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Jasper Thompson

Dante Hayes

Katherine Murray



Theo Barnas

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RealmFresh Blood
Created by Heinrich Luneberg
Flahme 07/21/19 "Okay, let's do this. But not green as it might make me look like a Christmas tree."
-thinks- "How about black?"
Dante Hayes 07/21/19 Examining her closely, he approached with caution and accepted the bouquet of delicacies from her nimble fingers. Damn her, and her sweet demeanor. He was as some would call, a pompous ass. To be seen with sweets was demeaning to the very image he had created for himself.

But her toothy grin was too pure for him to deny the gift. With a smile, he muttered a sincere "Thank you" and unwrapped one of the suckers before placing the rest in his pocket. Indeed, there was a scorpion trapped inside the hard candy. He examined its thin legs before popping the treat inside his mouth, lips pursed around the stick.

A rare genuine smile radiated from him then. "They're wonderful, thank you my friend."
Dante Hayes 07/20/19 A distinct sing-song voice caught his attention in the middle of his exploration of the coven house, and a small smile upturned his mouth as he went to search for his creepy friend.

It wouldn't take long for him to reach her, and he was greeted by the image of her enjoying a sucker. Her sweet demeanor and innocence intrigued him, as it was so distinctly at odds with the aura that radiated from her every pore.

Melinoe's laugh was comparable to wind chimes, hysterical, demented wind chimes.

"To what do I owe the pleasure?"
Dante Hayes 07/18/19 For my creepiest little friend.
Katherine Murray 07/18/19 -smiles brightly- YES WE CAN!
Flahme 07/18/19 "Hmm, not sure bows will work for me. You think they could work?"
-fluffs hair-
"Looking like a princess sounds pretty damn good, lets' do it!"
Flahme 07/18/19 "Maybe not so tiny, but adorable all the same. What does doing my hair entail. Like braids n stuff?"
Grinning at the formal curtsey, Flahme nods.
"I'm Flahme, a pleasure to meet you, Mel."
Flahme 07/18/19 Flahme jumped when a pretty wild thing tapped her on the shoulder. Spinning around she took in the lovely creature with mismatched hair.
"I'm not no, but you are adorable. Here, get in my pocket, I want to take you with me wherever I go."
She looks at her pocket and wrinkles her nose.
"OK, that plan may not work."
Risa Bennett 07/16/19 Opens the cell." Go run amuck."
Katherine Murray 07/16/19 -grins- You pick a game and I will play. Call me Kat!
Jasper Thompson 07/16/19 -toothy grin-
That's what I've been told.
And you haven't even seen me when I let my hair down.
Jasper Thompson 07/16/19 -looks around conspiratorially-
-leans forward to whisper-
You're here, aren't you?
Jasper Thompson 07/16/19 -lips press into a thin line, suppressing laughter-
A mutual benefit, then!
Don't worry, my father impressed manners upon me, too.
...but only to the right people.

