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All good things must come to an end.
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Created by Summer S Summers
Soleil Whitaker 10/10/17 Winter
We'll send plenty of pictures! Promise.
Uhm, yes, Winter. Bad call. That's definitely a bad call.
Get like, raisins... kids hate raisins.
Autumn Summers 10/10/17 Snowflake
If you give it to me, knowing I intend to do away with it, you're effectively killing it yourself.
Do you really want that?
Autumn Summers 10/10/17 Snowflake
Go ahead. It won't be around long.
Lucius Dalca 10/09/17 Text: WD
Waiiitttt! Autumn texted me ahead and said no, brah.
Just remember I have to sleep with her >_>
Soleil Whitaker 10/09/17 Winter
We haven’t decided yet!!
Autumn Summers 10/09/17 Snowflake
I didn't say what he'd do.
That's all on you.
Autumn Summers 10/09/17 Snowflake
Let Lucius have his way with it, of course.
Autumn Summers 10/09/17 Snowflake
Keep it up...
Autumn Summers 10/09/17 Snowflake
Trying to force a pet on me is like trying to force affection.
It won't end well for anyone involved.
That said... best of luck with your tortoise farm. The one not in my backyard.
Autumn Summers 10/09/17 Snowflake
Autumn Summers 10/09/17 Snowflake
This is true...
You can throw a party, but no tortoises or tortoise farm.
Autumn Summers 10/09/17 Snowflake
Mhmm. You missed my birthday.
Autumn Summers 10/09/17 Snowflake
Not a chance.
Autumn Summers 10/09/17 Snowflake
That should be interesting.
I hope it's going to be outside.
Autumn Summers 10/09/17 Snowflake
Soleil Whitaker 10/02/17 Winter
Good call, we'd prefer for our son not to be exposed to male nudity just yet!
Rhiannon's been so overly cognizant of "wife time" lately. She's worried Wilson will walk in on us. LMFAO.
Soleil Whitaker 10/02/17 Winter
I'm sure he'll be thrilled to go to the aquarium with you!
He's just such a good kid. Ugh.
Honestly, I stay up just to watch him sleep. He snuffles, it's adorable.
Summer 10/01/17 Winter
I am the literal worst to have near while watching a horror movie in the theatre. I openly laugh at their plight, none of the blood scares me, and I'm rooting for the bad guy. Every. Damned. Time.
We should go sometime!! Tis the season, after all! I'll bring the edibles. SO FUN.
Summer 09/30/17 Winter
I am convinced every dumb a$$hole who dies in a horror film deserved it. Every last one of them.
Hear a strange sound in the basement? Better go check it out!!
See blood coming from under a door? Better open it to check!!
A freak of nightmares is chasing you? Better turn hard left and run into the woods rather than into civilization!!
Me watching: bye gurl, bye
Soleil Whitaker 09/30/17 Winter
He liked the lions best, honestly. And I'm a little butt hurt because I was hoping he'd take a liking to the wolves.
He and Fish are pals, it's the cutest bromance I've ever seen.
Well, you can take him to the zoo any time you want.
Soleil Whitaker 09/30/17 Winter
Not intentionally, handsome man.
We didn't even tell Margot or Callum, honestly.
Not at all, Rhiannon and I enjoyed ourselves quite a bit.
Primarily because Wilson was so fascinated by everything. He's the cutest nugget.
Soleil Whitaker 09/30/17 Winter
We kept it on the DL.
He's good. He likes animals - we took him to the zoo the other day. And he gets along great with the pets.
He's just a great kid, we're so, so happy to have him home.
Blaize E Summers 09/30/17 Winter
The first step to reconciliation is to face the issues at hand.
If you decide to come, let me know.
I have plenty of flier miles.
Blaize E Summers 09/30/17 Winter
I am going to visit Spring in Moscow.
Care to join?
Soleil Whitaker 09/30/17 Winter
You know us all too well, handsome man.
Maybe we'll take a trip out in the near future.
Wilson just needs to get acquainted with being home with us.
Blaize E Summers 09/28/17 Winter
yes. Any flavor.
I was aware of your activities.
And for a one and done man you sure did stick around with him in Cancun.
I am heading to the manor, be sure to meet me there in an hour.
Blaize E Summers 09/28/17 Winter
I will get you ice cream after.
Also, Piers won't be around for you to stare at anymore. He is off on another adventure, as always.
Sorry to disappoint. I know you found him nice to look at.
Blaize E Summers 09/28/17 Winter
You left some stuff in Cancun so I took it upon myself to bring it back with me.
You can thank me by helping me unpack the taxi.
Soleil Whitaker 09/27/17 Winter
Well, it’d just have to be a bloodhound, then. ;)
Aw!! How’s little Pumpkin doing?
I still have to do a meet and greet!
Soleil Whitaker 09/26/17 Winter
Anything you make will be cherished, love!
Why'd you decide on that hobby?
Soleil Whitaker 09/26/17 Winter
Will you make me something? :D
Soleil Whitaker 09/26/17 Winter
Living the sl-t life, I love it.
You do you, handsome man. ;)
Whittle? As in wood carving?
Soleil Whitaker 09/26/17 Winter
I'm well!! Actually, I'm really, really good right now.
How about you?
What have you gotten up to, lately?
Soleil Whitaker 09/26/17 Winter
You're so sweet, handsome man.
Thank you, thank you!!
Autumn Summers 09/24/17 Winter
You're family...
But alright. Love you more.
Autumn Summers 09/23/17 Winter
That in itself tells me there is something wrong, but I won't harass you. I hope you know you can talk to me if needed...
I love you dearly.
Summer 09/23/17 Brother bear
I love you too, no matter what.
Know that. :)
Autumn Summers 09/23/17 Winter
So, something is wrong. Tell me?
Autumn Summers 09/23/17 Winter
Autumn Summers 09/23/17 Winter
Aye, I do. Just like I love you.
Is something wrong?
Summer 09/23/17 Wintah
Our 'status' or whatever isn't like...that formally designated. Granted, this is my first foray into the world of actual dating, so---I don't know what the fvck I'm talking about. Or when the timing is right to tell people! Plus, I think when I realized we were dating-dating, you were beaching-beaching in Cancun.
I love that you would strike a motherfvcker down for me. Know I'd do the same, k? Just because I'm an angel doesn't mean I don't have the devil on speed dial. B!tches better recognize before they cross my brother.
Seeing all of you would be amazing. I'm taking a guess Spring is in Russia. She (like all of us) marches to the beat of her own drum. Maybe since Russia is one of the last places on the planet most people would go, that is why she went there.
How's your pup? I might get a frog. Or a silk plant. That's probably the better idea.
Elis Griffyn 09/22/17 Elis slips the cash into his wallet and slips it within his jacket. He rolls his head a little, first to the left, then the right, and relishes the crack of his joints. Winter continues to talk and Elis somewhat takes it in. But his attention wanes, shifting from listening to the man to simply watching his lips move.

"Mmmhmm, mmmhmmm..."

He takes a step forward, meeting the vampire eye to eye with matching heights, and openly looks him over, toes to face.

"Lets start with the drinks and go from there. Lead the way..."
Summer 09/21/17 Winterest
Tan lines are enticing. I get more tips if I have a little bit of one on my tushy. People feel like they are seeing something hidden. Jokes on them, gimme that money!
I guess you could say we're dating. Of course you get to meet him. No scaring him off though- I do a bang up job on my own with that one.
Still in Sydney, sweet cheeks. I flit all over for jobs, but Syndey is home base. I suppose I am due for a London visit.
Elis Griffyn 09/21/17 Older type? Elis rolled his eyes, reaching for his wallet as they approached the ATM. It seemed the more the years rolled on, the more people began to assume a completely incorrect age for him. Maybe it was the facial hair. Maybe he needed to get a cut. Or maybe it was just that anyone under the age of thirty seemed to now look and dress like a schoolboy. Yes, in truth Elis was as old as the damn Arc...or older...who knows given that the whole story is nothing more than a fabrication. But regardless, though he WAS old, he'd 'died before he'd every reached his twenty-ninth year. It wasn't his fault that his mortal years had been grueling and...wait, he was ranting. And worse, he was ranting in his head. He looked back at the man, smiled and slipped his card into the machine.
"And you're what? Fifteen?"
He made his selections upon the touchscreen and smiled to himself as he turned away from his new companion. Winter Summers may be one of the most ridiculous names he'd ever heard...and Elis has once met a man called 'Praise-God Barebone'.
"Elis", he offered in return, and turned his head as his hand waited for his cash to appear.
"And though I may not 'strike you' as it, I am an exceptional dancer, whatever the music."
Elis Griffyn 09/21/17 "Oh god, don't make me pick. I haven't been around this city for...well, a while. I'll no doubt end up leading us to somewhere awful. You pick, you buy the first round...albeit with my money...and I'll simply smile and look pretty."
Elis gave a grin, wide and toothy, to prove his smiling credentials, and pointed to a nearby ATM.
"But do let me restock first...just so there's more should your thieving fingers go walkabout again later."
Summer 09/21/17 Wintery
That is pretty much my exact schedule. Beach=day, night=show off that tan line. You know this!
Things are well with 'that man'. He seems to actually like me (??!!??!) and hasn't made a run for it. Related, I haven't made a run for it. So...we are seeing how that goes. Shagging the same person repeatedly is a new for me. I thought that would be boring, but it is actually working. Like, I don't have to scroll through contacts to see who Imma hit up for some ass, you know? All I have to do is turn my head or yell down the hall. LOL
Me time together was awesome. We can still have me time together.
I remember sitting and watching him paint when I was little. He used regular paint then, I think. I think, anyway.
Autumn Summers 09/21/17 Snowflake
That depends entirely on your point of view. But I love you, anyway.
Autumn Summers 09/21/17 Snowflake
Tcha. I know you far better than that. We've spent most of our lives dealing with each other.
Autumn Summers 09/21/17 Snowflake
Doubt? Nah.
Know you're my brother and are predisposed to be a smartarse? Aye.
Autumn Summers 09/21/17 Snowflake
Aye, I'm sure that's exactly what you meant...
Summer 09/20/17 Winter Wonderland
I've been well! Things are going good on this end. It's warming up down here which means I'll be baking my ass on the beach 24/7 soon. Well, not 24/7 for real. B!tch gotta make that money. Pole's not gonna get tips all by itself, you know?
I'm sure it seems like the world speeds by without you, but honestly, it kinda is just the SSDD. Me time is super important. How's that for a 'no sh!t' statement!
It makes perfect sense you'd chill with Blaize. I can well imagine that man has a very posh bed.
Lucius Dalca 09/20/17 Text: WD
Ohhhhhhh then sure? I think? Lol
Well I only went once since the Order was disbanded. Now I don't really have a reason to go but if we then then Ill get that key XD
We still live in London so you are welcome to visit.
You want a key chain?
Lucius Dalca 09/20/17 Text: WD
Being alive? Of course.
I find that hard to believe coming from you :P
Wellll mostly Romania, Moscow, and London for now but I am planning to take Autumn to FL after they clear **** out from Irma. I want to take her to a fun place there. Don't tell her though :D.
Elis Griffyn 09/20/17 Elis turned his head, looking over his shoulder as he watched the tattooed man riffle through his back pocket. There were only a few notes in his wallet. Nothing much. He'd just pilfered them from an unsuspecting tourist so he could hardly protest when he watched his pocket money be lifted.
"Soooo...what? 'Drinks are on me' and now you're just walking away? Surely I should at least be present when you spend my 'hard-earned' cash? And buy me a drink for my troubles?"
Lucius Dalca 09/20/17 Text: WD
That is always a plus, mate. God I am sounding so British now..
Anything new though? Ventures.. Relationships.. Jobs.. Travelling....... Murders? *coughs*
Summer 09/20/17 Winter
YAYY glad you're alive.
Thank you for letting me know.
Love you back!!
Lucius Dalca 09/19/17 Text: WD
I've been living great. I don't know why people keep saying marriage is bad.. I f*cking love it.
What about you?
Autumn Summers 09/19/17 Snowflake
Did not need to know that...
Autumn Summers 09/19/17 Snowflake
Ooo... that looks good. Don't burn your tongue!
Soleil Whitaker 09/13/17 Winter
Believe me, we've tried everything.
I'm sorry, love. It must be tough - I know you guys were close for a long time.
Sh*t happens, though. Things change, people move on.
It's a sad reality.
Soleil Whitaker 09/11/17 Winter
She refuses to go back to her apartment because Callum eats all her food, and she starves.
I think Rhiannon practically kicked her out tbh...
Oh. Sh*t. Really? What happened?
Elouise Warrock 09/11/17 Winter
My last concern, in the middle of all of that sh!t, was how you were feeling, Winter. I don't care if that's selfish. I had my own people to protect. And at the end of the day, The Order wasn't your home. It was a Sanctuary. I let it be your playground, and I shouldn't have. That was my mistake. You were like a stray dog, and you still are. But I don't have any pity left. Goodbye, Winter.
Soleil Whitaker 09/11/17 Winter
I could never.
I'm doing well. Just kind of... chillin'.
Enjoying the home life - trying to get Margot to go back to her own place so Rhiannon and I can, you know. Live in peace.
How are you doing?
Elouise Warrock 09/11/17 Winter
No, Winter. The difference is that I told you I didn't need your help, and you acted like the victim for it. If I wanted you in The Order, if I wanted you laying around like a puppy dog with its belly exposed. I had a baby to raise, and a crew to run, and not everyone was so keen on your presence. I do what I have to do? Every time. and you just couldn't handle that for once, I didn't need you. It didn't mean you weren't a friend. It meant I had to grow up and suck it the f*ck up, which you clearly have a hell of a time doing yourself. I gave you a home and my affection for all the time that I could. But situations change. It never meant if I had a silver bullet I'd put it through your skull. But you clearly feel differently.
Grow up, Winter. Loyalty isn't always sunshine, rainbows and snuggles.
Elouise Warrock 09/10/17 Winter
# ****afakefriend
Spring Taylor 09/09/17 Winter
Cheers. I thought that stank @rse tw@t was your friend?
Soleil Whitaker 09/08/17 Winter
Fair. He wouldn't be my time either, if I were straight.
Then again, there's no one more handsome than you.
Be safe! Pour one out for me.
Soleil Whitaker 09/08/17 Winter
He's not ugly, I don't think.
Rhiannon's has good taste, afterall.
Soleil Whitaker 09/08/17 Winter
You're terribly biased, handsome man.
But, thank you.
I like to think so, too. ;)
Soleil Whitaker 09/08/17 Winter
I can't seem to escape their watchful eyes. :/
I hate that they mentioned Callum. Primarily because... well, you know.
He's spineless.
Soleil Whitaker 09/08/17 Winter
Which one? I've been mentioned in all three....
I'm sick of the drama, honestly.
Rhiannon Whitaker 09/08/17 Winter
You don't look too shabby yourself, handsome man!
Soleil Whitaker 09/07/17 Winter
Agreed. I don't know why I stayed so long.
I promise to be careful!
Well, let's get together soon, okay?
Dinner, and the bars, maybe?
Soleil Whitaker 09/07/17 Winter
Same old, same old.
Moved out of Moscow, officially. About high time I got the f*ck out.
Rhiannon got me a motorcycle, and it's glorious.
How about you, how have you been?
Soleil Whitaker 09/07/17 Winter
Stay for a while!
Rhiannon Whitaker 09/02/17 Winter
Miss you and adore you endlessly.
Soleil Whitaker 09/02/17 Winter
Love seeing your handsome face around the Realm.
Miss you lots, Winter. Come home soon.
Soleil Whitaker 08/24/17 Winter
Rain check. I needed to leave Moscow.
I'm sorry. Love you.
Rhiannon Whitaker 08/24/17 Winter
I love you too!
Summer 08/23/17 Winter
I can't wait to meet him!
Things are going surprisingly well. I haven't fvcked it up yet, so mark that down for a win.
Soleil Whitaker 08/23/17 Winter
If only we could all just pick up and leave, huh?
Aunt Soleil? Oh my goodness!
It is an honor and a privilege.
I'll most definitely be stopping by. Text you when I'm leaving?
Soleil Whitaker 08/23/17 Winter
Yeah, I love her too.
I appreciate it. I might stop by before I leave.
God knows when I'll be coming back to this hellhole.
I wanna meet Pumpkin, if nothing else!
Soleil Whitaker 08/23/17 Winter
You're a good man. And a smart man.
Everything is fine. El and I just haven't been seeing eye to eye lately.
We're working through some issues.
I just miss Rhiannon and New York and our animals.
My heart aches for them, you know?
Soleil Whitaker 08/23/17 Winter
I'm sure she'd like the company. And apartment/house hunting would certainly keep her occupied in my absence.
Just some lose ends at the Compound.
I do so wish I was home with my wife.
Soleil Whitaker 08/23/17 Winter
Soon, darling man.
Rhiannon's back in NY, so you're always welcome to go keep her company.
I'm tied up in Moscow, unfortunately.
Lucius Dalca 08/23/17 Text: WD
I suppose so.. Autumn keeps stealing from me and we are married -_-...
Weelll one day you might find someone you can share the baggage with.
You never know?
Soleil Whitaker 08/23/17 Winter
He's a puppy! What do you expect??
Soleil Whitaker 08/22/17 Winter
Of course. But, we don't have to talk about that now.
I'm just so excited that you have a corgi!
Summer 08/22/17 New Dad
A corgi!! Am I the only a$$hole who can't be trusted with a living creature? I can barely fvcking tie my shoes, let alone make sure something doesn't die.
But back to what is important. I almost like the full on extra show biz name of Cuddle Pumpkin Winters, tbh.
Uhmuhguh I wanna hug a puppy named Pumpkin or Cuddle or Cuddle Pumpkin!!!!
Soleil Whitaker 08/22/17 Winter
Don't think like that!
But, of course. You know Rhiannon and I would take care of Pumpkin the same way you would.
We'd love him like he was our own. ;)
Rhiannon Whitaker 08/22/17 Winter
A puppy?!
Pumpkin for sure!
Soleil Whitaker 08/22/17 Winter
If I were to pick, it'd be Pumpkin.
Adorable name for a little adorable floof!
Lucius Dalca 08/22/17 Text: WD
That is sooo messed up but I guess we all have impulses XD
Hehe she is as sweet as it comes when I romance her. That woman lovessss it.
What do you mean by baggage?
Soleil Whitaker 08/22/17 Winter
I can't handle how cute that picture is.
Look at his little legs!
You should take up a poll.
Soleil Whitaker 08/22/17 Winter
You didn't! Oh my goodness, he's (she's??) adorable.
Did you pick a name?
Autumn Summers 08/21/17 Snowflake
Thank you!
That is beautiful. I can't wait to wear it. Thank you again, big brother. I love you.
Soleil Whitaker 08/20/17 Winter
But of course!
You know Rhiannon will be thrilled to have another dog thrown into the mix.
I'm actually rather surprised she didn't adopt one while we were in Moscow.
Soleil Whitaker 08/20/17 Winter
Rhi's good at coming up with names.
I named Fish. But, she named Luna and the cats.
Although, if I had a corgi, I'd name her/him Loaf because they remind me of loaves of bread.
Soleil Whitaker 08/20/17 Winter
Corgi. Definitely.
They have adorable butts.
And stubby lil legs.
Ugh, they're so cute.
Soleil Whitaker 08/20/17 Winter
Get a dog! You have to get a dog.
Fish and Luna will have another buddy!
Dogs are the best. So cuddly. And they don't judge you.
Soleil Whitaker 08/20/17 Winter
I meant the best in every way possible. Not just that lovey dovey stuff.
Best ass. Best body. Best hair. Best in bed.
Best all around. ;)
Either way, you'll find the right guy! He's out there somewhere.
Rhiannon Whitaker 08/20/17 Winter
I like to rewatch it. Like game tapes. Helps me perfect my form. And my wife? Oh my GOD. She's so fine. And her body? Ugh.
Soleil Whitaker 08/20/17 Winter
Bjornolf Aesir? Massive dude, carved from stone? Funny accent? I know him!
I'm sorry you got stood up, handsome man. As nice as Bjorn as seemed, he doesn't deserve you.
Only the best for Winter Summers.
Soleil Whitaker 08/20/17 Winter
WAIT. You had a date? With who?
Why didn't I know about this?
Soleil Whitaker 08/20/17 Winter
Oh c'mon. You've seen us both naked.
Yes and no, though. I was just commenting on how I was hooked on her from the second we met, it took her until we went for drinks.
Rhiannon Whitaker 08/20/17 Winter
I may or may not have totally macked on Soleil after Nick's. And then let her take me home. Because, WOW. The sex was amazing. It's still amazing. We have sex tapes. Wanna come over and watch sometime?
Soleil Whitaker 08/20/17 Winter
Actually, you should ask her who was all over who when we went to Nick's.... ;)
Soleil Whitaker 08/20/17 Winter
I welcomed her to the neighborhood, just being friendly. She was kind of a jerk at first, but I think it was because she knew I was all over her.
We went to Wendy's. That was the deal maker, I guess. The rest is history.
You can ask her - she'll say the same thing. ;)
Lucius Dalca 08/20/17 Text: WD
Okay I did. Its an unquenchable urge I get when I am around computers >.>
So you are a sex object without being a sex object.. I guess that makes sense?
Hey now Romance is the way to go. Not saying for your particular situation but..
Its underrated. How do you think I won over your sister?
"Hey Bae lets get nakked" Didn't work..
Soleil Whitaker 08/19/17 Winter
When I met Rhiannon, I wanted all of her attention. I was hooked. So, I feel you.
I'm always gonna be here for you, handsome man. No matter what. :)
Lucius Dalca 08/19/17 Text: WD
Well we have an understanding and just dont bother hiding our phones.
I might have peeked into someone security frame... *coughs*
Anyways that is sooooooo bad, man. Sounds like something in Jerry Springers.
"Im not straight!! I just had one d*ck inside a couple of times, okay."
Soleil Whitaker 08/19/17 Winter
Well, everyone's an attention wh*re if the attention is coming from someone attractive.
Don't listen to your sister. She was just being rude.
Lucius Dalca 08/18/17 Text: WD
Don't scared me like that... You sister reads the texts, ya know!!
Its been great man! Married life was a lot easier than people let it on. Granted, there are times but its nice.
How have you been though? I heard you are doing the three way relationship thing? Still with them?
Soleil Whitaker 08/18/17 Winter
I don't particularly think so?
Did someone say you were?
Soleil Whitaker 08/18/17 Winter
Ask away!
Lucius Dalca 08/18/17 Text: WD
Huh? Why?
Soleil Whitaker 08/17/17 Winter
Excuse me, what's this about Rhiannon having a husband?
Soleil Whitaker 08/17/17 Winter
No meeting Spring. Got it.
That's a good thing indeed! Have you seen her lately?
I need a big ol' hug from the only man I'll ever love. I'm missing you. :(
Rhiannon Whitaker 08/17/17 Winter
Don't blame me!
Blame the system!
Rhiannon Whitaker 08/17/17 Winter
Sounds like Atticus! That's my work husband! He's weird, but I like him.
Soleil Whitaker 08/17/17 Winter
Which season? Do you need me to knock some sense into her?
I think I'm going return to Moscow soon. I want to check on Elouise. Let's meet up, please?
Rhiannon Whitaker 08/17/17 Winter
Omg! What did he look like? Was he cute?
Elouise Warrock 08/17/17 Winter
I'm hungry.
Soleil Whitaker 08/17/17 Winter
I always have good wine in the house. Rhiannon has expensive taste.
We'll have to get together sometime, then. Yes?
Where are you now? London, Moscow?
Atticus Hammond 08/17/17

Everyone needs to stop and chat. Always. Atticus can't simply go about his day without being accosted. So, he stops, hands on his hips. "Well, 'mate', you're just going to have to deal with it. I'm busy, though. So... Buh-bye." With a dainty little wave, he runs off.
Soleil Whitaker 08/16/17 Winter
Don't even start. We're so, so anxious to get home for Wilson.
Really? It's a date, then!
Do I get to meet this Blaize someday?
Soleil Whitaker 08/16/17 Winter
Fun times indeed. I think we're all missing home pretty desperately at this point.
Oh, fancy! I'd love that. :)
How is your brother?
Soleil Whitaker 08/16/17 Winter
We're on vacation, actually. Had to get out of Moscow.
We were starting to suffocate.
No idea when we're going home, home though. I miss NY desperately.
What have you been up to, darling?
Soleil Whitaker 08/15/17 Winter
Handsome man! I've missed you terribly.
Where have you been? How are you?
Summer 08/13/17 Winter
To be perfectly honest, I think a bout of celibacy is good. It's like a cleanse.
I'm super glad you got to spend time with Blaize! And am going to need you to use those new culinary skills and make some noms for me sometime. Right now I just order from Foodora. It's a stoner's dream come true.
Elouise Warrock 08/13/17 Winter
Changing diapers.
And puke.
Mostly my puke. Babies are gross.
Elouise Warrock 08/13/17 Winter
Miss you too Mr. Man.
Summer 08/13/17 Winter
Jesus H, that was the longest flight from Sydney ever. Or did you have an extended layover somewhere? Ooo lemme guess- one of the flight attendants was smokin' hot so you got off in the connecting city which is where he lives and had a FABULOUS holiday in which you barely came up for air.
Am I right??
You didn't miss much. Just the usual around these parts.
Autumn Summers 08/13/17 Snowflake
Aye, very well. Me and Lucius just celebrated our two month anniversary.
Autumn Summers 08/13/17 Snowflake
Blaize hates to cook.
I'm glad you're back in London. I'd offer to visit, but we're in Romania right now.
Soleil Whitaker 07/30/17 Winter
Be reasonable. You can't give up sex.
Sex is great. Even better with your soulmate.
But, great, regardless.
You don't sound gross in bed.
Soleil Whitaker 07/29/17 Winter
That's a question Rhiannon should answer.
As a Gold Star Lesbian, I don't know what men usually sound like in bed...
I don't have any other experiences to use as a gauge.
Rhiannon Whitaker 07/29/17 Winter
I feel like I should just let my wife answer...
Summer 07/29/17 Giving her brother a withering look, she gave his arm a tug and walked down a quiet alley. “Damn, Winter. Okay, the date was really good. It started with me being an awko-taco when he suggested it should be a date- because I’m a grown-ass woman who doesn’t know how to deal with such things. Then we hung out at the beach, had some ice cream...just hung out.”

Summer turned around and faced Winter, now a few feet into the alley, well out of eyesight of any passerby's. The expression on her face was that of someone leaving the juicy bits out. He could fill in the blanks. Glancing around pointedly, she then looked at Winter with utmost seriousness. “Don’t shriek when they come out, okay? I don’t like people to see them. You know, other people besides a very select few.”

With that, Summer released her wings, allowing the full white appendages unfurl behind her. They spanned across the alley, bright pink tips nearly touching the walls of the buildings sandwiching her. The ecdysiast blushed, revealing this part of herself that a scant few had seen. Naked on stage? No problem. Wings out? Highly intimate encounter. Turning her torso slightly, she brought a wing closer and around. Running her fingers through one, she felt along the tips until she found the perfect one. Eyes locked on Winter, she gave a small tug, wincing ever so slightly. Producing a single, pink tipped gleaming white feather, she held it out to him. “While I wish a motherfvcker would, I don’t actually see any motherfvckers around. So, you’ll just have to take this and keep it for a rainy day. Give it a jab into a mortal and they….” Summer crossed her eyes and stuck her tongue out, making a guttural sound. “They die. It doesn’t work on any kind except garden variety mortals. Can’t use ‘em on other angels, demons, you can’t hurt yourself. Stuff like that. I did stick one into a werewolf once, unknowingly. She got really...amorous. It was weird since I was robbing her.” Her face scrunched up like she’d sucked on a lemon.

“Anyway. Have the feather. Save it for some insufferable as$hole.” She smiled, a soft yellow light surrounding her.
Soleil Whitaker 07/27/17 Winter
Well, I mean... he f*cked my wife, for one.
Doesn't matter.
Point is, you're going to be present in Wilson's life.
Soleil Whitaker 07/27/17 Winter
You have a spine, at least.
And you're a real man.
And not an absolute f*cking sh*thead.
Soleil Whitaker 07/27/17 Winter
For real, for real.
Winter is going to need some kind of male figure in his life, and it's sure as hell not going to be that spineless d*ckhead, Callum.
Don't tell Rhiannon I said that.
Soleil Whitaker 07/26/17 Winter
Of course you get to meet him.
We wanted a newborn, of course. But, after meeting him... we knew he was perfect for us. :)
I hope this trouble you talk of is entirely safe.
Tiber Loche 07/26/17 Tiber doesn't forget faces.
His memory is formidable, backed by a dozen years of like minded work that kept him sharp and in tuned with his surroundings. He'd have been an oblivious fool to not notice the hand in his pocket as they were woven tight into the fabric of the suit he wore. An unwavering grip snatches the hand, prying it forcefully away from his wallet.

"Consider my lack of force a warning." Hand released into the summer eve. "Next time you'll pay with an eye."
Soleil Whitaker 07/25/17 Winter
Wilson is two and a half. But, he'll probably be 3 by the time we get him home.
There's been yet another delay, and it's my fault. We've been in contact with our case worker, though.
Oh, Winter. That would be amazing.
We both appreciate your standard for luxury, so who better to ask when in need of a quick getaway. ;)
Soleil Whitaker 07/25/17 Winter
They're starting with the bathrooms and the kitchen.
And depending on when we get home, they'll do the bedrooms, too.
Except the nursery. Because that's perfect.
I hate that you'll be staying in a hotel, love. :( But, hopefully it won't be for long, right?
Soleil Whitaker 07/25/17 Winter
I love you too, handsome man.
How was visiting with Summer?
How is New York?
I'd say yes to you staying at the brownstone. But, we just hired a renovation crew to go in and change a couple things - figured it'd be a good time since no one's there.
If we had know you'd be in the city, we would've held off. I'm sorry, love.
Summer 07/25/17 Making a face, Summer shook her head. “No, not that kind of hurt. That kind is okay because they asked for it. I mean…” She dragged a finger across her neck, miming a slice. “Killin’ em dead kinda hurt. If we run across anyone who needs an ass whoopin', I'll show you a cool trick. I mean, it's not cool for them.” She gave a wan smile, which then dissipated as quickly as it appeared. To his question on her only lingering lover she’d brought to her house, or rather brought to Blaize’s house since that is where she lived for a brief spell, she replied, “More like he was catchin’ feelings.” One brow arched up, lips curled in a smirk. “Then asked if I’d think about quitting stripping. The balls on that one, I tell ya. Eh, metaphorical balls. The physical balls were just whatever.”

