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Don't let your mouth write checks that your ass can't cash.

Instructions not included. Use at your own risk.

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Livia Vlcek's Biography

[Complete personnel file in House Forum.]

"I'm only down to Earth because Satan hasn't dragged me to Hell...yet."

Watching out for a sunny day, where there's love and darkness.. and my sidearm.

"You have my permission not to love me;
I am a cathedral of deadbolts
and I’d rather burn myself down
than change the locks."
- Rachel McKibbens

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Savannah McCarthy 09/15/21 I love you more!
Hollen 09/15/21 - Smirks. -
Well, if they serve their purpose...
- Takes bite. -
I stole it from someone's windowsill.
- Deadpan. -
Hollen 09/14/21 - Ponders. -
- Slowly takes fork. -
Forks are... fine.
- Smirks. -
I've always thought you had nice fingers.
Hollen 09/13/21 - Peeks from around corner. -
Of course I'll eat it with you.
- Grins. -
I'm not ashamed to admit that it was more of a bait than anything else.
- Shrugs. -
Hollen 09/10/21 - Drops off an apple pie. -
Savannah McCarthy 09/08/21 Mmm *eyes go all wide* Yes Ma'am! Right away! *gives hug*
Savannah McCarthy 09/07/21 *puts* But..but! I don't wannnnaaaaa
Jackson McCarthy 08/17/21 o.o
*gets butt to butt and twerks with her*
Edward Brollachan 08/12/21 His Czech was a little rusty, but he knew any mispronunciations could be attributed to his Gaelic accent.

"Rád vás vidím v Paříži, můj drahý příteli. Měl bys nechat Ransom a já tě vzít na večeři, nae?"
Genesis 08/11/21 ~Loves all over the Livia, because without her patience and guidance, the Brux Sa mojo would have NEVER happened.~
Savannah McCarthy 08/11/21 Yaaaaaaaaaaaassssss!
*returns all the love and affection*
*squeezes super tight*
You're the best!
Savannah McCarthy 08/10/21 *lunges for a hug*
*stopped by hand in face*
Heyyyyy. No hugs for little sister?
Garsh, so rude.
Hollen 08/05/21 Oh? You can?
- Intrigued. -
I'm always in the mood for... definitely legal activities...?
Hollen 08/05/21 - Slow smile. -
... I can find some for you to grind, if you're itching.
Hollen 08/05/21 Hm. I’ve heard it’s nice there.
So long as I can visit.
I promise to clean up after myself.
- Smirks. -
- Perks up. -
I like the sound of that.
Hollen 08/05/21 - Smirks. -
You could say that. - Sidles up to. -
- Peers at. -
I… missed you. You have been well, then? Nothing I need to… clean up?
Genesis 07/28/21 Spots her duffel and slips a note inside

I miss you, love Gen.
Hollen 07/23/21 Just wanted to see your face.
- Tilts head. -
I was curious… wondering if I had to hunt someone down. You’d been gone too… a long time.
- Small smile. -
Hollen 07/08/21 - Wonders if leaving whiskey will attract the slayer. -
- Sets out a glass. -
Hollen 05/02/21 - Leaves a trail of fingers. -
- Mock gingerbread crumbs. -
- Whistles while working. -
Hollen 12/25/20 The smell had caught her first. Wrenching her door open, she had caught sight of the box at her feet and a whiff of the woman who had left it. Cigarettes and something dangerous that always attracted Hollen to her. A smile crept onto tentative lips as the redhead bent down and inhaled over the box, shuddering with delight at the metallic tang that permeated the air - even through the material wrapped around it. It took just a moment for her to kick the door closed behind her and rip the box open, her mouth already watering at the beautiful display inside.

Already, a finger was caught between her lips as she noted the piece of paper attached. She chewed thoughtfully, a low hum echoing from her chest as she let her blue gaze scan the words written there. Another smile pulled at her lips around her snack and she pondered the note thoughtfully.

She'd certainly have to pay the slayer a visit sooner, rather than later.
Hollen 12/25/20 - Leaves box wrapped in red. -
- Finger-shaped cookies inside. -
- Nestled around a bottle of whiskey. -
- Small note taped to top with slanted scrawl. -
Happy Christmas, Liv. Thanks for being my home.
Hollen 12/20/20 - Drops off box of cleaned finger bones. -
- Small note on the top. -
Thanks, Liv. They were delicious.
The Preacher 12/18/20 *chuckles*

"I do not dance to often anymore."

*Slides money inside of his waistband of his jeans.*

"Who needs a good education when I can dance for ladies like you! It seems to pay very well!"
The Preacher 12/17/20 "Don't be jelly. I learned from dancing on a pole."

*Grins and winks.*

"I love monies, keep tossing it so I can quit dancing after this."

*Pulls pants down to expose a little of that fabulous crack. She shall love that.*
The Preacher 12/16/20 *Puts hands on knees and bends, poppin and lockin.*

*Sticks tongue out and grins*

"Like that don't ya."
The Preacher 12/15/20 *Stops...Blinks...Waves a hand.*

"No No No this is betta."

*Snaps finger and Juvenile 'Back that azz up' starts playing.*

"Mo betta."

*Starts back twerking it.*
The Preacher 12/14/20 *Shakes it.*

"Oh do not worry. That I will do."

The Preacher 12/10/20 *Dances merrily around with the honeybun and coke.*
Hollen 11/18/20 Oh, no need to work harder for little ol' me.
- Grins. -
I like to do the work, sometimes. It can be... fun.
- Nudges. -
I've missed you too, Liv.
Hollen 11/09/20 - Grins. -
I'm grateful.
I'm pretty hungry, so I'm glad I ran into you.
- Laughs quietly.-
I'll be sure to clean my plate.
Hollen 11/09/20 - Watches closely. -
- Eyes widen. -
- Small smile. -
Sorry. Everything is a little... hazy.
But I feel like I should ask you: do you have any snacks? Like... fingers?
- Hopeful glance. -
Hollen 11/09/20 - Blinks. -
- Nods. -
Okay... thank you.
- Head tilt. -
I know you, don't I?
Hollen 11/09/20 - Glances around. -
- Spies someone she thinks is familiar. -
- Approaches. -
Could you... help me?
I'm not sure where I am.
- Nose wrinkles. -
Eden Kennedy 10/30/20 *stares* "Well, the ferret thinks you are Livia!"
*blinks* "No, they don't hate you! He was loving you!"
*chases after Livia*
Eden Kennedy 10/24/20 *is bat-shit crazy for sure, enjoys such a life*
*watches as Liv wrestles ferret and laughs*
*wonders if she should help*
*decides to watch for another minute*
"BUT MAYBE HE LIKES CHEESE! We can try a Slim Jim or Cheez-its."
*decides it's time to help*
*snatches ferret across out of Livia's hair*
*holds on to angry rodent-thing for dear life*
Edward Brollachan 10/20/20 "Livia, regardless o'how I appear t'ey, I'm old enough to be your great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather. So none o'this "I'm getting old" melodrama, lass."

Reaches into sporran and withdraws a dried rosa spinosissima, a white Scottish rose

"Here, from m'homeland. Somethin' to remind ye o'yo'r old friend from Alba and how young ye are compared t'him."
Edward Brollachan 10/20/20 Chuckles softly
"Weel, ye cannae blame an old Scot for tryin', nae?"
Edward Brollachan 10/20/20 "Nae, lass. The only reason I would come to Sydney is to..."
leans in to whisper
"...faigh a-steach do bhriogais."
Edward Brollachan 10/20/20 "Ahoj krásko. Myslel jsem, že přijdu navštívit svého oblíbeného vraha. Protože mě tvůj humor právě zabil."

Nyu nyuk
Eden Kennedy 10/18/20 *doesn't realize Liv sounds bonkers, just sounds like a normal day around here*
*watches as the ferret flies, trips over the mop*
*lands on the mop and breaks it*
*now owes Livia a new mop*
*snickers as ferret attacks*
*thinks maybe she should help*
*finds cheese*
"Here little snake possum, I have something for you."
*throws extra piece of cheese to Liv, has no clue what ferrets eat*
Eden Kennedy 10/18/20 *blinks*
*points at the weasel thing*
"Not yours then?"
*stares at the mop, has bad memories of mops*
*tosses ferret at Livia*
"I dunno what you're talking about! Magical one-eyed goats, with out of body experiences?"
*is so confused*
*thinks about running*
Eden Kennedy 10/18/20 *chitters*
*follows Livia
*gets lost*
*runs into foot human Eden*
*chitters angrily*

*Eden picks up the rat thing*
*Stares at it*
"Gross. Hey, anyone missing a pet .. weasel thing?"

Jackson McCarthy 10/13/20 My language?
That wisnae mah leid, lassy.
*pretend winces*
Aye, ye better run!
*starts chasing*
Jackson McCarthy 10/13/20 *cocks his head to the side*
Are you sure? You sound like you're having a stroke..
*lights another cigarette*
Do you smell toast?
Raise your left arm for me..
Jackson McCarthy 10/13/20 *blinks*
*lights up a cigarette and watches her*
*concerned for her well being*
Pon di what??
*presses back of hand to her forehead* Are you...feeling okay?
Eden Kennedy 10/12/20 *flies*


*scrams under a couch*


Eden Kennedy 10/08/20 *stops and looks at Livia*
*still convinced it's name is now Eden instead of Bertha*
*chitters loudly*
*runs up Livia's leg, cause ferrets can do that?*
Eden Kennedy 10/07/20 *chitters*
*thinks ferrets chitter*
*runs away*
*chitters more*
*is a ferret now convinced it's name is Eden*
Eden Kennedy 10/07/20
Katherine Murray 10/07/20 She might have cackled if her Livia wasn't so... extremely right. They didn't need more creatures running amok through the bayou, but oh, what fun it could be. "Don't worry, Liv. We can get you one of those cattle prods. It's like a taser on a stick. You'll be fine! I swear..."
Katherine Murray 10/06/20 -shifty eyes- If you're a ferret, then I'm a honey badger. Maybe we should have some of those running around. -is probably going to buy some-
Savannah McCarthy 10/05/20 "Mmm, her face and hair were covered, so I'm not quite sure, but she did wear a crown. That was kind of odd. She was thin and like.. built, yanno? She can definitely hold her own." She wasn't the best witness, though the murderer did sorta do well to hide their identity. "Oh! She also smelled of like... Burning moss." What a weird thing to smell like.

Savannah nods, "There was also one on Bienville Street, and Canal Street at the cemetery. I swear it wasn't me though!" She laughed, Livia would know that, of course. Well, she hoped. "I'm just, sort of going through an identity crisis and have been trying to find some answers anywhere I could and she was just always there. I'm pretty lucky she didn't see me and try to get me!"

When the bartender brought their drinks, Sav took a sip of hers before continuing, "Oh...I just mean, I'm lucky to have been able to live so many lives. When I die, I get reborn, well I used to. New body, new family, new name...These people though, I think they're just ordinary people. They won't get to start over. I used to think of it as a curse to always get reborn, but now I'm starting to be grateful for it." She shakes her head and takes another drink from her glass, "Listen to me getting all sentimental," She laughs, "Are you looking to find who killed them?"
Savannah McCarthy 10/05/20 Alcohol had never been much of a thing for her, especially when she wasn't human, but she had run a club at one point and sort of just always found the environment of a bar type establishment kind of comforting. All these folks wanting to know about what she saw. It was a little much for the girl. She sat at the bar, toying with a coaster, the bartender kept staring at her in between serving other people, but she wasn't ready to order just yet.

Then, a familiar voice caught her attention. Sav laughed at Livia's Scottish accent and jumped off the stool to give her a hug. She knew Livia wasn't much of a hugger, but she couldn't help herself, so she made it quick. "I'm so happy to see you!" Savannah hopped back up onto her stool and patted the one next to her, "Please, sit sit. I'm sure the bartender will be happy to serve a couple of drinks over here. I haven't been a very good bar patron. I'll take a rum and coke, please."

She sighed a little, "I did. At first it didn't really bother me. I'm no stranger to death. I've seen Death's face many times, after all. Now though, I feel kind of bad for them. They probably won't get to come back." She huffed a small laugh, "You know, it's kind of funny that we're here. The murderer, she must have drank an entire bar before committing the crimes..the places always stunk of alcohol."
Mary Shelley 10/05/20
Eden Kennedy 09/30/20 *comes back later and leaves milk and a mop for Livia*
Eden Kennedy 09/26/20 *leaves anonymous replacement chocolates for Liv by her door*
The Preacher 09/18/20 *Flinches*
Then i could have called you potty mouth?
The Preacher 09/17/20 *Shakes head*
At least i told you sheesh.
*Picks nose and flicks at*
The Preacher 09/17/20 *Blinks*
I bought new one's. Don't use that one. I used it to clean the toilet....
*Dies laughing*
Jackson McCarthy 09/17/20 *offers her his arm to lead her to the nearest McDs*
Let's see how confused we can make them today
Perhaps I will order a cheeseburger without the cheese.
Jackson McCarthy 09/15/20 *frowns with no reaction to his tickle attempts...will find something...*
Well, I'm glad she's not pestering you to death.
*jumps back and makes a little yelp*
*Yeah..he's embarrassing*
*clear throat* So uh. How about that chicken nugget?
*tries to pretend he didn't just get all twitchy due to tickling*
Jackson McCarthy 09/15/20 *doesn't let go*
I got your love. And your chicken nugget request. Thanks for telling Sav where I was by the way. *teasing*
attempts to tickle her sides*
Jackson McCarthy 09/15/20 *laughs*
*big bear hugs*
*from behind*
Hi there, Polo
Jackson McCarthy 09/15/20 POLO
*reaches for*
*grabs something...soft*
What do I have heeerrre
*cheeky grin*
Jackson McCarthy 09/15/20 *looks around*
Who's there?!
*just gave away that he's there*
Briahne Christiann 09/05/20 *POKES* "You got Baby?"
The Preacher 09/01/20 *Blinks*
"What on earth was you doing to that monkey?"
*The question slipped his lips quickly because the curiosity lingered in his mind.*
Don Collier 08/31/20 His phone vibrated, and he saw that he had a text. It was surprising at how quickly she had responded to the note. None-the-less he had anticipated her accepting the company of a meal, and a chance to visit. Using the internet on his phone, he had found what appeared to be the best steakhouse in Sydney. He quickly tapped out a reply, and hit the Send icon.
Elements Bar and Grill on Palmer. Casual. I'll be there at 8. D
Don Collier 08/31/20 You were successful in stealing $436.00 from Livia Vlcek.

Turnabout was fair play. Later that afternoon, he caught her unawares and took a folded wad of miscellaneous bills from his boss, leaving a note in its place
I can return the cash or you can treat me to dinner downtown. I hear the steakhouses here in Sydney rival those in Kansas City back in the States. D
The Preacher 08/31/20 *Blinks*
"What are you doing here? We all thought you to be dead."
*Reaches in pocket and removes a parchment.*
"I have not seen or heard from you in months. My Spies could not even find you."
*Hands her the official death certificate.*
"Why have you disappeared like this?"
Don Collier 08/31/20 The hand that had slipped his wallet from his pocket and just as carefully slipped it back in had been deft, an experienced dipper. A few minutes later, a tap on his shoulder and a husky whisper announced his boss and her confession.
Just following orders, ma'am.
The 1000 watt flash of a smile was her reward.
Savannah McCarthy 08/30/20 Just one? -confused but nods- Okay. Love and a chicken nugget from and for Livia. I can do that.
-runs off-
Savannah McCarthy 08/30/20 Oohhh. Good idea. -quick hug- Thanks, Livia! Don't tell him I'm coming for him please!!!
Savannah McCarthy 08/30/20 -grins- Can you tell me where my brother is? I would like to give him a smack and I have not seen him yet.
Savannah McCarthy 08/30/20 -cackles- Yessss. Me again! Can't get rid of the redheaded step child that easy!
Bastet 08/21/20 *The Angel had been stiff at first, having not embraced anyone in what felt like centuries. The moment she felt the skin of her dearest and probably only friend, Bastet collapsed into Livia's arms, tears running down her cheek.* I am so sorry I left Sen. I just didn't know what else to do. Can you please ever forgive me for leaving? I've thought about you so many days and nights and well, you were the first person I needed to see. You are the only one here whose forgiveness I need for leaving so long ago. *With the words finally said, she moved harder into the embrace and gently squeezed her beloved friend closer to her.*
Bastet 07/26/20 It was a long time since she had seen her beloved Senet. The years had taken their toll on this Death Angel. Slowly she walked towards her long lost sister. What could she say but to hope for forgiveness for leaving so quickly, so suddenly without warning. She had awoken though and had a few words for the woman she loved most of all in this realm. "Guuuuuurrrrllll... have we got things to talk about!"
Edward Brollachan 06/29/20 "I would beg t'differ, lass." *winks*

"V mém věku je jeden den mrknutím oka."
Edward Brollachan 06/27/20 His accent wasn't perfect, but he only spoke Czech to one person.

"Dobrý den, starý příteli. Váš krásný obličej na přední straně rozzáří den."
Katherine Murray 06/22/20 *snorts* Who would have ever seen that coming? I've lost count. *dead*
LillyEmperium 06/07/20 *feds the Raven before sending it back*
let me know when
Genesis 06/06/20 You were successful in stealing $1,604.00 from Livia Vlcek.

~blinks innocently and then runs for her life~
LillyEmperium 05/16/20 *jar of peanut butter appears with a spoon strapped to it. A small note on it read*
Liv, let's do lunch. LE.
Maeve 05/08/20 *barks a laugh* Well I wouldn't say it was a cat..... *snickers*
The Preacher 04/01/20 *Eyes curiously*
Well, why do we wait? Lets get high and ride the unicorn. I would like to hold it by the horn!
The Preacher 03/30/20 *Blinks*
Hmm. What else is in the shed?
The Preacher 03/29/20 *Pulls shirt over head*
I'm cornholio. I need tp for my bung hole.
Yeah I really dont know!
The Preacher 03/28/20 *Is not afraid*
I must say your husband must ask me for permission.
*Rubs hands together with a maniacal grin*
I shalt not say how much i used or how i used it!
The Preacher 03/26/20 Careful. Da stranga gets grabby.
looks confused.
Dat sanitizer is why I smell so wonderful.
The Preacher 03/26/20 *Sits on hand till it falls asleep.*
Its da Stranga!
Jackson McCarthy 03/19/20 *mock hurt*
They're softer than the wall!
There...did that help?
*rubs his pinched cheeks*
Jackson McCarthy 03/19/20 *puts hand in between Liv's head and the wall*
No hurting yourself. Pinch me instead, might be more fun
Dr Van Helsing 02/18/20 "Ah yes, the voices of the angels. Please walk with me child." *Offers his hand
Maeve 02/17/20 *texts*
Only if you make an outfit for yourself :P
Dr Van Helsing 02/15/20 Your like music to me...I pray you..sing me a song.
Maeve 02/13/20 *grumps then types*
But I don't wanna sparkle. That is cruel and unusual punishment.
Maeve 02/12/20 *leaves package containing a fully bedazzled lil black dress and quickly walks away*
Dear Livia,
I had bit of an encounter with Dexter's Bedazzler. Please fix it. Thnx bye.
The Preacher 02/12/20 *Nods*
We can train it to bring us stuff to.
*Flexes muscles*
I have always been the Chosen one. It is like that movie. The One. I'm Jet Lee bish!
*Dies laughing and attempts a karate kick*
*Might be slightly stoned*
We shall go to the gym together and get strongs.
LillyEmperium 02/10/20 *laughing Lilly smiled*
safety in numbers dear. Soo boy or girl.... I wanna get it something
The Preacher 02/10/20 *Nods lots*
Yes I train it to keel everythang.
It will be like an attack dog but tiny. Tiny assassin.
Summer 02/10/20 “Hey boss. Brought you something.” The angel said casually, hefting a well-used backpack onto a counter. Flicking some beach sand from the zipper, Summer beamed a wide grin and fished out a hefty bottle of amber liquid. The bottle itself was blown to look like a sun, complete with a wizened yet friendly face on the front. “This here is Rey Sol Anejo. I can say with good authority that is is sunshine on the tongue.” The smile that lifted her lips was as angelic as she could manage. Which, given the person, was pretty damned angelic.

