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"His punches are like ketamine." - Livia Vlcek
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All mails received with no subject line will be considered OoC. If you'd like to RP, feel free to send a starter, I only ask that you put some thought into it. I'm always up for plotting out a story too, so if you don't know where to start, just get in touch with me and we'll see what we can come up with.

Additional Note: Nothing listed on Jacobs profile should be known IC unless he's told/shown you IC. For example, Jacob does not smell like a wolf/dog. For all intents and purposes he is Human unless I have him do or say something otherwise in the RP.

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Livia Vlcek

Valentin Metzger

Last five threads posted in:
Livia Vlcek 05/28/18 Target in sight, Livia stared through the scope of her rifle when her phone started to vibrate incessantly. Whoever was calling would have to wait. And if it was Valentin, she was going to stab him in the eye when she saw him again. Breathe in, breathe out, index finger gently pulled on the trigger. Brain matter painted the white wall behind the man.

Grabbing her phone, Livia quickly broke down her rifle as she listened to the voicemail left. Jacob. A soft smile touched her lips as the latches on the hard case snapped shut. She swiped a quick text message while moving through the hallway of an abandoned building.


Already wearing it. Movie night it is. Was just scouting a new didn't fit our needs. Be home soon. Miluji te.
Livia Vlcek 05/27/18 *mails him a new phone from an undisclosed location...with a note*


Here is the new phone I promised. I miss you. Maybe we can rendezvous soon? At the cinema perhaps? I'll even treat you to a large bucket of buttered popcorn. I've programmed in my number, let me know.

Love always,

PS. Have the images I shared with you left your mind yet? No? I hope you enjoy your new screensaver...#rosary.
Livia Vlcek 05/02/18 *cackles down the stairs*
*bursts from the door into the garden*
*cackles harder, crying now*
*runs to the nearest cell phone store*
Livia Vlcek 05/02/18 *decides that maybe the armoire isn't a safe enough place to hide*
*creeps from the armoire to and through the hidden door of the bookcase*
*escapes down the secret passage in the Sanctuary*
Livia Vlcek 05/02/18 *waits for the screaming to start*
*hides in the armoire*
Livia Vlcek 05/02/18 *sends a link to facebook...but it's really a hyperlink*
*smiles evilly*
Livia Vlcek 04/26/18 *drags him home so they can pack* I'll leave the window open...and get us our own compartment.
Livia Vlcek 04/26/18 *scrunches her nose* You? You like forests...
*rests her head against his chest* I'm not fond of them for long periods of time but Irkutsk Oblast is beautiful.
*looks up at, smiles* And the train ride is fun!
Livia Vlcek 04/26/18 *is actually excited by the prospect*
*sorta misses the boreal forests*
*cants head, can hardly contain herself* I mean, it is just a suggestion...
Livia Vlcek 04/26/18 *smiles softly* As much as you detest him, we could go stay in Irkutsk for a bit. Not the city proper.
*tempts* The summer weather will be lovely and Valentin's camp is in the middle of the forest near Lake Baikal...
Livia Vlcek 04/26/18 *returns his kiss*
*her gaze finds his chest at his words* But but...Paris.
*knows he is right* Maybe if we just avoid our old haunts for a bit?
*shifty eyes* Plastic surgery?
Livia Vlcek 04/26/18 *climbs down from Jacob's large frame* Next step?
*stares at, confused* What do you mean?
Livia Vlcek 04/26/18 *looks very close at his eye, with one of her eyes* Whatcha dewin?
Livia Vlcek 04/25/18 *jumps on Jacob's back*
*crawls all over him, like he's a jungle gym*
Livia Vlcek 04/24/18 *snuggles into* Well, of course you found stuff on chickens...
*gazes up at* It's how you butcher a chicken.
*blinks, feigns innocence* What did you think I was speaking about?
*mental fist pump, saved by chickens of all things* I was going to roast a chicken for you.
Livia Vlcek 04/24/18 *wide grin* We'll have to celebrate later...Maybe if you're good, I'll show you what a spatchc*ck is.
*stands on tip toe, kisses his nose* But only if my ice cream has marshmallows in it.
*narrows eyes*
Livia Vlcek 04/24/18 *ponders* Oh...that makes sense.
*squeezes his bicep* You seem...stronger.
*smiles softly* Congratulations on your newest station Milacku.
Livia Vlcek 04/24/18 *chuckles quietly, leans against to stare deeply into oceans* So, the mint chip ice cream is like me?
*grins* So tell me Pan Zev, how is it that you know what my text messages say, hm?
Livia Vlcek 04/24/18 *cants head* My spatch whaaaa?
*feigns innocence, changes the subject* So how is it that mint generally repels you but you can eat mint chip ice cream?
Livia Vlcek 04/24/18 *wanders by* Did you choke on your mint chip ice cream?
*whines quietly, misses Styx*
Livia Vlcek 04/23/18 *blinks* AND ROCKY ROAD!
*stares at his retreating back* WAIT! WAIT! WHAT ARE WE GOING TO TALK ABOUT?!
*eyes widen*
Livia Vlcek 04/23/18 *cants head* Nothing...*lies*
*smiles brightly* Now you can buy me ice creams. *distracts*
*pushes towards the ice cream shop a few doors down* Rocky Road...or chip. *shoos* Girl talk...move along.
Livia Vlcek 04/23/18 *screams as a hand slips into her pocket*
*might be a little jumpy...acuz conversation with Summer*
*shifty eyes* Haaaaaaaiiiiiiii husband!
*frowns* Tha's muh ice cream monies! Give it back!
*makes grabby hands*

Jacob Zev just stole $26.00 from you!
Livia Vlcek 04/20/18 Livia flicked the spent butt at her husband while she swallowed the growing lump in her throat. His response actually shocked her which was apparent as her smile faltered. Take her to dinner first? Have a good time? Really? It appeared their time apart had done more damage than she initially thought. Maybe they weren't going to make it. Maybe he had found someone new in his time away.

"Alright then..." her voice quiet, the young woman turned to make her way towards the beach as originally intended. What she had intended as a joke had turned quite dark. "I'll be home tomorrow."

Not that she had any real plans now, she continued to walk away from Jacob at a steady pace. The picnic basket she had stowed at a flower shop she frequented, she would pick up and take back to Azhi. She supposed she could spend the night there in her old room and dine on the contents of the basket. Not before she picked up a pack of cigarettes...or ten...from the local convenience store however. It was going to be a long night of drinking, chain-smoking, and plotting.
Livia Vlcek 04/13/18 Stopping suddenly, Livia turned to face her husband once more. A smile presented itself, large and unfaltering, a chuckle escaping in a cloud of smoke at his question. A hot date? Something like that. As the grin waxed larger, the flesh of her cheek turned in grotesquely, pale eyes studying his countenance. She had missed Jacob, tremendously. In fact, her life was pretty much sh*t without him. But that wouldn't stop her from teasing him like a child would torment the one they liked on the playground.

A deep inhale, tendrils of smoke lazily drifted from her nose as she nodded her head. "Ano, a hot date." That large smile still beamed at Jacob. Did he know she was simply joking? Hopefully. How could he not? The woman wasn't the most outgoing. Then again, she could be aggressive. It was how they met originally. "The surf is good today and I thought a picnic might be a wonderful start."

Her thumb flicked at the filter to knock ash from the tip of her cigarette. "Then maybe tonight, a long walk down the beach after a few glasses of wine." Wine...she could never drink more than two glasses. All the liquor in the world couldn't give her a buzz like wine could. And Jacob knew this. "I know you are busy Milacku, don't worry...I'll amuse myself." Another long drag from her cigarette, she allowed him to process her words, careful to watch for any sign of change on gorgeous countenance.
Livia Vlcek 04/11/18 Low top converse ate up the asphalt that lay between she and Jacob. There was something she needed from him, something she would take from him...with or without his permission. It was her right, wasn't it? To take what she wanted without permission being his wife? Damaged countenance devoid of emotion, pale eyes fixated on the stormy waters that were Jacob's eyes, slender fingers shot out as Livia neared her male to run his pockets. Totally invading his space and privacy? Of course. It's Livia.

"Ahoj Milacku..." Velvet contralto interrupted the silence as deft fingers searched for the object of her desire...His cigarettes. She was fresh out. Plucking a hand rolled cigarette he had tucked away, the Slayer nodded her head and gave a small salute before continuing on her path. Bondi was busy; significant wave swells had been reported. And while the woman was NOT interested in surfing, she'd gladly watch those that were. Turning her head to gaze back at the gorgeous male, a half-c*cked grin took to scarred visage. "See you tonight? Tomorrow morning?"

Gods she loved him. She also loved to push his buttons. He knew the game she was playing. Jealousy was something they both knew well. But it would probably be the only way to get him to join her for a picnic at the beach...because asking him would just be too easy. And girly. And boring.
Livia Vlcek 03/13/18 Three years together. Well, almost. Still she was learning things about him after all this time. She wanted to question how he had never had froyo but knew the answer deep down. Jacob hated the city and did everything possible to avoid it. But by avoiding the city, he also missed out on many things...and made her feel older than he.

"It is good. Not as creamy and smooth as ice cream." She scowled at a thought but fought it back. "Froyo is lighter in flavor from my experience. I guess it's not as rich? And the texture is a bit more gritty...icy?"

How does one explain the difference?
Livia Vlcek 03/13/18 "Oh! I thought you meant you didn't know where we were going." Her smile brightened. "I was about to ask if you were suffering from Alzheimers or something." She stops at his cue, a single digit lifted to point across the street, at the corner shop. "Froyo...frozen yogurt." Did he know what frozen yogurt was? "You've spent too much time in the field Milacku." A soft laugh escapes as her hand drops to her side. "C'mon, my treat. I bet you're a froyo virgin, aren't you..."
Livia Vlcek 03/13/18 A single brow arched momentarily. He had withdrawn the money and moved it to another account? That's some Shady Shay. Probably not as shady as her trying to steal it from him, though. Her eyes move surreptitiously side to side at the thought. Hopefully, he didn't have his account linked to an email and wouldn't get a notice that there had been an attempt...because who else would try to rob him. A ghost.

