appreciated my dear, I can use it, I can be weird too...*she chuckled* I have lots to learn...
The Orange She Wolf 04/23/18 *The Orange Girl looked around after hearing a voice* thank you, i just got here dear! *she said smiling*
Livia Vlcek 04/21/18 *grins* Daddy did always like curvy girls.
*points to her own blondish locks* And blondes.
*whispers* Do you know if your club is hiring?
*gazes surreptitiously at their surroundings* Just um, text me the addy.
Livia Vlcek 04/21/18 *showers her in golden glitter* Congorats!
*shifty eyes* Did you do something to your hair?
Spring Taylor 04/21/18 Summer
Blimey Mexico? F*ck. Do you speak f*cking Spanish/ I thought you only knew Tequila and Weedo. Oi, It's been quiet. I don't have Winter's daft @rse trying to make me wear f*cking hot pink. How..How the f*king hell are you? How do I bloody make a jew my own?
Kiernan Tigra 04/21/18 Tapping on the door to Summer's room in the compound, Kiernan waited a few moments in hopes of catching some hint of movement within before speaking. "Summer! Liv says you've gone up in rank with us again. You've come so far since we met!" More than a touch of passion touched his voice as he placed a palm on her door. Still unsure if she was even there, Kiernan smiled and sighed as he turned away. "I hope to see you soon. It's been far too long, entirely my fault too I think. The last few months have been foggy and I can't find Little One either.." Trailing off as he wandered away through the compound to do one last check that his troublesome Dragon hadn't somehow locked himself in a cupboard somewhere.
Gray Taylor 04/20/18 You look familiar...
Summer just failed at stealing money from you!
Beau Theroux 04/11/18 How she got that money was none of Beau's business; he was curious, though. Alas, he would save that mystery for another time. A soft chuckle left his lips. "The voodoo bunch isn't so bad. Their food is actually rather decadent if you are brave enough." Suddenly gator jerky was sounding delicious. When the two arrived at their destination, 'The Rompin' Rougarou', where the smell of fresh food and sound of guitars and other string instruments wafted outwards. Beau held the door open for the woman, revealing a rather busy bar full of people of different shapes and sizes.

Specifically, there was a large man one could only consider to be a giant sitting at a table with a woman the size of a doll. Conjoined twins, a woman covered in tattoos, all kinds of peculiar people and some not were enjoying themselves rather loudly. "Welcome to me and my maw-maw's bar. Don't mind the rowdy bunch, they just extended family visiting for a while." A hand would gesture towards the bar with a kind smile on his face. Maybe if she was lucky, this woman would get a free show.
Beau Theroux 04/09/18 "The food?! Lawd, the food is the best part!" As if on cue his stomach growled as well. Beau had been so occupied with the conversation he had forgotten all about his hunger! "I know for a fact the woman who owns the place makes the best boudin balls in all of Louisiana. She stakes her reputation on it." The man's head jerked in the direction his body was turning as a gesture for her to follow. "Come on, it's right around the corner. "
Beau Theroux 04/08/18 Being a born and raised bayou boy from 'The Big Easy' the climate never seemed to bother the wolf. A few beads of sweat would trickle down his forehead but nothing he paid any mind to. Mossy green eyes watched the woman's mock expressions, a grin forming at the corner of his lips. He could already tell this girl was a fun one just from the manner she carried herself. A stranger tried to steal her money and how does she react? By offering him a drink! This woman was a blessing.

