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Born: February 24, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 1 (House only: 1)
Race: Witch Forum Posts / Replies: 6 (House only: 1)
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Legendary Character :: Ceangal

Don't you want to play with me?
Special Items:
 Minion Horde Raiding Party Leader
Have you seen my Minion Raiding Party?
My Minion Raiding Party kicked your butt
My Minion Raiding party broke your nose
My Minion Raiding Party can beat up your Minion Raiding Party
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I Survived the Red Death 2019 And All I Got Was This Lousy Trophy
Summer Bloodies 2021 ~ Sexiest Person
Kyon-gel's Biography
[Currently Seeking: RP and Conscious Co-creations. Seeking allies, friends, rivals and foes; to enjoy dramatic conflicts of the body, the mind and the soul. Message me! ^.^]

(Original Profile) Ceangal the Spring Witch ::

Kyon-gel | Ceangal

(pronounced caŋɡəl)

| Old as Dirt |


I came into the Realm as a young man, ages ago, seeking adventure and freedom from the constrains of my adjacent reality. And what sights, what sounds! And OH! The delectable tastes I witnessed. In the Old Days, Survival and success in the Realm hinged upon ones abilities and alliances. One had to learn fast... and so I did, with the help of great friends.

an Cailleach Earraigh

From a seed the Mother raised me, lifting my roots from the ground and whispered to me a secret that I shall never tell. With skin of bark and leaves in my hair I reached out into the Realm with an eager grasp. In short work, I made my way into the domain of the undead and the lairs of various sorcerers and charlatans, and told that was the way of things. But I knew better. There was chaos in those days, but the steady flow of blood was so linked to the wars economy that we may it our currency... but hatred and violence were not my motivation. The War not my concern.It was genuine connections to others that power my spellcraft. Their warmth, their affection, their intention and attention; reagents to this alchemy. I bloomed flowers and lashed with thorns, and shed bark.

Character Information

True Name: unknown
Given Name: Ceangal, meaning 'connection', 'link', or 'bond'
Aliases: Kyon (Ky)
Race: species unknown
Zodiac sign: Scorpio
Gender: Nonconforming
Orientation: Sapiosexual
Status: Widowed; currently in several fulfilling relationships of various types
Style: Solo-Poly
Parents: Nature
Children: none

Physical Description: Most often Kyon is see wearing a featureless white mask and a pair of fine leather gloves with a dark suit with a cowl or hooded robes. The outfit is designed to hid their body, preventing its exposure. Often moving even when standing still, from fingertip to fingertip the witch speaks with their body, and seems to delight in social engagement, to spite their choice of adopting an off-putting blank that prevents facial expressions. Their voice makes up for much of this, shifting wildly in tone as need to punctuate their emotions. They smell of 'green things', mushrooms, moist air, and damp earth. Distinctly inhuman, not a cologne or essential oil place over top, it is the scent one could experience only in the the old forests of the world, places so old that life competed for every scrap of space and food and light.

:: Languages and Communication ::

English, French, Italian, American Sign Language, German, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, Afrikaans, Hebrew, Gaelic, Middle English, Latin, Japanese, Mandrin, Cantonese, Old Norse and various Germanic tribal languages, Dragonspeech, Empathic Symbolism (telepathy), Arcane writings and Glyphs, and can commune with fungi and plants of all types through aromatic chemical signals.

Formerly of Midnight Syndicate
Graduate of Learned Society of Lachyrymolog
Former Coven Leader (previously confidante) of Shadows and Light

2008's Best Witch Award
2011's Most Missed Character Award

Kyon-gel's Friends ~ 
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Belinda Arch