"We are going to the froyo shop..." The Czech woman canted her head, neck craned awkwardly so that she could look up at her husband. "You said you were going to buy me froyo? Do I not get froyo now?"

Sadness. Allofthesadness.
Livia Vlcek 03/13/18 "Fvck yes I do." Livia replied, quite seriously, as she took the offered hand and stood. "You owe me so much froyo it's not even funny."

A large smile spread across damaged visage, pale eyes studying intently Jacob's face, his body language. There had been much time that had passed since the two had seen one another. There had been many trials and tribulations each had gone through. Would they make it?

"And how is there no money?! I dropped like a mil into your account...the hell man? You spent it all at the strip club didn't you? I told you not to get lap dances in the VIP room..."
Livia Vlcek 03/13/18 No good deed goes unpunished.

What was meant as a sweet gesture is met with brutal hostility. Granted, he had warned her long ago about sneaking up on him. Good thing Livia wears a modified steel gorget wrapped in leather. As knees buckle, her right hand reaches for the ground beneath while her left grasps at his attacking arm. There is a dull pain as his elbow makes contact but nothing she cannot handle.

"So I guess this would be a bad time to tell you about your credit card being declined?" A cough, a smile. "The froyo place said you'll need to come by to retrieve it."
Livia Vlcek 03/13/18 *sneaks up behind*
*stands on tip toe*
*kisses the back of his neck*
Livia Vlcek 01/02/17 The young woman up to her usual shenanigans finally arrived home, teary eyed from laughter. Jacks had been a good sport, as always, to her sometimes twisted sense of humour. So when she found a gift by the door, Livia was curious. Picking up the box, she nudged the front door open gently with a shoulder as pale eyes read the note left with the box. It seemed her wonderful husband had bought her a gift. But for what reason, was beyond her. It wasn't their anniversary, it wasn't her birthday. And the note was...odd.

"The garden?" The words were but a whisper as she negotiated her way through their quaint home and dropped her messenger bag upon the couch. "What have you done Milacku..."

Setting the package down on the coffee table, Livia took a seat and stared at the box for many moments. Should she wait for Jacob to return before opening it? Wouldn't he have waited if he really cared to be there when she opened it? Slender fingers reached for the lid and wrenched it free, excitement welling within her. She imagined it was something Jacob might have made for her or a fur from an animal he hunted. Something useful. Something necessary for survival. She was wrong. Gods was she wrong...

A scream pealed from scarred lips as the young woman scrambled backwards, taking the couch and console table behind it with her. Shattering glass from the vase falling upon hardwood floors did not mask the screams. And she did not stop there. Through water, broken glass and toppled furniture, Livia dragged herself as far away from the reptile as she could, a trail of blood from cut hands left in her wake.

"Jacob?!" Pale eyes darted back and forth, searching for something she could use to gather the reptile in. A bag. A pillowcase. Something. "Jacob?!" Bloodied hands grabbed the notorious duffle bag she kept near to her and dumped the contents upon the floor. "FVCK!"

She was going to have to deal with this herself. BUT HOW?! Livia grabbed a broom, tossed the bag on the floor near the snake and began to sweep...furiously. With much reluctance and a few strikes on the large snake's part, the young woman managed to wrangle the beast into the bag...which she promptly picked up with the end of the broom. There was only one person she knew who could deal with this.

"DESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSA!" Sobs and uncontrollable screams soon followed and the snake peeked its head from the bag. Fvcking snakes. Fvcking Jacob...
Livia Vlcek 12/30/16 *nuzzles* You make me smile...
Livia Vlcek 12/29/16 *nods slowly* I think I just told you that they were getting too expensive...
Livia Vlcek 12/29/16 *smiles fades...eyes narrow* You wouldn't... *smile brightens* Because a certain someone would arrive and torment you.
Livia Vlcek 12/29/16 *stares at and extends her lighter* Just be careful what you say my love...I'd hate for you to trip over a squeaky toy and fall down the stairs.
Livia Vlcek 12/29/16 *is laughing too hard to run* I was kidding! *stops and lights a cigarette* Those squeaky toys were getting expensive...
Livia Vlcek 12/29/16 *laughs hysterically* Ok, another squeaky toy it is! *runs*
Livia Vlcek 12/29/16 Your squeaky toy refused to give me any I killed it. *smiles* Shall I get you a new one?
Livia Vlcek 12/20/16 "Do you realise what is in Irkutsk?" She had suggested Irkutsk because her cabin was Valentin's camp. They would be alone, the men would be working. Could he not give her this one thing? To feel safe after so much had happened? "Fine. You're going to need more than a fvcking tent. I'm going home."
Livia Vlcek 12/20/16 "We can still stay at the camp yes?" There is slight worry on scarred visage, as if she needs to be someplace familiar to her even if it is remote. Someplace no one knows about. There would be others there, yes. But the men are quiet, unintrusive and very protective. "Please say yes?"
Livia Vlcek 12/20/16 Eyes narrowed. He was laughing at her. B*stard. Lithe arms crossed thin frame in displeasure. "I do not think I want to go camping with you now." She was pouting. "Next you'll try to feed me that maggot cheese." Livia gagged slightly at the thought. "I think I will just purchase a large amount of rations and stay at Valentin's old camp."
Livia Vlcek 12/20/16 Abject terror. She stared at Jacob as the revelation processed through damaged psyche. Birds would sh*t vegetable seeds out. Plants would grow. That couldn't be the only possibility for vegetables to grow in the forests, could it? "You sure about these birds passing seeds?" A brow lifted as if to warn him to think very carefully on this question. Because she might just become like that Barbie woman and eat air and sunlight after this conversation. "You are absolutely sure that these vegetables only grow because a bird shat the seed out?"
Livia Vlcek 12/20/16 "They have vegetables that grow in the forest?" Pale eyes widened. "Who grows them?" Her hands find her hips and she stares incredulously. "Are you taking vegetables from rabbit's garden?"
Livia Vlcek 12/20/16 "Wild salads?" Her brow furrowed. Maybe something was lost in translation between the two. "Are they salads popping molly's, rolling at raves then waking up in opium dens? What exactly constitutes a 'wild salad'?
Livia Vlcek 12/16/16 She made the face. Livia didn't care if snake tasted like chocolate still slithered. Not to mention, Australia was blessed with like, ten of the world's most deadliest snakes. Fvck that. Nope. Not without her Styx. A sad smile touched her lips briefly before she found herself in Jacob's arms once more. "Just as long as you don't make me eat anything gross. Like snake. Or moose. Or squirrels." She only ate meat when stuck in rural places, in the middle of winter. When markets were not easily accessed. "Nothing gamey tasting..."
Livia Vlcek 12/15/16 She hated rural Australia. If there were snakes and spiders in the city, god only knew what the fvck was out there waiting for them. She shook her head 'no', "That's a hard no woah no. I'd rather go to France or Russia. Preferably Russia. It's more isolated."
Livia Vlcek 12/15/16 We should do that soon Milacku. *smiles* I miss the Taiga of Irkutsk.
Livia Vlcek 12/15/16 I was thinking maybe a steak for you and something non-meat for me? A glass of wine to go with it? *smiles softly* Just some time for us to talk, that a bad thing?
Livia Vlcek 12/15/16 *grins* Is it that apparent? *lays beneath his weight* I'm assuming there was a job...I want all the details at dinner. *nods*
Livia Vlcek 12/15/16 * woah*
Livia Vlcek 12/06/16 "There there Jacob...I'm here now." Livia stared at her husband, poker-face ever present. The young woman doubted that the girl he saw was the same little girl from the city. For one, the little girl wouldn't stare him down just to take a piece of hair. Nope. She'd kick the ever loving sh*t out of him then throw a lollipop in his hair. "So she just stared at you? She had nothing to say? What did you say to her? You said you were not very friendly..."
Livia Vlcek 12/05/16 "You were a little girl?" Livia's brow arched at the revelation while her hands brushed grass from her clothes. Jacob, in all the time she had known him, had never been frightened by anything. Or 'creeped out' for that matter. It piqued the Slayer's curiousity to be honest. "And how did this little girl creep you out? Was it that little girl in the city? Because that b*tch straight scares the sh*t out of me..."
Livia Vlcek 12/05/16 Both arms splayed quickly to soften the impending impact of her body meeting the ground. For one with such keen senses, Jacob sure was unable to scent her presence. Brow furrowed, the smile upon scarred lips fading fast, Livia stared upwards at her husband's handsome visage.

"A bit jumpy today?" The young woman rolled from his grasp to lay prone upon the ground, studious gaze shifting to the blades of grass that blanketed the Sanctuary grounds. "Where did your travels take you today?"
Livia Vlcek 12/05/16 *hops on his back* HAI!
Livia Vlcek 12/04/16 She pressed her lips together to hold back a laugh while slender fingers deposited a wad of bloody money into his pocket. Of course she would pay his medical bills...even if he didn't really need them. Maybe it was enough for a rabies shot? Who knew. "I had a psychotic episode...I'm sorry." That said she kissed his nose while a hand brought up her new cell phone to quickly snap a picture of him, the damage she did. "Always amazed at how you heal so quickly...I think I'll add it to my album."
Livia Vlcek 12/04/16 Her husband had already confessed his sin to the young woman. But she thought he might be interested in a bit of information she held. After she kicked his ass...

Some sneaky thief just stole $29.00 from you!
Livia Vlcek 12/03/16 *bites his face*
Livia Vlcek 12/02/16 You wanna fight about it?

