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If I could go back & do it all over again.
I would.
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{bio is work in progress --- only basic stats until her story unfolds}
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Lucius Dalca

Athena Maximus
Viral Undead


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Realm2017 Summer Bloodies
Created by Cersei Lannister
Atom Noire 08/22/17 His name danced across the empty air between the two. Who could possibly be trying to call his name at such a dire time!? A net was held tightly in his hands and his body slightly crouched as if to sneak up on something. His head turned to the source of his name. Blue hues finally fell on a woman he had spoken to a while back, her name only barely coming to mind due to their very little interaction.

"Vesper, right?"
Athena Maximus 05/26/17 She smiled softly as she walked up to her fellow coven member. "Look who made the most wanted list." She smirked as she reached into her bag, and pulled out a beautiful necklace from her most recent travels. It was a gold choker with a beautiful emerald inside of it. She gently handed her the necklace, and grinned. "Congrats!"
Autumn Dalca 05/04/17 One well shaped brow arched high. "You haven't found anything yet, perhaps, but give it time. Arguing and disagreeing are two things I bloody excel at."
Autumn Dalca 05/04/17 "Something... that is definitely one way to put it." Autumn had a great many words in her vocabulary to apply to Gray Taylor. But Vesper would learn, as they all did, she did not divulge details about the man and their relationship. Or any relationship, for that matter. Including with Lucius.

So, back to innocuous topics. Photography.

"As I said, taking pictures is a hobby. Memories are good, but they fade, change. Pictures are forever."
Autumn Dalca 05/04/17 The corners of Autumn's lips twitched. "Thank you. I have many pictures of him. It's a... hobby of mine, if you will." Because the man was the best thing in her life, and she wanted to capture all those memories.

Vesper mentions Gray's poster and Autumn quite literally snorts. "Oh, aye. Such an ego, that one. It's a wonder the man's head doesn't explode."
Autumn Dalca 05/02/17 Trust and friendship were two things Autumn did not give freely. People she considered closest to her didn't know everything. Only her siblings knew, not all of them, and only because they witnessed certain things.

The fiery redhead guarded her secrets well. But that's getting ahead of things.

Whether Vesper managed to become one of the select few within her small circle remained to be seen. "I suppose time will tell, aye? If you'll excuse me, I need to go find those magic fingers." Autumn waggled the poster in her hand and flashed a cheeky grin. "Cheers."
Nemesis Wolfe 05/02/17 Another unknown female figure approaches Nemesis. It wasn't even a full twenty-four hours since the last encounter. Lifting her lip in distaste she briefly looked at the flyer with an eye-roll. Taking a deep swig of her hot coffee she let it flow down her throat before responding to the lady.

"Persistent f*ckers, aren'tcha? Magic fingers, eh? Debatable. I am not convinced though. Sorry. I do not do the whole voting thing. Especially if I do not know said person."

She didn't bother wasting her energy crumpling the flyer but let it float out of her grasp into a mud puddle. Turning on her heel she quickly walked away from the female.
Autumn Dalca 05/02/17 "I know. That is one reason for me to have no problem with this. I know Gray. I respect him, and his crew. Another reason is I am confident in my relationship. However, if one is stupid enough to pursue him... well..." Another shrug, hands spread palms up.

If anyone, male or female, didn't have the smarts to keep their paws off, Autumn would not be held accountable. Until then, nothing to worry about.

"Life is full of choices. This one isn't so much trusting in your words as it is giving the benefit of the doubt. Trust has to be earned." Meaning, one brief conversation may be a step in the right direction, but she knew from painful experience, those with enough skill could lie even through their eyes. No, if Vesper desired the redhead's trust, if she decided it meant that much to her, she would work for it. Just like everyone else.
Autumn Dalca 05/02/17 Autumn shrugged.

"Considering what, exactly? These posters are being posted everywhere. I plan to make a few of my own. You are a member of Mercy, aye? And you mentioned Gray and Spring put you up to it... unless you lied, in which case it still doesn't make much difference to me, aside from the knowledge you lied about something petty.