"Well," he ssaidd with his eyes looking away in thought,"I know a wonderful place to spend that there cash. A quaint little bar that has been around since before I was born. Always has the best liquor this side of the Mississippi."
Beau Theroux 04/08/18 A soft exhale of relief filled the space between them. He was half expecting to get shanked, but getting teased was a nice substitute. When the bills were produced his jaw dropped in amazement and regret. Why hadn't he gone for the other pocket?! Why was he so bad at this?! After composing himself Beau gave a soft shrug of his leather clad shoulders. "Probably buy a girl a drink after such a charitable, though not willing, donation. Of course, I could still do so as an apology."
Beau Theroux 04/08/18 Caught red handed. Thievery was never his strong suit but Beau REALLY wanted a Coke. He had to think fast. Quickly, he stood while flipping his hair out of his face. A poor attempt at a smolder was made. "I was just admiring the assets." That's what people said, right?
Jay Lian 01/06/18 Jay flashes a citrine half smile in response. Retrieving a frayed handkerchief from his jacket pocket, he dabs at his lips almost daintily, staring at her mutely all the while.
Autumn Summers 10/30/17 Summer Love
Got to love that home grown sh*t.
What you're describing... it's a process. It takes time. A lot of it. And it's so easy to backslide.
Aye, we are from bad stock. Look at our f*cking - I don't even want to call them parents. Anyway, bad stock or not, you can rise about it. I'm certainly trying to.
I understand wanting to protect the one you care about... thing is, he's also made a choice to be there for you. It does work both ways. By trying to protect him, it may eventually do more damage than good.
Autumn Summers 10/30/17 Summer Love
Oh, I will use it, but can always get more. ;-)
Thank you for the condolences. I don't know what I'd do without Lucius there.
You won't disappoint him. You have a heart of gold. I think he knows it, too.
Autumn Summers 10/30/17 Summer Love
If that's the case, I can send you a care package from London. I've quit everything else aside from that and alcohol, and far be it from me not to share with a sibling in need.
I've been... detached. Or was, for a while. One of my best friends died days from Winter. I know it made Lucius wary.
He's had to coax me back to 'life', as it were. We're in Italy at the moment. He said we needed to get away.
I'm glad you've had Kiernan. It's odd, isn't it? Having someone you can depend on?
Autumn Summers 10/30/17 Summer Love
I'm sorry for not reaching out until now.
How are you?
Spring Taylor 10/21/17 Summer
They don't bloody get a quick death. Bollocks. He's at those dead nazi d-ck's house. Where they kept us. I'm going to blimey fcking show him what their contract did. This is our fcking birth right. Oi. What the bloody hell? How many bowls have you hit b-tch?? Aye. Our daft rubbish birthers. You'd think with a c-nt the size of Buckingham Palace I could fcking find her. I bet that fcking pleb Joe is helping her. How is he still alive???
Spring Taylor 10/20/17 Summer
The b@stard is in the dungeon. I'm not sure where the fcking b-tch is. Going to fcking nail them to the ground. Tie up their... maybe you should come fcking over.
Spring Taylor 10/20/17 Summer
F-cking idjit birthers.
Spring Taylor 10/20/17 Summer
B-tch. It feels weird without Winter..
Blaize E Summers 10/15/17 Summer
I have become numb to most emotions, sadness is one of them.
Yet, I still feel regret and guilt. I'm sorry I could not prevent his death.
Be sure to keep in touch if you need anything. I know of all of us, you were closest with Winter so this cannot be easy.
I am not good at helping cope with loss, but I can certainly try.
Blaize E Summers 10/15/17 Summer
How are you coping?
Do you need anything?
Autumn Summers 10/04/17 Summer Love
I don't know! To try something new?
It failed. Horribly.
Autumn Summers 10/04/17 Summer Love
OMFG. Lucius bleached his hair blonde yesterday.
It was horrible. Like, really, really bad.
...I cried.
Blaize E Summers 09/29/17 Sunshine
I was! Winter even joined me for a bit. Then he joined my acquaintance the rest of the time.
Yes, I am in London. I will be settling here for a bit then I will be visiting Spring in Moscow.
I was surprised to find she had her own Coven now.
Blaize E Summers 09/28/17 Sunshine
Summer, how I have missed you!
I have returned form my vacation found this rather colorful bowl I thought you would appreciate.
How is Sydney?
Spring Taylor 08/25/17 Summer
Azhi Dahaka? What the f-ck does that even mean? I f-cking hate them. They're f-cking @rseholes that experiment on our f-cking kind. If I'm going to f-cking Hell I don't need a sodding needle sticking out my f-cking face. I bought some f-cking real estate in Russia.I guess I'll be f-cking here for a long time. I miss you, b-tch.
Autumn Summers 08/22/17 Summer
Those are perfect.
Thank you for the birthday wishes and beautiful gift. I now have the perfect excuse to do more shopping. As if I needed an excuse...
As long as I have you guys and Lucius, it will always be the best year. Love you, too, and thank you again!
Spring Taylor 08/13/17 The small vibration from the ground alerted her to check her cell. Dinner was sprawled out in front of her, and as luck would have it her back was pressed up against the sapling. Spring sucked the blood drops from her fingers, before she lifted the phone up to read the text. Foreign to the walls around her, she found one corner of her lips tug upward into a smirk. Fvcking Summer.

