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MoscowNew beginnings, endless amounts of hope
Created by Kellie Auber
TokyoA New Home
Created by Kellie Auber
Kellie Auber 10/22/17 She had packed her stuff for New York while he slept. Placing the pendant she wore on the counter in the kitchen she scrawled a note. "It will be safer to leave this with you. Who knows what will happen in New York. Signed Kellie" Looking about she quickly exited the house. She would pick up a new cell phone when she got to her destination.
Kellie Auber 10/05/17 She snuggles close to him, resting her head on his chest.
Kellie Auber 10/04/17 While he was away for the day, she had made him a special dinner. Standing in the kitchen she waited for him to come home.
Kellie Auber 10/02/17 She slips quietly from his embrace as he sleeps. Kissing his cheek lightly she dresses and heads to the art supply store. If she was going to teach him to paint she needed to get the basics for him.
Kellie Auber 10/02/17 She snuggles closer to him in her sleep, as she sleeps peacefully in his arms.
Kellie Auber 09/30/17 "You have always been just you and that is all you need to be."
Kellie Auber 09/30/17 She turns at the sound of his voice. Smiling she moves to set his dinner in front of him at the table. Lightly she misses his cheek. "Eat. You're exhausted and you need food."
Kellie Auber 09/30/17 She was at the kitchen counter finishing cutting everything up to go with tacos for their dinner when he got home.
Kellie Auber 09/29/17 "Snuggles, movie, and snacks. What woman could refuse that?"
Kellie Auber 09/29/17 "And you complete every part of me."
Kellie Auber 09/29/17 "I always miss you my darling."
Kellie Auber 09/29/17 She smiles before getting a good look at him. With a light sigh she shakes her head. "You look exhausted, handsome. Sit and I'll warn dinner for you."
Kellie Auber 09/29/17 She packed a couple bags for the both of them and set them by the door. One less thing to worry about. She had reserved a honeymoon suite at le bristol de paris, which she had been told was near the Eiffel tower. Made painting it a lot easier at least.
Kellie Auber 09/29/17 She nods. "Sounds good. Gives us time to pack and everything."
Kellie Auber 09/28/17 Smiles and nips his lip. "When do you want to leave?"
Kellie Auber 09/28/17 Shudders lightly. "I think we can arrange that."
Kellie Auber 09/28/17 "So, tell me darling, where do you want to go for a honeymoon?"
Kellie Auber 09/28/17 "Mmmm, I missed you too, love."
Kellie Auber 09/28/17 She smiles wide as she turns and wraps her arms around him, kissing him softly. "Hello baby."
Kellie Auber 09/28/17 As she wakes to find the bed empty once more she sighs. Pulling the covers down she slips from the bed. She grins as she reads the note and begins the rose to her nose. Even when he wasn't with her be always found a way to make her feel loved. She stretches and makes her way to the kitchen.
Kellie Auber 09/27/17 Having woke hours before him, she showers and makes her way to the art room. Sitting in the middle of floor she surrounds herself with supplies. Hopefully, her new husband wouldn't be too mad about the paint that now splattered his shirt as she continued to work.
Kellie Auber 09/27/17 "You think just because you got married yesterday you get to sleep all day? Hmm, or should I not be such a demanding wife and exert your energy?"
Kellie Auber 09/26/17 She kisses him softly. "I love you."
Kellie Auber 09/26/17 "You haven't seen anything yet. Just get done what you need to and I'll be here."
Kellie Auber 09/26/17 "It's not like I can just run away. White dress would be a dead give away."
Kellie Auber 09/26/17 She quickly gave him directions to the park (forum: New Beginnings, endless amount of hope) before smiling again. "I will be there at 3 sharp. Do not be late."
Kellie Auber 09/25/17 "It's only for tonight, love. Then never again."
Kellie Auber 09/25/17 "Hey, no strippers while I'm away for the night huh? And if they do show up make sure they clean their mess before they leave."
Raven Dragoon 09/25/17 Ohh Im here! Taking her to male review and booze. Okay so the boozing might be just me.
