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Home City: Los Angeles Mail Sent: 329
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“In the end, Death claims all as family.”
22DEC2019: I am making a determined effort to be a presence in the Realm again. Drop me a line, but please be patient with me as I get back into thing!
Special Items:
 Have you seen my Minion Raiding Party?
My Minion Raiding Party kicked your butt
My Minion Raiding party broke your nose
My Minion Raiding Party can beat up your Minion Raiding Party
My Minion Raiding Party won't come back
My Minion Raiding Party stole all my clothes
Dracula scared the $@&% out of me this Halloween, 2010
I survived the great Bloodout of 2011...with only minor withdrawal symptoms
Ruby hilted Sword commemorating the Bloodletting 5 Year Anniversary
Nicci let me borrow her fairy costume this Halloween, 2011
Zeddicus Zorander fooled me again on April Fools 2012
Limited Edition Elphaba Trading Card for 6 Year Anniversary
I visited the Realm Haunted House on Halloween 2012 and an Elder took all my candy!
I roamed the realm on Christmas Day 2012
Celebrating Nine years of Bloodletting - October 2015
I roamed the realm on Christmas Day 2015
A package of Dr Van Helsing marshmallow Peeps - Easter 2017
2017 Summer Bloodies - Catchiest Profile Quote
I Celebrated Christmas 2018 in the Realm
I Survived the Red Death 2019 And All I Got Was This Lousy Trophy
Blood Rose commemorating the Bloodletting 13th Anniversary
Golden Snowflake Pin ~ Yule Ball Participant 2019
I took a walk around the Realm for Thanksgiving 2020
My head is pounding to much to be here, New Years day 2021
Winter Bloodies 2020 ~ Biggest Dreamer

Kiernan Tigra's Biography
22DEC2019: I am making a determined effort to be a presence in the Realm again. Drop me a line, but please be patient with me as I get back into thing!

Basic Overview:

Height - 5'8

Wingspan - 10ft (feather colour is night black)

Eye colour - Pure white, no iris or other colour during normal interactions

Hair colour - Majorly black, with silver streaks going in multiple directions.

Standard Apparel - Has taken to wearing a Dark Red button up shirt, similar in appearance to velvet, but rougher to the touch, with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows; Untucked typically. Jeans that are a step above denim, but below dress pants, similar to comfortable khakis.

Prominent scars - A large unseemly gouge just over his heart. The top of the scar can be seen while his shirt it still on. Another running from under his right nipple down to his left hip, usually hidden from view.

Basic abilities - Able to bless small items, create an energy tendril from the stub left of his right middle finger, the ability to create portals from location to location if given time, streaks of colours through his eyes depending on how strong his emotions are (this may be considered a characteristic rather than an ability in most cases), and lastly, he is able to produce an electric current that runs over his skin (this can be transferred to his tendril as well if he so chooses).

Primary Companion - A small dragon, about the size of a Yorkshire Terrier that has been at Kiernan's side for about 7 years (as of May, 2017)

Personal records:
You were successful in stealing $9,614.00 from Livia Vlcek.

Back Story:

Kiernan is considered an Arch Angel in celestial society, however, he does not take residence there. During his initial stay in Heaven, he rejected perfection, and killed his brethren. Instead of merely getting rid of him, the Higher Order had placed Kiernan back into the Realm, allowing him to retain his rank, but stripping him of a majority of his abilities and powers..

When he first arrived in the Realm, he had eradicated a local coven, as he caught several of their members making a mess of the local Mortals. Killing was one thing Kiernan typically took pride in, as he always felt his kills were 'clean', or at least, not as messy as tearing another being limb from limb in most cases. During his skirmish with the coven, he had lost a majority of his right middle finger, leaving only the last knuckle to remain.

Over the course of his time in the Realm, Kiernan had mostly spent his time watching as Mortals slaughtered each other, and claiming their souls when they did so. He was considered to be an Angel of Death in his society, though over the past two years he was struggling with that identity. He frequently speaks with an unknown voice, which he believes to be God attempting to give him orders, which he usually disregards.

Kiernan merely wishes to exist as others in the Realm do, but there is something pulling at his psyche at any given moment, pressuring him to cause mayhem, and that force is almost always present, and at times when he he cannot resist he loses his grip on reality, and reverts to his primal instincts, which typically results in numerous deaths around him.