“God damn, I love that town. The sun, the beach, the booze.” Her eyes narrowed and head tilted as she looked at the shorter woman. “Despite there being so many tourists, it is so quiet.” Her gaze held a faraway look for a moment. With a sheepish laugh, she shrugged one shoulder. “Nothing that wonderful can last forever, right? So I’m back.” She wiggled jazz hands and opened her mouth wide in an overly enthusiastic grin. “And ready to get into fighting shape. You know, my definition of ‘beach body’ is a lot different from some others.” Her laugh was loud, probably too loud for the caliber of joke. She let it fade. “Anyway. Thanks for the warm welcome back. It is good to be back among the upright.”
The Preacher 02/08/20 *Takes phone and gazes all excitedly*
Yes get one. I shall train it to keeel.
The Preacher 02/06/20 *Nods and listens. Nods more hearing that it stands on its back legs.*
Yes get one, find it nao. I wanna see.
*Stops a moment thinking about it eating small animals.*
Maybe we can train it to bite people. Google it and show me!
*Seems to get as excited as she has.*
The Preacher 02/05/20 *Has no idea what a bush baby is.*
Yes we can still eat Pizza. However you like it is just fine with me.
You must explain what a bush baby is before I agree to that.
The Preacher 02/04/20 *Grumbles*
I never said that we would not be eating pizza while sending it to someone.
*Shakes head*
It would just be hilarious to make them pay a few hundred dollars for pizza that they didn't order.
LillyEmperium 02/04/20 *chuckling Lilly shook her head*
bottle of bloodwyne....i think I'll come with us though Liv. Don't like the idea of you going by yourself.
*Lilly thought for a moment, then just asked straight out. *
Sooo... When are ya due?
The Preacher 02/03/20 Hmmm.
*Thinks a moment.*
I dunno. We can pick random numbers and call. Send send ten pizzas to someones house. Shall have some fun.
Anomaly 02/03/20 Blushes. "Th-Thank you."
LillyEmperium 02/03/20 *Thinking for a moment, Lilly grinned as she nodded * I like the way you think
The Preacher 02/03/20 *Grins*
Next rime we will do prank phone calls while cooking.
*Loves a good prank.*
The Preacher 02/03/20 *sings into her ear*
Baby got back!
The Preacher 02/03/20 *Walks up behind while chuckling*
It is ok dear. Its due to the extra baggage you are toting around.
*Reaches around and grabs a hot piece of back and pops in mouth*
You wont have to endure it much longer.
LillyEmperium 02/03/20 *Laughing Lilly smiled* exclusive at least for awhile I suppose. What you think? Select few. Ya know those who can honestly say, been there done that. Survived the craziness
The Preacher 02/03/20 *nods lots*
An apron and nothing else would be sufficient.
*starts to laugh but stops when she ask about a smell*
I dont smell anything.
*sniffs arepits*
Not me!
LillyEmperium 02/03/20 *shrugs* I don't think you're boring. Often silly an maybe lil goofy.... But not boring
LillyEmperium 02/03/20 Thats what keeps some of us from being boring sweets.
The Preacher 01/31/20 *Starts to laugh*
"Well yes, they would be destined to be screwed up with us as parents."
*Places hand to chin and ponders*
"I didn't marry you to turn you into a honest woman but.."
*Stops and holds that statement a moment*
"I would not decline it. How about cooking in something skimpy?"
*Wiggles brow*
LillyEmperium 01/31/20 *Cracking up laughing, Lilly looked to Liv* love it Darlin'....Its perfect
LillyEmperium 01/30/20 *Laughing, Lilly smiled* I'm game for any place. Hmmm what should we call this club Liv?
The Preacher 01/30/20 Yes, Yes that was their names.
*Remembers it clearly now.*
"Oh yes, they will not know what family they are from with those names."
*Hurries on along so they will not be late.*
"Where are our reservations to sweetcheeks."
The Preacher 01/28/20 *Gets dragged*
"Oh so now we are in a big hurry!"
*Starts to laugh and rubs belly*
"Well whatever the others name is, we shall love it just the same."
*Ponders a moment.*
"Lets name them Smith and Wesson?"
*Was not bony but also will not argue about food.*
LillyEmperium 01/27/20 *nodding she chuckled * exactly.... All that an anything else that's thought up. I think it'd be a blast.
LillyEmperium 01/23/20 Yes we should. I think it'd be a blast. We could meet anywhere you want
The Preacher 01/21/20 *Holds tightly.*
"Well, you must speed the job up or allow me to help."
*Grins at the kiss.*
"I need me time like yesterday."
*Cackles lightly*
"Yes we do have another job that is in dire need of our attention. It has a time limit on it. So when you finish, we will complete it, then long vacation for the both of us."
LillyEmperium 01/18/20 *nodding Lilly laughed * yesss exactly. Hells we could meet twice a month and talk bout the glory days and how some the younglings have no clue
The Preacher 01/18/20 *Places hand on chin.*
Yeah I like cakes. Windows taste dirty. I like to lick other stuff to but we wil not speak of that now.
*Chuckles and grabs at.*
Mere, Ive been lonley in your absents.
The Preacher 01/17/20 *Ponders for a moment on what his wife was talking about.*
*Grins widely.*
"I'm wanted for my beauty and because I am cake licker champion."
*Flexes muscles*
"They call me Sir beautimus!"
LillyEmperium 01/16/20 *chuckling Lilly smiled * You and me both. We could always start a club to that effect.
The Preacher 01/15/20 *Waggles brow*
*Skips to follow*
LillyEmperium 01/15/20 *Takes a small scoop out. Lilly sat down and handed Liv another spoon* that's what friends do. I've been good, no issues to speak of.
The Preacher 01/14/20 *Gets rather excited*
*Watches run off*
*Runs to hide and take care of a problem.*
LillyEmperium 01/11/20 *Cracks up laughing * oh Liv of course it's for you. I Meant to give you the whole case at Christmas as a gift. So I'm sending it to you now dear. I know you love it. How have you been?
LillyEmperium 01/11/20 *Quietly Lilly walked up, carrying a large jar of peanut butter just for Liv*
Dexter Gein 12/18/19
Dexter Gein 12/16/19
The Preacher 12/15/19 *Nods*
"I'll buy us a house close to whatever school it is in Paris. When that time comes."
*Takes kiss*
*Picks up and carries off to closed doors*
The Preacher 12/15/19 *Dies*
"I've got you covered dear."
*Had put a stash back. Well buried it in the basement.*
"Yes might have to do a little work to make sure adopted Rocky has a college fund. Specially if he goes to one of the nicer ones."
The Preacher 12/15/19 *Runs a single digit along scarred lips.*
"I do too. I don't wish to see them disappear."
*Cracks a overly large smile.*
"Dumpster, shopping cart, ummm.... Maybe a crack house? I dunno we can have fun with it."
*Shakes head and kisses corner of scarred lips.*
"It didn't hurt, I don't remember a thing. Woke up feeling like a million bucks, or I shall say, a million bucks lighter."
The Preacher 12/15/19 *Nods*
"Yes, the next job might require a bit of a change for you. I have it lined up already!"
*Laughs hysterically*
"We shall tell the little tyke that hes adopted."
"Tell him we found him in a dumpster and just felt bad and picked him up."
The Preacher 12/15/19 "You always deserve pretty things."
*Shakes head as she never wants him to get her anything nice.*
"Your husband has never left. He only changed a little"
*Strikes a pose.*
"I was seen last night while doing some wet work. Can't have those people knowing what I look like. Had to see my surgeon."
*Holds out hand for her to take*
"All in a good night while you were sleeping."
The Preacher 12/15/19 *shakes head*
"Every woman needs something pretty in her life."
"Since us guys aren't so pretty."
The Preacher 12/15/19
Remember new present
The Preacher 12/15/19
The Preacher 12/15/19
The Preacher 12/14/19
Jackson McCarthy 12/14/19 Liv
I wish you could see the huge WTF expression I have on my face right now. Why are you calling yourself fat?? Christ. There's no way you could be considered fat. And what's not mine? The G Wagon? It better not be. I'll stick to my motorcycles.
I'll see you there, Saturday at open?
The Preacher 12/13/19 *Winks*
"Just checking with the language barrier."
The Preacher 12/13/19 *Shifty eyes*
"Sure you are! But not what I was meaning."
*Licks lips*
The Preacher 12/13/19 *Leans in and kisses her nose*
"I dream of when the day shall come."
*Moves around and puts lips near her ear.*
"Ready for the day you open all the way up."
The Preacher 12/13/19 *Snickers*
"I have no problems showing you whatever you want to know."
*Leans in, places lips to neck as the covers go over. Motorboats*
"Just keep the feed back, I shall be able to see it written all over your face."
*Traces lips along jawline.*
The Preacher 12/13/19 "Teamwork makes dream work. It will helps the bonding"
"Practice makes perfect too! We will have time to work on everything."
*Takes a finger and runs down the length of her body*
"I think we can make work turn into other things."
The Preacher 12/13/19 *Shivers*
"Yes my guns have been neglected. They all need cleaning."
*Gazes into eyes*
"We shall have a gun cleaning day. Yes we shall sit around, naked, clean guns!"
*Starts to laugh*
"Sexy right?"
The Preacher 12/13/19 "I'll call and check in, I think I seen one come up for next week."
*Thought back, thinks it was a pretty good payout.*
"You can pull the trigger. I want to watch you work."
*Pulled a single digit down her cheek.*
"Woman with a large gun, sexy in my eyes."
The Preacher 12/13/19 *nods*
"Safety always comes first. Its how we stay alive."
*Wiggled his eyebrows*
"You sure you want me to come back to bed, safety doesn't exactly concern me between the sheets."
*snickered to himself at his own little joke as he grabbed her by the waist and pulled her closer.*
The Preacher 12/13/19 "Hmmm."
*Wonders what exactly was told to her to need a new dishwasher.
"So speaks several languages and also answers the questions."
*Ponders to call the psych ward and have her admitted but would then be lonely.*
"Ok, I will allow them to talk and tell you of what I do."
*Reaches out and grabs hand that is holding hammer and pins it to bed*
"Safety precaution."
*Winks and plants one on babymamma.*
The Preacher 12/13/19 *See's hammer, eyes wide, covers dick because he knows whats coming.*
"Shopping is a punishment to me, not you."
*Squints down at her and wonders what all was in her party mix.*
"So let me ask, when did they start talking to you? Do they answer questions, speak your language?"
*Levi was curious as to how far this would go with her answers and yes, he has spoken to her in her language before. He just doesn't want to acknowledge it at that moment.*
The Preacher 12/13/19 "Asked, Asked how? They don't speak."
*Was offended that she said he did not speak clearly enough for her. *
*Raises hand and smacks bum.*
"I know it is your second language. I don't understand when you ramble Czech. I just nod"
*Grumbles and tickles once again.*
"Punishment for painted da ducky is?"
*Said it more of a question because he wasn't mad, but didn't know what he should do.*
The Preacher 12/13/19 *Stops but holds down*
"English, DO YOU SPEAK IT."
*starts to laugh as he seen that on some movie before and never thought he would get to say it to someone.*
"I speak clearly enough I would think. Now back to my army men!!"
*drags back across bed to middle. Goes back to tickle*
"Rawr for the tickle monster"
*Ponders what all this sounds like.*
The Preacher 12/13/19 *shakes head furiously.*
"I did not say that I would pay to leave you behind. I said bribe me so that I would not!"
*Watches her throw his toys around like they were nothing.*
*Starts to scoop them up and rub them.*
"Its fine little guys, I will hide you better so that she can't be so rough with you."
*Notices more of them have painted nails and shit. Throws down*
"Alla my men have been paint on them. IMMA KEEEEEL YOU!"
*Rolls over, grabs sides, tickles*
The Preacher 12/13/19 *dies laughing*
"I can deal with the brattiness."
*starts to scowl a little.*
" I just can't deal with you taking my toys and leaving. This is against the rules."
*Points a finger and scolds like a kid.*
"My toys and no I'd never leave you behind."
*Swats ass while she tries to get up.*
The Preacher 12/13/19 *Puts hand on chin*
"No man gets left behind and you ask if I would leave you behind."
*Continues thinking on it for a few moments*
"Well no Army man should ever be left behind from his platoon but...."
*Fell silent a few moments, smirks*
"You're gonna have to bribe me not to leave you behind."
*Starts to laugh, shaking the bed*
The Preacher 12/13/19 *Eyes wide.*
"Painted nails"
*Doesn't recall having an army man with painted nails to go with his gun*
*Wonders why anyone would paint army mans nails to match gun.*
"I haven't seen that one"
*Helps pull covers back up*
The Preacher 12/13/19 *Rolls over, opens table drawer*
"This one here?"
*Reaches in and pulls out a handful of army men.*
"Picked it up after you fell asleep. Not sure which one though."
The Preacher 12/13/19 *Pulls blankets over head for some snogging.*
Jackson McCarthy 12/12/19 Liv
I thought you were hinting that I needed to get her something for Christmas. woops. I'm not good at this.

She seems to be taking the whole supernatural thing pretty well. But you're right. I'm sure she'd love a thank you gift. When did you want to go? Need me to pick you up?
Jackson McCarthy 12/12/19 *there's that eye twitch again*
*ensuring he and Livia didn't get shot for this conversation was hard*

Antiquing sounds fun. Wait. Are you suggesting I have to get her something for Christmas? Are we at that stage? Antiuquing is supposed to be fun :(
Jackson McCarthy 12/12/19 Liv
Please never bring up them snogging again. I swear I -just- got that horrific image out of my head. And it's back. I need bleach.

*deletes thread*
What messages?
Briahne Christiann 12/12/19 *Woahs, married too.....* "Uhmmmm, slow down a lil? Mebbe?"
Briahne Christiann 12/12/19 She blinks ...."Oops sorry, I did it again didn't I? I was saying that you're having a baby and how exciting it was. Sooo, fried chicken that like broiled or something? Firebaked?"
Briahne Christiann 12/12/19 "Wow, just ...*shakes head again* WOW! This is awesome, Va avea un copil !!! Acest lucru este atât de interesant." Wait when did she switch to her native language?
Briahne Christiann 12/12/19 *Jumps in, finally gets it, sees belly* "OH MY GOD YOU'RE PREGNANT!!!! What the heck, who?????? WHEN!!!!BE CAREFUL!!!!"
Briahne Christiann 12/12/19 "Hot Sauce .....uhmmmkay." *Follows along.*
Briahne Christiann 12/12/19 *Shakes head* "Nope, never heard of it. You're .... pregnant?"
The Preacher 12/12/19 *Goes willingly*
Briahne Christiann 12/12/19 "Wait, what's fried Chicken?"
Briahne Christiann 12/12/19 Blinks"Scuse me?"
The Preacher 12/12/19
Briahne Christiann 12/12/19 Yeah right....
Briahne Christiann 12/12/19 Poke. That is all.
Jackson McCarthy 12/11/19 *gasp*
*she's right though*
....I deserved that. I wasn't thinking! It was crazy town in there.
Jackson McCarthy 12/11/19 Liv
Oh, so she bought it off of you? Cause that's the only way it's not a gift.
Did she put you up to the mace thing? Fine. I'll give her the mace back. Jeez.
Just remember this next time she decides to invite everyone over again. If she shoots someone for messing with her food, it's on you. xo
Jackson McCarthy 12/10/19 Livia

You're the one who gave her a gift. She gets excited when she gets gifts that can literally kill me. Not that she would purposefully kill me. I don't think. Help?
The Preacher 12/10/19 *Jumps in, kicks his feet like Fred Flintstone. Makes motor noises*
Lets ride.
*Cranks truck up and slowly drives off.*
The Preacher 12/10/19 *Places hand to chin and scratches.*
Hmm. Yes. With mashed potato's and some greens. This is highly acceptable.
The Preacher 12/10/19 *Ponders*
"Doughbaby is hungry so can't eat doughbaby."
*Thinks about how that just sounded. Changes quickly*
"Lets go find a big juicy steak!"
The Preacher 12/10/19 *Blinks*
"I have the trust. I thought we was goin huntin!"
The Preacher 12/10/19 *Has an innocent smile*
*Reaches in pants.*
*Pulls out the 500 mag with 10inch barrel.*
"Slow, but not that slow."
The Preacher 12/10/19 *Wiggles brow*
*Makes motorboat face*
I can think of something else too!
The Preacher 12/10/19 *Sighs*
Very well then, I shall take and wear it upon my crotch with ice. Make it look like I am wearing black tights. Then I shall take and make me a black mask of something else.
The Preacher 12/10/19 *ponders*
That is a price I am willing to take.
The Preacher 12/10/19 Woots
Will need a strip for my face with eye holes. Can use as a batmask.
The Preacher 12/10/19 *Fistpumps*
"It got the bat symbol on it?"
The Preacher 12/10/19 *Follows*
*Walks wide legged*
"Need duct tape to help hold it down there!"
The Preacher 12/10/19 *Kicks another move*
*Hits da split*
*Needs help getting up*
The Preacher 12/10/19 *strikes a pose* Hold up, bitches simmer down
The Preacher 12/10/19 *starts to do the two step* If findin' somebody real is your fuckin' problem
The Preacher 12/10/19 *Puts hat on sideways and raps back* I love bad bitches that's my fuckin' problem
Don Collier 12/10/19 A tinge of color rises on his neck, but he grins back

Just one, in particular.
The Preacher 12/09/19 *Laughs deeply* "Very well dear. We shall go do a snatch and grab for someone to strap to our new table."
*Ponders on the best place to go and do that at.* "Go and browse, I'll get them to load one of these fancy ones onto the truck!"
*Watches her walk to browse and heads off to find a good salesman to load up the goodies.*
Don Collier 12/09/19 He wasn't used to rewards for doing his job, but this one felt like something special, and he was truly appreciative.

I will surely do that, Livia. And thank you very much from this old war horse.
The Preacher 12/09/19 *Makes mental note to scratch all thoughts.* "Oh I get your point. "
*winkwinknudgenudge* "That sounds better anyway."
*No baby=playtime. Fistpump* "Lets go back and buy one of those nice tables with the hooks on it!"
The Preacher 12/09/19 *Was then and there decided to go adopt a wee little baby, put a gun holster on it, sunglasses, and have a mini bullet proof vest made.* "Yes dear I shall let it go." *Says it with the straightest face possible.*
The Preacher 12/09/19 *Laughs at dough babies* "Rocky and Elsa."
*Remembers the movie to go with the name* "We shall sing her a song everyday." *dies a little inside*
The Preacher 12/09/19 *dies* "Exactly."
*Ponders a second longer* "Leather holsters, pink and blue grips, shiny stainless barrels."
*Licks lip* "Such would be the life."
*Falls over in laughter.*
The Preacher 12/09/19 *Dies* "Is that such a bad thing?"
*Ponders* "We could get the children the pocket sized twenty two's to play with."
*Coughs* "Teach them early."
The Preacher 12/09/19 "See that is perfect." *dies laughing at the shaking. *
"A soft place to lay a head at and it wont hurt." *lips pull to a grin*
"A nice pillow for netflix and chill or prime before kill."
The Preacher 12/09/19 *Pokes again for good measurement.* "I do not think you are getting like the dough boy."
*Retracts hand because of the hammer comment. Had forgotten she was still carrying it.* "Just remember though. No one likes to lay next to a stick in the bed. A little dough never hurt anyone."
*Bites lip to keep from laughing.*
The Preacher 12/09/19 *Walks over to* "It could be used for different things."
*Takes finger and pokes in side to tickle* "Who said it had to be about pain to torture?"
*Grins, pokes again and wiggles finger.* "Torture comes in many forms. Just has to be annoying enough to want it to stop."
The Preacher 12/09/19 *Spoke over his shoulder to her*
"Its just some medieval......"
*Turned around to see her gone. *
"Hey come back. It could be fun!"
*Wasn't planning to use it how she thought but was fun to pick anyway.*
The Preacher 12/09/19 "Oh I know I shall be the first you call!"
*Looks at some of the stuff on floor display and ponders how it could be used to torture someone.*
"I'll be just around this section here for a moment."
*Lightly touches it as if it would kill him*
The Preacher 12/09/19 *Blows kiss back*
"If you need me I'll be browsing."
*Turns to go look in a different location in the store.*
*Finds bdsm furniture. Stops to look.*
The Preacher 12/08/19 *frowns*
"All you have to do is ask and I share!"
*Gets out of truck and follows into the store*
*Looks for a table that would be perfect to hide a body in.*
"Let me know if you see one that peeks your interest."
The Preacher 12/08/19 *Shrugs*
"I really don't know!"
*Had smoked alot of stuff in the past. Might be high now.*
"What were we talking about again?"
The Preacher 12/08/19 "No, no, no. If it costs me you! I wouldnt know what to do."
*Levi scratched his chin slightly confused.*
"I could live with a missing body part or two as long as you are still around."
The Preacher 12/08/19 *Laughs and pats his wifes leg*
"Yes, that would be a very timely mistake. One that woud cost me a fortune."
*turnstruck into furnature store and pulls to the rear.*
"It would also cost meyou. That would definitely not be good."
*leans over and steals a quick kiss*
The Preacher 12/07/19 *Cackles*
"Yes it is a lot of guys I know!"
*Looks out the window for a moment as the tree's and houses go by.*
"You have nothing to worry about. If I run into something that I don't know or understand, I always find someone. It's better than blowing something off."
The Preacher 12/07/19 *Nods lots*
"Avoid the workshop when they go in there. I'll make sure they are put up and should not make more than a ten foot blast radius in there."
*Runs fingers in hair while listening to the question.
"Well I have a job coming up soon. They will be needed and there is no need to call Adara about them. I have a good clue of what I am doing. If I get confused I know a guy, who knows a guy, that can call a guy to do it for me."
The Preacher 12/07/19 "Pretty sure that we can find exactly what you are looking for with little to no issue. Can always add the wheels ourselves."
*Slips hand from seat to her shoulder and looks over at.*
"This is giving me some nice ideas."
*Could have multiple uses with something such as she has described.*
"I could always keep the explosives down in the workshop. A good ways from the house."
The Preacher 12/07/19 *Heart races at the thought*
"Yes now we are on the same page. Large, heavy built, distressed look. Plenty of drawers and doors for goodies to be placed in. Fold up top for riot gun to go underneath. Thick top build to withstand jumping on."
*Makes all the notes when her hand sat on his thigh. Placed his own over the back of the seat around her.*
"I'm sure that we can find one that will work just perfectly. If not, I know a carpenter that can build one to your liking."
The Preacher 12/07/19 "Oh yes. That makes sense then. Holding heavy weapons and made better than the press-board stuff of today."
*nods lots and gets poked at about his weight then thinks.*
"Oh yes, I am around that area. I haven't weighed in quite some time."
*Wiggles brow and smirks*
"Maybe we can find one that can hold our weight."
The Preacher 12/07/19 *Nods understanding better*
"Well I wouldn't expect anything less from you."
*Keeps hearing the words large and sturdy*
"Why does it have to be big and sturdy?"
*Ponders if his life will end like a episode from Looney Tunes. Dresser dropped on his head or something.*
The Preacher 12/07/19 *Gets in truck and lifts up console so that she can sit in the middle.*
"What do you mean kill him too? Who else have you killed lately?" *Ponders on what she is referring to while he cranks truck and pulls from garage.*
"Strong and sturdy antique table. I think I know a place."
*Turns left out of the garage and heads to town.*
The Preacher 12/07/19 *Debates on taking the fake police car so that there is a partition between him and a hammer.*
"To the garage then."
*Turns to that direction*
"You would have to be a bit bigger to be like Thor. I wouldn't like your voice then."
The Preacher 12/07/19 *Walks backwards towards the door.*
"Well you can have it. Just pick it up later!"
*Fumbles behind to open door. Was rather scared.*
*Opens door and walks out backwards.*
"We shall ride in your car so that you can drive."
The Preacher 12/07/19 *nods*
"Yes, we shall have to buy a new table."
*Looks to hammer*
"I'll buy you anything as long as you just lay the hammer down!"
The Preacher 12/07/19 *Watches, blinks*
"Well I guess shopping."
*Now needs a new coffee table.*
"Um. I'll fix the table later and have the exterminator come by."
*Was glad that he moved the c-4 from the drawer*
The Preacher 12/07/19 *stares*
*stares harder and covers dick*
"Ummm. please don't!"
The Preacher 12/07/19 *Dies laughing.*
*Watches walk*
*Laughs harder*
"I sorries. I thought it was funny."
The Preacher 12/07/19 *Throws hands in the air*
*Falls over laughing hysterically*
"Was a fake bomb."
*Gets up and kisses cheek*
The Preacher 12/07/19 *Looks over at*
"You don't have to worry about any of that anymore."
*Puts her hand on top of his chewed chewing gum to hold in place.*
"Hold this carefully."
*Looks at again*
"the meatloafcan wait a while. We gun shop after this. You can have whatever you want."
The Preacher 12/06/19 *Turns and kisses cheek*
*Grabs hand*
"No you must stay. I may need help holding a wire or something."
*Needed no help but didnt want to die alone if things go bad.*
"I will go buy you a new gun after!"
The Preacher 12/06/19 *Continues to solder wires together*
*Shivers to the touch*
"Boom, Bomb, yes a overly big bomb!"
*Puts chewing gum on wires to help hold in p;ace.*
"Gonna make a big boom!"
The Preacher 11/26/19 *hears door shut*
*turns off shower and makes bubble bath*
*plays with army men and rubber duckies*
*puts firecracker in duckies mouth and lights.*
*has pretended army man shoots ducky with rocket*
The Preacher 11/26/19 *Gets yelled at*
*starts to feel bad*
*gets in the shower*
*hangs head and don't wanna wash.*
The Preacher 11/26/19 *goes into bathroom*
*pulls pants off*
*lights match*
*pooots once more and attempts to lite*
The Preacher 11/26/19 *stands up*
*holds head down and nods*
*heads off to bathroom*
*digs wedgey out*
*sidesteps when pulls*
Yes ma'am
The Preacher 11/26/19 *continues to laugh hysterically*
*has trouble breathing*
*passes gas again*
The Preacher 11/26/19 *laughs*
*kicks around furiously*
*pokes nose*
The Preacher 11/26/19 *Gets kicked*
*Bends over holding stomach*
*passes gas*
Oh I thought it was gonna hurt. Just the Mexican I ate for dinner!
The Preacher 11/26/19 *Hears ho down.*
*stops turns around*
*Toddles back*
*Hovers over*
*Debates then nods*
*Pee's on foot*
*falls over laughing*
The Preacher 11/26/19 *Walks up, places a smoke between her lips.*
*Toddles off*
The Preacher 11/19/19 Loving Wifey

