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Born: September 23, 2011 Forum Topics Started: 2
Race: Vampire Forum Posts / Replies: 44
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Not all things in life are easy.
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 My Minion Raiding Party can beat up your Minion Raiding Party
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I survived the great Bloodout of 2011...with only minor withdrawal symptoms
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Malyus's Biography
We at Baile Finiuna agus Casur are now looking to bring in new members.

Name: Malyus
Age: ??
Height: 7í0
Hair Color/Style: Long and dark, intermittently brown to coffee black
Eye color: Dark brown, softer in firelight, more harsh when agitated. Often times amber toned in the light.
Body Description: Slightly more than athletic. Long(obviously) and lean, with excellent upper body strength and tone without looking overly muscled.
Weapon of Choice: Double bladed, long handled axe

This is Roger, my familiar. Be nice to him, he's a little stupid. He also prefers meat snacks, but has been known to eat anything slightly resembling food.

Before you ask yes Malyus is my real name. It means hammer in Latin. I have lived in the wood for as long as I can remember. The only people that have never shunned me where an elderly couple that I worked for. I helped train their horses for room and board. I was there for about 12 years before I had to leave. I think that they started to suspect what I was. They were nice as they come but they were really religious and I am not sure how they would have handled it. So I moved to London 1339. I was hit hard when the plague rolled around there was little to eat and people never trusted anyone. As you can see I survived. A lot of people that I knew were lost in that time. I started a tavern after that time. Itís a place for all that was left to forget the outside for a while. I live above that tavern still. If you are ever in the theater district in London you can find me at La Rose Noir. So come on in and have a drink.

You were successful in stealing $0.00 from Aiden Ginger.
You were successful in stealing $27.00 from Dannica.
You were successful in stealing $150.00 from Dawn.
You were successful in stealing $294.00 from Joshua Cadence.
You were successful in stealing $100.00 from Julian Montgomery.
You were successful in stealing $388.00 from Adelina.
You were successful in stealing $570.00 from Izabel.
You were successful in stealing $64.00 from Nilthina.

You hit the Shadow Lord for 69 damage.
You are victorious and have killed the Shadow Lord!
You gained $35.00 in Blood Money.

You hit so for 72 damage. You killed so!

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Created by River Song
InterviewsInterview with Bio Gamer Girl Amanda Dyar
Created by Dr Van Helsing
W_Kat 09/26/16 "It's about effing time...I mean, Welcome back!"
Cassandra Carnivale 09/26/16 Cassie chuckled a bit then spoke.

"Oh I do know how that feels but I was just showing respect you don't really see that much anymore. But I taught all my children their manners when it is comes to their elders and leaders or it is a kick in the ass by mom. I would like to offer you free drinks at The Green Dragon in Paris you will never be charged. I hope to see you there my son Draven and my niece Marah's band plays there so it is always fun. They are pretty good."

She continued to smile.
Cassandra Carnivale 09/26/16 Cassie heard the wonderful news that their leader had returned. She never got to meet him before but she heard good things. She bowed in respect in the old ways then spoke.

"Greetings to you sir Malyus. We never met before I came to this lovely coven. My name is Cassandra Boru and it is a pleasure to meet you finally."

She have him a soft smile.
Saphire Lynch 09/26/16 +Saphire appeared in front of her leader then bowed in respect.+