Are you still dancing on poles? Aye the sapling grew into a tree. I'm not f-cking sure what kind it is. I keep telling the b-tch @rse wanker it has to be moved soon. It's going to penetrate the blimey ceiling...Wait. Maybe I can move this cvnt and have it penetrate f-cking d-ckless Casey instead. You f-ckin quite smoking? Oi. What control did smoking have on life? I always thought it was because the taste was something other than moldy @rse bread and sh-te spoiled ham. B-tch. Of course I have motherf-cking patience. Oi where do you stay at Summer? I hope not in the up F-cking Douchlav chav slore creek.
Autumn Summers 08/03/17 Still Bestest Sister
You have such a knack for phrases... Love it.
...I had to google what those were, too, likely for the same reason. Hah.
Anyway, I'll come up with something!
We're still in London, though we do go back and forth between here and Transylvania, and we're getting ready to venture to China. I wanted to go see those tall rock mountain pillar things and Lucy told me to plan it, soo... China, here we come!
How is Winter? It's been a while since I've seen him.
Autumn Summers 07/25/17 Stylishly Crazy
Hah. I like that.
I forgot to ask you to give Winter love for me. So, please do that!
Aye, knowing what a man's favorite noms are is very important. They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, and I mean with food. Not in a literal sense... ahem.
Anyway! Lucius does surveillance and programming, and then some. You catch what I'm throwing? Resistant as I've been about technology, this has been fairly fascinating.

PS - My luggage is amazeballs.
Autumn Summers 07/24/17 Best Sister
Good! I'm glad to hear it.
I'll be honest, I actually asked Lucius at one point if he'd been dropped repeatedly on his head as a baby because to date me, one has to be a few crayons short of a box.
Who in their right mind would want to put up with all that baggage?
Guess they believe it's worth it. Still think he may have a screw or two loose... but he's mine, so it's alright.
Maybe you're right about taking a breather. It just feels odd. Like I need to be investing my energy somewhere, you know? Lucius is (slowly) teaching me his tech stuff. He has the patience of a saint.
I'll be more than happy to put a care package together for you! Maybe a little for Kiernan, too? Is that an acceptable substitute for a medal/ribbon?
Autumn Summers 07/24/17 Best Sister
Those are amazing!!! Love love love.
Unfortunately, no longer honeymooning. Back to reality, though I'm finding myself a bit lost. No longer working and have no idea what to do now. Well, lots of cooking and baking. I'm waiting for Lucius to cry uncle. Oh, and working on the landscaping in the back. But once that's done? I'm not sure.
How are you? What about Kiernan?
Autumn Summers 07/11/17 Best Sis
For what it's worth, I partake every once in a while when I need to take the edge off. Can you believe I'm down to the occasional smoke?
And alcohol, but I don't drink to forget anymore. It's weird.
I'm glad I helped. I want to see you happy. Being scared is normal. I won't lie, I still get scared too.
I guess... well, I've had time to think about all the changes. You asked a genuine question and deserved nothing less then a genuine answer.
Love you so bad.
Autumn Summers 07/09/17 Summer
I mean, it makes sense for spiritual or religious places to give you sustenance, so to speak. When all is said and done, you are an angel.
I've never put much stock in religion and the like, but I have to admit, there is peace of mine to be found.
Regarding the other stuff... I'll write you an email. It's a bit much for text.
Autumn Summers 07/09/17 Summer
You make perfect sense.
We've been going to these places and not only visiting, but taking part in some of the customs for prayer and rituals - like me, Lucius also enjoys learning about different cultures.
I feel more grounded and at peace now in longer than I can remember. Part of it has to do with him, I'm sure. He is very grounding for me. But the rest? It's... something.
Autumn Summers 07/09/17 Summer
The food is different, to be sure, but good. All the different fabrics and clothing is wonderful.
It’s so different, but I find it peaceful. Of course, having Lucius with me makes anything perfect.
We’ve done a lot… I have a bunch of picture, but here are a few now:
Sahelion ki Bari

