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Created by Cersei Lannister
Beau Theroux 10/16/18 -smiles brightly-
"As long as my sister and I are around, neither of you will ever go hungry. Or without a drink! I own a bar, she bartends. Expect some wild barbecues."
-offers hand-"On behalf of Elysium, I welcome you."
Beau Theroux 10/15/18 -nods-
-looks around as they speak-
-checks watch-
-grins at the question-
"Cher, we got beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes- you name it! My sister and I were raised in a cooking home in Lousiana, so you got your comfort food. And chocolate. Everywhere. A very food oriented group."
Beau Theroux 10/11/18 "I recruited her and we became fast friends.
"I would like you to join her in Eden Kennedy's Sanctuary, Elysium."
"No catch. Just thought you would like to join her is all! Plus, we have a lot of food. And we need more people so it won't go to waste."
Beau Theroux 10/11/18 -squints at-
-murmurs to self-
"Short... black hair... rebellious looking... sexy... you fir Rhiannon's description."
-offers a chocolate bar-
"Hello, I'm Beau. I was sent here by Rhiannon, and we both want you to join Elysium."
-insert big smile here-
Elouise Warrock 07/20/18 Elouise is sitting... wherever it is she's sitting, in whatever place she's traveled, with or without Logan by her side. When her phone rings, she swipes to accept. "Soleil." She breaths her name into the receiver, only knowing she's there by the sound of her own breath. "Look, I have to make this quick. Then this phone goes bye-bye."

She shuts her eyes, shaking her head. "I can't exactly explain, but I will be able to soon. He wasn't safe, and I think you know why. When I know you can, I'll let you see him. Take him, even. Just... Not now. And I can't explain any further. Just... He's safe." And then the phone disconnects. Any other calls would reach a disconnected line.
Elouise Warrock 07/20/18 Soleil
I gave you an option.
The only option.
Elouise Warrock 07/20/18 Soleil
That's not going to happen.
Elouise Warrock 07/20/18 Soleil
Because you can't know where we are.
Elouise Warrock 07/20/18 Soleil
That won't be possible.
Elouise Warrock 07/20/18 Soleil
Call me, and we can discuss it.
Elouise Warrock 07/20/18 Soleil
We'll talk about this later.
Elouise Warrock 07/20/18 Soleil
Okay, you convinced me.
I'll bring him back.
Elouise Warrock 07/20/18 Soleil
He’s not your son.
Elouise Warrock 07/20/18 Soleil
Read at 4:26pm.
Elouise Warrock 07/20/18 Soleil
Read at 4:22pm.
Elouise Warrock 07/20/18 Soleil
Read: 4:14pm.
Elouise Warrock 07/18/18 Soleil
Elouise Warrock 07/18/18 Soleil
Time and place.
Jameson Orlav 07/16/18 Soleil Whitaker. There are so many reasons that her name leaves a foul taste in Jameson's mouth. He should have trusted his gut when it told him not to trust her, especially when it came to the interest she eagerly had given to his wife. That didn't matter anymore. The woman had friends in interesting places. A family. One that was very delicate. Susceptible to pain. There had been a fact that lingered on the mind of Jameson Orlav since just after his transition. Elouise had voluntarily surrendered the possession of their son when it seemed that she had been backed into a corner. No interest in raising a boy on her own, much less one that would grow into the unmistakable qualities of his father. It didn't bother him then, and it hardly bothered him now.

Except for the fact that once again, Soleil Whitaker had been in possession of something that belonged to him, and the chorus of his consciousness was like a broken record. Mine. Mine. Mine.