Running her tongue along her teeth, she said simply, “It was a very nice date.” and left it at that. Giving a little sigh, she twisted her lips. “None of us really know how to be loved, Winter. Maybe that’s why she pushes you away. And, I get what you are saying about Autumn and her husband.”

Giving a wistful smile, she bumped hips with her brother. “Lots of things change people, not just love. Sex. Trauma. Death. Money.” Giving a pause, she started singing ‘Money Changes Everything’ then erupted into giggles.
Rhiannon Whitaker 07/25/17 Winter
I've moved on to bigger, better things.
Soleil knows what she's doing. ;)
Rhiannon Whitaker 07/25/17 Winter
This is why I'm married to a woman!
Summer 07/24/17 Summer snorted a laugh when he acquiesced to all the things she’d listed. There was the brother she knew. Tilting her head to the side, she gave a lopsided smile when he basically made her argument for her. “See, that is exactly it. You get disappointed with the real thing. I keep them at arm's length so I can’t be disappointed. If they don’t get close, they can’t disappoint me or hurt me. And likewise to the reverse. I can’t hurt them.” Her tone lowered at the last sentence, but then she brightened again. Quirking a brow up with a sneer, she nodded again. “I brought one home once. Big mistake. I just keep most of ‘em in here. Safer that way.” She tapped her temple and gave a wink.

Summer licked her lips, mouth suddenly dry. “It’s only been one date, Winter. And no one is taking me away. I’ve been ‘taken away’ once before, and that was plenty for several lifetimes.” She swallowed thickly. “It is one reason why I worry for Spring. To have been held captive, gain freedom, then immediately subject oneself to a sort of confused me. I just hope she is there on her own free will, and not because captivity is all she knows. A watered down version of Stockholm Syndrome.” Summer frowned deeply then gave a shrug of her shoulder. “Eh, I’m sure she’s fine, spreading pain around like it’s candy on Halloween. As for Autumn, well...Lucius seemed to return back into her life at the perfect time. It is comforting to me that he knew her before, you know?”

She continued, rattling on like she was actually stoned. “As for me? We’ll just see how it goes. Baby steps. He knows I’m a skittish cat. But even if I weren’t...I can’t really belong to anyone, you know? I can’t.” She twirled one of the joints between her index finger and thumb. She took a minute, then looked up at Winter with a silly smile. “You can’t get rid of me that easily. Face it, you’re stuck with me.”
Summer 07/23/17 Biting the inside of her cheek, Summer squinted in the sunlight, the warm beams having a nearly opposite effect on her. The rays rejuvenated her, energized her in ways she didn’t yet understand. She was, however, keenly aware that her brother was likely not experiencing the same feelings of rejuvenation. She gave him a sideways glance. “No day drinking, no drugs, and no surfers? Sh!t, Winter. It’s like I hardly know you! Are you coming down with something?” She asked jokingly, putting the back of her hand against his forehead to check for a temperature. Her laughter died off and her hand floated back down to her side.

He was the one she had the most in common with, yet...that seemed to be not necessarily true. Summer internally chided herself, giving a self-reminder that just because he didn’t partake in illicit substances or drink during the day hours didn’t mean they lacked things in common. On the contrary. Smiling, she accepted her own reasoning, knowing her second thoughts were correct. “I can’t comment on the personalities of surfers. I just know I lay down on my towel, watch them run by and get lost in some very wicked fantasies. I’ve never actually taken one home or shagged one or anything. I like to subject them to the Female Gaze. It makes me feel good, plus adds to the spank bank.” She smiled sweetly.

Nodding at his comments regarding their siblings, she agreed. “I can’t remember the last time I spoke with Spring. It was before her wedding party in Mercy.” Summer let out a short, bitter laugh. “I’ll never let that one go. I have very few bones to pick in this world. But when I have one, I’m like a relentless dog, never letting go.” Summer’s tight smile was aimed at the bright blue horizon, watching a flock of birds move from a tree to a power line. “I heard from Autumn not too long ago. I was seeking boy advice. Asking how she was able to loosen up for lack of a better term. How she was able to trust and love. not sure I can.”

She made a face and a rude sound. “Barf. I like talking about feelings as much as you do, obviously.” She was alluding to the fact that she knew he wasn’t fine. Of course she knew. She also knew not to push, and that talking about feelings and other bullsh!t like that was a dumb idea. For one, she was pretty damned sober. Facing emotions while sober was something she wasn’t quite adept at doing just yet. Why ruin a perfectly good visit and beach stroll with unbridled emotions and flaming hot auras?
Rhiannon Whitaker 07/23/17 Winter
... Maybe.
Summer 07/23/17 Nodding with a small modicum of understanding, Summer murmured, “Yeah, I suppose straight boys do present a certain challenge that is hard to find elsewhere. Plus, maybe it keeps men at arms reach. If they’re not gay, they can’t get too close, yeah? That’s one of the perks of my job, or had been. It keeps any ‘lingering type’ at bay. Except for this time...hmm. Anyway. He takes me as I am or moves on to the next girl. It really is that easy.” She smiled sweetly like it was plain as day.

Her sugar-sweet smile morphed into a grimace. “It feels like tiny bugs under your skin? Are you sure you weren’t just supremely high last time you were in the sun? I ate some mushrooms once that made me think there were earthworms slithering under my skin. It was a trip. But regardless. If it truly doesn’t bother you, let’s go down to the beach. There is one nearby with some trees for shade, plus hot surfer dudes.” She grinned widely, brown eyes twinkling knowing her brother couldn’t resist that particular lure.

Linking her arm through his, she tucked her unlit joint behind her other ear. She’d meant it when she said she was trying to cut back. Maybe she’d light up at the beach. Nature nearly begged for it, after all. Giving his side a poke, she laughed. “They don’t really wear banana hammocks to surf though. Still, enough skin is showing to give a girl very nice daydreams. Oh, we have to walk or call an Uber or something. You know I don’t drive if I can’t help it. Didn’t bring the Bug to Sydney anyway.”

Pausing, she looked at him. “How are you really? Have you seen the other siblings lately?”
Spring Taylor 07/22/17 "If you were given the chance, Winter. Would you kill her? Kill Elouise." The blunt question left her lips with a fiery glint to her vindictive gaze. It only lasted a few seconds before her eyes narrow at her brother. "Gray cares about me. We are equals. He has never left me." Spring spoke in her rough edged words.

"You have lost the plot." Spring murmured and didn't budge from the hug. Her body stiffened in place. "You have a funny way of f-cking showing it."
Rhiannon Whitaker 07/22/17 Winter
sry i'm drunk
tryna have sex with my wife
she keeps talkin bout 'consent' UGH
Rhiannon Whitaker 07/22/17 Winter
i'm a fan of ANYTHING soleil puts on ;)
Soleil Whitaker 07/21/17 Winter
Wow, thanks bby.
Rhiannon is perfect as she is, honestly. Ugh, she's so f*cking hot.
I'm a fan of both, nothing wrong with a little bit of boobs AND butt. ;)
Missing you, too!!
Spring Taylor 07/21/17 Spring rolled her eyes into the back of her skull with a slow shake of her head. "W.h.a.t.e.v.e.r." She commented with no limit of the hostile pronunciation of each separate letter.

"You left Mercy. You left me, Winter. You chose the f-cking enemy. You can't pretend that isn't leaving me." She answered bluntly to her own point. "You wouldn't miss me had you have stayed, you plonker."
Soleil Whitaker 07/19/17 Winter
Honestly, it's kind of my fault.
I have to wrap things up at the Compound, and I just haven't gotten around to it.
I'm missing home desperately. :(
Glad to hear it. How're you doing? Anything new?
Summer 07/18/17 “I suppose there is a time and place in which ‘Daddy’ is appropriate. Usually said when in a submissive, nevermind. I have a friend in the scene, she has no boundaries. Cinnamon! You have her dressing gown. Anyhow. She has a Daddy. A few actually, that lucky b!tch.” Summer shook her head and furrowed her brow, as if trying to clear her mind of digressions. “I think a date is just where you hang out with someone you want to bone. I think that is the literal definition. Oh. And they have to want to bone you. Otherwise that’s just stalking. If you both want to shag each other and hang out, then that is a date.” She then nodded her head firmly, as if that settled that.

She laughed gaily at his exclamation, then clucked her tongue as she grabbed his arm, leading him out to the deck. “Of course you’re going to be my man of honor. I use ‘bridemaids dress’ as a generic term. As the man of honor, you can pick whatever you want to wear. We fvcking know my ass won’t be a bridezilla.” Wrinkling her nose, she gave him a look. “But that is like, a hundred years from now, if at all.” She made a face. “I won’t change too much. He’s cool with my job, which has always been a bone of contention with men in the past. So that won’t change.” Summer gave her ass a slap, clamping the joint between her lips. “I am too good at what I do, Brother Bear. Nobody can hold me down!” She exclaimed, then laughed.

Her laughter petered off as she looked at him. Baby face, handsome as can be, but something haunting there in his eyes. Just like all her siblings. Just like her. She gave a small smile as she reached up, touching his face. “I’m not gonna lie to you and say everything’s gonna be fine. But I do love you no matter what.” Glancing down at the unlit joint in his hand, she carefully plucked it from him and tucked it behind her ear. “You wanna go to the beach? Or if the sun is too much, we can hit up the club I work at?” She grinned widely. “Knock back a few, watch some naked people? What’ya say?”
Soleil Whitaker 07/18/17 Winter
Rhi and I haven't made the move back yet, honestly.
I don't know why we keep putting it off.
We want you to visit as much as you'd like, love.
We'll even help you find a place in NY, if you want!
Missing you and your handsome face.
How's your sister?
Elouise Warrock 07/18/17 Winter
You know I love you too.
How are you?
Rhiannon Whitaker 07/18/17 Winter
How is your sister? Are you having fun? We miss you!
Good question, also.
Yes, I do.
Spring Taylor 07/16/17 Arms folded tightly around her chest as she eyeballed her brother. "Get bent Winter. You can't f-cking make yourself the keeper of Moscow you daft @rse." The words hissed from her lips each word coated with her regular dose of hostility.

"Being a jew is good. I get jew cakes and wear Yomamas." One of her hands pressed outwards in an attempt to shove Winter away from her. "Piss off. You should have f-cking thought about that instead of being the keeper of Moscow. D-ck. You're the f-cking one that left." There she stood growling and howling like a caged cat, with the fury in her face growing inches with every second of the hugged embrace.
Summer 07/15/17 Chuckling, she raised her brows, impressed. "You called him daddy and he didn't object. Hot." Pulling a small square tin out of her purse, she retrieved two expertly rolled joints. Handing one to him and putting the other between her lips, she fished out a lighter. Holding it out to him, she said with lips slightly clamped, "I went on a date! I think my first one." Her face scrunched up in thought. "Sh!t from when we were in school doesn't count, right? I don't count anything that happened with people still in puberty." Laughing, she continued. "It was with a guy from Azhi. He's like me. You angel." She said the last words with a flourish and an eyebrow waggle.
"He stays at the compound in Sydney sometimes and resides in the US part time too." Squinting, her nose flared as she looked at Winter. "Is it serious? It was a first date. Baby steps, tiger. Baby steps. I'm already as skittish as a wild filly. Why? You anxious to wear a bridesmaids gown if I get hitched?" She pinched his side to tease and tickle. "No need to make it painful or painless. I'm my own worst enemy with this sh!t so like, here's to hoping I don't fvck it up. I'm no walk in the park as you well know." She laughed loud, sharper than was necessary for her self-deprecating joke.
Her laugh simmered off. Reaching up, she touched his face. "Just alright? I suppose that's something. Some days are easier than others. This helps." She held out her still-unlit joint.
Autumn Summers 07/14/17 Snowflake
Haven't gotten used to the idea of us together yet, maybe?
It's easy to forgot when you don't see much of us.
Soleil Whitaker 07/14/17 Winter
Love you too, doll. 😘
Autumn Summers 07/14/17 Snowflake
Pro trip: ask Lucius if you can't think of anything.
Soleil Whitaker 07/14/17 Winter
That's all you can do, handsome man.
Trying hard is what life's all about, really.
Autumn Summers 07/14/17 Snowflake
I love you, too.
Oh, and thank you for the charm! I love it! It now has a permanent home on my bracelet.
Soleil Whitaker 07/14/17 Winter
Well, you've always been good to me, too.
What're friends for, right?
Rhiannon Whitaker 07/14/17 Winter
I'm not too familiar with 'the chase'.
Soleil was pretty easy. ;)
Autumn Summers 07/14/17 Snowflake
Take all the time you need. We have plenty of it.
Autumn Summers 07/14/17 Snowflake
If you don't take the risk, you'll never know.
You aren't the only one of us who's been hurt... you can either rise above it, or you can let it control you.
That is your choice, love.
Autumn Summers 07/14/17 Snowflake
Well, no, I wasn't going to ditch him. I just had no intention of sleeping with him again. He is very, very convincing...
Okay, there's a lesson here: find out of the guy is gay or straight before confessing love!
Autumn Summers 07/14/17 Snowflake
You might surprise yourself, big brother.
Here's a little secret: Lucius was supposed to be a one time thing... didn't stay that way, did it?
I'm glad it didn't.
Autumn Summers 07/14/17 Snowflake
A date can be a one night stand, too.
But a one night stand is exactly that... one night. One and done.
Why not get to know this guy instead of getting straight down to business? He might surprise you.
Summer 07/14/17 Laughing at her brothers best impression of a muppet lost, she calls him over and gives a huuuuge hug. "You're asking me? Sh!t, I'm pretty unqualified. Like, I think a date does mean banging after. I mean, there are one night stands which is just banging, no hanging out aka dates. And no word after. I think a date implies hanging out and possibly talking after if it went well. And banging after if it went really well. Or during. Or before? Why wait till after when you're fat and bloated from a meal. Bang first."
The angel grinned widely at her handsome brother. "What's got you askin? Going on a date?! Eeeeee! I did too! How are you, by the way?"
Soleil Whitaker 07/14/17 Winter
She's just really f*cking hot, that's all. Can't help it.
If anything, handsome man, we'll help you find a place in New York so that you're close by. :)
Soleil Whitaker 07/14/17 Winter
Let me discuss with the wife, first. You know she wears the pants in the house.
Hypothetically speaking, of course.
I'll let you know alright, babe?
Soleil Whitaker 07/13/17 Winter
Same, though. Food is so good, amiright?
Winter Summers, you could never be a bother to me. Or to Rhiannon, for that matter.
I've told you time and time again that our home is always open to you.
If anything, we can make the loft upstairs your apartment - just so you have your own space!
Move in with us, handsome man. We love having you around.
Rhiannon Whitaker 07/13/17 Winter
I like to keep things interesting.
So does Soleil.
Our sex is fun 24/7.
Rhiannon Whitaker 07/13/17 Winter
Would it make you feel better if I woke a mustache during?
I have a fake one. Soleil likes it when I wear it.
... It's not a sex thing.
Okay, so it's a sex thing.
Rhiannon Whitaker 07/13/17 Winter
I'm always happy to have sex with you, for one.
And two, so is Soleil.
Statement disproven!
Soleil Whitaker 07/13/17 Winter
Those abs of yours are definitely those of a 20 year old. ;)
You're right about Wilson and tech. Although, I feel like Rhi's the type who'd wanna keep tabs all the time. You know?
I've been alright, actually. El and I had brunch today, got a little drunk in mimosas. But, we've been good.
I just can't wait to go home. Only a day or two more.
Are you coming to stay with us soon?
Soleil Whitaker 07/13/17 Winter
Kids are so advanced these days. They're little adults.
It's scary to me.
Well, for 50, you're lookin' damn fine. ;)
How have you been?
Rhiannon Whitaker 07/13/17 Winter
I'm about to get a pretty good work out. ;)
Soleil Whitaker 07/13/17 Winter
Handsome! Man of my life! Hello!
What's good? What's poppin? How's it hanging?
Any one of those would do, I guess.
Honestly, I have no clue. The youth today make me feel old. :/
Ellie Mae 07/13/17 Resigning to flicking cards at the wall, the sound of a lock clicking surprised her. Glancing up, she grinned as she saw the familiar face, hopping up from the floor she had sat upon. Sliding the rest of the cards in her pocket she slipped out, glancing up towards the guards before back to the man.

"But staying out of trouble's no fun. Otherwise I wouldn't need you to save me," she laughed, giving a wink before running off before the guards could get her again.
Rhiannon Whitaker 07/12/17 Winter
Oh my gosh. No!
New sheets, duh.
Have to spruce it up!
Rhiannon Whitaker 07/12/17 Winter
Can Soleil get it for you?
Plus, I need time to get your room in order!
Rhiannon Whitaker 07/12/17 Winter
I love you too!
P.S. We'll be back in New York soon, but Soleil mentioned something about wanting a few days to settle back in. If you know what I mean. ;)
Rhiannon Whitaker 07/12/17 Winter
You already know the answer, handsome!
Soleil Whitaker 07/11/17 Winter
Missing you, love!
Rhiannon Whitaker 07/11/17 Winter
Whatever you want handsome!
Soleil Whitaker 07/11/17 Winter
The only present you need to bring either of us is that handsome face of yours!!
Rhiannon Whitaker 07/11/17 Winter
I'm partial to tulips and daisies.
Rhiannon Whitaker 07/11/17 Winter
We already have a fairly formidable vegetable garden.
Maybe flowers out front?
Rhiannon Whitaker 07/11/17 Winter/b>
Soleil is in charge of the garden, babes.
But I will gladly help!
Soleil Whitaker 07/10/17 Winter
You have a home with us. Just know that, handsome man.
We could never not want you around.
Soleil Whitaker 07/09/17 Winter
Excuse me? Winter, what do you mean you're leaving Moscow? Permanently?
You have a home in New York, you know that.
I haven't told Rhi yet, but we're going to be leaving Moscow soon too. So, when you finish visiting with your sister, come home to us. Okay?
Autumn Summers 07/09/17 Snowflake
Well, alright.
Give her hugs for me!
The sun is a lot worse here than back home. I went to swim and didn't even think about it. Lucius didn't scold me that much... and made up for it after.
I know how lucky I am to have him. I am thankful every morning and every night he is at my side.
Summer 07/09/17 Winter
Abba on tour? Neil deGrasse Tyson for a book signing? Dita von Teese's burlesque revue?
OR wait!!!
My favorite human???? YOU?!?
Hold plz I have to do something.
Autumn Summers 07/09/17 Snowflake
You aren't? Why?
Aye, sending it to my house in London would be fine.
Our honeymoon has been amazing... India is awesome. Hot, though. I forgot to put this special sunblock on that Lucius gave to me and got a little bit sunburned, and then he scolded me for it.
He worries about me so much. It's really very sweet.
Elouise Warrock 07/09/17 Winter
The Order isn't your home, Winter.
I don't need any donuts.
I have far too much to focus on.
Autumn Summers 07/09/17 Snowflake
Watch it, or next time I see you, you won't get any hugs.
I'm not sure if we're cleared to go back to Moscow yet, but we will as soon as we can. For now, me and Lucius are honeymooning in India.
Autumn Summers 07/09/17 Snowflake
I knew it was a lightning bolt! I'm not that dense...
You remembered I had a charm bracelet??
I LOVE IT! Oh, Winter, it's perfect. Thank you!
Soleil Whitaker 07/09/17 Winter
There should be coffee. Tums, I'm not sure.
Don't say that, Winter Summers!!
Don't you dare die on us now.
Autumn Summers 07/09/17 Snowflake
What is it??
Spring Taylor 07/09/17 Spring had finished a meal recently. Splotches of crimson across her straight lined lips. Narrowed blue eyes forever full to the rim with anger. She turned towards the voice that spoke her name with a sneer.

"Oi. Who the f-cking hell made you the keeper of f-cking Moscow? Go Suck a f-ck. fcking Winter." She spat out with her normal level of hostility. "I'm a fcking Jew. I can go wherever the f-ck I want." She hissed the last words out with a stomp of her foot into the ground to emphasize her rooted position
Soleil Whitaker 07/08/17 Winter
Agreed. And I am so grateful for you, too. (:
Elouise Warrock 07/08/17 Winter
I love you!
Elouise Warrock 07/08/17 Winter
Don't tell anyone else!
Summer 07/08/17 Winter
You had a stalker?? I'll flay him from toe to scalp. I mean, unless you're into the voyeur thing. I kind of dig it, but I know some people feel "violated" by such acts. Whatever. Say the word, and he's skinned.
Elouise had her baby? Pass along a congrats when you see her.
I'm no expert in this field at all, but I do know biology of chicks. She's basically surfing a wave of ungodly hormones right now. So like...anything she does should be excused without question. It's hormones, lots of them. It's total bullsh!t. Men are so fvckin' lucky.
So to that end, you aren't useless. It probably depends on how many cooks she has in the kitchen so to speak. Lots of people + hormones can be a bad ****tail. Even when they are as delightful and eager to please as you are.
If you're in Russia, it's probably best I not come, even though I would actually love to baby you. I'll have to wait till you get your ass down to Sydney. Or we can meet half way. Los Angeles? We can go to Disneyland.
Soleil Whitaker 07/08/17 Winter
Perhaps. Either way, I'm totally game.
Rhiannon's a freak, you know that. ;)
Summer 07/08/17 Winter Sugar
Aww my sugarbug. Is everything okay? You know I'm here for you no matter who's roof I'm under.
While I do doubt that I am the only person you have, I'm glad you know that you do have me regardless. No matter what, even when I'm super fvcking irritating. Which is like...frequently. Dude, sometimes I irritate myself.
Then I smoke a bowl and am back to knowing I'm pretty feckin' rad.
Should I come to you? Where are you?
Soleil Whitaker 07/08/17 Winter
I may be a lesbian, but I sure can appreciate an attractive man.
I heard about the sushi, but not about the body art??
Soleil Whitaker 07/08/17 Winter
I've seen you naked before. No biggie! ;)
Rhiannon Whitaker 07/08/17 Winter
Soleil is good at everything she does.
Rhiannon Whitaker 07/08/17 Winter
I don't have one of those... 😳
But of course. I can do body art with it.
Soleil Whitaker 07/08/17 Winter
I heard you're coming over later.
Come kick it with us for a bit.
We can Netflix and chill. And drink.
Soleil Whitaker 07/08/17 Winter
Right. Baby.
Seriously, though. Are you okay?
Do you need help?
Rhiannon Whitaker 07/08/17 Winter
Hey. She's stunning. She's flexible. She's sexy. She's mine. I'm gonna love on her 24/7.
Soleil Whitaker 07/08/17 Winter
What did you do?
Rhiannon Whitaker 07/08/17 Winter
I'm naked, Soleil and I are going to get freaky, and then I'm yours, handsome! I'm staying at our apartment in the Arbat. I'd say come over now, but...
Soleil and I need a bit of privacy. ;)
Soleil Whitaker 07/08/17 Winter
Are you hurt?
Cleaning supplies in kitchen.
What do you need them for?
Soleil Whitaker 07/08/17 Winter
I do. Top right drawer of my bureau.
What happened, are you okay?
Elouise Warrock 07/08/17 To say it had been a long first night at home was an understatement. Both Elouise and the little bub had been peacefully co-sleeping until Winter and the porridge express arrived. The blonde cracks an eye open, shifting, she somehow manages to climb out of bed without disturbing her son. "Winter." She blinks slowly, eyeing him up and down almost in disbelief.

"I love you. You know that I do. But I need you to just...listen when I tell you I need time alone. I just got the baby down. If you'd woken him up, I honestly might have murdered you." Cerulean eyes go momentarily wide. "Like I said. I love you. But right now, I have to focus on that little sh*t bot."
Elouise Warrock 07/08/17 Winter
You'll get to meet him soon. Promise.
Elouise Warrock 07/08/17 Winter
Just me and him tonight.
But maybe soon.
Elouise Warrock 07/08/17 Winter
I just need to sleep.
Squish mitten is gross. Omfg.
Elouise Warrock 07/08/17 Winter
Inside voice.
He's here a little bit early.
We can talk more tomorrow huh?
Elouise Warrock 07/08/17 Winter
Winter. JFC.
He's here. Sleeping, though.
Elouise Warrock 07/08/17 Winter
We love you too.
Soleil Whitaker 07/08/17 Winter
That might be it! Maybe you gave one of them the wrong number.
Aw, babe. :( You're too cute.
Hopefully, we'll all be returning sooner than later, right?
Soleil Whitaker 07/08/17 Winter
Wait. What? Someone is watching you?
Have they made a move on you yet?
Are you really leaving? If you need a place to stay, go home. To NY.
Margot moved out, sort of. So, you'll have the brownstone to yourself until we get back.
Soleil Whitaker 07/07/17 Winter
She's been different ever since Jameson's disappearance.
Which, I mean, is understandable.
If Rhi went missing, I'd be... off, too.
I don't think she meant to be so callous, handsome. She's got a lot on her plate, you know?
Everything okay?
Elouise Warrock 07/07/17 Elouise turns from her position in Jameson's desk chair. Something... Off about her. She looks exhausted, more physically spent that usual. And clearly, incapable of processing someone else's physical needs. "You don't know who is making these threats?"

Her fingers drum idly against the desktop. The blonde has her assumptions. Noura, of course, her number one. Especially given the message. "You should go, then."
Ellie Mae 07/07/17 Sighing as she looked down at her hands in defeat, she cursed the magicked bars that kept her in the cage. She had tried and tried, but her magic just wasn't strong enough for this certain cell. Hearing a door swing open she jumped up from the moldy cot, walking closer to the bars, grinning softly as a man picked the lock for her. Slipping from the cell she glanced around, sending a lightening bolt at a guard that had just seen them, knocking the man backwards before looking to the one that had freed her. "Thanks for the help. Catch you later?"
Lucius Dalca 07/07/17 Text: WD
So.. Dont steal from a museum... No promises.
Its for a good cause though :O
Yes, it was a weird first impression, brah.
7 out of 10 is horrible! I'm a motherf*cking 15.
Oh Autumn says hi.
Elouise Warrock 07/07/17 Winter
I'm in Jameson's office.
Soleil Whitaker 07/07/17 Winter
I have a terrible gut feeling that you're right, handsome man. :(
Noura Orlav 07/07/17 ...Encrypted SMS incoming...
While the cat's away the mouse does play.
The cat is watching.
Soleil Whitaker 07/06/17 Winter
It's a date.
I hope Jameson comes home soon. For El's sake, the poor woman.
Selfishly, I'm ready to get back to New York. I want normalcy again, you know?
Soleil Whitaker 07/06/17 Winter
Already a few steps ahead of you. ;)
When things are resolved, we should all get together.
You, me, Rhiannon, and Don Julio?
Soleil Whitaker 07/06/17 Winter
I think I'm going to use one of the bath bombs tonight!
Soak for a bit, enjoy a glass of wine.
You're a blessing, handsome man!
Lucius Dalca 07/06/17 Text: WD
Sure! What souvenir do you like?
That's what I heard. I am keeping my eyes on the big Maple either way.
*coughs* Brought my working laptop.
Hold up now I never hated you.. I just didn't particularly like you at the time.
You asked me about my d*ck, bro. THEN you said I was a 7 out of 10!
Soleil Whitaker 07/06/17 To say that Soleil is stressed is perhaps the understatement of the year. Elouise has gone off the deep end, in search of her husband. And the loyal best friend she is, the young Whitaker has been diligent in fulfilling her responsibilities. Although, in light of Jameson’s disappearance, she has had some additional duties.

She can hear quiet footsteps coming down the length of the hall, and the sound of rustling just outside her door. She waits a moment, frozen at her desk, half expecting a disheveled, frenzied Elouise to come barreling through the door. Instead, the rustling stops, and her curiosity compels her to investigate. Outside, she finds a basket and a note. Delighted, she takes out her phone to text her most handsome friend.

You’re God’s gift to the world, Winter Summers.
Thank you for making me smile in this… rather dreary time.
Love you! xoxo.
Lucius Dalca 07/06/17 Text: WD
It is! We are feeling so cultured now.
And thank you, it always means a lot to me :O
I've been wanting to check things out over there for a while now. Waiting until the coast is clear.
You found a boyfriend yet?
Rhiannon Whitaker 07/06/17 Winter
I don't think they're actually dating! You're not a homewrecker!
Rhiannon Whitaker 07/06/17 Winter
It's only fair if you had sex with him that I'm the next person you have sex with.
Rhiannon Whitaker 07/06/17 Winter
He's dating my sister! Winter!
You're a homewrecker!
Rhiannon Whitaker 07/06/17 Winter
Rhiannon Whitaker 07/06/17 Winter
You f*cked my ex-husband!
Rhiannon Whitaker 07/06/17 Winter
... I need to go to church.
Rhiannon Whitaker 07/06/17 Winter
... what. What? What??
Rhiannon Whitaker 07/06/17 Winter
It sounds perfect!
Rhiannon Whitaker 07/06/17 Winter
You know you're the only man for us!
Rhiannon Whitaker 07/06/17 Winter
Are you propositioning me? ;)
Lucius Dalca 07/06/17 Text: WD
Simply great! I am in India with your sister for our honeymoon. We found a new coven also. Chill peeps :D What about you?
Summer 07/06/17 Best Brother
You're so fvckin' cute, you know that?!
Rhiannon Whitaker 07/02/17 Handsome!
I love you more!
Rhiannon Whitaker 07/02/17 Handsome
Elouise Warrock 06/30/17 Winter
Leave whenever you have to.
I have protocols, but you're always welcome to come and go.
It's a little different for you, obviously...
Elouise Warrock 06/30/17 Winter
Thank you, handsome.
I think I can handle these two.
Elouise Warrock 06/30/17 Winter
Guests is a polite term for prisoner.
You can greet them if you'd like, they won't be intact for long.
Soleil Whitaker 06/30/17 She reaches up to cup his cheek, saddened by his confession. "You are always welcome to stay in New York," she responds, "I shouldn't even have to say it at this point. You have a home with me and Rhiannon, no matter what."

As for Elouise, Soleil is also at a loss. Dark truths have been revealed to her in the last few days, and it is obvious that their tall, blonde friend is, at present, of a one track mind. "I think," she begins, "I think it's important that we're just present for El, you know? She's worried, stressed, angry. The poor woman has so much on her plate right now."
Elouise Warrock 06/30/17 Winter
It doesn't matter, I won't have enough time to chew and taste it. I have guests coming.
Elouise Warrock 06/30/17 Winter
Leaving them in the suite is fine. I'll get the drugs, and the cheetos later. Thank you.
And yes, I need the mac. ASAP. I appreciate you.
Elouise Warrock 06/30/17 Winter
That was a no. With a side of guilt.
Did you pick up my prenatal vitamins? You can leave them in my room. I'll grab them later.
Do you know how to make mac and cheese?
Soleil Whitaker 06/30/17 Soleil lets out a startled yelp as Winter pulls her in for a hug. She recovers quickly, however, arms immediately winding their way around his torso. She grins against his chest, reveling in the physical contact. To say she adored this man would be a pathetic understatement.

