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Mara Lenore 10/10/19 Text:
Cheese Cake Factory!
[Directions Attached]
Mara Lenore 10/10/19 Reply:
And the wallet this was your idea. 😂
Mara Lenore 10/09/19 Unkown Number: Text
Sweetheart In New York and I'm hungry.
Mara Lenore 10/04/19 Sinister smiles "Tell you what sweetheart. I will do such but you paying!" She laughed holding her sides. "Hope you have a fat wallet?" She winked and walked away. "You know how to reach me!"
Mara Lenore 10/03/19 Mara chuckled "I would have threaten to cut off your ball but don't know if you have any." A brow raised as a wicked grin appeared "Are you asking me out Sweetheart?"
Mara Lenore 10/03/19 She snickered "Told you name was Mara!" Her eyes rolled "What the hell you want sweetheart?"
Mara Lenore 10/02/19 She gave a smirk as began to send on her way. Waving a hand in the air as she spoke "Name is Mara! Call me muffin one more time and you will figure out what muffin can do..!" And with that she was gone.
Mara Lenore 10/02/19 "Oh is that all..? Join the club darling we all have daddy issues." And wasn't that the truth! She shrugged it off. "When you hit sibling rivalry with daddy issues..then give me a call." So who know this one has a soft spot.
Mara Lenore 10/02/19 She smirked "Is that the best you can do?" This one loved to toy with people. Miserable bas.. Aba be nice. "What made your sorry existence land in the realm?"
Mara Lenore 10/02/19 "Ah tis a pleasure to meet one such as yourself." Ah this one was cold and miserable and misleading..she grins
Mara Lenore 10/01/19 "Now how did I miss you passing through the gates of this place?"
Hela Jones_ 10/01/19 Her eyes rolled to his tone of voice her hand waved "I will be going. It was nice to meet you." They just keep getting more joyful as they arrive. And then they wondered why she would rather teach the children at the coven then socialize with others.
Hela Jones_ 10/01/19 " can say I am not like the others." She smiled again as he took her hand. "But being different has always be a specialty of sorts."
Hela Jones_ 09/30/19 "Nothing at all. Just think of it as a welcome package to get you started." She gave a smile and gave a polite nod. "Name is Hela!" She put out a small hand in simple gesture.
Hela Jones_ 09/30/19 The small demoness had made her way to the new comer and gave them a smile and a card with a bag of welcoming essentials. "Welcome to the realm! Hope you enjoy your stay!"
Liam Moore 09/30/19 "Welcome to the realm"
Raven D Morningstar 09/30/19 This a pleasure! Should you need any help please feel free to ask.
Raven D Morningstar 09/30/19 Welcome to the realm!
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