Jameson doesn't make his presence known... Yet. But one thing that is for certain is that he's there. Logan is, and will always be an Orlav. Jameson's kin. Whatever tiny slither of hope that the Whitaker's had held while trying to sate their appetite for a normal family... Trying to hide from him would always have proved to be futile.
Elouise Warrock 07/15/18 Soleil
Thank you.
Elouise Warrock 07/15/18 Soleil
My punishment is having to live without him. I will live to see him die. His children perish, and so on.
I'll watch him live his life, grow old, struggle through illness, his own trials. And I will be helpless to interfere.
But while he is still young, and while it means so little in his mind to be held just a few moments by a woman he won't remember when he's older, I need it.
I'm asking you to show mercy.
Elouise Warrock 07/15/18 Soleil
Don't lecture me on what's best for my child.
There's a difference between keeping a distance and choosing not to care.
Every day without him is painful.
I brought him into the world. I know what's best for him.
Elouise Warrock 07/15/18 Soleil
Logan's safety is my first concern.
Understand I asked nicely the first time.
But I will see him.
Elouise Warrock 07/14/18 Soleil
There was a time we were closer than anyone.
If help is what you need, I'd like to offer it.
No strings.
Elouise Warrock 07/14/18 Soleil
I could help, if you'd let me.
Elouise Warrock 07/14/18 Soleil
No. Absolutely not.
I just want to see my son.
That's it.
Elouise Warrock 07/14/18 Soleil
If it's about interacting with you, or Rhiannon, or your son... I won't.
I just want to see mine.
Elouise Warrock 07/14/18 Soleil
I'd just like to see him.
It's been so long.
I'm asking, Soleil.
Elouise Warrock 07/14/18 Soleil
I know that.
I'd like to come and see him, if you wouldn't mind.
Elouise Warrock 07/14/18 Soleil
Despite it all now, you still have found it in your heart to make a selfless sacrifice.
Not for me, but for him.
I understand that distinction.
But it means more to me than you'll know.
Elouise Warrock 07/14/18 Soleil
I know you don't owe me anything.
You never did.
I'm grateful to you.
And I'm sorry my friendship failed you.
Elouise Warrock 07/14/18 Soleil
I know you don’t have to talk to me.
Please. Just tell me how he’s getting on.
Elouise Warrock 07/14/18 Soleil
Just wanted to check in. Seeing as it was just his first birthday.
I’m sure you’re treating him wonderfully.
Elouise Warrock 07/14/18 Soleil
How is Logan?
Mackenzie 03/17/18 Soleil
Your hair looks like a pot of gold at the end of a blue rainbow.
WildKat 02/19/18 Congrats on PotD!
Elouise Warrock 01/31/18 Soleil
You can hate me for the rest of your life.
You're stubborn, so I know you will.
Give him a kiss for me. We'll be seeing each other sooner than you think.
Elouise Warrock 01/31/18 Soleil
I think we both know neither you nor your wife would easily part with him.
How is Logan?
Elouise Warrock 01/31/18 [Unknown Number]
Happy Anniversary.
WildKat 12/22/17 Congrats on PotD!
Elouise Warrock 12/11/17 "I wish I could have been what you needed from me, Soleil. But not every love is quite so straightforward as the one between you and that wife of yours." Elouise sneered at the thought of Rhiannon, finding Soleil's 'better-half' nothing more than an annoyance and hindrance.

"It's your choice, Soleil. Take Logan, or let him die." Cerulean eyes cast backwards at her son, who squirmed - growing more agitated as the two women spoke. "I know you'll do the right thing."

El didn't hesitate a moment longer. Her feet were already backing away, breaking from the scene with Soleil, her pace an easy sprint into the night. She knew, despite all protests, despite her hatred of his mother, Soleil wouldn't abandon Logan.
Elouise Warrock 12/11/17 Elouise scoffed. "You think any of those monsters could have taken care of my son?" She sucks in a breath - an involuntary action, as her lungs no longer require the action. "You don't know what Elis Griffyn did to me."

She can feel every sensation of that locked cellar still. Sleepless nights give her plenty of time to dwell in the nightmares of what Elis Griffyn inflicted upon her. And despite all she's done to Soleil, the nerve of the young woman provokes an anger deep inside of her.

"When you had no one, Soleil, I took you in. Regardless of how you feel for me now, we loved each other. We took care of each other. You may be 'done' with me, despise me for having seduced you into a betrayal, but you cannot deny the love we once shared." Soleil would pretend to look back on it all with revisionist's history, to blame Elouise for everything.

"You'll take Logan, because you know it's the humane thing to do. You'll take him, because..." There's a sharp prick in her gums as her fangs protrude, the quick flash of a sadistic smile revealing her nature, once and for all, to Soleil. "Because if you leave him with me, I'll only end up killing him."
Elouise Warrock 12/11/17 She doesn't listen as Soleil offers her condolences. She's off-center, wanting more than anything to ravage the other woman until she was nothing but razed flesh. But she didn't. Not even when Soleil refused her demands.

"You can." Elouise insisted, an unmistakable grit to her tone. "You and Rhiannon have a home, you have means. You can care for Logan." The blonde reached out, grasping Soleil's wrist in a death-grip - sure to leave a bruise. It's the first sign that everything isn't completely put-together for Elouise.

"I can't control myself, Soleil. I can't even touch him."
Elouise Warrock 12/11/17 Elouise’s mood shifted, incensed by the scent of Soleil, ears ringing with the healthy and solid thrum of the younger woman’s heart. It’s all of the blonde’s strength not to simply take upon her and drink her dry, but she’d fed just before his meeting to reduce the frenzy. She was as in control as she possibly could be, and needed the interaction to be as brief as possible.

The smell of Soleil is intoxicating.

There’s no hint to Elouise’s new-found vampirism. Her heart still beats as well. It just doesn’t serve a purpose any longer.

“Hey, gorgeous.” El breathed in Soleil’s scent, finding herself leaning in her direction like Garfield to lasagna. “I need you to do something for me.” While she knew Soleil would do nothing to help Elouise any longer, she knew she wouldn’t walk away. Not from an infant in desperate need.

“Jason died.” The two words rip a pit into the deepest vestiges of Elouise’s gut, unable to process the loss of her best friend, and at the time of his death, her husband. Not that the marriage was remotely romantic. Jason was supposed to have protected Logan. Instead, he’d succumbed to the red death, leaving Elouise to try and protect her own child, yet her desires and control were too unruly for her to take the task of motherhood upon herself.

No. She needed Soleil. “He was supposed to keep Logan safe. But…sh*t happens.” She motioned then towards the sleeping infant. “I need you to take him, Soleil. If you don’t…” She’d kill her only other child at her own hands – again. The image of Prudence, hung like the crucifixion before her haunted her sleepless nights.