"The entire purpose of this is to have a bit of fun. Far be it from me to begrudge that. Unless it's done maliciously. Like that tw*t crudely pasting herself and Jameson together. Poor character, there," Autumn shook her head but then smiled again. "In any case, you're welcome."
Autumn Dalca 05/02/17 Vesper had every reason to worry, truth be told. Autumn possessed a sharp tongue and a wicked temper. Ask damn near anyone who knew her, particularly close ones. But thus far, the woman before her hadn't given a reason to exercise either. Hopefully that remained the case. Things tended to get messy when she lost her temper.

"Vesper... cheers." She gave the hand a light shake and found herself marveling at the face she actually looked down at Vesper. That didn't happen often. Granted, two inches wasn't a huge difference, but nine times out of ten, Autumn looked up... and up, and up. It was odd, but refreshing.
Lucius Dalca 05/02/17 Lucius noticed the flier under his office door, picked it up, and stared at it for a good minute not really sure how to feel about it. Hmmmmmmm .

"Well that is quite flattering.." He concluded and decided to leave a message on the Mercy group text.
Autumn Dalca 05/02/17 More watching. Observing, despite the laughter, though that did trail off. Her smile, however, remained. She was truly entertained.

It was no great secret how territorial she could be over Lucius, but it appeared she didn't need to make a point of it. Autumn felt exactly zero threat from this woman. Good thing, too, otherwise she wouldn't hesitate to pound her head into the ground. Then Lucius would fuss at her for scuffing her knuckles. Again.

"He wouldn't. It takes a lot to spark his temper. He is quite patient... at least with me. Kind of has to be." She took the opportunity to extend her hand in greeting. "I'm Autumn, by the way."
Autumn Dalca 05/02/17 Autumn stared, unblinking, at the woman for several moments. Her petite stature and sweet face often caused people to underestimate her ferocity. That was just fine by her.

Another moment, and then Autumn promptly burst out into silvery laughter. She laughed until her eyes threatened to water and her stomach ached. "Oh... oh my god. A Flock of Seagulls? Classic. I'm going to tell him when I see him," she chortled.
Autumn Dalca 05/02/17 Autumn canted her head to one side, green eyes narrowing briefly in speculation. The woman before her struck her as... mousy. Interesting, given the strong personalities in Mercy. Prior to their contact, she did not know the woman belonged to Mercy. She'd merely put two and two together at the mention of Gray and Spring putting her up to the poster of Lucius.

"Aye, you did select a rather flattering photo of Lucius. I may have to keep it for myself."
Autumn Dalca 05/02/17 Watching the gears in the other woman's head turn made Autumn chuckle. She truly did not understand why some people found either of them intimidating. Of course, most weren't as brazen as herself. Or, you know, Spring's sister.

"Let me know if you ever plan to. I want to witness it."
Autumn Dalca 05/02/17 *did not necessarily mean it that way*
You could have told them no, of course.
Autumn Dalca 05/02/17 He does.
Cole Ward 04/26/17 "Děkuju."
Gray Taylor 04/14/17 Vesper would be met with the unmoved stare of Gray Taylor as she spoke. The man is perfectly still, watching her and listening to each and every inflection of her voice, as if it might tell some tale of her true motives - if she were hiding any. Slightly intrigued at the prospect of having garnered the attention of strangers, he allows a small turn upward at the right corner of his mouth, however brief.

"So... for my trust, I gain your loyalty."

He muses, only then allowing his sights to shift sideways to glance through the cracked door. Checks and balances, risks, insurance.

Only slightly alarming that she knows of his business, but she has his attention.

"Vesper, I am a difficult man to get along with, but there is one thing that has always and will always get my affection: Opportunity. As you say, you need me more than I, you. But you must understand that asking for my trust is a tall order. You will need to give something more to work with."
Lucius Dalca 04/13/17 Lucius felt like he had done 50% of his job. He warned her about Spring but it was up to the new girl to heed the warning or not. He never wasted too much time in the initial meetings with new members though. Without further questions, he began to turn around to go about his day.

