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_Cici Wraith's Biography
NAME: Cici

HEIGHT: 4'10


EYES: Dark Somber

MARKINGS: A bird on the back of her neck, a set of wings on her back (purple in color, and no larger than a fairy's), a black fox with wings that appear to be watching on her neck (a mate mark)

RACE: Pixie/witch

STATUS: Eternally married to Phantom Wraith
CHILDREN: Connor, Cabel (adopted) Archeron, Marcus, Sam, and Alexia. JEWELRY: Ring containing a pure black stone that pulses, that is never removed from her finger and guarded at all times. A small ring made of shifting and changing hues before coming to a solid pink.

HISTORY: A lifetime of hurt? Sure, she had that and more. Nightmares of past sins? Everytime she closed her somber eyes. A beating, loving heart? It no longer looked for love. A cruel fate? Could it truly be any crueler.

She was alive. She supposed she should be grateful for that and perhaps a small piece of her was. Yet, here she was alone again, a void so deep within she could never fill in. A voice in her head that never seemed to quiet and fueled her self hatred.

PRESENT: She was soft hearted, sometimes timid and more times than not too caring. Often times she found herself caring too quickly and most times it ended in devastation for her. A heart of gold, a friend once said. A heart meant for breaking she always thought.

With memories gone and the heartache fading, she wondered who would be next? People who seemed to get close to her seemed to disappear or run away. Was she cursed? Was there something wrong with her? Would she ever find her place among the ones who walked the Realm or was she destined to face it alone?

Recently, she finds herself more jovial, easier to see the good in people again. Mostly because of her husband Phantom and his children. Partially because she can't let the hate and bitterness consume her.
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Josie Nathan