"I love you too, handsome," she responds before planting a firm kiss to his cheek, "It is so nice to finally be back in your company. I do wish, however, we were both back in New York." A small frown pulls at her lips for a fleeting moment; she doesn't quite like the notion of being away from home for so long.
Elouise Warrock 06/30/17 Winter
It could bite Rambo.
Do you want Rambo to die?
Rhiannon Whitaker 06/30/17 Winter
There's not much 'seduction' involved. We're pretty easy for each other. ;o
Soleil and I both sleep in the nude! I love it! But we don't want poor Wilson to be scarred. And Elouise and Margot have seen us naked enough...
Rhiannon Whitaker 06/30/17 Winter
I'm in bed with Soleil. Little cutie is still sleeping. :)
So, that'd be nothing. Taking a tip from you, handsome man.
Soleil Whitaker 06/30/17 Soleil laughs heartily at Winter's enthusiasm. "I wouldn't be so sure," she responds, wagging a playful finger up at her friend, "I've gotten pretty good at being sneaky! Rhiannon can attest."

She continues to beam at Winter, happy that she's reunited with the man she holds so dear to her heart. It'd been a while since they'd spent any time together, and although the rather unfortunate circumstances for their reunion, she is glad she has some good company in the time being.
Soleil Whitaker 06/29/17 Winter Summers has a nice ass - Soleil would know, she's seen it. Multiple times. So, she simply cannot help herself when she spots Winter wandering the halls of the Compound.

Grinning broadly, Soleil clasps her hands behind her back and sways from side to side. "Winter, handsome," she coos, "What my wife doesn't know won't kill her. Plus, she'd only be jealous that she's not the one copping a feel."
Soleil Whitaker 06/28/17 Winter
Aw, handsome. Don't feel bad.
We're both rather... emotional right now. We haven't gone more than a few hours without eachother since we got married, so you can imagine how hard this is for us.
She's a tough cookie, we both know that.
It might ease her heart to see that we're alive, and taking care of one another.
Elouise Warrock 06/28/17 Winter
Come and crab the expenses credit card from me.
You can grab what I need from the pharmacy, since you're offering.
Elouise Warrock 06/28/17 Winter
I called a car, it will be outside the grounds in five minutes. Go and run whatever errands you need to.
Soleil Whitaker 06/28/17 Winter
Yes. I'm in my room, come cuddle. We can FaceTime Rhiannon.
Elouise Warrock 06/28/17 Winter
You won't be missing anything here.
Elouise Warrock 06/28/17 Winter
You'll see once you get back.
Don't worry, I won't kill you.
Elouise Warrock 06/28/17 Winter
I'm not the Lorax. I don't speak for you.
Come and go as you wish, just understand the security protocols for you will be tedious.
Summer 06/28/17 Winter
You're probably one of the only people who could do the pop-in and not irritate the sh!t out of me. That being said, notice is always nice.
Just in case I'm indisposed.
I can't wait to see you! I'm taking you to work and shoving your ass on stage. Shake what our mama gave you!!
Summer 06/27/17 Winter
Of course! My doors are always open. It's actually winter in Sydney, so you don't have to worry about the sun wrinkling up your baby skin. I's still sunny. Just not Australia-summer sunny.
I got a text from Blaize yesterday. I had no idea he was alive.
Rhiannon Whitaker 06/27/17 Winter
I just wish I was there with you!
Rhiannon Whitaker 06/27/17 Winter
Now I'm crying.
Soleil Whitaker 06/26/17 Winter
Absolutely, handsome. I doubt Rhiannon will let me leave NY without promising you cuddles from the both of us.
Can't wait to see you, stay safe.
Soleil Whitaker 06/26/17 Winter
I heard. I'm flying back to Moscow in the AM.
I just need tonight with Rhiannon, you know?
See you soon?
Summer 06/26/17 Wintery
Jameson's gone missing?
Winter, I have to ask, since this is you. I'd never ask Elouise this because it might hurt her feelings but...maybe he is spooked about the baby coming? She'd gotta be due soon, yea?
I mean, maybe he isn't so much missing as he is...running away? Just a question/thought. I know how I'd feel if my significant other told me they were pregnant.
...I mean, that'd be weird, cos it's not like I coulda knocked 'em up or anything. Anyhow, I'm sure you get my point.
If Autumn is on her way, I trust between you both, you'll keep Elouise as relaxed as humanly possible. Stress is very bad for someone so far along as she is (Seriously, is she like, 13 months pregnant at this point?).
I'll keep my eyes and ears open out here. Give her my love, alright?
Summer 06/26/17 Winter light
Okay when I first starting reading your text, I thought you were talking in general terms. But this mention of a horse faced woman and handsome loser seem...oddly specific. Maybe this hot fella is a closet case and needed a beard? That seems to be a trend around here, surely you've noticed. You being out and proud might have made him shrink back like a scared turtle. Maybe he goes both ways and she has a trick pelvis or something. Eh, what do I know.
Speaking of tricks, how's it going outside of handsome men slipping through your fingers?
Elouise Warrock 06/26/17 She pushes away from the desk entirely now, standing up to face Winter as he enters the room fully. "What I mean, Winter, is somewhere between when my husband last left the compound and now, he has gone missing. As if he was completely wiped from the grid. If you step foot outside of our grounds, I cannot promise that whomever took Jameson will not take you as well." She is matter-of-fact, an eerie sense of calmness holding her down.

The fact that any sanity remains is perhaps alarming. Even to her. "Right now, I need time, and space. When I have more information...when I have a plan, Winter, you will know. But right now..." She pauses, glancing back at the footage playing on the portable surface. "I need to find my husband."
Elouise Warrock 06/25/17 The blonde doesn't bother to look up from the screens, cerulean orbs scanning tapes over and over again. The practice was borderline obsessive, but she seemed to be repeating the same few seconds of tape on repeat. "Jameson is missing." She replies in an even tone, monotonous and seemingly uninterested. "Like I said, Winter, stay if you want to, leave if you need to. Right now, I'm looking for my husband." She finally looks up to give him a once over. "I cannot promise your safety outside of this compound."
Elouise Warrock 06/25/17 To say her attention was otherwise engaged was an understatement. "Your sister is on her way here." She glances away from the security display projected on her tablet, her entire demeanor "Go if you need to."
Soleil Whitaker 06/21/17 Winter
We didn't think it'd be so soon, either.
I had planned to get a degree first since I never went to college. But, NYCPS emailed Rhiannon about a little boy.
We named him! It's officially Wilson Rhyland Whitaker, we just signed all the officiating papers.
We've already told him about how great his Uncle Winter is, I hope you don't mind. I think you're really going to like him.
Rhiannon Whitaker 06/21/17 Winter
I film sex too.
Like game tapes, I need to perfect my form.
Rhiannon Whitaker 06/21/17 Winter
I film everything!
Summer 06/21/17 In a not-so-shocking development, Summer actually was sitting down when she read the text from her only living brother. She was picking at a nail, realizing it was time for a manicure, asap. Perhaps Barbie pink next time. Or aubergine. Mmm yes. Aubergine would do just fine.

Winter Wonderland!
You are my favorite Winter. I don’t like any other winter. Barf. No. This body shouldn’t be swaddled in sweaters and coats. IT SHOULD BE FREE!!
As for your pick up line:
Solid. Effing. Gold.
Seriously. I DID just fall from heaven, so that’d work like a charm on me. So like, YES I totally think it will get you a sexy man, if not men-plural.
Not that you need pickup lines. You’re super cute and hot at the same time. Charming. Easy. I don’t know what else sexy men are looking for!
Soleil Whitaker 06/21/17 Winter
Oh my god, Rhiannon told you we're adopting?
You have to be here when Wilson comes home.
We visited with him last week, and I managed to sneak a photo.

[IMG Attachment]


Rhiannon Whitaker 06/21/17 Winter
Hey! Video scrapbooking is serious business!
Rhiannon Whitaker 06/21/17 Winter
I'm dying to give details, but Soleil deserves to gush a little, y'know? Plus, I want to see her cry.
Rhiannon Whitaker 06/21/17 Winter
This is Luna!

As for the other thing, yes! Ask Soleil all about him. She's a mush.
Rhiannon Whitaker 06/20/17 Winter
We got another dog!!!
And the other thing too.
Elouise Warrock 06/19/17 Winter
Don't touch anything in the kitchen.
I am coming to bake for you and save the day!
Autumn Summers 06/19/17 Snowflake
You're so right.
I'm going to make cookies instead...
And warn Elouise about your baking skills.
Elouise Warrock 06/19/17 Winter
Rhiannon is invited?
And just when I thought I was going to have a good time.
Rhiannon Whitaker 06/19/17 Winter
You guessed it!
But can you figure out which one?
Autumn Summers 06/19/17 Snowflake
Mhmm, just wait...
Love you, too.
You know, I don't like ice cream cake. The ice cream makes the cake all tough and not yummy. They are good separate and eaten together but not combined.
Maybe I'll bake cupcakes... they're so good still warm from the oven.
Elouise Warrock 06/19/17 Winter
Noura is absolutely not invited.
F*ck that b*tch.
Rhiannon Whitaker 06/19/17 Handsome Man
They'll be here, waiting for you!
The house is empty without you.
But you should come back soon, Soleil and I have news!
Elouise Warrock 06/19/17 Winter
Baby shower??? WHAT?
I can't drink, though. Boo. :(
Rhiannon Whitaker 06/19/17 Handsome Man
What happens if I'm wearing them right now?
Kidding! They're folded and on the edge of your bed.
Need me to mail them to you?
Autumn Summers 06/19/17 Snowflake
Wait until you find The One, you'll be singing a different tune! You'll willingly admit it to him. Watch! I'm calling it.
I already have the best, because I have you, big brother.
We don't need a blender, really...
If I can't find ice cream, I know there's cake.
Elouise Warrock 06/19/17 Winter
I don't know. Like August? I DON'T KNOW. Jameson is my f*cking OB/GYN. He's got this on lock, apparently.
I'm pretty sure I'm just going to die, though.
Autumn Summers 06/19/17 Snowflake
How did you know?! That's exactly how it feels.
I'm so glad you like him.
Ehh... Well, I suppose you can give it to us whenever you want. It doesn't make a difference to me. But you know you don't have to get anything at all, aye? I want ice cream.
Elouise Warrock 06/19/17 Winter
I gave up on maternity clothes. Onesies are comfortable.
...I'm too f*cking pregnant for this.
Elouise Warrock 06/19/17 Winter
Onesie, of course!
Autumn Summers 06/19/17 Snowflake
Wonderful. Hearing 'Mrs. Dalca' and hearing him call me his wife, or me calling him husband is still strange... I met a woman who says even after six months it feels new.
How are you, big brother?
Summer 06/13/17 Wintah
I should call you sometime; I need to find out if I'm starting to sound like an Aussie. I do fancy their accents though. Eh, I probably sound the same. I'm in LA for right now; it's winter in AUS and I just can't deal.
I guess I just wanna cut back on smoking cos I...I think I need to learn how to manage myself. Ah hell, why bother. I get an anxiety headache just thinkin' about it, makin' me grab my bong!
I'm glad you're doing good. Where are you at these days? Still in Moscow or did you leave that godforsaken wasteland of delicious fried food and vodka? Okay I guess it's not that godforsaken.
Rhiannon Whitaker 06/13/17 Hands full of Chipotle bags, Rhiannon manages to jiggle Winter's bedroom door open. "I come bearing tacos!" She declares, dropping the bags at the foot of his bed. "Now, how are you? Are you wounded? Mortally?"
Spring Taylor 06/13/17 Winter
Nay, you f-cking don't.
Lucius Dalca 06/12/17 Text: WD
Hehe she deserves a nice ring and don't worry, your sister is in excellent hands. I will always take care of her.
Autumn Summers 06/12/17 Snowflake
I would say absolutely, but... and this sounds so odd... I think Lucius' mother already has something in mind. She had me fitted yesterday for a dress.
Rhiannon Whitaker 06/12/17 Winter
I could look at my wife for hours.
I may never let her leave bed.
But I will for your tacos!
Rhiannon Whitaker 06/12/17 Winter
15 tacos?!
And you underestimate how long it takes to finish a jigsaw puzzle. ;)
Lucius Dalca 06/11/17 Text: WD
Thank you! I appreciate it a lot. She is wonderful.
Rhiannon Whitaker 06/11/17 Winter
Everything is not fine! My Winter is injured!
Do you need me? I can leave Soleil hot and bothered in this hotel bed if need be.
Rhiannon Whitaker 06/11/17 Winter
I'm coming home this instant!
Rhiannon Whitaker 06/11/17 Winter
What did you do?!
Above the sink in the kitchen.
Autumn Summers 06/10/17 Snowman
He did! Thank you!!!
No, there wasn't a wedding, but there will be. It was very, very unplanned. At least I think... I just said yes and, well, there you have it.
Autumn Summers 06/10/17 Snowman; Summer Love
Guess what?
Summer 06/08/17 Winter
I have nothing to report and no reason to send a text. I just wanted to!
I'm trying to smoke less. Trying.
I hope you're well! I love you bunches.
Rhiannon Whitaker 06/06/17 She squints, a veritable blush rising in her cheeks. "The puzzles. Right... I'll have to find them." Her expression then softens, and the angel gently shakes her head. "There is no need to thank me. We are friends. You would do the same for me or my wife, would you not?"
Rhiannon Whitaker 06/06/17 "By now, you should know Soleil and I stay up late! ... Doing jigsaw puzzles." She clears her throat. "I'll stay up as late as you'd like, man of mine. I am yours for the night! Soleil can either join in, or entertain Elouise."
Rhiannon Whitaker 06/05/17 "Emotions are okay. More than okay. And Soleil and I are always here for you, okay? This home is yours, too. And we'll always be here to help. Even if that means drinking our feelings and watching movies until 4am."
Rhiannon Whitaker 06/05/17 Her brow knits together. "Back from the..." Dead. She nods slowly, reaching over to pull her beloved friend into a hug / cuddle. "I'll text Soleil, and we can make a Winter sandwich, okay?" She blinks. "Just hugs, this time." With a quiet laugh, she places a peck against his cheek. "How are you feeling about that? I'm sure it's confusing to have him back."
Rhiannon Whitaker 06/05/17 Rhiannon was settled on the couch, movie choices laid out on the coffee table, along with the tequila. "I'm thinking... 'Mean Girls'. Any objections?"
Blaize E Summers 06/05/17 Elsa
Hello, brother.
I apologize for causing such a stir.
When you get dismembered and scattered about, it takes time to come back together.
Rhiannon Whitaker 06/05/17 Most Handsome
Movie time and snuggles? I have tequila!
Rhiannon Whitaker 06/04/17 Winter
Poor baby.
Broom is in the closet, vacuum is right next to it.
Everything else okay?
Soleil Whitaker 06/04/17 Winter
Interesting. You'll have to keep me updated with the latest!
No word of a lie, handsome. You are the second best cuddler I know.
Ah well, El's pregnant. What do you expect from a woman who's expecting?
Rhi and I were gonna go to the Met, but we ended up taking a bath and drinking champagne... overall, good, lazy Saturday. :)
Rhiannon Whitaker 06/03/17 Winter
Uh oh. What did you do?
Soleil Whitaker 06/03/17 Winter
But you just got here! Stay a little longer?
Boytoy, huh?
Well, Rhiannon's my number 1, no matter what. That's why I married her. :)
What'd you get up to today, anything good?
Soleil Whitaker 06/03/17 Winter
My handsome man, I love you dearly!
I'm glad you're home. It's been quiet without you.
I know first hand that you're quite the snuggler. ;) Elouise is not wrong... although, I must say that you give the second best cuddles - right after my wife, of course.
How are you two doing?
Lucius Dalca 06/01/17 Text: WD
I am good but now you know who I am thinking about most of my days.
That said, we will talk more here about your 'thoughts'.
My impression was that she would be coming around some time later. When I heard you were with her, I assumed it would be the same time.
So its up to you both. We are around though.
Rhiannon Whitaker 06/01/17 Most Handsome
I pulled out the good champagne just for you!
The wife rolled a joint.
Can't wait!
Rhiannon Whitaker 06/01/17 Most Handsome
This is a landmark! Elouise has been asleep since 8PM, so we should be okay to get trashed and get naked.
Soleil says yes to alcohol.
Rhiannon Whitaker 06/01/17 Most Handsome
Soleil too. If you want. No pressure. Love you!
Rhiannon Whitaker 06/01/17 Most Handsome
Free tonight?
... Wanna. Um.
I'm not good at this.
Autumn Summers 05/31/17 Snowman
This is Spring we're talking about here. Anger is what she does. Not to mention the fact she's hated the Orlavs since I went to Jameson to talk about a cure months ago.
Just leave her alone. She'll come around or she won't. Regardless, I love you. Chin up.
Summer 05/30/17 Winter Rain
I don't really talk to Spring, so that isn't likely to happen. Or rather, that uptight and humorless cow doesn't talk to me. Guess how many fvcks I have to give about that one? Nada, baby!
The only thing toxic I want in my life is drugs, doll. At least they make me feel good, unlike some scrawny a$$holes.
What crawled up her a$$ this time? Is she sore that she's the last one left following after that guy who dresses like a missionary like a simpering fool?
Don't get me wrong, Winter. I still love our sister. But I don't like her. I'm quite certain the feeling is mutual.
I was gonna go to London for a quick minute and possibly visit Autumn. This kinda makes me want to keep that visit very short.
I love you, boo! I love you AND like you!
(do people still say 'boo'? I do. Fvck "bae". No.
Lucius Dalca 05/30/17 Text: My Tum
I know your gay but wouldn't it still be a bachelor party? :P
The blood banks are all around. Humans use it for the ill and wounded. You, however, can buy it. I can show you how. Back to the price, I am in London now so when you catch the chance just pass by Autumn's house and we will discuss it in private while she is distracted with Elouise. Ill be in London for a while.
Autumn Summers 05/30/17 Snowman
Why the f*ck would I tell anyone who I am friends with? It's nobody's business but my own. And maybe Lucius's. That's it.
What did you do?
Soleil Whitaker 05/30/17 Winter
I feel like that's the reaction of a lot of people?? Elouise is... she's an acquired taste. You and I both know that.
Your secret is safe with me, darling man! She'll be so pleased. :)
Spring Taylor 05/30/17 Winter
Grow some f-cking balls and f-ck off. Go be the model Tw@tstein. At least my friends don't try to murder us, nor do they have a bloody track record of trying to 'cure' us. The cure is death, Winter. I've already lost a chunk of our @rsehole siblings, and you wouldn't even fcking matter at this point. You're already gone.
Soleil Whitaker 05/30/17 Winter
Oh, right. I think the better question is, how are you doing?
I know you don't like to talk much about personal things, but I'm here for you, handsome.
Let's get out of our heads when you come home, okay? We'll go on a bender, if you want.
Elouise Warrock 05/30/17 "Keebler Elves that gobble..." she squints. "Yeah. Seems feasible." With a toothy grin, El plucks a piece of bacon, pausing to chew. "Wow, sounds like I really missed out with these shrooms. Next time. Promise? ...sans Rambo, of course."

With a laugh, Elouise shakes her head. "I snore. And drool. How will you live? Always welcome to snuggle, though. Once I get my hugs out of the way with Soleil."
Spring Taylor 05/30/17 Winter
F-CKING FIX WHAT? We aren't f-cking broken, Winter. We are not a blimey science project some ankle sniffer wanker can bloody prod. You are ignorant and she obviously has you under some f-cking manky minger wazzock voodoo. Piss off you lazy sod bell end.
Elouise Warrock 05/30/17 Elouise moves to insert a word in edgewise, but is far too comfortable in Winter's arms to complain. "...not my fault Trista is a f*cking cow." She mutters, mouth slanted in a scowl. "And according to Soleil, I'm getting the loft. But you're welcome to come and snuggle!"
Soleil Whitaker 05/30/17 Winter
A goddamn assh*le, that's who! Get him next time, yeah?
Ah, El's not much of a sharer either. Did you get any ice cream of your own?
Is she doing alright, though? Besides the hormones. Has there been any talk about the shooting incident?
Elouise Warrock 05/30/17 Winter
She's my birth-giver.
And yeah, I'm fine. We'll leave for NYC tomorrow.
I wish I could have been high, too.
Elouise Warrock 05/30/17 Winter
Are you hungry? Stupid question. Breakfast is ready. Trista likes you, for whatever reason. I mean, no offense, but she hates men. I didn't expect you to be an exception.
Soleil Whitaker 05/30/17 Winter
You're the only person I'd share her with, too. And I'm definitely more selfish and territorial than she is. ;)
The Keebler Elf? Omg. You'll have to introduce me to him some day, yah feel? Maybe when you come home, to celebrate of course.
Keep me updated - is El doing alright?
Spring Taylor 05/29/17 Winter
I hope you don't mean the other Douchlav. I really f-cking hope you aren't that f-cking lost and stupid to befriend that tosser. You're going to visit her f-cking mother alright. The f-cking ant infested gnarly tw@t f-cking existence of our enemy Winter. The Douchlavs full plan is to f-cking execute us but you're outside PLAYING ****ING HOUSE WITH THEM. WHAT THE **** IS WRONG WITH YOU. HAS SHE CAST SOME DISEASED NUTTER SPELL ON YOUR BLIMEY CRACKHEAD SKULL? FILLED YOUR HEAD WITH F-CKING CHICKEN NUGGETS AND SODDING PUMPKIN SPICE. SNAP THE FCK OUT OF IT WINTER. YOU BETTER PRAY TO WHATEVER GOD YOU THINK EXISTS THAT I DON'T GET MY HAND ON A DOUCHLAV OR YOU FOR EVEN THREATENING OUR GODDAMN FCKING EXISTANCE. FORGET I FCKING EXIST WINTER. I DON'T NEED THE DOUCHLAVS KNOWING WHERE TO FCKING FIND ME TO DICE ME UP FOR SPRING BLIMEY SPECIAL.
Soleil Whitaker 05/29/17 Winter
Are you kidding, Rhi would never agree to go to a nude beach. If it were up to her, I'd go out in a trashbag every day.
She's not much of a sharer, you know? ;)
What's her mother like? El hasn't told me much about her, honestly.
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/29/17 Winter
We both love you endlessly, Winter Summers.
El is supposed to be here in a few days.
Don't take too long, you're breaking my heart!
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/29/17 Winter
You, my darling man, are the ONLY soul I'll share with.
She has not visited the brownstone yet.
Don't worry, your room is exactly as you left it. Just sad and empty without you. :(
Spring Taylor 05/29/17 Winter
Oi. Who the f-ck is it? Also you know parents are b-tch punk @rses. Why are you so excited to meet gormless tossers?
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/29/17 Winter
I am being nice!
I'm sharing my wife, and my home with her.
... She hasn't set a departure date, yet.
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/29/17 Winter
Elouise has a mother?
I thought maybe she'd been raised by wolves.
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/29/17 Winter
A cure?
I don't know how I feel about that, Winter. Do you want me to come to London?
Is it safe?
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/29/17 Winter
I don't know, really. Just being moody. Always good to keep this woman on her toes.
And because I miss you!
Elouise Warrock 05/29/17 Winter
Are the basement??
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/29/17 Winter
Trust me, you'd be here for the new baby reception.
I've been grumpy about it. Poor Soleil.
Lucius Dalca 05/29/17 Text: WD
It is actually going a lot better than I had anticipated. As for the ring, its only a matter of time ;).
Back on topic, the price is predetermined by the spell. Meaning whoever created the spell created the price. Now you know there is such a thing as a blood bank, right? You don't have to kill to survive. I mean I don't but I do it from time to time..
What I want to say is that you have options now but if you are really truly unhappy then we can discuss the price further in London.. I should be there tomorrow.
Soleil Whitaker 05/29/17 Winter
I've been well! Rhi and I spent the last two days at the beach as an extension to our vacay to Cancun. So, plenty of sun. :)
We're babysitting the Darrow boys, so the wife is all excited that there's children in the house. I think we're gonna start looking into the adoption process soon.
All is well in the Whitaker household.
How're you doing? Still hanging in there?
Summer 05/29/17 My Sweet Cheerleader
Not sure what I did to deserve that lovely message but it truly brightened my day, as you always do.
You are all of those things and more. Without a doubt.
I hope you're doing well, dollface.
Soleil Whitaker 05/28/17 Handsome Man
I love you too, Winter Summers.
I cannot wait to see you again. I have the biggest hug waiting.
You're the best man I know!
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/28/17 Winter
How did you know I needed this?
I will continue to ugly cry while squeezing this baby.
I love you too! See you sooner rather than later?
Spring Taylor 05/28/17 Winter
That's a long f-cking text. Are you blimey bored af?
Elouise Warrock 05/28/17 Winter
I just don't want you to murder her.
We're flying out tomorrow afternoon!
Lucius Dalca 05/28/17 Text: WD
Sorry for the wait but as you can tell I have been very busy. I will tell you one thing... Yes magic makes it possible to change what you are but at a cost. Sometimes its a lot and sometimes it isn't... My question to you is why change who you are?
Autumn Summers 05/28/17 Snowman
Thank you, big brother.
I love you, too.
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/27/17 Winter
Look how gorgeous our girl is!

Miss you, handsome!
Elouise Warrock 05/27/17 Winter
Buffalo first, and then NYC.
Think you can deal with my mother for a day or two first?
Elouise Warrock 05/26/17 Winter
I'll be back in my suite soon, just hunting for a suitcase.
Will you go to New York with me?
Elouise Warrock 05/25/17 "She may have Lucy, but you'll always have me, handsome." She offers a faint smile, her grip tightening some before she uses him to stand back up, the floor clearly not working for her back. "Summer is coming?"

She crawls back into bed, already snuggled up in pillows and blankets. "...I'll have to find the weed."
Soleil Whitaker 05/24/17 Winter
I'm sure Rhiannon has said this already, but we love you.
Keep us updated, and come home when you can!
Elouise Warrock 05/24/17 "Are you kidding? You deal with all I have to throw at you. Don't be ridiculous, Winter. I'm here for you." Leaning over, she pressed a kiss to his hair. "I can't promise I'll be right here..." She frowns, noting that the floor was far less desirable to her bed, but in the sense that she would always be available to him, she was absolutely sincere.