She would not repeat the same offense.
Elouise Warrock 12/10/17 Elouise waited. Patient for the arrival of the woman she needed desperately to play her part. There was no denying, through observation, the life of quiet desperation Soleil Whitaker was living. That her days were spent only in the company of a toddler, and once he was put to bed, it was pure solitude. If Elouise was feeling truly horrible, she would prey upon the loneliness her friend felt. It would be chaotic for Soleil's life, but Elouise didn't care.

No. Her focus was precise. She needed Soleil to cooperate.

With Jason dead (really dead), the matter of Logan's care came into question. There was no joy in learning her son was not, in fact, as dead as Elis had promised. Elouise, devoted to his care even in undeath, knew there were few people she could trust with his care. The conversation had been had with numerous persons, but trust, in the end, fell to the one woman, who despite all protests and insistence, would never truly be free of Elouise's spell.

So she waited at the meeting location, car-seat filled with sleeping infant situated on the park bench beside her. It was frosty, but Logan seemed content enough to remain asleep, and Elouise was certain Soleil would be arriving imminently.
Elis Griffyn 11/10/17 Email
To: Soleil Whitaker
From: E. Griffyn


Sorry for the seemingly random email, I managed to get your address from a friend. I hope you don't mind. And I appreciate that, given the issues in the past with her, you don't mind me contacting you in regards to Elouise.

We've had a falling out after a very upsetting incident involving some rather unsavoury beings (I'm sure you can guess who, or rather, what I am referring to) and she seems to be suffering some rather delusional thoughts about me as a result.

I worry for her safety and the safety of those she may come into contact moving forward, including yourself and your beautiful family.

If she gets in contact, please approach with caution while I try to fix the issue and get her help. And feel free to call me at any time. I believe you have my number.

She's not herself and I'm concerned for her.

All the best,

Elouise Warrock 11/10/17 An irrational sense of anger fills her chest cavity. She wants to lash out - cross the street and slap sense into Soleil. The young woman can be so obstinate - she can't never take a simple command without asking for more information. She can't just listen. Soleil will never understand all that Elouise has done for her own good.

Soleil will never understand just how deep Elouise's love runs - that she has always put herself in jeopardy to protect those she considers dear. But now, her state has changed. Mind and body altered. It's more of an obsessive fixation than love. But it's all-consuming.

"Meet me in person, then. I'll text you the address." Elouise lets the statement settle before disconnecting the call, numb fingertips tapping at the buttons until the deliberate message is tailored. Once sent, she crushes the cell with just the force of her grip.
Elouise Warrock 11/04/17 Elouise closes her eyes, refraining from snapping. She needs to be tactful. She needs to keep her cool. He's been in contact with Soleil. Of course he has. She nods slowly. "Don't go near him. Don't let your son near him. Do you understand?" There's layered desperation in her tone, impossible to hide.

"You don't know what he's capable of, Soleil. You don't know him like I do." Her breath is more anxious, coming out in short, forced huffs. "Promise you'll stay away. He's...Elis is..." She can't give reason. It's all too raw, Elouise's impression of the world post-Elis Griffyn.

"If something happened to you, just for knowing me..."
Elouise Warrock 10/30/17 "You won't ever have to worry about him." She retorts. And it's truth. Elouise will watch over Soleil for the rest of her natural life. "It's not something we should talk about over the phone." Or in person. Elouise isn't sure she can keep her composure in front of Soleil. The powers that have always drawn Elouise to Soleil intoxicate her only more. But it's a different desire, now.


No, Elouise doesn't trust herself. "Sometime soon. Maybe." She falls quiet, letting Soleil's words fall deaf for a minute or two. Only the sound of her breathing on the other end of the line indicates Elouise is still present.

"I've been watching, Soleil." She states the sentiment with ease. "I want to tell you everything. I hate to keep secrets from you." But, as always, Elouise will keep her peace if it protects Soleil. "Do you know Elis Griffyn?"
Elouise Warrock 10/27/17 "He told me he killed everyone I loved." She replies, choking on the words. "Everyone. Everyone but you. They're all gone." She whispers, her forehead knocking against the window pane with force. "He told me he killed you. But I needed to know for myself." She observes the nervousness now exhibited in Soleil's body language. The trepidation in her tone pains Elouise. But she pushes through.

She can't bring herself to verbalize the trauma, so she simply moves on. "I love you. You know that, don't you?" She lets out a soft sigh. The three words feel different. She's remorseless and completely unapologetic.

"When'd you get the kid?" There's a sharp pain in her chest, recollecting the thought of Prudence and Logan. She can't only stand to for a few seconds. "I'm sure you're a great mom." It's not as if Elouise hasn't been secretly privy to how Soleil interacts and treats her son. But, Soleil doesn't need to know that.
Elouise Warrock 10/27/17 She breathes back in response, a chuckle catching in her throat. Her voice is different, devoid of that canorous charm it once carried. Cerulean eyes shut, unnecessary breathing ragged at she soaks in the sound of Soleil. "Is that so? I can certainly make arrangements..." The blonde knows better than to joke. She's sure that Soleil will simply hang up the other end of the phone.