I'm on the way as fast as I can get there.
The Preacher 11/18/19 *Closes laptop from staring at an email from some crazy person that didn't get the point when he didn't email back the last time*
*Feels phone vibrate and picks up.*

Little Wolf
Give me a moment to fetch the car and I am on my way.
The Preacher 11/17/19 *Grumbles. Was gonna get his honey bun and she was gonna be the one to bring it.*
*Gets rpg back out.*
*Prepares for prison break.*
The Preacher 11/17/19 *Puts the weapons away and received the next text.*
*read it and laughed while typing back*
"I know, its great isn't it."
*Walks through the building and heads to the front door and opens it.*
*Looks out and see's empty street*
"Umm. Home was the deal. Where ya go?"
The Preacher 11/17/19 *Puts Rpg down and picks up his phone to text.*
"Very well little one. I shall wait."
*Scoops up his toys and starts to take them back downstairs and had forgotten to answer the last portion of her text.*
"No, I sent him to the store three weeks ago. Haven't seen him since. Bring honeybun and coke. All that excitement got me wanting one."
The Preacher 11/17/19 *watches through the scope. She throws her arms up.*
*Grumbles and runs downstairs and fumbles through gun safe.*
*Runs back to roof with rpg and texts*
"Little wolf just walk down the street and back to the house. All will stop then."
*Shoulders rpg and flings rocket towards bus*
The Preacher 11/17/19 *Uses voice to text*
"If it was meant for you, you would not hear the crack of the rifle."
*Takes further aim as she gets into the cab. Watches as she ducks down in back seat.*
*Takes deep breath, squeezes trigger slowly.*
*Watches bullet strike driver through seat.*
*Voice to text once more.*
"Just come on back home and its all over."
The Preacher 11/16/19 *Watches run and doesn't read text right away.*
*Adjust for wind and distance*
*Shoots out both rear bus tires*
*Checks phone*
I think you should come on back home wifey.
*Wonders if can bounce bullets off the asphalt and hit anything.*
The Preacher 11/16/19 *holds phone by scope to read*
*laughs as she hides behind the corner*
"You know I miss you if you are gone more than an hour."
*hits send and waits for the right moment*
The Preacher 11/16/19 *Had already picked up on what she was meaning.*
*Runs around on the roof until he can see down the strip*
*Props rifle up on edge of roof*
*Aims and text with one hand*
"Why not just buy them and come on home?"
The Preacher 11/16/19 *Goes to desk drawer and gets out the next phone. Puts sim card in. Turns on.*
*Gets new text while attempting to calm down.*
*Beats on phone letters*
"Yes bring me some. Two will do."
*Grabs sniper rifle and runs to the roof*
The Preacher 11/16/19 *Grumbles and breaks phone by throwing against the wall*
The Preacher 11/16/19 *Gives up on the c-4 idea.*
*Couldn't understand the gibberish on the call*
*Cuts brake line instead*
*texts wife on how she forgot her car*
*Runs inside.*
The Preacher 11/16/19 *climbs under car.*
*Had never wired a bomb.*
*Gets confused*
*Picks up phone and calls 800-terrorist*
The Preacher 11/16/19 *Smiles all innocent*
"I agree my dear. I agree."
*Watches her walk away*
*Goes to plant c-4 under her car.*
The Preacher 11/16/19 *nods and grins* "Yes dear."
*Plots her death*
The Preacher 11/16/19 *Flips bird*
"Very true. wee wittle flower"
The Preacher 11/16/19 Noes, I am a pretty little flower!"
The Preacher 11/16/19 *Feels like he has heard this spill before.*
"Imma have to go and change those rules....."
"I think I go back to the rule where I touch it, its mine."
The Preacher 11/16/19 *Grumbles*
"Why does these things always come back to bite me?"
"What mines is your and whats yours is mine?"
The Preacher 11/16/19 *Scrunches nose*
"Not fair. That is mine!"
The Preacher 11/16/19 *Boops nose.*
Katherine Murray 11/16/19 I LOVE YOU! *calls after* Kill the alligator, I need more shoes! *Is still screeching*
The Preacher 11/16/19 *Pokes*
"See I knew exactly what you meant. I just wanted to hear you own up to it."
*Gives fist pump*
"Mines all mines. MWHAHAHAHA."
Katherine Murray 11/16/19 Maybe you should just shoot it. *stares* You're pretty good at that if my memory is correct.
Katherine Murray 11/16/19 Please... I will *always* bet on you, Livia, darling. *Grins*
The Preacher 11/16/19 *ponders*
"I don't remember if I did or not."
Katherine Murray 11/16/19 *shifty eyes* I think I might need to place a bet then.
The Preacher 11/16/19 *Makes duck lips.* "Whaaa.. You don't want me to mark it?"
The Preacher 11/16/19 *Doesn't want to be lonely.*
*Grabs and pulls back*
*Holds close*
"Mine? Does that work or shall I pee on your foot and mark my territory?"
The Preacher 11/16/19 *cries*
*Decides to get even*
*Bites back*
Katherine Murray 11/16/19 *blinks*
*stares at beer*
I am going to need something stronger.
Belinda Arch 11/15/19 The celestial stepped back to avoid her head being pelted with chocolates, but holds her hands out to attempt to catch a few for nibbling on later. Belinda chuckled softly, a sheepish, bashful smile gracing angelic features. "Thank you, Miss Livi, for the visit ... and the candies."

The girl was suddenly at a loss, she couldn't stash the treats in her pocket, they'd melt. She also wasn't the kind to carry a handbag, so what was she to do? Ah, yes, she had a room within these Azhi walls, she could leave them on a night table there.

"If you don't mind, Ma'am, I'm afraid I have to take my leave. There is much work to be done." It wasn't a common thing for the angel to be in such a rush, but things had a way of changing over time, and she needed to get to work on things yet to come.
The Preacher 11/14/19 *lays passed out with his wranglers on... like the jeap.. Also with his steel toe boots on from walmart.. is relatively safe.
The Preacher 11/14/19 *dies because he forgot to do cardio and has smoked for the past 20 years*
The Preacher 11/14/19 *Chases and touches it again.*
"I call dibs this time."
The Preacher 11/14/19 *Shakes head*
I touch it, its mine.
The Preacher 11/14/19 *Runs up.*
*Grabs ass and squeezes*
*bounces off.*
The Preacher 11/13/19 *preforms cpr....revives*
The Preacher 11/13/19 *nods more*
"Yes and make sure that the jeans are wranglers like the jeep."
The Preacher 11/13/19 *Nods lots* And don't forget your wal-mart steel toe boots so you can kick shit!
Jackson McCarthy 11/13/19 *returns salute
*calls after her*
Have fun with your not husbandbuttoallyisahusband!
The Preacher 11/13/19 *Points*
"Don't forget to wear your bluejeans."
"They protect you from lions, tigers, and bears."
Jackson McCarthy 11/13/19 *opens mouth to question*
*thinks better of it*
That’s right.
That’s what I was going to do! *snaps fingers* I need to get popcorn.
I’ll see you Saturday. Usual time?
The Preacher 11/13/19 *Was free. Jumps up.*
"Bruh lets go shoot bows and arrows. The silent camo arrows or we can sharpen rocks and tie them to sticks. We can robinhood it."
The Preacher 11/13/19 *Continues to flail about*
"Yes this is true bonding"
*Attempts to poke with finger but fails due to it curling from the shock.*
Jackson McCarthy 11/13/19 *drops hand from her mouth*
*surprised she didn’t bite him, tbh*
Ah, yes. Updates are definitely important.
*plucks the cash from her hand*
*kisses her cheek*
Offer still stands, if you need me to punch anyone in the face. Just let me know.
The Preacher 11/13/19 *Bites tongue.*
*Twitches and wonders how long the batteries will last.*
*Kicks foot hoping taser falls out of hand*
The Preacher 11/13/19 "I don't do torture sweetie"
*Might not have thought this completely through.*
*Presses button harder*
*Has hand pressed against chest not thinking about close range*
*Gets hit by the current that flowed through one and hits other.*
*Hits ground again all fucked up.*
Jackson McCarthy 11/13/19 *grabs from behind* Shhhhhhhhhhhh
*puts hand over her mouth*
Okay okay Jeeez Liv.
No, Dessa does not know about her.
I won't say anything to Valentin, you won't say anything to Dessa, deal?
The Preacher 11/13/19 *Rubs chest, waits, watches.*
"I could have but if I knew you were gonna shoot me I think I would have been honest."
*Goes ahead and takes vest off but doesn't think it is very smart.*
"I have you a present since you were in such a giving mood to shoot me."
*Narrows eyes, pulls out taser. Tasers his wifes leg*
"Take THAT!"
Jackson McCarthy 11/13/19 *blinks*
*watches in horror*
*chases after*
*stirs the pot* So, I'm assuming Valentin is not this Husband, you speak of, hm?
Jackson McCarthy 11/13/19 *eye twitches* I definitely didnt GET MARRIED.
*mutters under his breath* Mayormaynothavetakeninatobedeterminedtinyassassin.
*coughs* I have never heard you call Valentin husband.
*takes out phone* I mean, I guess I could always just ask Valentin myself.
The Preacher 11/13/19 *Coughs a bit and stares. *
"Aye yes I am still human. Coulda asked and it wouldnt hurt so bad"
*Grumbles and takes the smoke and places it to his lips and rolls over to get up. Very slowly*
"Yes as a matter of fact. Next time ask."
*Debated on shooting her back but was unsure if she had a vest on.*
Jackson McCarthy 11/13/19 *squints back at*
It felt like you were judging me!
I have nothing to judged for!
*changes subject back* So.. why does this husband yell at you and do I need to punch him in the face?
Jackson McCarthy 11/13/19 You're giving me the side...*pauses*
*hears what she actually said* WAIT.
And I didn't do anything *acts offended*
You're the one who apparently got married and didn't tell me?!?!?!
Jackson McCarthy 11/13/19 *stops and stares*
The Preacher 11/13/19 *Gets shot.*
*Giggling fit stops*
"What the f....."
*Stops to check to see if the bullet went through vest.*
*Lays back on floor relieved.*
The Preacher 11/13/19 *Grabs stomach and starts laughing.*
*Continues laughing hysterically and pointing*
*Looses breath from laughing so hard*
*Falls on floor still laughing and pointing until passes out*
The Preacher 11/13/19 *Throws arms up in the air.*
*Watches her grab gun case and leaves.*
*Puts on bulletproof vest*
The Preacher 11/13/19 *sigh of relief.*
I'm glad that you play fair. I do not know what I would have done if the tickle monster come out.
*debates on taking rope and tying her up and tickling anyway*
The Preacher 11/13/19 *sighs with relief* Good
*Eyes open wide after asking if ticklish* "Umm. NO!"
The Preacher 11/13/19 *gets tackled again.*
*cackles hysterically*
*Gets tied*
"Hey now I thought we worked out our differences here. "
The Preacher 11/13/19 *Gets caught and busted up.*
*doesn't know where it came from*
*Gets confused.*
The Preacher 11/12/19 *Grabs butt and hangs on.*
"I'll be easier next time."
*Hauls off.*
The Preacher 11/12/19 *Grins*
I agree. Lets do it.
*Smacks ass*
The Preacher 11/12/19 *Mumbles. Smartass but smiles too.*
"Well seeing as we are bound to die at sometime or another, we need to make the best of the time while it lasts."
The Preacher 11/12/19 *Slightly lifts chin. Takes finger and traces jawline to brush hair back behind her ear.*
"We have all the time in the world!"
The Preacher 11/12/19 *Reaches up, lightly holds by chin.*
*Gazes in eyes.*
"And how would that make you feel?"
The Preacher 11/12/19 *Enjoyed the way that sounded*
*Grabs hand and starts to go*
*Stops and thinks if there is any trickery involved.*
"What if I am here to make you happy?
The Preacher 11/12/19 *rubs hands and smirks*
"I can't wait to see."
* Loves surprises*
"It makes me so happy!"
The Preacher 11/12/19 *Snaps finger*
"I like a good safe word that no one can pronounce. So, no calling Val, untie and wait to see what happens?"
*Nodded head*
"Sounds like it may be dangerous.... Dangerous is my middle name. "
*Only said it because it sounded corny as hell*
"You may be surprised at how well I handle it. "
The Preacher 11/12/19 *Listens and gets all upbeat.*
"Strange noises? Its that kinda supposed to happen?"
*Wrinkles nose and giggles*
"I promise if they get to strange for me, I will leave you tied up and call Val. Though I don't know what he is supposed to do. "
"Safeword, yes we need a safeword."
*Thinks again. Has it. *
The Preacher 11/12/19 *Grins*
"No no Not bonding, Bondage."
"I'll teach you to live off the land after!"
*Drags faster*
The Preacher 11/12/19 *Blinks*
*Clears throat*
*Blinks again*
"Then why the fuck are we goin hunting."
*Grabs hand and rope, then drags off.*
The Preacher 11/12/19 *Takes a single finger and places it on her chin. Slowly drags it up to her lips, pushes them apart to expose her teeth.*
"Umm your mouth sure does look more perdy."
*Drops hand and begins to laugh.*
"Shall I show you how to hog tie a bear? I practice on you, then you practice on me?"
The Preacher 11/12/19 *Shrugs*
"I'm rather scared of John John. He only has one toof in his mouth."
*Leans head down against hers.*
"I am down to wrestle bears. Since you got dibs on seconds I go first! "
*fist pump*
"Imma hog that that bitch."
The Preacher 11/12/19 "No..No insurance policy. Do I need to get one? Planning something that I do not know of?"
*squints and stares*
"Yes bunny rabbits are smaller and run faster but they don't fight back. I mean yes, we could take pistols and shoot them though."
"Tis up to you though. All could be fun. Just go and kill whatever we see?"
The Preacher 11/12/19 *Goes and sits down.*
"Bunny rabbits could be fun but I think since we do what we do, they would be slightly to easy."
*Ponders on it a moment while looking over at Liv.*
"Lets go hunt a bear with a knife? Could be interesting yeah?"
The Preacher 11/12/19 *Scratches chin*
"What do you wish to hunt?"
The Preacher 11/12/19 *Comes back with his Christmas in a cup.*
*Sips then presents*
"I have a gift for you love!"
*Hands cup and cigs to wifey.*
The Preacher 11/12/19 *Gives thumbs up as goes out the door.*
*Already knew she liked cinnamon because of old surveillance.*
*Wont tell his wife this though.*
"Back in a moment."
The Preacher 11/12/19 *Stops, turns*
"Christmas in a cup you shall love. Tastes cinnamony. Reminds me of Christmas."
*Shrugs as cannot believe she has never had Christmas in a cup.*
*Continues to go and fetch.*
The Preacher 11/12/19 *nods*
"I shall bring back Christmas in a cup for coffee."
*Nods lots hoping it brings brownie points.*
"As far a smokes go anything that is non filtered, got it."
*Tottles off to get brownie points.*
The Preacher 11/12/19 *Accepts kiss*
*Makes agreement on coffee and smokes*
*Debates on what kind.*
*Feels better to just ask*
"What kind my dear. I shall make it happen."
*doesn't wish to get beat up. *
The Preacher 11/12/19 *frowns*
*makes pouty duck lips*
"Kissy then?"
The Preacher 11/12/19 *feels better*
*points to other eye*

The Preacher 11/12/19 *cries because its his good eye*
The Preacher 11/11/19 *Laughs lightly with her words. *
"Maybe Baby."
The Preacher 11/11/19 "Oh yes, I have lots of good qualities."
*Does a light pelvic thrust*
"All you have to do is dig around and find them."
*shakes head quickly and narrows eyes.*
"I have done nothing, nothing at all.......Yet"
The Preacher 11/11/19 "Why yes dear, I am. "
"There may be a half percent of asshole and a half percent bastid."
*Gets tugged closer. Emerald orbs open wide.*
Valentin Metzger 11/08/19 Liebste
Nevermind. I am on my way. Tell Preacher we will all be having a nice chat soon.
Valentin Metzger 11/08/19 Liebste
Cut your trip to New Orleans short. Meet me at home. There are things we need to discuss.
The Preacher 11/07/19 *Was distracted*
*Gets handcuffed*
*Throws tantrum while looking for key*
*Looks up sad as she runs off.*
The Preacher 11/07/19 *Shrugs again.* "I say just wire the entire building and blow it up. Usually seems to work pretty well."
The Preacher 11/07/19 *Shrugs*
"Hacker to erase all the files?"
The Preacher 11/07/19 *looks sideways.*
"I know you... Somewhat..
*Shoulda took better notes a long time ago.*
"Well if they try to question us we will just have to kill them."
*lotsa nods*
The Preacher 11/07/19 *Waves it all off*
"Well I would get kinda upset too if you went off and married some rando."
*Thinks about it*
"Though I guess it happens. I put a ring on it that way."
*Kinda shrugs*
"But look how it brought us together."
The Preacher 11/07/19 *Looks at funny*
*Wonders what is thinking.*
*Own mind is blank*
*Face deadpans*
"Umm. Nope."
*May decide to take her and run.*
The Preacher 11/07/19 "Um. Yes you will have to explain that lingo to me."
*Scratches head and wonders where all that came from just before he got snatched in the opposite direction.*
"Well I guess I could privately show you my laptop later then. It has some things on it that may answer a few questions that you have asked me in the past."
*grins all sly like*
The Preacher 11/07/19 "I have trust in you! You must not trust me?"
*Thought about it for a moment as he wouldn't even trust himself, how could she. He married the two of them while she was unconscious, who would trust someone after that.*
"Well I do believe I will let you bless the land before we partake in its gratifications."
Briahne Christiann 11/07/19 Bri calls over her shoulders, "Love you Livia!"
Briahne Christiann 11/07/19 "Ah ha, you really don't want me to answer that do you?", she drifts off that way chuckling.
The Preacher 11/07/19 *frowns*
That does not sound like fun for you. Remember this is bonding time."
"I think it shall be fun"
The Preacher 11/07/19 *Shrugs*
"Who knows how it will go. Lets just play it by ear." *Strokes chin*
"I may get scared and we can just make one of them eat three pounds of tannerite and THEN we shoot it!"
Briahne Christiann 11/07/19 "I am doing great, getting stronger ....loving it. How about you? Hopefully not as frazzled as you have been before."
The Preacher 11/07/19 *Gets all excited and starts unbuttoning his shirt.*
"Hell yeah. Whats more exciting than bonding while facing death. Its exhilarating."
*Looks over to his wife while he picks up the pace to keep up with her.*
"Hope you forgot to bring a bathing suit!"
The Preacher 11/07/19 *grumbles*
"It's called Husband and Wife time."
*Clears throat and grumbles more that she keeps a spare key.*
"Bonding if you would say."
The Preacher 11/07/19 *nods* We shall tag team the gators and WIN!
The Preacher 11/07/19 *Grins and uses free hand to grab handcuffs from back pocket.*
"Yes well we may have to change the way that happens. You will have to go with me now."
"I miss you to much when you are away."
*Coughs and wraps arm around waist and puts handcuff on wrist, straps other side to own wrist.*
"Yes, breakfast and then visit friend, then we shall wrestle gators together."
*dies laughing*
Briahne Christiann 11/07/19 **POKES** ... "Hi."
The Preacher 11/06/19 *Lifts hand to chin and ponders on what had been said.*
"Well, that just means we will be rolling in cash. Can do or go anywhere we want."
*Waits for a moment and continues to ponder about choo's and gators.*
"We should visit your friend. I would like to wrestle a gator. Maybe tie one up and put those choo's on its feet, takes selfies with it."
*Nods lots.*
"I think that could be very fun, even fabulous."
The Preacher 11/06/19 "There is no doubt that i am that good."
"I gots all the monies you wil ever need love."
The Preacher 11/06/19 *Inclined his head to her words that were spoken.*
"Please skip another day or two at the gym. We do not need a stick woman."
*Laughing and actually gave a fist pump with his free hand.*
"Maybe baby! Tis better than a no."
The Preacher 11/06/19 *chokes at her words and stifles a laugh.*
"I am not trying to be mean. I am only attempting to show you the way."
*Smirked and then touched her stomach lightly.*
"Aye, we need you to be hungry more often. No one likes to cuddle up to a stick."
"Oh yes, I will get you a honeybun and coke. Do I get the gift that is purchased with the pair?"
The Preacher 11/06/19 *shook his head vigorously*
"No, no, no. You have this all wrong dear. Whats yours is mine, whats mine is mine, meaning that everything is mine!"
*Spoke the words as the remainder of the smoke was shoved back into his mouth. A deep inhale, slow exhale, Levi grinned.*
"All mine and no others."
The Preacher 11/06/19 *Takes cig back one more time and growls*
"Yes lets go but no touchy my smoke."
*Laughed and placed it in his lips once more, puffs, licks filter, laughs again and waits to see if she wishes to take it again.* "Mine, all mine. "
*grabs her butt.*
"Just like that is mine."
The Preacher 11/06/19 *Takes the shortened cig back and quickly takes a drag.*
"That sounds very interesting, delish as a matter of fact."
*Extends arm, offering an elbow.*
"Shall we then?"
The Preacher 11/05/19 *ponders.*
*Gives in. *
"I'm always hungry."
*Steps back and lights a cig.*
"Where to?"
The Preacher 11/05/19 *Turns her to the wall, puts hands on both sides.*
"Well Hello there wifey! Going somewhere?"
*Looks over. Debates on putting handcuffs on her*
"Hope you're not in a hurry!"
The Preacher 11/05/19 *Was totally fucking with her. Had located her last week.*
*Had gotten off the plane in New Orleans two days ago.*
"I will dear. I packed my Russian style fur coat."
*Was walking around New Orleans looking at hotels, not in a hurry, but wearing his Hawaiian print shirt and khaki shorts.*
The Preacher 11/05/19 *puts phone in both hands to type faster now. *
"I will meet you in Paris. That sounds fun."
*Had already called the motels in New Orleans and had booked a flight.*
"I'll call the airlines and be there within the day."
*cackled as he hit send allowing her to think she outsmarted him this time.*
The Preacher 11/05/19 *picks up phone again*
*reads and scribbkes notes*
"Nope i remember you being fully awake when it was done."
*now knows somewhat of the locatuon she went to*
"Decided to come home yet?"
*Mixes up a cocktail injection just in case*
The Preacher 11/05/19 *puts the porn from the tv on mute*
*picks up phone and reads texts,confused.*
"Yes I am,I thought that we established that when I married us."
*hits send, wondering where his wife is and why she asked such a question.*
Amethyst Boru 10/30/19 Adding the finishing touches i slip out the door and head on my way. Getting strange looks from passer byers i made my way to the neighborhood in the good side of tiwn.knocking on the door i said trick or treat. If they openened the door they would be looking a a Siamese cat.
Marah Whitmoore 10/30/19 +Not sure of what to wear Marah thought long and hard. She was Harley Quinn last year this year she was going to go the other way. She finally found what she was looking for.
Wearing a dress that was made if Angel armor dhe had the sword to match. Checking herself over she was pleased of the outcome. Going to the place that she choose the arch angel Uriel stood outside of the residence and rang the door bell.+