Kiernan carried one other weapon with him. A gun on his right hip (above), meant to be drawn and fired with deadly accuracy from his left hand with blessed bullets as ammo. There was a small symbol on the upper left portion of his shoulder, the symbol that he'd been banished from Heaven. Kiernan wanders the Realm now, trying to avoid the war between the races as best he can.

The accursed hex that marks Kiernan as Banished from Heaven, placed on his left shoulder. (This is a more accurate picture of the hex. At first glance, and during 'normal' times, the hex is barely visible, the outline being very blurred unless it is glowing.)
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Aurora Dawn 02/14/21 Tosses him the spare set of keys after opening the cell door. "Go before they come back and get you." You managed to break out Kiernan Tigra.
Merida Campbell 01/25/20 Merida rolled her shoulders back as if to release the tension within her shoulders. She seemed to relax even more while talking with her new found friend, an angle named Kiernan. ”This is the first day off in ages. Plus your not interrupting my day what so ever. You have been more like a blessing to me by showing that there is more in life to share with others.”

She felt her phone vibrate within her jacket pocket. Her hand moved to retrieve it while speaking ”Please forgive me Kiernan. It seems others don’t know when not to interrupt during my time off.” She quickly sent a text message then turning her cell off and slipping it to her back pocket. ”Now, you have my undivided attention. I’m all yours now. What do you have in mind?”

Glancing around, then back to Kiernan. The smile upon her face was still there. ”What do you like to do for fun? All you have to do is lead the way Master Yoda.” Merida was being all to custsy with the Master Yoda comment but what the heck, Kiernan seemed to be the type that enjoyed life.
Merida Campbell 01/17/20 Her fingertips brushed over his hand while accepting the paper and pen back. A soft giddy like giggle passed her lips "Thank you so very much. I will place this in a safe spot closest to my heart." She carefully folded the piece a paper. Merida pausing, she spied a number and hoped it was his.

Slipping the paper and pen within the inside pocket of her jacket, especially on the left side. She took a slow deep breath then let it out slowly."Well, to answer your question, I always hoped that I would be special in someone's life like a rare treasure. Being a Physician, left me no time to have fun and find someone to share life with.

She bowed her head slightly trying to fight off the feeling of being goofy and sharing her thoughts. Glancing up, looking into Kiernan's face "I am hoping that came out all clear and not muddied up."
Merida Campbell 01/07/20 Merida glanced over to the post then back to her new found friend. She slipped her hand into her jacket pocket to produce a slip of paper and pen while speaking "Oh my goddess, I didn't know that I had a friend who is a celebrity. May I have your autograph, please?" She batted her dark eye lashes while smiling up at him.

She quickly changed the subject "My Father told me that my names means Pearl. I'm guessing that he meant I was a treasure." She shrugged her shoulders slightly.
Merida Campbell 12/25/19 ”Of course I would love to walk and talk with you. The only thing that I am doing at this moment was trying to figure out whom to ask to the Yule party that is being held and what to wear. I would love a distraction or two to keep me from wanting to take the first plane back to London.” Soft laughter escaped her lips while shaking her head slightly.
”I didn’t mean to stare at your wings. I am truly amazed on the beauty and structure of them. My family back in Scotland held Angels in high respect. I know that it may sound silly but it’s part of our culture or bloodline’s beliefs.” She began to walk along with Kiernan as she spoke ”I really do like your name Kiernan. Is there a meaning to your name?” She offered him a soft smile while they walked in the snow.
Merida glanced around while walking along side of her new friend. ”I do not mean to be a busy body. Just curious if there is someone special within your life that you’re seeing. I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes, so to speak.” She was trying to break the ice within her. Working long hours at various hospitals where she is stationed time to time, kept her from forming friendships.
Merida Campbell 12/23/19 Snow had begun to fall once again. Her eyes seemed to ‘smile’ as she glanced up to the stranger. A fresh dusting of snow was accumulating on various objects. She glanced around then back to the stranger before her. ”Forgive me for my manners. I’m Doc… “ She paused for a split second then began to resume the conversation ”I’m Merida.”
She held out her gloved hand in greeting while softly laughing at herself ”I just can’t believe myself. For just striking up a conversation with a complete stranger.” She prayed that he didn’t find her actions offensive. Merida tried not to stare at the beautiful span of his wings. ”I apologize for the rambling.”
Merida Campbell 12/23/19 Merida was out and about doing some last minute shopping. She knew that sooner or later she needed to attend the Yule party. Not watching what she was doing, she bumped into something hard and stumbled backwards. Glancing up from her phone, she stammered "I apologize for running into you. Holidays will mess with anyones mind now days."
Summer 01/22/19 How long had it been? A long time. Too long, even. She'd heard he'd come to her room one day when she'd been out of town. Why had it taken her this long to reach out? Life. Happenstance. Bullsh-t. The usual. His number was in her phone. It was a new phone, so she'd had to transfer it over. And she had, knowing she'd want it someday. She just hoped he still had hers in his phone. Her expectation was 50/50 of getting a 'new phone, who dis' and ... simply not getting a response. She figured she deserved either.