"Would you believe me if I thought you were dead?" It's an earnest question, and Elouise leans against the window frame, gauging her former friend's body language. "I've been thinking of you." It's an understatement. Soleil has been her only thought. Her last motivation to escape. If only to find her. To protect her from all harm.

From Elis.

"Don't hang up. Not yet." It's a dire plea, woven into her crack in her voice.
Elouise Warrock 10/26/17 Elouise has been watching. For hours, for days - it all seems to meld together into indiscernible threads of time. Time. Funny, how the blonde always felt there was never enough of it. She used her charms to gain entrance into the house across the street, and later enjoyed the Whitaker's neighbors for dinner. It was a bountiful feast. Enough to keep the young vampire at ease while she observed.

She knows she can't control herself, so she keeps her distance. But it's this small shred of a lie on Elis's account. Soleil is alive. And Elouise has committed herself to stand vigil. To protect the last person she has left to love.

Is it love? Elouise can't be sure. In her chest is only a hollowness. The woman Soleil had once known and loved is gone. Only this monster, whose has made her mark upon her. From her perch in the third story window, she watches Soleil roam the living room across and below - collecting odds and ends and toys. Tidying up. So domestic. She had put a small child to bed a half-an-hour ago or so. Her wife wasn't home. Not yet. It's hard to track Rhiannon, her comings and goings are sporadic.

But this is Elouise's window, no pun intended. So she picks up the burner phone balanced on the window sill and dials. All it takes is for Soleil to connect on the other end of the line.
Elouise Warrock 09/26/17 Soleil
If you didn't want it, you could have said no. You could have stopped it, and you didn't.
So don't look back in retrospect and act like I'm the villain.
You share the blame. You have the decision. Several decisions that all led you into bed with me.
I regret it because you're married, and because it was selfish. I don't regret that it was you.
Elouise Warrock 09/26/17 Soleil
That's not true. How could you even think that?
I loved you. I treated you well. We traveled the world together.
No one meant more to me than you. You knew that.
Elouise Warrock 09/26/17 Soleil
I needed you.
Elouise Warrock 09/26/17 Soleil
I didn't have a clear head that night.
You can accuse me of what you want. I won't argue.
But I loved you, despite how I showed it.
I didn't trap you. You chose to join The Order. You fell in love with me. You stayed.
And I did my best to keep you happy. I won't deny my motives were selfish. But love is selfish.
Elouise Warrock 09/26/17 Soleil
I would have died for you, too.
I'd die for you right now, if that's what you needed.
Elouise Warrock 09/26/17 Soleil
I know that.
I know I couldn't have been anything good for you.
You deserved something more, and you found it.
That's all I ever wanted for you.
Elouise Warrock 09/26/17 Soleil
Because perfect things scare me.
Elouise Warrock 09/26/17 Soleil
You were the most important person in my life for so long.
Of course I knew how you felt. I wanted to ignore how I felt.
I'm sorry I abused you. I know you deserved more than I gave.
I loved you. I love you. I don't care if it isn't justified any more. I will always miss you. You're my best friend.
I miss the way we laughed together. I miss our late-night Netflixing and gossip.
I miss your friendship.
You're probably not going to answer this. I don't expect you to. I know I don't have a right.
Elouise Warrock 09/26/17 Soleil
I hate that things had to change.
I know I can't apologize for what I did to you.
But I miss you. And I hope your life is good.
Elouise Warrock 09/25/17 Soleil
Life isn't the same without you in it.
Elouise Warrock 09/11/17 Elouise was a selfish person. There was no use denying that. But, she had a heart. Maybe not a conscience, but that didn't matter. At just about dinner time, a knock would come at the door of The Whitaker's townhouse. At the doorstep, they would find their beloved Fish in his travel crate, as well as a note taped to the top of it.


I never meant to make you feel trapped. I loved you, and I betrayed you. I know I took you for granted, and I hurt you. I know I could have ruined your beautiful marriage. I won't make excuses for that. You were, are, and always will be in my heart. I'm sorry.

