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Realm2017 Summer Bloodies
Created by Cersei Lannister
Atom Noire 08/05/17 "I just really like Snickers bars and I left my wallet at home. I turn into a real B-word when I get hungry for a Snickies."
-gestures for her to come close-
"A Butthead."
Tucker Reid 07/17/17 There are some things that you pick up on right away when you move to a new place. For some people it concerns a social dialect. For others, the difference in cuisine, or vegetation. But here? In this city? Every man needed to look out for himself. Tucker wore more jackets with pockets sewn into the inside in an attempt to keep his monetary belongings close. Although, he did keep an old tri-fold in his back pocket, which still held old pictures that he once coveted, along with a membership card or two to a local co-op and movie theater. Didn't everyone use Apple Pay, anyway? Either way, the look on this woman's face would not soon be forgotten. He'd certainly done wonders at ruffling whatever feathers she wore.

Lucius Dalca 07/13/17
Lucius Dalca 07/09/17 Lucius looked back at Maya over his shoulder as he retreated from view and was surprised to see her in such a bad state. It has been a while since he had watched someone he knew that f*cked up and walking around London.

"Hello Maya.. Are you okay?" He paused his walk and turned around to face her.
Lucius Dalca 07/07/17
Lucius Dalca 06/12/17 "Were you stalking me?! Haha kidding. I was going to tell you but these past two weeks have been sort of a mess.. Nonetheless, thank you! I appreciate it" He smiled.
Lucius Dalca 05/16/17 Lucius looked down at the small angel. "I am waiting on you" He chuckled and decided to tease a bit further, "You wanting to touch me that much?"
Spring Taylor 05/16/17
Soleil Whitaker 05/05/17 SW&RM
Lucius Dalca 05/04/17 Lucius sized Maya up and quietly got a reading of her energies, "So you are saying you are willing to put it to the test?"
Lucius Dalca 05/04/17 Lucius listened to Maya but really couldn't help the obvious eye roll at the threat as if he hasn't been stating from the very beginning he wasn't gay. He had no interest in men nor would ever have any interest. It was obvious because he made it obvious to everyone from coven, friends to strangers. "Like I said, I am not gay.." He said with a tone that left no argument.

He took a change of topic, "Are you getting stronger?"
Autumn Dalca 05/04/17
Lucius Dalca 05/04/17 Lucius almost made a smart ass comment but he held it back because at the end of the day people always had different perspectives when it dwelt with sexuality. "I make love to my woman..." He gave her a full smirk before a louder laugh escape his lips, "Well... Sometimes its just great sex..."

He looked down at Maya when the laugh subsided, "Don't you have a mate?"
Lucius Dalca 05/03/17 Lucius looked at Maya with a small smirk, "Trust me there is absolutely no curiosity and I do discriminate. The only real thing that I can be curious about is what gave you any other impression?" He paused then laughed, "I get it. You are Bi"
Lucius Dalca 05/03/17 "Aren't you a very curious person... And no on the home team, not even in the slightest bit. I love women far too much to bat for any other team, although I get the feeling you like to play the middle field a lot. Am I wrong?"
Jameson Orlav 05/03/17 Two birds, one stone. Or.. Four birds? Five? Whatever. It caught your attention, so I guess my printer guy gets paid this time.

Jameson Orlav 05/03/17
Remi Rose 05/03/17
Autumn Dalca 05/02/17
Vesper Vaughn 05/02/17
Atom Noire 04/16/17 -Comes hopping by in a bunny suit with an orange tabby cat sidekick in his basket-
-hands the woman a basket full of Cadbury eggs, chocolates, plastic eggs full of goodies and a stuffed rabbit-
"Happy Easter!"
-Hops away to his next victim-
Lucius Dalca 03/26/17 Lucius wasn't going to kill her or try to kill her. She wanted a fight not a death match despite how angry he was at the moment. He was better at controlling his powers now than 2 months ago. Autumn was always wary when he got very mad and didn't burn sh*t to the ground even as strong as she was there was reason to be cautious. He faced her from the other end of the alley with his eyes retaining the blackness in them.