It feels like I haven't talked to you in like, a hundred years or something. And that feels wrong. I know I hold my share of blame there.
I'm sorry about that.
Anyhow. I hope you're well. Are you in LA or Sydney? Or maybe someplace else entirely.
It's me. Summer. In case you deleted my number or whatever.
Genesis 10/24/18 ~returned the gentle hug with a small smile~ "Hey there feather head. I missed you. And I am fine. Better than fine. The away time did me good. Saw some sights, killed some bad guys, blew some things up...all my favorite things." She took a step back to give the taller figure some space, and have her own, of course. "And have you been? I see your training has been paying off..."
Genesis 10/21/18 ~gives a gentle tug on a sleek black feather~ Hey there. Surprise, I am back... ~beamed~
Summer 10/15/17 Stepping into her room at the compound, Summer plugged her phone into its charger, having been blissfully disconnected for nearly a full 24 hours. Once it had a little bit of juice, she thumbed through various apps and sites, checking different modes of communication.
Blood draining from her face, she nearly dropped her phone at the news. Crumbling to her knees, she leaned her head against the side of her bed and willed herself to breathe, lest the vomit. Kiernan. She needed him. Where was he? Oh right, she’d come to her room to charge and stuff. Her wings were out, feathers flat against the bones, aura radiating a cold, bluish grey. She wanted to yell his name but her voice was gone. That, or there was no air in her lungs to be had. Probably both.

I just learned that my brother is dead.
Winter is gone.
I don’t know what to do.
Summer 07/29/17 Kiernan
You guessed right; smart man! I asked for the care package because nothing (and I do mean nothing) beats my sissy's baking. It was Autumn who asked about your favorite kind. She is kind and thoughtful, whereas I was wholly and singularly cookie-focused.
Yes, that does mean I told her about you. :)
Samoas...I don't think I know what those are, but maybe she will. She's the baker.
A proper dinner date? As in-dress nicely? You've only seen me in my "work clothes" *ahem* or my cutoff shorts with a tank top. So...basically anything is an improvement. That is to say- you're on.
Summer 07/28/17 Kiernan
My sister Autumn is gonna send me a care package with some of her amazing homecooked cookies. What are your favorite kind of cookies? If you don't have a favorite, just say peanut butter. I'll eat them for you.
PS I owe you lunch.
You were successful in stealing $23.00 from Kiernan Tigra.
Summer 06/05/17 Fanning the stage fog out of her face, Summer plucked clothing and bills off the floor as she left the stage. Tucking a strand of honey blond hair behind her ear and balling up the string bikini under her arm, she grabbed her half-consumed ****tail and phone from the bar. Smirking as she read Kiernan’s text, Summer made quick work of getting dressed into something a bit more proper for public consumption.

Wings “in” -as they always were whenever she was anywhere remotely public, Summer tugged on a green tank and her favorite, well worn cut off jean shorts. Her face remained fairly made up and glitter adhered to her décolletage and arms.The look was oddly incongruous to the informal clothes and leather sandals strapped to her feet. To say nothing of the vintage mint green bicycle that she pedaled to Bondi. After the accident, Summer opted to avoid driving if she could.

By the time she arrived, her hair was a windswept mess and her skin was now dewy under the glitter. Locking her bike up, she walked to the pavilion, eyes squinting even through the black sunglasses framing her eyes. Finally spotting Kiernan by the bottom steps, she hastened her walk as she waved upon approach. “Hey stranger! Fancy meeting you here!” Her voice was tinged with amusement and pleasure in seeing her friend.
Bree Ravencroft 06/01/17 Nooo, no tickets. I'll get the one saying I need to pay out the next winner.
Summer 05/30/17 Sitting at the bar as she waited for her set at Dollhouse, Summer mindlessly played some trivial game on her phone as she drank Hennessy through a straw. Aside from the lack of clothing and overall mise-en-scène, she looked like a regular -albeit bored- girl at a soda fountain. Glancing over her shoulder, she watched Turquoise work the pole like a champ. Summer made a mental note to tip the dancer out simply for her musical choices. The woman had selected some 90s trip hop that was giving her life right now. The cognac helped, but goddamn that bass. She could feel it in her guts.
Feeling her phone vibrate, Summer glanced down thinking she’d inadvertently made a killer play on her game. Nope- incoming text from Kiernan. Reading it, she figured given what he’d revealed at their last conversation, the man likely did need some distraction. Something outside the confines of his room and the Azhi compound. Turquoise’s song started to wind down, signalling Summer to key out her reply with a quickness.