"How are Summer and Autumn taking the news?"
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/24/17 Winter
Just know home is here when you're ready.
Take care of yourself, handsome man. Don't make me come scrape you off of her floor.
I know you're hurting. I'll be here if you need anything, Winter. We love you.
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/24/17 Winter
Don't get into too much trouble without us, yeah?
I did your laundry. :-(
Well... The sweatpants you left behind. Promise I only wore them once.
Summer 05/23/17 Summer enters, later than she'd planned. There'd been some delays at the airport- things that even a private jet couldn't avoid. Plus, she had to make a few stops. One- at the duty free shop, naturally. The second was at a now-familiar hole in the wall family restaurant. She tipped handsomely, so of course they remembered her.
Entering the room, vodka bottle tucked under her arm, two grease-splotched paper sacks clutched in her fist, she beamed a grin at her brother. He sat exactly were he said he'd be- on the floor. He looked like she felt. Sinking down next to him, she shoved a sack toward him. "Hey babe." Her voice was soft.
Purse dropping to the floor, she fished out a cigarette tin filled with joints. Retrieving the fragrant food from the bags, she presented a container filled with blini and another with pelmeni. "Sweet and savory. Vodka to wash it down, of course. And some herb to act as a cherry on top."
Leaning over, she planted a kiss on Winter's temple. Inhaling deeply, she took in his scent. So familiar. He smelled like old memories, nostalgia. Smiling warmly, she grabbed a pelmini, shoving the little dumpling into her mouth. "You thoud eath."
Elouise Warrock 05/23/17 Elouise peels herself out of bed, slowly lowering herself onto the ground beside Winter, the effort emphasized in her strained expression. She drapes an arm around his shoulders, giving him a coaxing tug to lean against her. "The only real family I've ever had has been by choice, babes. I can't say that I understand...but I'm here for you. I know losing two siblings, at all, let alone so close together must be so difficult. But I'll be here for you, whatever you need."
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/22/17 Winter
I love you, sweet man.
Home isn't the same without you.
Soleil Whitaker 05/22/17 Winter
Oh no, Winter. I'm so sorry.
Please, please let me know if I can do anything? I'm here for you always, handsome.
As is Rhiannon. Alright?
Autumn Summers 05/22/17 Snowman
Glad you liked it. I can be clever from time to time.
This place is a goddamn fortress...
Autumn Summers 05/22/17 Snowman
I am not going to steal from his bloody family. They are wary enough of me as it is! Besides, I've already stolen the best thing they have... my Lucy.
Give Elouise a hug and kiss for me. Miss you both.
Soleil Whitaker 05/21/17 Winter
I feel you, handsome. No further explanation necessary.
But yes, Summer seems like a great person. I invited her to stay with us in New York sometime.
I'm missing you, Winter. Come home soon.
Summer 05/21/17 Winter
Sitting where you are is perfectly fine. Screw anyone who thinks otherwise.
I'm actually at the London airport now. I'll be there in about 4 hours. Will you come with me for some pelmeni? I actually had a dream about those little dumplings. Yes, of course I was stoned. I could use some comfort food. If you want, I can pick it up and bring it if going somewhere sounds like the fifth ring of hell to you.
Autumn Summers 05/21/17 Winter; Summer
Spring is alive and well. Me and Lucius have gone to Romania to visit his family.
It's been many years since I've seen them...
The library here is a dream come true. I love you both so much. Please, please stay safe.
Summer 05/21/17 Winter
Is Elouise there? I will get on a plane right now and be there shortly if she's not. Hell, I will even if she is.
Summer 05/21/17 Winter in dead, I presume.
I can't say I'm surprised, she was a wild child. More wild than us, and that is saying something. I hope she finds peace.
How are you doing?
Elouise Warrock 05/21/17 "Sky?" El cants her head to the side. She hadn't even known such a Summers had existed. "I'm so sorry, babes. Sit, lay down, cry, snuggle, whatever you need. I'm here for you." She frowns, reaching over to pat his back comfortingly.
Soleil Whitaker 05/20/17 Winter
I'm sure Spring isn't that bad!
Speaking of sisters, I met Summer the other day...
She was either trying to cop a feel, or make a couple quick bucks.
She's nice, I like her.
Lucius Dalca 05/20/17 Text: WD
Don't worry, Ill make sure she will be fine. We are going to Romania for a couple of days.
How are you holding up?
Spring Taylor 05/20/17 Winter
I'm f-cking fine.
Spring Taylor 05/20/17 Winter
Cheers. Sky is f-cking dead.
Soleil Whitaker 05/19/17 Winter
Ugh, I know. Sometimes my own marriage makes me cringe. I'd do anything for that woman.
All you can do in life is try to be a good person, right? I'd say you're doing quite a stellar job. :)
Elouise Warrock 05/19/17 Winter
Treasure Planet reference?
I. Love. You. And agree!
Still a prince to me, though.
Elouise Warrock 05/19/17 Winter
I swoon over everything the man does. He's perfection.
I mean, the jawline? The booty?? Sculpted by God.
Elouise Warrock 05/19/17 Winter
Rapunzel is still my queen.
Jameson reminds me of Flynn...kinda works for me.
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/19/17 Winter
Soleil loves you just the same.
Don't worry, I'll get my revenge.
Elouise Warrock 05/19/17 Winter Love
I love you more!
Elouise Warrock 05/19/17 Winter Love
I'm only vanilla in the bedroom, baby.
Soleil Whitaker 05/18/17 Winter
Oh, stop that. Of course you're enough, Winter. Sometimes I fear my wife enjoys your company more than she does mine.
But, you're one of the best I know, so I don't mind at all. :)
I know you take care of her, too. You're a good man, love.
Autumn Summers 05/18/17 Snowflake
It's cute. Thank you.
I'm sure one of the cats will claim it soon enough...
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/18/17 Winter
Her lack of omission, not yours, my love.
You could never be in the dog house! I love you too much!
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/18/17 Winter
I'm sorry, Soleil is going to Moscow?
I wonder when she thought she'd tell me that.
Autumn Summers 05/18/17 Snowflake
...what is it?
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/18/17 Winter
No man is as handsome as you, Winter Summers.
I'll have to meet him to give my stamp of approval! Otherwise, you're my man first.
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/18/17 Winter
Random man?
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/18/17 Winter
I hope everything is okay.
Let me know if you need anything? I love you!
Soleil Whitaker 05/17/17 Winter
I'm headed out to Moscow in the next day or so. Have to attend to some New York business, first. But, I promised El lots of cuddles.
Sounds like a plan, darling. You know Rhiannon loves you almost as much as I do!
Just don't sleep with her without me present, okay? ;)
Soleil Whitaker 05/17/17 Winter
Handsome man of mine, Rhi and I are back from Cancun.
Missed you quite riotously! Are you still in NY??
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/17/17 Winter
Wine night?
Summer 05/17/17 Winter
Hoe-lee sh!t, those are amazeballs. I'm gonna wear them with my pink rose pasties!!!!! I could mix it up and wear them with my spiked bra too. So many options.
Thank you best brother!!!!
Summer 05/16/17 Winter
Of course he liked you. You're amazing and irresistible. That being said- Insay you should bring the handcuffs just in case.
You weren't whiney at all!
Texted him. I'll be in London by dawn. Barf. I grow weary of that city. I miss it less and less.
Summer 05/16/17 Winter
Alright, alright. I will send him a text and arrange a meeting. That man is gonna think I am a barmy fool. He wouldn't be half wrong.
Summer 05/16/17 Winter
More serious? Well damn. If you think I should meet him, perhaps I should reconsider and meet.
For once, I want some stranger to randomly text me saying they have nothing but good news and joy. Wait.... never mind, that happens once a week with my dealer.
Summer 05/15/17 My rock
I feel better now. I smoked a J and things mellowed.
I felt cornered. And alone. Somehow I felt those things at the same time. I felt afraid because if Blaize is in hell, why hasn't he come out? I felt fear and selfishness about not wanting to go back to save him. I felt exhaustion and resentment at being my own savior all the time.
Mostly I felt mad that I got so mad? My wings came out and killed a perfectly curated buzz.
I am fairly certain you just suggested handcuffs and blindfolds simply to see this mysterious, supposedly hot man IN said instruments of bondage. I don't blame you one bit. I confess I didn't know you had that predilection, but it isn't surprising. We are of the same cloth, you and I!
Summer 05/15/17 Adorable
You're cute when you get protective. He didn't do anything. Just stuff and feelings emerged and I don't know how to fvckin handle sh!t like that.
I don't think I can meet him in person. My wings will come out and not even paying customers see those. Plus, I think I burned that bridge. What's new, right?
I have to say, if you shag him, it is oddly poetic in the most fvcked up way.
Summer 05/15/17 Best Brother
Nothin much. Just trying to calm thyself after being triggered by some grifter puppet texting me. I'm sure you heard from him; he contacted Autumn too.
Are you gonna meet with him?
Elouise Warrock 05/12/17 And there it was. The sort of affection and affirmation that Elouise is still so reluctant to accept. The blonde is more than willing to overlook the topic of Soleil's wife, knowing that any time she has made a remark, her friend became irate. Did Elouise get a bad feeling about Rhiannon? Absolutely. The woman simply rubbed her the wrong way. But she loved Soleil enough to not overlook, but accept her marriage. And if Winter loved her, then she mustn't be all that bad.

"I don't ask because I don't wish to be a burden. You understand, don't you? That is has nothing to do with how much I love you. I'm simply...reluctant to bother." She gives a strained smile, leaning over to rest her cheek against Winter's chest, a weak sigh parting between pale lips. "I don't know how I got so lucky to have made a friend like you, Winter Summers. But I consider myself the luckiest girl to have you, and your sisters, you three are some of the most selfless people I've ever known." After a pause, she pulls back, her smile more wholesome this time. "I'm glad you want to be here. Because I want you here."
Elouise Warrock 05/11/17 -little sigh-
-snuggles closer-
Soleil is happy in New York. If she wanted to be in Moscow, she would be. If she's happy where she is, with her wife, then I'm happy. And if you are happy in New York with them, that's where you should be. Not wallowing in Moscow with me.
-boops his nose-
Elouise Warrock 05/11/17 Hey, Winter.
I'm fine. If I wasn't, you'd know. And it does matter how other people feel, at least Jameson. He has enough to worry about, with Cole, and The Order, that I shouldn't have to be on his list of concerns. If I'm not here, he'll never be able to rest.
-clears throat-
It's a temporary thing, as I've been told. I can stick it out, Winter. But there's no reason you should have to stay and deal with...all of this. But I'm okay, babes.
Elouise Warrock 05/11/17 Well, I don't know. I have a feeling if I do much more to let Jameson down, he's just going to take my son and leave. It's like I'm that fantastic of a wife, and if I can't even protect myself, what good am I to a baby?
-pokes his frown-
Autumn. I appreciate her concern, but I also survived on my own for 27 years without Jameson, and I'm more than certain I can handle my own safety, but no one else seems to feel that way. So I stay put. Because it's easier to loathe my existence than to deal with everyone's anger.
Elouise Warrock 05/11/17 -squints-
I don't disagree. But it's like a domino effect of p*ssing people off if I do anything for myself around here. Your sister is included in the cluster f*ck of people who consider me helpless.
Elouise Warrock 05/11/17 Yeah, but Jameson won't kill you, either.
-sweet smile-
He's overprotective, babes.
Elouise Warrock 05/11/17 Look at you, so spoiled. Your girlfriends are so good to you!
-wide eyes-
Please kidnap me. I'd love to go to New York. But I'll talk to Jameson about it, first.
Elouise Warrock 05/11/17 Oh, yes, such a hard life, Winter. Pampered by lesbians that will even sleep with you! God. You must be suffering terribly.
I do so enjoy you, too. I can't imagine what I'd do without you, you know. I wish Soleil would come back to Moscow, but, I have a feeling that won't be happening any time in the near future. And it's not like I can go and see her, now can I?
Elouise Warrock 05/11/17 We're all hoes! Soleil's just...more hoe-y. My god. A threesome? With a gay man? How much more extra could she possibly be?!
Yes, darling. Stick to your guns on that one. You're more certainly the only exception.
Elouise Warrock 05/11/17 -gags a little-
Oh my god. Gross. Soleil is a hoe, isn't she?
Yes, Winter. Just for you, I'm sure of it.
Elouise Warrock 05/11/17 -narrows eyes-
Of course Soleil is sleeping with all of my friends. Just wait! If Summer is in New York City, then we'll know!
-leans over, kisses cheek-
I'm sure you were lovely. Do you, by the way? That would make sense.
Elouise Warrock 05/11/17 -sigh of relief-
Thank God. I mean...she can if she wants, obviously, but, I'm going to hide her.
-lowers voice-
So,, and two does that even work?!
Elouise Warrock 05/11/17 What's next? Are they going to sleep with Summer, too?? Wait.
-narrows eyes into slits-
They haven't slept with Summer, have they? Those lesbians...always stealing the good ones.
-pets / pats / comforts-
Yes, Winter. Of course you are! Who else could it possibly be?!
Elouise Warrock 05/11/17 He slept with...what the f*ck. Soleil never filled me in on any of the drama with this woman! I'm offended!
-quickly grins-
Yeah, yeah. I know. I'm great!
And if I wasn't married, handsome, it would be you and I. ...I mean, I've promised that to like six people, but, I actually mean it with you.
Elouise Warrock 05/11/17 -blinks again-
Other people try to do that? I just assume...y'know. He'd be gay after me. You can't follow up Elouise Warrock with another woman! Impossible!
-firm nod-
That may be true. And I liked being alone, it never bothered me. Not that marriage isn't nice -- because it is. But I wasn't exactly looking for love. It...found me. And then punched me in the gut, stole my wallet, and three months later I was pregnant. Ugh.
Elouise Warrock 05/11/17 -shrugs again-
I really dunno. That's Jim-Jam's territory, and I guess it's going to be a surprise, so I'm waiting.
Nursery with Rhiannon? So they're moving fast, I guess. I'm glad Soleil is happy, y'know? Now we'll just find you a man. Are you sure you don't want to date Calvin? He's kinda...cute. I guess.
Elouise Warrock 05/11/17 -squints-
Nursery? Honestly haven't thought about it...I guess Jameson is handling it. He's the handyman. Maybe that can be your first face-to-fact interaction!
-flicks his chin-
You are good. Good to me, at least. Far too good, even. How did I ever deserve a friend like you?
Elouise Warrock 05/11/17 Fed and clean, yes. He has to earn my love.
-can't even be matter-of-fact-
-already snickering-
...the mood swings, are, well...suffice to say, Jameson puts up with a lot. He's a good guy.
Kinda like you, Winter Summers.
Elouise Warrock 05/11/17 The feels train? Oh, babes, you haven't met my feels train. That's wailing at 4:30 AM because I can't find the string cheese, my ice water is too cold, and the cats weigh down the blanket too much. And then it's just waterworks for hours.
-winks at-
You'll never be subjected to that, I promise. And I don't need all of the happiness in the world. I just want it for Rambo. He deserves it, right? He'll only be a baby. Baby's are kept happy as long as they're clean and fed.
Elouise Warrock 05/11/17 Happiness is irrelevant, Winter. Happiness is...
-shrugs idly-
It's what I felt when I realized I'd married Jameson, or...when I came around to the idea of having this little guy, and, like, when Subway has five dollar foot longs. Happiness isn't a frequent visitor in my life.
-reaches over, takes his hand-
Some people aren't cut out for it. I have a perfectly nice life without it, you know? I have a husband who takes care of me, and friends who love me, like you.
-boops his nose-
I've gotten used to the fact that it isn't something that lingers for too long.
Elouise Warrock 05/11/17 -definitely just as heartbroken-
-takes pen and paper, begins writing doctoral thesis on food-
I don't get to go crazy, babes. I promised Jameson I'd stay out of harms way, and so I am. He takes me off of the compound, I guess it's okay. I'll be fine!
-dismissive hand wave-
Who needs sunlight, and the outdoors, right? That's what vitamin supplements are for!
Elouise Warrock 05/11/17 -totally ready to put real clothes on-
-remembers Jameson-*t. I'm not allowed to leave without the hubs. To go? And you'll have all of my love forever and ever?
-big doe eyes-
I so want to go gawk at handsome men with you, but, Jameson would kill me. Not for that, but for leaving without him. Y'know. He's protective.
Elouise Warrock 05/11/17 -nudges-
I'm fine! Always fine!
Sleepy, but...that's always.
-mumbles something about tacos-
-looks around-
If you take me for Mexican food, I'll get you a bottomless scorpion bowl.
Elouise Warrock 05/10/17 -shoves cheetos into her mouth- I'm bisexual, and it's between you and a woman? Do I love this woman? How long have I know you versus her? Who is the better cook? Is she as good looking as you? Well. That's not possible.
Summer 05/08/17 Favorite Brother
Technically, yes.
I was on the way to the airport and saw a dumpy little dive called "блядь си́ська". I had to stop and have a drink.
Anyway that was like, six days ago. I have some business to tend to in Jerusalem, should I ever leave this glorious bar stool and catch a flight out.
Are you back in Moscow? I swear to all the gods in the pantheon, if we miss each other like ships passing in the night again Imma be cranky.
I think the skin of my thighs are stuck to the vinyl of these barstools, seriously.
Elouise Warrock 05/08/17 She blinks. "A whole tub? Ugh. I knew I married you for a reason." Wrapping her arms around Winter, it's only a matter of seconds before she's snoring.

Poor Winter.
Elouise Warrock 05/08/17 Snuggling up next to Winter, Elouise lets out an exhausted yawn. "Yes, nap! And then food. I want to drown in Ramen."
Elouise Warrock 05/08/17 -waddles in all out of breath-
-falls into bed-
...s'wanna sleep.
Soleil Whitaker 05/07/17 -sighs-
You're right, she does give the eyes. They're irresistible Almost.
I suppose now that Elouise knows, everyone else will find out. Not that she has a big mouth, but... well, you know.
-can't help but laugh-
Soleil Whitaker 05/07/17 -blinks-
I love you too, handsome. I can't believe she guilted you into it, though.
Jealous? Yeah, that sounds like Elouise.
-kisses his cheek-
I'm not really mad, I was just surprised to get an email from her. I feel bad for not keeping her updated. Although, I feel like the threesome was meant to be kept between the three of us...
Soleil Whitaker 05/07/17 -bounds down the stairs-
-tackles him, doesn't check if he's naked-
-doesn't matter, really-
WINTER SUMMERS. Why did you tell Elouise?
-playful punches with every word-
Elouise Warrock 05/07/17 Winter
This is why I love you.
Elouise Warrock 05/07/17 Winter
I don't wear pants. I only wear onesies. But I'm the boss, yeah. He's B-L-E-S-S-E-D to have me.
Too bad! She broke my heart when she stole my man!
Elouise Warrock 05/07/17 Winter
Jameson does what I says, omg.
And if Soleil isn't pregnant, I can kick her ass all I want!
Elouise Warrock 05/07/17 Winter
Oh. My. GOD.
You had sex with them but not me?! I'm proud, but jealous. So jealous. You're MY husband, after all.
...I'm gonna kick Soleil's ass.
Elouise Warrock 05/07/17 Winter Soleil? Like...ohemgee. Oh my god.
Damn right you do? one of them pregnant? What the hell. I feel so out of the loop with Soleil.
Elouise Warrock 05/07/17 Winter, LOML, BAE4life
You are always loved by me!
Elouise Warrock 05/07/17 Winter, love of my life, lying piece of sh*t
...what are you three getting up to, exactly?
Got any beans to spill??
Elouise Warrock 05/07/17 Winter
Omfg, I'm Elouise, not Soleil.
Is this what I get for calling you Autumn???
Pleasurable? does that mean?
Elouise Warrock 05/07/17 Winter
Okay! Sounds good darling!
How is New York City? Up to anything good?
Elouise Warrock 05/07/17 Winter
Should I google that?
Actually, nah. Surprise me! I'm sure I'll love it!
Summer 05/07/17 Winter
I'm doing pretty good. Making some new friends, gallivanting across the globe, finding trouble. You know- just keeping busy!
But like, not having 3somes with a pair of cute chicks. GIT IT BROTHER!
Soleil Whitaker 05/07/17 Winter
I'm okay, darling! I'm just plodding along with my workload.
Tequila? Oh god. I think solid food is in order, then.
Let's all cook together?? Or, rather, you and Rhi can cook. I'll taste test. :)
Soleil Whitaker 05/07/17 Winter
I'm told that you were phenomenal.
I'm okay, just a little stressed out is all. I can't work from home because... distractions. One particular distraction, really.
What're we doing for dinner? I've been missing you.
Have you been taking care of Rhiannon?
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/07/17 Winter
Callum is such a bro!
You'll have a great time!
Soleil Whitaker 05/07/17 Winter
Bits and pieces are coming back to me, so perhaps they will for you as well. ;)
You're the best, Winter - I haven't eaten today, been in such a funk with work and sh*t these past few days. Dumplings are just what I've been craving.
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/07/17 Winter
Soleil will be perfectly fine with it.
I happen to think Callum is plenty of fun.
Summer 05/07/17 Winter
I could have sworn it was three women a year but I could be wrong.
I'm sure everything will be fine. I mean, who hasn't been trashed and had a threeway with a lesbian couple?
If they were your besties before, I'm betting it won't be all that awkward. It's just sharing one more experience, right? It's not that big of a deal.
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/07/17 Winter
Go on a bro date with Callum!
He likes mani/pedis and frozen yogurt.
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/07/17 Winter
Soleil is not a fan of straight men who feel they can take whatever they want. The way my first marriage ended... Bothers her, to say the least.
But I'm also certain it would make her pee to know you'd seduced him. She loves anything that p*sses Margot off.
Elouise Warrock 05/07/17 Winter
And you are the BEST husband!
I've been busy sleeping and eating, and practicing putting diapers on bags of flour.
I love glitter and rhinestones! Why!
I miss you and adore you! Let's FaceTime soon! ❤️
Summer 05/07/17 Lucky Man
Look at you, so efficient! Sleeping with two of your three women for the year, all at once!! That's using your brain (and other parts)!
Seriously though, it sounds like you had a fantastic night! Good for you, sugar. You deserve to blow off some steam, and to do so with some lady friends.
Tell me- how was it after? Since they are friends of yours? I've not really explored the whole 'hang out after' thing. You know...mostly it's wham, bam, gtfo. With friends, that'd not be the case.
Just thinking about it scares me. But sometimes scary is good? I dunno, you tell me!!!
Do you think it'll happen again with them? If so, I'll need a full report. I've literally never shagged someone twice. Or like...beyond one night, rather.
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/07/17 Winter
Yes, he has ZERO boundaries.
Soleil is... Grumpy. Callum isn't that bad.
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/07/17 Winter
My ex-husband is a handsome man...
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/07/17 Winter
If you can pull two lesbians, I think you could manage anything.
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/07/17 Winter
Wolfgang... Omg.
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/07/17 Winter
Fernando and Amanita?
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/07/17 Winter
Bring tissues! Oh! And popcorn!
Trust me, I totally know what you mean.
The things I'd do to the entire cluster...
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/07/17 Winter
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/07/17 Winter
I'm thinking... Tequila and Netflix for dinner.
Yes, or hell yes?
Soleil Whitaker 05/07/17 Winter
Of course not, handsome man!
Honestly, from what I remember, you two were hot together.
Soleil Whitaker 05/07/17 Winter
I was told it was a good time, all in all.
We might've done shrooms. We might've finished a handle of vodka or three. Not sure.
Can't complain, though. ;)
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/06/17 Winter
Spare ribs, probably dumplings.
No worries, love!
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/06/17 Winter
Egg rolls! :)
Extra soy sauce, pleaseeee.
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/06/17 Winter
If there was a Yelp for sexual experiences, you'd get 5/5 stars.
Soleil Whitaker 05/06/17 Winter
Why am I just seeing this now?
Rhiannon has informed me that we all... did things last night.
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/06/17 Winter
I don't remember, either.
All three of us were pretty tanked.
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/05/17 Winter
You should know by now my wife and I are willing to do anything for you, Winter Summers. Even a stint in Mexican prison. I'm gonna be someone's b*tch, aren't I?
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/05/17 Winter
Not even if he's really cute?
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/05/17 Winter
I'll bring back plenty of souvenirs!
A sombrero, definitely tequila! Any requests?
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/05/17 Winter
And be as nude as your heart desires!
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/05/17 Winter
Actually... That would be great!
You can keep an eye on our Gypsy girl, and make sure my sister doesn't burn the house down.
You are such a keeper, Winter Summers!
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/05/17 Winter
A weekend at most.
I think Soleil mentioned something about a short trip to Cancun, but I couldn't imagine partying without you, my love! Say the word, and the third ticket is yours.
Soleil Whitaker 05/05/17 Winter
Keep that sexual prowess and enthusiasm for tomorrow night, babe.
You're gonna need it.
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/05/17 Winter
Absolutely! Or longer!
And then come back very soon after, or I dare say I'll go through Winter withdrawal.
Soleil Whitaker 05/05/17 Winter
Secret's safe with me, love.
It's gonna be quite the evening. Get limber. ;)
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/05/17 Winter
I think Soleil gets a very cushy life here.
And that room is yours for however long you want it, temporary or otherwise.
Not to worry, love, I will always spoil you.
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/05/17 Winter
You're a guest!
Of course I will spoil you.
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/05/17 Winter
... Omg.
Also, before I forget: big breakfast tomorrow, more champagne than before, guaranteed at least 2 pounds of bacon.
Soleil Whitaker 05/05/17 Winter
Oh, handsome. We're going to make this happen.
Tomorrow night, Rhiannon won't know what hit her.
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/05/17 Winter
Just hope you're flexible.
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/05/17 Winter
Clear your schedule for tomorrow night.
I'm about to ruin Soleil's life. ;)
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/05/17 Winter
Are we...
Did Soleil...

Are we having a threesome???
Soleil Whitaker 05/05/17 Winter
Captain America is the greatest! I approve.
That gives me an idea. Rhiannon always says that I'm the jealous one, but if I throw you into the mix... we'll see who it really is.
I think Margot has seen and heard a lot of things she wish she hadn't. Poor woman.
You're perfect, Winter. No one's as good as you. :)
Soleil Whitaker 05/04/17 Winter
Sure, we're all friends here, right?
Undies it is, then!
What about that one exception you make a year, huh? We could shake things up at Chez Whitaker. ;)
And no thanks, that's Margot's job.
Oops, I'm terrible.
Soleil Whitaker 05/04/17 Winter
Do as you please, handsome man.
Just don't f*ck my wife, please.
I already have Callum on my sh*t list, I don't want you there too.
Love you!
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/04/17 "'Sexy town'? Please. Please interrupt. I'll need to film her reaction, though. She'll either keel over and die, or try to keep going with you there. ... Which is a fairly likely scenario I would prepare yourself for in the event it does come to fruition. She's a bit shameless, my wife." Rhiannon scoffs, shifting to lean against his arm as she watches the latest drama with Nina unravel on RuPaul.

"... She won't get jealous if we don't tell her, right? I've never done shrooms before."
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/04/17 "She's jealous of any living creature that takes up time with me she could have. But her friend Remi is in down, and I believe they're out at the moment. But that I am not constantly anticipating our next misadventure, man of my heart." She bumped a fist against his arm, a carefree laugh departing her lips at the notion of her sorely jealous bride.

"Original... No masks at all? Because you and I truly do not give a f*ck if we're caught, because we won't be. And our faces are too beautiful for masks. The tellers will be so struck in awe of our beauty, they'll fork the cash over, no issues."
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/04/17 "Walking around nude again?" She shakes her head, grinning as she scooted over on the cushions to make room for her companion. "Soleil's under the impression you saw me naked. Total lie, but... Jealousy works with her, if you catch my drift." Picking up a pillow, she hugs it against her chest, chin resting upon the top.

"So... What would you like to do tomorrow? Bank heist? High speed police chase?"
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/04/17 Winter
I would love for you to c*ck block Soleil.
I'm pretty sure she'd go off the deep end.

Let's get trashed and mess with my wife.
This sounds like the perfect evening.
Where are you? I'm in the living room watching RuPaul.
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/04/17 Winter
Trust me, nothing could interfere with Soleil getting what she wants.
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/04/17 Winter
Stay forever!
We'll get you a matching ring too.
Autumn Summers 05/04/17
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/04/17 Winter
Let's make it an even six.
Six pizzas, six bottles of champagne.
Soleil has quite the appetite as well.
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/03/17 Winter
Thank you for making sure I didn't get eaten alive by IKEA today!
Want to get lunch again tomorrow? I'm thinking mimosas and pizza on the patio.
Soleil Whitaker 05/03/17 Spread the news, handsome man. And it's not just because she's my wife.
-hands over flyer-
Elouise Warrock 05/03/17
Elouise Warrock 05/03/17 Winter
Romance is for people with time on their hands.
Jameson is busy doing sexy doctor stuff.

Elouise Warrock 05/03/17 Winter
...I dunno if I believe what I just read.
I love you, babes, but OH. MY. GOD.
Jameson doesn't do romance.
Or dates.
We like to sit around, eat fried chicken and watch the Russian version of The Price Is Right.
Caitlyn Darrow 05/03/17 *looks around sweating profusely*
*shrieks out nervously*
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/02/17 "Unnecessary? Spoiling the wife is always a necessity, my dear." She stifles a smirk. "Stella Blue? Like the Grateful Dead song?" With a 'tsk' and the shake of her head, Rhiannon pulls out her phone, tapping away some before putting it back.

"I just told Soleil to go and find my own records. We're getting high and listening to God's gift to music tonight, my friend."
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/02/17 "Perfect! Then I'm stealing you tomorrow as well. Soleil has to put up with Margot for a whole day, but I'm kicking her out! You and I have tons of shopping and decorating to do." Rhiannon shoots him a sideways glance, a huge grin on her lips.

"Soleil and I shot the sh*t once on baby names, and she likes Wilson for a boy, and I said Stella Blue for a girl. Which is convenient, if the room is blue anyway!"
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/02/17 The angel reaches over, giving him an affection pat on the cheek. "Well, now you're with us. And Soleil and I are both happy to have you, and your noise-cancelling headset indefinitely." Rhiannon knew Winter wasn't having an easy time, and she simply wanted him in an environment that was sympathetic to that. And, if she could provide distraction, she certainly would.

"That sounds perfect! I can design the layout of the room, of course, but, I'm no interior designer."
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/02/17 "She's a good person, sometimes. But... She shares a roof and a wall with Soleil and I. She's... Gotten over being a prude, I think." Rhiannon can't help but smirk. "That, or she has very loud music. I was hoping it would spur her to finally get her own place, but... Family, you know? Can't very well kick her out on her ass."

"Emerald? Perhaps. I know Soleil likes blue... And who says it's specific to boys? A baby girl would do fine with blue!"
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/02/17 "Yes, my sister lives with us. Her name is Margot, she's a bit of a tw*t." The angel blinks slowly. "I mean, perfectly lovely, but she also slept with my ex-husband. And is currently. She thinks I don't know, but..."

She shivers. "Trust me, I know. And fine, no yellow. Green would be lovely, though!"
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/02/17 "I'm more than halfway serious about that, you should know. I don't think Soleil and I together are totally equipped to raise another human life, but, who knows? It's another adventure. And we won't have my sister to rely-upon forever, not that Soleil really cares for her too much..."

"And gender neutral colors are totally an option, Winter. I like green, or yellow."
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/02/17 "I think you can specify, but... Let's keep it simple, right? Just a healthy baby with a normal name." She grins, sending an elbow in his direction. "Keep this excitement up and I may coerce you into moving in permanently. Be the 'male presence'. Teach them how to paint their nails and scam men. Right?"
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/02/17 Rhiannon clears her throat, caramel eyes looking around shiftily. "I'm building a nursery." After a moment, she clears her throat once again. "Not, like, with plants. Y'know. The ones for... Tiny human leeches."

Stuffing her hands in her pockets, Rhiannon continues to stroll alongside her friend. "It would take a while, anyway. To adopt. Like, a year, or two, maybe less, but it could be a long time. And I think Soleil wants to start a family, so we should get started, right?"
Autumn Summers 05/02/17
Soleil Whitaker 05/02/17 Winter
Oh, god. Here we go.
Come home soon, so I can take care of your drunk asses.
Soleil Whitaker 05/02/17 Winter
Take care of my wife!
Autumn Summers 05/02/17
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/02/17 All set to go, Rhiannon let's out an excited squeal as Winter emerges, though both hands quickly clamp over her mouth. Absolutely no alerting Soleil allowed!

"We're going to the most expensive, tackiest white girl bar we can find. We'll share a scorpion bowl, and I'll tell you all about my big plan."
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/02/17 Winter
Oh my gosh. You're right!
Meet me out front!
Autumn Summers 05/02/17 Winter
I already saved the message.
Autumn Summers 05/02/17 Winter
Fine, thank you.
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/02/17 Winter
Let me put some shoes on, and we can grab a liquid lunch.
I'll tell you all about it! Can't risk that her cute, compact little butt seeing the texts.
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/02/17 Winter
You will always be spoiled under my roof!
And in return, you'll get me drunk tonight, sans wife.
I'm planning something, and I need your help!
Summer 05/02/17 Winter
You are right of course. Hanging with you IS a big deal!!
I nearly choked when I read your text. I actually really meant peanut butter perfume, not a sex thing. But while we are on the topic- NO to whipped cream. It smells like baby puke. Dairy should not be used with naked body parts or sexy times. #protip
Plus- I'm not coming onto Elouise! Even if she is cute. Maybe cos she's married but that usually isn't a deterrent for me. What?! I didn't make any vows. Sh!t.
Hide yo wife and hide yo huzbin!
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/02/17 Winter
Sorry, man of my heart. Soleil needed... Attention.
I'm enjoying some coffee on the back patio. Grab whatever you'd like out of the pantry!
Jameson Orlav 05/02/17 blizzard
I don't really do dates... ask Elouise. Not brodates or romance dates or whatever. I can offer beer. From the comfort of my office with two large dogs.
Soleil Whitaker 05/02/17 "Well, we love company, especially if it's you, my handsome man." She continued to smile at him, nodding in acknowledgment of his invitation. She'd most certainly take him up on the offer sometime - afterall, she very much enjoyed his company.