"I don't expect you to know what Dalca means so I will show you.." He rolled up his sleeves and right after that lightning began to seep out of his forearms and hands.
He reeled in the energy inside of him using it to fortify and sharpen his body before he went on the offensive. Every hit, or grace was going to feel heavy and draining to her. She was going to need to be very fast and light on her feet. In other words, probably bring out her own powers.
Lucius Dalca 03/25/17 Lucius kept his deadly gaze on her especially since she stayed in his personal bubble. She was asking for a fight and he needed to release the tension, however, his form of releasing tension had the ability to black out anything from a building to the entire city. "You are going to get hurt..." That wasn't a suggestion that was a statement. He knew she wasn't a weak creature despite what appearances said but there was a gap in prowess that had been growing steadily.

He pointed to an alley that no people in it nor much traffic then turned to walk towards it. If she followed him it meant that she didn't care for the risks and just wanted to get the fight started. If she didn't then she was smart and wanted to avoid the pain.
Lucius Dalca 03/25/17 Lucius was more or less minding his own business like he usually did on the streets of London. He had a very bad start to his day with a fight with his girlfriend, and was now just trying to keep his mind calm despite the storms he was creating over London today. He flight wouldn't leave for a couple of hours so walking out of his compound and into London seemed like a good idea to relax.. Or so that was the thought. He heard his last name being shouted from a familiar woman behind. Maya.

"Not today.." He told her with a tone that said very clearly it wasn't the right time, however, by then she had already closed the distance and tried to sweep him on his arse. It would have worked if he wasn't using any spells but he was. His eyes were pitch black and there was no sign of his usual demeanor. It was the type of look that made most people back away. "You don't want to fight me right now..."
Autumn Dalca 03/20/17 You may not bite, but I certainly do. One thing I don't do, however, is share. Shame... You should've mentioned something sooner.
Lucius Dalca 03/18/17 Lucius noticed she was putting up walls and making a distinct difference between them. She didn't want him to know more and he wasn't going to fight it. He was a very laid back and go with the flow type of guy so he acted that way.

"Fair enough..." He answered then chuckled some more a bit amused, "You are so intense... Relax a little bit, Maya." Whatever had been happening with her or through out her life couldn't be good but that wasn't a battle for him to take on. They were still strangers and it seemed like it was going to remain that way for a while.

"I told you already. I just like to know people.." He started to get in his fighting stance and gestured her for the attack. "Make it good.."
Lucius Dalca 03/17/17 Lucius watched as she showed him the scars. He was intrigued and curious. Was she a fallen angel then? He took a step closer and notices the energy wasn't malign like a demon. Interesting. He waited until she put her shirt down and faced him to talk, "So you are an angel... A fallen one but not consumed by darkness." He nodded like a detective that just came across a solid clue to a murder scene. Hell and heaven were not a mystery to him but the things that came out of both sometimes were. What she was for sure he would never know.. She wasn't leaning to either side completely so that left her in a grey area. Sort of the area he was in right now.

"So what do you want to be?" He had to ask considering what he just discovered. "Also you don't have to worry about me.. I just like making friends especially with people that help me out even a little" He felt like he has to bring that up at some point in the conversation. Things were a bit tense and he thought it was best to try to ease things.
Lucius Dalca 03/17/17 Lucius just smiled. She was making a point and he knew very well from experience what that meant. She had her hand on his throat but instead of showing her the true extent of his abilities he allowed her the benefit of retaining her position even if that meant keeping his guard down. He was making a point also. He wasn't a threat. At least not until she became one and from the way things were going the chances of that happen were becoming minimal.

"Something like that... My kind are able to feel a difference between humans and non-humans. We could break it down to science and anatomy but more simply we get vibes. Yours is not a negative one but neither specific. I was wondering if you could tell me?" He was shockingly honest. Like a man that was not really caring to play guessing games. You are what you are.. He was a warlock. Whether he was evil or light that was a mystery but one thing that was certain was his honesty.

"Psst.. You can put your hand down." He chuckled.
Lucius Dalca 03/17/17 Lucius could feel her stare almost intensify. He chuckled and remained casual, "Well considering we are going to keep training with each other for a while... I was wondering who you were? What you did for a living and what sort of creature you were.. You know simple questions." He nodded and threw that silent hint to see if she would tell him. She saw the change of his eyes and didn't freak out. Not only that but from her energy and everything else in her demeanor.. She wasn't human but she didn't want to say what she was. Maybe now?