Elouise Warrock 08/30/17 Elouise stares at the phone. It's late. She's exhausted. Frankly, she's had enough of the living. So, she does as Soleil asks. Deletes the number. Forgets the love. Forgets the sex. Forgets all of it.
Elouise Warrock 08/30/17 Soleil
I wish you'd talk to me.
I miss you.
Elouise Warrock 08/22/17 Soleil
Read 1:21 PM
Elouise Warrock 08/22/17 Soleil
Better yet, don't come back to Moscow.
Elouise Warrock 08/22/17 Soleil
Funny, seems your hands aren't broken.
F*ck off, then.
Elouise Warrock 08/21/17 Soleil
I didn't know my friendship was an obligation. So just forget about it. I can take care of myself.
Whatever stick is up your ass, lose it. I've always been here for you.
Elouise Warrock 08/21/17 Soleil
I don't want you to anymore. So don't. Stay with Rhiannon.
Elouise Warrock 08/21/17 Soleil
Never mind, Soleil.
Stay in Cannes.
Elouise Warrock 08/21/17 Soleil
Why isn't it okay? New York was okay??? Why isn't Cannes??? Are you mad at me?!
Elouise Warrock 08/21/17 Soleil
The baby and I are coming to Cannes! I need to leave Moscow! Okay? Okay! Okay!
Elouise Warrock 08/21/17 Soleil
Elouise Warrock 08/21/17 Soleil
Elouise Warrock 08/21/17 Soleil
I got really, REALLY drunk the other night, and I think I married a woman. Not think. I did. I DID. AND SHE KISSED ME. AND I'M F*CKING FREAKING THE F*CK OUT. CAN YOU PLEASE COME HOME.
Elouise Warrock 08/21/17 Soleil
Promise to have an open mind.
Elouise Warrock 08/21/17 Soleil
Elouise Warrock 08/21/17 Soleil
I need your help.
Elouise Warrock 08/17/17 Soleil
Are you mad or something?
You know I love you.
Elouise Warrock 08/17/17 Soleil
HA. you're not Tucker.
That's awkward.
Sorry. Love you. Not trying to break up your marriage.
Elouise Warrock 08/17/17 Soleil
Wtf, Tucker. Rude.
Elouise Warrock 08/17/17 Soleil
I thought I already said?
I need to get laid.
You're my #1, first round draft pick.
Elouise Warrock 08/17/17 Soleil
Why not?
Elouise Warrock 08/17/17 Soleil
That sounds like a maybe, not a no.
Where are you? I'll fly out.
Elouise Warrock 08/17/17 Soleil
Because. Reasons.
Elouise Warrock 08/17/17 Soleil
I need to have sex.
Come over. ;)
Elouise Warrock 08/15/17 Soleil
Why can't you be single and needy again?
Elouise Warrock 08/14/17 Soleil
I don't remember where you told me you were going. I hope you're having a good time. Love you.
Elouise Warrock 08/08/17 Soleil
It was ONE mass murder. Shush.
Elouise Warrock 07/27/17 Soleil
Can't wait!
Kool-Aid is mixed. Maid it into jello shots.
Death is going to feel more fun!
Elouise Warrock 07/27/17 Soleil
We're drinking a gallon of Kool-Aid and snuggling.
You'll live.
Elouise Warrock 07/27/17 Soleil
Don't pretend it was the Kool-Aid that had you hooked.
Elouise Warrock 07/27/17 Soleil
You've never complained about the Kool-Aid before.
Elouise Warrock 07/27/17 Soleil
7 sounds perfect.
I'll mix the special Kool-Aid.
Elouise Warrock 07/27/17 Soleil
2 of everything on Taco Bell's menu.
And alcohol of your choice.
Elouise Warrock 07/27/17 Soleil
I can't put a price on your worth to me.
Elouise Warrock 07/27/17 Soleil
If that's code for spooning, then yes.
Elouise Warrock 07/27/17 Soleil
Come over and spoon?
Elouise Warrock 07/27/17 Soleil
You know no one could ever replace you.
Don't be silly.
Elouise Warrock 07/27/17 Soleil
Do you want the honest answer?
Elouise Warrock 07/27/17 Soleil
I'm always eating.
I make the new guy get everything for me.
Elouise Warrock 07/27/17 Soleil
We're both fine.
How are you?
Elouise Warrock 07/21/17 Soleil
I'm in the nursery.
Elouise Warrock 07/20/17 "I...I need time to think. Give me some time to think?" She isn't trying to keep anything from Soleil. Quite the contrary. She's simply trying to reason with herself at this juncture. "Come tomorrow. We can talk. Okay? We'll talk tomorrow." Clearing her throat, she pressed her phone briefly to her forehead before adding a final few words.

"I love you. Stay put. Come to the compound tomorrow, when everything isn't so messy."
Elouise Warrock 07/20/17 She paused, breathing heavily from the other end of the line. "Stay. It's no use, right now...Jason tripped the alarm, the system's locked up, and no one's getting in our out. Come in the morning. Nothing...nothing can really chance right now, right?" Her tone carried a hopeful note, hoping that Soleil would offer reassurance to a bleak reality.

"I don't know...if he's really Jameson anymore."
Elouise Warrock 07/20/17 Elouise frantically dialed Soleil's number, known by heart. Slender digits shake as she pulls the phone to her cheek, awaiting the promised dial tone.