-cheeky wink-
Jasper Thompson 07/16/19 -quirks eyebrow-
Thank me?
What did I do?
Jasper Thompson 07/16/19 -goes to the mirror-
-mockingly critiquing-
-finally nods, thrilled-
Looks great. You know, I might come to you with all of my hair needs from now on.
Jasper Thompson 07/16/19 -judges his marked lack of hair-
It's only too much if you run out of space, yeah?
Jasper Thompson 07/16/19 -nods sagely-
Good call. Let's get to work.
Jasper Thompson 07/16/19 ...I for sure want both.
What do you think, I can rock it, right?
LillyEmperium 07/16/19 You're very welcome Mel
LillyEmperium 07/16/19 I do believe I have couple boxes of pop corn. You're more than welcome to some of it
LillyEmperium 07/16/19 *nodding Lilly chuckled* that would be them chance do you and they like popcorn?
LillyEmperium 07/15/19 Where have your little friends gotten off to?
Dante Hayes 07/15/19 Sounds like we would have a lot of fun together.
Bring on the doom and gloom.
LillyEmperium 07/15/19 *smiling she chuckled* I'm glad you're having fun. I'm good my dear
Dante Hayes 07/15/19 Oh, Mel.
You have no idea.
As to just how scary I can be.
Dante Hayes 07/15/19 Thank you, sweetie.
Happy to be here.
Just don't come to my house.
Katherine Murray 07/15/19 I LIKE GAMES, COUNT ME IN! Also, thank you for the welcome.
LillyEmperium 07/15/19 *Looking to the girl, Lilly smiled* thank you Mel, how are you this eve?
Risa Bennett 07/15/19 Thank you for the welcome
Dante Hayes 07/15/19 Thank you...miss.
Jasper Thompson 07/15/19 Only if they match my eyes.
I'm very particular.
Mackenzie 07/15/19 Giant's milk.
Mackenzie 07/15/19 It... it's something like that. And please, call me Mackenzie. Just Mackenzie. Hell, you can even call me 'b-tch' or arsehole. Please. I'm not delicate enough to be a Miss.
Mackenzie 07/15/19 Don't worry, dearest. We are only getting started. We are going to have *so many* new friends.
Bishop 07/08/19 "Hm. Yes, well, thank you. It seems to follow me."
Bishop 07/08/19 "No, rotting flesh is decaying. Decay is a broad term and, most of the time, it smells like @ss."
-humorless smile-
"Either way, I prefer to avoid such a scent."
Bishop 07/08/19 "Death, I agree. Decay, not so much."
-crosses arms-
"Decay smells like rotting flesh. Not a fan."
Bishop 07/08/19 -squints-
"I don't like sharing...but thanks, I guess."
Mackenzie 07/08/19 "Oh, Mel," Mackenzie pats her shoulder dearly. "I don't eat people food. I eat people. But thank you. Such a sweet gesture."
Hector Olivier 07/08/19 "Me?" he chuckles. "Never. Honest."
Hector Olivier 07/05/19 "I dunno, I mean, it's not the first time I'll have been ripped a new one. It's actually quite enjoyable, truth be told. You just have to relax into it."
Hector Olivier 07/05/19 But where's the fun in that?
Theo Barnas 07/01/19 He giggled a little himself at her goofy demeanor. "Glad you like em'. And true, just surprise me then. If it's coming from you then no doubt it'll be interesting."
Zipping his bag back up he set its straps back onto his shoulders. "I think as far as being apart of this group, it's not so bad..I just think the only problem I'm still having is finding a means to keep myself fed. Y'know..with blood?" He scratched the back of his head. "I'm not sure if you've noticed but I'm not really the 'murderous' type..I'm still getting used to stealing from churches..which uh..doesn't really bode well with my modesty."
Theo Barnas 06/30/19 "No no, I'm fine. Out of everyone who's greeted me, I haven't had to deal with anyone nasty at all. And I'm hoping it stays that way." He nods, and unzipped his bag to pull out a small baggy stacked with about ten or so cookies. "I made treat bags. So everyone gets a share." He handed it to her, "Something for my room?..hmm..I'm not really sure to be honest. I don't really 'need' anything. Why don't you just give me something you think I'll like? Any gift is a good one with me." He shrugged. "Cooking is a passion of mine. So baking is no problem. Might be a little off on the flavor though, I had to do a lot of taste testing with my mum to make sure I put enough into everything since y' tongue doesn't work that great anymore." He stuck it out as if to add to his example.
Theo Barnas 06/30/19 "Ey' Mel." Theo offers her a smile with his wave. "Yeah, I kinda more or less just needed a bit of time to myself after last night. To help figure out what I wanted to do now that I have all of..y'know, you guys around to talk to n' such. I'm feeling a lot better about it now though." He grinned, and pulled off his backpack and held it in his arms. "I was even in the mood enough to bake a lil something for you guys. Although I wasn't sure what you all well as I just went with a casual chocolate chip, and some vanilla." He shrugged.
Theo Barnas 06/29/19 "Y-yeah, me too." He offered a small wave, a dreamy look on his face. It took him a minute to snap himself out of it as he blinked momentarily and looked around, before finally he began walking off at a brisk pace.
Theo Barnas 06/29/19 Theo's face lit up pretty fair considering what he was. He gave another shy nod and offered her a quirky smile, "I-I won't. I don't think I could find anywhere better to fit in even if I wanted to." He admitted.
Theo Barnas 06/29/19 "Heh..thanks Mel. I'll keep that in mind whenever I come by to visit." He nodded a little, before glancing down at his phone. "Shoot, sorry, I'd love to stay a lil longer but, my mum can't cook for crap. Promised I'd make her favorite dish tonight." He offered a shy smile, "I'll try to find the time to come by again soon."
Theo Barnas 06/29/19 "O-oh nononono! No, I'm fine." He held his hands up in a calming gesture. "I-I'm just not used to meeting so many..different people." He attempted to offer a quirky smile to retaliate his previously startled one. "I haven't really..had the best time around other people since I turned. So believe me when I say, it's not you it's me." He gave a nervous chuckle. "Boy I sure hope you're right. I could use a better turnout than what I got in high-school." He rubbed his neck a little.
Theo Barnas 06/29/19 "Ch..thonic.." He tried to pronounce, but to no avail. "Oh..uh.." Well he certainly hadn't been expecting that. And flinched slightly out of being startled again at her unnerving example. "Eheh..yeah. I've certainly had my fair share of unfathomable terror this month." He joked slightly, slowly starting to question his sanity about what exactly he'd signed up for. "Uhm...t-thanks?" He offered another awkward smile.
Theo Barnas 06/29/19 "Wait, you're not a vampire??" He blinked, almost like the cogs were attempting to process something else. "I'm almost curious enough to ask but I don't wanna be rude.." "Uhm..nah I'm good. Chill vibes are more my thing. Nice to meet you Mel. You can just call me Theo. I prefer it over the uh..alternative my uh..uncle gave me." He took her hand and offered a gentle shake.
Theo Barnas 06/28/19 Startles at bit at her sudden hug, but relaxes eventually. "Oh, hehe, thanks. I got it from my mum." Theo added. "Oh yeah, I like her too. I always figured vampire stuff was supposed to be all..y'know..fancy and scary..but the atmosphere's pretty chill as far as peace of mind goes. I like it."
Theo Barnas 06/28/19 "O-oh yeah? Eh..well I appreciate the warm welcome. Everyone here seems pretty nice so..figured it couldn't hurt to stick around. I uh..I like your dress." Gestures awkwardly in return.
Alexander Grimm 06/24/19 Alex gave a bit of thought to what the one in front of him said. "I do not believe I am like most people, and if you are trying to steal from me I am lead to believe you need the money. It is not like I gave you a decent amount just enough to possibly hold off that sweet tooth of yours."