Kumbhalgarh Fort

Ranakpur Temples

Chittor Fort

A festival

Autumn Summers 07/03/17 Summer
You'll never guess where me and Lucius went for a honeymoon...
India! Can you believe it? Talk about a culture shock. Goodness.
We just got here and the hotel we're staying at is, well, I am incredibly spoiled.
Blaize E Summers 06/26/17 Flower Child
Sister, I apologize for not contacting you sooner.
Even in my return I am still...recuperating.
I am alive. I am no ghost. I ma not an acid trip.
How are you?
Autumn Summers 06/10/17 Summer Love
Whoever sweeps either of you luck is a very lucky man or woman. I don't judge.
Drink all you like!
I won't lie... it feels strange. He calls me his wife and I get butterflies in my tummy. Same when I look at my hand or his. I'm still me but... more?
Autumn Summers 06/10/17 Summer Love
You must've been getting some vibes from me...
Thank you!
And aye, I would be angry at you. That being said, we will be having a proper ceremony when things cool down. It was extreme spur of the moment. He proposed. I cried. Said yes. The rest is history. Which is why we're going to do it properly with a white dress, presents, and honeymoon. Oh, and drinking.
Aye, I did change my last name. It was the least I could do for everything Lucius has done for me.
Autumn Summers 06/10/17 Snowman; Summer Love
Guess what?
Autumn Summers 05/31/17 Summer
Makes two of us. I remember vividly. Perhaps it's the knowledge we have the freedom to come and go as we please which makes settling to some degree bearable?
Although, the old adage 'home is where the heart is' seems to be true for me. As long as Lucius is near, it doesn't matter where I am.
Listen to me... I've turned into a sap!
Autumn Summers 05/31/17 Summer
No fuss! Cooking is my thing, especially when it's for the people I love.
Maybe I'll finally make it down there after we spend a bit of time at home. We've bounced back and forth so much lately, it would be nice to take a break.
Autumn Summers 05/31/17 Summer
I forgot to ask... does Kiernan eat or drink? It isn't safe to assume, since that seems to vary.
Autumn Summers 05/30/17 Summer
I have mixed feelings about London, if we're being honest. Since we are, there are only two reasons I'm here. Lucius and Spring.
In any case, you can both stay if you'd like, for one night or a week.
Paris was amazingly fun. And I still owe you a visit to Sydney. Are you heading back when you leave here?
Autumn Summers 05/30/17 Summer
I look forward to threatening meeting him.
Options are always a good thing...
Aye, that does seem like something they would do. I'm shocked they didn't. The only reason they're still breathing is I just don't want to see their f*cking faces.
So, do I need to clear a room out for this Kiernan? Or will you be sharing? *ahem* Assuming you're staying with us.
Autumn Summers 05/30/17 Summer
We can drink it together. Nothing could possible go wrong mixing booze and alcohol, right?
Does this friend have a name?
Autumn Summers 05/29/17 Summer
...I don't think they do.
What friend?
Autumn Summers 05/29/17 Summer
You're probably not far from the truth...
I can't wait to see you. If you need help in tying said loose strings, let me know. Distraction is a good thing.
Autumn Summers 05/29/17 Summer
I can confirm he does, in fact, exist.
Please come to London. I miss your face, and could use an extra set of hands to tend the garden I've neglected terribly.
Autumn Summers 05/29/17 Summer
That bottle of Țuică is on its way with airmail hugs and smooches, and we are headed back to London.
Autumn Summers 05/21/17 Summer
In-laws... one day, perhaps. I don't think they much approve of me. They are rather traditional.
This place is a bloody fortress. If I'm not safe here, I'm not safe anywhere.
Will most definitely look for that bottle for you.
Autumn Summers 05/21/17 Winter; Summer
Spring is alive and well. Me and Lucius have gone to Romania to visit his family.
It's been many years since I've seen them...
The library here is a dream come true. I love you both so much. Please, please stay safe.
Soleil Whitaker 05/19/17 "My wife and I are very fond of Winter. He’s a good fella,” she responded, matter-of-factly. She gave the blonde a once-over, her smile broadening to reveal a flash of white teeth. It was true - she and Rhiannon adored Winter, and Soleil was sure that they’d feel the same for Summer, if given the opportunity to get to know her better.

“If you ever find yourself in New York, you’re more than welcome to stay with us. I’m sure you and Rhiannon would get along well.”
Soleil Whitaker 05/18/17 Soleil was amused and intrigued, and she couldn't help but chuckle at the irony of the current situation. She'd met Winter for the first time after attempting to pickpocket him at the Compound. Of course she was meeting another Summers under similar circumstances.

She mirrored the woman's arched brow, her small smile never faltered. "It's a pleasure meeting you, too," she responded, holding out a hand in friendly gesture, "Soleil Whitaker. Although, I'm sure you already know more about me than most."
Soleil Whitaker 05/18/17 Summer S Summers just failed at stealing money from you!