Livia Vlcek 12/02/16 "Hoooomahgawd...I was kidding." Seriously. "You need to loosen up Milacku. All this stress you hold is going to give you a heart attack..." Unless she strangled him. With a bright smile, lithe arms slipped around Jacob's neck. "Come...let me buy you a new phone. That way, when we are apart working, we can have video calls hm?" On tip toe, Livia placed a gentle kiss to perfect lips. "Then we need to discuss a few things. Namely dinner...I'm starving."
Livia Vlcek 12/02/16 "I meant snapchat, not the phone." Livia dug her heels in, pulling her hand free from his. "I'm getting a phone. You aren't going to stop me." A twisted grin arrived, one that reached her eyes. "I'll even be nice and buy you a new with all the technology."
Livia Vlcek 12/02/16 "No..." Delicate brow furrowed over pale eyes. "You will not be getting snapchat. You're too pretty. The girls will never leave you alone." She took the offered hand, somewhat unsure why he suddenly was giving her the choice in the matter. "Why are you being so...weird?"
Livia Vlcek 12/02/16 "I don't know what snapchat is...someone mentioned I should get it." The young woman stared momentarily at Jacob before her gaze drifted to a stranger passing by. She had enjoyed not being in communication with anyone, the time had been peaceful. To say the least. "Anyways, I'm going to the store to look at new phones. I should probably have one handy in case something happens."
Livia Vlcek 12/02/16 Pale eyes left Jacob's and dropped to the ground as if to hide her thoughts. Fvck. Why did she re-marry him? Livia stared for quite a few moments at the ground before icy hues returned to her male. It was an attempt to remember why she loved him. There had to be more than his pretty face and his co.. "I do not have a clue what you speak of Milacku." She was starting to think maybe he was too old for her. "I'll just go buy myself a new phone so I can get snapchat."
Livia Vlcek 12/02/16 *stares blankly* First off, I don't have a cell phone. *crosses her arms* Because THE PEOPLE AT THE FVCKING ORPHANAGE TOOK IT. *is surprised at how insensitive Jacob is*
Livia Vlcek 11/30/16 *gives him puppy eyes...then the tail* Can I has cell phone?
Livia Vlcek 11/30/16 Laughter bubbled as the toy made it's final squeak but soon dissipated when Jacob picked Livia up by the waist of her she was luggage. But this is what happens when one has a relationship with a male who is ex-military, who is in the neighbourhood of a half decade older and introverted. Much like the German in Livia's life...except to a lesser degree in all aspects. Jacob was sometimes too serious. Humour was sometimes lost to the survivalist who spent a great deal of time away from civilisation. Though generally he was of good temperament and could joke about things. Livia's brow furrowed as she tried to understand why his mood was so foul this night.

"I brought you a deer..." Livia cooed, hoping to calm the beast that carried her through the Sanctuary. "It's fresh...annnnd meaty?"

What exactly do you say to someone carrying you? Someone much larger and possibly more dangerous than oneself? "I love you." Yea, we'll go with that.
Livia Vlcek 11/30/16 Heightened senses...Livia had them. Years of being kept in a dark cell with no light, no windows, had honed her sense of touch, smell, sight and hearing.

She smelled him first, his scent mixed with the scent of cigarettes and the fabric softener she washed his clothes with, as well as the flora of the surrounding grounds. Grass mainly. Her ears picked up on near silent steps taken, the soft rubber of his soles upon tile was unmistakable. Had he been on soft earth, Jacob would have been silent. But of all her senses, her sense of touch was greatest. The slight shift of the air around her moved across overly sensitive scarred flesh. It was a blessing and a curse. The Slayer stood stock still and waited for impact, an oomph escaping as she hit the floor of the kitchen. Really? He couldn't have waited until she was on carpeted floor? Wincing beneath the male's weight, but highly amused by his words, Livia laughed loudly.

"Deal...but I will make the squeaky noises just to annoy the fvck out of you."

Beneath them both, Livia's hand squeezed at the squeaky toy in her jacket pocket to punctuate her words. Yup. She was that b*tch. Whose got next?
Livia Vlcek 11/29/16 She crept quietly into the Sanctuary, wondering where Jacob might be. He said he had been camping on the grounds of the Sanctuary but that was, well, kinda creepy at night with the funnel webs and snakes and the rest of the terrifying animals of Australia. It was, after all, like summer down under and Gods only knew what was slithering along in the dark. With a soft sigh, the young woman tossed what was left of a butchered deer on the kitchen island before turning to the sink to wash fresh blood from her hands. Really...don't ask where she got the deer. It wasn't pretty. Nonetheless, it was a gift for her spouse, for his favorite stew. "Jacob?" She called out in a somewhat reserved voice, the male being unusually stealthy for his size. He had seemed very stern when speaking to Dessa and she only hoped that he realised it was all in good fun. "I've brought you some deer...dear."
Dessa Chambers 11/29/16 "Livia Vul..." Shakes head, pretending to be unable to pronounce her last name. "Nope, doesn't ring a bell. But I will pass the message along if I see her." Wiggles her fingers in a wave goodbye as he sets off, none the wiser.
Dessa Chambers 11/29/16 Moments after she had composed herself and wiped the smirk off her face, a man came rushing up to her. It was a chore to keep her features natural. His flailing around trying to describe Livia was almost too comical, but she kept a straight face. "Livia? I'm sorry...I'm not sure I know a Livia fitting that description." Small cough. "It's been a quiet night here, just people watching. I'm sure I would have seen a woman such as that." Nods to herself. "I'll be sure to let you know if she happens by."

Perfect. She was getting good at this lying thing. She hoped.
Livia Vlcek 11/29/16 If she hadn't seen the rage in his eyes, Livia just might have sat there and laughed hysterically. Instead, she turned and sprinted and laughed because lets face it, he was half a foot taller and had over a hundred pounds on her. "I was just teasing Milacku!" Another round of laughter bubbled from scarred lips. She knew she was fvcked, hopefully the cardio training she had been doing would aid in her escape.
Livia Vlcek 11/29/16 *tosses it at Jacob* Someone wanted the squeaky toy! Who's a good boy?!
Livia Vlcek 11/29/16 Who wants the squeaky toy?! Who wants the squeaky toy?! *squeezes the toy incessantly*
Livia Vlcek 11/26/16 *smiles softly* I love you too.
Livia Vlcek 11/26/16 Yes. *grins*
Livia Vlcek 11/26/16 Pffffffffffft *sprays spittle all over the back of his neck* I do not. *contemplates* I think I'd be a good president. *scowls then smacks him in the ass*
Livia Vlcek 11/26/16 *blinks* With the snakes? *shudders* Gods, why did I come back to this city? *cries* Though, I still have the flat in Paris. *slaps a hand over her mouth*
Livia Vlcek 11/26/16 I know you can. *laughs* do you like Azhi so far? Is your room nice? *hangs limply over his shoulder* My old room was still available. *beams* It has a secret passage.
Livia Vlcek 11/26/16 *is fireman carried...loves it* Are you cooking? *is suddenly dizzy...acuz too much her.....shey's kisses* We should go to the marina, to the sailboat. Have I shown you my boat? *thinks* I told you about the boat right? *cringes* I should sell it...*contemplates*
Livia Vlcek 11/26/16 *laughs* You're such a b@stard. *kisses his nose* Maybe I am. Maybe I'm not. *grins* Maybe I just enjoy 'dinner' with you.
Livia Vlcek 11/26/16 *lifts a brow* So...determined. We'll see. *cheeky grin* Oh, the song's by Arctic Monkeys, are you mine? *nods*
Livia Vlcek 11/26/16 *gives him a sly smile* Well...if you're going to give up that easily then maybe it's a good thing you didn't drag that 'Yes!' of me, no? *blinks* What...what?
Livia Vlcek 11/26/16 *laughs* Or what? *cants head* You know I'm a silver lining lone ranger riding through an open space...
Livia Vlcek 11/26/16 I don't only call you when I'm high...*shifty eyes*
Livia Vlcek 11/11/16 She was in the midst of assisting Jacob to his feet when she was suddenly pulled off balance and falling towards the male. And while she understood that Jacob was far stronger than she, that he stood a half foot taller, she didn't expect his weight to pull her over. Or what she thought was his weight pulling her downwards.

"Sh*t!" The word rushed passed scarred lips as she fell but was suddenly met by his own full pout, his body breaking her fall until she was tangled in his arms. The fvck? The young woman stood still as stone, unsure of what was happening. Sure he had surprised her in the past with a kiss but this...this was different. "Jac.."

Livia stood silent for many moments after Jacob broke their kiss and shocked her with his words. Not only had he faked being sick...and worried her doing so...he proposed to her after she had expressed concern about marrying again. How she felt it best that she not marry because marriage wasn't really who she was. Or at least, who she thought she was. Nevermind the fact, she was mortal and he...well, he wasn't. Neither of the two knew the effects of what he had gone through, if he would ever age or if he could or couldn't be killed. Not to mention, he had disappeared for months. Left her to her own devices and demons...she had fallen too far into her own head, her abandonment issues. Livia slipped from his grasp and took a step back to process. They had always had a great time together when married. They still did even now. He had been the most stable male in her life up until she ran then resurfaced. It seemed her departure had affected him greatly, made him slightly unstable if not oddly over protective. Did they need to be married to enjoy one anothers company though?

A dangerous smile pulled at scarred visage before her hand shot out, fingers bent at the second knuckle to throat punch the large male. She was more than angry, more than confused. He couldn't have discussed her thoughts on marriage before just popping a question such as this? As endearing as his words were...

"This is how you propose?!" Her arm was recoiling for another blow. Had she had her firearms, she would have pistol whipped him into unconsciousness. Pale eyes narrowed on his nose, it was now the focal point of her anger and balled fist this time moved with lightning speed towards it. "You pretend to be worry me...then propose?!"
Livia Vlcek 11/11/16 As he fell to a knee, Livia took a step closer, slender, well muscled arm reaching for his to pull him back to his feet. He was sick and no matter how awkward she felt at times in his presence, she needed to help him. He was family. Part of her Crew. And he had loved her once. In all her craziness, with all her faults, he loved her. And she had loved him. She still loved him. They still spoke daily, had dinner together some nights. He escorted her on trips to boutiques from time to time when she felt uneasy. Things were just...different? Was that the word? She was different. Months apart, months spent at the Orphanage, had changed her...and Livia wasn't sure if it was for the better or worse. But he was still her friend, one of her best.