"Ill tell you what.. If you answer my questions I'll answer whatever you want to ask yourself."
Lucius Dalca 03/17/17 Lucius could tell there were things off but he wasn't the type of man to really push the subject if the person didn't want to share anything with him. He respected people's private lives, and she was still a stranger to him. All they did was train, and that was about it.

"Well if you say so.." He chuckled and couldn't help but wonder, "Are you ever going to tell me more about your?"
Lucius Dalca 03/17/17 Lucius eyes returned to normal from their pitch black as he stretched out his limbs and looked down at Maya with a big grin, "You are slouching on me... What's going on? It used to take a lot longer for me to take you down" He offered a hand up.
You hit Maya J Lawson for xxx damage. You won the encounter!
Spring Taylor 03/02/17 -stares back-
Your f-cking face, obvi.
Lucius Dalca 02/25/17 Lucius took a deep breath and slowly got up to his feet with her help, "Can't win them all I suppose." He chuckled and looked down at her, "Don't drop your guard tomorrow though." He winks.
Lucius Dalca 02/24/17 Lucius's grin widen and gave a nod of acknowledgement, "Well then I look forward to fighting you at full capacity."
Lucius Dalca 02/23/17 Lucius gave Maya a grin as he stretched out a bit from that training session, "Well you are harder to take down than I thought... Proved me wrong, you did." You hit Maya J Lawson for xxx damage. You won the encounter!
Lucius Dalca 02/18/17 Lucius noticed her lighting up when he mentioned fighting. Bring someone to her knees? My my.. The lady was feisty which was good. He could use someone to test out his prowess on from time to time. People in London where either very week or very strong. Few stood in the middle seat and that was fine because he found a potential candidate. "Sounds like a plan then... See ya later to train? I am sure you can find where I usual spend time around. Big building, smart people don't go near it. High end architecture.." He was grinning widely as he started to retreat to his usual path. They would keep meeting that was for sure.
Lucius Dalca 02/18/17 Lucius was slightly surprised she knew his last name.. She was definitely not human and that confirmed it. He was curious but glad she didn't see the attempts as a personal issue with her. He really just wanted to train and get better at it. Money was never a motivator when you grew around it. The man live it day in and day out. Now experience? That had more value for those who constantly seek it like him. If she tried to pick his pockets he'd probably not care on that basis alone.

"I like ya already. We are in fine agreement... Now one last thing I want to ask you.." There was a larger grin, "How would you feel about fighting?"
Lucius Dalca 02/17/17 Interesting. She wasn't from London but she didn't exactly want to tell him where she was from. Fair enough considering they had met while he was attempting to pick her pockets and that was less likely to stop any time soon either. She might have knew that hence the reservation but needless to say it didn't bother him one way or the other.

"I am used to the cold. It can be quite lovely sometimes.." He looked down at her and chuckled, "No hard feelings between us then?" Straight to the point.
Lucius Dalca 02/17/17 "Nice to meet you, Maya.." Lucius held the smile and extended his hand to shake hers in introduction. If she could feel what was deep inside of him she would be very afraid but because he hid it well and didn't have any ill will towards her in particular there was no sense of impending doom or gloom. It was... utterly casual. The most he cared for her as a stranger would be to sharpen his growing skills. Nothing more, nothing less. Completely, unlike that other b*tch with a death wish.. But that's another story.

"I am going to make the presumption you are from London and live around these parts? I am not a native from England but I did study here during my earlier youth. Most of my friends are from around here."
Lucius Dalca 02/17/17 "But you do think I am pretty though.." He answered back with a grin and a humorous tone of voice. Lucius watched her circle him but never made an indication he was nervous or threatened. Quite the opposite, the warlock in him was intrigued by the woman. He didn't know why specifically he was intrigued but something about the supernatural world always gave him a hint. She wasn't a regular human... So what was she? "Lucius, that is my name.." He smiled at her once more, ''Whats your name?''
Lucius Dalca 02/16/17 Lucius smiled as her eyes were trying to poke at anything they might be able to read from him. The most notable features they could find is that he was bold and very casual but the real drive and agenda of what moved him hid behind many masks in deep obscurity. As the saying goes.. Things are never as they appear. Spot on. "If you say so..." He tilted his head slightly before responding again to her last statement, "Probably... But why would they try to dismember such a beautiful face like mine?" He was not serious at all but it hadn't escaped him that she had taken a step forward to him. Hmmm. He stayed where he was at.
Lucius Dalca 02/15/17 Lucius looked at her with a very casual grin. Yeah, he did try to pick her pockets on purpose.