Yea, I’m in Sydney. At a club in Potts Point to be exact. You know the area? It’s called Dollhouse. Anyway- working right now and am about to go up for my last set. Then I’m free as a bird. You wanna meet at Bondi beach and do the walk to Coogee Beach? There’s tourists, but the view can’t be beat. Plus, the company will keep you distracted from the crowds. :D Lemme know. Gotta get up on stage, the DJ is glaring at me.
Summer 05/16/17 She was mildly inclined to argue with him about being hard on herself, but figured that’d only bolster his point. So in response, she nodded and smiled, a thin line of smoke exhaled from between her lips. Her nodding continued as he assured her she wasn’t interrupting. It slowed and her expression sobered somewhat at his mention of his dissolved marriage. What does one say to a divorce? As a wise man once said, ‘a good marriage never ends in divorce’. That would mean condolences and sorrow weren’t in order. But congrats seemed glib and inappropriate, even for the less-that-traditional angel. She gave a terse nod in response, even though she didn’t actually know how it goes. The institution of marriage and all its trappings were completely outside her realm of knowledge. Hell, seeing someone longer than one night was outside her realm of knowledge. Just as she knew his stance on the situation, he knew hers. She gave him a soft smile. “I hope you found some clarity. If not that, then some quiet and peace for a moment.”

Her lips twisted into an amused smile as she watched him tentatively take a hit. She didn’t make a big deal of the coughing- for some reason it seemed to embarrass people, even though the most seasoned partaker could find themselves hacking after a solid hit. She did laugh at his comment though. “Ahh, that Blue Dream strain is actually quite smooth.” She winked as she laughed.

“I’m holding up alright. As you noted, I’m building a life here. Work has been busy. Keeping out of trouble...mostly.” She made a funny face, feeling like maybe she ought not test fate like that. “Time will tell if I can keep that trend up.” She said, laughing.
Summer 05/15/17 Turning around slowly, Summer beamed a wide grin at her friend. Her eyes were darkened from dilated pupils, a stark contrast to the angel in front of her. Another difference- his wings were out. Hers were ‘away’. As she preferred them. Tucking the hand holding the joint behind her back, she rolled on her feet. “I’m not planning on meeting. Not straight away, anyway. I can’t really trust myself. That and I don’t know this guy from Adam. I have no idea what he knows of me. If my wings came’d be awkward. I do awkward well enough on my own, I don’t need to add to it.” She laughed lightly. Feeling a bit guilty as he waved the smoke away, she gave a little shrug. “I let things get out of hand. What’s new though, right?” She cast a sheepish look his way, taking one last drag from the nearly unsmokable roach.
“I don’t know which is better. Doing something on my own or having someone there to back me up. I haven’t really done much of either, truthfully. Embarrassingly.” She laughed again, this time ruefully. Her expression softened and she smiled with gratitude. Hazy, stoned gratitude, but she was thankful all the same. “Thanks for listening to me ramble though. Sorry if I interrupted anything. How’s it going with you? Oh, how rude of me. Want a hit?” She cringed as she held out the disintegrating roach, the ember nearly touching her pinched fingers.
Summer 05/15/17 Once she'd outed herself as being beached on the sandy shores of Santorini, Summer hopped on the first flight home. If she wanted overcrowded beaches, she could just go to Bondi Beach and be done with it. Having sent her reply to Autumn, Summer sat alone in the common room at Azhi, smoking. She wasn't sure if it was allowed, but this type of smoke dissipated quickly. And nobody was around. At least she didn't think so. Kiernan might be.
Letting out a large exhale, she peered at his door through the cloud of smoke around her. Sitting up, she had half a mind to go to her friend. With a sigh, she watched the roach smolder between her fingers. She seemed to reach out whenever she was in crisis- something that seemed to happen more and more lately. Was she turning into a dramatic hot mess? She snorted. Turning into, you were born this way, she mused to herself.
Hefting herself up, she leaned her back against his door. Rapping her knuckles on it, she took another hit before calling out, "Kiernan! Are you in there? It's the resident nightmare."
Exhaling again, she aimed the plume of smoke away. "One of my brothers died. Or something. I think he's in hell but I don't know that for sure. Some wanker blasted us all with a text asking for a meeting. Something about inheritance and talking." Running her tongue along her teeth, she thought about how weird it was, her telling this story through a closed door. "Apparently that got me all worked up. I'm better now, so...I guess I don't know why I'm bugging you about it." Her voice trailed off as she pushed off the door.
Addison 05/06/17 "Kiernan!!! You sly little angel you...OH...I missed you while I was away."
~grinned cheekily at the man~
"I was gonna write, I swear, but I was dragged off by these scantily clad men in Cancun and forced to do body shots!"
~nodded solemnly~
"Its great to be back and see that wonderful face of yours, my friend."
~smooched his cheek~
Summer 05/03/17
Summer 04/30/17 The benzos were starting to wear off. Summer paid them no mind, fully intent on going straight to her hotel for some quality shut-eye. Stomach growling as she fetched her luggage from Baggage Claim, she admitted that perhaps some falafel should be sought first. Taking a taxi from Ben Gurion Airport to the Talpiyot district, Summer checked into her quaint hotel, dropping off her luggage. Giving a longing look to the small bed, she slipped out to the streets of Jerusalem.