"Is this because I slept with your brother?" Soleil asked, an amused grin tugging at the corner of her mouth, "In my defense, I helped him hit his yearly female quota."
Autumn Summers 05/15/17 Summer
Weeelll... having your wings out might make the general public all a-twitter. You are beautiful regardless.
I still haven't made peace with Blaize's death. It seems wrong on so many levels. Most days I ignore it..
Anyway, enough gloom and doom. I'll see what the man says and let you know.
Much love!
Autumn Summers 05/15/17 Summer
F*ck, marry kill?
Sounds like fun. Let me know how that goes, aye?
On a more serious note... Is there anything I can do to help? Would you like me to see if he is willing to talk to/tell/give me whatever it is for you?
If you're indisposed, the worst he can tell me is 'no'. And if that is the case, perhaps later?
You take care of you. I will always be there if you need me.
Autumn Summers 05/15/17 Summer
He wants to speak to all of us. I just happen to be meeting with him today. Evidently he's already met with Winter.
I love Winter dearly but he can be... excitable, so I've not asked him about it.
Being an angel doesn't dictate what you say or do. Pah. You're still you.
I miss Blaize so much. I need to go. I'd advise you to do the same.
Autumn Summers 05/15/17 Summer
Still sober, hmm? Your temper is showing.
Blaize wasn't the most social of us... Winter got that particular trait in spades.
I am wary, but I am not willing to deny our brother's last wishes. Do you not at least want to know what he has to say?
Autumn Summers 05/15/17 Summer
I didn't exactly roll out the welcome mat, either...
Told him to piss off, actually, but Lucius encouraged me to see what the man had to say.
Cooler heads prevail, I suppose.
To be fair, Blaize wasn't open about anything. To anyone. So, given the information Avery has, I'm inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt for now, though I do promise to be careful.
Autumn Summers 05/15/17 Summer
Is it safe to assume you also received a text message from one Pierson Avery?
Lucius Dalca 05/01/17 Text: Summer
I understand and I promise you nothing will happen to her. I have been to hell before and have no desire you go back so I have taken precautions just in case. We are prepared.
Autumn Summers 05/01/17 The mention of the brothers on Summer's text message made Autumn shiver involuntarily. Even dead, despite herself and Spring killed the two themselves, the thought of seeing them again made her go cold.

However, her sister's insistence on returning helped to chase the cold away.

