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Thou doth not yet know what I do~
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I survived the great Bloodout of 2011...with only minor withdrawal symptoms
Karna's Biography
Biography: Karna Slexias. A raven-haired beauty of Russian nationality, she is nothing short of an enigma to virtually everyone around her. She is a cold and calculating vampire who frequents the dark alleys of Moscow, curiously observing the unwitting masses of the mortal cattle that surround her, preferring to find and not be found. Though she will often greet newcomers with a genial smile and a lofty bow, those few seconds of pleasantries are often the last to anyone with ill will on their minds.

As a child she grew up in the palace of the Tsar after the death of her parents, living a new life of luxury and comfort. That is, until she met a young painter by the name of Asher. Smitten by his art and his beautiful soul, Karna spent many blissful days with the young man, sharing her heart with him. Their joyful life together, however, was not meant to last.

Asher was an outspoken revolutionary who actively defied the corrupt Russian government. His paintings and artistic propaganda were a constant source of annoyance to the Tsar, but the mighty sovereign never paid him much mind until the day he discovered that this young painter was spending his time with Karna Slexias, the young woman whom he had guardianship over. He sentenced Asher to die by firing squad the very next day, and banished Karna from his city for her betrayal.

While wandering alone in exile, desolate over the loss of her lover, she was captured and relentlessly tortured by an insane nosferatu who resided deep within the Komi Forests. On one random winters day, the psychotic vampire released Karna, but not before bestowing his immortal curse upon her. The poor woman was once again forced to wander alone, no longer able to walk beneath the blue skies of the day.

It was in her early immortal years that she undertook the task of returning to her city of origin and tirelessly continuing the work of her beloved Asher, determined to bring an end to the senseless corruption of the Russian world. The Tsar, however, would have none of this and ordered the capture and hanging of Karna before the eyes of the townspeople, thus ending the young womans life. Or so they thought

Skills: In the many years she has spent endlessly roaming the Earth, Karna has learned the languages and customs of many different countries and may easily blend in with a community when needed. She is a master of the rapier and can move with blinding speeds that borderline teleportation. Karna has an uncanny gift of knowing what others are thinking, and uses this gift to her advantage in obtaining valuable information from those unwilling to divulge it.

She actually has more to her past, yet she will tell no one of it. It has to do with the betrayal of angels. She would only tell one that she finds worthy of knowing her sad tale from being the princess of heaven, to the mistress of hell...

Karna has one son, his name Nicolae Carpathia Slexias. He is 4 1/2 years old. He is an odd boy who is very lovable and happy. His mother usually dresses him up in little formal clothes that he wears very willingly. His father is unknown yet there is a were-cat which Nicolae refers to as father, because he, like his "father" both have matching leopard ears and tail. Karna is very overprotective of the small boy and doesn't much like the man who the boy calls father. She loves him more then anything else in life and just wants him to stay as innocent and pure as he is now.

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vamp_goku 07/06/09 *He nods with a smile*
So have you maybe concentrated on maybe joining my house my family?I would still like for you too, truly I would..
vamp_goku 07/06/09 *He smiles with a nod*
"Hey truly its fine, you can rant if you like to me..No worries, alright.. I do understand, my first home was set a blaze and now I have made a new one.Not for just myself but for others as well. So please do not worry alright. *smiles*
vamp_goku 07/05/09 *He smiles, and nods*
I am doing just fine thank you,truly thoughtful of you..As well as I am glad you are doing well yourself.. You seem to be happy, anything else in the realm that might be interesting?? Just curious is all.
vamp_goku 07/02/09 *He chuckles* "Yes yes still alive is a good thing is it not..Well glad you are doing well, I hope." *grins*
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