"Trick or Treat"

+The Arch Angel said and waited for the homeowner to appear at the door. She hoped she got something good and special.+
Dessa Chambers 10/27/19 *is tackled*
Thank youuuu!!!
*squueeeezes Liv with her new strength*
LillyEmperium 10/27/19 *laughing, Lilly hugged Liv* you're very welcome
LillyEmperium 10/27/19 *grins* I'll hook ya up Liv
LillyEmperium 10/26/19 You do know.......I can have it shipped to you as well
The Preacher 10/26/19 *feels all giddy and stuff. Was excited but unsure if he should have the uhoh feeling or not. *
LillyEmperium 10/26/19 *hugging her back, Lilly laughed*
you're welcome Liv. Yes that is a good...
*Before she could finish saying combo, Lilly found herself being dragged off. A sight to be seen, a vampire drug by a Slayer to a convenience store for chocolate. Laughing Lilly paid the attendant and smiled as she grabbed a drink.*
I shall remember the chocolate next time my friend.
LillyEmperium 10/26/19 *Lilly walked right up to Liv. Setting a jar of peanut butter in front of her, she chuckled*
The Preacher 10/24/19 *Is home alone now. Builds naked room and get naked.*
The Preacher 10/24/19 Wifey

Yes dear.

The Preacher 10/24/19 Wifey.
You're most welcome.xoxo

*snaps dirty photo of self and sends for memories.*
The Preacher 10/24/19 Wifey

I try to think of everything. Better safe that sorry. So be safe on that trip, I will see you when you return home.
The Preacher 10/24/19 Wifey

Tis why I stuck a sat phone in your bag while you were sleeping.
The Preacher 10/24/19 Wifey

Guns preferably but wont complain either way.
The Preacher 10/24/19 Wifey.

Be safe and bring me back gifts.
The Preacher 10/23/19 *Had walked out to the shop behind the house after the shower. Decided to give his wife time to calm down a bit. Her text pretty well confirmed that she had, but better safe that sorry. He answered the text.*
"Sure dear."
*Grabbing a pen and paper, he scribbled a small note onto the parchment. "Still love ya." was all it said before he took a string and attached it and a cigarette to the legs on his drone. Turning the camera on, he flew it to the house and landed it on the kitchen table. Camera facing Liv. *
The Preacher 10/22/19
The Preacher 10/22/19 *Watches her stare. Waits. Ponders.*
*Took a finger and placed it on the tip of her nose before she could answer.*
The Preacher 10/22/19 *Holds down as he was not trying to gain brownie points.*
Get still little one.
*Proceeds to was Liv's hair.*
See not so bad, water good, grits bad.
The Preacher 10/22/19 *gets tackled, punched, and bitten by what appeared to be a rabin chimp. Kinda rolls with the blows, grunts with the bites, but kinda likes it rough.*
They were tasty, but I just wanted you to get dirty with me.
*Laughs and has her trapped in the bathroom now. Wraps arms around her thighs and lifts off the floor and turns cold shower on. Steps both of them in, cloths and all into the icy cold water.*
The Preacher 10/21/19 *Huffs at the words that came from her mouth.*
Shower for one is no fun at all. I Guess you wont get to have any fun with the rubber duckies. I even bought you one of your own.
*Watches her get up and head towards the kitchen and wonders where she is going.*
Hey get back here. I didn't say that you could go.
*Already knew he was pushing his luck and had wondered why she hasn't hit him yet....Decided to go to the bathroom and lock the door.*
The Preacher 10/21/19 Who said I wasn't trying to offer a good time?
*Wiggles hips in the 'throne' while extending a foot for her to place his special slippers on. *
Now since we are talking about a good time, I must get you dirty so that we may clean up together.
*Waves his arms, flailing them about, slinging her cooked grits everywhere. Body, hair, ceiling, floor, and walls were to get a nice coating of grits since he flung them with both hands.*
Shower time with rubber duckies?
The Preacher 10/21/19 *watches as she saunters off and quickly picks up a piece of chicken off the floor and flings it at her as she walks.*
I got your mother fucker....
*he paused to lick the tips of his fingers before he points down.*
Don't make me take my damn belt off. Now hurreh up with them slippers woman. I shalt not ask twice.
*scoops up a handful of grits and awaits her return so that he may rub it on her face. *
The Preacher 10/21/19 *licks grits off face*
Grits don't go with chicken. You need to bring mashed potatoes, mac and cheese and things like that. Also since you call me King, I need you to fetch my slippers. I prefer the bunny ears ones. The ones when I walk the ears pop up.
*waves hand*
Fetch them now so that you can sit in my lap while I finish eating. There is things to discuss.
Valentin Metzger 10/21/19 -wan smile- Maybe..
The Preacher 10/21/19 *attempts to run and beat her to Addie so that he can tie her up and put her in his basement*
The Preacher 10/21/19 It is a secret to whom i am, but i need supper.
*cackles all maniacal like*
Addison 10/21/19 added glitter and rolled with her fearless leader
The Preacher 10/21/19 *lip curls up, a grin appears to form.*
I've been called many things. Some true, some not but I have not been called by my birth name in many many years.
The Preacher 10/21/19 *Moistens lips and prepares to whisper in the softest voice he could manage.*
I very well could be Vals handler... but that is a secret that we shall keep until you truly trust me.
The Preacher 10/21/19 "I could be many things but only when you decide to trust me."
*leans in after she does, but not only to whisper, but to kiss her cheek.*
"We shall make our own circle."
The Preacher 10/21/19 *Ponders a moment*

"I fear not my wonderful wife. I fear not."

The Preacher 10/19/19 *Giggles like a school girl*
The Preacher 10/19/19 *yells behind* GOOD LUCK!
The Preacher 10/19/19 *Grins* Well we dont talk about our shady business. Whats done is done. You now belong to me. *winks* Its shady shade.
Katherine Murray 10/19/19 Wait? What? -is probably more confused- How do you not remember getting married? -says the one that forgot her husband-
The Preacher 10/19/19 *kicks off pants and runs after*
The Preacher 10/18/19 *drops pants, jumps around to face,shakes hips*

you could use some of this
Don Collier 10/18/19 He listens carefully. She doesn't stutter, not does she hem or haw. She explains it clearly and succinctly, using one phrase he would not expect to use in normal conversation.
'Realm' of perception
Everything else makes sense to him, in terms of tactical operations. When she mentions the strip club and laundry service, a grin cracks his scarred features. It sounds like I am doing it right, then. I'll come by a debrief with you sometime. That's how I am used to operating.

He needed to see Dita, and he took his leave.
The Preacher 10/18/19 *wonders what reasons*

bread goes straight to my a$s.

*has a good feeling she wants his special sammich*
The Preacher 10/18/19 *slaps a$$*

*nahms bread*
Don Collier 10/18/19 I'm accustomed to hunting and killing Nazis. There don't seem to be many of those motherfuckers around any more. The rules of engagement, your rules of engagement, seem a little ambiguous on the nature of those we are to harass.
Pauses then asks the question he has not asked anyone.

What are Sanctuaries and Covens? And How do we really tell who belongs to which?
Don Collier 10/18/19 I'm a soldier, Ma'am, first and foremost. I'm given orders to harass potential targets, to steal from then and 'tune them up.' I don't ask questions. I just assume these people are either criminals or enemies.

Have I done something wrong?
Don Collier 10/18/19 Ma'am, I'm just following your orders. It just seems like those that fit the bill sometimes seem a little shady.
Ponders, Should I tell her about the German?'
Don Collier 10/18/19 I don't know. I think so, but I keep meeting the strangest people. If I didn't know better, I'd think my orders have me tracking criminals.
Katherine Murray 10/18/19 -dead- Not about being married, about forgetting. Can't tell anyone I almo... -blinks-

The Preacher 10/17/19
The Preacher 10/17/19 Levi should have recorded the conversations that they had in Mexico but he wasn't smart enough to do so, never thought he would need it, but he did have a little proof of everything else. He couldn't help but to laugh at himself when he though about it. The MARRIAGE LICENCE. He would break it out and show her once they made it to the house.

"I don't lie, no reason to. " his words broke off as Livia passed him and went in the restaurant While she disappeared, he let the hostess pick a table and he followed to sit down.
The Preacher 10/17/19 Looked down as she patted his stomach and talked about how he carried his weapon. "Calling me fat honey?" Now they were getting somewhere with their newly found marriage. He wondered when it was that she would come around.

Levi shifted his weight in the seat as he pulled up to the front door of the place they were going to eat but before he opened his door or even acknowledged anything or anyone else, he turned his head to face Liv and lifted his hand to his chin to scratch it.

"Well since you asked and apparently do not remember much of what happened.... " he started out and leaned in a slight bit closer to her. "We met in Mexico, in a run down bar. From what you had told me that evening was you had just finished some job, not much details on it, but we drank, a lot, and had a very small party in my hotel room. Lasted about three days. After that we ended up in a church, high as a kite, got ourselves hitched and well a bit later here we are. " he finished up and turned to open his car door "Oh and there is no one in my basement. Well no one anymore. I buried them in the garden." eyes shifted as he stepped from the car to walk around.
The Preacher 10/17/19 "If you wanted to shoot me?" He turned his gaze from the road to her. Why would he be worried about her shooting him, because of whom she was? No, that was the last thing on his mind when he had laid his hand upon hers.

"If I were worried about that I would not have placed it there. The only reason my gun was placed there is because it aggravates me while driving, plus there is one in the door to shoot back." The corner of his lip pulled up into a smirk as his orbs turned back to the road so to not crash.

"I only wanted to be a good husband and feel the softness of your skin against mine. " He chuckled lightly to himself with the words he spoke and then attempted to intertwine their fingers before they arrived at their destination.
Katherine Murray 10/17/19 -blinks- OH. Right! I got married. I was confused. We're not going to tell anyone about this. -grins-

Thank you, my lovie!
The Preacher 10/17/19 Made a few turns to finally head the street that the restaurant was on. When the car was on the straight path, Levi grinned and turned his head to Littlewolf. "Well it has about anything you want. I tend to eat there once a week." Turning his focus back to the road, his lips pulled back further, into a larger smile. "I don't even own a television to watch such shows, so I have never seen it." his smile turned into a light chuckle before he moved the hand from the shifter and placed it on top of his wifes, which had held his gun, just to see her reaction.
The Preacher 10/16/19 Levi walked around the car and entered the drivers side. After sitting down in the cushy leather, he reached to his back, removed his own pistol that rested there and sat it down on the center console of the BMW. "How about we make a quick stop at an old restaurant called Bamonte’s? Its has some very nice Italian food." Grabbing the gear shift, Levi let out on the clutch, barking the sport car tires and headed downtown before even waiting on an answer from his wife. She would soon get use to such things from him. It was his way, or no way at all.
The Preacher 10/16/19 Turned a bit further, placed his arm around Livs waist, and began to walk toward the exit of the airport. "Well that is one of many homes that I have acquired over the years. I feel that you will like it." he paused in his words while they stepped out the door of the airport and handed the ticket for his car pickup. "I've been debating on grabbing another place in some foreign country but that is a chat for later. " the car arrived and he opened the door for his wife to enter. "Hungry? Want to stop at a restaurant on the way home?"
Katherine Murray 10/16/19 -sniffs herself-
-probably smells like death-
-more than probably-

I ate my wheaties, Livi. Okay, that may be a lie, I may have ate someone that ate their wheaties.

The Preacher 10/16/19 Turns fully around to face Liv, raises a brow, and clears throat. Apparently by her tone she did not remember anything of the trip they had met on. Could be good or bad depending on the circumstances.
"Well its top secret. Let us go someplace quiet, alone, undisturbed and we shall discuss things. "
Knowing there was no mission or anything, he just wanted to get her alone and all to himself. There were plans, his plans.
"Put that thing away, let us go home."
The Preacher 10/16/19 smirks
Well my dear, we have already been to church. Tis why I put a ring on it. "
hums the song now stuck in his head, feeling the tip of the gun.
"Don't tease me, I like it rough."
Cants head and kisses cheek.
The Preacher 10/16/19
The Preacher 10/16/19 Littlewolf

"Keep in mind I am not most men."

Fancies a good game of find and go poke.
The Preacher 10/16/19 Littlewolf

I think you have your directions upside down, but meeting downtown shall be fine. You shall find out that my tracking skills surpass most. I think you shall be surprised by my rather large........skill set.
The Preacher 10/16/19 Moje láska,

I am at Terminal 69 and waiting patiently.
The Preacher 10/12/19

Is on the way.
The Preacher 10/11/19
The Preacher 10/11/19
The Preacher 10/06/19 Couldn't believe she hung up on him without saying goodbye.

The Preacher 10/05/19 Listened to what Liv had to say about the time change. Though he would not admit it she was right about not being able to make it eight if she was in Sydney. Now and only now did he find out exactly where she was, so he would give a little leeway on the time matter.

“Very well. Call me when you arrive and I will pick you up. Just try not to keep me waiting to long. There are plans in the making, time schedule that needs to be kept.”

Levi, well the name he gave her from the passport he was currently holding, moved the phone from one ear to another since the call lasted longer than most.

“Nenuťte mě, abych vás sem přivedl.”
The Preacher 10/05/19 Thought about how she was full of questions about what had happen and wondered why those thoughts didn't come up while in the hot tub in Mexico. Never the less, it had happened, it was done. A smirk crossed his lips before he ever decided to speak during her bombard of questions.

"Well OUR new home is in upstate New York. Its kinda off the map so I will have to pick you up at the airport."

He scratched his chin and paused a moment. Assuming the confusion was because she was blazed out of her mind that wonderful and glorious night he decided to give her his first name once more and then would explain the rest on the car ride to the cabin.

The name is Levi. We can answer the rest of your questions on the ride home from the airport. Pick you up around eight?"
The Preacher 10/04/19 "Don't you remember? It was a job in Mexico."
pulls phone from ear and looks at it a bit confused himself.
"There was lots of Hershey Kisses, booze, and quite a few other things. Then we ended up getting married. You said you were going to get your clothing and moving in. I've been waiting patiently."
The Preacher 10/04/19 Just acquired this for us. Owners just decided to move out. I shall be waiting for you.
The Preacher 10/02/19
The Preacher 10/02/19 Mmmm sexeh

The Preacher 10/02/19
The Preacher 10/02/19
The Preacher 10/02/19
The Preacher 10/02/19 *shrugs* maybe pocket pool? I dunno.
The Preacher 10/02/19 They are cute but he goes gimme *waggles fingers*
The Preacher 10/02/19
The Preacher 10/02/19 Dials number, clears throat.

"Umm. You sure do gots a purrdy mouth."

Removes phone from ear and debates. Puts phone back to ear.

"Wanna have da dirty phone secks?"

The Preacher 09/25/19 *walks up, licks finger, sticks in her ear.*


*walks away*
Mackenzie 09/25/19 Livia
I see. I’m in New York. I haven’t been to Australia for years.
I suppose now is a good time to tell you that there is a problem.
Addison 09/25/19 Puts her hands up in the air like she was being mugged, her face turning crimson in a blush
"IT WASNT ME... this time... IT WASN'T...maybe a little...!!!" makes kissy moony faces at Livi
Mackenzie 09/24/19 Livia
I don’t understand.
Why would I need sugar?
Genesis 09/11/19
Belinda Arch 09/09/19 The celestial smiled bashfully, still not used to acclamations and gifts. She took the book into her tiny hands, one trailing lightly over the soft cover. Belinda could smell the ancient ink, the meticulously preserved paper. Pale ice blue pools turned up to the other woman as she drew the book to her chest. "Thank you, Miss Livi. I love it."
Daxx- 08/19/19 Daxx nods his head and bows. "I hope everything works out for you my old friend."
LillyEmperium 07/31/19 *Lilly being a smart arse snuck around and left two packages upon Liv's desk. One containing a jar of peanut butter the other containing a bottle of whiskey. The note attached was simple*

Don't ask ...just thought you may like these.

Daxx- 07/21/19 Daxx smiled at his friend and shook his head. "No I am still the same old Pirate. I am glad you eat meat stuff when you need too. I understand the veggies. I don't think its for me. But I hold no ill will against it. How are you otherwise."
Daxx- 07/18/19 "I do plan to stick around this time after all there is alot this Pirate needs to finish." Daxx smiled and then remembers. "Do you still eat those Veggen things or do you eat meat now."
Daxx- 07/18/19 Daxx takes the elbow and lets out a breathe. He gives her a smile and bows. "It has been some time since I have been around. I have missed this place and the few friends I made. How are things with you."
Daxx- 07/17/19 Image and video hosting by Tinyypic

Daxx walked up to his old friend of and smiled. "I am sorry I haven't got to you sooner since my return but here is a basket for you."
Don Collier 06/20/19 A smile broke scarred visage with a hint of white teeth. If only she knew how old a man he was. But then maybe she did know. The math wasn't that hard.
"Between you and me, I'm used to being around young people. Hopefully I can let my experience be an example. I'll try not to let you down."
Don Collier 06/20/19 "Thanks, Livia"
He had never had a woman for a commander before, but somehow she seemed like the no-nonsense type who would warrant loyalty and who would be easy to follow. He followed her, moving to the street side of the sidewalk as manners would dictate.
Don Collier 06/20/19 She was quick, he had to give her that.
"So it would seem, though for me it was two days ago. I really don't know what happened to bring me here to - to this time"
No point in denying. She seemed like the type that wouldn't put up with a bullsh-t answer anyway. "My uniform's not for sale ma'am. It's about all I have left from my world. And yes, I could use a job. You wouldn't know where I could get a fire arm, would you? Mine didn't appear to have made it to the now."
Don Collier 06/19/19 "Like I said, I haven't been here long myself."
Ghost? He had thought the same thing about himself just yesterday. He still wondered if he was.
"I was issued uniform this before my deployment to Africa. General Issue, GI, you know?"
It was not the first time someone had commented on his uniform. The difference was, he now knew why. Would this woman put two and two together and realize his strange secret?
Don Collier 06/19/19 Her accent was Eastern European, but he couldn't place it specifically. Tall, slender, and beautiful, even with the scars across her face. Had an animal done that?
Retrieving the Zippo from his pocket, he flipped and lit it with on hand, holding it up for her, his other hand cupped for her. Then he lit a Lucky he had pulled before he pulled the lighter.
"I haven't seen you around here, not that I've been here long myself. I'm Don."
LillyEmperium 05/24/19 *tossing Liv a jar of peanut butter, Lilly smiled* Congrats on pod
Jackson McCarthy 04/24/19 Liv
I might have overfed him. That's why he was sleeping like that! He was so full! Mhm!
Jackson McCarthy 04/24/19 *has replaced Starsky...she'll never know!*
Go check on him. He's fine. Trust me!
Genesis 04/22/19 ~tried to leave cooties all over the place~
"Dont forget me...I dun wanna be in quarantine all alone...coughcoughHACKcoughSNOT..."
Briahne Christiann 04/22/19 She sneaks up behind their glorious leader, nerf water rifle armed and ready ....."Oh Livia......." She shoots her with water then runs like all kinds of h*ll. "Gotta come to my place to catch me!"
Jackson McCarthy 04/22/19 Liv
Starsky is not belly up! He's taking a nap. That's how he likes to sleep!
I think.
Hutch is fine. Probably. He likes to hide when Starsky is sleeping. I AM A GOOD FISH-SITTER I SWEAR.
Summer 02/14/19 I'm assuming you've gotten one (or many) of these from other like-minded degenerates on this day of LURVE. But I can't be left off that list, dammit!