"C'mon cannot be 'sick' in public." If he was this weak, in this much pain, there was honestly no telling what would happen if he couldn't control what was done to him. And the fact he was a genetically engineered Lycan, the young woman hadn't a clue what could honestly happen. For all she knew, he might sprout wings and how terrifying would that be? "Can't have you becoming the peregrine falcon of the werewolf world now, can we?"

A small, diffident smile touched scarred lips as pale eyes met his darker blues. She lived close, everything is close in center Paris really. If need be, they could simply hop on the Metro and be at her apartment in minutes. Which, in his condition, might be the better plan.

"Can you walk a few blocks or should I drag you? Do you feel well enough for the Metro?"
Livia Vlcek 11/11/16 She nodded at his words, the quizzical look on his face as she returned his money...endearing really. If anyone knew the devastating effects of plateauing, it was Livia. Even if use, the reasons behind, were much different. And truth be told, she didn't need the money as much as he. Well, she wasn't sure what he had in his bank accounts but she figured it wasn't nearly what she had. Though, maybe it was. He had stolen the job from her, she imagined he was paid handsomely for her kill. Not to mention, there was a duffle bag filled with what kept the Other at bay in her apartment.

"Yes, I understand...maybe you should cut back for a while, accept a bit of the pain until your tolerance backs down?" It was just a thought; he'd be grumpier, anxious...a host of other things. "I mean, I'm not telling you how to live your life or anything, just trying to help."
Livia Vlcek 11/11/16 The young woman looked over her shoulder at her once husband and smiled. Yes, she had clothes that cost that much, even if she didn't often wear them now. But Livia had, once upon a time, much money to spend. And so she did. Now, the woman was pretty much broke. And all the expensive clothing she had in Paris, gone. Fire wasn't very good for clothing...though her closet at the Den proper still contained numerous items.

"No, not gold..." she stopped suddenly. "You serious though? You need your meds?" A single hand dipped into her front pocket and pulled out the wad of bills. "There...take it."
Livia Vlcek 11/10/16 Livia wandered by whistling innocently, flipping through a large wad of bills she had just gotten from Jacob's pocket. He was probably thoroughly annoyed by it but he had ruined quite a few of her items of clothing over the last year. Blood wasn't easy to get out of Lanvin tee's. Nor was fire. But! He was closer to paying off the million plus dollars he took from her through the job he stole.

"Thanks Milacku! That covers one tee-shirt." A devious grin, a wink, the woman slipped the stack of bills into her front pocket. "See you around..."
Livia Vlcek 10/12/16 She was near to her temporary home, well, her new home. It almost stung thinking about the situation and what had happened to her home in Le Marais. With a quiet sigh, Livia slipped between the crowds of people easily and ducked into a cafe, cigarette tossed to the ground before she entered. She didn't want to 'show' Jacob where she was staying. Hell, she didn't really want him to see what she looked like now that she was back. More scars had been added to her person, her hair much shorter than it had been and in an untameable mop of curls. She was also thinner. Much thinner than she had been. But that's what happens when you're the guest of honor at the Orphanage. Livia gazed at the room, pale eyes studying surreptiously the patrons. The patio was full and there was standing room only at the 'bar' so the young woman decided to stand there and listen to the friendly chatter of those that filled the room, her back to the door. Hopefully being surrounded by people, with a new look, would camouflage her from the scent sensitive, determined male.
Livia Vlcek 10/12/16 His words confirmed that he knew for sure it was her that stole his money. Livia began to wonder if the male needed the money lifted. She started to feel remorse then remembered how Jacob had stolen her job and pale eyes narrowed. Spitting the remaining wad of gum from her mouth across the street while lithe form took a hard right down a dark side street, slender fingers slipped into her coat pocket to pull a cigarette free. Something, anything to cover the scent of spearmint, roses, of her person. She would be better off lighting her coat on fire if that was the case. Her pace quickened at the thought while flame was put to the tip of the white cigarette betwixt scarred lips.
Livia Vlcek 10/12/16 Sh*t. He was actually chasing his assailant...her. But Livia was quick on her feet and quicker in the streets of Paris. She knew all the convenient short cuts, hiding spots...but his nose. Ugh. He knew her scent. He would be able to follow unless..

A few euros were tossed upon a counter as her right hand swiped a pack of very strong spearmint gum. As fast as she could unwrap the small pieces of gum and pop them into her mouth, she did so until there was a mass of mint to hide any scent her skin might have. But then, he could just track the spearmint right? Looking like a squirrel with cheeks packed full of gum, Livia spit one wad onto the street as she passed a fruit stand. Maybe she could ditch him on Rue de was a busy evening.
Livia Vlcek 10/11/16 She had been gone...for a long time. The Orphanage had not been kind to her; she had lost money, guns, time. So much time. Seeing a familiar form wandering the streets, Livia approached and slipped stealthy fingers into the male's pocket. Score! Knowing Jacob had a keen eye, keener hearing and very sensitive nose, the young woman bolted in the opposite direction...counting the money as she went.

You were successful in stealing $425.00 from Jacob Zev.
Livia Vlcek 08/15/16 *keeps running...possibly to the nearest airport*
*hears his spiel about revenge topped off with a yelp...good bunny*
*cackles her way down a Metro entrance*
Livia Vlcek 08/15/16 *hears his scream, the profanities*
Livia Vlcek 08/15/16 *narrows eyes*
*overhand throws bunny at Jacob's head*
*stomps off*
Livia Vlcek 08/15/16 *blinks*
*snatches bunny back*
No eating a prized bunny!
Livia Vlcek 08/15/16 *hands him a bunny*
Livia Vlcek 01/17/16 It had been a long couple of months. A very cold couple of months. Irkutsk had been unkind to the Slayer. Livia returned to Paris thinner, exhausted. The flesh of her hands, exposed to the freezing temperatures of the boreal forest, so chapped she looked like she had worked people over bare knuckled. So when she finally made it home, she imbibed greatly in a bottle of Scotch found stashed away and her usual 'extra curricular' while soaking in her beloved bath for a very long while. But there was much to ponder.

6 months previous she had met a male while on a job in Russia. Well, not a job exactly, more of a taunt to the crime boss that hunted she and Adara. What better way to insult the man than to send him a postcard from his own city? There wasn't one. She had passed the male on the way to the post office, unpleasantries were exchanged, a subsequent fight ensued and she was left unconscious. He had tended to the wounds he gave her however and the ones she inflicted on herself. He was kind. They were kindred spirits. Friendship flourished. As did love. And then she left...

Duty called. Valentin needed her talent as an artist. But with a damaged wrist, painting was difficult. Especially the work that needed to be done. While she worked for Valentin, she lived with the male that had been in her life for so long. She was reminded of the good and the bad. Of how she loved the Butcher and how she hated him. But the real reason for her extended absence, she was replicating her replica. Two paintings because...Starry Night. Adara loved the Mona Lisa like Livia loved Starry Night and the Czech woman would not see La Gioconda locked away by the buyer double crossed by Adara. It was the least Livia could do for Adara, for Starry Night. With work, time was lost, the texts she often sent to the male, waned. Four months passed. She hadn't forgotten him but she had. In her attempt to make it back to him quickly, she had neglected the one person that gave her hope. But he was not innocent in all of this either. The male made no attempt to contact her, and so, she stopped pursuing him. Livia believed him to be as others had been...A liar.

But that was then...this is now.

She sighed quietly as the last button on her coat was done when a loud crack sounded out. Running quickly downstairs, the young woman threw open her door, firearm in hand. Nothing. No one. Angry, Livia stepped outside and as she did so, a steel toed boot made contact with something. A small box. Had this been the offending object to hit her door? No, it was too soft. Someone had thrown a harder object at the door. Retrieving the package, Livia opened it and stared in confusion at a ring marred by the beauty of fire and forge. What is life without risk? I love you my darling, forever. The words, were his. The language, was hers. Pale eyes glanced over the note quickly then to the street. Minutes. He only had minutes on her...

She spotted him halfway down the street, his signature limp from the five seven she held. Elation and anger fought one another in damaged psyche at the sight of his retreating back. Slipping the box into her pocket, gun still in hand, Livia ran at the male full bore and only stopped when she was within meters of him.

"Why?" She wasn't even breathing hard when she reached Jacob. "Why do you leave? You come all this way...only to leave?" Her brow furrowed deeply as she stared at his back. "Can you not ask me to marry you in person?" Slender fingers slipped into her coat pocket, retrieved the box and extended it. "You forgot something..." Scarred pout drew upwards sharply, the flesh of her damaged cheek turning in on itself. "Me."
Livia Vlcek 09/11/15 :: You're lucky you're pretty...and that I miss you. ::

Pale eyes drifted over to the painting. Something wasn't right. The smile? Livia scrutinized her work. Valentin had said it was 'almost' perfect but hadn't elaborated on what was needed to make it 'perfect'. And while it was Adara's favorite, the young woman wasn't fond of it.

:: There's been a change of plans Milacku. When I finish here, I will be returning to New York. Meet me there? ::

Livia snapped a photo of the painting she was working on. Hopefully it would be dry in time for the exchange. Because there would be a second made, unbeknownst to Valentin. And the deal would take the Slayer further down the rabbit hole.

:: What do you think? ::
Livia Vlcek 09/11/15 :: That wasn't my point! :: Livia was frantic now. She wasn't worried he would get a disease, she was worried for the rabbit population. It had been a debilitating disease that killed off 90% of France's wild rabbits. Plus rabbits were cute. Who could eat something so adorable. Why not eat wild boar? He had two legs, he could walk further away from his camp. :: Why not hunt those raccoon dogs or civet type things? >.> ::

Because she knew Jacob loved the raccoon dogs. And probably wouldn't kill one to eat it.
Livia Vlcek 09/11/15 Delicate brow furrowed, tendrils of smoke escaped pale pout as she waited for his reply. Maybe he was busy? The thought was cut short as the phone she held buzzed in her hand. Blue green eyes moved over the text from her male. He had been hunting. Well, that explained the delay. But his quarry...just no.

