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Wednesday, May 18, 2011
Life keeps throwing the curve balls!

    A few weeks ago, my cousin who had a quaddruple bypass had a heart attack. She had been complaining that her chest had alot of pressure. She went to work, auditting a school 40 miles away from H [...]

Posted at 09:50 pm
Saturday, Mar 19, 2011

    Wednesday the 16th has come and left. My son had his MRI. I know everyone here has been wonderful keeping us within your thoughts and prayers. The healing thoughts have been felt. We didn't [...]

Posted at 08:01 pm (Comments: 4)
Sunday, Feb 06, 2011

    Was just listening to all the rumors that were running rampid within the Realm. I find it funny its the same people who cry foul. I read all the quotes about trust and what not. I so want to yel [...]

Posted at 08:57 pm (Comments: 1)
Friday, Nov 26, 2010
Way to start the Holidays!

    To all who know me and have been there for me while my son was going through a concussion and two major seizures. We had a set back on Wednesday morning. Kyle had an MRI done at Children's t [...]

Posted at 04:15 pm (Comments: 4)
Monday, Nov 08, 2010
Oh Boy

    During my trip to visit my Mom, I find out that my cousin who is the same age as me was going to have an Angeogram. That is where they run a special scope through your artery. Entry would be at [...]

Posted at 05:16 pm
Friday, Oct 29, 2010
You got to be kidding me!



Posted at 06:46 pm
Monday, Oct 04, 2010
OOC: Why?
    I sit her emptying my mind onto this Blog recalling what had transpired over the last few days. Five Leaders went down, four Crews lost to a Realm and many people had their feelings hurt over a War ga [...]

Posted at 08:39 pm (Comments: 2)
Sunday, May 30, 2010
OOC: Update - One day at a Time
    One day at a time, that is how we are taking things. We all hope that Kyleís medication is keeping his seizures under control. The doctors upped his dosage by 200 mgs. So heís taking a total of 800 mg [...]

Posted at 11:54 pm (Comments: 2)
Thursday, May 20, 2010
OOC: Update on my Son *sighs*
    It's heartbreaking when you try so very hard to be strong for everyone. Today, while I was at work got a phone call from my Husband telling me that our Son fell while trying to take a shower. His Sist [...]

Posted at 07:20 pm (Comments: 7)
Wednesday, May 19, 2010
OOC: Update on my Son
    Its been a while since I last placed an update. We thought we were out of the woods upon the health of my Son but we have had some set backs. People are amazed how we have held up but in all honesty, [...]

Posted at 12:04 pm (Comments: 1)
Monday, Apr 12, 2010
OOC: Update
    Nine in the morning yesterday, my Son suffered a seizure. We called an ambulance and had them to take him straight back to Children's. I don't know how I am hanging on but the grace of God is all I ca [...]

Posted at 05:47 am (Comments: 3)
Wednesday, Apr 07, 2010
OOC: A Mother's Worse Nightmare
    Yesterday, April the 6th about noonish, I get a phone call from my son's high school. They proceeded to tell me that my son had an accident at school. A head injury. They ask me what Hospital that I w [...]

Posted at 10:33 pm (Comments: 3)
Monday, Mar 29, 2010
Out on my Own
    Its been several weeks now since leaving Abraxas. I loved being within the Crew but it was time to move on and to grow up even more. Saturday, I had sent out my missive to all of the Leaders within th [...]

Posted at 04:26 pm (Comments: 2)
Saturday, Dec 12, 2009
~ Grins ~

Posted at 07:56 pm
Thursday, Oct 29, 2009
~*~Journal Entries ~*~
    October the 29th, 2009 ~ Itís been three months since Berem and I entered into marriage. Everything is still wonderful. He does his Art while I do my Legal Diva thing. Personally, I never knew that a [...]

Posted at 03:18 pm
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