Mackenzie 01/23/19 Blondes don’t have more fun
Whatever helps you sleep at night. 😙 I’ll be over here, Forever Young. 🎶
Mackenzie 01/23/19 Old Gregg
No amount of sleep will fight against those gray hairs. Besides, it’s my bug zapper. You never know when MIB will be a real thing.

Thank you 😭
Malek 01/23/19 Malek isn't really much of a 'sweet' kinda guy. He's not the person who shows up often with gifts and pretties for anyone, even the woman he loves. Today, though, today is special. Why? Just cuz...

Malek creeps in in silence and places a single small pot on the side-table near her bed with an affixed note that is far more eloquent and neat than one would expect based on his horrendous speech.

Hello beautiful,

I didn't think dead flowers would be appropriate, so I made you flowers of death instead. A creation made of used hollow points and a few miscellaneous things found around the shop. You can still smell the … well, whatever it is that makes bullets shoot. Cordite? Gunpowder? Nitrosomethingorother?

Whatever it is, I hope you enjoy.

Love always,

Malek 01/20/19 *snakes arm around.* *squeezes* *holds*
Kyla 01/20/19 *howls with laughter*
*catches her wrists*
See you soon...
*wiggles free*
*skips away*
Kyla 01/18/19 *plants hands on thighs*
I only scream behind closed doors, minus clothes.
*tries not to laugh*
*sounds breathy*
And only then if you're good.
Kyla 01/18/19 *yelps*
*laughs and squirms*
*tries to grab hands*
Tickles are cheating!
Kyla 01/18/19 *squirms*
*is a little bit ticklish*
Oi! You'll not find any treasure in that pocket...
*looks her up and down*
Then again, perhaps you will.
Kyla 01/18/19 *is tackled*
*goes down!*
Well hello there, beautiful.
*waggles brows*
Kyla 01/18/19 COME AND GET IT!
*blows raspberry*
Malek 01/18/19 Malek's hand reaches out and snags the woman by her shoulder. He drags her back to him and, with dexterity and surprising gentleness despite the abruptness of the action, turns her to where she is facing him. Without a word, he takes her mouth, claiming it with his and kissing her soundly, aggressively, and without any thought of relenting. SHe can leave when he's done. If she really wants to.
Malek 01/18/19 Malek stares at the woman with pure incredulity creasing his face, his lips pulling down in an exaggerated frown. What the hell kind of question is that? Is this a setup of some sort? The scarred Lycan works his jaw for a moment, head slowly canting.

"No," he says simply. Let her think on that...
Addison 01/16/19 ~sobs at Livia's feet~
"I'm always.." ~snotbubbles~ "... so foolish..." ~hyperventilates~..."around guys..." ~wipes her nose on her shirt~ ..."...gonna be alone..." ~snotbubbles some more~"...FOREVER!!!"
~curls into a ball and sobs on Liv's carpet~
Addison 01/13/19 "Livia, I must perform seppuku. I will stab myself in the guts with my sword, and then you have to hack my head off with the meat cleaver. Gotta swing it really hard. Heads don't just pop off like on TV and movies."
~She gave a firm nod. She knew what she was talking about from experience after all.~
"Imma loser, and people think I'm icky. Icky Addi!"
Addison 01/13/19 ~Goes into Livia's room and sits on the floor, her katana to one side, a butcher knife on the other. She looks so terribly gloomy and sad. She takes in the room itself. Livia had neat things. But her reason for being here was of the utmost importance. Addison sat on the floor in the darkness for Livia to relieve a burden.~
Genesis 01/11/19 ~Nods, quite confident in the new and improved Squirtles abilities.~
Most definitely. And he is cute and can hide him ....places...
~looks shifty~
Genesis 01/11/19 HE IS A WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION!! You want him to look 'cute' nu nu Livia...he must be fierce when chasing down the enemy and protecting your virtue!!
~Shakes her for good measure~
Genesis 01/11/19 I did not break him!! Look!
~tapes little match sticks to his legs to make him tall~
We have the means, we have the technology...
~cracks herself up~
Malek 01/10/19 *watches the whiskey fall and cants his head slowly. A frown creases his features. Yep, he's gonna eat the turtle. For sure. And then...*
Genesis 01/10/19 ~wanders what she going on about Squirtle Turtles~
~catches sight of lil Squirtle and makes a new plan. Pounces Squirtle and pulls out tape, strapping the spork in a defensive way to its shell~
AHA!!! Battle Turtle!! He'll be unstoppable....
Genesis 01/10/19 ~forcibly places it Livs hands! "YOU WILL TAKE IT YOUNG LADY!!!~wrestles with the woman and the spork giving a fearsome growl~
Genesis 01/10/19 My spork is superior. Full on King of Sports. Now, I rarely swear at you Livi...but take the gosh darn fudgin SPORK!!
Malek 01/10/19 *grabs her by the back of her shirt and glares venom.* "Leave th' booze'n gimme uh fvckin' kiss. Then Ah don' gi' uh fvck wha'y'do."

*Gives her a brief grin and a wink. It's all games, yeah?*
Genesis 01/10/19 IT'S A SPORK..everyone needs one. ~wink wink, nudge nudge~
Malek 01/10/19 *takes the Turkey gratefully and cracks the bottle, taking a huge swig followed by a chaser of the same potent liquor. He looks oddly at the turtle and simply ignores the leash. A cigarette... yes. He can use one of those. (Definitely!!!)* "Ah ea' lam... an' tuhtle migh'b' good's well... make'y choice."
Genesis 01/10/19 SPORK!!!!
Malek 01/10/19 *allows a gentle smile to cross his scarred visage as Livia walks off--- he shakes his head and looks around to make sure no one sees and ruins his reputation. Sighs and heads back to the domicile to relax and maybe set up a surprise or two.*
Malek 01/10/19 *shrugs and wanders off. Gives Livia to whoever wants her... so he can hunt them down and make them a vaguely school bus sized blood spot.*
Malek 01/10/19

*Liv's dream date. He's been waiting for just this occasion to use his most endearing pickup line.*
Malek 01/10/19

*Pats her head with loving condescension.
Malek 01/10/19

Casts distraction turtle!!!
Malek 01/10/19 It takes a full three seconds for Malek to register the words and their meaning, his mind clicking things into place even as Livia takes off running. Oh really now...?

Malek 01/10/19 Malek narrows his eyes ever so slightly as he stares at Livia. "Yer tellin' m' tha' some'n said tha' they wan' kill me'n y'left'm livin'?" Malek shakes his head slightly. "An' 'ere Ah though' y'kin'a liked me..."
Malek 01/09/19 Baffled for a moment, Malek watches Livia start to stride away. His mouth quirks into a frown before he reaches out and puts a firm palm onto her ass... with a lot of velocity that resounds with a CRACK around the area. So hard is the strike that Malek's palm stings at the impact, the tips of his fingers going briefly numb.

"Yeah..." he says slowly. "'Ave fun wi' tha'."

Malek? Jealous? Why the hell would he ever be...?
Malek 01/09/19 Trapped by the logic, Malek has no other choice but to allow his shoulders to drag up beneath his ears and fall back to their originally, slightly slouched position. She's kinda got him there. Why would anyone chew gum? It's not like the stuff is all that good to taste and... it's like running on a treadmill. You just run and run and chew and chew and never get anywhere. Malek gives Livia a lopsided grin.

"Yeh, go' n'idea wheah tha' came'fr'm," he replies in a tone that shows no embarrassment or sign that he's at all disturbed by the fact. "S'no' like't's still wet'r an'thin'," he continues. "An't din' taste'll tha' bad. Migh' take'p th' practice'f chew'n th' stuff."

Damn right he's going to deflect the conversation.
Malek 01/09/19 Shaggy head canting, unkempt hair nestling at his ear and the nape of his neck, Malek frowns at Livia. First of all, he had been meaning to gross out the little girl... apparently he had grossed out Liv as well? Well... that is unexpected.

"'ow y'know't was'n mah'n 'rigin'ly?" Malek asks casually even as he tries to figure out when the last time he had personally put gum in his mouth on purpose. Come on, chewing gum? Malek? Just doesn't seem legit, does it?
Summer 01/04/19 Liv
Antwerp is known for its complete lack of supervision. It is just mayhem here.
I'm here for a little bit longer. This job has been Hell. Like...literally? It's a long story. Hey, I'll fill you in when you get here. There is a joint called Frites Atelier. It's basically a swanky chip shop that sells Belgian Beer. I trust you're down for some greasy fries and beer? Served with a cloth napkin cuz we're fvckin classy 'n sh-t.
Malek 01/03/19 The Lycan looks down at his feet, so incongruous with the clean, new boots that had somehow already managed to find some mysterious dark stains and a few substantial scuff and ding marks. No laces.

The Beast shuffles its feet, feeling the misery that humans call shoes.
Malek smirks internally.
The Beast bristles and growls within Malek's mind.

"N..." he starts to Livia's back, head canting curiously. "Hey!" He calls, clumping awkwardly after her when she tries to walk away from him. How dare she?!
Summer 01/02/19 Liv
Livin' the dream! No really, it's pretty dope. I'm still in Antwerp on a job. I've gotta tell you, as much as I hate the winter, not much beats the beauty of this area during snowfall. They have a tubing slope right in the middle of the city! Most fun I've had in ages. Seriously!
How about you? Hanging in there?
Summer 01/02/19 Liv
Ummm, I think so? I did. I mean, before my parents sold us for drugs. Don't do that.
Teaching her to kill stuff would probably be good. That is a marketable, useful life skill. Kinda like Homeschooling. Azhi style.
Malek 01/02/19 The world is a strange place to the crazed lycan. Violence. Jail. Vandalism. The things best to bring in the New Year, yes? Malek strides up to Livia, his footsteps awkward and clunky until he reaches her. He stops in front of her, scars warring with wariness and weariness on his countenance. After lighting a cigarette and downing a large quantity of... of all things, tequila, he shakes his head and grimaces at the dirty flavor.

"They took'm laces..." he says finally, stomping his right boot twice. "Does't coun's thef'f th'take part'f th' pres'n y'gave't me?"

The Beast slaps feebly at the back of Malek's mind. SO AWKARD!

Does it count as acknowledging and appreciating a gift if he simply references it due to part of it being stolen?
Kit Shannon 01/02/19 I smile and refold the paper, holding it out to the woman. "Go make a friend," I say as I indicate for her to take it.
Kit Shannon 01/02/19 "Oh...OH..." I call out to her back. "Just, hold on a second, do you mind if I just..." I pull out a piece of paper from my back jean pocket and unfold it. The creases are blue from the dye of the new denim, and the edges already show signs of age. Bending, I brush it open and flat against my thigh before holding it out. Across the surface, written in thick, black Sharpie, reads the words 'You lost the game', with a doodle of a hand giving the finger beneath it. And as she reads it, I smirk.
Kit Shannon 01/02/19 "Errr, thanks. Thanks."
I'm not sure I'm ever going to get over strangers approaching me to say welcome.
Edward Brollachan 12/31/18 *Grumbles*
Glitter clowns and comedians... and why does it alwasy ha'e to be the Ducati?
Malek 12/26/18 Malek walks up behind Livia and wraps his arms about her middle, pulling her back toward him. He smells like stale cigarettes, old whiskey, and the heady odor of his sweat. "New yea's, mah place. Lots'f booze'n no'n't int'rupt us, yeah?" He grins and kisses her cheek from behind, pulling her narrow back against his broad chest.
Malek 12/23/18 The burly male lands atop Livia, his weight pinning her onto the ground. He drove his lips against the back of her neck, down over the side of her jaw and, finally, back up to her ear. He pulls the lobe between his lips, sucking gently before biting.

Malek 12/23/18 Malek looks up as his mate approaches, sweat dripping down his shirtless frame. He starts to smile, the smile he gives only to her, when she keeps on walking on. Right past him. The smile turns into a frown.


Without thinking, he turns and leaps, tackling the woman from behind.
Gray Taylor 12/22/18 He is minding his own business, deep within his own mind, as he walks through Moscow. Gray hates this city, for more reason than one. Spring chose it out of spite, and sometimes he isn't sure who that spite was aimed at. Wrapping up her affairs has brought him to have all manner of rueful thoughts.

Jostled, he is struck from those very recesses and forced into the here and now. A woman, lovely in her scars, with a bag in hand and a smile upon her lips. She is speaking, and he doesn't understand a word.

"You should be more careful." Cold as he is, there isn't a smile upon this particular face. He is a brooding, grumpy, wounded man, marinating in his own miseries.

He doesn't hesitate to continue on his way.
Malek 12/20/18 *Grins mischievously* Every last bit. Remember though, we recycle so multi-use products, yeah?
Malek 12/20/18
Genesis 12/19/18 ~was happily tackled, squishing Livi~
"I couldnt have done it without your great guidance. So thanks for being awesome! Now to start working on the next rank...after a few drinks and a little sleep."
~sighed happily and tiredly, snagging a bottle of whatever alcohol was closet off the bar~
Jackson McCarthy 12/19/18 She who thinks so little of him

Kidding, kidding. You can handle it. We can make a duo thing. Heineken in one, Spider Venom in the other for when we're feeling extra in need..that's normal, right?
Jackson McCarthy 12/19/18 Liv the Panda
Have you ever heard of Brewmeister's Snake Venom?
Mackenzie 12/19/18 Maybe dinner is served, then
Fine. Grand Central, balcony level by the east stairs.
Mackenzie 12/19/18 Clearly wanted Grandma
Sharing isn't always caring.
Mackenzie 12/19/18 Who the f-ck texts this sh-t
Your mom's chest hair.
Jackson McCarthy 12/17/18 Liv the Panda
video attached yes please
Malek 12/16/18 Malek looks at the bag, the cups, and then to Livia. He shrugs slightly and digs into the bag himself, pulling out a mangled pasty that is no longer recognizable as such. He sniffs at it twice and, with a grin, takes a giant, custard-crčme bite. The chewing is loud, maybe slightly lacking in manners, but it lasts only a couple seconds. It almost seems like he left a majority of the pastry on his face surrounding his mouth, crumbs and crčme clinging to his two day old stubble like desperate survivors clinging to the cliff above the tumultuous sea.

A slurping sip of coffee follows along with a brief grimace at the sheer amount of sugar that was packed into the drink. It makes the sugary pastry from moments before taste bland in comparison. Malek shakes his head, grumbles slightly, and upends the cup, downing the now slightly-above-room-temperature liquid in a few quick gulps.
Finally, Malek looks at Livia, eyes pointedly raking from the top to the bottom of her body, carefully examining her before locking on her face.

The Beast growls in lustful greed, clawing for control. Take her. Take her now.

"Jus' sayin' goo' mornin'," he says with a negligent shrug of a burly shoulder. "An' makin' sure't git yer stren'th'p'n git y' ready'f th' real fun."
Malek 12/15/18 Malek fixes the woman with a glare that would send most normal people running away. It was the glare of rage and hunger that so often warred with the Beast within Malek's luminescent irises. His chest is rising and falling rapidly, the huge billows of his lungs filling and emptying with great bursts of oxygenated atmosphere.

"Ah..." he starts, keeping his voice level. "Brough'... break'fas'..."

Malek looks at the door. Back to the woman. Back to the mangled drink cups and the crushed, coffee-stained bag. Oh, and a few blood spots.

Where had those come from?

Malek offers Livia a quick, almost awkward grin. No, it had not turned out exactly as planned.

Malek 12/15/18 Malek walks up to the closed door that separates him from Livia. He stares blankly at it for a moment trying to figure out how he is going to manage to twist the knob. In each hand he holds a gargantuan coffee from some donut place. He carries beneath his left arm a giant sack of donuts and croissants.

First, he tries to reach down with his right hand and twist the knob with the coffee still held in his hand. A plethora of curses follows as the hot liquid spills over the back of his hand. He tries again with his left but cannot quite grip the handle with two fingers no matter how hard he tries.

Right hand again.



Finally getting frustrated, Malek kicks the door trying to get her attention. When there is no immediate response, he kicks it again. Furious at the lack of results, he finally kicks it with all of his strength, ripping the doorframe apart and sending the door careening into the wall opposite.

Cursing under his breath, Malek strides into the room and sets his bounty on the counter while yelling "Liv ge' th'fk'n 'eah!" Through the interior of the living quarters.

Two bags of crushed donuts and croissants, a few of them tasted. Two cups of coffee less than a quarter full. And a frustrated, therefore pissed off, lycan glaring at the mess in a combination of frustration and supreme disappointment.
Dessa Chambers 12/13/18 Darn right you do! >.>
Dessa Chambers 12/13/18 100% But you know what? This is what I do..

Because bishes ain't worth it!
Dessa Chambers 12/12/18 Well frack. *curses silently*
*follows Livia*
Dessa Chambers 12/12/18 I don't knoooooow. Edward showed me a milk carton with my name and picture on it.
I was just trying to have some fun

*spies gun*
Do you think people who put other people on milk cartons need to be threatened with guns?
*wide eyes*
Dessa Chambers 12/12/18 *hears her name being called*
*cautiously seeks out the person*
*sees Livia*
*sneaky pounces her* Shhhh. There's people looking for meee.
Dexter Gein 12/12/18 After ranking, I'm like...
The Xenomorph 12/12/18
Genesis 12/12/18 ~pockets keys and makes a list of those who may need to be physically harmed in an ugly way as she watches Livi go~
Edward Brollachan 12/11/18 It had been something of nightmares he had seen, larger even than John Doe. Clearly not something to be trifled with. And Livia had considered it... something to love?"
A single brow arched inquisitively.
"I know ye ha'e longed for lurve, but really? I think t'ha'e had it break only yo'r heart was blessin', lass"
Edward Brollachan 12/11/18 "What in the name of all tha' is unholy was that thing I saw ye runnin' around with last ni'?"
The Xenomorph 12/10/18 Hsssssssssssss...heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Dexter Gein 12/10/18
Malek 12/09/18 Malek holds his cigarette between two fingers, taking a long drag, exhaling smoke into the air, before flicking the burning stick to one side and letting it fall unceremonious to smolder out on the ground. A slow shrug pulls at burly shoulders and a rough left hand reaches up to tenderly (well as tenderly as Malek can be with such delicate matters) cup Livia's jaw. Finger wrap around the back of her neck and squeezing slightly, holding tight as he forces her to look up into his intense, deadly gaze.

"Guess," he says in a very un-Malek like, teasing manner. Apparently he's gained a bit of personality somewhere in his absence as well? Something like that.
Malek 12/09/18 The scarred lycan takes a long, hefty drag from his cigarette, billowing a huge amount of smoke into the air separating the erstwhile lovers. The contemplative look on Malek's scarred visage holds relaxed for the nonce, his head slowly canting to the left in a manner that is decidedly canine, obviously curious, and completely characteristic of Malek at the best of times. Slowly, the crooked grin spreads over his lips, pulling twin tiers apart just enough to show not-quite-perfect teeth.

"D'pen's," he says, ignoring all questions but one. "Ain' needin' food'b't Ah'm rav'nous…"

A single step is taken forward, the gap between the two bridged to what would be considered uncomfortably close with a stranger or acquaintance. Not quite touching, but a mere fifteen or twenty centimeters separate his bare chest from the tips of her clothed breasts.

Take her now. She is ours, comes the Beast's growling call from the back of Malek's mind. His resistance is thin... mainly because, in this, they are in agreement.
Malek 12/09/18 The grunt that follows is both audible and tactile as Malek creates an animalistic sound from deep in his chest that echoes outward in a brief rumble. He stays silent for a number of seconds, taking a long gulp of his coffee despite the heat. His eyebrows pop up in surprised satisfaction for a moment before he nods once. The flavor of coffee is chased with the acrid burn of tobacco.

"Ain' got' leave darin'," he says quietly but without any note of demand in his tone. Of course, it is her choice.
Malek 12/09/18 The sweating, heavily breathing Lycan stops at the approach of his m... at the approach of Livia. Squinting his eyes at her for a moment as she approaches, he stands to his full height and looks down at her, a grin warring with curiosity and lust on his scarred features. And then the smell hits him.


Malek had forgotten the intricacies of coffee, having been focused far too much on booze and tobacco for his sustenance. And a good hunt with bloody sinew dripping from his... nevermind.

"Thanks..." he says, taciturn nature preventing more words from coming unbidden.
Jackson McCarthy 12/08/18 Mhmm *laughs* They're quite confused.
We could really give em a show and I could shift?
*mostly joking*
*didn't think the locals would be ready for a panda riding a wolf in the city*
*the wolf was also a bit testy lately*
*holds her legs so she doesn't fall off*
*proceeds in the pointed direction*
We should pit stop at a McDs. I'm starving.
Jackson McCarthy 12/08/18 *hears people talking about some crazy person running through the streets in a Panda onsie*
*carries on his way*
*hears someone running*
*doesn't react*
*stumbles a bit, but catches her*
Are you the Panda everyone's been talking about?
*chuckles and takes the beer*
*might be tempted to open it in her face...but that would be a waste*
*sloooowly opens*
*takes a drink then offers it to Liv* Where to Pandabutt?
Dessa Chambers 12/06/18 *cackles* You're the best.
But butt touches must always be surprises
*super serious nod*
Dessa Chambers 12/06/18 *cheeky grin*
It was supposed to be a surprise!
I was return the butt touch favor
*shifty eyes*
Genesis 12/06/18 UNF! SMEXY!!
Genesis 12/06/18 OMG!! Bite marks from LIV!!