:: Bunnies? You are hunting bunnies? Can you not hunt something else? You need to research Myxomatosis... ::
Livia Vlcek 09/11/15 She had been up for a few hours now, painting of course, but hadn't heard from Jacob. Leaning against the wall, cigarette dangling precariously from her lip, the young woman tapped out a quick message.

:: You behaving in the forest? ::
Livia Vlcek 09/08/15 :: I make no promises Milacku... >.> ::

With a cackle, she pressed send and butted her cigarette in the ashtray on the nightstand. It was time to rest. Morning would come soon enough.
Livia Vlcek 09/08/15 :: No rules...well...except one. No um, shifting. ::

Because that is the last thing she wanted to see. Not to mention it would give him an unfair advantage. Then again, it could be more of a challenge. She pressed another text quickly after.

:: Ok...if you want to shift, you can. But I get to use my guns and whatever assorted weapons I have. ::

Like spearmint gum...
Livia Vlcek 09/08/15 She chuckled at his subsequent replies. GPS coordinates. She'd have no problem finding him. But maybe...

:: What do you say we make this a game? A little wager if you will. I'll let you know when I leave for Paris, I'll even come out to your location. But not your exact location. It'll be a hunt of sorts, who can find who first. ::
Livia Vlcek 09/08/15 As damaged pout pulled on the filter of her cigarette, Livia's phone buzzed gently once more in her hand. Jacob was, honestly, too sweet. Again she quickly swiped a text and pressed send while tendrils of smoke drifted lazily from pale lips.

:: Maybe I'll take you to my favorite place at Lake Smackaho...they have amazing wings there. And of course I would tell you when my return flight was. Maybe... ::
Livia Vlcek 09/08/15 A soft buzz caught Livia's attention, pulled the young woman from her thoughts as she reclined in bed. Valentin had suggested she take a break from her work, it had been almost thirty hours straight that she painted and still was only partially done. With a resigned sigh, the Slayer swiped the screen of her phone to find a message from Jacob...with a picture. A soft smile curled the corners of damaged pout as she swiped a text back.

:: If you were here...:: The young woman pressed send but immediately began a second text. :: I suddenly have a craving for and sweet. Should we go to Buffalo Wild Wings after I return? ::
Livia Vlcek 09/04/15 The first few texts went unnoticed as fingers guided her paintbrush with much care and strain. Her wrist, though it was healing, was still damaged. She had been lucky that she still had the use of her fingers at all. But the third text caused her phone to rattle against her paint box, drew her attention away once again from the replica she was working on. With a quick swipe of her fingers, the screen presented all three of Jacob's text, a soft smile brightening healing face.

:: First, I will kick your ass at Black Jack because that is my game. Secondly, stay the hell away from the prefecture de police...those guys are cray. Lastly, always. Miluji te, Milacku. ::

A delicate touch of a fingertip sent the message before the young woman tossed her phone onto a rag. There was much work to be done, anymore distractions would keep her longer than she wanted to stay deep within the Boreal forest.
Livia Vlcek 09/04/15 :: Miss me? Or are you just upset because I stole alla your money in that last poker game? ::

With a curl of her lips, she pressed send. Being stuck in the Taiga painting, away from any distractions, has been trying to her patience.
Livia Vlcek 09/03/15 *Blam* You were successful in casting the spell, your defense has been increased

You jealous? *grins*
Livia Vlcek 09/01/15 *laughs* In your dreams...I'm not losing $500k. Hell no.
*blinks* I can't afford to.
Livia Vlcek 09/01/15 *furrows brow* Just a pound? You started me on this whole non vegan thing and all you've got to offer is a pound? Pfft.
*nods* Well, you're in luck. I have a meager $ it looks like we're all set then.
Livia Vlcek 09/01/15 *gasps* You're fvcking crazy...
*grins* How much you bringin' to the table?
Livia Vlcek 09/01/15 *hangs limply from his shoulder* Mhmm...of course. That's what you said last time. I think I overturned that idea. Blew right by ya, in fact.
*thinks* We can skip the ATM though...
*giggles* I have alla your money.
*raises brows* Unless you need the ATM?
Livia Vlcek 09/01/15 *contemplates from Jacob's shoulder* I don't think I want to play double or nothing...
*on the other hand...if she won again* But...if you want to give me all of it, I'll gladly accept.
*grins...not that Jacob can see from his position*
*looks down*
*pokes him in the butt*
Livia Vlcek 09/01/15 *drags towards the poker room*
Livia Vlcek 08/30/15 *blinks* words.
Livia Vlcek 08/30/15 *swats away the shirt and snake*
*cackles* Would it have been better if I yelled, "Styx...I choose you!"
*fit of maniacal laughter*
Livia Vlcek 08/30/15 *falls to the ground*
*laughing hysterically*
Livia Vlcek 08/30/15 *attaches a dead snake to the back of Jacob's shirt*
*releases the Styx!*
*waits for it...*
Livia Vlcek 08/30/15 "Now you're just trying to get me in trouble..." she gives a Cheshire grin to the male. "I think I might like it."
Livia Vlcek 08/30/15 "Hey now!" Swats at Jacob with a laugh. "I will give you that it was a very large building...but not a block."
Livia Vlcek 08/30/15 "I wouldn't say a block..." A laugh escapes the Czech woman. "You boys always exaggerating about the size of things."

Livia Vlcek 08/30/15 "Dobra." A grin pulls at sutured cheek. "Always remember, hm?"
Livia Vlcek 08/29/15 You don't have to tell me...You show me, everyday.
*smiles softly* Now...Let us prepare to destroy our Go Fish competitors.
*wanders towards the nearest buffalo wild wings*
Livia Vlcek 08/29/15 *presses her lips tightly together...because she's an ass and giving Jacob a hard time*
*thinks it's only fair because he gives her a -very- hard time*
*smiles into his kiss and whispers* It's because English is my second language...
*waves a brand new deck of cards at the male* Go Fish tournament is coming up. We need to prepare.
Livia Vlcek 08/29/15 *nods* Well, I'm sure your female will appreciate that when you find her. Anyways, gotta run...eharmony is calling for me.
Livia Vlcek 08/29/15 *narrows eyes* You've been doing heavy hitters on my bong again, haven't you...
*pushes face away* You're such a d!ck.
Congrats on PotD!
Livia Vlcek 08/29/15 Gods I love that fvcking face. *grins* Especially on my...Scotch bottle.
Livia Vlcek 08/28/15 *nods* Of course...I wouldn't expect anything less.
*thinks maybe she needs to find Edward, ask him for the card she had him hold*
*smiles weakly*
Livia Vlcek 08/28/15 *wide eyed* But I have a deck!
*clears throat* I already have a deck right here, I mean...
Livia Vlcek 08/28/15 *grins* A literal pound of flesh?
*pinches his waist* You might be able to afford some. I on the other hand WILL have to win.
*nods* Sounds like a deal...a pound of flesh and a night on the town. Winner takes all.
Livia Vlcek 08/28/15 *taps her lower lip with index finger* Hm...what would you like to bet?
*cants head*
Livia Vlcek 08/28/15 *arches a brow* Care to wager on the game?
*might have a really bad gambling problem by now*
*ponders what she could bet...might have a deck of 51*
Livia Vlcek 08/28/15 *jogs up to* You busy?
*shifty eyes* I wanted to play go fish...but it's difficult to do alone
*puppy eyes*
Livia Vlcek 08/23/15 *grits teeth, runs to wash eyes out*
Livia Vlcek 08/23/15 *dodges, does not break eye contact then pokes his eye*
Livia Vlcek 08/22/15 *stares at*
Livia Vlcek 08/20/15 *nods* I completely agree. *grins deviously*
Livia Vlcek 08/20/15 *winks* My pleasure.
Livia Vlcek 08/20/15 *wolf whistles* Looking good... It was dire I told you this.
Livia Vlcek 08/18/15 Every time she hit the mat? In his fvcking dreams. A casual glance over her shoulder, pale eyes narrowed as a half c*cked grin pulled at damaged flesh. "Yea...sure princess."
Livia Vlcek 08/18/15 "The only thing that is going to break..." She bit her tongue. If a balled fist was showing too much then she'd stop her sentence right there. "Sure, training room. Sounds...amazing."

Livia continued down the hall, the opposite direction of the training facility they had. What fun would it be if things weren't broken. She had insurance. But first, she needed a shower. To rid her body of the plague of glitter.
Livia Vlcek 08/18/15 What the fvck was wrong with people? Glitter? SERIOUSLY? Did they not know how dangerous glitter was? To the eyes...the skin? Livia sighed deeply as freshly straightened locks began to curl while rainbow glitter, probably produced in his ass, rained down on her. He seriously...was always so happy. How? How did he manage it? A twisted smile pulled at her lips. She knew exactly why he was so happy.

"Hey Jacob...thanks." Her head canted slightly as a fist balled up. "Care to teach me some more krav maga?"
Livia Vlcek 08/13/15 *hive fives*
*fish bumps*
*blows it up* Did I miss any?
Livia Vlcek 08/13/15 *glances at* Mhmm...sure.
*tries not to laugh* Well, we can take care of your documents later. The ruins are just across the street there.
Livia Vlcek 08/12/15 *glares* I knew you weren't from Russia...
*scowls because he is just being difficult now*
*mutters obscenities under her breath*
*stalks away*
Livia Vlcek 08/12/15 *lips press together momentarily* you aren't from Russsssia.
*thinks he's just trying to be difficult or mysterious* So, if you were to be from somewhere in the EU, where would you be from?
*stares at* You know, so we can update your file. *taps her temple*
Livia Vlcek 08/12/15 *raises brows* depends on if you are a citizen of a country in the European Union or not.
Livia Vlcek 08/12/15 I meant, in general...not just today. *laughs* Just leave them alone. I don't need the attention brought to the club.