"So you do remember me..." He nodded in appreciation to that fact, "I saw you all by your lonesome self and I figured I would say Hi the best way you would remember me by."
Mackenzie 02/07/17 Thank you, ...wiggle worm.
Livia Vlcek 02/03/17 Dekuji. Alone...*nods, contemplates if she's really alone since she has another personality* all day.
*might be seeing two of the dancing girl* I think I'm going to be sick...
*dry heaves* Stay away from cheap Anejo tequila. Valuable life lesson there. *smiles weakly*
Camille Hammond 01/31/17
Girl. Time and place, and I am there.
Lucius Dalca 01/27/17 Completely guilty.
Lucius Dalca 01/27/17 I couldn't help myself.
Spring Taylor 01/20/17 You caught me.
Autumn Dalca 01/20/17 You were successful in stealing $127.00 from Maya J Lawson.

Autumn Dalca 01/18/17 A long suffering sigh leaves Autumn's lips. Her flat expression is a marked change from the last time she and the other woman interacted. No smile to speak of. It's more reminiscent of Spring than the redhead, not bothering to even fake it today.

"Attention... Friend..." Her eyes roll, the last word almost a sneer. "No. I'm f*cking bored and your pockets just happen to be around to pick. That's all."
Gray Taylor 01/15/17 Cheers.
Spring Taylor 01/09/17 Cheers. It helps that I'm fcking gorgeous.
Spring Taylor 12/30/16 Spring had taken into hiding out in mini arsehole's closet. She leaned back against the secret door, and embraced the uninterrupted silence. No one to try to snog her. No one to obsess over her. No f-cking memos. It was pure bliss, but then.

Her shoulders stiffened against the frame of the door, as her head tilted to the side. That voice. At first when it caressed her ears, she thought it could possibly be Winter. The sound vibrated through the door as the bass of music thumped against her spine. Spring blinked and tightened her two fingers around the neck of her beer bottle.

She took a swig and a last look around the dark closet. Before she ventured into Narnia, and came out of her own closet. Into the waves of music, and the figure that danced like a Summers sibling in her room.


What kind of relationship were they? Not friends. Not enemies. Not lovers. Yet, that's exactly what the combination of their relationship was, if one could even call it that.

"Beg your f-cking pardon?" Spring screamed over the music, and by complete instinct sent the bottle of half-drank beer flying in Maya's direction.

"Oi. What the f-ck are you doing here?" Spring's gaze faltered and glanced sideways to the large sapling that took residence in her living quarters. A low chuckle rumbled, "Get f-cking bored of being d-cked?"
Jackson McCarthy 12/13/16 A voice drew his attention from behind as he finished taking down a weak target. The wolf was itching to be free as the full moon neared, but he prolonged the change for as long as possible. He was bad enough in human form; the wolf makes it worse. He looked from his victim, limping away, to the woman who drew his attention. Bright orange hues slowly faded back to their usual blue as he stared, debating. The wolf urged to attack-just one more victim. But one more turned into one more, until he'd left a trail of bodies in his wake.

Jackson walked towards her, a curious look on his features. Most would have turned away, ran, but she decided to stick around and compliment his technique.

"Are you an expert?" A wry grin appeared. He stopped a few feet away from her and pulled out a pack of smokes and a lighter. Cancer stick between lips, lighter lit and brought close. The crackle of the cigarette lighting and the long, first drag calmed the wolf. For now. Jackson appraised the girl for the first time, his gaze slowly roaming from head to foot and back again.

"Looks can be deceiving, but you don't look like a fighter." Another haul off the cigarette. He leaned up against the nearby brick wall. "Aren't you concerned for that poor soul?" Jackson jerked his head back in the direction of where the scene took place.