"Welcome back. I am glad to see you are well Moon will be very happy to see that you are well."
Cassandra Carnivale 05/26/16  photo pizap.com14643065088711_zpsitjgyfhy.jpg
Kati 03/20/16 Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Kati 02/26/16 * giggles and tries to tickle * I'm gonna get ya.
Kati 02/21/16 * sneaks up behind and yells boo *
Kati 02/14/16 * sprinkles bright pink glitter all around and leaves a box of chocolate* Happy Valentines Day!!!
Kati 02/12/16 * sneaks in and places a brightly colored box in the center of the room with a pretty black bow * Congratulations Coven Leader. Gold looks good on you. Hope you like presents... That one should still be warm... Picked it up on the way here... Just wipe up the blood... The box leaks
MysticRose 02/11/16 Congrats Malyus, wishing you the best!!
Mackenzie 02/10/16 Bravo!
Bennie Norh 02/10/16 I see what you did there! Congrats!
John Doe 02/07/16 John Doe Fact #419: There are no such things as tornadoes. John Doe just hates trailer parks.
Kati 02/06/16 * narrows eyes * I swear, I will glitter you to hell and back.
Kati 02/06/16 * pokes back * I don't see what that has to do with anything. * smiles *
Kati 02/05/16 * blinks * Why ever not?
Kati 02/04/16 Good, good * pokes*
Kati 02/04/16 I've been alright, * grins * you?
Kati 02/04/16 *nods* Yes, it has
Bennie Norh 02/04/16 Malyus just stole $156.00 from you!
Kati 02/04/16 * pokes* Hello stranger
Mackenzie 02/03/16
Bennie Norh 02/03/16 *quirks a brow* I am in my own back pocket? *frowns* No, I don't think so.
Bennie Norh 02/03/16 You have to find me first!
Bennie Norh 02/03/16 Try as you might, you can't get MY gold!
Bennie Norh 01/24/16 Yes. I do. *huffs*
And they stay mine. *juts jaw*
Kati 01/24/16 *swats again* Make me
Bennie Norh 01/24/16 *squeals*
*crazy, swatty hands at your grabby hands*
HEY! Whatcho' self!
Kati 01/24/16 *shifty eyes dumps rest if glitter on* I did no such thing
Kati 01/24/16 *stares at * You bit me. What was I supposed to do? Pat you?
Kati 01/24/16 *swats* No, bad vampire. Bad
Kati 01/24/16 *pours orange glitter all over and snickers* Surprise!!
Mackenzie 12/28/15 Hah. You're here.
Mackenzie 12/20/15
Mercy Prescot 12/16/15 "Pleasure to meet need a hat too! Hang on." With a few movements of her hands shadows started dancing together. A a few seconds she had a half decent Santa hat. With a grin she placed it on her new companions head. "There, perfect!"
Mercy Prescot 12/16/15 Once her hat was strait she was satisfied. Extending a hand she graciously took the bottle offered and partook in a generous gulp. Once the contents had been swallowed she handed it back. "Thank *hick-up* you..." She grinned and shrugged a bit. "I've been making my own stuff a long time. Oh...names Mercy."
Mercy Prescot 12/16/15 "My dear I've never turned down an opportunity to's what got me killed crack that baby open!" With a grin and a cough she stood up and straitened herself out, "How's the Santa hat? Is it strait?"
Mercy Prescot 12/16/15 With a stumble and sway she stopped her walking. Turning around she squinted to see just where the voice was coming from. Hugging a lamp post she waves and smiles, "Hiya!"
Mercy Prescot 12/16/15 "Merry festivous!" Mercy, a bit intoxicated and dressed Ina Santa hat said with a grin. "Here! For you...may lights not be the only thing lit this holiday!" With a grin she hands over a bottle of special brewed egg nog. "Trust me it'll put anyone in a jolly mood." With a tip of her hat she strode out of sight yelling....Merry Christmas to all and to all a drunk night!
Jenna Hex 12/11/15 Taking the hand offered, she left her book as it was, ink staining the page. She doused several of her lamps, pulled the front door shut and locked it. Her clientele would understand she had her reasons. "Yes, yes I have that special late summer clover honey you like so much." She smiled over her shoulder at him, "And that dark Scottish blend you prefer." She paused..."I guess that's assuming a bit. Do you still like those things?"
Jenna Hex 12/11/15 She took in as much of his emotion as she could process, waves of it roiling through the room, riling the birds and the vines. Chaotic, rippling and fierce whilst her eyes shown with love and wonder. "Would you like to come on back...I have tea. We can catch up." It seemed so brash and a bit off kilter but she'd never dealt with high emotion well.
Jenna Hex 12/11/15 The quill pen she so favored fell with a dab of ink onto the half filled page she'd been working on. Her hand snaked slowly up the side of her caramel sweater to where his hand laid hot against her porcelain skin. "Malyus." Her breath but a whisper in the air between them. Time caught in suspension. An unbroken moment in eternity.
Jenna Hex 12/10/15 Praxis puffed himself up, ruffled his wings and leaned toward the hand outstretched to his mistress. He sensed no threat and took a strange bird hop to the desk. The vines prodded at the knees of the man she thought long gone. They acted as always, as an extension of her subconscious. "Can...can I....can I help you?" She stuttered. This simply couldn't be real, he couldn't have lived. He couldn't be back after so long.
