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Raven Dragoon

Kellie Auber

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TokyoA New Home
Created by Kellie Auber
Kellie Auber 09/18/17 *She paces back and forth waiting for him to open his eyes.*
Kellie Auber 09/17/17 *She places her hands lightly on his cheeks, her eyes almost playing with him*"Take me home, Matthew. Please. I don't want to be here anymore."
Kellie Auber 09/17/17 *She smiles softly.*"Aye, and I for you."
Kellie Auber 09/17/17 *She shakes her head forcing a smile.*"Doesn't matter."
Kellie Auber 09/17/17 *She sighs softly pressing her forehead against his.*"Some people make me questing humanity."
Kellie Auber 09/17/17 *She shakes her head softly.*"No you haven't."
Kellie Auber 09/17/17 "Promises promises."
Kellie Auber 09/17/17 *She chuckles softly*"Don't think just because I remember you get out of taking me for drinks."
Kellie Auber 09/17/17 *She nods softly, before kissing him lightly*"Did you ever have any doubt my beloved?"
Kellie Auber 09/17/17 *She places her hand over his heart*"And I have more faith in what beats under my hand then what could ever be measured."
Kellie Auber 09/17/17 *Her blue eyes twinkle softly as she teases him*"So confident in me aren't you?"
Kellie Auber 09/17/17 "And I'm determined to win this challenge."
Kellie Auber 09/17/17 *She smells*"Perhaps but determination makes up for my size."
Kellie Auber 09/17/17 "Leprechaun? Did you just call me a leprechaun?"
Kellie Auber 09/17/17 *She flicked the tip of his nose before placing her hands on her hips.*"Challenge accepted."
Kellie Auber 09/17/17 *She smirks*"Is that a challenge then?"
Kellie Auber 09/17/17 *She laughs softly before shaking her head lightly*"As fascinating as that is darling, I was more interested in knowing how the scruffy before me lived."
Kellie Auber 09/17/17 "Oh, and just how is it he lived?" *She asks with pure curiosity*
Kellie Auber 09/17/17 *She laughs with a wink, before speaking again*"It fits you well."
Kellie Auber 09/17/17 *She chews on her bottom lip as she seems to contemplate his words. As a large grin moves across her features she responds.* "Alright, scruffy. I'll have a drink with you."
Kellie Auber 09/17/17 *She couldn't help the light laugh as it slipped between her lips. Raising a single brow she looks at him* "Brimstone? I always thought it smelled more like sulfur but whatever."
Kellie Auber 09/17/17 *She pokes his arm lightly as she leans closer, whispering lightly* "Yep, definitely wet dog."
Raven Dragoon 09/17/17 *tugs on your locks softly* "Hey lets go on a vacation dear brother."
Kellie Auber 09/17/17 *Blue eyes focus upon the male and she nods lightly, her voice a mere whisper* "Thank you, Sir."
Bjornolf Aesir 08/24/17 "Velcome to the Realm, friend!"
Miakoda Silverwolf 08/24/17 *Her smirk broadened*
Such the charmer Matt. Perhaps it's I who should watch out for you.
*Raises hand and waves her fingers*
Don't be a stranger....and mind the packs a punch
Miakoda Silverwolf 08/24/17 Who says danger didn't just run into you?
*Gives a playful smirk*
Names Mia. Miss sounds too formal
Miakoda Silverwolf 08/24/17 Welcome to the chaos! Where we run to danger inside of away from it!
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