She’d not stayed in this neighborhood before, but had heard good things about its charm and authenticity. Strolling at a leisurely pace that belied her hunger and exhaustion, Summer passed several storefronts and homes, most with people outside speaking in Hebrew. Three men sat at a table in front of a cafe, chatting amicably. That is, until she walked by. Their abrupt silence was so conspicuous, Summer took notice. Giving a small smile, she kept on her way, aiming to tread lightly as a foreign visitor. Weird men were not her priority. Falafel, then nap. That was her priority.

Having found the falafel kiosk she’d been searching for, Summer devoured her meal with gusto. Fat and happy, she cleared her rickety wire table and made her way back to the hotel. As she turned, she noticed the three men from earlier. They were standing quite obviously across the street. Openly staring. To say it was unnerving would be an understatement. If her wings had been out, her feathers would have stood on end. As it was, they itched to be released. No. If those fools were stupid enough to follow her down an alley, then she’d give in to the urge. But not out here, not in the open.

Walking briskly and keeping to the busy streets, Summer returned to her hotel room. She took care to both lock and deadbolt the door, even if they’d be useless against anyone other than an unarmed human. Fishing out her phone, she scrolled through the contacts, looking for a new addition. Thumbing out the text, she hit send before flopping back on the bed and falling asleep, nap long overdue.

Hey Kiernan, it’s Summer. From Azhi? Anyway. I’m in Jerusalem, here to do some shopping and stuff. I...hmm. It seems silly now that I’m back in my room but eh, what the hell. Better safe than sorry. I’m pretty sure I’m being followed. I think they are some religious wingnuts, which kind of changes the game a little. Or maybe it doesn’t. Everyone bleeds and dies the same.
If you’ve never been to Jerusalem and have a clear calendar, come on over. I’ll even buy you some falafel. It’s very filling and makes for a great appetizer for kicking some Believer ass.
Here’s where I’m staying. If you’re feeling posh, this isn’t the hotel for you. You’ve been warned.
[location sent]
Summer 04/27/17 Coming up on tip toe, the angel moved in exaggeratedly sneaky steps. Letting out an excited yelp, she holds up a few folded bills in her hand. "Finally! Reciprocation!", she exclaimed with unbridled glee. Tamping down her boasts, she gave Kiernan her best apologetic look. If she had a halo, she would have straightened it. "Sorry? Not sorry. I'll give it back, plus interest." Summer smiled beatifically.
You were successful in stealing $67.00 from Kiernan Tigra.
Summer 04/21/17 Smiling warmly, Summer nodded. "I'll likely take you up on that. The span that is this city is pretty intimidating. I'll need a knowing guide to point me to the best food spots, among other places."