Summer 12/03/18 Livia
Call off the dogs, I got the delivery.
Have you ever noticed that when someone tries hard to be offensive, it is no longer offensive?
Anyway. Enough about that boring topic. What can I do for YOU? Got some heavy sh-t on your mind or something, let me do the pouring. You are always there for us. Well, who takes care of you! Me. And cake and booze and strippers who understand boundaries.
But like, maybe think of a safe word just in case.
I’ll be in your neck of the compound in 15.
Valentin Metzger 12/03/18 Nam nuzhno pogovorit'. Seychas.
Summer 12/02/18 Livia
I don’t know what kind of tree it is. I assume it is small; Spring had it this entire time.
He has the address because I gave it to him. I picked the compound because I knew the guards would intercept. To be clear- I am not fearful of this particular demon. It is a garden variety loathing that wanted something like “don’t f-cking come near me, go to the armed place across the globe, leave what is mine with the guards and walk away”.
In hindsight, perhaps that was stupid. What can I say- drugs are bad, kids. Shoulda had him send the damned thing to the Starbucks on York.
It it is verboten, I’ll take my licks. I was giving you the heads up not as a caution for safety but because I am not inviting him as a guest.

PS evidently I express grief through rage. I’ll go find some mortal to bash and get it out of my system. I’ll be right as rain by morning.
Valentin Metzger 12/02/18 -stares at-
Malek 12/02/18 *grunts as he catches a familiar scent right before an invisible fist strikes his jaw.

Steals fifty chickens and their eggs from a farm.

Spreads chicken parts throughout her house and stomps egg into every carpet.*
Summer 12/01/18 Livia
Hey boss lady. I am still in Europe for the time being. I am expecting a delivery I guess soonish, but who knows. It was my sister's sapling. The one who died. The sister, not the sapling. That is very much alive. At least I assume it is.
Anyway, that isn’t why I am texting. I am assuming the sapling will come via delivery service. If so, great. If not, if it is delivered by hand by the executor of my sister's will, he is not there by my invitation. That is to say-whoever is around at the compound should accept the sapling at the front gates.
Between you and me, I can’t stand that man. He is a demon, a simpering, foolish missionary-looking motherf-cker.
Hopefully, the little tree is just sent by carrier.
Santa Claus 12/01/18 Oh you can call me Daddy...
Santa Claus 12/01/18 That Scottish p r I c k is getting nowhere near that list!
Malek 12/01/18 "Warnin'," He says simply and more eloquently than usual. There is a long, silent moment where Malek stares at her before he places his hand on her scarred cheek. "We'll tawk," he intones, before turning his back and swaggering away.
Malek 12/01/18 "Wha's th' fun'n tha'?!" Comes the incredulous reply as Malek winks in what can only be considered an entirely inappropriate and lascivious manner at his former mate. A shrug of burly shoulders follows and he rubs his chin a few times with his gnarled fingers in some semblance of thought. "Ain't no int'rest'n th'sh't an' y'know't. Nevah 'ad it."
Malek 11/30/18 "Tha' Ah do. An' Ah know whea' y'live, Liv," he replies in a husky deadpan, almost failing to keep his features schooled from what he considers to be the height of hilarity. Maybe she knows him well enough to read his expression. Maybe not. Probably depends on how high she is.
Malek 11/30/18 A pair of battered eyebrows bounce upward, pulling at the vicious scar tissue that covers the majority of his face.

"Well, 'ey theah, darlin'. Ah'm sure Ah'mma nee' plen'y of 'elp."
Dessa Chambers 11/24/18 *flutters her eyelashes*
Me? A hussy?
Nooo, never!
*cheeky grin*
Only for you
Jackson McCarthy 11/24/18 It was a lot to unload on a person. Especially since he was a very private person about his past. Not that he was ashamed or needed to hide the past, there was just no point in reliving it over and over. Which seemed to be what Abigail wanted to do. She liked to stir up trouble and she was sort of succeeding. Luckily, Livia understood. There was no worry about that and that's why he didn't hesitate to tell her the ugly truth.

Jackson took the offered cigarette and took out the lighter from his own pocket. "Ah, it was a long time ago. Unlike her, I don't live in the past." He lit his cig and took a drag, then held the lighter in front of her while she rested her head on his shoulder, ready to light hers.

"She likes attention. Always has. Not sure why now should be any different," Jackson laughs. "I'm sure she'll do something to get herself on someone's bad list sooner or later and she'll run away with her tail between her legs, so to speak. I don't know if she actually has a tail. Demon's don't have tails right?"

He chuckles and points to some ominous looking antique on display outside of one of the shops, "Maybe we can use that to banish her?" He was totally teasing, but wouldn't be sad if it actually worked.
Edward Brollachan 11/20/18 "The Haunted Mansion, I assume?" Mists away new shin wound "Ss that a date, Mo charaid ghrŕdhach?"
Edward Brollachan 11/20/18 "Jaysus, what a bastich!"
Reels but keeps on feet
"Tapadh leat, dear Livia... it was an honor t'ha'e ye by m'side! Now let go please, before people talk!"
Dessa Chambers 11/11/18 *whirls around after bumgrabbing*
*maybe let out a little yelp of surprise. maybe.*
Aw, why do you have to hide?! Maybe I like my butt being grabbed! *ahem*
*hopes it wasn't some random*
Dessa Chambers 11/11/18 *loves being stalked*
*but only by Livia*
*totes oblivious though*
Genesis 11/09/18 Not skeered of Addison...more like...ew. She's gross, her and her dead chicken heads and feets hanging all 'round. ~shudders~
Genesis 11/09/18 I've been stealing undies from someones drawers...O.o oh lawdy, dont let it be Addison. Kill me now.
Dexter Gein 11/07/18 Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Jackson McCarthy 10/07/18 Alright. Good start. She couldn't be that mad if she was being this nice. He returned a kiss to her cheek in response and laughed at her teasing. "Mhmm. You know me well. Can't be out here with you looking all drab."

They walked together easily. Their friendship was about the only thing, aside from his relationship with alcohol, that kept him going most days. It was easy to be with her. There was nothing there to complicate things. Well, except maybe now Savannah. Still. If it wasn't for Livia, he'd probably just end up letting the wolf have control and live life away from humanity.

Straight to business. Probably better that way. Another drag off the cigarette and a chuckle, "No, that's definitely my sister you're describing. But yes, she's likely insane. She was never tested, so can't say for certain." He was trying to make light of the situation, but the deep stuff was coming. There would really be no avoiding it.

"It was...I don't know if accident is the right word." Jackson sighed, "I was fifteen or sixteen and thought I could make it out in the world on my own. That's when I was attacked. By a werewolf." Over a decade since this had all happened, but it felt very recent. Always would. "I was an angry kid as it was and going through my first change was hell. I resented my parents for bringing me to America. And Abigail, that's her first name, hated me instead of them. It was my fault we had to move. She was teased for her accent more than I was. I also learned faster to mimic the way the locals spoke."

He took a glance over at her before continuing, "So, my first full moon I went back home. I don't remember going there, I don't even remember going back to my pack. But I do remember attacking them. They were all sleeping and the wolf just...Shredded them." It had been a long time since he had to drag up those memories, but they were still very vivid. "She should have died. My parents did. But apparently, my sister was not human either. She was a daughter of Lilith. The demon blood in her helped her heal and Lilith came and saved her."

He watched her now, intently. It was a lot of information to take in and the most he'd shared with any one in a very long time. Even if she was his best friend, there were things that he felt never needed to be discussed. And masacarring his family had been one of those things. "So, technically, I tried to kill her, and did not succeed."
Jackson McCarthy 10/07/18 Jackson was just getting changed after a match when his phone went off. Seeing Livia's name he grabbed the phone instead of ignoring it. Although, when he read the text, he was wishing he had ignored it. "This can't be happening." He muttered. Of course his attention seeking little sister would show up and blab that. Jackson sighed, but typed a short message back: On my way.

He finished getting changed and headed out, after picking up his winnings. Jackson wasn't...worried, perse. The 'killing her' was easily explained. It was just the fact that his sister was back. It only meant drama. Look at what she was already doing! Telling people he'd killed her.

Taking his bike, getting there took less than ten minutes. Mostly because he failed to follow any sort of 'rules of the road'. He found a place to park and grabbed his smokes. Before making any effort to find Livia, he lit a cigarette up and took a long drag. There. Now he could deal with this. He walked into the crowd and spotted Liv closeby.

"Hey," He smiled when he reached her. Jackson wasn't going to let Savannah as she seemed to be going by now, cause any issues between him and Livia.
Summer 10/06/18 A wry chuckle escapes her lips. "Hon, my family practically has the corner on 'bat-sh-t crazy'." She laughs and gives a sheepish look. "Maybe I shouldn't say that now that Autumn is crew." Running her tongue across her top teeth, she glanced down. An errant weed pushed up from the crack in the sidewalk. Life persisted even when it shouldn't. Tilting her head to the side, she gave a softer smile. "Except I'm not human. Jury's still out on the other stuff." Even with Livia's offer to talk, she'd not go into how she was sure her heart was damned. This wasn't Pity Party for Summer day. "I thank you for listening. And the hug. I haven't had a proper one in ages." Her smile was bright, showing every bit of the celestial brightness behind it.

Lips twisting, a bit chagrined, she added, "I just hope the hug doesn't mean you got some blood on ya. I ahhh...was having a little fun earlier with a vampire in an alley." Clearing her throat, she scratched her head, leaving rather fashionable red streaks in her bleached tresses. "Things got a little messy. As they tend to do."
Dessa Chambers 10/06/18 *laughs* I'm workin' it, I'm workin it!
Edward Brollachan 10/04/18 I wouldna call it sleep as much as a coma... ye know, that vampire hibernation thing.
I'm busy takin' care o'business at th'moment. We should ha'e drinks later, nae?
Edward Brollachan 10/04/18 Sěde mhath dhut, lass... I'm back.
Dessa Chambers 10/04/18 *flexes*
You know what? I think I am *grins*
And it feels good!
Summer 10/04/18 She lifts her brows to keep the cheeky smile plastered. Dark eyes widen, impressed Livia can see through her feeble attempt. So the perpetually cheerful and optimistic angel opens her mouth and lets it flow. “It’s been a weird couple if weeks. Lots of omens. Five crows. Poppies out of season. Sh-t like that. Haven’t heard from my sister Spring, but that’s nothing new. We were never that close. Oh, and everyone I’ve come across recently has died so...”
Realizing her brows are knitted and her gaze is to the side, watching two seagulls fight over a bag of crisps rather than on the woman before her. Wrinkling her nose, she gives a laugh and shakes her head quickly. “Probably a bad batch of edibles. Nothing I can’t shake. How’ve you been?”
Deflect! Ask about the other person, it distracts most people, eager to no longer have to listen and to talk about their favorite subject. Summer gives an encouraging smile, hoping -wrongly, very likely- that Livia is one of those people.
Summer 10/04/18 *pales, face going slack for the briefest of moments*
*corrects her expression to one of a cheeky grin*
That sounds about right! The middle child always gets the blame, yea?
Summer 10/03/18 *shoves a ratty backpack behind her back*
*wipes blood off her hand onto black jeans*
I’ve been on my best behavior!
Eden Kennedy 10/03/18 *sighs*

"So true!"
Eden Kennedy 10/03/18 *nods*

"Yeah, I know but I can't be a lawn ornament forever. I gotta keep Paris looking pretty."
Eden Kennedy 10/03/18 "Got it Downy, I'll get some."

*makes mental notes*

"I know, how could you not want me on your lawn? It pretties it up!"


"Now I'm kidding!"
Eden Kennedy 10/03/18 *blinks*

"Thank you."


"They're kind of itchy."

"Fine I will!"
Maeve 10/03/18 Through mutual friends she had head the Liv was about to give the hermit thing another go. Not knowing exactly where Livia was located at the moment, Maeve decided to camp out at the official Azhi address. Giving a loud whistle she waited for a reaction, any kind of reaction to her presence.

"Yo anyone home?"

Waiting for a while, Maeve rocked back and forth on her feet, hoping she would not get the wrong kind of attention.

"Oh Livia why don't you come out and play?"
Valentin Metzger 09/30/18 -grabs her wrist- Come now, Livia. I was teasing.
-leads her towards an awaiting car- I think maybe the camp would be a better place to rest.
Valentin Metzger 09/30/18 -approaches- I just wanted to thank you, Liebste. I mention your name and people scatter.
-grins- Not a fan favorite it seems.
Eden Kennedy 09/22/18 Thank you.
Katherine Murray 09/12/18 And the broken bottle to stab Montezuman with. *sagenod*
Mackenzie 09/10/18 Livia
Right. So yea. Then, they taste weird. But don’t breathe that sh-t. It’s not healthy. Maybe throw bleach at it.
Mackenzie 09/10/18 Livia
Russian tastes weird anyway. Except you? This just got weird. I’m sure you taste delightful. Nope. That didn’t make it better.
Mackenzie 09/09/18 Livia
Well f-ck. I’m bad at games. But. It feels like I’ve loads of repairs to do but it’s okay because it’s exciting to be home. Know any contractors that don’t mind dying when they’re done?
Mackenzie 09/09/18 Livia
What happened was... I missed my place.
LillyEmperium 09/09/18 *Leaving a jar of peanut butter Lilly left a note attached * Livia....thought you might like it. Enjoy.... Lilly
Jackson McCarthy 08/25/18 *usually taken aback by females and their strong emotions*
*just holds her close and listens*
Dinnae apologize. It's good tae cry.. *he's one to talk. just beat people up, that totally makes the pain go away*
*Jackson nods* Exactly. See ye've got it all figure out. It just takes time.
*leans back once more to hold her face in his hands*
Ah wish ah could take the pain from ye, Livia. Ah cannae stand to see ye so hurt. My issues arenae so bad. My time for healing started awhile ago.
*thumbs gently wipe away the tears from her cheeks*
And, as yer bestie guy pal person, ah demand ye come tae me anytime yer feeling down. Ah might not be able tae cheer ye up all the time, but ah can be a shoulder tae cry on.
Jackson McCarthy 08/18/18 Bestie guy pal person? *chuckles*
Sounds good tae me. I will always be, at the very least, yer bestie guy pal person.
*takes the beer but sets it aside*
*not letting her get away that easy, pulls her back into a hug and presses his lips to her forehead* I'm serious though, Livia. I can stay like this fer hours. It's quite comforting. And I think we could both use it
Jackson McCarthy 08/18/18 *slightly surprised by the random hug*
*can tell it's serious*
*wraps his arms around her and holds her tight*
*after a moment he leans back to look into her eyes*
I'm all ears if ye need tae talk. Or we can stay like this. Up tae ye.
Jackson McCarthy 08/15/18 -wide eyes-
-now he's in trouble-
-runs to hide-
Jackson McCarthy 08/15/18 -sneaks back around-
-tries to grab a beer off her person, because eff the no beer!- You were successful in stealing $0.00 from Livia Vlcek. -curses under his breath- Blasted woman!
Jackson McCarthy 08/15/18 FINE!
-continues his dramatic walk away-
Jackson McCarthy 08/14/18 -pauses-
All you have to do is take back what you said about beer!
Jackson McCarthy 08/14/18 No beer?!
We're not up to anything.
Gosh, I didn't know you were so judgemental, Livia.

That's fine. But no more staring at this -motions to himself- Yeah, that's right!
-dramatically stomps off-
Valentin Metzger 08/14/18 -clucks tongue at- Keep it in your mouth Liebste..
-flashes a dangerous smile and his razor- I know where you lay your head at night.
Summer 07/10/18 The angel was feeling stronger every day. She was noticing her skills in beating the ever loving crap out of others and sneaking a wallet out of a pocket without notice were getting better day by day. This was as a direct result to the mentoring of a certain impressively scary-while-being-adorable slayer. While in Sydney for a quick stop, she dropped off an ornate pot with a live peony plant growing within. She’d chosen the flower due to it being beautiful and deceptively delicate looking- the peony was a very hardy, hard to kill plant. Similar to Livia, Summer noted. Leaving it at Livia’s door, she’d also find a note attached.

Livia: Thank you so much for your guidance and patience with my many questions. It is very much appreciated! You rock, spatchc0ck mistress!
Jackson McCarthy 06/17/18 *laughs at the hair comment* Nooo... *though it probably could use a cut.*
*even with his new strength, her attack hug nearly sent them both crashing down to the floor*
*chuckles and returns the hug* Hmm. Not sure if I'm quite as silky as Zohan, that's an awfully big feat. *grins*
Sprew 05/29/18 Biiiaatcchhh..
Jacob Zev 05/28/18 Waking up to a knock at the door wasn't exactly how he planned to start his morning, but the small package he got was enough to make him curious. After reading the note and finding out that this was his new phone from Liv he smiled and looked through the device to find the screensaver she mentioned.

"What'd you hide in here Liv...if it's that video again..." he shuddered at the thought until he found the screensaver and grinned lecherously.

He flipped to the contacts and found her number and called it, unsurprised to reach her voicemail, "I do like the screensaver, it helps to bleach that other thing from my mind. As for the movies, maybe we could do a movie night at home instead...but you have to wear that rosary..."
Sprew 05/07/18 *hive fives the passerby*

You can't escape..
Jacob Zev 05/02/18 *Curls up into the fetal position in the shower, fully clothed, and tries to think happy thoughts.*
*Is now scarred for life...*
Jacob Zev 05/02/18 *Can't unsee what he has seen*
*Considers ripping his own eyes out but decides against it since they would just grow back.*
*Thinks for a moment...*
Jacob Zev 05/02/18 *Waits for the page to load.*
"Man this is taking so better be worth it..."
*Sees a video that is DEFINITELY not safe for Facebook.*
"Wait...what...why would she... OH MY GOD! THAT DOESN'T GO THERE!!"
*Smashes his phone on the ground and vomits.*
Jacob Zev 05/02/18 *Sees a notification from Liv on his phone.*
"Something on Facebook? Wonder what this is..."
*Opens the link*
Jacob Zev 04/26/18 *Lets her lead him without resistance.*
"That will have to do I guess."
*He scooped her up and jogged home with her in his arms, his old limp gone at this point.*
Jacob Zev 04/26/18 *She was right about one thing, he did indeed like forests.*
"It will have to do then. Can't say I'm particularly looking forward to a train ride though. They are noisy and stink of people."
*Wrinkles his nose in disgust at the thought.*
Jacob Zev 04/26/18 *Can see just how excited she is.*
*Starts trying to come up with other options.*
"If we can't come up with anything better, that will have to do. What made you think of that?"
Jacob Zev 04/26/18 *Stiffens almost imperceptibly at her words but shakes it off after a moment.*
"As much as I hate to admit're right. That would probably be a good choice at the moment."
*If that's where they ended up, there was no way in hell he'd let her out of his sight...*
Jacob Zev 04/26/18 *KNew Paris would be an issue for her.*
"I don't think we'd need to completely give up our past places completely...just long enough for people to assume we'd moved on."
*He was surprised to hear her mention plastic surgery though."
"No, no plastic surgey. I don't want you to change a thing and I can't. If we are found again, I'll kill them doesn't matter how much it hurts."
Jacob Zev 04/26/18 *Unable to help himself Jacob hooks an arm around her waist and pulls her into a kiss.*
"Well, recent events made our old haunts somewhat dangerous to return I was thinking about where we'd go next. What would be safe, I don't think you'd enjoy living out in the wild like I we need something else..."
Jacob Zev 04/26/18 *Blinks and stares back into her eye, a smile on his face.*
"nothing really, just standing here staring off into space wondering what our next step is. You know, normal everyday stuff."
Jacob Zev 04/26/18 *Jumps in surprise at the sudden attack from his wife.*
*Raises his arms and looks down at her bemused.*
"Hi there gorgeous."
Dexter Gein 04/26/18 *snuggle hug* Out of anyone or anything that is awesome; you my love, are the awesomeest of all that is awesomer.
Sprew 04/24/18 You forgots the Sugar, bish!

*rage quits*
Jacob Zev 04/24/18 "Sounds like a plan to me, and I'm looking forward to that. The google searching confused me..all I could find was pictures of chickens..."
*Kisses her back, full on the lips.*
"There are marshmallows, I made sure."
*Scoops her off the ground and starts to take her home.*
Jacob Zev 04/24/18 *Flexes in her grip*
"Thank you love, it's all thanks to hard work and the right motivation."
Jacob Zev 04/24/18 *Wraps his arm around her and gives her a squeeze.*
"Yea, it's something like that..."
*He flashed a grin at her before she asked her last question.*
"This big bad wolf has big enough eyes to see your phone when he's behind you stealing money from your pocket."
*Actually cloned her phone.*
Jacob Zev 04/24/18 *Nods knowingly as she changes the subject.*
*Plans to bring it up later...perhaps get a demonstration...*
"The mint in the ice cream isn't as strong as the essential oils you maced me with in the past...and it's so good that it's worth a bit of discomfort."
Jacob Zev 04/24/18 *Blinks*
"No, but it was delicious."
*A small smile crossed his lips.*
"Your...Rocky Road is in the freezer at home."
*His smile grew slightly*
"So...was your Spatchc*ck good enough to get the job?"
Jacob Zev 04/23/18 *Glances back one last time at the Rocky Road comment*
*Keeps walking.*
"We'll talk about it when you get home."
*Wonders how serious she is about the kitten...*
Jacob Zev 04/23/18 *Stares harder*
"Mint Chocolate Chip it is."
*Starts to walk away before looking back*
We'll talk about it more at home when you come for your ice cream...hopefully before I eat it."
*Continues on to get icecream.*
Summer 04/23/18 *holds one finger up as if to say 'hold on'*
*promptly googles 'Spatchc-ck'*
*nods slowly, her expression that of being impressed*
*taps out a swift reply*

Spatchc0ck Mistress
My lips are sealed. I am nothing if not discreet.
I'm sure he wouldn't mind the extra scratch though...or you practicing your moves at home.
I'm crossing a professional line, aren't I?
Jacob Zev 04/23/18 *Stares at her, pocketing the money he'd lifted from her a moment ago.*
"What are you up to Liv?"
*Already knows.*
"I don't think you'll miss twenty-six dollars..."
Summer 04/23/18 *grins widely and laughs*
*raises a brow and lets her eyes rake over Livia*
*pulls out her phone and sends a prompt text even though the woman is right in front of her*

Boss Lady
F-ck yes we're hiring.
You're gonna make so much money. I can't even be mad about it.
[address attached]
Jacob Zev 04/23/18 He looked down as the butt impacted his chest with a burst of embers before falling to the ground, that was the first sign that he'd gone a bit too far with what he'd said to her. He'd half expected her to put the thing out in his eye after the way he spoke to her, that actually would have been preferable to the look she gave him. He had to keep the charade going though, just a bit longer, she knew he knew how to read people so she might just be playing the part so he had to be sure.