Last five threads posted in:
LillyEmperium 08/06/19 Congrats on pod
Phantom_ 07/17/19 A word, a smile, even something so simple as a gentle touch on his back was all it took from her to calm every doubt he had. She was his sole reason for continuing in a world he had long grown to hate, but with her here, he saw what he’d long ago lost the ability to see. He saw the hope for a better tomorrow.
Phantom_ 07/17/19 He trains Sam in stealth methods of hunting, showing the boy how to move without a sound as she watched. After a bit he lets Sam practice as he moves to her side, his current form that of a large panther before he lays by her, shifting to a fox the size of a wolf.
LillyEmperium 07/02/19 Hey.... don't know what ya did...but congrats your face is all over the realm dear. (Congrats on pod)
Phantom_ 07/02/19 “Looking stunning as always my beloved.”
Kuroda 06/03/19 Li was fumbling with his phone as he had just acquired it. Basically stepping out of the store when he heard a familiar voice. His instinct was to scoop her up in a hug. But the swollen stomach saw him laugh nervously as he gave her a one armed hug. "Mrs. Wraith, how are you doing?" He asked with a grin.
Phantom_ 05/04/19 He touches her stomach gently and smiles at her lovingly, “A blessing and our little miracle right? Same as the boys and Alexia.”
Phantom_ 05/04/19 He looks around conspiratorially before kissing her, “Shush, nobody was suppose to know that!”
Phantom_ 05/04/19 He pats her back gently while sighing, “Okay, okay, you win love. Just tell me where to go. As for where we have it...where do you want it to be? I don’t care because I get to kiss you reguardless!”
Phantom_ 05/04/19 “We can invite them and start getting it all set up love. Shouldn’t take more than a week.”
Phantom_ 05/04/19 “I know what you mean there beloved, afterall, you beat me to waking up this morning!” He kisses her and took her hands, “So want to go get ready and instead of just talking about it, we finally do it?”
Phantom_ 05/04/19 He chuckles before standing and dressing himself as he offers a hug, “Sorry, my plans for today involved making you breakfast lunch and supper and maybe seeing if you wanted a wedding to happen today.”
Phantom_ 05/04/19 He stretches and shivers as loud pops sound from him before he smiles lazily at her, “Says my beloved mate. So what’s to plan for today my lovely wife?”
Phantom_ 05/04/19 Blinks up at her before yawning tiredly, “I told you I’d finish the well tomorrow beloved.”
Raven D Morningstar 04/15/19 It is not suppose to affect me unless I eat an infected so I should be safe with hope.
Raven D Morningstar 04/15/19 I need all you have I have two infected now. Thanks
Raven D Morningstar 04/15/19 I'm going to call all hands on deck here and head to the research center in the republic. Use their facility see what I can come up with.
Raven D Morningstar 04/15/19 "Crap!" Hearing her phone ring she went in search for it under all the papers. Finding it she answered "hello!"
Phantom_ 04/13/19 He grins slightly, “No...I won’t. Growing up naturally is something he needs to learn. I did that twice and the children didn’t understand much that they needed to. Now they both are gone and no matter what everyone says, I still see it as my fault. So he can wait and learn here, or try and convince Death to do it, who knows if he does, I’ll cut out his spleen with a dull butter knife. Slowly.”
Phantom_ 04/13/19 “He already knows my condition for leaving my lands Love, he must be at least a teenager in terms of years, and able to defend himself properly against Wrath. As he is now, he can do he’ll be here for a while longer regardless.”
Phantom_ 04/13/19 “He does know that those vows for him only last a hundred years right? They last a human life time before breaking and he can’t break them until they end. Besides that, the gods of knowledge do I force the protections over them...but...they are very good places to learn at so...if that’s his wish so be it.”
Phantom_ 04/13/19 “When He is older he can do as he pleases, but...I would be lying if I said it didn’t worry me. A lot of those temples I cannot go to or near without it causing several issues, if not making a war happen. Kali is probably the only goddess who would find it funny enough to ignore if I went to one of her monasteries. Budda though has said no to me going there, I still did centuries ago, and it caused a war.”
Phantom_ 04/13/19 “Marcus will be great at whatever he learns about...I just wish Connor would slow down! Did you know he is already studying nanotechnology?”
Phantom_ 04/13/19 “I think he’s getting back at you by getting back at me...spoiled children!” Despite his words she can see his love for them in his eyes and gentle smile, “I hope none of them want to be warriors...Iknow they’ll want to be trained, but...I want them to lead peaceful lives and no warrior can unless they find peace in waging endless wars.”
Phantom_ 04/13/19 “I try, but she’s getting good at it, and Marcus taught her that is she takes a metal ball and spins it using the lightning it hits harder than normal...I wish he didn’t know about rail cannons.”
Phantom_ 04/13/19 “Alexia hits me with lightning every time I take her sweets.”
Phantom_ 04/13/19 “Says the one who isn’t nearly blown apart for hitting them. Seriously, my family made it impossible for me to hurt the children outside combat practice or war. Even then...I love them too much to hurt them.”
Phantom_ 04/13/19 “I’m a daddy, I threaten to spank them when they misbehave and beat up anyone trying to get too close to our baby girls. I think I’m pretty good for that position?”
Phantom_ 04/13/19 “All our babies love their momma, even if they are trying to put on brave faces they run to you for hugs and kisses.”
Phantom_ 04/13/19 He grins and holds her in his arms, “He is able to because his mother is such a loving soul.”
Phantom_ 04/13/19 “You know he loved being held by you more than me. He’s a kind soul though, so he enjoys everyone holding him and loving on him.”
Phantom_ 04/13/19 “Oh I know, when I get back late from my court duties he is snuggled into you and looks so happy since he gets you all to himself. I swear he adores you more than the other little ones.”
Phantom_ 04/13/19 “You’re lucky I can’t do that or your be sleeping for a week love! It worries me and Sam to no end.”
Phantom_ 04/13/19 He knees down and kisses her growing stomach, “You get your energy little one, but try not to take too much too soon. You just come when you’re ready.” He then kisses her as she feels his energy slip into her, “I love you Cici.”