Narrowing her eyes in thought, she gave a little shrug. "Yea, it is still beach weather in Sydney. But it is starting to cool off. The crowds don't bother me. For a while in my not too distant past, I didn't have much contact with other people. I guess I find it exhilarating to be around the throngs of tourists, being one myself. Call me crazy!" She laughed lightly, then looked at him seeking advice. "I heard Santa Monica has an iconic beach worth checking out. That and Huntington. Are they worth checking out?" Summer chatted breezily, as if his offer to play tour guide started immediately and it wasn't just said as a nicety.
Summer 04/20/17 Raising a brow, she watched her Azhi-mate approach. She'd been right there when he deftly pick-pocketed her! But...clearly not mentally present. Giving him a conceding look, she begrudgingly accepted the note and fistful of cash. The wad looked decidedly larger than what he'd managed to snag. Being a wise businesswoman, her interest rates were set accordingly.
Grinning widely, she said, "Fall is in full effect in Sydney. I follow the sun and LA called my name. It's just the icing on the cake I run into a sanctuary-mate here!"
Livia Vlcek 02/24/17 She recoils at the stare and, possibly, the large clump of glitter tossed back at her person. It really was the herpes of craft supplies. With a bright smile, the woman looks over her handiwork. Kiernan is a hot mess, but if Livia is involved, of course he's a hot mess. Because she's a volcanic catastrophe.

"Just wear it, own it..." She nods enthusiastically. "If anyone asks, you're our Angel tree topper for Christmas. Everyone knows I leave the tree up well into February..."
Valentin Metzger 02/24/17 -a firm shake, he removes his hand to lock it with the other behind his back- Bitte schon. I do not doubt your words, Herr Tigra. I look forward to seeing you accomplish the task. Viel Gluck.
Valentin Metzger 02/24/17 -extends a large hand- Gut gemacht, Herr Tigra, on your newest promotion.
Livia Vlcek 02/24/17 *spots Kiernan*
*shifty eyes*
*screams* KIERNAN!!!!!
*grabs a bucket of Elmer's glue and tosses it's contents in his direction*
*quickly grabs the bucket of glitter at her feet and tosses it's contents in Kiernan's direction*
*grabs blow dryer, flips the switch to 'hot', blow dries the male* Congratulations on your new station!
Genesis 12/20/16 ~nudged her crewmate with her elbow, presenting a wanted poster with his mug on it.~
"Hey, does this mean I can just, yanno, shoot you and get away with it? Come on, it wont hurt much!"
Mercy Prescot 10/06/16 A soft arm wrapped gently around her mates stomach. Life had been less then kind lately and even though they worked a lot together they still hadn't gotten any quality time aloe. Slowly she leaned in and let her breath fall upon the tender skin of his neck before pressing her lips to the same spot. Her mouth made a trail to his own before engaging him in a deep kiss. "Oh how I've missed you. Think you could spare some time for little old me?"
Mercy Prescot 04/24/16 Time had come and gone and work seemed to pile up beyond comprehension. More then anything Mercy wished she could escape and just spend time with her husband. So hopefully they could take a break from all this death and just hide away together and celebrate life.

Speak of the devil. Mercy smiled as she felt his familiar presence. Gently arms enfolded her and she was quick to caress them with her fingertips. Once she was able to look into her mates eyes the smile she wore grew in intensity. "Yes, as you are mine love."

Wrapping her arms around his waist she leaned in and pressed her lips to his in a long slow kiss. How she'd missed him. When she pulled back it was only a fraction of an inch. "I'm much better now that your here. The life of death isn't an easy one. I think you should kidnap me for the rest of the day and night. I think we both need it."
Mercy Prescot 03/16/16 Mercy wasn't fond of the lime light, so when her husband showed her who was on that day's front page, she openly groaned with a timid smile pressed to her lips. As he spoke a soft blush colored her cheeks and she tucked a stray hair behind her ear. "Trust me, I have it on good authority that the lady on the covers attention is for you alone."