Angel Eyes
F*ck. If I never saw those b*stards again, it would be too soon. Hopefully we won't run into them at all but thank you for warning me.
I promised to do exactly as I'm told. Now I promise you that I'll stay with Lucius, and both of us will come back. I have too much to live for not to.
Autumn Summers 05/01/17 Summer
Me, Lucius and a very handy friend are going into the circles of Hell to look for Blaize. It shouldn't take long, I hope...
You're the only one who won't blow up, and I needed to tell someone. Just in case.
Autumn Summers 05/01/17 Summer
I need to tell you something, but before I do, promise me not to mention it to anyone else. Please?
Autumn Summers 04/29/17 Summer
I'm glad you made it safely. Elouise will be happy to see you. Winter has not made an appearance since we arrived. I'm still in bed.
[pertinent information shared]
Autumn Summers 04/28/17 Summer Love
It makes my head hurt...
Lucius is the best, isn't he?
Autumn Summers 04/28/17 Summer Love
Or would it be today for you? Because you're going backward in timezones... so bizarre.
Don't forget Winter is here, too. I'm sure he'd be more than happy to take Elouise's share. Heheh.
Me and Lucius have a bit of business to take care of, so if we're not here when you arrive, we'll be back before long.
See you soon, sissy-pie. Love you.
Autumn Summers 04/28/17 Mushroom Head
A former associate of Jameson's, so I've been told. I offered to kill him myself but he claimed the rights to it.
So, we are here to keep our lovely friend company. It occurs to me that she probably wouldn't object to more company.
Just throwing that out there.
Autumn Summers 04/28/17 Summer Love
Here's assuming you haven't been told yet, but Elouise was shot.
Non lethal. Shoulder, to be exact. She and the baby are fine. We just polished off an obscene amount of food and I now have a food baby. Ugh... so full.
Lucius and Winter are in Moscow, too.
I figured you'd like to know.
Autumn Summers 04/25/17 Summer
I'm glad Winter is alright, even if he can be a goddamn prick...
Lucius. I don't know what I would do without him.
It's funny you should mention having been on the other side. Maybe that is why I'm not losing my head over this, because not even death is permanent anymore. You are a perfect example. Thank you for reminding me.
Still, it hurts.
I love you.
Autumn Summers 04/25/17 Summer
I am... numb. Having a hard time believing it's real.
Lucius is being so supportive.
How are you? Spring is, well, Spring. I'd know if something happened to her, anyway.
Have you heard from anyone else?
Spring Taylor 04/20/17 Summer
Blaze it up, happy f-cking 4/20
Idris Mowbry 04/16/17 -Comes hopping by in a bunny suit with an orange tabby cat sidekick in his basket-
-hands the woman a basket full of Cadbury eggs, chocolates, plastic eggs full of goodies and a stuffed rabbit-
"Happy Easter!"
-Hops away to his next victim-
Autumn Summers 04/03/17 Summer
Beautiful! The beach isn't bad, either.
Thank you for letting me know you made it safely. I still need to come see you but I'm afraid the intense sunshine will make me burst into flames...
Autumn Summers 03/13/17 Summer
You are sensational. I need to tell you that more often because it's so true.
1. I'm counting on it... Can't wait! Eee! I want to see his jaw hit the floor.
2. Your approval is worth a great deal. My history with relationships isn't exactly super, either, but this one is different. In a good way. Great way. I admit, I'm rather smitten...
3. Good for you! Way ahead of me, I see. Even better about the news down under. Hope he knows how to use it. Let me know if he turns into a tw*t waffle. I'll come and set him straight.
4. Thank you!
Autumn Summers 03/13/17 Summer
Forward me that text message from Winter, aye? He says I need proof.
The condom one, so we're clear. Little b*stard.
Autumn Summers 03/13/17 Summer
It was so good to see you! And I have to say, you are looking amazing, as always. I'm a teeny bit jealous of your dancing. Clearly we're going to have to spend more time together so you can teach me. Lucius may not want me on stage but that doesn't mean I can't do a private show.
Can we talk a minute about that Maxime? He is yummy. I would advise taking a swing at that, assuming he doesn't play for the home team. Does he? Do you know?
Autumn Summers 03/10/17 Summer
We're here! Where are you?
Autumn Summers 03/08/17 Summer
There isn't a thing wrong with eye candy... Not buying what you're selling can be a good thing. No weirdness, aye?
Sadly, I don't think Lucius is the type to shake his stuff for anyone but me, in private. Ah well.
You may have met him but he wasn't exactly sober either. So, here's to first (second) impressions!
Autumn Summers 03/07/17 Summer
I'm making note of that. Hopefully it'll be long enough until then that I'll have forgotten.
In the flesh... hah. I see what you did there. I can also see Winter strutting his stuff and enjoying the hell out of all the attention. As for me, I would have great fun, though Lucius might not be quite so enthusiastic about it. Why are men like that? I, for one, would love to see him on stage. Yum.
And there are better things to lick. Ahem.
Autumn Summers 03/07/17 Summer
Wonderful! I'm so glad to hear you are happy and things are going well.
Paris? You'll have to send me pictures. I've not ventured over that way yet. London is the same.
Remember my Valentine's date? We're actually in Italy together now. We came to rescue Elouise from the Vatican jail. Apparently groping the guards arses is a no-no. But I thought since we're here, why not enjoy it? Maybe we'll come to Paris after. I want to see you!
Autumn Summers 03/06/17 Summer
Sissy! How is Australia treating you? Miss you tons.
Dita Morgenstern 02/23/17 It wasn't that she was trying to hurt the woman, it just happened. Since most selfie sticks are banned at Parisian landmarks, Dita was only trying to help the woman stay out of jail. Leave it to the overly awkward tall girl to even bumble that. A frown toying at her face, tears threatening to spill over her cheeks, a hand was offered to assist the woman as a whispered apology left her lips.
Autumn Summers 02/14/17 Summer
You're going to make me blush. Thank you. I think he does. I'm kinda lucky, too.
Autumn Summers 02/14/17 Summer
Hah! Silly girl.
You're doing a public service, really. Better them be watching you shake your thang than our there causing trouble, aye?
I actually have a date today. First time for everything.
Autumn Summers 02/14/17 Summer
Happy Valentine's Day!
Autumn Summers 02/01/17 Summer
Those are amazing! Where can I find them?
You've found a club in Sydney? I hope it's a good one. I'll come down and smack some bouncers around if they don't do their job well enough.
Autumn Summers 01/25/17 Still Sneaky
You also didn't say you were leaving, but that's alright. I don't blame you. Enjoy yourself, sissy, and be safe. You absolutely deserve it. I love you so much.
Autumn Summers 01/24/17 Summer
Sneaky. You slipped away without a word!
I don't blame you at all, and it looks like Sydney suits you. I also may take you up on the offer. Getting away for a little while sounds great.
No one is going to try to kill me, aye?
Addison 01/19/17 ~strolls along, sniffling wildly before presenting herself to the newcomer of the crew. She gives the blonde a few more sniffs before grinning maniacally.~

"Fresh meat....erm...I mean...Welcome to Azhi! You still have that 'new car' smell, but we'll wear that offa ya!"