She laughed heartily at his final remark - Rhiannon was definitely the jealous type, even if she didn't admit it. "We wouldn't dare have all the fun without her," she replied with an obvious smirk.
Summer 05/01/17 Winter-sweet
You being alright-ish is all I need. No making up needed.
But I think I'll hold you to that anyway. I need some quality time with my brother soon. It doesn't even need to be a big deal event. Just hanging out. Maybe some shopping.
Elouise is doing good. She perpetually smells like peanut butter. Have you ever noticed that? That isn't a complaint, by the way. I'm actually thinking of making a perfume line inspired by it. Genius, yea?
I love you no matter what and it makes me happier than I can say to know you're doing better.
Soleil Whitaker 05/01/17 She held up her hand in dismissal of his gratitude. There was nothing he needed to thank her for; they were friends, afterall. She knew he'd do the same if the roles were reversed, and in that, she found no reason for Winter to express his thanks.

"Winter, you come to me when you need anything, okay?" she declared, "Anything at all. You know that you'll always have a place with me and Rhiannon. Never hesitate to reach out to us." At that, she pressed a gentle kiss to his cheek. Warmth, affection, undeniable support emanating from every fiber of her being. She leaned away, smiling.

"How about we head home? How does that sound?"
Soleil Whitaker 05/01/17 Soleil's eyes grew wide at Winter's admission about his... parts. She snorted, clearly amused by the nickname, and the fact that Winter had delegated one - she'd heard of men doing such a thing, but never thought that it'd actually be true.

"Ah, well. Yes," she sighed, "I, too, have been called a monster in that sense. I've been called an animal, a freak, a dog, all kinds of things." She glanced over at him and shrugged.

"People will always have an issue with the supernatural. But, you are strong and brave, as I've said before. And you will not let the pettiness and negativity of others keep you down. You're a beautiful, beautiful person, Winter. You deserve nothing but the best."
Soleil Whitaker 05/01/17 "If you can't be fixed, you make do. You find something to occupy your time, bury yourself in work, in study, in a relationship if necessary. You never give up, though. Ever."

It took her a moment to register that she'd been wrapped up in his arms. She smiled against her chest, her own arms finding their way around his torso. "I am here for you, handsome. Always," she said earnestly, "You are not a monster, and you will never be anything but a kind, gentle, generous soul."
Ella Donovan 05/01/17 Well at least I wouldn't win Realm Ken Doll. With all your plastic surgeries, you would have no competition.
Soleil Whitaker 05/01/17 "You are not alone. You will never be alone."

Soleil scooted her chair closer to where Winter sat, hoping that her physical proximity would provide some higher form of comfort. She could empathize perfectly with Winter; her own past still haunted her, still dictated a lot of her habits and mannerisms. She leaned over and pressed her forehead to Winter's muscled shoulder, her eyes sliding shut as she let out a sigh.

"Maybe you are broken in some way, Winter," she continued softly, "But we are all flawed in our own way. There will always be people who are dissatisfied with who. That is, sadly, just how the world works. But, there are people who will love you unconditionally and unabashedly."

She lifted her head, hazel eyes following the contours of his profile. "You are not alone, Winter Summers," she repeated.
Ella Donovan 05/01/17
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/01/17 Winter
I just spit my vodka tonic all over myself.
Soleil Whitaker 05/01/17 Soleil held his hand tightly as he spoke. She waited when he paused, nodded in acknowledgment and acceptance with each declaration. They sat in silence for a moment once Winter finished, allowing for Soleil to process what she'd just been told.

Finally, she cleared her throat, and spoke. "Winter," she said firmly, "You are the strongest and bravest person I know. I cannot even begin to fathom what it is like to carry that in your heart day in, day out." She leaned forward, hand grasping his forearm in a gesture of reassurance.

"You should never pretend to be okay when you aren't. I've learned from personal experience that actively neglecting your emotions and mental health only makes matters worse." Soleil cringed slightly, images of her dark past flashing across her mind. She bit her lip, debating whether or not to ask the question that was currently on the tip of her tongue. After a pause, she exhaled sharply.

"How do you envision yourself if you take the mask off? What are you scared of?"
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/01/17 Winter
Something like that... ;)
Yes, the clinical term should suffice.
I will find you a beautiful man to destroy!
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/01/17 Winter
It's sort of difficult with her in there as well, you see.
Little... Winter.
Oh my god.
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/01/17 Winter
Cute, sometimes. Not when I have a deadline for work and she won't let me out of bed.
... She's pretty hot, though. So I can't say I mind terribly.
Soleil Whitaker 05/01/17 Soleil breathed a sigh of relief, glad that Winter had talked to their blonde friend recently. Her heart was already starting to feel better about the situation. "I'd love to meet your sisters," she stated, simply, "And as for Rhiannon and I, we'll be okay."

She nodded as he spoke. Anything he felt necessary to say would be met with a non-judgmental listening ear. She was concerned, and wanted to help in any way she could; in the short time they'd known eachother, she'd grown very fond of him.
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/01/17 Winter
If I declare bisexuality, Soleil won't let me leave the bedroom until I take it back. It's easier just to be a lesbian in this house.
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/01/17 Winter
Oh, if only you were a woman.
... Don't tell Soleil.
Soleil Whitaker 05/01/17 "I haven't heard of any changes," she sighed, "So, I suppose I'll take that as a good sign." She smiled back earnestly, glad that she was finally in his company once more. His words seemed to calm her; she'd been in need of reassurance from someone other than her wife. Not that Rhiannon hadn't provided support and comfort, but Soleil needed to hear it from someone close to the Orlavs, close to the situation.

"I know I can talk to you, Winter. But, I assure you, I'm okay. Rhi and I... we've been working through some differences, and last night was tough." Soleil could put a mule to shame in regards to how stubborn she could be; her obstinate nature had gotten in the way of civilized discussion, and things quickly got out of hand when the Whitakers addressed the issue of returning to Moscow. All had been resolved - perhaps not entirely forgiven - by the end of the night.

"Life's a b*tch, that's for sure. What's been going on?"
Soleil Whitaker 05/01/17 Soleil shrugged. She'd been... okay. But, she knew this conversation wasn't intended to be about her. She had insisted that Winter visit not only because she adored the man, but also because she was concerned for his well-being. There was an undeniable despair in his correspondence over text, and Soleil was beginning to worry.

As she slid into a chair, she responded, "I've been alright. Worried about what's happening in Moscow, and it's taken a toll on Rhiannon. But, we're okay. I'm okay." She glanced up from the menu, her hazel eyes scanning Winter's face for any indication of emotion.

"How have you been, love?"
Soleil Whitaker 05/01/17 Soleil gave out a startled, yet amused laugh as Winter spun her around. As her feet met the ground once more, she took his hand and smiled. He'd changed some since the last time she'd seen him; his eyes didn't glisten as they did before, and Soleil felt as though his posture implied sadness and remorse. Still, she gave his hand an affectionate squeeze.

"I've missed you too, my darling. Let's grab a table inside," she responded before nodding her head in the direction of La Bonbonniere's front door.
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/01/17 Winter
Listen, man of mine. You better hoover your breakfast and get to this house ASAP. I have a hug, and plenty of liquor waiting for you!
Liquid lunch? :)
Soleil Whitaker 05/01/17 -sidles up to-
-nudges with hip-
Hey handsome man, how're you holding up?
-opens arms for hug-
Soleil Whitaker 05/01/17 Winter
Told Rhiannon I'm bringing you back to the brownstone after breakfast. Prepared to be smothered.
See you soon. xoxo
Elouise Warrock 05/01/17 Winter
Ohemgee. PLEASE take Jameson on a bro date.
Send so many pictures.
Elouise Warrock 05/01/17 Winter
Lucky for you, husband, I don't really need to worry about stocking up at present.
I'll let you know in a few months, okay?
No need to send Jameson out if you'll do it! He's mortified enough just being married to me.
Elouise Warrock 04/30/17 Winter
You don't have to be alright.
I know you've been through a lot, more than I can imagine.
Just know, good or bad day, I'm here.
...and I definitely love you more.
Elouise Warrock 04/30/17 Winter
I only accessorize with Cheetos crumbs!
I miss you, you know. I hope you're alright.
And if you're not, I love you, and you're not allowed to disappear. I need you, Winter boy.
Elouise Warrock 04/30/17 Winter
Handsome just like his Papa!
Soleil Whitaker 04/30/17 Winter
9, it is.
Can't wait to see your handsome face!
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/30/17 Winter
We'll have to bake together tomorrow! Well, get baked and bake. Most likely, get baked, and bake pot brownies.
And the liquor rack is stacked and ready for you to invade!
See you tomorrow, Winter! :)
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/30/17 Winter
Your bed is all made up whenever you get here!
And fresh brownies, because you deserved baked goods.
I can't wait to see you!
Soleil Whitaker 04/30/17 Winter
Later, then? You pick a time.
You're always beautiful, love!!
Soleil Whitaker 04/30/17 Winter
We're coming back from this. I just need to learn to control my temper.
Meet me at La Bonbonniere at 9 am?
Soleil Whitaker 04/30/17 Winter
Would you hate me if I bailed on tonight?
Rhiannon and I are.... working through some things because I'm an assh*le. I'm so sorry, handsome.
Stay at my apartment tonight, the fridge is stocked and so is the liquor cabinet. Fresh sheets and all the channels you could want.
We'll do breakfast in the AM, okay?
[Location Shared]
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/30/17 Winter
I can't wait!
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/30/17 Winter
Seriously? Yes! I can't wait!
This is Topanga:

And this is Quincy:

We have a third cat, Gypsy, but she's so spastic I can never get a picture!
Soleil Whitaker 04/30/17 Winter
Please. I'll be seeing you soon, handsome.
Soleil Whitaker 04/30/17 Winter
I'd like that. And I'm glad you're coming to visit.
I'm not sure I'll be going back to the brownstone. I have my own place downtown, and I think it'd behoove me to allow some space.
But, let's meet up for drinks when you get here. I'm eager to see you.
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/30/17 Winter
Cats? I LOVE cats!
Soleil Whitaker 04/30/17 Winter
All the time. Which is why I haven't 'dropped the act.'
We are more alike than you think, Winter Summers.
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/30/17 Winter
You don't need to be 'good company', Winter. I'd be happy to simply offer you a place to lay low, relax, and get out of your own head. And if we go out on a crazy drunken bender, I would consider that a roaring success.

As far as Soleil is concerned... I believe she is stressed over Elouise, and subsequently, she's not been herself.
I think having a friend who understands the situation at hand would be much better.
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/30/17 Winter
My darling friend, you have no idea how adored you are by the women in this house.
Don't think on it too long, I'm already planning an itinerary! ;)
You would be a happy, welcome distraction. I think Soleil needs someone that... Isn't me.
Soleil Whitaker 04/30/17 Winter
Yeah, I pretend I'm okay all the time.
Is that what you mean?
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/30/17 Winter
I'm a very good listener, Winter. And you could never be a burden, that I promise.
The offer is sincere, we have a spare room. If you want to visit, simply book the flight. Soleil and I would be more than happy to have you.
Me, most of all! :)
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/30/17 Winter
Hey, gorgeous man!
I'm here if you ever need to talk.
And our home is yours, if you ever fancy a visit.
Keep in touch.
Summer 04/29/17 Babe
If anything were to happen to you, my heart would be shattered. And we know I don't have much to start with.
I tried to save you all too. I stayed with The Uncle, thinking you were safe as a result.
Winter- the only ones who failed to protect us where our parents. You didn't fail us anymore than I failed you. Then again, I do feel I failed you. But that's on the f-ckin' parents too. They are wastes of skin and we're still dealing with the aftermath of their f-ckery.
Okay, I'll stop regurgitating sh!t I heard in therapy.
Soleil Whitaker 04/29/17 Winter
Fine with me, handsome. Just don't be a stranger if you decide you want company.
Take care of yourself. If not for me, for Rhiannon. You know she's fond of you.
Summer 04/29/17 Brother Bear Your just being here is doing something for this family. It's doing something for me. I need you and I love you.
Whatever it was you were asked to do, the number one thing anyone has is to look out for themselves. It's the rule, my lurve:
First, swim. Then, save others from drowning.

Maybe you need your sis to take care of YOU for a bit. When's the last time you've been pampered? I do it on the regs; I need all this sh!t looking tip-top.
So, swim, Winter-love. Take care of you. Then come back to me, because you just being around is all I need.

Soleil- okay, got her number in my phone now. I have no idea what qualifies as 'sh!t hitting the fan', but I suppose I'll know it when I see it.
Love you forever.
Soleil Whitaker 04/29/17 Winter
Thanks, Winter. You're a good man.
Let me know if I can do anything for you, yeah??
Come to New York, if you want. :)
Lucius Dalca 04/29/17 Text: HS
Just keep it cool, man. Keep it cool. We will get through all of it
Who knows maybe George R. R. Martin will bring back some of the guys you know and love.
Lucius Dalca 04/29/17 Text: HS
Sooooooooo maybe next time then..... Don't kill yourself man it isn't worth it. Go to Maldives first.
You do know! Not bad man.
Lucius Dalca 04/29/17 Text: House Stark
As Elouise sneaked out of the compound, and Autumn blew up at her for not being safe while the shooter is trying to kill her. Now they don't want to talk, and I am making sure Autumn doesn't disappear me so I need your help and your other sister to fill in while I get Autumn to relax and work up a deal with Jameson over their security.

Text: House Stark
God no. I am not that ****ed up. Don't you know the motto? Winter has come .
Summer 04/29/17 My other half
You know I'd do anything you need. Let me know who to call and I will, no questions asked.
It saddens me to not see you, but I get it. We are more alike than is realized I think. I mean, it's almost like we shared a womb or something.
Have some alone time. But please don't isolate yourself. I speak from experience. It only exacerbates what is really wrong.
Hang on, little tomato. This too shall pass.
Lucius Dalca 04/29/17 Text: House Stark
Where have you been??? I didn't see you all day yesterday and sh*t went down.

PS: If you don't watch Game of Thrones.. I dont know whats going to happen to our in-law status..
Autumn Summers 04/29/17 Winter
You should stay. I'd try to convince you but no one ever f*cking listens to me, anyway. So, do whatever you want.
I'm not getting out of bed.
Elouise Warrock 04/29/17 Elouise is exhausted, too exhausted, really to put up a fight. Her brow furrows, half in frustration, though mostly to contemplate his words. "Stay, Winter. I want you here." She manages a meek smile, eyes shutting briefly. "I miss you when you're gone. And I'm injured, which means you have to pity me."

After a pause, she adds: "Go if you really need to, but I like my family to be near."
Summer 04/29/17 Winter Sun
I sent this text to you before I even told her. Hehe, you're my first stop, sugarpants!
If you do go home, I hope I get to at least give you a big hug. And a bag of brownies. I wish you'd stay though. I'd hoped to bunk with you. I've never been to the compound before and well, I don't wanna bunk with all those married couples.
I'm landing in like, 30 minutes though so if you truly want to slip out before I get there, your window is shrinking.
Love you babe.
Summer 04/28/17 Winter Star
I'm texting you while canoodling with an adorable flight attendant. Life is hard.
Guess where I am going?
TO YOU, *****
And to Elouise, cos like how the f-ck did she get shot????
Lucius Dalca 04/28/17 Text: WD
Thats pretty much the reason why I have money. Major companies hire me for jobs here and there.
That allllll depends on what the guy wants to spend. I can set him up with anything from civilian/corporate level security to military hardware.
Why not just ask for a key?
Autumn Summers 04/28/17 Winter
We are. We had a late flight, so just stayed in a hotel for the night.
Soleil Whitaker 04/27/17 Winter
Damn right we were destined! 😄
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/27/17 Winter
Oh my gosh. You're just like my wife.
Are we going to argue who is luckier, or can we call a preemptive draw?
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/27/17 Winter
You are one of a kind, Winter Summers.
We are blessed to have you as well! :)
Soleil Whitaker 04/27/17 Winter
I care about the woman, you know?
I haven't seen her much since Rhi and I got married.
I adore you too, handsome. For more reasons than I can express. :)
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/27/17 Winter
I never claimed they were favorable...
But you do have Soleil & I, so it can't be all bad!
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/27/17 Winter
God has a plan for everyone, Winter.
I will keep your Elouise in my prayers.
Soleil Whitaker 04/27/17 Winter
Like I said, you're a good man.
I'm glad she's in hands I trust. I feel bad for not being there.
I'll let you know if I find anything out - I'm not afraid to push her to tell me what's going on. She can't kick my ass right now.
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/27/17 Winter
That makes sense, obviously.
If Soleil needs to go back to Moscow, don't feel guilty for pulling her away.
If her friend is so obviously injured, she'll no doubt want to go home.
Soleil Whitaker 04/27/17 Winter
If she tells you, let me know. Please?
Or maybe I'll get it out of her tonight when we FaceTime.
Thank you for taking care of her, Winter.
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/27/17 Winter
Does sex usually fix every problem for you?
I mean, I understand if it does. You're gorgeous.
But Soleil loves the fat one quite a bit. Is she alright?
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/27/17 Winter
The Order?
Is everything alright with yours and Soleil's fat friend?
My wife rarely gets agitated, but she's currently in a mood.
Soleil Whitaker 04/27/17 Winter
No b*tch is going to put a bullet in my best friend, and not pay for it.
Was it an attack on her, or on the Order?
El has told me next to nothing.
Soleil Whitaker 04/27/17 Winter
You're a good man.
Let me know if I need to come home, I can be on the next flight back to Moscow.
Elouise advised that I should stay in NY, but if sh*t hits the fan, I'm not going to hide here.
Soleil Whitaker 04/27/17 Winter
Thank you. I'm just really worried.
But, I trust you. I know you'll take care of her.
Soleil Whitaker 04/27/17 Winter
Just heard about Elouise.
She refuses to tell me much about anything.
Will you promise to text me if something happens?
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/27/17 Winter
I'm having a very lovely time!
Where are you?
Lucius Dalca 04/27/17 Text: WD
It should be interesting!
I know right. F*cked up people, man.
Didn't I tell you before? I am a surveillance specialist. I set up security systems, work on the software programming and networks. A lot of tech stuff.
It's what pays the bills :D
Elouise Warrock 04/27/17 "When in doubt, always choose Gilmore Girls." She replies before resting her cheek against his arm. After a few taps of the remote, the TV displays Lorelei and Sookie in the kitchen of the Firefly, but Elouise is hardly paying attention. Cerulean eyes glance up at Winter, more than grateful for the comfort and companionship at that very moment.

Was she okay? She realizes now what a silly question that is, almost smacking herself for having posed the same question to Jameson earlier that day. "I've been prepared to die my entire life. It's easy to be reckless when you simply do not care what the outcome is...but it's not just me I have to worry about anymore." Her free hand rests on her stomach, wincing some at the pain it sent through her shoulder, but she ignored it. "If anything happened to my son...I'd never forgive myself."
Lucius Dalca 04/27/17 Text: WD
What is so?
Well actually she is the reason why we are heading there. Can you believe it? Pregnant women getting shot. What kind of sick world are we living in!
Don't answer that. Also it might be a business opportunity for me but keep that on the hush.
Elouise Warrock 04/27/17 Elouise offers a tired smile, patting the empty space in bed beside her. "Climb on in, then. I was just going to scroll through Netflix until I made up my mind, but two brains are better than one!" She let's out a soft laugh thereafter. "I'm all good on the food and drinks front. Jameson left me fully equipped to survive a nuclear fallout from here, it seems."

After a pause, she reaches over for his hand, giving it a comforting squeeze. "I'm sorry about your brother, Winter."
Elouise Warrock 04/27/17 Elouise is already reaching for the gun under her pillow when -- Winter reveals it is only him. With a wince that morphs into a smile, she gives him a small wave with her left hand. "Hey, gorgeous man. You didn't have to come, you know." She sits up some in bed, offering a quaint, one armed hug to her beloved friend.

"I'd stand up, but Jameson has an alarm on the bed. If I get up, he'll know."
Lucius Dalca 04/27/17 Text: WD
In the world of the living it is very unlikely unless he had help from one of my kind and that witch was stronger than me. In his case being in hell and all, I think it might be something else.. I'd have to ask my tata (dad) but he is too busy. Nevertheless, stay safe! Also chances are we are going to Moscow.
Lucius Dalca 04/27/17 Text: Winter
Awww thank you. That means a lot coming from you, Winter.
We tried to get in contact with his soul but something in blocking me and I don't have the power yet to breach it.
Anyways just don't do anything crazy either. There is too much sh*t going on right after the next. The timing is horrible.
Autumn Summers 04/27/17 Winter
I love you, too.
Lucius Dalca 04/27/17 Text: WD
You welcome. Its a full time job, man. FULL TIME. Being a vampire doesn't help either. Emotions run even higher... How you been?
Soleil Whitaker 04/26/17 Winter
When Rhi and I get home, we'd love to have you, love!
You know our door is always open. :)
We're both very fond of you, anyways.
Elouise Warrock 04/26/17 Winter
That totally didn't make me cry...
Okay. Get your beautiful ass over here and love me!
Elouise Warrock 04/26/17 Winter
I told Autumn anyways, soooo...
Don't derail your life on my account.
I don't think Jameson is ever letting me out of this suite again.
Soleil Whitaker 04/26/17 Winter
You're one of a kind, Winter Summers. The best kind, of course.
I feel you, just don't be a stranger. Reach out if need be, okay?
We'll find you something, then. Promise!
Elouise Warrock 04/26/17 Winter
Because I'm FINE.
We can discuss it later, alright?
This is precisely why Autumn doesn't need to know.
Again: I AM FINE.
Elouise Warrock 04/26/17 Winter
I know, but if anything changes...I'm here, okay?

I got shot.
Just don't tell Autumn, okay?
Soleil Whitaker 04/26/17 Winter
Damnit. My phone is a royal b*tch sometimes. Time for a new one.
But, yes. You are, indeed, one amazing fella. :)
I was trying to say that I'm sorry about your brother. I'm here if you need anything.
Rhi and I are still in NY, but should be returning to Moscow soon. Would you like us to bring anything back? Anything at all?
Elouise Warrock 04/26/17 Winter
Just family stuff. No big deal.
I heard. I'm so sorry, Winter.
If you need me, just let me know.
Soleil Whitaker 04/26/17 Winter
Elouise Warrock 04/26/17 Winter
How are you??
Summer 04/26/17 Winter
Oh honey. I hope you wouldn't stay dead. Cos then I'd have to come find your a$$ and I don't think they are gonna let me out a second time.
I know nothing of Blaize's lover. He didn't really talk to me that much.
But maybe you are right. Perhaps he felt lonely. It does seem to plague some of us.
Soleil Whitaker 04/26/17 Winter
Winter! Handsome! What's happening??
Summer 04/25/17 Winter
It may seem weird to say this, but I'm oddly doing alright. Perhaps it is because I've been to the other side and returned. I know it isn't all that scary. And that maybe we'll see him again. Have you heard from the others? I should probably reach out to Autumn. I know they were close.
Summer 04/24/17 Brother
I heard the news. You're the only one left, it seems. Please let me know you are okay. I can't bear to lose you too.
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/21/17 Winter
I would expect nothing less.
Soleil and I are in NYC.
Have you been before?
Regardless, you should visit!
Summer 04/20/17 Win
I bought a car!!! What do you think? I picked it because it matches my nail polish. I don’t drive fast in it; as you know, that hasn’t ended well for me in the past. Seems a waste to drive slow in such a hot b!tch. Maybe I’ll ship it to you after I drive it for a little bit. You want it?
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/20/17 Winter
Happy 4/20!
Did you have a productive day?
Lucius Dalca 04/17/17 Text: WD
I just wanted to see if you were awake!
It was only a couple of bucks you know hehe.
You enjoying your easter?
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/16/17 *gets all clammy*
... Right. I'll have to think on that one.
*kisses cheek*
You stay out of trouble, Winter Summers. And I'll be sure to let Soleil know. Once we're back from New York, I fully anticipate another drunken bender here!
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/16/17 But don't you think it's a bit odd? With God watching?
*gasps, takes bunnies*
You are the best! Here!
*hands enormous basket*
Don't eat it all at once. They're all alcohol-themed!
Elouise Warrock 04/16/17 Best Husband of my Life
It's not your fault, Rambo has turned me into a bottomless pit.
It's kind of tragic. I ate like four pounds of chocolate before this.
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/16/17 Winter
Why ';)'?
... Oh. OH.
Yeah, maybe if she plays her cards right. ;)
Elouise Warrock 04/16/17 Winter
I'm going right now.