"Of course I could be wrong, perhaps this is a past time of yours and if it is I recommend getting better at it." Was that rude of him to say? His people skills were rather lacking. "No need to thank me Melinoe, I'm Alexander. How generous of you but I dare say I shall have to return the favor at some point. It is only fair I believe." He would offer a smile to the woman.
Mackenzie 06/22/19 Mackenzie blinks at the woman, pondering for just a moment at perhaps touching her head. She looks like living porcelain. How is she sweating. Before her mind can go too far, she shakes her head minutely and slaps on a winning smile. "So well I could just.. pinch your cheek."
Oliver 06/21/19 He smiled softly "thanks I appreciate the welcome"
Alexander Grimm 06/21/19 The much larger male cracked a smile at the woman in front of him. "You do not wish for me to give you the money you were attempting to steal from me? How odd." He would once again hold the hand with the change in it out to her.

"Go on no need to break the piggy bank, go get your sweets. I insist."
Esper Valari 06/20/19 "Melinoe...Welcome."
Elowen Jocosta 06/20/19 Elowen stared at the girl who skipped forward offering a smile and bizarre greeting.

"Uh, thank you?"
Jewel Valari 06/18/19 Welcome to our coven. Enjoy. Don't drink all the kool-aid.

We share around these parts.

Alexander Grimm 06/18/19 Dark hues stare down at the woman as soon as she removes her hands from his pocket. His brow would arch ever so slightly. "And just what do you think you are doing? I am sorry to report that you wont get much from me."

Melinoe just failed at stealing money from you!

His own hand would reach into the opposite pocket her hand was in, he would then produce from the pocket a small chunk of change. "If you need it so badly you may have it. You mighty be able to get something out of those machines they have in front of the stores."
Janus 06/17/19 You are absolutely adorable.
In the creepiest sense of the word, of course.
Welcome to the circus.
Averly Amoret 06/17/19 Welcome to the Realm
As well as the coven.
You look like a sweet little thing.
I canít say the same for myself.
Geoffrey Drake 06/17/19 Welcome to the Realm!
WildKat 06/17/19 "Don't worry. I'm not into biting Demons unless it's the one I'm with. He's fun. Anyways, I'm sure we'll see each other around. Nice meeting you Melione. I'm Ka..." Words trailing off, she watched the young girl bounce off.
WildKat 06/17/19 Minding her own business, lost in mere thought, it was days like today you never knew what would or could happen. Her minding wandering in different directions until someone popped out in front of her. Stopping dead in her tracks, she listened as her eyes tried to follow the excited creature. Her eyes widened slightly as her head dipped down slightly, listening. "Ah...well. Sure. I..huh, maybe I do have a superpower." The very thought caused a chuckle to bubble up from within. What an amusing thought. "Just kidding. No superpowers here. Just an average vampire. Oh tip for the day, all Demons aren't edible."
Roman Godfrey 06/17/19 You seem... interesting. Welcome to the coven.
Kira Garrett 06/17/19 Welcome to the Realm
LillyEmperium 06/17/19 *giving a grin, Lilly chuckled* nice to meet you and your friends Mel. My name is Lilly, feel free to holler if you need anything dear
LillyEmperium 06/17/19 Welcome to the coven
Mackenzie 06/17/19 Yes, yes, razors in apples and all that grand fun. Listen, they're hired.

You, too.

If you're so inclined.
Mackenzie 06/17/19 And if one might be interested in employing the little psychopaths?
Raven D Morningstar 06/17/19 Welcome to the realm! I'm Raven a demon mentor here. Should you need help or have any questions please feel free to ask. I hope you enjoy your stay!
Mackenzie 06/17/19 And the clown? Does it murder people? Is it haunted?
LillyEmperium 06/17/19 You're welcome ma'am. Should you need some help, feel free to ask. Name is Lilly
LillyEmperium 06/17/19 Welcome to the realm
Mackenzie 06/17/19 ...does the monkey dance?
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