"He's alive. Jameson's alive." It's all she could manage before bursting into tears, commotion heard in the background of the call.
Elouise Warrock 07/20/17 Soleil
I need you here. With me.
You can't leave. I need you.
Elouise Warrock 07/20/17 Soleil
I need you.
Elouise Warrock 07/12/17 Soleil
Let's call it Brunch.
Mimosas? Cheetos? Netflix and chill?
Elouise Warrock 07/12/17 Angel Face
Rain check. Something came up.
Stop by for breakfast in the morning? Or lunch. Or dinner.
Elouise Warrock 07/12/17 Bae
I'll bring the cheetos.
Elouise Warrock 07/12/17 Sh*t
We'll eat in.
I'm not taking Logan off compound.
Elouise Warrock 07/12/17 Ass
You joked first.
Dinner tonight?
Elouise Warrock 07/12/17 Rude AF
F*ck off.
Take that back. :(
Elouise Warrock 07/12/17 Soleil
If you loved me, you would have gotten me Taco Bell.
There was a time when we'd lay in bed and eat sh*tty food all day.
I miss that.
Elouise Warrock 07/11/17 Soleil
I want you on Compound tomorrow.
Elouise Warrock 07/11/17 Soleil
Omfg. Bring me Taco Bell.
Do you even love me?
I thought I was your cookie.
Elouise Warrock 07/11/17 B*tch
Taco Bell, or Wolverine gets sold to the circus.
Elouise Warrock 07/11/17 Soleil
I want Taco Bell.
Go get it.
You're my b*tch.
Elouise Warrock 07/11/17 Soleil
I'm hungry.
Elouise Warrock 07/09/17 Soleil
You know I love you, too.
Elouise Warrock 07/09/17 Soleil
Tomorrow morning it is.
Elouise Warrock 07/09/17 Soleil
Come by later, or tomorrow.
We can talk about everything in person.
Elouise Warrock 07/09/17 Soleil
Cookie? Really?
You should head back to New York for awhile. Everything's quiet here. You don't need to hang around. If I have any problems, I'll keep you in the loop.
Elouise Warrock 07/09/17 -tilts head back, kisses her cheek-
See you in the morning.
-snuggles back in-
-sleepy sigh-
I love you.
Elouise Warrock 07/09/17 I would never 'use' you.
-clings, never letting go-
He's a good one, huh?
-frowns slightly-
Wouldn't have gotten through it all without you, you know.
Elouise Warrock 07/09/17 -snuggles up close-
What's new? You're looking at him.
-proud grin-
Right, Logie?
-wide eyes-
Ohemgee. Logie. That is so cute!
Elouise Warrock 07/09/17 We could pick up where we left off with Netflix?
-hands over turd factory-
I really just want to use you as a human pillow.
Elouise Warrock 07/09/17 -blank stare-
I just didn't want you to jump into bed, moron.
-pokes Logan's tum-
He woke up, anyways. You can pick whatever onesie you want. They're all in the closet.
Good thing you're not.
Elouise Warrock 07/09/17 Soleil
Logan's in my bed, not in his crib.
...don't squish him.
Elouise Warrock 07/09/17 Soleil
Just grab a bag of Cheetos from the pantry on your way through.
Onesies and snuggles?
Elouise Warrock 07/09/17 Soleil
You don't have to. But you know I'm ALWAYS hungry.
Elouise Warrock 07/09/17 Soleil
You're where you're supposed to be.
So am I.
Elouise Warrock 07/09/17 Soleil
Wish you were here.
Wish you could be.
You know that.
Elouise Warrock 07/08/17 Soleil
I love you.
Sleep tight, kid.
Elouise Warrock 07/08/17 Soleil
I never meant to. You know that.
Elouise Warrock 07/08/17 Soleil
Just like his mother?
Elouise Warrock 07/08/17 Soleil
He's gonna be such a ladies' man. GODDAMN.
Gets his looks from me.
Elouise Warrock 07/08/17 Soleil
He's just so cute.
Elouise Warrock 07/08/17 Soleil
Why not? He's a thuuuursty byotch, just like his momma. The formula's working fine.
And yes. Sleeping. Took a bit to get him sleeping last night, but he's been sleeping most of the day.
Such a snuggle bug.
Elouise Warrock 07/08/17 Soleil
My baby got a booty and he THICC.
He's perfect. He likes snuggles. Only spit up on me the once.
Pretty boring stuff. Sleeps like a Warrock. ;)
Elouise Warrock 07/08/17 Soleil
8 pounds.
Elouise Warrock 07/08/17 Soleil
He's such a love.
And he's. So. CHUBBY.
Elouise Warrock 07/08/17 Soleil
He spit up all over me and I don't even care.
Elouise Warrock 07/08/17 Soleil