I already finished eating it... :(
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/16/17 Winter
Really? You are too sweet.
We're ready for a Winter storm whenever you arrive. Just come right in!
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/16/17 Winter
Don't go to any extraordinary measures on my account.
Maybe Soleil's, though. She can get a smidge jealous of anyone.
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/16/17 Winter
Happy Easter!
I have an Easter basket for you, whenever you're ready to collect!
Soleil Whitaker 04/16/17 Winter
[IMG attached]
Soleil Whitaker 04/14/17 -scoffs-
I guess we'll just have to see, then.
-claps hands together-
I'm excited. Let's keep this neat, though. I feel bad for making Rhi tend to us.
Soleil Whitaker 04/14/17 -chuckles-
Prepare to be put under the table, Winter Summers!
-sets bottles onto kitchen counter-
-scurries around to find shot glasses-
Soleil Whitaker 04/13/17 You're fine, handsome man.
-practically sprints up the stairs-
-thanks god for living on the 2nd floor-
-kicks open door-
Babe, Winter is coming! ... or rather, he's here.
-snickers at Game of Thrones joke-
He brought booze.
Soleil Whitaker 04/13/17 -squeals-
Oh my god, yes.
-is super, super excited-
-takes up armful-
I'll have her come down with us the next trip. C'mon!
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/13/17 Winter
I intend to put a baby in there.
Oh, wait. That's not how that works.
... This is going to require more forethought.
Soleil Whitaker 04/13/17 WINTER.
-hugs tightly-
Before we start, just know that I adore you.
-holds hands out for bottles-
Summer 04/13/17 Winter Wonderland
Dude, heaven is boring as sh-t. Why do you think I snuck out?
I mean, I'm no authority on this stuff. It's just what I was told when I was down there. It was my first stop, after all. F-ck all knows I hadn't done anything to earn my spot down south besides being turned.
Gawd, just thinking of that horsesh-t makes me need to roll a J.
Summer 04/13/17 Winnie-Winnie-Winter!
Don't off yourself for any reason. Then I'd be stuck here without you. I mean, I could come spelunking after you, but...well, I'm not ready for that yet. Of course you won't become an angel. Vampires go to hell, it's the rule or some sh-t.
And of course I have powers besides my Lisa Frank Anime wings. I just...I'm still learning what they are is all. I'm currently seeking the advice of another like me. It's helping.
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/13/17 Winter
She did?
My wife is so cute.
I'm going to have to get this woman a baby, aren't I?
Soleil Whitaker 04/13/17 Winter
Of course, handsome. Just lmk.
Soleil Whitaker 04/13/17 Winter
Just come on in when you get here - we've left the door open.
Hope you're ready to lose, boy.
Summer 04/13/17 Snowball
Sugarcube, pretty sure we skipped passed the line ages ago.
We're now like, five kilometers away from the line, waving back at it.
I bet when you see one now, you'll think of me and this ridiculous conversation. SEE!! IT'S LIKE I'M PSYCHIC.
Or maybe I am. It's a supersecret power I got with my wings.
Jk, I have no super secret powers.
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/13/17 Winter
Oh, trust me, I intend to.
Soleil's a little baby crazy after the Darrow's stayed. Which is fine. I never envisioned myself married to a MILF, but I'm certainly on board.
Soleil Whitaker 04/13/17 Winter
We should be pawning them off soon, anyways. Rhi and I talked about hypothetically having kids in the future.
Maybe too soon to have that conversation, oops.
I know, I just feel bad sometimes. I hope she shows tonight!
Come over around 9? Or whenever.
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/13/17 Winter
She runs hot, she'll burn them off.
Or I'll help. ;)
I'll make you children Bloody Mary's in the morning to help curb the hangover, in any case.
Summer 04/13/17 Winter chill
There's a difference between a dildo and a vibrator, I can't believe I have to say that to you of all people. I didn't say I was gonna use it, just that if you saw one, you'd think "gee, Summer really is the best sister ever." I mean, the connection is obvious. Hmm. Or maybe I did one too many hits of this Tickle Kush? Nahhhhh
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/13/17 Winter
That is the classiest thing I think you've ever said.
I'm very much looking forward to my beautiful, pristine apartment being vandalized. Soleil has been eating bread all day to prepare.
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/13/17 Winter
Lucky for you, the couch pulls out and my office is quite comfortable as a back-up.
I made mini-cheesecakes!
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/13/17 Winter
She'll be the one passed out in the bathtub while I clean up, though. Funny how that works.
I cannot wait to meet you in the flesh!
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/13/17 Winter
I'll use that line, exactly. And a z-snap for effect!
I hear my wife is throwing a house party. Will you be here?
Soleil Whitaker 04/13/17 Winter
I'm not good with kids. I don't know how to handle them....
Remi's a friend. Or, I hope she still is.
I feel bad, I was supposed to have her over for dinner a while back to meet Rhi, but I got distracted. I just don't want her to hate me because she's a really great girl, you know?
Soleil Whitaker 04/13/17 Winter
We're just babysitting. Or rather, Rhiannon is babysitting. I'm just staring at these tiny humans as they take over my apartment.
Yes, a lot. Bring a lot. Remi may be joining us, too.
Summer 04/13/17 Wintery
What made you think of that? Did you see a hot drag queen? Or a display of pasties in a window? A gigantic vibrator the size of a car? A cute poodle with a funny haircut? A ten foot long glass bong?
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/13/17 Winter
Yes, still married.
He's being difficult.
That's... Only part of the reason why.
Soleil Whitaker 04/13/17 Winter
Come through! Rhi and I have the Darrow boys until Lloyd retrieves them... whenever.
I'll take you up on that drinking contest tonight, aye?
Autumn Summers 04/13/17 Winter
Get bent.
Autumn Summers 04/13/17 Winter
Then I'll have no idea why I won't be receiving your messages.
If you think I'm kidding, I'm not. Quit that sh*t. You're pissing me off.
Autumn Summers 04/13/17 Snowflake
You know, you habitually bash on him for his looks.
It's f*cking rude.
Autumn Summers 04/13/17 Snowflake
Good. Because he is mine.
Autumn Summers 04/13/17 Snowflake
It isn't a competition.
How bout I take pictures of good looking men for you, too?
Autumn Summers 04/13/17 Snowflake
I'll to my best but that may prove difficult...
All else failing, what about a nice bottle of wine?
Autumn Summers 04/13/17 Snowflake
I can, but you may want to take them with you. Me and Lucius are leaving for Spain this weekend.
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/12/17 Winter
My wife is vaguely delusional.
Callum and I aren't actually divorced yet.
But, I understand. If I were Callum, I'd be afraid. VERY afraid.
Soleil Whitaker 04/12/17 Winter Good weed? Like, some seriously potent stuff.
Or a hallucinogen.
Rhiannon handled mj well last night. Mild case of cottonmouth and paranoia, but she's a trooper.
Come hang out with us next time you're in Moscow.
Lucius Dalca 04/12/17 Text: WD
I had fun too. Especially the screaming little girl moments, no offense. It was just funny hehe.
Seriously!? You guys are in total denial! But then again that is fine. As long as your sister thinks I am a 12, I'll live.
Soleil Whitaker 04/12/17 Winter
I'm going to fill a sock with quarters and beat him with it.
So, there will be blood. Be prepared.
What kind of drugs?
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/12/17 Winter
Absolutely stunning! If I were any less gay and any less obsessed with my wife, you would give her a run for my affection!
Soleil Whitaker 04/12/17 Winter
God, I love you.
I heard you and Rhiannon are going to get lawn chairs for when I beat the living sh*t out of her EX-husband.
Jameson Orlav 04/12/17 frostbite
Come get them.. and bring me a taco.. and a pickle.. Oh my god I think I've been cursed with sympathy cravings.
Elouise Warrock 04/12/17 Winter
No problem, love!
Ask Jameson. He's home!
Summer 04/12/17 Winter Moon
You are right on all counts, of course. All of it- man buns, my counting skills, being baked, keeping people at arms reach. There's only one type of man buns that'll do, and it isn't the one made with their greasy hair. Mhmm.
You're a smart and amazing cookie. Don't accept any other hater noise that says otherwise.
Soleil Whitaker 04/12/17 Winter
Good, I didn't want to have to fight you.
I like you too much. ;)
She's my girl, you know?
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/12/17 Winter
It's like seeing color for the first time. I highly recommend. While I know you prefer men, I must warn you, the woman is addicting-ly good looking, and she's been known to make people switch teams before.
Not to denote your smile, of course, which I must apparently see as well.
Soleil Whitaker 04/12/17 Winter
Oh, no. I'm starting to think she's more fond of you than she is of me.
Don't go stealing my wife, now.
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/12/17 Winter
Oh, thank you! She's one of a kind. Right time, right place sort of thing.
And that smile. Jeez. She's stunning.
You crazy kids do whatever you want! I'll clean up after you both. Yes, even you, Winter. Because you are a wonderful friend to Soleil. And me, subsequently.
Soleil Whitaker 04/12/17 Winter
It's on. It's so on.
You might have to pick me up off the floor, but the only 'bad' I'm gonna feel is the morning after.
Soleil Whitaker 04/11/17 Winter
HAH. I should say the same thing to you.
I always win, Winter. Always.
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/11/17 Winter
I am willing to try anything once for her.
... I'll ask her what I should try. I don't want to upset the wife.
And, as far as taking her out goes, get as trashed as possible. I'll be your informal Lyft drive home.
Soleil Whitaker 04/11/17 Winter
You are so on, sir!
Shot for shot. First one to vomit has to...
Hmm, I'll think of something. ;)
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/11/17 Winter
I'll bring the folding chairs.
What nature of drugs?
Soleil is having me do marijuana for the first time this evening.
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/11/17 Winter
I can't confirm or deny that I have, my love.
I also don't think there will be a body to bury when she's done eviscerating him.
My wife is hot.
Soleil Whitaker 04/11/17 Winter
I can deal with the taste, I'm sure I've had worse.
I can hold my liquor, my dear.
Summer 04/10/17 Wintery
1. Yea dudes can be basic b-tches. F-ckin' craft brew drinking, artisanal pickle making, man-bun wearing, fixer-bike riding...wait. Those are hipsters. Eh, same diff.
2. He called you a homo? Did you say "Too obvious, hülye?" (hülye means 'stupid' in Hungarian). What, next I know he's gonna call you a slut. Well, it looks like we've got Detective Obvious on the case!
2. Dudes were made for games. You know this, I know this. We all know this. Even they know this!! 5. To be fair, I saw him when I was sufficiently sh-t faced. As in, firmly had the beer goggles on. But like I said, being nice to our hot headed sissy is worth its weight in gold! So he gets an eight. 13. I feel like nobody knows the real me. 17. Dude, I'm baked.
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/10/17 Winter
It's not as painful as it sounds. Been there, done that.
And Callum isn't a bad man. He just has extraordinarily horrible luck. And judgement. And Soleil is probably going to murder him.
Soleil Whitaker 04/10/17 Winter
Whatever gets me drunkest, handsome man.
Callum McKay is a growing pain in my ass. I'd like something to numb it before we delve into his story.
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/10/17 Winter
His name is Callum, he's a Libra.
[Contact Shared]
You could go up to a 15, and I would not mind.
16, however, and you might have to scale back.
Soleil Whitaker 04/10/17 Winter
Buy the whole damn liquor store if you want to know about Callum McKay.
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/10/17 Winter
I'm sure Soleil would love to explain over a bottle, or five of vodka.
Have at him, then. I'll give you his number, if you'd like!
Summer 04/10/17 Winter Wind
Oh my gawwwd Lulu is Autumns piece. Omg, Elouise mentioned a "Lucy" and I totally thought it was some new basic ***** running around in uggs. Ahhahaha. Wait, why is his name Lulu or Lucy? I mean, I know that is something coming from a chick named Summer Squash, but like...did his parents hate him like ours hated us??
Anywhosies! I've never seen this Lululucy! Oh sh-t. Was he the one with Autumn when she visited me in Paris? Christ, my head is a mess. I can't keep these men straight. He's nice to Autumn so that bumps his number up for sure. I'd say solid 8.
You know what game I like better? "How many beers would it take". Except I bet Autumn wouldn't be keen on us playing that game about her main. We can play it on other dudes though.
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/10/17 Winter
I would offer my husband as tribute, but, alas, while he is simple-minded, he is not gay. And Soleil would probably murder him on sight.
You may force your friendship on me, but beware, I will force mine right back!
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/10/17 Winter
I will keep my eyes peeled for eligible, simple-minded men.
Hot ones, at that.
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/10/17 Winter
Women are wonderfully complicated creatures.
My wife, most of all.
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/10/17 Winter
At this juncture, I'm too afraid she could make anything look sexy. And I don't know what that says about me...
Stick to your original plans. I don't know if I want a striptease from Tweety Bird.
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/10/17 Winter
If she is mortified, it is perfect.
She fancies herself a tease, this one. I'd like to see her try looking like a sexed up Spongebob Squarepants.
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/10/17 Winter
I have no doubt your vanity is not in vain. ;)
Hopefully I get to see this better-than-Soleil smile soon.
Buy her the gaudiest, most ridiculous thing you find. Even if its yellow. This woman is being a brat.
Lucius Dalca 04/10/17 Text: WD
Eh... Ill be in the room. I'll give you that much.
No drugs! Let's keep this to drinks. You know sane and normal.
Soleil Whitaker 04/10/17 Winter
You're right. She's just gonna have to live with it, then.
I'll keep that in mind, love. If they're like you, I think we'll be alright. :)
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/10/17 Winter
Or, do. I'd love your help in getting Soleil totally hammered.
Oh, she does, does she?
My wife is rather adorable. Don't tell her I said so, though. She prefers a tough persona. One smile from those lips, however, and I'm a goner. It's all in the dimples.
Soleil Whitaker 04/10/17 Winter
She's happy-ish. Just possessive. She's gonna have to learn to share, though.
Aw, love! You'll find someone - I didn't think I would, and yet, Rhiannon said yes.
Do introduce me sometime. I'm a social creature. Friends are always good.
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/10/17 Winter
You clearly do not need my direction. You are a maestro of your own accord, Winter Summers.
Allow me to repay you with dinner, sometime? Whatever you'd like.
If Soleil hasn't already told you, I'm a bit of an Epicurean artist.
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/10/17 Winter
I may just adore you, too. Especially if your shopping trip goes well.
Of course it's not inappropriate. I know what she looks like. My wife is the sexiest thing on two feet. Which is why she doesn't need the lingerie, but...
Did we discuss red? Because I think red should be an option as well.
Soleil Whitaker 04/10/17 Winter
She and El have... issues. You know El, she's territorial. So, she wasn't thrilled when I married Rhiannon. I'm begging them to be civil to eachother.
But, Rhiannon is amazing, truly. She's the love of my life.
I don't know any of your sisters, but I'm sure they're wonderful. They're lucky to have you, handsome.
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/10/17 Winter
Soleil is French for 'Sun'. And the irony lies in the fact that the universe is already heliocentric.
Rhiannon means 'Great Queen'. And your name is not retarded. Winter is one of the strongest, most forceful, and extremely underestimated seasons. Take it as an unintentional compliment.
I'm sure she did say that. Sounds like her. I cannot be blamed for mooning over her. You have seen her, right? I'm extremely lucky.
Soleil Whitaker 04/10/17 Winter
Oh my god. Don't believe everything she says.
She has a way of... exaggerating, sometimes.
I trust you, Winter. I know you'll be good to me. :)
Lucius Dalca 04/10/17 Text: WD I like both games but luckily I have a good collection so we can just keep switching when we are bored. You wanna scream like a little girl though? Play Amnesia or Dead Space hehe
I'll bring the other drinks then :-P
and probably munchies..
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/10/17 Winter
Soleil is the center of my universe. Which is unfortunately ironic, considering the meaning of her name.
No to the yellow. I do not want to be seduced by lesbian Big Bird.
Oh, yes, Elouise. She is the fat one?
Soleil Whitaker 04/10/17 Winter
I see that my wife has been snooping again.
The next time you speak with her, do tell her that she can stop being such a f*ckboy.
I trust you, too. I am not one to pick out lingerie.
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/10/17 Winter
I happen to think she would look stunning in anything.
But, yes, dark blue. Spoil her -- I can give you my credit card.
It is a pleasure to text you to! Soleil's friends all seem to be very nice. I'm happy she is surrounded by such supportive people.
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/10/17 Winter
I stole your number while my wife was sleeping
Absolutely, 100% yes to sexy clothes.
I do not know you, but I trust you.
This is Rhiannon, by the way.
Soleil Whitaker 04/10/17 Winter
Anything and everything. Let's just see where our adventure takes us!
Lucius Dalca 04/10/17 Text: WD
Who the f*ck do you think you are talking to?!?! Of course I like drinking AND gaming.
I play Overwatch but I love Battlefield 1 and Destiny! Its the sh*t.

PS: Also Autumn wants me to take you to your brother's place to stay. Does he play video games too?

PSS: I also like fine wine and vodka.
Autumn Summers 04/10/17 Snowflake
Autumn Summers 04/10/17 Snowflake
I will be the judge of that.
Autumn Summers 04/10/17 Snowflake
Being hurt is a part of life, Winter. You know that.
We are going house shopping. It's settled. No arguments.
Autumn Summers 04/10/17 Snowflake
Why does everyone keep threatening him? Honestly... you should be more worried about me doing something stupid. Eh, whatever.
If you feel bad about mooching, then contribute. It is not a difficult concept. But it is silly for you to live in a hotel, especially considering hotels are not cheap.
I swear, I'm going to buy you a house and you can make payments to me.
PS - Lucius knows spells to dampen noise.
Autumn Summers 04/10/17 Snowflake
That means a lot to me. Thank you.
Do you know how silly it is you're staying in a hotel when you have two siblings who live in London?
Go stay with Blaize. He's alone in that giant manor. Or I'll have Lucius drag you home with him.
Lucius Dalca 04/10/17 Text: WD
So where are we going today? This is your city :p
Autumn Summers 04/09/17 Snowflake
You would think...
I do love Lucius a great deal. I think I'm going to keep him.
Not all hotels have mini bars.
Elouise Warrock 04/09/17 Winter
Soleil Whitaker 04/09/17 Winter
I'm not the shopping type either, but I'll go with you.
You can help me pick out some new stuff - I think the wife life calls for an updated wardrobe, you know? ;)
Soleil Whitaker 04/09/17 Winter
Wtf. Why?
I don't shop often, but I never turn down an opportunity to go with someone else.
Soleil Whitaker 04/09/17 Winter
I'm looking forward to it. :)
Soleil Whitaker 04/09/17 Winter
I mean, you're right. Jurassic Park is terrifying.
BUT, don't you think they're cool??
Not weird at all! Omg, everyone needs at least one pair of theme socks! It's a wardrobe staple. Makes things interesting. ;)
Soleil Whitaker 04/09/17 Winter
We're gonna be great together. :)
Idk, Dinos are just great. There's so many kinds.
I have a lot of socks - Dinos, sushi, lemurs, dogs, beer mugs. I have quite an impressive collection LOL.
Lucius Dalca 04/08/17 Text: WD
Eh what about Summers. She seems to be less crazy... In a way.... I don't know. Elouise is also a good candidate?
Autumn Summers 04/08/17 Snowflake
We both like evening, middle of the night and morning sex, so it works out beautifully.
Elouise is coming tomorrow for a visit. I'm sure she won't mind. Or we can wait until she heads back home. Whichever.
Soleil Whitaker 04/08/17 Winter
I won't let you die, Winter. Cross my heart.
And of course, no ugly men.
Dino themed everything. That's the way to go.
I have dino socks! They're my favorite pair. :)
Soleil Whitaker 04/08/17 Winter
You'll be fine, doll. Don't worry!
You know El and I can hold our own. I'll take care of you.
Dino bandaids are perffff.
Soleil Whitaker 04/08/17 Winter
Sounds good to me, love.
I already know I might die in Tahiti - I almost did when El and I went to Cancun before I got married. JFC.
Boy, you better be ready when El pops. ;)
Soleil Whitaker 04/08/17 Winter
Rhiannon. That's her name. We haven't decided on our last name yet. We might hyphenate, she might just take Whitaker. It's complicated.
Mm, you're right.... we might all die. I'm good for it, though!
Soleil Whitaker 04/08/17 Winter
You're too kind, Winter. My god.
I'm sure Rhiannon and I are going to love whatever it is you come up with.
When baby Orlav is born, you, me and El should go on a trip of our own. Okay? Okay.
Lucius Dalca 04/08/17 Text: WD
Then you ask him! :p
Autumn Summers 04/08/17 Snowflake
Aye, still here. Living together with Lucius.
Soleil Whitaker 04/08/17 Winter
I'll stop by the Compound soon.
El and I are actually going to Tahiti in a few weeks. I'm taking Rhiannon to Paris for a bit, first. Honeymoon.
Don't worry about gifts, handsome! It was kind of a flash wedding, so we didn't have a ceremony or anything.
Soleil Whitaker 04/08/17 Winter
That motherf*cker knows I love her.
I feel bad for not spending much time with her. Married life, you know?
Elouise Warrock 04/08/17 "Noura is a tiny terrorist. And she's mean. But she's Jameson's sister, and I have to keep her happy." With a frown, she palms the key. "I would still rather have you living here, you know. That's not the issue."
Elouise Warrock 04/08/17 Grumbling, Elouise reluctantly releases her beau. "Fine, fine. You can go. But I still expect snuggles. But this may be for the best. My sister-in-law is temperamental. And I also want her to like me. So let's pretend I went all gung-ho and kicked you out!"
Elouise Warrock 04/08/17 "I know why? Why?" Elouise furrows her brows, arms folding across her chest. "You mean Noura? She is harmless. And you're not allowed to leave. You're my boo." The slayer wanders over, arms outstretched in a hug. Or, more accurately, to cling. "If I don't let go, you can't leave. Right?"
Lucius Dalca 04/07/17 Text: WD
How is that any less biased????
Lucius Dalca 04/06/17 Text: WD
What does Autumn think I am, huh? :O!
Lucius Dalca 04/06/17 Text: WD
BUT! Im still a 10. With long hair Im 11.
Elouise Warrock 04/05/17 "You can have whatever helmet you want, gorgeous! And, yeah. I'm getting tubs." She drums on her stomach, which, since Winter's brief hiatus, has definitely begun to grow. "Rambo is getting thicc. We're halfway there! I sent Autumn the first official ultrasound picture, and she kinda flipped. And then I said she'd be Aunt Autumn, and she flipped more. But what else would she have anticipated? She's like a sister. The only real question is, would you be Papa Winter or Uncle Winter? Since we're married, and all."
Soleil Whitaker 04/05/17 Winter
I have the lighter!
Meet you outside.
Soleil Whitaker 04/05/17 Winter
I assume this is Winter, considering that I don't burn bras with just anyone. ;)
When and where, I'll be there.
Vive le féminisme!
Summer 04/05/17 Winter
Ugh, closet cases. Blah. It's like, nobody gives a f-ck which team you're on, except the people who want to potentially f-ck you. Come out, come out wherever you are! I know, easy for me to say. Everyone loves a bi chick. Maybe it's because it is Moscow? I hear they are uptight and otherwise sexually repressed up there. Self loathers and the like. Tw@ts.
Wait, are you back in a coven? Nobody tells me anything! I'm like a f-ckin mushroom down here.
Mmm. Mushrooms.
Summer 04/05/17 Winter breeze
I understand refraining from tanning. Wrinkles are awful. But I'm an angel, god damn it! Surely I can't wrinkle. Imma test that theory.
Pro tip- tan lines are a good thing in my line of work. Seriously. My tips go through the roof. I've been investing. The stock market is more addictive than the tables in Vegas, no lie.
I'm so glad you started your business! You are going to rake in the cash, I just know it. The entrepreneurial spirit must be hereditary.
Hey, as much as I lurve you and Elouise, I'm sure there are other good things about Moscow. The ladies have big hands. Mhmm. Seriously. And I do like those Eastern Bloc boys. But yes, perhaps visiting me would be better. Is it EVER sunny in Moscow???
Lucius Dalca 04/05/17 Text: WD
Nahhhh I am an angel... I never do anything wrong :D
Summer 04/05/17 Winter Star
Seeing your text made my day. I hope you were at least soaking up rays on the Mexican beaches. Wait, does sun bother you? Then make those cabana boys bring your drink under the umbrella.
I missed you bunches and was even a little worried. I'm glad you're back. I am presently back home (in Sydney) basking in some rays myself. I might be in London in a few months. Did you know it is Fall down here? You're the only winter I like, so if it gets cold at all, I'm taking a tour of sunny places.
Anywhoosies. See ya soon hopefully!
Lucius Dalca 04/05/17 Text: WD
What did I do???
Elouise Warrock 04/05/17 "I would pack a helmet, though. All of the fun pregnancy stuff is happening now, and Autumn's...more than excited. I have to warn Lucy before I give her updates, now!"
Autumn Summers 04/05/17 Snowflake
We should.
Maybe lunch in the next couple days?
Elouise Warrock 04/05/17 "Nothing fun, I swear! How could I have fun without my partner in crime?!" She is incredulous at the very thought, it appears. "I am, however, going to see Autumn this weekend! Are you going to come with? I need someone to drool on during the flight."
Autumn Summers 04/05/17 Snowflake
I'm glad you're back! Missed you.
No, no one to kill. If anyone needed killing, I'd do it myself.
Elouise Warrock 04/05/17 "Ohemgee! Winter! Ohemgee!" El squees, simultaneously wrapping herself around him. "I thought you were never coming back! Of course I missed you!"
Elouise Warrock 03/26/17 BAE
I miss you! Snuggles soon?
Soleil Whitaker 03/21/17 Soleil chuckled. Being Elouise’s ‘wife’ did, indeed, complicate certain marital matters, especially because she’d just got hitched herself. “You know Winter, I have no idea what that makes us,” she admitted, “But, I think we should start as friends.” She liked the idea of having more friends; she was, after all, a social creature.

“Yeah! F*ck bras! Such a terrible, terrible social construct."
Autumn Summers 03/20/17 Snowman
Love you, big brother. 💘
Soleil Whitaker 03/20/17 Soleil held her hands up, offering yet another sheepish grin in response. “Famous or infamous? There’s a difference,” she laughed. She was relieved to hear that Elouise spoke fondly of her - after the latest That Girl slander, she was worried that she’d been pegged as a home wrecker. And that was not the kind of reputation she needed.

“Clothes are overrated. Pants are uncomfortable. And bras? Ugh, they're the worst!"
Soleil Whitaker 03/20/17 Soleil knew how to charm people - it was one of the few skills she’d mastered whilst running from her past. She laughed, though, knowing exactly what it was like to eat a lot with Elouise. It often felt like the nachos they’d scarfed down in Cabo were still sitting like rocks in her stomach. "Run to lose weight, squat to gain muscle," she mused, recalling the days she used to be fit. Not just skinny.

“Soleil Whitaker,” she responded, promptly sticking out her hand for Winter to shake, “Pleasure to meet you. And your booty."
Elouise Warrock 03/20/17 Winter
I was really hungry...
Autumn Summers 03/20/17 Snowflake realize you're a vampire and we have exceptional healing abilities, aye? You'll be fine.
Summer 03/20/17 Looking down at her phone as she sipped a café au lait and shoved her second croissant into her mouth, Summer smiled softly. The act caused buttery flakes to fall to her lap. She paid them no mind. Somehow, Winter always knew when her reclusiveness started to take its toll. He was like a bright flashlight shining into a dark cave.

Winter Star
You are amazing. Like, even more amazing than these croissants, and that is saying something. How's tricks? And I do mean that literally- have you started your escort business? I think I need to get out of France. These pastries are going straight to my ass. To be fair though, I can twerk like a mofo now.
Soleil Whitaker 03/20/17 Elouise had offered a few pick-pocketing pointers, and Soleil figured she’d give them a try on people within the Compound. They were all ‘friends’ in a way. She’d seen this man around, noticed him first for his impeccable hair and pronounced jawline, but never quite had the courage to say hello. Perhaps trying to take his wallet wasn’t the most appropriate way to greet him. Oh well.

“Uh, heh, yeah,” she stuttered, rubbing the back of her neck, “I heard there was a guy with a great @ss around. Couldn’t help myself.” Soleil blushed as she looked up at the fellow, a sheepish grin tugging at the corners of her mouth. “Tell me about your workout routine!” she exclaimed in attempt to divert the man’s attention to something other than the fact that she’d just tried to steal from him.
Elouise Warrock 03/19/17 Johnny Bravo
Okay, you win!
I'm baking cookies. Movie marathon?
Elouise Warrock 03/19/17 Winter
Elouise Warrock 03/19/17 Winter
Me rn:
Elouise Warrock 03/14/17 Winter
You can be the big spoon.
However, good luck convincing Jameson.
He's a little touchy about the whole 'multiple people in our marriage' bit.
Elouise Warrock 03/14/17 Winter
Between you and I, I'm the big spoon when it comes to Jameson.
He likes to be cradled like a baby.
Elouise Warrock 03/14/17 Winter
I might even permit light groping.
If he gets too lonely while I'm in Mexico, you may have to spoon with him. He's needy.
Elouise Warrock 03/14/17 Winter
Well... The husband is pretty damn fine. I'll send you his office hours if you need someone to sexually harass.
I'll look for some cute new butts for you to molest, ASAP.
Lucius Dalca 03/13/17 Text: WD
Well you know your sister. I did message her so I dont know if she calmed down after that. We are going to meet u soon ya know.
Summer 03/13/17 Winter
F-ck feelings. Being dead inside takes years of practice and kilos of drugs!!
I couldn't help it! I was giggling at "baby gravy", she asked what was so funny, I was tipsy and handed her my phone.
You're right, basics are for basics, and we ain't basic!!!
French dudes are hot, but I was only teasing about getting knocked up by him. Sweet zombie jesus, I'd be a f-cking train wreck mother.
Still better than our own, but a rabid hyena would be better than that b-tch.
Autumn Summers 03/13/17 Winter
Too late! I have evidence!
[forward of Summer's forwarded message]
I win. Mwah!
Lucius Dalca 03/13/17 Text: WD
Alright alright.. I messaged her.
Also both of you are vampires!
I should probably mention I hate condoms >_>
Autumn Summers 03/13/17 Winter
Hold plz...
Summer 03/13/17 Looking down at her phone and the incoming text from her ever-so-slightly older brother, Summer was unfazed. Talk of baby gravy and barebaking didn't make her flinch, not even from her brother. Granted, she did lean over and show Autumn. It was too funny! He always made her laugh.
Sometimes some people forget those with larger than life personalities have feelings too. I'm sorry your feelings were hurt. I hope you found a way to drown those sorrows.
I don't think I can get diseases. And I have no idea if I can get pregs or not. Only one way to find out! The bartender here is f-ckin hot. He seems like he'd be a good dad.
I'm gonna give Autumn lessons in the art of erotic dance. Hahahah I can't even type that with a straight face. Imma teach that saucy red minx so much, it'll burn the eyebrows right off her new mans face!!!
Wait is that too much? Maybe I'll start with the basics.
Autumn Summers 03/13/17 Winter
Does so!
No take backsies!
Lucius Dalca 03/13/17 Text: WD
She left a while ago... What did you do??
Autumn Summers 03/13/17 Winter
Aww... so cuuute.
Autumn Summers 03/13/17 Winter
Summer showed me that text message you sent her!
Elouise Warrock 03/12/17 "Hey! Don't have so little faith in me. But who wouldn't be clingy when you're at stake?" She shifts across the bed, patting now the newly made space. "...well. Maybe just pants? Because I don't need Jameson to dissect you. And I would always like to be able to say I didn't snuggle with a naked man while I was married to someone else, sexuality put aside."
Elouise Warrock 03/12/17 "I will find you the man of your dreams!" The blonde's loose curls bounce as she nods up and down animatedly. "And the wine of your dreams, and olives, and cheese. Everything. So you can get fat and happy!"
Summer 03/12/17 Snow Cone
Elouise left you alone, but that just means more time for Italian men and shopping, right? If that sounds too daunting and not fun at all, take the train up to Paris. I'm here on a month-long stint doing a guest appearance at Théâtre Chochotte. Autumn said she just arrived...maybe you can try your first gig as a paid, escort in the City of Light.
It makes my feminist heart proud to hear you rob your three lady-lays right along with the men. Equality!!!
Elouise Warrock 03/12/17 Elouise, naturally, is constantly under the assumption that Winter is naked, because, well, it's Winter. And she's lived with him long enough. The amount of time she has innocently entered the kitchen to get cereal...

"Are you sure? Because I want you to come! You'll love Soleil, she's almost as much fun as you are, but no one can match a Summers when it comes to partying."
Elouise Warrock 03/12/17 Winter
What about a cruise?
I'm leaving for Mexico with Soleil. Girlfriend vacation. But since you're like my husband and my girlfriend, you can come!
Hold on.

-barrels into room-
-tosses assortment of candy at-
I'm sorry I let you down!
-dive bombs onto bed-
Elouise Warrock 03/11/17 Winter
:( I'm sorry, handsome.
When I'm done smothering Jameson with snuggles, we will eat a gallon of ice cream and watch The Bachelor.
But, seriously. Pick a destination, and you and I will live it up!
Well, potentially. Maybe post-baby?
Elouise Warrock 03/11/17 Winter
How about we plan a real vacation, just you and me?
Elouise Warrock 03/11/17 Winter
Oh my god. I'm crying.
The hotel still has my credit card, just buy everything. TWO of everything.
Think of this as 'you' time. There are TONS are beautiful gay men in Italy. Slay them all!
Lucius Dalca 03/10/17 Lucius chuckled remembering the first meeting. That was an interesting moment in coming back to Autumn's life and joining the coven, "In my defense it takes getting used to your family... Although I still think I am a 12." He joked before listening to the rest.

"I never quite understood that situation to be honest.. I've never even seen Gray's husband and I have been in Mercy for about two months now? Autumn never shared the details with me but I suppose that doesn't matter too much now. If she was still with him I would have never seen her as I do now.." He scratched his head slightly then looked at him with a grin, "I can't say I would disagree with you though. Someone breaks my sister's heart and well.. You see how I like to fight."
Summer 03/10/17 My fave
Girl, you already f-ck guys and take their money. But like, I love the idea of you going legit. Will you have an ad in the back of some seedy weekly newspaper? Like D&S?! I kinda have a crush on the editor even though I'm pretty sure he/she/it is a cyborg. Hey, robots need love too.
Anyway, what were we talking about?
Do you ever feel like all your life consists of is sporadic text messages and daily ass-beatings of random people on the street? I do.
This Purple Cush is making my mind feel funny.
Elouise Warrock 03/09/17 Winter
I don't know, but I don't want to find out!
Be safe.
Elouise Warrock 03/09/17 Winter
I would say I won't if you don't, but y'know...
Married, pregnant, fatish.
Elouise Warrock 03/09/17 Winter
I don't think you should bring Frank on an Italian booze cruise.
Do bring a bathing suit! ...or don't. Either way, you'll fit in!
Lucius Dalca 03/09/17 Lucius give him a slight smirk then shakes his head, "What is there to the story? I was travelling latin america and stopped by Bogota for some sight seeing... and you know.. sight seeing." He chuckled, "Its fine just the two of us.. I will see your sister afterwards."

He paused thinking about something that he had for a while, "How come you weren't in Mercy like the rest of your family?"
Elouise Warrock 03/09/17 Winter
You deserve to be spoiled!
Print the ticket at the gate. Your flight it at 8, so you'd best get your sh*t together, Winter Snow!
Elouise Warrock 03/09/17 Winter
Consider it an early anniversary present.
What's your middle initial? Need it for the plane ticket. 😘
Elouise Warrock 03/09/17 Winter
Oh my god. Yes.
Come to Italy! Autumn and Lucius and I are having a ball.
Lucius Dalca 03/08/17 Lucius laughed some more, "Yeah some drinks would be better. Would any other person be joining us though?"
Lucius Dalca 03/08/17 "I prefer nice quiet places, WD." Lucius laughed and then gestures Winter to lead them the way, "I think you might... A lot more money. Don't ask me how I know..." He whispers, "Colombia story.."