With a smile she grinned as he kissed her. With enthusiasm she happily returned his affection. Once he'd pulled back Mercy looked into his eyes, "Hello to you too handsome."
Mercy Prescot 03/09/16 She shook her head and laughed slightly with amusement. "You'd not explode dear...besides...I have it on good authority that your deaths favorite employee." Mercy gave him a wink knowing full well he knew whom she was speaking of. Then she leaned in and kissed his cheek.
Mercy Prescot 03/09/16 With a smirk she walked up to her husband and put a delicate hand on his chest. "Soooo I've got some business to take care of on the other side...of Genesis stops by with a package...don't shake it...I'd hate for our house to explode."
Addison 03/06/16 "OOOO...questions! Well, my dungeon door is always open to you. Come on by and we'll chew the fat!" She said excitedly. She hadnt the heart to tell him she wasnt staying long, but at least she could get caught up on things and get some questions of her own answered.
Addison 03/06/16 She grinned to the Angel. "I had so much fun, I didnt want to come home...and the hot guys...zomg..." She trailed off. She tossed him a bag of sea shells. "Everyone gets sea shells! Lookit what I did with mine!" She exclaimed as she tossed open her shirt, revealing a sea shell bra. "I couldnt get them to stay on very well. I used Super Glue. Looks like I'm stuck with them for a while. GET IT!?!?! Her insane laughter bubbling up and probably reaching the four corners of the world.
Mercy Prescot 02/19/16 There was an amused arch to her eyebrow as she watched Kiernans reaction intently. She knew few had her tolerance for liquor like she did but that made it more interesting. Mercy took the flask her husband offered back and slid it into her back pocket. Her arm snaked around his waist and despite still feeling a bit dizzy, she managed to somehow stabilize them both. "Potent stuff'll be alright love, next time I'll make sure we drink at home." She pressed her lips to his forehead and chuckled a bit as she held him close.
Mercy Prescot 02/19/16 "The receipt is one passed down from a dear friend. I've altered it over time to be even more potent...though it's proven lethal a few times. Which reminds might want to stay away from open flames a while if you try it." Once more she grinned as innocently as she could. Since as long as she could remember her passion had been brewing new and interesting liquors. It was an odd hobby but brought her a peace she couldn't explain. "The ingredients are secret...I can tell you that water is definitely in there though."
Mercy Prescot 02/19/16 With an ecstatic and somewhat inebriated expression Mercy bounded up to her husband. "Hey handsome I need you to try something...I'm fairly certain it won't cause permanent blindness..." There was a momentary pause while she threw her arms around his shoulders and leaned in to place a soft yet somewhat askew kiss on his lips. Then with a mischievous grin she retrieved a flask from her pocket offering it to her mate. "I tried it on myself first but I think I'm beginning to get immune."
Mercy Prescot 02/15/16 My blood, your blood. My life is yours, yours is mine. One heart, One soul, one mind till death claim us. Battered and broken, piece by piece, I take all as it is and vow to stand beside you till whatever end. Sun and moon, earth and sky, heaven and hell, I take you as my true mate and thus bind us. So it is, so may it be. *And thus the shadows of the past were vanquished. She was his and he hers once it was always meant to be.
Mercy Prescot 02/14/16 The friendly attack on her posterior, least she assumed it was friendly Because the scent was familiar, she knew was caught by her handsome and protective mate. After she'd had her retaliation on the attacker Mercy hadn't a moment before Kiernan was there in the midst of his display. She caught on right away why he was acting like Don Quan all of the sudden and it made her smile. Kiernan was many things to her and she loved them all equally, but it made her feel a bit more special when her mates jealous streak kicked in and he got all possessive.

Mercy returned the passion and intensity within his kiss. Her arms folded around his shoulders and gave a tight squeeze. When he'd actually brought her to a standing position again she still wore the smile he'd given her. Her arms draped over his shoulders as he continued to hold her. "I think I'm pretty lucky to get you back too." When he spoke of moving forward she grinned, like himself Mercy already kinda considered them engaged. "Baby any time your ready to move forward, so am I. I'd love nothing more then to be your wife again."

Mercy caught his emotions and the un-said words behind his innocent ones. When he asked what she was up to she couldn't help but laugh. "I'm simply enjoying the day. Trouble has a way of finding me though as you can see. Trouble must have a crush on me or something." She couldn't resist a small jab at his protective side. But she'd never let him suffer long, instead she drew his face a bit closer and ran on hands fingers over his cheek while the other ran through his hair. "Honey, my love, my world, my heart...Genesis is joking with you. You've got no reason to worry. I am yours and will remain so till the end of time. No one on this earth or any other plane of existence will ever come close to making me feel the way you do." She leaned in and gently but passionately kissed her angels lips to easy his concerns and put his worries to rest.
Mercy Prescot 02/05/16 She wasn't sure what kind of reaction she'd been expecting, a happy one she'd hoped for. But his response was better then anything she could have dreamed. The light in his eyes, the small inhale of shock mixed with joy, it was perfect. Through their bond it was heightened that much more.

He'd said yes and she was the happiest abomination on any plane. As he asked his own question she looked a bit surprised, how could he think he had nothing to offer. Mercy cupped his face and looked into those eternal eyes and softly spoke...