~Snickered and did a little twirl before waltzing off to pester someone else in her ever so glorious way.~
Genesis 01/19/17 "Welcome to Azhi. Stay out of my room." :P
Jackson McCarthy 01/18/17 Welcome to Azhi!
King Of Nazareth 01/17/17 "Smile's That is fine my daughter" :)
Spring Taylor 01/13/17 Summer
I need all the notes I can f-cking get. I need my f-cking husband to choke on some hobo c-ck. Know any slag f-cking hobos?
Autumn Summers 01/12/17 Summer
Holy f*ck. I'm losing track of days in an epic way. I could've sworn you sent me this text this morning... Bloody hell.
Despite being slightly worse for wear, I loved spending time with you. More than drinks and painting the town, I needed my big sister. Thank you for being you.
Autumn Summers 01/07/17 More than the drinking, more than the drugs, then any of the shenanigans, Autumn has missed this. Summer. Her sweet sister. All of her siblings, really, because of distraction in these past few months has held her attention. She makes a promise then and there to make up for it.

"I was counting on you saying that. Both of them..." Autumn giggles. She and Summer are of one mind, here. "I must say, I'm mildly jealous of all your glitter. It's so shiny. Anyway, the night is ours. Shall we?"

Before exiting, she knocks back another couple shots. It's fair to say her taste buds are destroyed at this point.
Autumn Summers 01/07/17 In that moment, Autumn is and forever will be thankful for her older sister's discretion. Truth me told, she has fiercely missed Summer between all the time spent in Moscow or at Mercy, or with Gray.


Nope. F*ck no.

Two more shots. Being a vampire had pros and cons. Pro = being able to drink like a champ. Con = being able to drink like a champ when you really wanted to get toasted. She tended to run up hefty bar tabs.

Autumn's head cants to one side. She mirrors Summer's feral smile. "What did you think I meant by saying reviving old traditions? It's been far too long since we've painted the town together. Fancy a bit of dancing first? Or are you danced out?" Her hips sway back and forth, the movement emphasized by the spiked heels adorning her feet.
Autumn Summers 01/07/17 Spotting the tall blonde head bobbing her way, Autumn bounces up off of the stool to open her arms for the much needed embrace. Being a very much a scent oriented woman, she buries her face into her sister's blonde mane and inhales deeply. It helps serve as a balm to soothe the rawness Autumn refuses to acknowledge.

She holds on a smidge too long. But that could easily be misconstrued for the long time since they've seen each other, which is also true. Autumn has missed Summer.

"You look fantastic, too. Also as always," she smiles. "No, we absolutely do not need an occasion but there is one. We are celebrating my newfound singleness. And your marriage, while we're at it. Two birds with one stone, aye?" Her fingers find another shot, two, and systematically knock them back.
Autumn Summers 01/07/17 Summer
Seen one p*ssy, you've seen them all. Kind of like d*cks. I'll be there soon.

And so she is, lighting a cigarette with her favorite Zippo as she steps into the door, the blaring music assaulting her ears. Despite being fully dressed, Autumn feels naked, body and soul. The absence of the necklace's slight weight around her neck nags at her.

We'll take care of that real quick...

While waiting for her sister to make an appearance, the fiery lass heads to the bar and orders herself several shots in succession. The better stuff will come later when she and Summer really get the ball rolling.
Autumn Summers 01/07/17 Summer
My card is officially empty, and likely to remain that way. It will serve as a good reminder, anyway. But I thought it overdue to spend time with you and revive some traditions, aye?
Autumn Summers 01/07/17 Summer
Working tonight, or are you free?
Autumn Summers 12/24/16
Autumn Summers 12/20/16 Summer
Autumn Summers 12/20/16 Summer
I'm a little bit over-protective, even though you're my big sister. Sue me.
As for being sober, I made a promise to Gray not to blow anymore. I know, I have it bad.
Autumn Summers 12/20/16 Summer
Sober as a saint... Minus the alcohol. Which I just wasted, spitting it everywhere when I read that f*cking rumor. Jesus. I now smell like coffee and booze.
So, who is this f*cking j*ckoff?
Autumn Summers 12/20/16 Autumn perused through the latest issue of Death and Style. Thank God, it was better than the last. Pah. That issue was hardly worth a glance.

Active leaders... Aye.

Elouise pregnant... Aye. She already knew that.

Jameson's sister... More Summers... Get used to it, people, they're like f*cking rabbits.

Spring and Victor. HAH. Boyo, you have no idea. You've just been tossed into the deep end.

Summer to wed Zheis.

"WHAT!?" Autumn screeched at the top of her lungs, spitting her spiked coffee in a fine mist everywhere. Seriously, chances are they heard her all the way across the city. Even a few dogs begin to howl.

Throwing the tabloid down, she snatched up her phone, thumbs working at a furious rate.