He cleared his throat, "Back before I even came back to London or joined Mercy."
Elouise Warrock 03/08/17 Winter
Whatever your little heart desires!
Can we give him a funny name? Like Frank?
I think I'm evolving into a crazy cat lady.
Lucius Dalca 03/08/17 He shook his head with a chuckle, "Its all in the training, WD" He thought about the drinks and decided why the hell not, "I could use some drinks... You know a good place?"
"Wait your an escort? Reallly? You ?"
Autumn Summers 03/08/17 "You should have gone to the bank, then," she chuckles. "Did he? Good for him. Why are you following Lucius around, hmm?"
Autumn Summers 03/08/17 Autumn lets out a silvery little laugh and grins. "I'm not after your butt. I am a one butt lass... I was after your money. You were the one careless enough to be carrying a large amount of euros in your pocket a few days ago."
Lucius Dalca 03/07/17 Lucius waved casually, "Hey!...... and she will be alright..." He tipped the woman a few hundred for the medical bills.
"You do drugs? Do we need to have an intervention, WD?
Elouise Warrock 03/07/17 Winter
YAY. I'll buy more fuzzy blankets.
Can we buy a kitten?
Lucius Dalca 03/07/17 Text: WD
Your sisters are.. special.. You either love them or your don't. What you mean? You ended up broke?
Elouise Warrock 03/07/17 Winter
I can be intimidating, okay!
I also need a serious cuddle session.
...move night once I get back from Italy!
Elouise Warrock 03/07/17 Winter
Pft. I AM the biggest b*tch in here.
I miss you! Hang soon. And eat tacos.
Lucius Dalca 03/07/17 Text: WD
I'd rather not get on your sister's bad side. She can still whoop my ass :-P Wow that makes two of us.. I drank A LOT.
Lucius Dalca 03/07/17 Text: WD
Ahh yes about that.... I like to beat up people from time to time. The stronger the better :D
You did go to the wedding, right?
Elouise Warrock 03/07/17 Winter
Currently none. I'm a jailbird!
Don't worry, Autumn is coming to save the day.
Spring Taylor 03/06/17 Winter
Miss you too, @rsehole. Your advice didn't work, Casey is still sodding alive.
Summer 03/05/17 Winter
Did we go to the wedding? I kinda got pretty f-cked up last night. And the day before. And, nevermind. It’s been a time, let’s just leave it at that. I can’t remember if I got my ass on a plane and if we went to someone’s wedding.
Sometimes the idea of witnessing nuptials make my eyes roll to the back of my head. You know? But then a deep sense of wisdom sets in. Or the pills kick in. Same diff.
Elouise Warrock 02/27/17 Beyoncé
I adore you.
Come over! I'm painting my toenails.
Lucius Dalca 02/27/17 Text: WD
Barely above Average? Come on now.. Give me at least an 8 :P
I can do pretty much the same abilities as any witch or warlock, however, my forte is lightning. Family gene or something.
Lucius Dalca 02/27/17 Text: WD
You never know.
Well I am a warlock so as normal as that gets to be? Idk. I only have two siblings, one brother and one sister.
Lucius Dalca 02/27/17 Text: WD
Of course I am! Can't take things too serious in life.
Just simple questions. What do you do for a living? Do you have family? etc etc.
PS: Surveillance specialist, and yes I do.
Summer 02/26/17 The Hotness (I feel like a therapist would tell me that is weird. This is why I don't go to therapy.)
A second wedding. That means second presents and a second honeymoon. Son of a B!TCH that is brilliant. I need to do that.
Probably should get First Married first. Ugh, whatever.
The way I see it: we are gonna be the sexiest b!tches in the room, so it doesn't matter what we wear, doll. I mean, short of a burlap sack over our face and entire body, there is no denying this hotness.
There is certainly no denying who is going to DOMINATE the dance floor. Have several seats, literally everyone else.
Elouise Warrock 02/26/17 Winter
I can't help it! I'm pregnant!
Elouise Warrock 02/26/17 Winter
I just peed a little.
Autumn Summers 02/26/17 Snowflake
Whatever you say, big brother.
Lucius Dalca 02/26/17 Text: WD
Lol maybe not.
And yes there is. No sex questions or sizes :P
Summer 02/26/17 Arm Candy (is that weird? No.)
1. I didn't know Elouise was getting married!
2. Of course I don't have a date.
3. Of course I'll be yours!
4. That means I don't need an invite since I am your Plus One.
5. I officially feel sorry for everyone else in the room when our hot asses walk in. I mean...seriously. It's almost unfair.
Autumn Summers 02/26/17 Snowflake
Lucius is mine. I don't share, even with you.
Aye, we can go shopping.
Lucius Dalca 02/26/17 Text: WD
Suureeeeeeee :P
So what do you want to know?
Autumn Summers 02/26/17 Snowflake
I adore you but I'm going to stay with Lucius.
We can spend plenty of time together during the day.
Elouise Warrock 02/26/17 Winter
We're getting at least three desserts a piece!
And then we're getting a second dinner after!
Lucius Dalca 02/26/17 Text: WD
Uh huh... Why did you want my phone # for?
PS: WD stands for Walking Disaster.
Autumn Summers 02/26/17 Snowflake
Of course I am. I'm her maid of honor!
Don't know about rooming with you. Lucius will want me with him, BUT! I promise we'll spend time together.
Maddie is staying home. She doesn't like to travel.
Autumn Summers 02/26/17 Snowflake
I miss you, too!
I'll be in Moscow for Elouise and Jameson's second wedding on the 28th, but will probably head over tomorrow. I need to remind Lucius, too...
Anyway, sending you his number.
[information shared]
Elouise Warrock 02/26/17 Winter
Don't run away so fast next time!
Let's go on a date soon. I'm thinking... burgers. And steaks.
OH. And potatoes!
Summer 02/26/17 Favorite
I miss you too, sweetface! I’ll be right there!
And by “right there”, I mean as soon as I slap some greasepaint on my mug. Because:
Autumn Summers 02/20/17 *ignores the banging comment*

He was my friend. Now he's more... but still a friend, too.
Five? No. No, no. Ten. Eleven.
Autumn Summers 02/20/17 Snowflake
Miss you, big brother.
Elouise Warrock 02/16/17 Winter
Will you walk me down the aisle??
Oh. I'm getting married.
Well, we're having a real ceremony.
Autumn Summers 02/14/17 Snowman
I will, though I'm not sure what help you can be. We're flying to Constanța, Romania.
Autumn Summers 02/14/17 Snowman
Happy Valentine's Day to you, too! ♥
Thank you. We're just seeing how things go, aye?
1. What bra? My dress doesn't allow for one.
2. He can take pictures himself if he wants them.
3. Not really my thing.
4. I'd say I can't believe you went there, but it's you...
Elouise Warrock 02/13/17 Winter
Hand over my heart, I have no idea what you're talking about.
Should I know what it is?? How sheltered am I?!
Elouise Warrock 02/13/17 Winter
I'm almost afraid to ask what a sex swing is.
But I'm also too afraid to google it. What is it?
Elouise Warrock 02/12/17 Group Chat: Autumn; Winter
You are so not invited to my baby shower.
Lingerie is a gift for Jameson. Mama is the one who needs presents. Like tequila. So much tequila. Drown me in tequila. NOT baby-making clothes.
Elouise Warrock 02/11/17 Winter
We can do it on Valentine's Day!
So romantic. Omfg.
Elouise Warrock 02/11/17 Winter
You can kill her if you'd like!
If you don't, I might. I haven't decided if she's worth it yet.
And thank you, darling. She looks like month old road kill.
Elouise Warrock 02/11/17 Winter
I don't think Jameson has the time or energy to try and convince someone ELSE to have sex with him.
And he knows I'll eat his soul, Dementor style.
Elouise Warrock 02/11/17 Winter
You have nothing to worry about.
Hopefully Jameson has a will written up.
Because he's going to need it.
Elouise Warrock 02/08/17 Winter
I might have recommended that your housemates take the time to admire your butt, but their opinions are totally independent!
Elouise Warrock 02/08/17 Winter
Who said I said that?
I didn't tell anyone to do anything!
You just have a cute butt, okay!
Spring Taylor 02/08/17 Winter
Aye, love you too. Ugh. I don't like fcking shopping.
Elouise Warrock 02/07/17 -shifty eyes-
-hugs again-
I love hugs and gushy moments.
...well. Hugs. Definitely hugs.
Elouise Warrock 02/07/17 Pity compliments?! Never!
That booty deserves recognition every day!
...from everyone!
Elouise Warrock 02/07/17 -gasps-
Seriously?! Oh my god. This is a travesty.
I'll fix this immediately!
-definitely plotting-
Elouise Warrock 02/07/17 It's not a big deal. It's not like you haven't ever heard that before!
-pats cheek-
Elouise Warrock 02/07/17 -totally innocent-
-stuffs a few bills in his pocket- have a cute butt, okay??
Summer 02/06/17 Winter Summers just failed at stealing money from you!
I see you!

Elouise Warrock 02/05/17 Winter
Ohmygod. Ohmygod.
I think I just peed a little.
Lucius Dalca 02/03/17 Lucius heard Winter. Oh god he joined the party too. Well they needed to keep getting the f*ck out of there.

"Its a f*cking conspiracy man! I hear the Coven leaders paid the Popo!" He got loose but just as he got loose and started running he saw a blockade and back inside he went. Motherf*cker! He was going to try to get out again and keep trying to pull people out too.
Elouise Warrock 02/03/17 Winter
Of course!
And I'll make sure Whiskers is well taken care of, not to worry.
See you soon, lovebug.
Summer 02/03/17 Frowning deeply, Summer wasted no time jumping on the tube and made it to Winter's apartment in record time. She hammered out a text to Cinnamon at the club, telling her to f-cking deal with it, she was going to be late- or maybe not coming in at all. And what was this about Winter's bathroom floor about to give? Is that what he needed help with? So help her, if he was dragging her away from a prime money making night to help with housekeeping, she was gonna have words.
Finding the key under the mat exactly like he said it'd be, Summer let herself in.
"Winter? You here yet?
Summer wandered slowly and gingerly in, not sure how much this bad flooring had spread.
Elouise Warrock 02/03/17 Winter
No, it's alright.
Apparently if I leave Moscow an extinction-level event will take place.
Give Summer lots of hugs and kisses for me!
Elouise Warrock 02/03/17 Winter
Please, please.
Take me with you.
Summer 02/03/17 Winter
Dude, you're worrying me- what's up? I'm actually in London right now, picking up a few things from my flat and swinging by the club for a shift. Where shall I meet you? What do you need?
Summer 02/02/17 Winter
You are the cutest, you know that?
I kept forgetting I was hitched and it kinda put a damper on hooking up with others. People see a ring and shy away. Weirdos.
And let's call a spade a spade, shall we? I am..not exactly a walk in the park. It takes a strong person to put up with my ass. Definitely not a job for just anyone!
Enough of that boring sh-t. We need to go shopping for an outfit then we need to go dancing. Maybe Autumn would like to join? She likes to shake dat ass as much as we do.
Summer 02/01/17 Winter
We should totally go dancing soon. I just went shoe shopping so I am ready.
PS-wanted to let you know that my unholy union ended as anticlimactic as it began. I know you were a little (understatement, ahem) miffed at the start. I didn't want you to feel that way now!
Summer 01/31/17 Smooth as Ice
Your moves are top notch, I can’t deny it.
This is how I think I look when I dance:

This is what I see when I look in the mirror after a handful of the good sh-t.

This is how I really look:
Elouise Warrock 01/31/17 Winter
Plausible deniability!
Elouise Warrock 01/31/17 Winter
Omfg. You know I can't answer that.
I love you both equally!
Elouise Warrock 01/31/17 Winter
It's not my fault you and Autumn are two beautiful, lovely people. Almost interchangeable! ;)
Elouise Warrock 01/31/17 Autumn
Wtf did you do wrong.
Your face is EVERYWHERE!
Darius Rayne 01/31/17 Congrats on profile of the day, its good to see a pretty face up there besides my own.
W_Kat 01/31/17 Congrats on PotD!
Autumn Summers 01/30/17 Snowman
Never change.
I love you.
Autumn Summers 01/30/17 Winter
It isn't that type of tired, but thank you for trying to help.
Autumn Summers 01/30/17 Winter
I'm fine. Just tired.
Elouise Warrock 01/30/17 Best Husband
And then we can have ice cream cake!
Well. You get one and I get one.
...I'm not fat.
Elouise Warrock 01/30/17 New Husband
Your first mission as an official husband is to tell Autumn to stop being moody af.
Elouise Warrock 01/30/17 Winter
F*ck Jameson. You ARE a part of this marriage.
We can get a certificate and everything.
Jameson Orlav 01/30/17 Blizzard
Just to be clear, you're not actually a part of the marriage.. But feel free to continue bringing her food and rubbing her feet. She's been Godzilla terrorizing my office for weeks.
Elouise Warrock 01/29/17 Def Husband
I want two! You're totally nailing this husband thing.
Extra bacon. And cheese. OMG. Extra everything!
Lucius Dalca 01/29/17 "So last night was fun......... No blood or deaths... Your sister asked me 'nicely' not to call you a h@m@ so... I wouldn't. There." Lucius says a bit reluctantly.
Autumn Summers 01/29/17 Snowman
If I'm asking, clearly I don't know.
Autumn Summers 01/29/17 Snowman
Why am I crispy?!
Autumn Summers 01/29/17 Snowman
Love you, big brother.
Jameson Orlav 01/29/17 Blizzard
Sigh. My wife likes to collect people. Does that sound weird? That's because it is. I think we've got about 10 other people attached to our marriage. Should I be worried?
Elouise Warrock 01/28/17 Elouise sifts through the layers of cats and blankets to find the chocolate, plucking free a bar wrapped in tinfoil. "... Autumn cries? You sing?! I'm adopting you. Welcome to the marriage." She briefly recalls Jameson telling her to stop adding people to their marriage, but she brushes that off.

"Eating my feelings? I'm always emotionally eating. But no, nothing's wrong. I just needed chocolate. And snuggles! And I think my best friend just married my husband's hoe ass sister. So. Don't want to snuggle with that."
Elouise Warrock 01/28/17 -squints-
-pats bed-
Just throw it all on here! The cats won't care.
You're the only reliable person left in my life...
I don't know how I feel about that.
Elouise Warrock 01/28/17 Winter
Snuggles. Now.
Bring chocolate.
Jameson Orlav 01/24/17 "Yes, one of the empty rooms. I don't know how she talked you into doing her laundry, because that's not a task I would wish upon anyone. Her pregnancy gas is absolutely unbearable, so I can't imagine what her laundry must be like." Coughs, nonshalant like, "We did just lose a cook. I mean, nothing bad or anything. Unfortunately accident.."

Another pesky cough, and Jameson waves a hand, "Maybe we can upgrade your duties."
Jameson Orlav 01/24/17 Jameson's eyes widen, and then swoop immediately into slits, narrowing his visage as he regards the guy with curiosity. Self admittedly a ten, and the Doctor can immediately see why. The energy level with this guy was off the rails. How is it that he hadn't (literally) heard him before?

"Huh.." Jameson's fingers find his hips and he takes a stance, eyeing the guy, "You're the one living in our laundry room? You know we have empty rooms? Actual rooms?"

Far be it from him to tell anyone how to live their life, but who actually dwells inside of a dirty, smelly, laundry area.

"Maybe I was just looking for rent money."
Elouise Warrock 01/24/17 Winter
Kisses! 😘😘😘😘
Elouise Warrock 01/24/17 Winter
Aren't you the same person??
Elouise Warrock 01/24/17 Autumn
Love your face too!
Lots of snuggles tomorrow. some of my laundry while you're at it.
Autumn Summers 01/24/17 Autumn shrugs she shoulder facing the ceiling. "I like Jameson. I trust him enough not to do weird sh*t when I visit... But I also respect him. Just don't piss him off and you should be fine."

She slides the album over to Winter. "Have a look. Found it rummaging around in my closet." The photos are around twenty years old, when they were all kids.
Autumn Summers 01/24/17 "Why don't you find an actual room instead of living in the laundry room?" Autumn props her head up onto her arm. "I'm sure Elouise can make arrangements. That woman has more men than she knows what to do with," she snorts softly.

"You know you're always welcome here. Maddie's around... somewhere. I was just looking through old pictures."
Autumn Summers 01/24/17 Autumn looks up from the photo album she had been flipping through and watches her brother. Normally she's all about dancing, but the redhead hit it fairly hard the previous night and nothing sounded better than staying right where she is.

"Not this time, big brother. I'm spent. Aren't you supposed to be in Moscow entertaining Elouise?"
Summer 01/23/17 Dude
I don't use a fake name, not even when I'm on stage. There is no more ridiculous name than Summer Squash Summers, so why even try?
I do pick them up sometimes at work. I can't help it! They give me lots of money and they smell nice.
I've only f-cked up and brought someone home ONCE. And that wasn't even after work. Trust me in that it was the first and last time that will ever happen. I brought him home while I lived at Blaize's manor. So...I won't run into him ever again since I've moved out. Rumor has it he died anyway. BAI B-TCH HAVE A NICE DIRT NAP.
Ugh, f-cking Joe. THEE WORST.
Hey, speaking of the worst, have you seen any more of Twig or did that weirdo vanish into the night?
Summer 01/22/17 Wintah
Of course hit it and quit it. But sometimes those jackholes turn up for round two when you're just like- ugh this f-ckin guy. Word to the wise- NEVER bring them to where you live. I've learned that the hard way.
There are some exceptions to the seconds rule, but they are few and far between.
I wonder if being amazing is a genetic trait or if we just lucked out. It is an odd question to ask at family dinner, but who am I kidding. Like we have family dinners!
Summer 01/22/17 Unable to help herself, she barked out a laugh. Those around her in the coffee shop looked over in curiosity. She paid them no mind.

This does not surprise me in the least as you are one of a kind in all other aspects. Keep 'em guessing in the bedroom is an excellent motto. The ones worthy of your ingenuity in there will return with enthusiasm. Of course, it means shaking the losers becomes very difficult. Trust me on this one.
How did you learn this? Did a side piece tell you?
Summer 01/22/17 Winter
Do I talk like a cool kid? F-ck yea. All that time watching TV is paying off!
It means you're the bestest.
And yes, of course I want to know what you learned!
Summer 01/22/17 Winter Wonderland
Beard (of any kind) or not, I think you're tops. I hope you know that.
Elouise Warrock 01/21/17 Winter
No reason...
Yes. Beard. And then we shall snuggle!
Summer 01/21/17 Winter
A in facial hair? Or like, a lady spouse cover?
Regardless, I say YES!
Spring Taylor 01/21/17 Winter
That dress is beautiful! I've started a life of nudity..and I'm sorry I didn't believe you about the dino man.
Elouise Warrock 01/20/17 Winter
Elouise Warrock 01/20/17 Winter
Elouise Warrock 01/20/17 Winter
Elouise Warrock 01/20/17 Winter
Boy, I don't know! Jameson does my laundry.
Autumn Summers 01/20/17 Snowman
You're going to have to fight over me with Elouise.
Autumn Summers 01/20/17 Snowman
If that's what you really want to do, go ahead. I want you to be happy.
Summer 01/19/17 Winter
What do you mean cocaine is hard to get? It's in the drawer right under where I keep the brownies....
I'm not the sister with the nose candy though. Ahem.
Autumn Summers 01/19/17 Snowman
Love you, too.
Elouise Warrock 01/19/17 Winter
FIVE? Jesus.
I meant Autumn.
You Summers siblings are my motivation to use condoms.😘
... well. From now on.
Elouise Warrock 01/19/17 Winter
Noura? Of course she's good looking. She's an Orlav.
Ask your sister first. I'm fine with whatever she says.
I'm sure there's some space in the laundry room!
Elouise Warrock 01/19/17 Winter
It's a zoo. And Cheech and Chong are FAR from house-trained.
Have fun trying to find somewhere to sleep. I feel like there's an animal in every room. Jameson's sister has a donkey!
Elouise Warrock 01/19/17 Winter
Omg. We have three cats. They're all slugs.
All they do is weigh down the blankets and walk on our faces to wake us up. Rude.
Elouise Warrock 01/19/17 [New Snapchat]

This is Jameson. Very non-lethal.
Well, that’s a lie. He’s scary as f*ck. But look at that smile!
Autumn Summers 01/19/17 Unknown Number
We're sorry; you have reached a number that has been disconnected or is no longer in service. If you feel you have reached this message in error, please check the number and try your call again.
Spring Taylor 01/19/17 Winter
Spring Taylor 01/19/17 Winter
That is a horrid thing to do.
Summer 01/18/17 Winter
You put that last feeling into a safe box. You know, kinda like the ones where I stash my good sh-t?
Then we can both be dead inside!
Summer 01/18/17 Winter
I'm glad you're back, sugarcube. I don't know where you went but it agreed with you.
I think kids still say 'dank'. TBH I avoid kids. have a feeling left? WTF I HAVE NONE.
Elouise Warrock 01/18/17 Winter
The next gift I give you is the art of short text messages. 😉❤️
Elouise Warrock 01/18/17 Winter
He's not going to hurt you. I wouldn't let him, regardless.
You flatter me. You're welcome in Moscow any time. Though, I believe you cleaned me out of all remaining drug stashes. I still have the dogs though!
Lucius Dalca 01/18/17 Lucius was just staring at him blankly for an extra second and just laughed hard, "Now why would I go killing coven members when I just got here. That is highly frowned upon on any coven. One simply does not attack their own!" Translation: 'I don't have to kill you to f*ck your life up'. He grin crushing the rest of the unfinished cigarrette in his hand before tossing it aside, "You are right... I am not a stupid man but I am a busy man so..." He left just like that and texted Autumn back. Witches and warlocks were not outright strong as the other races but they did have many tricks up their sleeves to make up for the lack of strength. He was definitely going to need it to 'survive' Mercy.
Elouise Warrock 01/18/17 Winter
You're too sweet. Jameson won't hurt you.
And if I was single, I'd be Autumn's newest sister-in-law.
And I am honored you think so highly of me.
Lucius Dalca 01/18/17 Lucius took out a newport's cigarette, lit it up with his thumb producing a small spark acting as a tiny flame, then brought it to his lips to inhale the smoke. He looked at Winter unimpressed and just bored, "Great then we are finished now, guy." He said it with more bite at the end while his fingers gave a light spark in between them. "Ill tell you what... You call me by my name and I wouldn't call you h@mo. My name is Lucius. Lucius Dalca... Are we on agreement or are we gonna kill each other?" He was being very blunt and honest now. Not that he wanted to risk getting killed or had a death wish for that matter but he could only handle so much loney in a week let along a day. He was gonna need a very strong drink after this.
Elouise Warrock 01/18/17 Winter
Hey gurl heeeeey! Of course we're friends! And yes, friends can rate friends hotness.
...what did you rate me?
Lucius Dalca 01/18/17 Lucius didn't know why but for some reason since he had reconnected with Autumn in London his whole experience there could be summarized with a big dreadful sigh. This is the type of thing that make you want to consider your choices in life. What the f*ck...

So this was Winter... And he was checking him out.. Great... Not only did Autumn sent him more of her family members but he was also a sparkle fairy. "Thats an odd f*cking question but if Tum tums wants to know that she can check for herself." He responded back with a bit of sarcasm. Spring was.... Well Spring but unless she wanted to spend the next two century as the next Mother Teresa with a side of Gandhi she wasn't going to touch his "bits".

"Nice to meet you, guy... But I am not a flaming h@m@." He told Winter not too much for the effect of being an ******* but more so just for the simple honesty of it. "Sorry.. I love women far too much."
Autumn Summers 01/18/17 "Aye, you did. Lucius. His name is Lucius. Jesus, how many time did mom and dad drop you on your head when you were a baby?" Autumn shakes her head. Their mother must've been high the entire time of her pregnancy with Winter. Of course, that's likely the same for all of them.

None of the Summers were considered 'sane'. Except Joe. F*ck Joe.

"I have a few things to attend to. Go find Lucius. Try not to grope him. I don't think he fancies men and I'd like to keep him around, alright? Now, go on. Fetch!"
Autumn Summers 01/18/17 "...Aaaanyway." She could have done without that mental image.

After giving her head a good shake to clear it, Autumn arches a brow. "Aye, a friend. His name is Lucius. I don't know if you've met him. Maybe. I don't keep track. He's a friend so I can't give you a hotness rating. I'm not going to bloody fondle him. F*ck sake."

Her smile is slightly evil this time. "If you're that curious, why not have a look for yourself?"
Autumn Summers 01/18/17 "F*cking drama queen." Autumn rolls her eyes so hard it's a wonder they don't get stuck in the back of her head. "You don't need those to perform. You have a mouth and hands, too. They can make up for the missing bits. If not, youre doing it wrong."

The smile she flashes is positively wicked and razor sharp.

"In any case... Nothing I'm aware of. I literally just got back from Moscow. On my way to make sure an old friend still has all of his appendages. You know Spring. Before you ask, not those ones. He is a friend and only a friend."
Autumn Summers 01/18/17 Autumn mutters darkly, looking very much like a huffy cat, and readjusts her rumpled clothing. "Keep it up and you're in for a kick in the nuts, brother or not." Then she sighs. "Aye, you know I missed you. How was your vacation?"
Autumn Summers 01/18/17 Finding herself suddenly airborne, Autumn yelps. "Oi! Winter! Putmedownthisinstant!" She gives her brother's shoulder a good thump whilst b*tching him out.
Summer 01/12/17 Winter
Will you take me in when I’m an old cat lady who accidentally smokes my roses and puts out a vase of weed? I won’t technically look old, but my mind will be. I certainly won’t be making a bouquet of f-cks, because I don’t have any. Yep, I've become Ms. Krabappel.

Autumn Summers 01/12/17 Humming to herself, as the redhead is apt to do, Autumn saunters toward her older brother. Nimble fingers seek out his pocket and manage to snag a few bills.

You were successful in stealing $38.00 from Winter Summers.

A wicked little smirk curls her lips. "Thank you for the drinks, brother mine!" She laughs once and skips away.
Spring Taylor 01/07/17 Winter
What kind of bloody f-cking rubbish are you on about? Is this just trying to be me f-ckin divorced? No that f-cking arsehole pr-ck has to f-cking die.
Summer 01/06/17 Summer laughs hard. "Oh Winter, I think the rules say you can't wear white anyways. And neither should I! But as for that disgusting part..." She cackles hard, showing she's not disgusted at all, but quite amused, " isn't like that. For the first time ever in my life, it isn't like that. I know, color me surprised as well. ANYWHO! See ya in thirty." Summer looked in her closet, deciding what to wear, then remembered she was gonna get a couture toilet paper dress shortly. As such, she remained in her booty shorts and bikini top lounging on the couch waiting.
Livia Vlcek 01/06/17 *pats back, walking quickly through the dungeon* Off you go!
You managed to break out Winter Summers.
Summer 01/06/17 "Um, babe? That big dress, cake, and speech plan...that's all you." She laughs, remembering playing and talking with her just-slightly-older brother when they were younger. Funny- it wasn't necessarily when life was 'easier'. Life had never really been all that easy, what with their incredibly unconventional upbringing. Just the recollection made her heart soften. As such, she let his comment about avoiding relationships slide. She was in the same boat with that one. It was just...better if people didn't stick around. For many reasons. "You say drinks, and you know my ass is there. No ifs or ands about it!"
Summer 01/05/17 "Don't hang up. And don't be ridiculous, you know I can't stay mad at you. I love you, all of you crazy f-ckers. You're the only ones who have ever stuck by my side. Please just know you weren't "not invited" because there was nothing to invite to. In case you haven't noticed, I'm not like most girls. I didn't dream of a big wedding or of being with my one true love forever. Who wants forever, especially since for us, that word is literal. Anyhow. This is different for me than it will be for you- you hopeless romantic! For me, this is as good as it will get- surprise married to some hot chick who clearly hit her head on the way into the cathedral. Let's not alert her to the fact that she clearly made a huge mistake marrying me. I'm rambling. I love you and I'm not mad at you. That's my point." Summer laughs, hoping he hadn't actually hung up and she was talking to dead air.
Summer 01/04/17 Her brows furrowed. They were raised by the same people, weren't they? He had a widly different world view than she did. Remarkable since they were Irish twins. "You can't do what? Not make something about you? I'm sorry you're hurt about something I did with someone else. Typically what I do goes unnoticed, as I don't live in the clubhouse fawning over that Beige guy. Whatever." She waved her hand dismissively, masking the hurt in her voice. She was truly an island, alone. Not one of her siblings congratulated her. Instead, they got angry for not being invited, like it was a party for _them_. She barked out a laugh and walked away.
Autumn Summers 01/04/17 The last thing Autumn wants right now is tenderness of any kind. Why? Because she can't take much more of any kind of emotional stress. No sooner do Winter's arms close around her than a silent, bitter tear trickles from her eye, down her cheek. If he were to ask her why the hell she's crying, Autumn honestly wouldn't be able to give him an answer. Instead, the fiery redhead nestles into Winter, allowing him to finally be a big brother.
Summer 01/04/17 She gives him an odd look, like why is talking about divorce weird? Half the people do it! Her face softens, biting her lower lip. Chastened, she says, "I'm sorry. I...figure it is a prank and didn't want a lot of witnesses. And it was basically me stumbling into a church and saying yes. Trust me, I didn't even get a dress out of the deal. Or strippers for a bachelorette party! Please don't be mad at me, Winter." She twists her lips, trying to keep her emotions bottled. Bottled...damn she wanted a drink.
Summer 01/04/17 *Yanks Winter back to her, no longer whispering*
Look b-tch, it was spontaneous. Kinda like how you f-cked that guy who tossed you in the closet after? Literally the same thing. You didn't invite me to that!
*wrinkles nose as she hears what she said*
You will get the first invite to the divorce party. Those are so much more fun than weddings!
Autumn Summers 01/04/17 Autumn's stony stare settles on her brother and stays here. "I don't f*cking know and right now, I don't bloody care. They are free to do whatever they goddamn feel like. And no, I am not going to share this bottle. You can get your own."

One slender digit points to the liquor cabinet. To say the woman is surly would be an understatement.
Elouise Warrock 01/04/17 Elouise swings the door open, shaking a bag of assorted pills in his face. "It could only get better if they start adopting foreign children and get a timeshare in Florida."

"Come on in, I'm still trying to find the acid. I don't know where my husband hid it!"
Elouise Warrock 01/04/17 [Location Shared]
CAMILLE? Omg. This keeps getting better and better.
Elouise Warrock 01/04/17 Winter
I have plenty of drugs free to a good home. Stop by any time.
Summer and Spring got married?! To who?! WHAT?
Autumn Summers 01/04/17 Autumn slants a sideways glance at Winter as he burst in, bottoms up on the first bottle of liquor she snatched. Honestly, the woman has no clue what it is, only she desperately needed a drink. Or ten.

The bottle goes down, leaving her lips with a hollow pop. She looks at her brother, letting him finish his rant. She more or less shares his sentiments.

"...None of us were bloody invited, you dolt. They f*cking moonlighted." The comment of her jumping on the bandwagon Autumn pointedly ignores. And then Winter clings to her. Great.