Kellie Auber 09/25/17 "I know that feeling well unfortunately."
Kellie Auber 09/25/17 "Ha. You're a man. You will watch some tv, enjoy your last night as an unmarried man, and sleep like a baby."
Kellie Auber 09/25/17 "Regardless if it is going to be worth it unfortunately this is going to be the longest night I've had since my return. Not sure how much sleep I will be getting." Though he couldn't see her nor hear her at the moment she frowned even as she sighed.
Kellie Auber 09/25/17 She chuckles. "I love you. I'm not the one who had issues with keeping track of time. But I do wish I was home instead of here."
Kellie Auber 09/25/17 "Me behave? Did you forget who you were speaking to? You're sister isn't here yet so I'm safe."
Kellie Auber 09/25/17 She texts him once they arrive at the hotel.
"Make sure you eat. Try to sleep and I will be waiting for you tomorrow."
Kellie Auber 09/25/17 "Italian sounds delicious."
Kellie Auber 09/24/17 "I'm less selective now than what I was."
Kellie Auber 09/24/17 Kissing him in return, she slides into the passenger seat. "So where are you going to love?"
Kellie Auber 09/24/17 She smiles softly as he leads her to the car.
Kellie Auber 09/24/17 "Shall we go then, love?"
Kellie Auber 09/24/17 She misses him with a smile. "Tis only the beginning my dear."
Kellie Auber 09/24/17 She smiles softly, running her fingers over the scruff of his face. "And look at you. Very handsome indeed."
Kellie Auber 09/24/17 She almost jumps out of her skin at the sound of his voice. Turning to face him she smiles softly. "Yes."
Kellie Auber 09/24/17 As he seemed occupied for the moment, she took that time to get ready for their date that evening. She chooses to dress in a pale blue dress and wear her hair down with curls down her back. Smiling softly she waits for him patiently.
Kellie Auber 09/24/17 She smiles softly. "And I love you."
Kellie Auber 09/24/17 "Sounds wonderful."
Kellie Auber 09/24/17 "Mmm, what did you have in mind, my love?"
Kellie Auber 09/24/17 "I've done everything that is necessary for it so I'm open for anything, darling."
Kellie Auber 09/24/17 "Hmm." She thinks for a moment. "No not at all."
Kellie Auber 09/24/17 "Pft. Only in your eyes."
Kellie Auber 09/24/17 "The world wouldn't be able to handle me if I was anyone else."
Kellie Auber 09/24/17 She laughs softly. "I was hardly printed off a computer darling. Besides the red hair fits me better anyway."
Kellie Auber 09/24/17 She smiles as she teases him. "You only say that so I'll marry you."
Kellie Auber 09/24/17 She snuggles in closer to him, her head laying on his chest, as she smiles softly to herself.
Kellie Auber 09/23/17 Dressing in shorts and a t shirt, she makes her way to the kitchen. Humming softly to herself she begins to prepare breakfast.
Kellie Auber 09/23/17 Waking before him, she places a soft kiss on his cheek, before making her way to the shower. Turning on the spray, she steps under it, tuning out the rest of the world.
Kellie Auber 09/23/17 She smiles and nips his ear."And I plan to explore everything baby."
Kellie Auber 09/22/17 She sticks her tongue out at him. "Oh there will be plenty of time for that."
Kellie Auber 09/22/17 She shrugs as she teases back. "Wouldn't know about that darling."
Kellie Auber 09/22/17 "Remember you said that when we have ten little hell hounds running around and I'm waking you too take care of them."
Kellie Auber 09/22/17 She smiles softly. "I don't like waking alone." She pouts lightly.
Kellie Auber 09/22/17 *Having heard his voice she turns to lick his cheek.*"Mmmm, I've missed you darling."
Kellie Auber 09/22/17 "You spoil me me, baby."
Kellie Auber 09/21/17 *She stretches as she wakes from her slumber. Opening her eyes, she grins wide, and let's out a squeal of pure happiness.*"Good morning, love. I've never been served breakfast in bed before."