Phantom_ 04/13/19 “No, she is our baby, and if he wants to argue I’ll be happy to show him how fiercely I defend my right to say that! She is his baby sister, but our baby!” His eyes are narrowed but she can see he doesn’t mean his words and he touches her stomach, “So has she started kicking yet?”
Phantom_ 04/13/19 “Yeah, though gods save the idiot who makes Alexia cry. Little girl has her brother’s wrapped firmly around her tiny fingers and if they can get away from even Cabel I shudder to think what happens when Styxx hears of it.”
Phantom_ 04/13/19 He kisses her cheek, “Seems our two boys really are polar opposite in life views. Connor likes learning and studying, Cabel absolutely loves his work outs and training.”
Phantom_ 04/13/19 “You are getting good at that love, answering my questions without actually answering them...please no explosions since he is current set up by the baby’s nursery. Oh and it seems Cabel finally got himself a human tutor that he can’t burn alive.”
Phantom_ 04/13/19 He sighs, “Why do I suddenly feel that our room is going to be getting a purple make over?” He then hugs her close, “Oh, Cabel said he got your current potions down to memory and can make them blindfolded...what were you having him make? The smell made his apprentice sick.”
Phantom_ 04/13/19 He grins and nuzzles against her, “Son, daughter, or other I don’t care, I love my children completely and totally. I just detest pink thanks to Alice filling her room with everything in some shade of pink! It’s...terrifying.”
Phantom_ 04/13/19 He kisses her lovingly, “Cici why would I ever be disappointed that you are willing to be the mother to our children? I’m happier than words can describe!”
Phantom_ 04/13/19 He stares at her, then the picture, then her once more, “ we’re having another baby girl? You may yet get the number of boys and girls equal love!” He kisses her and gently rubs her stomach.
Phantom_ 04/13/19 He stares before crying out, “NOooo! Not pink! I will be blessed before they wear pink!” Bed been on a near warpath against the color pink for some reason as of late.
Phantom_ 04/13/19 “A picture? I’d like to see it if you’ll let me beloved.” He pulls her close and kisses her once more.
Phantom_ 04/13/19 He grins as he caresses her cheek gently, “So what do you have beloved?”
Phantom_ 04/13/19 He blinks before kissing her back, “What’s going on beloved? Have you found an interesting thing or just gotten something you really wanted?”
Geoffrey Drake 04/11/19 Geoffrey listened intently to Cici Wraith. He nodded when she said they had gone on vacation. "His daughter Aiofe is very talented. I'd like to see if she has the gift of being a gem caller. I can do a few designs with the nine pieces. What do you have in mind? A single piece or several?" Geoffrey was very curious as to the type of stone she had in her pocket. "All commnissions are kept confidential."
Geoffrey Drake 04/10/19 Geoffrey turned around at the gentle sound of a woman's voice. "Excuse me, Mr. Drake? I don't mean to bother you but I had a question and was hoping you may be able to assist me." He nodded silently as he stood still at a respectful distance. His arms were at his sides with his palms in full view. He knew he was standing in front of Phantom's beloved mate. "What is your question? I will assist you in whatever you may need." He smiled softly at her. She was just like his Wisteria. "Whatever you need of me, just ask and it will be kept secret."
Phantom_ 04/10/19 He nods and looks up at her, “So? Lets begin preparations as soon as possible.”
Phantom_ 04/10/19 “True, but the vow stays the same, I am your’s and you are mine, always and forever.”
Phantom_ 04/10/19 “You didn’t last time? You wore a lovely red dress that nearly got us in deep trouble beloved.” He grins impishly and kisses her before sitting down, “So what kind of music do you want playing before and after?”
Phantom_ 04/10/19 “Fine, but what do you want the cake to be made of? Please, for all the gods no bloody sponge cake! Do you realize I have learned every single cooking recipe even mention of in tales, and I’m the greatest pastry chef alive, yet I still can’t get those damnedable things right?! It’s infuriating and the fox chefs mock me for it!” He grumbles about the world conspiring against his cooking mastery as he holds her, “I can bake any kind of sweet better than the best chef and a sponge cake bests me still!”
Phantom_ 04/10/19 “I think we may owe our friends a bit more than that...afterall, I sort of rushed the first one. So if you want a private wedding ceremony we can do that, but I insist we have our friends join us...they want to see us happy and I like the thought of getting married and putting a bit of cake on your nose for them to see!” Oh yes, he loved teasing her.
Phantom_ 04/10/19 He stands then and kisses her as he slips the ring on her finger, “I’ll get the church or where ever you want to wed ready, but you have to do the rest and tell me when you’re ready to show the world our union once more love. This time it is your show for the cake, I’m making it this time, not the chefs!”
Phantom_ 04/10/19 He bows his head and smiles, “Then I am yours from now until oblivion...not sure if I can promise beyond that since I usually end up alone there, but if I can, I’ll be without beyond even that, my Lady.”
Phantom_ 04/10/19 He kneels down and draws his sword before stabbing it in the ground, “My Lady, I pledge you my sword, my armies, and my life. For now until the time we walk. Ask of me what you will and I’ll honor your word.”
Phantom_ 04/10/19 He grins as he hugs her tightly, “Oh you’d wait a minute? I thing a single instance without you is too long as we have little ones though, I’ll guard them until we are old, and ready for the Long Walk.”
Phantom_ 04/10/19 “Only with you by my side my Lady. If you aren’t there I walk from this and all worlds for the final time...I’m done living without you even for a day.”
Phantom_ 04/10/19 He grins and holds her close, “For all my remaining days my Lady. I need to finish fixing the gardens then I’m going to see if you find them good enough to be called your’s again.”
Phantom_ 04/10/19 He walks up to her with his hands in his pocket before looking her directly in the eyes and hands her the ring, “Don’t lose this again beloved...I’ll not be coming back again if I have to see you in that wretched place.” He then hugs and kisses her lovingly.
Geoffrey Drake 04/06/19 Welcome back. If you need anything. Let me know!
LillyEmperium 04/06/19 Welcome back Cici
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