Autumn Dalca 12/05/16 Watching the other woman laugh, Autumn's head canted to one side. Pretty thing, wasn't she? No, Autumn didn't swing that way but she absolutely appreciated beauty when she saw it.

Her shoulders rolled into a shrug, the grin remaining. "She's my sister. It's in the job description to annoy her. I noticed you didn't say no. Think about it and come find me. Shouldn't be too difficult. Cheers."

A wink later, Autumn strolled away and disappeared into the crowd.
Autumn Dalca 12/05/16 It wasn't the money, it was the 'I don't like having my backside fondled by strangers' bit. To be fair, Autumn may or may not still be salty about the incident regarding Dane. Creep.

She let the woman's wrist go. No reason to do any real harm. Yet. And yes, she'd probably tried to pick her pocket but she never paid much attention to the faces those pockets belonged to.

Autumn's expression went from irritated to curious at the mention of Spring. After doing some quick connecting the dots in her head, she grinned broadly. "I see... Would you be interested in going on a date with my sister?"
Autumn Dalca 12/05/16 Maya J Lawson just failed at stealing money from you!

Autumn felt the brush on her pocket. Spinning around, her hand shot out in an attempt to grab the offender's wrist. Should she succeed, she'll give it a pointed squeeze of warning.

"Oi! What the f*ck do you think you're doing?" She hissed. "Go find another arse to grab. Mine is spoken for. Next time, you'll bloody lose it."
Dita Morgenstern 12/03/16 [meek smile.] You managed to break out Maya J Lawson.
Spring Taylor 11/26/16 Twas the epitome of her season. The season of rebirth, love, & promiscuity. None of which was able to read from her hard exterior. Before she was corrupt by her masters,her season was easily picked out of the mundane crowd. Peace. Love. The thoughts made her nauseated. Spring plucked a single note from her trouser pocket, to let it dangle in their peripheral vision. As if to say, 'See I even saved one of your stupid f-cking notes'. Cobalt blues watched her details closely. All the Summers were creepers in their own way, and this day it was Spring's turn. Wait. This b-tch wasn't going to run for the hills? Spring's brows lift in surprise. As the last man she even suggested a thing to, ran straight down the f-cking hallway to that blasted Taylor.

A hoarse chuckle leaves her lips. The eyes full of rage settle on Maya's lips. Spring's face moved inches closer to Maya, before she spoke. Her voice was never low, nor never soft. It carried the rugged and hoarse nature of her wrath. "Aye, we could ave each other the f-cking trouble. Pretty b-tch. My loft is just over here." Her gaze doesn't falter, but one slender digit points in the direction of where her neighbours & her stayed. Had she meant the other members of her family? Nudist f-ckers.

"Nay. Only something to f-cking do. Which currently is..f-cking us." Spring was dead honest. This wasn't a game to be played, but she might rub it in Gray's face later. "Free bevvy and free ciggies." Spring added and took the first f-cking step. She ignored the wayward lock of hair that Maya played with. Let that Gossip girl sh-t paper say what it may. Spring's lips descend and swoop past the distance, before they venture to land on the planned territory of Maya's lips.

Spring Taylor 11/26/16 "Everyone was f-cking feeling up my arse like god damn f-cking pervs. It's the new f-cking trend next to fetch. Though..I won't fcking lie. For a f-cking tw-at you have a bloody nice arse." Spring recognized Maya from her earlier days in London. And she also remembered the woman's hands probing her arse at multiple points. Which made her grunt in irritation, before she did a new unthinkable for Spring.

"If you want to bloody shag. You just got to tell me b-tch." Spring sighed begrudgingly, before a devious smirk filed across her lips. An invitation? F-ck yes.

Camille Hammond 11/19/16
Camille Hammond 11/16/16 Softly, Camille shrugs, once again bringing the brown stick to her lips and inhaling harshly.

"I don't know. I can't smell it. Haven't you ever noticed the sideways stares? Curious glances? They're more than just thoughtful." Cami can't be sure. She doesn't know what it is that makes Maya special. That is, to say, what she is, if anything at all. She's not going to pry, but the Angel is certainly not shy. "Just be careful, yeah?""