Besides, France has very strict citizenship laws. *stares*
Nicolai Mihaylov 08/11/15 Nic took his own hand back, bringing it to casual rest at his side. "Jacob, not Jake. Note taken." He bobbed his head once briefly in acknowledgement before turning to go.
Nicolai Mihaylov 08/10/15 Nic took the hand extended, shook it firmly and made respectful eye contact. "Thank you, I'll keep your kind words in mind, if I might know your name?" He was well aware the missive sent out contained his but the names of the others had yet to be paired off with faces.
Livia Vlcek 08/10/15 *leads him upstairs to ground level* See that building we is the side of Prefecture de Police. Behind us is the direction of my home...across the Seine and a few blocks North.
*lights a cigarette she's pulled from jacket pocket* Do not fvck with these all. The detectives are friendly enough but remember what I told you on the train.
*leads him east on Rue de Lutece, towards the street and Notre Dame* And don't be surprised if you see officers patrolling on foot with fully automatic firearms.
Livia Vlcek 08/10/15 *smiles deviously as the train pulls into Cite*
*reaches back to grasp at his hand as she makes her way off the train*
Let's walk and talk...I want to show you something before we visit the Church.
Livia Vlcek 08/10/15 *brightens at the topic change* The ruins are the original Roman settlement that eventually became Paris.
*cants head* Did you not want to see Notre Dame? You seem more interested in the Crypts...there is also a room, well multiple rooms, that contain treasures of Notre Dame.
Livia Vlcek 08/10/15 *smiles*
*whispers* You're very lucky we're in a public place...
*nods and smiles at other nearby passengers*
*whispers* Many Parisians speak English, Jacob...mind your tongue.
*leans against a pole* It took months, I was not allowed to drive after, and I was grounded. So...
Livia Vlcek 08/09/15 *just stares at*
*stares at some more*
*train arrives*
*quickly boards train*
*wants to assault him...too many people*
*grumbles* I do not have a television...and you have never been to my house.
*glances over her shoulder* I had a bad accident...I'll leave it at that.
*does not want to relive being called 'tubey'*
Livia Vlcek 08/09/15 *neglects to tell him the ruins are beneath the city too* I can understand that.
*has no idea what it feels like to be a wolf*
*takes the last drag off her cigarette before extinguishing it and putting it in the trash* The only way I will sit still long enough to watch an episode is if I'm in the bath.
*shrugs* I didn't see a television until I was nineteen. And then I was in an accident that left me weak with wolf saliva on the brain.
*shudders* Literally.
Livia Vlcek 08/09/15 *frowns* And if I do not want to watch this Doctor?
*slips the sanitizer back into her pocket* I love the Metro when traveling greater distances. Not that it is far, but I want to make sure we have enough time for viewing.
*grins* It's a long way up to the top and there is much to see.
Livia Vlcek 08/09/15 *passes the sanitizer over her shoulder*
*plucks the cigarette from her lips*
*exhales deeply* I don't extract information Jacob...that isn't my line of work. Not usually.
*comes to a door and shoulders it open* If I want something, I take it. I don't have time for gaining people's trust.
*steps into a metro station* Now, we wait for the train.
Livia Vlcek 08/09/15 *blinks* But I don't watch television...
*chuckles* Just don't touch the walls. At all. I seriously don't know if the Plague still exists on them...
*reaches into jacket pocket and pulls hand sanitizer out*
*holds cigarette with teeth, slathers on the antibacterial gel* Not kidding.
Livia Vlcek 08/09/15 *turns to look over her shoulder* The Doctor? I don't understand...
*follows the stairs deeper into Paris' belly* It's a long way down...and the maid service has been on vacation for roughly nine hundred years.
*exhales a cloud of smoke* So we might get dirty, yes.
Livia Vlcek 08/09/15 *she hated Camel's but beggars can't be choosers*
*takes a cigarette*
*stops, turns, lights hers off his*
*nods* Dekuji...
*exhales* Allons-y!
*exits into the tunnels beneath Paris* You'll thank me for making you change.
Livia Vlcek 08/09/15 *leans against doorjamb* We're going as tourists...not attendees.
*studies as he exits his room* Yes. Much.
*turns quickly towards the exit* Let's goooooo.
Livia Vlcek 08/09/15 *turns to look at him* What...are you wearing?
*stops* Are we attending mass?
*is completely bewildered* I'm in denims, a tank top and jacket...and steel toed boots.
*pushes him towards his room* Put your jeans back on and a fresh tee shirt.
*laughs* look like my pimp.
Livia Vlcek 08/09/15 *raises brow as they pass his room* Better hurry...
*keeps walking*
Livia Vlcek 08/09/15 *laughs* Good to know.
*nods her head toward the exit* Come...let's go to Notre Dame. I'm sure you will love the church.
Livia Vlcek 08/09/15 *lifts brow* Redundant puppy is redundant?
*elbows softly*
Livia Vlcek 08/09/15 *nods* Trust when I say, my face will be the last you see...hovering over yours.
Livia Vlcek 08/09/15 *grins* Well now you know...
Livia Vlcek 08/09/15 *furrows brow* Did I give you my last name though?
Livia Vlcek 08/09/15 *laughs* I don't think many people go looking for a faceless name in a book.
Livia Vlcek 08/09/15 No...*shows him a picture* I actually signed the guest book.
Livia Vlcek 08/09/15 *grins* They even have a guest book...
*shifty eyes* I signed it.
Livia Vlcek 08/09/15 *shudders as she steps from her burnt room* Yea...I think about that every time I use the restroom or take a bath.
*laughs nervously* Is that weird?
*blinks* Notre Dame still gives back to the less's not just a tourist attraction.
*grabs his arm suddenly* OH! The ruins beneath! I'll take you there as well.
Livia Vlcek 08/09/15 *takes another bite of the gooey dessert she holds*
*chews thoughtfully*
*swallows* I don't actually practice. I've never been to pray...just to study.
*blinks* I know, I'm strange for going to church for no reason.
Livia Vlcek 08/09/15 *stands quickly as he grabs the extinguisher*
*moves out of the way, shielding her s'more* It's actually amazing...if you appreciate architecture and stained glass and paintings and sculptures...
*smiles softly* Sorry. I just love Notre Dame.
Livia Vlcek 08/09/15 *chews her s'more thoughtfully* are saying that I am not smart enough to beat you at your own game?
*stares pointedly at* I don't know whether to take it as a compliment or insult...
*grins slowly* Notre Dame is close. Have you been?
Livia Vlcek 08/09/15 *blinks* No...thank you.
*eyes suspiciously* Why are you being so nice?
*furrows brow* Is this where you take me to church and make me repent for my sins against your belongings?
*cants head*'re Jewish yes?
Livia Vlcek 08/09/15 Dollar per m.g hm? *peels off 36 one hundred dollar bills*
*snags a s'more*
*makes it rain money*
*grins* Lightweight...
Livia Vlcek 08/09/15 *takes out a roll of bills* Please...
*lifts brow* Charge me for a s'more then. How much.
*eyeballs the dessert in his hand*
Livia Vlcek 08/09/15 *smells stuff burning*
*realises it's coming from her 'room'*
*runs and bursts through the door*
*sees Jacob making s'mores*
*grins* I hope you have one of those for me?
Livia Vlcek 08/08/15 *wakes up*
*creeps out of Jacob's bathroom*
*quietly slides the dresser aside and opens the door*
*looks left, then right*
*strolls slowly down the hall*
Livia Vlcek 08/08/15 *doesn't usually stay in the Sanctuary itself for the safety of others*
*therefore duffel bag in question doesn't reside in Sanctuary*
*is winning since he does NOT know where her house is*
Livia Vlcek 08/08/15 *begins to find stashed pills*
*gathers all*
*doesn't need to leave the room because...there's a bathroom in every room*
*decides a nap is necessary*
*falls asleep in the tub*
Livia Vlcek 08/08/15 *watches him leave*
*is sitting in his room...alone*
*looks around*
*kicks the door closed, jumps up and locks it*
*moves the large dresser against the door*
*tosses his room like she's a drug dog looking for well...drugs*
*giggles maniacally*
Livia Vlcek 08/08/15 *cants head* I don't remember...letters?
*tries to think very hard* Mdmapcplsd? Dslpcpamdm?
*takes another long drag* I think I can smell colors...
Livia Vlcek 08/08/15 *takes a deep drag* Thanks...I feel like I've been pistol whipped.
*tries to think but it hurts her brain* Maybe I shouldn't have tipped those darts...
Livia Vlcek 08/08/15 *has practically been lobotomised and was now expected to catch a pack of smokes?*
*watches the pack fly past*
*sighs quietly*
*bends over with a wince and picks the pack up* Thanks...
*pulls one free and slips it between damaged lips* Light?
Livia Vlcek 08/08/15 *wanders aimlessly*
*cannot find her cigarettes...or her brain*
*runs into Jacob* You got a smoke?
Livia Vlcek 08/08/15 *grabs the bandage on her forehead*
*mumbles something about flushing pills*
*limps away*
*plots doom*
Livia Vlcek 08/08/15 *is distracted by the white tee-shirt*
That looks really goo..
*takes the second dart to the forehead like some demented unicorn*
*blinks and drops the trash can lid* WHAT THE FVCK JACOB...
Livia Vlcek 08/08/15 *takes a dart to the thigh* UNGH!
*pulls it out and throws it back with force* NO!
*grabs a trash can lid*
Livia Vlcek 08/08/15 *throws darts at*
Livia Vlcek 08/06/15 Hm...*takes a drag off her cigarette* Maybe we'll have to look at the files instead, no? See how they engineered your body.*exhales a plume of smoke* Shouldn't be too hard to find any information.
Livia Vlcek 08/06/15 *furrows brows* Wouldn't a boosted metabolism mean you would lose weight? *hella confused*
Livia Vlcek 08/06/15 *calls over shoulder* STOP FOLLOWING ME STALKER!
*cackles and stops running* I'm teasing.
*appraises as she strolls past the Metro entrance* Hate for you to lose too much weight.
Livia Vlcek 08/06/15 *narrows eyes* There is a HUGE difference between salad and wings...and her...shey's kisses.
*purses lips* Doesn't the smell fvck you up...with your puppy nose and all?
*cants head* It's back at my house, a short Metro ride away.
*thinks* You're sorta suspect...I dunno if I want you in my house.
Livia Vlcek 08/06/15 *raises brows innocently* I didn't know you liked it?
*grins* Come...suck on my ten foot pipe...
*tries not to laugh* I'll even light it for you.
*cants head* But the rule gotta cash it and clear it.
Livia Vlcek 08/06/15 *gives a half grin* James Dean was amazing.
*catches the visine*
*squeezes a few drops into her eyes* eyes have been burning badly.
*blinks a few times* Must be the ten footers I've been pulling.
Livia Vlcek 08/06/15 *catches the pack* Not sure I can promise to not shoot at you.
*slips a cigarette from the pack before tossing it back* You're just so shootable...