Elouise Warrock 07/08/17 Mhm.
-winks at her-
See you later, prison wife.
Elouise Warrock 07/08/17 -smirks-
Yeah, yeah. Logan, maybe.
-rolls eyes-
Of course you can come back. Just, like, bathe first.
Elouise Warrock 07/08/17 -reaches for nameless squish-
I was thinking Grant. Or Logan. I don't know. I still think he looks more like an Elouise Junior.
-smothers baby in kisses, because omg-
Go bang your wife, horndog. It's not like the two of us are going anywhere.
Elouise Warrock 07/08/17 I haven't gotten laid since...
-wide eyes-
I just don't think sex is ever happening again.
-gets distracted by baby-
He's such a pudge. And for a premie? The boy is thick.
Elouise Warrock 07/08/17 -rolls eyes-
Relax. You'll get laid today.
-hands over sleepy af baby-
Look at his face. Just...f*cking look at it!
-tickles his lil squish belly-
I'm obsessed.
Elouise Warrock 07/08/17 -blank stare-
Sit down, assh*le.
-points at chair-
What? Naked wife is more important than saying hi to your favorite nephew?!
Elouise Warrock 07/08/17 Soleil
Sh*t bot definitely has a cuter bum. I would know, I've seen hers too.
He's still sleeping, though. He's a lil sloth.
Elouise Warrock 07/08/17 Soleil
I might let you hold him too.
Elouise Warrock 07/08/17 B*tch Ass
Check that sarcasm at the door bish.
Bring me, like, 12 bagels. Please.
I'm f*cking STARVING.
Elouise Warrock 07/08/17 Soleil
Pick up some formula for me.
Breast feeding is a solid HELL NO.
Elouise Warrock 07/08/17 -long sigh-
Yeah...maybe just one day off.
-clenches jaw-
Jameson's supposed to be here for this.
Elouise Warrock 07/08/17 -intense pouting-
Thank God he's blonde, right?
-sniffles more-
I can't wait for snuggles.
Elouise Warrock 07/08/17 I'm leaking from every possible location, but...
I really f*cking love him, y'know? He's just...he's perfect. Sh*t.
*wide eyes*
Can I curse in front of him? Oh my sh*t. F*ck. Jesus!
Elouise Warrock 07/08/17 -blinks-
I'll figure out a name, I guess.
Walter. Pickles. Something classic.
Elouise Warrock 07/08/17 -keeps turning around in her seat to check-
He doesn't have a name. I couldn't think of anything good. Rambo seemed too...f*cking stupid. And if I name him after Jameson...that's weird, right? Like? That's the name of the man I bang, and my baby? No. Ew.
Elouise Warrock 07/08/17 -blinks rapidly-
What? Him? Hold? No. No.
-deep breaths-
Okay. Yeah. Fine. Here.
-holds baby out Lion King-style-
Don't f*cking drop him.
-gets into car-
Elouise Warrock 07/07/17 Soleil
Hold on. I see you.

-clears throat-
...does he just go in the seat? So I use a regular buckle? How the f*ck does one care for an infant?
Elouise Warrock 07/07/17 Soleil
I'm still drugged.
I'm cruisin'. ;)
Elouise Warrock 07/07/17 Soleil
You push an Orlav-sized head out of your funbox and then pretend not to have attitude.
Elouise Warrock 07/07/17 Captain Obvious
Can't exactly GO anywhere...
Elouise Warrock 07/07/17 Soleil
[Location Sent]
Elouise Warrock 07/07/17 Soleil
Need you to pick up the car seat from my suite, first.
Elouise Warrock 07/07/17 Soleil
I need you to come pick me up.
Elouise Warrock 07/05/17 Soleil
I'm sorry.
I promised you a safe space. I know I haven't made good on that promise as of late.
Elouise Warrock 07/05/17 Soleil
Take the next couple of days off.
I'll be busy, regardless.
Elouise Warrock 07/04/17 Soleil
If you can't handle it, just say so.
Elouise Warrock 07/04/17 Soleil
It's my mother's corpse.
I can't dig a f*cking grave by myself, Soleil. I'm pregnant.
Elouise Warrock 07/04/17 Soleil
I'll put the body in a bag first.
Elouise Warrock 07/04/17 Soleil
Why would I be kidding?
Elouise Warrock 07/04/17 Soleil
Bleach, sanitizing wipes, and a shovel.
Elouise Warrock 07/04/17 Soleil
I'm going to need you on the Compound tomorrow.
Elouise Warrock 07/03/17 Soleil
I love you, but you're not who I'm thinking of.
Talk tomorrow. Goodnight.
Elouise Warrock 07/03/17 Soleil
I'm already in bed.
It's hard to sleep when there's supposed to be someone else beside you.
Elouise Warrock 07/03/17 Soleil
You know what happens if you leave this city. Don't be contrary.
I will see you tomorrow for our nutrition break.
Elouise Warrock 07/03/17 Soleil
I'm locking the doors.
Elouise Warrock 07/03/17 Soleil
new phone who dis
Elouise Warrock 07/03/17 Soleil
I can take care of myself.
Elouise Warrock 07/03/17 Soleil
I had a box of Eggos an hour ago.
Elouise Warrock 07/03/17 Soleil
As I said, I'm otherwise occupied.
Elouise Warrock 07/03/17 Soleil
Who is in charge here, exactly?
Elouise Warrock 07/03/17 Soleil
I'm busy.
Elouise Warrock 07/03/17 Soleil
Not yet.
Elouise Warrock 07/03/17 Soleil
Where are you?
Elouise Warrock 06/29/17 "It wasn't my truth to tell, Soleil. What Jameson to create a better, safer world." There isn't a hint of doubt as she speaks. Either the woman is brain-washed, or she truly believes in her husband. "It's the same as asking, do murderers deserve mercy? If he tortures a vampire in the midst of getting his it truly so bad? To punish a criminal?" She looks at Soleil, unblinking.

"When he first showed me his lab, I wanted to run. I wanted not to love him, not to be a part of his life, or his work. I thought he was a psychopath." She rocks back in her chair, a hand resting idly on her mid-section. Rambo was, apparently, rather active as of late. "But Jameson is a man of science, worthy of admiration and respect. What he does, what he sacrifices, in order to one day provide a cure, I not only respect, but support. Before I became pregnant, I was beside him. We were partners, sharing in a vision."