"Sounds like a plan then, I'll see you when you get home." He turned and started to walk the other way, listening carefully to her steps as she walked in the other direction. Once they'd grown distant enough that even with his enhanced hearing he could just barely make them out he turned and headed down a side street before doubling back and starting in the direction she was heading.

After a couple streets he turned back onto the one she was walking and sniffed the air, he knew her scent better than anything at this point so it was easy enough to track her by it as long as she didn't take a dip in the ocean along the way. A little while into tracking her he caught sight of her again and then ducked into a side shop. Conveniently enough the shop did sell some souvenirs so he quickly bought a simple hat and a gaudy tropical print shirt which he donned before heading back out onto the street. At the distance, she should have a hard time picking him out of the tourists that walked the streets while he watched to see what she would do next.
Summer 04/21/18 *smiles brightly and fluffs new coif*
I woke up like this!
*wrinkles nose in slight irritation*
No really, I literally woke up like this one day. Apparently someone got tired of my old face.
*looks pointedly downward, with a sneer*
He can be a real pr-ck, you know that? But, to his credit, I am making bank with the new curves. So thank the Devil for that, I guess.
Oh, and thanks for the congrats! I was only able to become an eek-anus due to some very sage advice from a lil bird!
*grins and winks*
Jacob Zev 04/15/18 The smile on her face gave her away more than anything else. Jacob was certain now that she was playing at something and wanted to push his buttons to do so...though the question still was, what was the end goal? What did she want to accomplish by goading him on? The only thing he could do at the moment was to just keep playing along until she let something slip.

Pulling a cigarette out for himself and lighting it he kept his face straight, stoic even. Keeping the death stick between his lips he exhaled a thick puff of smoke before saying, "Someone I know? Hopefully they take you to dinner first. Have a good time though, I'm just going to head home and rest my leg some." It was a bold-faced lie, he wasn't about to just let her go and walk the beach at night without him, he just wanted to see how she'd react to his words.

Another exhalation of smoke filled the air between them as he plotted out what might happen next. She could get mad, though he'd imagine that she'd keep up her ploy and say her farewells and head off to do what she'd planned to do. He'd of course trail her, staying a good distance back so she didn't see him. If she did meet up with someone else though, things would get messy...however much they might tease each other and at times torture each other he loved Livia completely. He'd kill anyone that tried to step between them without a second thought.
Jackson McCarthy 04/12/18 -hangs head in shame-
-eats cookies- I'm sorrrrryyy
-reaches for her but she's gone-
Jacob Zev 04/11/18 Jacob had gone out for a walk, staying holed up inside was still odd to him even after all this time and the exercise was good for his leg. It wasn't until Livia was just a handful of steps away from him that he'd realized she was approaching him, he flashed a smile in her direction as he tried to figure out what she was up to. The look on her face didn't tell him anything but she was coming at him with a purpose. Immediately his mind started working, had he forgotten something important, did they have plans... before he could reach a conclusion she was upon him and reaching for his pocket and a moment later pulled one of his cigarettes from the pack found within. His smile spread a bit more at the casual nicotine robbery as he reached for his lighter to light it for her and said, "Odpoledne krásné." but she just kept walking once she'd claimed her prize. His smile faltered and he turned in place in time to see her glance back and ask her questions. C*cking an eyebrow, head tilting to the side slightly in confusion he said, "You have plans now, got a hot date or something?"

He started walking after her, wondering silently to himself what the game was here, for as good as he could be at reading people she was always good at keeping her inner thoughts to herself but that made him all the more certain that she had something up her sleeve. One thing was absolutely certain though, no matter what her response was he'd be following her for the foreseeable future. Jacob had only just gotten her back and wasn't about to let something get in the way of that again.
Jackson McCarthy 03/17/18 That grin made him raise an eyebrow. She was up to something. Hell, he didn’t need to see that grin to know she was up to something. He pulled the beer out and examined the label. Pretty, pretty princess.

Lite? Liv…Why do you wound me like this?” It was tempting to toss the beer at her. And while his aim was impeccable, he knew her reflexes were just as good. Besides, he wasn’t one to waste beer, even if it was lite. He shuddered at the thought.

It’s fine. Beer is beer” He waves a hand, but he’s totally plotting. “I’ll meet you in the lounge.
” There was a devious gleam to his eyes now. She wouldn’t know when, she wouldn’t know where, but he would definitely get his revenge.

Lite beer,” He scoffed and walked away, opening the beer as he went and downed it in one gulp.
Jacob Zev 03/13/18 Part of him wanted to get indignant at her accusation that he'd never had froyo before, but that would just be childish because she was one hundred percent correct. He'd never had it before in his life and didn't know what to expect. After a moment, once she'd pointed out that he'd actually led them in the right direction without even knowing where to go, he said, "You're right, I've never had it before...Is it anything like ice cream? I've had that before and liked it..."
Jacob Zev 03/13/18 Something was clearly going on in that mind of hers, it didn't take a genius to tell that she was thinking about some angle. He wasn't about to start trying to figure out everything that went on in there. "Yes, we are going to the froyo place...but see, I don't have a clue where that is. I've just been walking blindly this whole time." For the first time he stops to take a look around, only to reaffirm that he had no idea where he was at the moment. "You never told me where this place was, so hopefully we are close..."
Jacob Zev 03/13/18 Still holding her hand Jacob started to lead her in the direction he thought the froyo place might be, though he had no idea if he was right or fact he couldn't really think of a time he'd ever even had froyo. Shaking the thought from his head he looked at her, she was staring at him...did he have something on his face? Before he could ask she mentioned the money and he found himself laughing.

"No, I didn't spend it in a strip club. You know I don't really trust banks, I pulled it all out and hid it away, but I did put some into a private account...which is on a card that you didn't steal from me..." Pulling out his wallet he showed her the other card, "See? The money is safe. Now is also probably a good time to tell you that I have no idea where we are going..."
Katherine Murray 03/13/18 *has totally reached an altered state of mind due to the fact that she stole the Spaghetti Man's stash and probably his cabin where the stash is*
*totally needed cookies*
*really could go for froyo*
*screams because she was expecting not this kind of movie*
Jacob Zev 03/13/18 At her words his right hand darted back to his wallet, a finger poking inside and not finding the hard plastic that normally called it home. Shifting himself so that he was now lying next to her he reached up and lightly flicked her nose before kissing it. "If you'd just have asked I could have told you that there was nothing on the card... now I gotta go an get the thing back...You're lucky that I love you, ya know?" With a smile he pushed himself up before offering her a hand back up, silently glad that he'd not actually hurt her.

Once she was back on her feet he turned and glanced at her sidelong before saying, "...and I bet you still want some frozen yogurt, don't you?"
Jackson McCarthy 03/13/18 You know, Jackson called after her, You really ought to be careful of who you're knocking around. He was teasing, of course. He'd have to be insanely clueless to miss the fact that she dropped a beer in his pocket.
Appreciate it, love. Care to join me after?
Jacob Zev 03/13/18 Distracted as he was Jacob didn't sense anyone coming up behind him until it was to late and all he was aware of was something damp pressing to the back of his neck. Without thinking he pivoted quickly on his right foot, stepping out the side slightly and swinging his left leg towards the back of her knees as his torso continued to turn before reversing to attempt to drive and elbow into her throat.

Is was in this moment that he realized just who it was that snuck up behind him and what it was that she had done and he tried to pull the elbow strike and catch her instead.
Bree Ravencroft 03/12/18 *impersonates mutt and howls*
Bree Ravencroft 03/12/18 I definitely got something in my eyes
Bree Ravencroft 03/12/18 Thank you so much. It has been one wild ride
Bree Ravencroft 03/12/18 I guess the blueberries helped after all :D
Bree Ravencroft 03/12/18 Oh noes
You and the Sprew both....
Bree Ravencroft 03/12/18 *makes mental note*
So stay away from the blueberries then....
Bree Ravencroft 03/12/18 I was wondering seeing you float around in gold :D
Bree Ravencroft 03/12/18 I is fine
And you?
Bree Ravencroft 03/12/18 *jumps twenty feet in the air*
Long time no see
Addison 03/01/18 ~smooshes her~ I'm all about making sure we keep that lovely smile going!
Addison 02/28/18 Ohh! We can add extra stuffing here and there...sorta like 'build a bae'!
Addison 02/27/18 It was the only way he would fit in my suitcase! I just wanted to bring you a gift! It got a lil...messy...grins sheepishly
Genesis 02/27/18 ~was the victim of a drive by fruiting~
~catches Liv's scent...plots doom in the most respectable way possible.~
Addison 02/27/18 LIVI!!! Its so good to be home. I brought you a present from Cancun. A very nice looking cabana boy. I put him in my suitcase. Some assembly required.
Dexter Gein 01/24/18 Very creepy indeed.
Valentin Metzger 01/19/18 "Is that so?" Large eyes narrowed to half, he took possession once more of the old tricycle and began to walk away. "Fine. Keine Geschenke fur dich dann."
Valentin Metzger 01/18/18 "Your unbirthday gift, Liebste." Valentin sets the tricycle down at Livia's feet. "Now you can quit pouting."
Katherine Murray 01/18/18 *has monkey flashbacks*
*screams because of said monkey flashbacks*
*chases with limes*
Katherine Murray 01/12/18 *stares*
*makes loud sucking noises on blood flavored caprisun*

Considering that in the past I have and someone, who shall remain nameless, might be to blame for your current predicament, well, they should be watching over you...

*smiles brightly* Besides, all my stuff is still in your attic.
Katherine Murray 01/11/18 What?

"What? Ack... Chinkilla is the evil rat that killed all my monkies! Katherine, Livi... it is Katherine. *ponders* They say with amnesia that sometimes getting hit in the head works to restore it. Mayhap we should try that."

Katherine Murray 01/08/18 Well, shoot. We broke her.
We nothing, it was the monkies.
Who made the monkies...
I am feeling really attacked right now.

"Evil monkies threw coconuts and limes. Mexico was not good to us. That is all." *grimaces*
Katherine Murray 01/07/18 *blinks* Well, the monkies were throwing them at some point. Perhaps... *makes hand gestures against her head* got knocked about by one. Or ten. *ponders*

That could explain some things. The amnesia. The monkey hating federales...

A really angry chinchilla.
Katherine Murray 01/07/18 He puts the lime in the coconut... o.o
Kiernan Tigra 02/24/17 Kiernan jumped in place as Livia appeared next to him. Without much time for reaction he was quickly covered in glue and subsequently glitter.

For a long moment, all Kiernan could do was stare dumbly at Livia. "W-what?!" He gave himself a cursory look over to see all the sparkly pieces attached to him. "I mean, thanks for the congrats, but this is gonna take hours to get out!" Turning a pointed stare to her, he stuck his tongue out in jest. "I should make you help me get this out of my wings at least." He says with a laugh as he pulls a half solidified chunk of glue off his arm and tosses it back at her.
Genesis 02/17/17 *ahems to make her presence known*
"Excuse me, Ms Livia? Someone has taken my journal from my room and I found it in the rec room. With lots of booze. Lots and lots of booze. Theft and that amount of alcohol lead me to believe Addison is responsible for the theft of my property. Permission to shoot on sight? I promise it will just be a friendly flesh wound."
*stares pointed, all the while reasoning with herself of how shooting Addison in the face is really just a flesh wound, all things considered.*
Miryam 02/09/17 *Then came a frown at the decline of her offer and with that she shrugged dropping to one leather clad knee as she flung her backpack off her shoulder. In that instance she flipped the flap open she then chucked the measuring tape in the bag then dug out a container of Lysol wipes handing them over to the women.*

"Hopefully those will suffice? I got tired of wearing gloves for the protection of others. I'm pretty sure but not certain it would take more then touch to infect you."
Miryam 02/09/17 *Stalks*

*Suddenly wraps a flexible tape measure around her head.*

"Hmm yum just as I suspected. Congrats are in order in light of your ranking. Perhaps you might join me for dinner sometime lovely?"

*Grins wickedly with gore ridden features.*
Jackson McCarthy 02/08/17 *accepts bottle*
Only 22? *teases*
*cracks open bottle and takes a drink*
Sounds like we'll have to go stock up soon, that's too low a number.
Addison 02/07/17 ~looks guilty and pretends she didnt just pee a little~
"I will get you a lovely Mrs Sprew wig. So...when you say Mrs Sprew has the grabby you mean in an 'oooh lala fashion', or 'point on the doll to were the evil Mrs Sprew touched your danger zones?'"
~was owl eyed as she awaited an answer~
Addison 02/07/17 ~pets her as she shudders~
"I'll be Fast and Fabulous...loves the wigs...can be a new person every night! Though, I will be careful of the Mrs. Sprew. I mean, Sprew is skeery enough. Genesis' room is boring. All guns and things that blow up. We definitely should pilfer Dexters room."
~nods and grins~
"So much excitement...I might pee a little!"
Addison 02/07/17 ~is shocked~
"I have not met Mrs Sprew..."
~looks shifty and whispers~
"But I've heard she has a FABULOUS wig collection...I MUST SEE IT!!!
~looks shifty and smiles with a gleam in her eyes~
Addison 02/07/17 ~blinks~
"Well...of course we'll play dress up! And room pilfering. We can pilfer through other peoples rooms together!"
Addison 02/06/17 ~waggles brows~
"You are making me all swoony...that's it! I am totally keeping you. You'll get used to my closet!"
~topples them over to wiggle them back home like an inch worm~
Addison 02/06/17 ~flailed, what little she could~
"OMG! You evil little adorbs!!"
~hugs more and whispers into Livia's ear~
"I can be happy being stuck with you, so long as you're okay with my cooties...never got my shots...oh, and if I get hungry, I may eat your face off...
~shifty eyes~
Addison 02/06/17 ~blinks at the unexpected huggings even though it doesnt seem to end like a normal huggings.~
~smiles and gives in to the huggings and returns them to Livia in kind~
Sprew 02/05/17 Well look what we have here...never knew a Harbinger of Death could look so stunningly elegant in Purple!

Congrats on reaching the Pinnacle...I have long awaited your well deserved arrival
EirieNightBreed 02/04/17 Congrats on the rank :)
Bree Ravencroft 02/03/17 tst, there's more than one way to get pickled. Besides..
You can always go with the balsamic for round two of the celebrations.
Bree Ravencroft 02/03/17 Don't you look mahhhvelous Miss Livia. Congrats on a grand accomplishment.
Valentin Metzger 02/03/17 -presses a kiss to her forehead- Gut gemacht, Liebste.
Genesis 02/02/17 "Hey! You got the awesome purple robes going on! Totally rocks...defininately your that a hint of glitter? Congrats, crew-mate, and I hope to achieve such greatness one day." ~is all inspired, but way lazy~
Summer 02/02/17 Many congrats on ranking up! I think it is fair to say a census taker will not be trying to test you any time soon!
Maeve 02/02/17 You said something?
*wiggles fingers* Gimme, gimme
*looks one way, then other*
Errm I have a few other victims in mind *ebil*
Maeve 02/02/17 Ohhh superglue....
*thinks* I like that idea. hmmm
Maeve 02/02/17 *laughs and hugs back* Nooo, not quite yet. Still got some shenanigans to make.
Maeve 02/02/17 *sniffles* Look at you, all grown up and stuff. And to think you were just a wee one a long, long time ago. Congrats :)
Valentin Metzger 01/30/17
Valentin Metzger 01/27/17 The Butcher returns after many months away to find his Liebste in what appears to be a downward spiral. He watches from outside the bar, her inebriation, her insanity, and decides it is time to pull her back from the edge. Like so many have promised to do.. and failed. But not at this very moment. He will wait for her to return to her apartment she keeps. The one she thinks he doesn't know about. He will not chastise her in front of others. Valentin has the respect to do so behind closed doors. Turquoise optics move to look at his comrades and without word, they continue down the street.
Summer 01/22/17 Lips quirking up in amusement, she forced them into a straight, serious line as Livia delivered the basket and information with equal seriousness. Accepting the basket, her eyes widened and a genuine smile lit up her face. "Tequila! Psh, I drink tequila when I'm feeling good." Summer laughed then brought the bath bomb to her nose and inhaled deeply. Not that she needed to; Lush bath bombs were so well fragranced, it made the entire basket smell delightful. "Thank you." Her voice softened, touched at the welcome. "Thank you for all of this. But mostly thank you for not microchipping us. Sounds itchy." She chortled then looked up at the slayer. "I'll do my best to stay out of trouble." She said with a solid nod of her head, meaning it. Truth was, the angel didn't really attract trouble too much. Sometimes sh-t happened, but that was more because she could be a Grade-A ditz at times.
Dessa Chambers 01/20/17 Dessa heard the screaming long before she almost became speared by a broomstick. Confusion knit thick eyebrows and she frowned, gingerly moving out of the broomstick's trajectory. Her confusion deepened seeing Livia all bloody, "What in the hell..."

Tawny eyes followed the length the broomstick to see a duffle bag on the end of it and in the duffle bag, a snake. Dessa's confusion turned into a look of delight at the snake. "Hate you??" She turned to Livia, "But he's beautiful. The snake that is." Clears throat, "Why are you all bloody?"

Dessa holds her hand out to the snake and murmurs an 'It's okay', to the snake. Even after being turned, she seemed to have a bit of an affinity with snakes. She had a snake for a familiar and others seemed to enjoy her presence. The snake calmed and she gently pulled him out of the bag, letting him curl around her as he pleased. Hopefully Livia would be put at ease, seeing how friendly the snake was.
Summer 01/07/17 *watches as the enchanting figure strolls by, making a note to listen to the song later*

I do wish I could watch and listen longer, but I'm having an old friend for dinner.
Jacob Zev 01/02/17 It had taken him longer than he thought it would to run out and buy a small box of white mice, they were farther from a pet store that he would have thought possible. As he walked into the house the chaos was immediately noticeable, everything was a wreck. At first he thought that Liv had been attacked again but he couldn't smell anyone's blood but Livs or gunfire, there was no forced entry, bodies, and the building wasn't on fire or blown up. It was then that he saw the open box on the floor and said aloud, "I guess it was snakes themselves that she wasn't fond of..." before sitting among the wreckage to wait for her to return from wherever she's run off to.
Jackson McCarthy 01/02/17 *feels he might be getting played*
A few hours? Even that's too long
*awful memories of watching Noah for Cait*
*although kinda grateful he didn't offer to help her rid herself of the baby. Good call.*
My...Spidey suit? Whatever you're on, I want some too.
*jogs after her*
What exactly is this important job??
Jacob Zev 01/02/17 Jacob had been out and about and found a surprise for Liv, he was curious as to how she'd react to a new pet. The Diamond Python he found wasn't venomous but he couldn't quite remember if it was the venom that she didn't like or the snakes themselves. There was only one way to find out.