Maya might never know when Camille is watching, but would be smart to realize that she would be. And if the young girl ever found herself curious or in need, she would also find that Camille could be easily traced, if need be.

Somehow. No one really knows how all of this sh-t works, do they?
Camille Hammond 11/16/16 The woman is incredulous. Any less of a response might be cause for concern. Here is Camille, a complete stranger, watching and waiting. Even though she liked to consider herself a bit of a vigilante, it was not often that men or women alike didn't (at least slightly) freak out.

The whole exploding vampire thing seemed to send people into a frenzy. There were not many potions or weapons that she had come across that could promise a similar effect. It was in her blood. The blood of the fallen. Blood of the guardian. Pure sunshine in her veins. She was a vessel of holy light, able to harbor the essence of phlebo and use it to her advantage. Even if she was not the most positive advocate for the Holy herself.

This was her little secret.

Camille lights the cigarette using the very tip of her finger. It burns hot as fire as a pulse of electricity sparks off beneath the pores of her skin. As quickly as it had heated it cooled, and her skin was once again chilled to the touch.

"He's the second one this week." A hard pull past her lips from the cig earns a sharp intake of air. Cami blows the smoke away from Mayas face intentionally. "You didn't even notice the first time. Something special about you. They can smell it".

Narrowed eyes scrutinize her. Just for a second. "My names Camille."
Camille Hammond 11/16/16 Pretty little thing.

They always were. Big, bright eyes. Long, beautiful hair. The bloodsuckers in this Realm certainly had a type, and this girl was it. Lithe form so petite and unassuming, it would almost seem clear that her meatless body and doey stare were an invitation for trouble. She looked like she could be easily overpowered, but sometimes Camille felt like she was the only one who understood that looks could be deceiving.

Bright eyes are glued to a shadowy figure- greasy and with ill intentions. Her petulant stare would easily give her away to anyone who may have been watching. She was hunting. Protecting. Camille would provide a service to the realms young and beautiful.

Save them from the leeches.

He stalks her. Maya. Camille had seen her on television, and she had likely drawn attention from many besides just herself. A drag from of sweet tar from her cigarette earns a puff of cloudy smoke into the air before she tosses it. He's ready to make his move, and Camille was ready to stop him. The Angel moves with such fluidity that her ethereal prowess is apparent. From her pocket she produces a hybrid dart- syringe like with a milky red substance inside.

Blood. Her blood.

His fast approach would not earn him any favor. Camille is on him in an instant, and even quicker than that, the dart is lodged into the vain wrapped around his jugular. Mere seconds lapse before his movements cease, and just moments after that, he explodes.

Blood. Guts. Intestines. Everywhere.

Cami merely laughs, reaching into her pocket as chunks of flesh and gore fall from her head and shoulders. A fresh, clean cigarette finds her lips.
Caitlyn Darrow 10/30/16 Thankies!
Marah Boru 08/14/16 You managed to break out Maya J Lawson.

" Run..... Run...don't let them catch you."
Gray Taylor 07/23/16 A quiet chuckle passes his lips as his gaze turns upward for a passing moment. He has danced this waltz several times over his short years on this Earth, and he doubts this would be the last time. It is, however, so rare for someone to feel so strangely comfortable around him. Usually there is some sort of discomfort, their senses telling them to stay away while everything else wants to stay. This one? Quite different. Looking over her pretty face, he reaches upward and tucks a stray hair behind her ear before leaning to whisper into her ear. "You're a bold little thing. I'll be keeping an eye on you." And with that, he straightens up and winks before continuing on with his exploratory stroll.
Gray Taylor 07/23/16 He can practically smell the thrill of this on her, and it gives the sharp man a great sense of amusement. He could play with her. Toy with her mind, mold her actions, find something he desires out of this interaction. Gray knows very well that he can catch a great many flies with honey. "Tell me, my little coquette, weren't you warned of the dangers of strangers?"
Gray Taylor 07/23/16 Gray is accustomed to cities and crowds. In fact, he thrives in these environments. Each person he sees is an opportunity to advance himself in some way, a new player in his selfish games. So when the young woman approaches, clearly moved by the heat, the corners of his lips lift up charmingly as his earthy gaze lock onto her. Opportunity. "Aren't you a curious one..."
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