*nods and slips the smoke between her lips* Blue jeans...white shirt.
*cackles and lights her cigarette*
Livia Vlcek 08/06/15 *well, he was still alive, so that was something...* Black? White might look better on you though.
*holsters gun*
*pats pockets* You have a smoke?
Livia Vlcek 08/06/15 *points the barrel at the wall*
*giggles quietly* Sure...I'll get right on that...
*pulls trigger*
Livia Vlcek 08/06/15 *draws her gun...because she hates to chase after people*
*calls after* You're going to need to run faster!
*fires randomly...not really trying to hurt him...maybe*
Livia Vlcek 08/06/15 *laughs* Ok, so maybe there are two things I am quick to do.
*thinks* I think that is it to be honest.
Livia Vlcek 08/06/15 *crosses arms* It's just an underground showing...
*cants head* Nothing fast about friendship.
*arches brow* I don't ever do anything quickly. *chuckles*
Livia Vlcek 08/06/15 *leans against the doorjamb*
*looks at her fingernails* Mhmm...same thing.
*gazes up at* And I'm not sure. I imagine across the world by now.
*plots doom* Oh...that's great.
Livia Vlcek 08/06/15 *tosses a pill bottle at* Congrats on being Milk Carton Kid of the Day! Thought we lost you.
*sad face*'re still here.
*presses lips together*
*tries not to smile*
Livia Vlcek 08/05/15 Imagine that...*speed walks away before he figures out what happened*
*broad grin tugs at sutures*
Livia Vlcek 08/05/15 *grins as she walks away* No, it looks like you already had your fill.
*waves over her shoulder* Your eyes...something in them.
Livia Vlcek 08/05/15 *wanders back by* Congratulations.
*stares at*
*studies as smoke drifts betwixt damaged lips*
*turns to leave*
*looks over shoulder at Jacob*
*tosses back a bottle of Visine*
Livia Vlcek 08/05/15 *BUSTED* Well...fvck.
*jumps up* I eat! A lot!
*scowls and kicks HARD* I had Cowboy cuisine just the other day...
*walks away quickly*
Livia Vlcek 08/04/15 *falls dramatically*
*lays there* I do not know why you would slip and knock yourself out...did you forget to take your medication?
*looks over at him with brow arched* I was making lemon tartes.
*shifty eyes* I do not know what this squirt gun you speak of is...
Livia Vlcek 08/04/15 *offended* I haven't a clue what you speak of...
*lies* You kicked down my office door, knocked a bottle of oil from my hand then slipped on the liquid and hit your head.
*watches him crawl* But at least you're learning your place...
Livia Vlcek 08/04/15 *wanders back down the hall towards his once unconscious body*
*nudges with toe* You alive?
*stares at, brow furrowed*
Livia Vlcek 08/03/15 *screams as she is hit with the spray and the shirt* IT BURNS!
*blinks...alot* this...
*sniffs at shirt* Lemon...juice?
*removes tank top from her face*
*looks down at Jacob* Ooops.
*is immediately assaulted by spearmint, screams...again* IT BURNS!
*jumps over Jacob, grabbing his collar as she passes*
*drags him down the hall*
*shifty eyes*
*runs to her room*
Livia Vlcek 08/03/15 *tosses spearmint essential oil to the ground*
*wants to scream but is afraid to open her mouth*
*holds empty hand in front of her as a mini shield*
*steps forward and swings at him wildly with the syringe*
*room is suddenly overpowered by spearmint scent*
Livia Vlcek 08/03/15 *it was going to be a standoff because there is no way in hell she's opening the door*
*is glad there is a restroom in her office*
*says sweetly* Come innnnn...
*readies her essential oil bomb and syringe*
Livia Vlcek 08/03/15 *races downstairs*
*bursts through her office door*
*shuts and locks it quickly*
*grabs bottle of spearmint essential oil, holding it like a grenade*
*smiles darkly*
Livia Vlcek 08/03/15 *is almost to the office*
*feels shirt dampen*
*screams like a girl*
*pulls her tank top off*
*shudders in disgust*
*runs through the club in just a brassiere*
Livia Vlcek 08/03/15 *slips past him*
*sticks tongue out at his back*
*runs for dear life down the street, barefoot*
*just needs to reach her office*
Livia Vlcek 08/03/15 *clasps hand over mouth to keep from laughing*
*is a bit mortified to be honest*
*dumps pile of gum in one spot*
*readies a bottle of hand sanitizer in one hand, a syringe filled with ketamine in the other*
Livia Vlcek 08/03/15 *grabs pile of individually wrapped chewing gum*
*moves silently through the row of buildings*
*tosses pieces of gum randomly as she moves*
*changes her position to downwind*
Livia Vlcek 08/03/15 *is hiding somewhere*
*uses a rubber band as a slingshot*
*rapid fires spearmint gum at Jacob*
Livia Vlcek 08/02/15 *is about to say something*
*decides against it*
*hates him for his ability to twist her words and actions*
*pulls another pack of gum from her pocket*
*mushes his face with it*
Livia Vlcek 08/02/15 *stares at* I didn't get that were wasted though. Could barely sing that remake.
*glares* You even fell off the barstool as you pretended to drive a car.
*blinks* What the fvck are you talking about...gummies? Pfft. That isn't GUM.
Livia Vlcek 08/02/15 *blinks* You did not prove anything with your singing.
*swats at*
*thinks* Do they make floral gum?
*raises brows* I've never heard of that before...
Livia Vlcek 08/02/15 *gasps as gum is ripped from her hands*
*watches the pack fly across the street*
*glares* That's so ruuuuude...
*spits gum at* just think you're a better singer.
*cants head* Bless you.
Livia Vlcek 08/02/15 *stares at*
*looks at pack*
*frowns*'s sugar-free. Poisonous to you isn't it.
*shifty eyes*
Livia Vlcek 08/02/15 *wanders up*
*holds out a pack of spearmint gum*
*lifts brows* Gum?
Livia Vlcek 07/31/15 *pulls up on the scarf around her neck until it covers the lower half of her face* C'mon...Metro is this way.
*heads towards the staircase across the street* I don't think we'll be returning this...
*stares at* Did you wish him a goodnight as well? Where are your manners? Seriously...I can't take you anywhere.
Livia Vlcek 07/31/15 *blinks*
*grabs the karaoke machine*
*mumbles as she walks out the back door* Did you really need to kill him? Or mortally wound him? Seriously?
*hand on hip* I can't take you anywhere...
Livia Vlcek 07/31/15 *frowns* Why do I have to do the illegal things?
*shrugs* Just make sure there aren't any cameras...
*stares pointedly at*
Livia Vlcek 07/31/15 *glares at* Because it's a strip club not a fvcking sports bar?
*scowls* I hate karaoke...unless it's me picking music to sing to.
*shifty eyes*
Livia Vlcek 07/31/15 ORRRRR...we can take it back to the club and um...drink for free. *thinks harder*
*looks at the time* Everyone is gone for the night! We could sing allllll night lonnnnnng.
*bounces excitedly* Lead the way!
Livia Vlcek 07/31/15 *blinks* Jesus...we need a few drinks. And a karaoke machine.
*stands* Google that sh*t. You're better at it than I am.
*lies...she's just lazy*
*and maybe high*
*rubs forehead* That's gonna leave a mark...which I find hilarious.
Livia Vlcek 07/31/15 *laughs* I think I would lose my fvcking mind if there were more than one of you.
*cants head* We should just find a karaoke bar...killing people is what we do for a living.
*continues on with the song* I can see I was wrong, didnít take very long...I go dark when youíre gone, we could start it agaaaaaaaain...
Livia Vlcek 07/31/15 *swats at*
*lays there*
*blinks* When there are only one of you I will stand. Until then...the ground is my friend.
*sits quietly for many moments*
*suddenly breaks out in song...loudly* We do the rendezvous...I wanna meet back up with you...I know you're miles away...I wanna take back my mistake.
Livia Vlcek 07/31/15 *glares over shoulder* Hush...
*runs into a lamp post*
*bounces off*
*lays there* Stupid 'Rendezvous' song.
Livia Vlcek 07/31/15 Not dates. *glares*
Ok, you get the back door...*blinks*
That just sounds wrong. *shifty eyes*
I'll get the front and no...I can't carry your big ass around. *shakes head*
*runs wildly away a la Calvin and Hobbes*
Livia Vlcek 07/31/15 *stares at* Second date?
*blinks* Are we calling these dates?
*thinks* I dunno if they constitute as dates...more like training missions.
*huffs* I do not like the Applebees...or was it Chili's?
*furrows brow* I guess Applebees. But you are in charge of the cameras this time.
Livia Vlcek 07/31/15 I did lock the door...
*blinks* Oh you meant the bathroom door.
*kicks rocks* I thought you meant the front door.
*cants head* But how did they know it was us if I killed everyone in there?
Livia Vlcek 07/31/15 *quirks a brow*
You high?
*shifty eyes*
Did you go to Buffalo Wild Wings without me?!
Livia Vlcek 07/31/15 *wanders by*
*throws a sharp index finger at his chest*
Faia Shiria 07/27/15 "Yeah. They're tricky like that but you'll get it eventually if ya keep trying." Faia smiled knowing how difficult it had been to get her own copy of the key. "You're welcome and good luck. I'll keep an eye out for ya just in case ya need bailing again"
Faia Shiria 07/27/15 "Come on now. Skidadle!" Faia said and laughed as she held the door to the Dungeon open.
Livia Vlcek 07/23/15 *blinks*
*hops off his back*
*stares* Dear Gods...I've made you a Lana wh*re...
*cackles and swings open the door* After goddamn beautiful disaster.
Livia Vlcek 07/23/15 *shifty eyes*
*whispers* Should we eat first or use the restrooms first?
*winces* Alla this bouncin' around is killing my bladder...I drank too much Mountain Dew.
*shifty eyes* Diet...Mountain Dew...
*sees another Lana song in there somewhere*
Livia Vlcek 07/23/15 *gags a little* Ew...just...ew Jacob.
*bounces around on his back merrily* Wooooo! Piggy back rides!
*thinks* I shall call you, White Lightning...
Livia Vlcek 07/23/15 Fvck IHOP.
*cackles* I'll run...
*runs faster* I'm a cardio machine!
*stumbles slightly* I said nothing about coordination!
Livia Vlcek 07/23/15 *is dragged along*
*nods lots*
*shifty eyes* Is it far?
Livia Vlcek 07/23/15 *runs...wait where are they?* Can you find the nearest one?
*shifty eyes*
*is too 'intoxicated' to recollect*
*waves a hundo* My treat!
Livia Vlcek 07/23/15 *jumps up* Wanna go to Buffalo Wild Wings?
Livia Vlcek 07/23/15 *dies*
*golf claps from the ground*
Very proud. *laughs hysterically*
Livia Vlcek 07/23/15 *tortures with Lana*
Red, white, blue is in the sky
Summer's in the air and Baby, heaven's in your eyes...
*waits for it*
Livia Vlcek 07/15/15 Hahahahahaha! You're welcome!
Livia Vlcek 07/15/15 HAPPY BIRTHDAY! *showers in pink and silver confetti*
*does a happy dance*
Livia Vlcek 07/07/15 Blue eyes stared in mild disbelief as the flesh of his arm began to split. It was enough to distract her from the situation, unfortunately. As his grip tightened on her forearm, forcing her hand open, the firearm fell free from her grasp and to the ground. Things were certainly not looking good for the Slayer, not at all. At least she didn't have to cheat to win a fight.