"Lucius.." He answered over his shoulder, "Good luck now..."
Lucius Dalca 04/13/17 Lucius looked down at the woman with a fairly curious expression before it reverted back to his cool and neutral demeanor. She asked an odd question but one that he would answer her nevertheless, "It is like any coven that holds a hierarchy.. Gray is First, Spring is Second and I am Third. After us there is nobody else."

There was another pause as he gave her a final assessment, "I will mention though Spring is a walking nuke so just don't piss her off, she is a battle you will lose.."
Lucius Dalca 04/12/17 Lucius got a text memo from Gray on a new person and debated whether to make an appearance. "Should I?" He asked himself as he looked at the name, Vesper Vaughn.

After some thought he decided to go for it after remembering he was 3rd in Mercy. He waited for the woman to make her appearance on the coven building, whenever she did, and approached her, "Hello there! I heard we had a new member amongst us. First, welcome to the coven. Second, if you need anything let me know. Third, I hope you have tough skin. Like really tough skin." He paused to get a deeper gauge at her capabilities and felt the energies similar to his kind but made no gesture of knowledge. "My name is Lucius Dalca, it is a pleasure to meet you."
Gray Taylor 04/12/17 Whatever his immediate judgments may be, it is obvious that she is just as confident as he. Her cryptic words, meant to draw him in and cause him to pause, bring a slight upward curl to his mouth as amusement strikes him. She is certainly not business minded, but she is trying to be. Vesper's words, however entertaining, are not lost upon him.

The way her attention splits, however, is distracting. "...yes."

The flatness of his voice runs dry, and in a land of fanciful accents, Gray Taylor's North American tones now seem the exotic fish in the wrong pond. Likewise, when slated against her rich tones, he must sound utterly comical.

It doesn't put him off. Instead, he finds himself gesturing to their left before leading her toward the hotel restaurant. Quiet words are exchanged with the host, and without any fuss at all they are sat at a table in a private room.

Vesper had gotten this far, and found him with this much ease, Gray would take no further chances. This arrangement, with the door ajar, would be as private as it gets.

"How may I help you, Miss Vaughn?"
Athena Maximus 04/12/17 She smiled softly walking up to the newest member of their coven. She tilted her head to the side as she looked her up and down. "You must be Miss Vesper." She gently reached into her bag and began to pull out a gift for the newest member. "Welcome to Mercy. I'm Athena, if you need anything don't hesitate to ask." She pulled out a rainbow rose from her bag and gave it to her.
Gray Taylor 04/12/17 Proverbial feathers ruffled, Gray Taylor is at the upscale hotel once more. This time the business would be found to be less than desirable, but there is little he could do to control the interests of others. Steely eyes are locked upon the political victim of the day when his phone rings.

"Get. Out."
It is only when the adjacent figure removes itself from it's comfortable seat, moving to gather it's things and make it's exit that Gray Taylor answers the phone.

"Taylor. ... A woman? Who?" His tone is guarded, and from there, his features twist and darken in annoyance before he mutters his agreement to make an appearance before hanging up quickly.

Soon, he is stepping off the elaborate elevator, presenting the world with his smartly suited self. Slow steps bring him deeper into the lobby, and his gaze travels to the familiar woman at the front desk who then motions toward Vesper with slight interest.

Right on queue, his stormy gaze lands upon the Enchantress as he approaches with a sturdy, confident gait. "Gray Taylor," he offers a hand, "Do I know you?"
Atom Noire 04/12/17 "Great! Well, have fun. This world is definitely an interesting one."
At that the man gave a friendly wave to the woman before a strange energy would ripple around him, distorting his figure with a purple aura then, in a blink of an eye, he had vanished. There was no sign he had even been there a second ago except the lingering energy he always seemed to radiate.
Atom Noire 04/12/17 The male held a radiant smile across his visage as the woman spoke. Always the optimistic being Atom gave off a calming aura to any who took the time to speak to him. It was an odd characteristic of a demon spawn.

"My pleasure! If you ever need assistance, lemme know! Oh, and here."

From his pocket Atom produced a card with 'Requiem' in bold letters and contact information on both sides.

"If you find yourself requiring a home or find yourself in a bind, call that number."
Atom Noire 04/12/17 "Welcome to the realm!"
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