Jenna Hex 12/10/15 From the hard bound book she was working on, deep auburn locks pulled back yet still falling in an already wild tumble, Jenna turned her emerald eyes upward as her shop door opened and a male voice called to her. Every nerve ending shot through with adrenaline and shock at once, her temptuous vine tattoos stretched with her taut muscles as she held that amber gaze a moment longer than polite. This face she would know in any world though it couldn't be...he couldn't be. Survivors were few and she'd seen him prone with the spell.
Jenna Hex 12/10/15 Jenna was bent, watering a pot of late season mums when she heard her given name float over the crowded cobbled street. In the low light of the gas lamps, she didn't spot the one who'd voiced it. She finished her task, set down the can and straightened. One of her birds fluttered downward from his perch and took to her shoulder. Mayhap a crow was too ghastly for most but her husband had favored them in his living years and she carried them as she carried his memory. Eyes scanning the crowd one last time and finding nothing, she turned toward the door to her shop. She'd be open til nearly midnight as many of her kind preferred to skip the human crowd.
Nicolai Mihaylov 09/13/15 *post it on the front door* Saw your shadow, where've you been? -N.M.-
EtaineNightBreed 09/11/15 Malyus just stole $0.00 from you! EtaineNightBreed snickered as the would be thief took with her large Gucci diaper bag that contained three bottles of breast milk, spare baby outfits and assorted diapers. "I hope you can figure what to do with a diaper bag. Second thought you aint what I'd call daddy material!"
Nicolai Mihaylov 09/01/15 *text* To: The guy with the big sword From: The guy with the big dog Where you been man? Long time no see! Grab a pint layer?
Nicolai Mihaylov 08/10/15 "Yessir" He nudged his glass across the bar, picked up his half empty stout and finished it off as well. "Just the vodka this time." The dim lighting cast shadows in every corner and as the seconds ticked by, Nic swore he saw ghosts amongst them. Real or time for another dose of his.meds...that was the real question.
Nicolai Mihaylov 08/09/15 "I've heard of her. Liam spoke fondly of her, considering the rift between our species'. If you've ever a need to, I'll offer an ear, a sword or a tracking nose." Nic offered a small,consoling grin. He had indeed heard great things about the Lady Jenna. Her powers had been vast and her mind sharp. He'd never met her but he knew what a loss to everyone she must have been.
Lenny Shultz 08/09/15 Welcome to After Dark, Malyus. Hope ya like it here.
Nicolai Mihaylov 08/08/15 "Retired to the Realm full time, figured it couldn't be all bad if Liam lived out his years here." He wrinkled his nose as the stray scent of something unpleasant passed and picked up his drink to drown it out. "It's as good a life as any. What about you? I heard you were married but I don't see a ring."
Nicolai Mihaylov 08/08/15 Do vampires throw sticks for their dogs or is that considered tempting fate?
Nicolai Mihaylov 08/08/15 Long, slender fingers wrapped around his glass, mouth meeting rim as the vodka slid home. "Mm, yessir. Everything's right as rain." He smirked, slid the glass back and picked up his stout. "Takes a while to take the edge off." Fact was, it took far more than a while to do so but if his uncle had left him any legacy at all, it was in the recipe for substance abuse. Namely, vodka and valium. Though Nic lacked Liams carefree aggression, his addictions weren't without merit and serious...well...maybe we'll leave that a mystery for now.
Nicolai Mihaylov 08/08/15 Nicolai took his stool, leaving one booted foot on the ground and the other tucked up on the first rung. "Vodka, no ice and a Oberon pale ale." He eyed the older male carefully but kept his attention on the surroundings. Just because Liam would've drunk with Satan himself didn't mean caution wasn't needed by the rest.
Nicolai Mihaylov 08/07/15 The smells of food sizzling and searing over a cooking fire, fresh brew and liquor, humans and otherworldly creatures and pine board assaulted his nose as the door opened. "Thank you." He dipped his head a moment and strode in before his companion. Poor form but what did the undead know about wolf manners?
Nicolai Mihaylov 08/07/15 "I might enjoy that, if you've a mind." Nicolai shifted his weight back on his heels and cast a glance skyward. "Not much else in this one horse town to keep a body busy, at least not tonight."
Nicolai Mihaylov 08/07/15 I've been well enough. My uncle sends his regards, he'll not be returning for drinks. He's met with some misfortune.
Nicolai Mihaylov 08/06/15 Well hello there old friend
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