''You are the greatest gift anyone could ask for. You give me hope, laughter, strength, and love amongst so much more. Kiernan you will always be enough, just you are. You always were. I have to try and prove I deserve you. I'm not good with the emotional stuff...but I know what I can't live without, and that's you. I'm more leaving. Whatever comes, we face it together." She smiled softly and carefully pressed her lips to his while sliding her arms around him in a tight embrace.
Mercy Prescot 02/05/16 A laugh escaped at his mention of Genesis and things that go boom. Ah, where those good times. Her best friend always managed to get her in and out of trouble more times then she could count, but even she'd be wrong in this case.

As Kiernan guessed though a giddy smile formed over her lips. She too had hoped for their relationship, but alas it wasn't a ring. Though now she was kind of regretting not getting one. She caught his roaming eye and raised a brow at him. "Close but no dear. But since your you and this is us, I'll give it to you anyway."

Reaching into her pocket she produced a key attached to a leather ring. It was symbolic as much as it was practical. "The key to our life. It's yours, it always was...and always will be. Would you accept it and all it symbolizes?"
Mercy Prescot 02/04/16 A soft smile curled her lips as she spied the Angel. With a saucy saunter she approached, her hands lightly caressing the skin by his collar bone. "Guess what's in my pocket and you get a prize."
Mercy Prescot 01/02/16 "Happy new year!" She said with an impish grin curling her lips. C0cking her head curiously to the side she let her eyes trace over his form. "What is your hope for the new year?"
Addison 01/01/16
~Leaves a picnic basket full of single serving sizes of creole crawfish, gumbo, collard greens with ham, black eyed peas, fried corn bread and peach cobbler. The note attached states:~
'A holiday meal tradition from my home city of New Orleans. We southerners believe a meal including black eyed peas and collard greens are for good fortune for the New Year. Hope you enjoy! Addison' P.S. Kiernan, there is a special pint of my home-brewed moonshine for you too! Maybe we can kick back and enjoy it together. I'll bring Jell-o!

Mercy Prescot 12/16/15 "Merry festivous!" Mercy, a bit intoxicated and dressed Ina Santa hat said with a grin. "Here! For you...may lights not be the only thing lit this holiday!" With a grin she hands over a bottle of special brewed egg nog. "Trust me it'll put anyone in a jolly mood." With a tip of her hat she strode out of sight yelling....Merry Christmas to all and to all a drunk night!
Mercy Prescot 11/05/15 An amused laugh fell from her lips. Oh the things that had transpired to cause her to seek him out. Though if anyone would believe what she'd been through, it was him. "My friend you've no idea." There was a slight pause before an old familiar need crept up on her...the need for alcohol. "Meet me at the bar down the road...I think it's called black horse." With that she nodded and let her smile linger as she was consumed in shadow, vanishing back into the night.
Mercy Prescot 11/05/15 She could recall in great detail the last time she'd seen Kiernan. Even the words he said coiled around her thoughts and buried themselves in a place none ever saw any more. There wasn't however the pain once associated with the feeling though. Xavier had made sure of that long ago. Still it was nice seeing a familiar and friendly face, regulardless of how it had ended.

Mercy listened to his words and watched the subtle changes in his face as he spoke. She'd no doubts the past year had been anything less then interesting. "You know I never minded hearing about your problems. I'm happy you've found someone though. I wish nothing but the best for you."

When the question turned to her, how she'd been, a simple smile was all she could give as a response. It wasn't a confession or denial of anything other then it had been one hell of a ride. Literally. After a moment she tucked the hair behind her ear and c0cked her head to the side. "Actually it's part of the reason I'm here. If your not too busy, perhaps we could discuss a partnership."
Mercy Prescot 11/05/15 A whimsical yet somewhat contradictory laugh escaped her mouth. Time was the word that seemed to get stuck in her mind. It was a luxury as well as a curse to not feel such restraints anymore. "No, not a stranger. Your actually the one I need to thank."

Orbs formally the color of sweet honey were now more of a blood orange. Most of Mercys features had actually been transformed into darker versions of their former selves. Still her smile remained exactly the same. "If it wasn't for you, so long ago...I might my be where I am now." Her lips remained curled for a few more moment before she made a gesture to the world around them. "So, what kind of fun have I missed?"
Mercy Prescot 11/05/15 A cool breeze rustled the leaves and swirled them in a funnel patter along the ground. Shadows gathered and danced in rejoice at the impending arrival. Then there was an odd stillness before a familiar figure stepped from the darkness. "Hello stranger."
x Nerull x 05/19/14 Hope you have a miserable Profile of the Day you molting feathered duck!
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