Livia Vlcek

Edward Brollachan


Alice Barbour



Last five threads posted in:
Belinda Arch 04/16/19 Argot looks good on you! *smiles as sweet as pie*
Dita Morgenstern 04/11/19 [spirit fingers.] Thankew!
Mystic-husky 04/08/19 "Fair enough answer. I was actually waiting for you to tell me they had pockets or something witty." She grins. "Nicci"s were pretty nasty little buggers."
Mystic-husky 04/08/19 "Cean, I need to ask you a very important question." She slumps down on her butt.Then looks up at him intently "How does one actually steal nothing from a flying monkey?"
Belinda Arch 03/31/19
Dita Morgenstern 03/25/19 "You're welcome Kyon. It's really my pleasure." She has heard of this one, even if she is so young. "My room is on the second floor, the left wing, at the end of the hall. If you ever need any help."
Dita Morgenstern 03/25/19 Her head tilts, mildly confused. Advice for a newcomer to these grounds? "Do not feed the monkeys. They're incorrigible." A quiet, albeit nervous, laugh escapes Dita. "I feed them plenty. And do not be alarmed by Bojangles or Matias. They're well fed and will not harm you." She probably should explain who Bojangles and Matias are. "The Tiger and Wolf, respectively. It's a pleasure to meet you ..Kyon."
Dita Morgenstern 03/25/19 With great reluctance, the tall girl steps towards the newest member of the Menagerie. She extends a hand toward the man, a small smile gracing her lips. "Welcome to the Menagerie, I'm Dita."
Alice Barbour 03/24/19 ~Overcome with joy, she took his hand, and quickly stepped up and kissed the cheek of the mask... and just as quickly released his hand and stepped back, mortified at her forwardness. Her hands went to her face which blushed a brilliant rose color.~
"Oh my! I don't know what get into me! P-please forgive me!"
Alice Barbour 03/24/19 ~She mouthed the word 'Ky..." and then blushed and smiled~
"Ky... I hope we can be friends. I love my friends and would do anything for them."
Alice Barbour 03/24/19 ~The tiny woman approaches the masked person, a bit nervous, but determined to greet the new coven mate. She curtsies demurely.~
"Hello, my name is Alice. Welcome to the Meneagerie."
Kyla 03/24/19 "Welcome to The Menagerie."
Rissa 03/16/19 Thanks for the welcome!
Cassandra Malinov 03/14/19 You managed to break out Kyon-gel. YAY!
Belinda Arch 03/11/19 *blushes*
Thank you, dearest.
Sarah Sanderson 03/10/19 Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous. ~Bill Moyers
Sarah Sanderson 03/10/19 Welcome back to the realm Sir. I am sorry I missed your arrival.
Belinda Arch 03/05/19 A petite flaxen-haired celestial walked to the end of a solitary pier, dropping to her knees for a short moment. From a cellophane bag, she procured a single sugary treat. With great care, the girl propped the green figure at the end of the dock. A sentry of sorts, a reminder. She whispered a secret to the creature, a downy soft under-feather danced in the breeze around him. Without another sign, the child disappeared, knowing her message would find its intended.

LillyEmperium 02/26/19 *looking at him closely, Lilly tipped her head* I know you.... I'm sure of it....*Lightly she tapped her chin with her left index finger as she thought for a moment.* Time has passed...I'm no longer the youngling who ran around wrecking trouble...but I'm going to say welcome back after a long rest .....Ceangal
Ciaran_M_Boru 02/26/19 -Ciaran remembers the etheral rose he could do. he makes a blue rose appear from thin air. He was more then sure his godfather had seen this trick before but it was a start.- Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Ciaran_M_Boru 02/26/19 "I can do that. lets see yo sen the flower spell as you showed that to me and Matt when we were younger. You know about the orbbing seeing as I been doing that since i was little. So yeah its going to take me a bit."
Ciaran_M_Boru 02/26/19 "I still do. This one will take some thinking about is all."
Ciaran_M_Boru 02/26/19 "I dont know If I have anything you have never seen before. I will have to try and figure that out. Might take a while." -He smiles-
Ciaran_M_Boru 02/26/19 -Ciaran looked at the man. He stared at his eyes for a moment and then smiled.- "It is you but how? Why now after all these years? I remember you teaching me to make the little buttercup flowers bloom. Creation spells my father told me later."
Ciaran_M_Boru 02/26/19 "You feel familiar to me. As if I know you from the past. How can that be though if you are new here? "- The young Irish Earth witch smiles some.-
Ciaran_M_Boru 02/26/19 Welcome to the coven .I am Ciaran if you should need anything just ask. - Ciaran looks at the man . There was something familiar about him as if he knew him in the past.-
Mystic-husky 02/25/19 Welcome to the realm. I am Mystic Husky. If you have any question feel free to call on me at any time. And again welcome to the realm.
LillyEmperium 02/24/19 Welcome to the realm, my name is Lilly. Should you need any help, holler
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