That was probably the last conscious thought Livia had as his large fist made contact with the bundle of nerves in her armpit. Known to cause temporary muscle paralysis or anesthesia if the blow was hard enough, darkness suddenly encroached her vision and the world slipped quickly away. Lucky for her, and him, because now his fist was making contact to the already unconscious Livia's jaw. Was that just to add insult to injury? Regardless, that was going to smart when she woke up. Whenever that might be.

The Slayer's body rag dolled beneath his grasp, body hanging limply. It would probably be best he left her where he stood or she might actually have to kill him when she awoke. Or torture him slowly, over many weeks. Many, many weeks. Livia would probably opt for the latter since she would be unemployed for as long as her left arm was damaged.

Yea...not exactly what I meant by give me what I want. But, duly noted.
Livia Vlcek 07/07/15 It wasn't going to be easy. She knew this as fact when he agreed so easily only to throw the slide high and wide. She braced herself for a tackle but realised too late that he had within his hand a punch knife. As the blade made contact with her wrist, the Slayer dropped the weapon and caught it with her right. Thank Herstal that five sevens were ambidextrous.

White-hot pain seared her soul, it was sobering really. Nothing like having a punch knife wedged between one's radius and ulna. She felt a little like Jesus...just not as cool. She didn't scream, she wouldn't give him the satisfaction of saying he made her scream. Instead, Livia leaned into the male, right hand turning inward, put the barrel to his lateral hamstring and double tapped the trigger. It wouldn't be a life threatening injury, but it would hurt like hell and the large wound channels would probably 'hamstring' him.

"I was going to offer you a job...a place to rest your head." Her words a hiss between clenched teeth, her face flushed red with anger and pain. The other was surfacing quickly, lurking just below the previously placid surface of her psyche. Which was never good because 'she' didn't give in. She'd fight until the Czech woman could no longer stand. "Now, I think I'll just teach you how to kneel."

Just give me what I want...and no one gets hurt.
Livia Vlcek 07/07/15 Ex-Mossad. His revelation was not surprising at all, now that she thought about it. Livia nodded her head slowly as he spoke, taking in and processing what he said, filing it away in a new folder within her mind. She should have known. The way he moved, his accent. Krav Maga was no joke nor was Mossad. And then the wheels began to turn inside damaged psyche. She could use someone with his skills in her family.

"We could...but you look tired." A friendlier smile took to her face, her tone more playful than it had been. Still, he had her slide and the barrel it housed. And he was appraising her. Did he not believe what she told him? The Slayer would let him wonder. "I don't think you have the endurance for my needs."

"I'd like my slide back, if you don't mind." Her left hand slipped to the small of her back, drew from the holster the second firearm she kept on her person. And this is what made her laugh...hysterically. Had she wanted him dead, they would not be having this conversation. Upper arm tight to her side, elbow bent with the five seven resting at chest level, Livia pointed the barrel in the male's direction while her right hand motioned towards her. "You can toss it to me gently, thank you."
Livia Vlcek 07/07/15 Livia hit the slide release and rolled opposite from the man's momentum pulling her gun as she did so. He could have the barrel if he really wanted a token of their rendez-vous. She could always buy another. It wasn't like the gun was registered in her name anyways. She was up on her feet in seconds, her back sore but nothing she couldn't handle. Sure she might be expelling blood in her urine but where's the fun if one is not living dangerously?

"Foreplay?" This was his version? She wasn't even bleeding yet. "How disappointing..."

A cruel smile curled the corners of pale pout...until he said she surprised him and suggested military. She stood more upright, face devoid of any emotion, and tucked the partial gun into the waist of her denims. So now a woman needed to be trained by a military to be useful or dangerous?

" Not quite." A brow arched and from his question, she knew he was for sure now. "You? What are your credentials? Spetsnaz? Mossad?"
Livia Vlcek 07/06/15 The arm around his neck afforded her the ability to feel his head come back before snapping forward. Which was all the warning Livia really needed to move her own head to the side and dodge what could have been a potentially devastating blow.

Now...she's had enough. And where the head goes, the body follows. Right?

Back forced to the ground by his weight, as his head came down next to hers, Livia's arm slipped from behind his neck and attempted to push it to her far right while twisting left. Judging by the moves, he's Mossad...or former Mossad...which meant he'd be dangerous in close quarter combat. The Slayer is not trained in any particular martial art, she's simply a bar fighter, and with the weight difference, in danger of defeat if she remains on the ground.

"I don't kiss on the first date."
Livia Vlcek 07/06/15 A quiet growl emitted from her throat. No one touched her guns, they were sacred to Livia. The magazine dropped as he pressed the release and none too soon...because the firearm won't fire without it and her finger was already in the process of pulling the trigger. Lucky him.

Two strikes to her kidney...that was going to hurt like hell when she was no longer under the influence. But for now, Livia took it like a champ, maybe even flashed a dangerous smile at the man. Her pain tolerance wasn't like that of a civilian, years at the Orphanage trained her well, prepared her for what life might sling in her direction. She might have even liked it. Might? Pfft. She definitely did.

With an ever so quiet groan, Livia raised her foot from the ground, since she was supported by the larger male, and sent a steel toe boot to his medial knee. They might both come crashing down, but at least he wouldn't be able to throw damaging body blows to soft tissues.

"Is this where you ask me out on a date? Because it sounds like you're trying to be romantic..."
Livia Vlcek 07/06/15 Livia blinked. She didn't know what planet he was on, but she was in Moscow. Wasn't she? She could be wrong, the girl had been under the influence of narcotics for a few days. And then he insulted her...Or thought he had. Told her that he would worry about ruining a pretty face but it seemed someone already had. How...original.

Yes, her face was twice. Once by her dead husband. And recently by her own hand.

The Czech woman was about to retort when his leg slipped behind hers and she was suddenly falling backwards. And that's ok...because her left arm was attempting to hook around his neck while her right hand pulled a firearm from the small of her back to place beneath his chin.

"I thought we were going to fight, not dance." Livia barked a laugh then whispered quietly, "Jestlize jsem schopen vyrezat svuj vlastni oblicej do krachu, predstavte si co jsem mohl delat aby vas."
Livia Vlcek 07/06/15 Assumed he knew Czech? That was laughable. Livia was speaking her native tongue. Would it have been better to speak English and assume he understood that? Maybe French? Or Russian? How about German? The Slayer turned abruptly and stalked towards the male.

"I assumed nothing. I will speak my native tongue when I please, just as I am sure you would have." She moved closer, almost nose to nose with the male. Livia could argue all night if he wanted. "What would you have said, to be polite? Good evening? That would be assuming I spoke English no? Bonsoir? Buonasera? Would that not be assuming I spoke those languages as well? You would have used your native tongue, no?"

A broader smile replaced the sneer. "You wanna fight? I've got some free time..."
Livia Vlcek 07/06/15 A half c*cked grin took to lacerated visage. With such a dismissive nature, Livia wasn't looking forward to meeting him again. And she made no qualms letting him know this as she turned on her heel. "Doufam, ze ne. Dalo by se dovolit naucit zpusobum."
Livia Vlcek 07/06/15 Livia stopped abruptly at his words. He had just replied in her native tongue but his accent was different. Dark brows furrowed over cerulean pools. He wasn't Czech nor was he Slovak. She'd guess by his features Russian but again, the accent wasn't correct. It was thicker, softer. The harshness wasn't there, almost muffled to her sensitive ears. "Dekuji, Pane."
Livia Vlcek 07/06/15 "Dobry vecer..." Livia nodded as she passed the male, pale eyes studying intently his face and dress. He was one she hadn't seen in all her travels as of late. Perhaps he was new to the Realm of Perception. Perhaps he was simply a sheep.
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