Kellie Auber 09/20/17 "All in due time."
Kellie Auber 09/20/17 "And I love you but yellow makes me look paler than what I really am."
Kellie Auber 09/20/17 "I'm afraid I don't look good in yellow."
Kellie Auber 09/20/17 "Dark purple? I would never have guessed that. Mine is yellow."
Kellie Auber 09/20/17 *She blushes as she chuckles lightly*"What's your favorite color, love?"
Kellie Auber 09/20/17 "You're not so bad your self."
Kellie Auber 09/20/17 *She smiles softly before kissing his cheek.*"So I was thinking, I don't see any reason why we have to wait too long to marry. I don't have any family and even if I did they wouldn't come. I don't know if you have family you want to come but Raven is already here so why wait?"
Kellie Auber 09/19/17 "Oh I'm sure you would."
Kellie Auber 09/19/17 "Keep tickling me and I'm going to bite you."
Kellie Auber 09/19/17 *She pokes his nose.*"You know we really discuss dates, mister."
Kellie Auber 09/19/17 *Returning his kiss, she smiles softly.*"Good morning love."
Kellie Auber 09/19/17 *She curls into his side as he sleeps, content to lay in the encompass of his arms until he does.*
Kellie Auber 09/18/17 *She paces back and forth waiting for him to open his eyes.*
Kellie Auber 09/17/17 *She places her hands lightly on his cheeks, her eyes almost playing with him*"Take me home, Matthew. Please. I don't want to be here anymore."
Kellie Auber 09/17/17 *She smiles softly.*"Aye, and I for you."
Kellie Auber 09/17/17 *She shakes her head forcing a smile.*"Doesn't matter."
Kellie Auber 09/17/17 *She sighs softly pressing her forehead against his.*"Some people make me questing humanity."
Kellie Auber 09/17/17 *She shakes her head softly.*"No you haven't."
Kellie Auber 09/17/17 "Promises promises."
Kellie Auber 09/17/17 *She chuckles softly*"Don't think just because I remember you get out of taking me for drinks."
Kellie Auber 09/17/17 *She nods softly, before kissing him lightly*"Did you ever have any doubt my beloved?"
Kellie Auber 09/17/17 *She places her hand over his heart*"And I have more faith in what beats under my hand then what could ever be measured."
Kellie Auber 09/17/17 *Her blue eyes twinkle softly as she teases him*"So confident in me aren't you?"
Kellie Auber 09/17/17 "And I'm determined to win this challenge."
Kellie Auber 09/17/17 *She smells*"Perhaps but determination makes up for my size."
Kellie Auber 09/17/17 "Leprechaun? Did you just call me a leprechaun?"
Kellie Auber 09/17/17 *She flicked the tip of his nose before placing her hands on her hips.*"Challenge accepted."
Kellie Auber 09/17/17 *She smirks*"Is that a challenge then?"
Kellie Auber 09/17/17 *She laughs softly before shaking her head lightly*"As fascinating as that is darling, I was more interested in knowing how the scruffy before me lived."
Kellie Auber 09/17/17 "Oh, and just how is it he lived?" *She asks with pure curiosity*
Kellie Auber 09/17/17 *She laughs with a wink, before speaking again*"It fits you well."
Kellie Auber 09/17/17 *She chews on her bottom lip as she seems to contemplate his words. As a large grin moves across her features she responds.* "Alright, scruffy. I'll have a drink with you."
Kellie Auber 09/17/17 *She couldn't help the light laugh as it slipped between her lips. Raising a single brow she looks at him* "Brimstone? I always thought it smelled more like sulfur but whatever."
Kellie Auber 09/17/17 *She pokes his arm lightly as she leans closer, whispering lightly* "Yep, definitely wet dog."
Raven Dragoon 09/17/17 *tugs on your locks softly* "Hey lets go on a vacation dear brother."
Kellie Auber 09/17/17 *Blue eyes focus upon the male and she nods lightly, her voice a mere whisper* "Thank you, Sir."
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