Please f*cking tell me you marrying some d*ckwad d*uchebag named after my goddamn coffee cup is really a rumor. Granted, it's spelled differently, but my point stands. Do I need to have a chat with him? Tear his jugular out with my f*cking teeth? 'SPLAIN PLEASE. I love you, sissy.
Autumn Summers 12/18/16 Summer
Holy Christ. Your text messages are longer than Winter's and that's damn impressive.
I'm glad you are free of it. I thought I wanted to be, too, but now... It's amazing how a little time can change things so drastically.
Gray is a gem. Never though I'd find a man like him. When I get back to London, we'll have to get together.
Have I mentioned how proud of you I am? Because it's true. You're the best big sister in the world and not just because your weed is dank.
Autumn Summers 12/16/16 Summer
Seems like only you and Blaize think it's a good idea. Me and Gray haven't spoken since I left. Spring either. I don't know if Jameson can find a cure but it has to be worth at least trying, right?
Autumn Summers 12/05/16 Summer
You seem to be the only person remotely happy about this. Winter decided to terrorize Gray, naked. Blaize is reading me the riot act. Haven't heard Spring screaming, yet. I don't understand why they can't be happy for me. I get protective but it hurts my feelings a little bit.
Sorry, I'm just frustrated.... Summer, you are beautiful inside and out. You'll find someone worth of you. I love you so much.
Autumn Summers 12/05/16 Silly Summer
Aye, it's my number. Hasn't changed. Damn, I'm sorry I've been so blood distracted. Okay, here we go:
a) I'm seeing Gray Taylor.
b) I am not getting married. You can come meet him any time. He already deals with the rest of us.
Are you seeing this Jesus guy? The tabloid said something about me and Victor, too, so I didn't think much of it. Spill!
Also, this is Gray:
Spring Taylor 11/22/16 Spring ripped out a couple strands of her hair when her phone vibrated.That famous temper of hers errupting over lack of peace. That strangely changed after she read the text. Her bent form slouched into the couch, with her legs stretched out across places repaired with industrial tape. An amused laugh echoed from her lips as she read the text fully. Summer had a gift, even though.. that gift seems to now come with f-cking fairy wings.

You're so f-cking savage. That's ace. Want to come over? I get free ciggy and bevvy here at the loft. Though don't think they are.. Noblesse. Love you too sister b-tch. xoxo SS
Autumn Summers 11/18/16 The great acrid plume of smoke made Autumn’s nose wrinkle, eying her sister. “You’re my sister. Of course I knew.” Then she snorted in amusement. “Sounds about right. I’m not sure Death would know what to do with any of us.”

Summer’s touch acted as a balm to Autumn’s somewhat frazzled nerves. She may be younger, yes, but she worried regardless. Couldn’t be helped. Their parents sure as hell weren’t to be depended on, so all they had was each other. Only Twig and Joe resided outside their circle. Twig, being a slayer and Joe? Well, f*ck Joe.

Autumn sighed, smiling, and pressed her cheek into her sister’s hand. “It’s alright. You’re here now. Better late than never, right? Erm… You were gone for a month. Maybe two. Time is weird.”
Autumn Summers 11/14/16 "NO ONE TOLD ME YOU WERE ALIVE! What the f*ck, Summer? You couldn't drop by and give me a, 'Hey, look, I'm not dead'? Did Spring know? I'll hide every goddamn pack of cigarettes I find from her," Autumn snaps and hisses, and then she's suddenly hugging her sister, lower lip wobbling. "I missed you... I thought you were gone from us forever..."
Spring Taylor 11/07/16 Spring clasped her hands together, and brought her fingers to rest on the tip of her nose. She tried to absorb what Summer was telling her, and let out a guttural rage induced grunt. "Right." Someone had to have f-cking slipped her some high ranked sh-t in her drink. She cleared her throat and her eyes reopened almost popping out of their sockets.


Everything was drastically trying to register in her infuriated brain. "What the f-cking **** are those? You died but.. you got those?" She asked her own dialect caught between a shrieking lemur and herself trying to keep a level of cool. Jagged breaths that ended on a note of a hissing baptized cat. "Oi. Which f-cking c-cks did this to you? I'm going to shove my fangs so hard into their f-cking face."
Spring Taylor 11/07/16 Spring squinted in the direction of Summer. Was she on some kind of new sh-t these days? Wait, Summer was dead! "Me?! What the f-ck happened to you! I mean.. blimey did someone knock me the f-ck out? Are you.." Unable to stop she propelled forward in an attempt to bop Summer as gently as Spring did such actions. She just had to know she wasn't the delusional b-tch, this time.
Spring Taylor 11/06/16 -rubs eyes-
-speechless for minutes-
F-cking Summer?!
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