Her arms wrap around his - because she can't take another drink without doing such. "There, there..." Her free hand pats his arm awkwardly.
Summer 01/04/17 A little speechless, Summer admires the lovely necklace. It's just gorgeous, like her sweet Brothers spirit- no matter what anyone said! They just didn't understand him, or were just unable to see the beauty in things that needed a closer look. Giving him a big, glassy eyed smile, she hugged him tightly. Bringing him close, she whispered a not-so-secret into his ear.
Autumn Summers 01/02/17 Too good of an opportunity to pass up, when Winter plops down on the floor, juuuust in front of where Autumn is. Little metaphorical horns sprout on the woman's forehead. He's distracted with Maddie. Perfect.

Slowly, a hand creeps out of the shadow...

It inches toward Winter's exposed thigh...

Then, without warning, grabs! "RAAAAAWR!"
Autumn Summers 01/02/17 Autumn stays right where she is, hidden under the bed. What now?

Maddie the kitten to the rescue! The blue eyed tuxedo kitten choses that moment to come prancing in. She goes to Winter, looks up and him, and lets out the most adorable little mew in the world. Obviously she wants to play.
Autumn Summers 01/02/17 Snowman
One or two pairs!

Oh, sh*t...

*dives under her bed*
Autumn Summers 01/02/17 Snowman
I think not! Those are for Gray. And I'm still in jammies!
Autumn Summers 01/02/17 Snowman
Autumn Summers 01/02/17 Snowman
Autumn Summers 01/02/17 Snowman
Autumn Summers 01/02/17 Snowman
Spring Taylor 12/31/16 What was it about her room that was appetizing for people to barge into? Spring narrowed her eyes at her brother, and promptly threw her remote towards his head.

"Oi! ARE YOU F-CKING KIDDING ME WINTER?! DO I LOOK F-CKING PREGNANT?! I CAN'T GET PREGNANT." Spring shrieked with extra rage apparently from the bloid article. She grabs her copy and starts to rip up the bloid. Angry confetti scattered around their forms. "No c-ck has entered my f-cking c-ck garage. Not like that's any of your f-cking arse business. F-cking arsehole. I don't want to f-cking know what c-cks have been in your f-cking arse cleavage. It's the F-CKING RUSSIANS. They make me bloated. Commie B-stards."
Elouise Warrock 12/28/16 Elouise gives him a gentle pat on the cheek. Because he truly is adorable. “I won’t tell if you won’t. Of course, I would serve as the designated driver.” The words roll off of her tongue as if she’d just told him she’d given him herpes. Designated driver? Gross. This whole baby thing sucked.

“I think this one will be good looking on its own. Have you seen my husband? He’s carved from stone. And there are at least a dozen people who would kick my ass if I even attempted to touch anything illicit. Especially Autumn.”
Elouise Warrock 12/28/16 Oh god. Autumn’s crazy brother. This was always amusing. Especially sober. “Hi, Winter –“ She stops, waiting for him to get it all out. Her lips are pursed in a wry grin, simply trying her best not to laugh. This Summers seemed just as eccentric as the rest. Finally, she accepts his card, glancing over it before she meets his gaze again.

Thank you, Winter. I’m touched. I’ll be sure to let you know the next time I’m in London. Likewise, let me know the next time you’re in Moscow. And bring Autumn and Summer. We can burn a bar down.”
Autumn Summers 12/28/16 Snowman
Am I insane? Probably. But I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't like you. Except you can be kind of loud... and pushy. And over dramatic. And... I love you!
Autumn Summers 12/28/16 Snowman Of course it's bloody cold in Moscow. It's Moscow. Russia. Why is Whiskers with you? You could've left him at Mercy! Ra is still there!
Spring Taylor 12/27/16 Winter
You never f-cking asked. Idiot. Of course it's cold as stone icy old blue balls. Oi. F-ck Moscow. Got f-cking stalked there. What bloody talk are you on about?
Autumn Summers 12/27/16 Gray; Snowman
I'm officially tasking you both with first teaching Spring how to date and then finding her one. You can do it. I have the utmost faith in you, gentlemen.
Good luck.
Autumn Summers 12/24/16
Spring Taylor 12/23/16 Winter
No. I don't like any of these f-cking ar-seholes.
Summer 12/22/16 Winter

Confession: I might have gone a bit overboard on this last batch of brownies. They got me like

Flereous 12/21/16 The aflame man peered quizzically as the man passed the first time, his gaze remaining mostly on the small bundle of fur that poked out of a hood. Was that a cat? Flereous deadpanned slightly upon the conformation given to him but the tiny kitten itself. Why the bloody f*ck does he have a kitten in his hood?

The someone peculiar stranger he seemed to be heading his way. Wait....Was he...Checking him out? Flereous couldn't help but smirk slightly at the newfound knowledge, his eyes darting over the figure that seemed to find him as interesting as he found the strange cat man. As his eyes darted over the figure he couldn't help but notice the small rectangular device coming out of his pocket.

Flereous couldn't help the smug smile that adorned his face as he quickly caught onto what the odd passerby had planned. The fire demon quickly struck a small pose at the last second, blowing a kiss to the camera with a small wink before going back to his normal stance. He figured the odd kitten man would notice the pose eventually and awaited the day of confrontation that would surely transpire from his antics. He watched with a slightly bemused expression as the man tried to charm his way out of it with a smile, a small chuckle escaping his lips as he gave the man a slight wave.
Autumn Summers 12/20/16 Snowman
Xanax. Seriously. Take one. Take three. You are one of the worst people about blowing things out of proportion. Deep breaths!
If not for the beard, d*uchebag isn't that bad looking, but I prefer being able to kiss my men without chewing hair. Like Gray. He's perfect. But I'm highly bias. Anyway, our beautiful sister has assured me there is nothing between them. I trust her.
Dita Morgenstern 12/20/16 Karma's a good thing. A few days previous Dita managed to break free this very male from his cell. But rather than say anything out of fear, she simply scurried away. She offers a small smile, genuine maybe slightly fearful. "Thank you," she whispers and decides to take his advice- long legs stretch to their full gait and lead her to a dead run.
Autumn Summers 12/20/16 Autumn resisted the urge to sigh. Is this how Gray felt when dealing with her skipping to conclusions? Kinda like how she reacted to the Summer and Zheis thing. But this was different, of course.

Did you bother to stop and ask the man? Or have you already sent him a text message berating him? I know you. I do the same damn thing. Look, there are plenty other men out there. He doesn't deserve you if that damn tabloid is true. It might not be.
Don't take what Ra says too hard. We all sort of ambushed him and you always make big things out of little things. Chill, Snowman.
As for Summer, I am all over that. We're going to do some hunting.
Autumn Summers 12/20/16 Snowman
Why would you ask that? Of course you're not ugly. Maybe a bit high strung but most of us are. I blame our mother for that. What happened?
Elouise Warrock 12/19/16 “It’s okay. I know you didn’t actually sleep with him. …but thank you for being so considerate, should that ever occur. Autumn did say you were a gentleman.” She is shaking her head, fielding messages from Autumn as they walk along. “And I won’t try to kiss you sober, because I have no idea how that would go. And the whole married thing might have something to do with it. At any rate, I have my husband’s credit card. And Jameson hasn’t cancelled it yet, so we’ll see how far we can get.”

“Of course you’re not a wh0re! It’s okay to spread love. Just not STDs.”
Elouise Warrock 12/19/16 A smirk grows. “Of course I know your name. One of the tabloids said you were having an affair with my husband. I try to keep up with who is sleeping with my husband, after all.” With a small laugh, she gives him a tug, leading him away from the ‘troll’ his eyes seemed to keep drifting towards.

“You can have as many mini marshmallows as you want. I’m not cheapskate. …and we can get cupcakes too. And brownies. And cookies. We’ll just buy the store.” With a big nod, she leads him onward. “And then afterwards we can go play with puppies.”
Summer 12/19/16 Giving her tongue a cluck, Summer stood with one hand at her hips, waiting for Winter to get decent. And by 'decent' she meant damned glamorous. "Wait- is this terrible lay coming back? Was this some kind of kinky sh-t or did he trick you? If he was being mean, we're gonna relieve him of some of his valuables, if you catch my drift." She stares at him and blinks a few times before continuing. "I mean I'm gonna steal some sh-t, Winter. Now, what do we have..."

Hand grabbed out the door, she laughs and obliges. "My driver is here, Carl. He's cool and discreet. Kinda a shame, because we look f-cking fabulous right now. You look like a burlesque queen!"

All but shoving him into the black Escalade waiting at the curb. Summer barked out, "Go Carl, hurry! We're on the run from a sh-tty lover."

Returning her attention back on her brother, "Of course I had the same color glitter eyeshadow. This ain't my first rodeo! come you didn't get payment up front from that guy? First rule, Winter! It's the first rule!"
Elouise Warrock 12/19/16 As he rambles on, Elouise is already scrolling through her phone, shooting a message to Autumn. She can’t keep a straight face as he continues to panic. Luckily, he eventually comes to the same conclusion she had already reached. “Don’t worry, Winter, you’ll be home soon enough. And the high really isn’t that bad after a while.”

“Just embrace the many images you see like Summer and I do! …and know they’re not real. You’ll be okay.” Stuffing her phone back in her pocket, she looks up at him. “How about some hot chocolate until Autumn picks you up, hm?” She hadn’t expected parenting to be so simple! Bribery was king, apparently.
Elouise Warrock 12/19/16 Elouise blinks, remaining quiet as she tries to follow along with him. She had come to realize in her brief time with this man, that she must act in very much the same manner. A wry grin plastered to her lips, she gives him a comforting pat on the back. “Yes, Summer and I drink a lot and eat way too much food. And from experience, I can say the high should only last about four hours in total. You’ll be fine.”

Well, that is, if he manages not to wander into traffic. “You won’t have to sleep out. Call Summer or Autumn to come and get you. I’ll even wait here with you.” She tilts her head to the side, a quiet scoff leaving her lips as she eyes him up and done. Honestly, she’s afraid of what will become of him if he’s left alone at all. “Do the kids still say that?” She blinks, responding to his question with another question.

“They don’t know anything about trippin’ balls until they’ve spent an evening with your sister. It was like a c*cktail of pills, booze and weed. Incredible.”
Autumn Summers 12/19/16 Snowman
Oi! Take one of Summer's Xanax and chill! I'm sure Maddie is fine. Sky is on the case, too. My baby girl is in good hands between the two of you. Also, don't give yourself brain freeze again.
Spring Taylor 12/19/16 WINTER
Summer 12/19/16 “Give it up for Summer! Next up is Cinnamon! Don't forget to tip your waitress AND your DJ!!” The DJ yelled unnecessarily into the microphone. Plucking her neon green bra off the stage floor along with many (MANY) single bills, Summer strutted off stage in her 5 inch stilettos, exhibiting an underestimated amount of grace. In the dressing room, she flopped down on a stool and started wiping her makeup off, chipping away at the glitter eyeshadow. Her phone buzzed next to her. Reading it, she laughed, but felt the urgency. Her brother needed her, that was all she needed to know.

Sweet Snowcone
On my way, sweetpea. Fret not, I'm getting off work right now, so seeing another naked a$$ won't bother me.

Strapping the neon green bra back on, she slipped on some hot pants, grabbed her purse and started to run out.

Wait, what? He’d be naked. Okay, got it. She grabbed the first thing she saw hanging on the door and made a run for it. Giving her cell to Carl, she blissfully had the club’s Driver take her to the address provided. Green bra, banana yellow hot shorts and stiletto pleasers weren’t exactly Tube appropriate, you know.

Arriving in record time, she ran (yes ran, give this woman a medal of some kind already!) through the halls, calling Winter’s name. Flinging the closet doors open, she saw her older brother naked as a jaybird. “The irony of you hiding in a closet isn’t lost on me.” She quipped as she tossed a tres glamorous dressing gown to him. Cinnamon was gonna be so pissed when she realized it was gone!

Elouise Warrock 12/18/16 Elouise was minding her own business. For once, she wasn’t doing anything illicit or controversial. Until of course, she’s being dragged away by a random stranger. Normally, the blonde may have objected, but she was simply so bored, that this was in fact the most, and only interesting thing to have happened thus far today.

As she is finally situated back on her feet, wide, alarmed blue eyes take him in. This was the Summers brother from the tabloids! And the one that had probably had an affair with her husband. Well, at least he was good looking. “…you had one of Summer’s brownies?! You’ll live, don’t worry.” She gives him a comforting pat on the arm.
Autumn Summers 12/18/16 Snowman
All of that sounds amazing. It's f*cking cold in Moscow. I need to go get some hot chocolate now... No, I asked Spring to take care of Maddie and then she came to London. Please make sure my kitten is okay!
Autumn Summers 12/18/16 Snowman
You are your own brand of special and I adore you for it. I'm... not coming home just yet. There are still a few things to be done here. But I will as soon as I can. Promise. How is Maddie?
Autumn Summers 12/17/16 Snowman
Cotton candy urine..? Winter, what the f*ck have you been smoking? Whatever it is, you bloody better save some of that sh*t for me.
Here's the thing... I don't think I'm going to follow through. You guys may not be fond of him, but Gray brought up a few good points, and I'm inclined to listen.
Autumn Summers 12/17/16 Snowman
Aye, I'm alive. Everything is fine. Jameson hasn't done anything. I'm sorry I've been so quiet... It's a lot to think about. I love and miss you, too.
Elouise Warrock 12/12/16 -runs by, slaps poster to chest-
Spring Taylor 12/11/16 Spring was fit to be tied. When he slammed the door, she quick limped to it. Opening it a slither so she could holler after him. "Oi! Leave like the rest of them fcking arsehole. I hope your sh-tty apartment is covered with f-cking memos!" She shrieked down the hallway, and slammed the door. She decided to deadbolt lock it, and slumped in that very spot for a time. They always chose Autumn.
Spring Taylor 12/11/16 The ice clanged inside the glass, as she held it against her forehead. She leaned against the monstrous sapling she created. Trying to calm her overzealous nerves. Her chin covered with the blood stains of her last mirror. Her hair disheveled and seemingly stuck in a chaotic massive curl congregation on the right side of her head. Then Winter barged in, and she groaned loudly at the intrusion.

"F-ck Winter. DO you have to be so fcking loud?" She hissed and rolled the chill glass across her forehead. "Because I'm obviously the normal fcking one. Blaize is rarely fcking here. Why the f-ck is it such a bad f-cking idea Winter?" Her voice started to rise, as she tossed the chilled glass away from her to crash against the closed door. The volume her voice typically carried hindered in a way, and came out raspy as if she suffered a sore throat.

"No. I don't want cookies!" She huffed and folded her arms, still using the sapling to lean her form against. After her outburst, she sighed in brief defeat. "Fine I'll take a bullsh-t f-cking cookie. Oi. Maybe you should have fcking gone for it."
Summer 12/08/16 Snickering, both at Winter's reaction and his hasty putting-on of pants, she just shook her head. "I don't think they are getting married? At least that is what she told me. I threatened to wear white to her wedding if she was and neglected to tell me."

Making a clucking noise at Whiskers, she scratches his tiny little head and coos. "She's a smart cookie, Winter. I'm sure she won't do anything stupid. I'm mostly amazed she found someone worth waking up next to repeatedly. Most people I take home, I'm like--bye, b-tch. No, we can't have breakfast." Summer cackles before being reduced to a puddle of goo around the adorable kitten.

Giving Winter a side eye, she asked, "So why did you want me to kiss that man? I feel a bit badly, I think I stunned him frozen. He's probably still back there thinking- who is this b-tch and why are her lips on me??"
Spring Taylor 12/08/16 Winter
Not about FCKING Gray idiot. A cure for what we all are, except Summer. A fcking vampire. She thinks this arsehole has a cure.
Spring Taylor 12/07/16 Winter
I'm out killing f-cking people, since Autumn left to Moscow to mEet DOUCHELAV FOR A FCKING CURE. SHE WON'T ANSWER MY FCKING TEXTS EITHER
Summer 12/06/16 Summer meandered down the hall after arriving at the brothel/compound/convent where her siblings now resided. Her lips still tingled from the kiss she'd laid on the stranger. The very recent memory brought forth a giggle and had the blonde break out into song.

Purple haze, all in my brain
Lately things they don't seem the same
Actin' funny, but I don't know why
Excuse me while I kiss
this guy

"See what I did there? 'This guy' instead of 'the sky'? Eh, forget it." She quipped. Holding out her hand, she stated, "'Kay, uphold your end of the bargain. Gimme that dime bag, Winter."
Her brows furrowed. Outstretched palm flipped over until she was pointing at her (very slightly) older brother. "I hear you're gettin' on Autumn's bloke's case. That beige guy. No. Taupe? Khaki? Hmm, that doesn't sound right. What's his name again? Sh-t, she just told me. You'd think I'd remember."
She made a 'gimme' motion with her hand as she flopped down on Winter's bed. "Bag of purple haze, as promised. And what's wrong with her bloke? We should be happy for her. She can actually hold down a boyfriend." Summer cackled.
Autumn Summers 12/04/16 Autumn grins. Piggy back rides are the best. Anyone who says differently is wrong. Simple as that.

"Is there room for one more? We haven't spent much time together lately. We can throw popcorn at the TV during the super cheesy scenes. Besides, I'm a sucker for romantic Christmas movies."
Autumn Summers 12/04/16 Of course, Autumn returns the hug. She's a bit confused when he leaves without a word, however.

"Winter? Oi! Wait up!"

Spinning on her heel, she trots to catch up with her older brother, and then quite literally pounces him, piggy back style. "Where do you think you're going in such a hurry?"
Spring Taylor 12/02/16 Winter
What the bloody hell are you talking about? Have you gone mental? WINTER WHAT THE F-CK.
Summer 12/01/16 To: Winter
I only speak the truth, not trying to fluff up your ego! Nope, not your fluffer, we aren't the Lannisters. Or so I've heard.
I made a point to see Will after you told me that. Fret not my little muffin butt. How bad can she be?
Summer 12/01/16 To: Winter
You never cease to amaze me. You do know what lady bits are? I'll be damned! Your tactics are one for the ages, and I will learn from them, big brother. Although I do like a date as then the person buys me a meal. :D Who's Will?...wait, our sister Will?? She made it?!? F-ck me!
Summer 12/01/16 To: Winter
I make a cute kitty, yea? Not as cute as your kitten, but close. Anyway. I wanted to remind you that you're my favorite slut, k? Just don't bring any boys to the club when I'm working. I don't want to explain lady bits to them/you.

Spring Taylor 11/29/16 Winter
The Grinch? Ugh. Whatthefckever. I guess. Be there in bloody nine.
Spring Taylor 11/29/16 Winter
Which movie? Please f-cking hold. I'm breaking this f-cking chatroom by spamming the bloody F key.
Autumn Summers 11/28/16 Snowflake
You know he'll probably have a bloody fit. It's a fantastic idea! Oh, I can't wait!

Autumn Summers 11/28/16 Snowflake
I miss you. When are we going shopping again? Also, Maddie says hi.
Summer 11/28/16 Summer gasped and ohhh'd at the other pair Winter held up. Nodding enthusiastically, she agreed. "Yes, that is absolutely the look I'm going for. Truth in advertising, right? But these don't say like, 'Burger King bathroom' do they? We're talking at least a regular store. Truck stop maybe. These'll get me some good tips for sure." Clucking her tongue, she pinched Winter's cheek. "Look at you! I had no idea you had such on point style!"

Waving the clerk over, she asked for two pair of the new heels. Glancing back, she observed, "That caboose you're packin' is far better than average. Trust me, I see butts all day." Looking at him, a lightbulb going off in her mind. "Hey!! Have you ever thought about shaking' that booty? You'd make a killing." She gave him a look like she was a genius.
Summer 11/27/16 Summer laughed at Winter's instant understanding of the dire situation she was in since her favorite pink heels had died a tragic death. "I was in mourning! I couldn't have come sooner! It's almost too painful to think of wearing another pair. But it's okay, I'll muster through." She jutted her chin up in a show of emotional strength and fortitude. "I rarely need more than string. Sometimes the extra fabric is nice though, because you can have a cute saying or something on the butt." She nodded sagely before looking at a row of pink heels. Clutching her chest, she sighed heavily, picking up a pair of hot pink stilettos. "These are the exact pair. I'll take two this time."
Spring Taylor 11/27/16 Winter
Aye. Winter. I can f-cking hear you dancing.
Spring Taylor 11/25/16 Winter
I'm sending you a bloody key to a loft in this building. So if you want to be a f-cking creeper, you can. This at least keeps you out of the f-cking bushes.
Spring Taylor 11/22/16 "Don't ever f-cking do that sh!t again. I thought you were a f-cing hobo rapist." Spring hissed in contrast to the lines in her forehead creased in confusion. Seriously. Who the hell thought popping out of bushes was a good idea?!

An unrefined snort left her lips at the mention of the lion. With one free hand she motioned to the gawking bystanders, some with their cells out on the ready. "I meant those f-cking sheep, wanker. Not you. I'm not your f-cking grumpy gill. I hate that god forsaken f-cking nickname." Dropping one of her arms into an arch, so her hand frames her waist. " Why don't you f-cing go pretend to be a creeper on some other arse."
Spring Taylor 11/21/16 Screams. Bloody screams at the top of her lungs, and before she makes any recognition who it is. Her fist is already swinging at him. Her knee jerking upwards in a possible nut shot. "GET THE F-CK OFF ME."

Then she realizes.. of course it's f-cking Winter. "WHY. WHY THE F-CK WINTER." She kicks the air at the bystanders around them and huffs agitated. "This isn't the f-cking zoo. F-ck off sheep."
Summer 11/20/16 Unable to help herself, Summer laughed at undie shopping taking all day. Usually she just grabbed lacy, neon, or sparkly bits and tossed them in the basket. Nodding, she agreed. "I just need a new pair of heels. I broke the heel off my pink pair and they were my favorites!" She whined.

"As for undies, I can always use more. Maybe even some that aren't just string!" She declared boldly, tugging him to the shoe department.
Spring Taylor 11/20/16 Spring's eyes narrowed. She needed that cig. One of her hands lifted to try to shove him away, but she wasn't quick enough. Instead she deadpanned and went ragdoll into his arms. F-cking brothers. When she was allowed her own movement, she took a long thoughtful drag of her cig. Just that she allowed him to hug her was sign enough, Spring was falling.

"F-ck it Winter. F-ck it. F-ck you. F-ck every motherf-cking thing." Chin nodded upwards towards the entrance of her room "Get out. Winter. Please. Just get the f-ck out."
Autumn Summers 11/19/16 Staring down at her phone, Autumn sighs heavily. Only her brother.

TMI. Did not need to know that. I guess a night away won't kill me, but my kitten is coming with. I'm not willing to leave her alone.
Autumn Summers 11/19/16 Winter
Very well. I'll come for a visit.
Autumn Summers 11/19/16 Winter
I don't remember the last time you text me and didn't want something. So, out with it.
Autumn Summers 11/19/16 Winter
I'm fine. What do you want, Winter?
Spring Taylor 11/19/16 Spring's eyes matched Winter's season with an extra flakes of bitter in them. She doesn't even shriek at him, not yet. Her fingers shake as she places a cig between them. Cheers strange bloke that she pick-pocketed earlier. She took a drag, and exhaled the serpentine smog from her lips.

"Are you still f-cking tripping balls, Winter? I'm just f-cking fine. I lit a bridge on motherf-cking fire last night, but I'm just f-cking GREAT. Cheers." Spring snapped towards her brother, as her eyes narrowed up to him.
Spring Taylor 11/18/16 Winter
Are you hallucinating like mum and dad?
Summer 11/18/16 Gasping theatrically as they headed off to the mall, Summer inquired in a rather demanding tone, "Who said that about your personality? You were born with a very peculiar and provocative personality. Anyone who can't see that is just...basic!" She spat out the last word, then burst out laughing upon hearing her sisters very distinct vocabulary spill past Winter's lips. "or that. They are f*cking wankers.

Snickering at her double entendre and at his simplified explanation, she nodded and muttered, "I know." Why did her brothers both pat her head like she was a little purse dog? She smiled serenely, actually liking the idea. Purse dogs were adorable. She'd roll with it. "Which store first? Undies or shoes?"
Summer 11/17/16 *Gives him an odd look as she gets up to go 'get ready'. Shouting from the other room-*

I have some you can borrow, but I don't think we're the same size. Plus, I simply refuse to believe a stone cold hotty like yourself actually needs "lucky underwear" to get laid. Sorry babe, don't believe it.

*Returning from the other room, her eyes are bright, pupils large, and her gold mane is fluffed out around her face.*

Come on, sugar. Let's get you some lucky chonies. Even though I bet if you just wave that cute kitty around, all the boys will be up on you. Works for me.

*laughs hard as she grabs his arm to go.*
Summer 11/17/16 *Feigns a lack of interest in the herb dangled like catnip in front of her, but she can only maintain that for so long. Eyes perking, she snatches it out of his hand with reflexes that are counter to her usual altered state.*

Of course I'll go shopping with you. I need some new shoes, to start. Let me just go, um...powder my nose really quick.

*Flashes him a grin and laughs*
Autumn Summers 11/17/16 Snowflake
I told you I'm on the way!

Don't hate on the heels. They make my legs look amazing. Besides, being this damn short, I need all the help I can get.
Autumn Summers 11/17/16 Winter
I want one! Does he have a little brother or sister? How cute would that be?! You know, because we're brother and sister.

Of course they took up too much room. The size of his ego is enormous.

I still want a kitty! Can we go get one? Pleasepleaseplease?
Autumn Summers 11/17/16 Winter

PS - You're still a f*cking liar.
Autumn Summers 11/16/16 Winter
You are a terrible liar. Gray text me asking who was taking pictures... Right after I told you I wouldn't give you any. That's a bit suspicious.

You just want me to come over and pet your p*ssy.
Spring Taylor 11/16/16 All the Jurassic Parks? She stood straight up, and hooked her arm more firmly with her brother. A different skip to her steps. She would gladly endure torture if it would benefit her later. "If you're f-cking lying. I'm going to kick you fangs in. Got it?"

Spring started to hum along with Winter. Winter didn't need to know that Spring only wanted to watch the original Jurassic Park for the T-Rex scene. That f-cking arse on the loo had it coming the whole f-cking time. Chomp. Chomp. Mother f-cker.
Autumn Summers 11/15/16 Winter
Really? Really?! If Gray is so ugly, why did you photo-stalk him today?
Autumn Summers 11/15/16 Winter
Right. You're a f*cking c*ck. At least he's better looking than you, but that's not too difficult to find. Piss off, snowboy.
Spring Taylor 11/14/16 If there was a f-cking god, please let her get hit by a bicyclist. Let her eardrums suddenly rip, so she could have peace and quiet. The soles of her shoes dragged on the pavement, as she glared up to her older brother with disdain. One foot up and stomped into the pavement, and she repeated this after every word. "Shut. The. F-ck. Up. Winter. I DON'T WANT TO ****ING GO! SHUT.UP.JUST SHUT THE BLOODY F-CK UP." Spring shrieked angrily, and kicked her legs into the air. Really, she looked like one of those kids in the market that you want to pop.

Almost as quickly as the tantrum started, her lips stayed pressed into a firm line of forced submission. She murmured through gritted teeth candied with hostility. "Will you get me a new copy of Jurassic Park, pansya-s?"
Autumn Summers 11/14/16 Winter
What's the matter? Don't want to be an uncle? Afraid it'll make people think you're old? But think of what adorable babies we would make together!

Any pictures I take of Gray are mine. I don't kiss and tell. Oh, maybe in this case I do... He is really a very good kisser. Such soft lips. Maybe I'll go get a reminder of how soft. Ta!
Summer 11/14/16 Summer had no idea her brother was such a squeamish snowflake. If she had, she'd probably not put her finger in his mouth. Because it had been in some weird places doing even weirder things. But ignorance truly being bliss, she said nothing and just smiled as she retracted her hand back to her side.

"How did I die? Hmm, how did I die! I remember jamming out in my car on my way home from a concert. My car careened off the side of the road. Trees know what? I think we can just skip the gross details." She had a feeling her sweet squeamish snowflake brother was about to get a bit green around the gills if she continued. Giving a dismissive wave, she wrapped up the story, "It was an accident. Nobody did anything. No need to sic Spring on anyone."

Giving him an aghast look at his slight overreaction to her pinch, she scoffed, "Good lord, Winter. And Blaize called me Sissy! I think he got the wrong sibling." Her lips twisted in an amused smile as she rubbed his poor poor arm then held out her own. "Go ahead. Pinch me back. I owe you, plus you need to see I'm not a ghost!"
Autumn Summers 11/14/16 Winter
Condom?! What the actual f*ck! You are my B-R-O-T-H-E-R. Seriously? And I'll go shopping when I'm damn good and ready.

Keep this up and I'll continue to see him just to spite you.
Spring Taylor 11/14/16 Spring groaned and instantly face palmed. Her free hand slid down her face to reveal her grump. "I don't want to go f-cking shopping, Winter." The words hissed out like steam from a tea kettle. It was too late for her objection, and instead she opted to go ragdoll in his arms. "Someone f-cking kill me."
Summer 11/14/16 Face pressed against his chest, she wriggled an arm free and reached up. Taptapping on whatever tooth she could wiggle her finger in to touch, she said in a muffled voice, "Yep, no cavities."

Looking up, her blond hair mussed and sticking up in various directions. "I don't think anyone knew I had died? I mean, it's not like I could text them." She laughs, then pinches his arm hard. "See! Not a ghost! Oh wait, I think you're supposed to pinch me. Well, we know you're not a ghost."
Autumn Summers 11/11/16 Reply to: Winter

What does protection have to do with anything? Are you telling me to wear a coat? We're going to have dinner and see a movie. What the f*ck did you think we were doing?
Autumn Summers 11/11/16 Text to: Winter

Just letting you know I'm spending the night with Gray. Cheers.
Spring Taylor 11/11/16 -watches Winter's save with some admiration-
-tries to hide the admiration-

Oi. Get the f-ck up Winter. How the f-ck are we even related?
Summer 11/10/16 She squeals in delight as she's swept up in her big brothers arms. "Winter!!! You've been looking for me? How sweet are you?" Her eyes are slightly bloodshot and her gaze is glassy. Grinning lopsidedly, she nods slowly. "I've been doin' pretty good. I've missed you too. What've you been up too? It's been ages since I've seen you! I mean, even before I died!"
Spring Taylor 11/06/16 -Sighs dejectedly-
Which f-cking a-se did you crawl out of?
-hisses, but allows the torment. F-cking older brothers-
Spring Taylor 11/06/16 It's about f-cking time, you daft sh-T.
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