And then, she frowns. "Something...changed. He pulled back, pulled away. He would disappear for periods of time...To locations I'm still unsure of. But I know that despite the nature of his work, he would never intentionally endanger me, or our son. Nor leave us, either." Something on one of the many monitors catches her eye, leaving a pause before she continues.

"He is a good man. And if he is a monster, then he is my monster. But I stand by him, and his mission. Our mission. If you were to know months was risky. You were new. I was trying to help you. Knowing what went on in that laboratory, I was unsure if you'd want to stay."
Elouise Warrock 06/28/17 Elouise unlocks the heavy metal door from the inside, permitting Soleil's entrance into the white-washed room, housing the security that overlooked the entire compound. From the looks of things, and perhaps, the smell, Elouise had hardly moved from her perch here. She motions idly towards a spare chair before settling into her formative position. "I do not make a habit of torturing prisoners, Soleil. I had wished your introduction to Calvin would be...different." She clears her throat, cerulean eyes scanning screens, noting the locations of the several members spread out. She lets out a stifled yawn before continuing.

"I do not make a habit of torturing anyone, for that matter. Nor, do I frequent my husband's lab." She's quiet, calm as she speaks. Matter-of-fact, and precise. "But I believe in his work, I trust in his aims and goals, and I know that while the means are not preferable, if it takes a butcher to cure vampires, then he is the butcher we need." She rubs sleep from her eyes, an eerie calmness to her acceptance of her husband's nature.

"He is a monster to some, yes. And what you saw...was no assurance to his humanity. But I love him, and he loves me. I accepted this part of him long ago, Soleil. And he has my support. If you can't handle that..."
Elouise Warrock 06/19/17 Soleil
Elouise Warrock 06/14/17 Soleil
Yeah? What do you call earlier today? I came downstairs to get Pirates booty. You didn't have a shirt on, she didn't have pants. Like, JFC.

Not to mention your wife passed me in the hallway, naked as the day she was born.
What I witnessed was what one might describe as 'beautiful'. If it wasn't so f*cking pornographic. Jesus.
Elouise Warrock 06/08/17 Soleil
... Glad I didn't distract what you two were doing in the living room by coming back from lunch with Winter.
EW. ...but also wow. Good for you. OMG.
Caitlyn Darrow 06/06/17 *squeak, squeak*
Caitlyn Darrow 06/06/17 *squeaky toy sounds*
Elisa Stratten 05/31/17 Coffee was exactly what the poor girl needed right now. Her temples throbbed, likely do to the lack of caffeine and sleep in her system. She hadn't had any sleep in close to three days, and it had been even longer since her last cup of joe. Eagerly, Elisa followed the woman's gesture and made her way to the corner. She could almost taste the french vanilla right now.

"I've just never had someone cool with a stranger reaching into their back pockets..." Elisa offered a toothy grin. Not all people were awful pricks, and she was going to have to realize that eventually. "I'll have to make sure Zack is up for it, but I don't think he could turn down the pizza... and I'll supply the booze. It's the least I can do for my actions... I’ve really got to get better at that.” It was meant as a joke, but Elisa had a weird sense of humor.
Elisa Stratten 05/29/17 Trying not to seem too eager, Elisa glanced down at her phone, skimming the through texts as if to check for forgotten plans. She knew there was nothing important for her to attend to currently, but it almost felt lame to just jump at the opportunity. Truth be told, this place was sort of lonely without friends. Most of Ellie's friends had either passed or moved on with their lives, leaving her behind to figure it out on her own.

"Looks like I'm free for the next hour or so." She offered a the woman a friendly smile. "And yes, we should." Elisa could feel a burning sensation in her cheeks. It was quite embarrassing to get caught in an attempt at stealing, but even more embarrassing to be called out for it. "I was thinking about pizza and some drinks if the two of you would happen to be interested?"
Elisa Stratten 05/28/17 As luck would have it, this just wasn't Elisa's day. Last time she would spend all of her money on bail. So strapped for cash, she had been resorting to petty theft...and failing miserably. Never had she been caught in the act, and then apologized to for another's actions. This was certainly a first.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Soleil, I'm Elisa." She offered warmly. "And coffee would be lovely."
Elouise Warrock 05/26/17 Soleil
You should probably get a divorce so you have more time for me.
Elouise Warrock 05/25/17 Soleil
I miss you, you smelly pirate hooker.
Summer 05/18/17 Giving a cheeky grin right back, she says, "Had I known you were the lucky lass, I'd have kept my hands to myself!" Quirking her head to the side, Summer lifted a brow in coy thought as she gives the woman an approving glance. "On the other hand, maybe I wouldn't have!"
"It's a pleasure to finally meet you!"
Jameson Orlav 04/20/17 Solarpanel
Don't waste the whisky.. pour it out into your mouth and just pretend. No one has to know.
Elouise Warrock 03/31/17 Soleil
Jameson Orlav 02/15/17 [number blocked]
{IMG rec'd}
Jameson Orlav 02/14/17 Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Elouise is married to me,
not you.

Elouise Warrock 02/11/17 Wife
Elouise Warrock 01/30/17 YOU. YOU REMIND ME OF MARY J. BLIGE.
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