After stopping off to get a gift box for the new pet and storing it safely inside Jacob went back to their home, saddened to find that Liv wasn't currently there. He was sure she wouldn't be gone long though so he put the gift near the door in a spot she was sure to find it with a card on top that read, "For you beautiful, don't let it tempt you to leave the garden."
He waited for a bit for her but when she didn't show after a while he headed out to pick up some mice to feed their new pet, just in case she was on an extended trip.
Jackson McCarthy 01/02/17 *unsure*
*should be happy for her. That's what normal people would do.*
*he's not normal people*
Eat it? I mean. I'd be doing you a favor if I did. Those things are life suckers. It should not see the light if day.
Do you even like babies?!
Jackson McCarthy 01/02/17 *mouth agape*
*so very many confusing thoughts*
They're useless little beings who rely on people to do everything for them and yet they absorb everything. I might have taught one how to pay strippers...
*stares at in slight horror* Are you...??
Jacob Zev 12/29/16 "Wouldn't I?" A wry grin spreads across his face before he takes another long drag of his cigarette. "I think I could manage to deal with that particular torment...but I won't have to though, tight? Since you won't be getting another squeaky toy..."
Jacob Zev 12/29/16 Inhales deeply as he considers her threat. What could he even counter with? She had more property than Trump but those seemed to blow up or burn down with alarming regularity. Finally he says, "I'm sure you'd hate that as much as I'd hate to see a certain duffle bag sold on a street corner for fifty bucks and a pack of gum."
Jacob Zev 12/29/16 Steals her pack from her as she's lighting her cigarette and pulls one out for himself before sliding the pack back into her pocket. As he lights the stick of death he mutters, "The next one would have cost you alla your money...."
Jacob Zev 12/29/16 Chases after her, "I'm going to hogtie you and make you watch as I cut up all your credit cards and burn all of your money in front of you!"
Jacob Zev 12/29/16 Stares at her, a mixture of horror and rage on his face. "No, absolutely not. I don't need a squeaky toy at all, I'll just chew on you."
Jackson McCarthy 12/23/16 Man...someone swiped that off me. It's like they knew *mock gasp* But not to worry, I have plenty more to give! *wink*
Jacob Zev 12/20/16 "No Livia, this is about us going somewhere alone, to get away from everyone, not going to spend time with other people." He frowned then, she was already trying to back out of camping with him alone. "Is spending time with me that abhorrent?"
Jacob Zev 12/20/16 "No, it's to late for that, You're coming with me now even if I have to strap you to my back and drag you along with me Love." A soft grin flashed on his face before he leaned in and kissed her. "You'll have a good time, I'm sure."
Jacob Zev 12/20/16 The question she'd just asked him was so ridiculous that he had to laugh again. It took him a moment to regain his composure before he could say, "No, that's not the only way. Some grow naturally, some get carried from place to place by other animals. Even people can track them around. There are tons of ways it can happen."
Jacob Zev 12/20/16 Again he found himself only able to stare at her in total confusion. "What in the world are you talking about? Rabbits don't have gardens, if anything they steal from peoples gardens. And the vegetables I find in the forest are most commonly spread by birds dropping seeds when they eat, though they spread other ways too." He was really starting to think she'd dosed recently...
Jacob Zev 12/20/16 At her response he blinked and stared at her for a moment, did she not know what he meant or did she dose earlier and he hadn't noticed till now? Maybe she was just being times it really was hard to tell. "Wild like, made with vegetables found in the wild. Not store bought, chemically treated trash. Much tastier....and only rarely hallucinogenic."
Jacob Zev 12/20/16 He couldn't help but laugh at her response, "I can't make any promises that you won't end up having to eat something you aren't fond of at least once, but I'll do my best to make it as enjoyable as possible. Besides, I can make wild salads too, so if you can't stomach it there is always that option."
Jacob Zev 12/15/16 He laughs at her adamant refusal to camp out near Sydney, "But snake is pretty delicious, a little greasy though...and bony like fish." Finally he stood up, pulling her up from the ground just after and pulling her into his arms. "Russia it is then. I'll get some things together soon and we can go whenever you like.
Jacob Zev 12/15/16 "I was thinking maybe we'd head out near our new home in Sydney, that way I could show you just how safe it can really be out there if you know what to watch out for." He thinks for a moment, "Though we could certainly head up to Russia, the hunting is better there."
Jacob Zev 12/15/16 "Sounds like a date." Yet another smile spread across his face. "We could definitely use some time to relax. One of these days I'm gonna take you out camping with me so we can really get away from it all."
Jacob Zev 12/15/16 Still grinning he says, "You know, I wasn't all that sure at first, what with the tackling and all, but I figured it out in the end." Leaning in he pressed hit lips to hers, kissing her hard before adding, "Yes, I got a call about a job so I had to run to handle that. Details at dinner sounds good though, what did you want to have?"
Jacob Zev 12/15/16 He laughs as he's bowled to the ground by her. "I guess you missed me as much as I missed you." Jacob wraps his arms around her and rolls over to pin her beneath him.
Jacob Zev 12/06/16 He was thrown off guard by Livia's words, could the little girl have been the same girl who'd been essentially stalking him the past couple nights? " **** know what, it may very well have been that little blonde brat." A small shudder ran through him instinctively, "And I wasn't scared, just creeped out, she tried to take a strand of my hair once after staring me down. I think she'd even have creeped you out Liv, there was just something about her that was wrong but I couldn't place it."
Jacob Zev 12/05/16 'Sorry love, I'm just a little on edge. Don't laugh, but this little crazy girl has been popping up and creeping me right the fvck out, and that should say something coming from me. Pretty sure she's gonna leave me be now, I wasn't exactly friendly." Reaches down and grabs her arm, hauling her to her feet where he kissed her softly, "I haven't been traveling that much lately though, maybe we should get away from it all again....take your boat out somewhere for a while."
Jacob Zev 12/05/16 Jacob responded much like a fighter at the sudden weight of a person on his back, throwing his weight forward and flipping the weight on his back forward and over his shoulder. At the last second he reached out and caught Liv though, stopping her from hitting the ground when he realized who it was. "Hiya Liv, you surprised me."
Jacob Zev 12/04/16 Stands back up and limps over to her, his wounds starting to knit already, he hands the twenty nine dollars back to her. "I was gonna pay it back, next time I'll just leave you guessing..." He grins and winks at her playfully.
Jacob Zev 12/04/16 Jacob stared at Liv as she spoke, the idea of video calls when they were apart was certainly appealing to him. "Fine, let's go then, and we can get something to eat afterwards." Her playful comment about fighting him brought out a chuckle as he skipped holding her hand for the rest of their walk and instead threw her up onto his shoulder, only to yell out a moment later when she leaned around to bite his cheek. He returned the favor by biting the fleshiest bit he could in her new position, her thigh, and said, "I said we'd eat AFTER we got phones....patience love."
Jackson McCarthy 12/02/16 *stares behind her*

I think I'm seeing things..
Jacob Zev 12/02/16 He turned to face her as she pulled out of his hand, his face not looking all to pleased at the moment. "Why is it so important?" He paced closer to her, looking down into her eyes. "If girls would be hitting on me on this snapchat, then guys would be hitting on you. And while it has been a while since I've killed someone, I don't think some app is that important."
Jacob Zev 12/02/16 "Oh, I'm not allowed?" He took her hand then, holding her tight and started to lead her away from the shops, "Then neither are you love. I don't think I'm being that weird either, I was trying to be nice."
Jacob Zev 12/02/16 "Alright than, Let's go and get you a phone." He flashed her a smile and offered her his hand, "Who knows, I might like this Snapchat thing too. I should probably try to be a little bit more social after all."
Jacob Zev 12/02/16 He was getting more and more curious about what she was thinking about, and was about to ask her why she was suddenly acting so weird when she said something he didn't understand. "What is snapchat? Is that like Facebook or something?" Jacob wasn't exactly a social butterfly at the best of times so he avoided it like the plague when he could. "Why do you need something like that?"
Jacob Zev 12/02/16 He stares back at her, meeting hers with his own, "Well, I suppose that makes some sense. I've got a couple burner phones I could give you, nothing fancy but they can make phone calls on them." He pauses to think for a moment before adding, "Oh! They do have Snake and Brick Break on them if you get bored."
Jacob Zev 12/02/16 He stares at her, a bit confused to be honest, "Why do you need another cell phone? You seem to have some trouble keeping them around..."
Jackson McCarthy 12/02/16 Could I roll a few surfers? *scoffs*
I could take them all on. *slight exaggeration, but hey, they were humans*
Point me at the one you want when you see it, and I will get it for you.
Dessa Chambers 12/02/16 I don't need some silly title for you to embrace me.
*waggles eyebrows and laughs*
Jackson McCarthy 12/02/16 *mental note to not bring up LA*
Body guard, where?
*looks around as she pulls on his wrist*
Ohhh, me. Right. Are you sure you want a drunk to protect you?
*follows her lead* Onward, m'lady!
Jackson McCarthy 12/01/16 *hard time being serious and the feigned innocence*
*almost drops her*
*should probably not be doing these things while not sober*
*so never...because he's never sober*
*rights her before he does drop her*
Okay, okay. huuuuuge fish things are too scary. We'll go...somewhere. LA? LA has beaches, right? I never checked when I lived there..
Jackson McCarthy 11/30/16 Reptile, marsupial, fish things, eh?
*takes the hand that grabbed his wrist*
*puts other hand behind her back*
*dips her*
*grins down at her* Don't worry, I'll protect the damsel from things.
Jackson McCarthy 11/30/16 *unaware of window breakage*
Beach? Fu...
*chug chug*
Don't worry, we'll find it eventually. I mean, we are in Sydney now. Isn't this whole place a beach?
Jacob Zev 11/30/16 He bent his arm upwards after she finished speaking, raising her up towards him and staring intensely into her eyes. "Yes, I saw the deer. I'll carve it up soon enough. First I need to do something with you."

He didn't take his eyes off of hers as he started to lower her back down only to stop halfway and lift her back up towards his stern face. At that point he went from stern and angry to smiling broadly and kissing her as he whispered, "I love you more."
Jacob Zev 11/30/16 He growled at the offensive squeak, quickly running her pockets and finding the damned toy and tossing it across the room, annoyed that as it hit the ground it squeaked one last time.

"We're gonna talk about that damned toy...but first..." He stood and hooked his fingers into the waist of her pants, picking her up from the ground like luggage. "...First I'm gonna make you make some noises..." He started to carry her back towards her room, he'd handle the deer later.
Jacob Zev 11/29/16 Blood, That was the first thing Jacob smelled as he walked into the Sanctuary. He'd been searching for Livia for what seemed like hours without finding hide nor hair of her. The only real encounter he'd had was with that Leader that smelled of death. He'd tried to go back to speak to her again shortly after the first time but she was gone. In the end he chose to return to the Sanctuary to wait in Livs room.

The blood was distracting though, it smelled like deer, though that seemed to be an odd thing to bring into the Sanctuary. It wasn't until he heard Liv call out that he understood, a peace offering. He almost chuckled, but instead he dropped into a crouch and stalked after the sound of her voice.

When she came into sight he slowed, creeping closer and closer before finally pouncing on her from behind and taking her to the floor. Once there he said, "You're still gonna're gonna be my squeaky toy tonight..."
Dessa Chambers 11/29/16 Considerably more entertained than she had been moments ago, she almost worried for Liv's safety for when her hubby caught her. Almost. Who could stay mad at that face? "Any time you need to hide, I'm happy to help," Dessa's laughter bubbled out after holding it in for what seemed like a lot longer than a few moments of lying. "Better make it a buck...The bigger the better!" She waved as Livia ran off.
Dessa Chambers 11/29/16 "Squeak toy??" She tries not to laugh, but a smile refuses to leave her features, even after Livia tells them to shush. Dessa heard the steps and hastily wrapped the robes back up, but around both of them this time. While they were both fairly thin and the robes were quite flowy, Dessa looked a tad bloated under the robes. Nevertheless, she would do her best to hide her friend. Dessa went back to people watching, trying to look as nonchalant as possible.
Dessa Chambers 11/29/16 Minding her own business...Wait no, who was she kidding. Eavesdropping on people's conversations, deciding on who to...definitely not eat next. No. To make new friends. Yes. That's what normal people do. So, making friends, when Livia rushed at her.

Dessa cracked a smile, "I don't see any closets near, but there is plenty of room in these robes"

She grins and unfolds the robes, beckoning Livia closer. Might I ask why you need hiding?"
Jacob Zev 11/29/16 "" As soon as the last syllable left his lips he was running, chasing Livia, she would pay for the squeaky toy, she would pay dearly.
Jacob Zev 11/29/16 He blinks in surprise as Liv tossed the toy mid pounce, opening his mouth to say something he instead, unfortunately for his pride, catches the toy between his teeth. Even more unfortunate for him, as he landed the pounce, the damned thing squeaked.

Spitting the toy to the ground Jacob turns to Liv, eyes blazing with rage...and a hint of embarrassment, and says, "You have five seconds....start running...five...four...three..."
Jacob Zev 11/29/16 Stares at the toy disapprovingly, "Liv, you should know me better than that." The incessant squeaking starting to get to him now. "Could you stop...*squeak*...I mean it's reall...*squeak*...Damnit!" And with that outburst he lunged at the cursed squeaky toy.
Dessa Chambers 11/28/16 You did! And thank you! *does a little twirl*
Dessa Chambers 11/28/16 *laughs* Well, if you keep sending me selfies like that, I may not be able to resist you either! *winks*
Mackenzie 11/27/16 You sure? That's a damned shame. You look like you'd be damned fun in that situation. *Winks* One day. It's going on my bucket list.
Mackenzie 11/27/16 I think that maybe we should all just make out, because I've already got my rescue animals. However, I call dibs on Dessa because I just don't do #SloppySeconds. Or maybe we can just have a giant f-cking orgy and call it good. That's sensational, right?
Dessa Chambers 11/27/16 *scrunches nose* I haven't the faintest idea how anyway of it works when there's no kissing even going on. *stage whispers* people are strange.
Dessa Chambers 11/27/16 *laughs* But we can't let the poor, cute animals suffer! Let people think what they want !*dramatics* We need save all the animals!
Jacob Zev 11/26/16 Laughs before shifting her on his shoulder, first so she laid over the back of his neck, then again so she was facing forward over his other shoulder so he could tilt her face to his and kiss her, hard. Breaking the kiss he said, " 'Bout time. I love you."
Jacob Zev 11/26/16 Jumps at the smack, shaking her even more before returning the smack to her own ass sharply. "I'm sure you would love, If you opened a shelter in every home you own you'd put an end to the homelessness problem." He grinned again, even though she couldn't see it.
Jacob Zev 11/26/16 Shrugs, jostling her on his shoulder, "Snakes are good eating, just gotta watch out for the bones." He'd have gone into the trick to preparing them but the mention of yet another home of hers drew his attention, "Another house huh? I swear, you own more real estate then this rate you'll end up President of the US..."
Jacob Zev 11/26/16 "A secret passage? We'll need to talk about that...but to be honest, I don't even know where my room is." He kept walking as he talked, "I've been sleeping outside for the most part...but otherwise it's been nice."
Jacob Zev 11/26/16 He pauses midstep, "I do seem to recall you mentioning a boat...though you know, it's easier to collect insurance on boats then it is to sell them..." He turns towards the marina and starts walking that way instead. "...I can 'cook' anywhere though so let's take a look."
Jacob Zev 11/26/16 A short laugh slips from him before he says, "Oh, you are. You know how I know? It's cause you are always there for 'breakfast' the morning after 'dinner'." Another grin showed on his face before he leaned forward and pressed his shoulder into her stomach, wrapping one arm around her waist, and stood up straight, hoisting her over his shoulder. "So how about some more 'dinner'?"
Jacob Zev 11/26/16 A devious grin flashes on his face at her words before he said, "Yes Liv, I'm yours, always and forever. You should know that by now. I also know that you are mine, even if you don't say it out loud." He knew the song, of course, but couldn't resist the chance to get her to say it.
Jacob Zev 11/26/16 "Oh I'll still get that 'Yes!' from you, I'm not concerned about that. You'll never convince me to stop trying." He grins before going on to say, "As for the 'What?', that was about the other thing you said, sounded like lyrics to a song I don't know."
Jacob Zev 11/26/16 "Ooooor, I might have thought you didn't actually care about me and given up trying to drag that, 'Yes!' out of you." He laughed before tilting his head to the side at what she said next. "What?"
Jacob Zev 11/26/16 Stares at her for a moment, just a moment, before saying, "I can't believe you'd come at me with such lies..." As he talks he pulls out his prescription and pours a handful of pills into the palm of his hand and pops the pile into his mouth to chew. He points at her and says, "You're lucky I love you..." , before grinning at her.
Dessa Chambers 11/25/16 *totally didn't squee when she saw the baby snow monkey*
*will snuggle it all the time*
*still totally cold hearted inside*
Jackson McCarthy 11/23/16 *tosses light beer behind him*
*probably hit something*
*doesn't care*
*gladly catches a proper beer*
*cracks open and takes a drink* Much better...No..No need for a snickers, but can you blame me? I thought I was going to lose my drinking partner.
*holds free hand over his heart and pouts*
I would have been devastated.
Dessa Chambers 11/23/16 Oh baby, baby. I shouldn't have let you goo...
Dessa Chambers 11/23/16 And I-I must confess...
Jackson McCarthy 11/23/16 *catches beer*
*about to crack it open*
Thanks Li...
*sees the word 'Light'*
*no mo grin*
*doesn't understand*
Pffff. I'm not some weak pansy ass that needs to be drinking light beer...Are you getting weak on me Livia? How can this be?! *might be slightly over dramatic*
Jacob Zev 11/11/16 He had expected many things from his proposal, and violence was actually one of those outcomes. Head already metally prepared himself to be hit, perhaps even shot. The one downside of letting someone you love know that you heal remarkably quickly despite the severity of the injury is that when they get mad they now know they don't need to hold back.

The first blow to his throat was sudden but he'd managed to tighten the muscles of his throat enough that he avoided any serious damage, even though it still hurt like one is ever truly ready to be punched in the throat after all. The second blow that followed her words struck true though as cartilage of his nose caved in under the rapid jab. As his head snapped back from the hit he couldn't help himself from adding to the mental tally of how many times his nose had been broken since they'd first met.

He staggered back a half step then and raised a hand to his nose to stem the, now rapid, bleeding before raising the other defensively and saying, "That's not a no Love... And yes, this is how I chose to propose this time. I know what your thoughts on marriage, but mine are different. You wouldn't have really worried about me if you didn't care, you know that I love you. We both want normalcy in our lives, something we've been robbed of repeatedly. I want to give you that though, I want to be your husband again so that we can actually live our lives together properly...normally."

It wasn't exactly a romantic gesture but blood was beginning to pool in the back of his throat so he snorted quickly and spat the fluid to the road. In the process he realized that there were in fact other people on the road with them, random pedestrians that weren't there earlier, and from the look on some of their faces they'd been there at least since her first punch connected and that made him chuckle softly before he turned back to face Livia.

"If you say no...well...nothing will change. I will keep loving you, I will keep trying to keep you safe with all of myself, and if I lose you again I will burn the world." To anyone but the two of them that would seem like a lovely metaphor for doing anything for the one they loved, but she should know that he meant it literally. He'd left a trail of bodies the first time he had to find her after losing her.

"I want you say yes though, so much that I'm here making a fool of myself attempting some cheesy and, what I hoped to be, romantic gesture. Admittedly I don't have much experience with things like this though...I might have not put quite enough thought into it..." He stopped talking then, waiting to hear what she had to say, though he did keep his guard up. He didn't really want to get punched again if he could avoid it...
Jacob Zev 11/11/16 He didn't move as she gripped his arm, instead he just remained in the position he was in for a moment. He fought off the urge to chuckle at the mental image of himself sprouting the wings of a falcon and flying through the skies of Paris in his war form. Instead of chuckling though he continued to pant, hunched over on one knee.

After a moment of near silence he turned in place to face towards her, gripping her arm as if he was accepting her help in standing, though instead of that he pulled her down towards him as he rose, pulling her into a kiss. His lips met hers hungrily as he stood, one hand slipping around her waist and pulling her close while the other ran up her arm to hook behind her neck to mold her to him like a glove to a hand.

The whole act fell away in that moment, he reverted the slight shift of his organs, which served their purpose perfectly to make him appear to be genuinely sick and poured everything he was into that one kiss. After a long moment he broke the contact between their lips ever so slightly and looked into her eyes.

"Marry me again Love, I don't have a ring to give you again that means nearly as much as the last, but I have never for a moment stopped caring for you, stopped loving you...I've told you before that you were my drug, and it's still true..."
Jacob Zev 11/11/16 He stared again for a moment at her suggestion, wondering now if he should tell her the actual reason he needed the money. He wasn't exactly lying about need to pick up more pills, or about his tolerance, but he was planning something else...something she might not particularly agree with. Maybe now was the time to put it into action...

"I have been actually, I ran out of pills a couple days ago and have been trying to just deal. The pain has been ramping up by the day though. This morning I could barely move and it's been getting worse all day so I was just on my way to get more to back it down before I got paralyzed by it..."

As he spoke his voice became strained, like he was fighting something off, and his breathing started to become ragged. His fists clenched and the color seemed to drain from his face as perspiration started to dot his brow. To even a casual observer it would be obvious that something was wrong.

"I gotta go and do that..." He turned and took a couple of steps before stumbling and dropping hard to one knee, panting hard now as the guise he'd apparently had on moments earlier fell away...
Jacob Zev 11/11/16 He'd expected to have to run her down again, that seemed to be the game they played. She'd pop up, make herself known, then run and he would chase her. Part of him thought it was her entertaining him cause she knew he liked to hunt. When she instead handed him the money back he stopped in his tracks and looked at the wad of cash like she'd handed him a grenade sans pin. Instead of dwelling on it though he pocketed the money and said, "I do need to get more, I've been going through them pretty quickly...I think I might finally be building a tolerance to them which raises some concerns really...I'm not quite sure what I will do if they stop working for me, and you know what it means for me to go without them."
Jacob Zev 11/11/16 Jacob blinks as Livias words pulled out of the thought he'd been lost in. He quickly grabbed his wallet and counted the cash that was in it before looking up at her again, "One of your shirts is over a grand?! That **** better be made out of gold...." He stalked toward her then, "I would like that back though...I needed that to restock on my medication..."
Dr Van Helsing 10/12/16 Sans silverware!
Dr Van Helsing 10/12/16 Yes but you have to lick it off yourself.
Jacob Zev 10/12/16 Another wad of gum appeared along the trail he was following after her, she couldn't be to far ahead of him. The trail of spearmint ended though, apparently she'd run out of gum after spitting out this last glob. After leaving the offensive scent behind all he could smell was people and cigarettes, she was obviously trying another tactic to confound his senses and this time she'd chosen a good option. There were so many people that smoked here that it would be nearly impossible for him to follow just the trail of her cigarette through the crowds, though that didn't mean that he was going to give up.

Stopping where he stood and closing his eyes Jacob focused on sound instead, it didn't take to long to discern the sound of running through the other traffic on the streets. Once he had a direction again the chase started anew. He would catch was just a matter of time.
Jacob Zev 10/12/16 It didn't take much of a chase for him to figure out who had robbed him, of course, it was Liv, no one else ever managed to get into his pants as successfully as her. He was just starting to gain on her when the overpowering scent of spearmint assaulted his senses. His eyes suddenly started to water and his nose burned like he'd been maced. He wasn't about to stop the chase, as long as he followed the horrible scent he would still be on her trail. It wasn't until he reached the glob of gum on the ground that he realized that she had tried to shake him from her trail. A small smile appeared at his lips at the ploy, she was still smart and knew how to mislead him. Unfortunately for her, she now smelled strongly of spearmint, and that was easy enough to keep tracking after he got away from the glob of gum. "You're only stalling the inevitable love!"
Jacob Zev 10/12/16 Jacob had just finished rolling a few cops for their meager wages and was walking the streets to find his contact to refill his 'prescription' as he suddenly felt slim fingers slip in and out of his pocket followed by the sound of feet meeting pavement in a quick retreat. One hand slapped his back right pocket, only to find his wallet has decided to take to elope with someone else and leave him wanting tonight. Turning on his heel he started to run, to chase the sound of quickly retreating footsteps through the darkness with a snarl. As he pursued he called out, "You think you're good, you sneaky little thief, but you picked the wrong mark tonight. When I catch you I'll take my money and more from your flesh!" He kept running, shoulder checking a pedestrian and sending them spinning to the road as he barreled after the sound of feet and the familiar scent of flowers...
Jackson McCarthy 10/11/16 *feigns gasping for breath*
*chuckles and hugs back tightly*
Hmm, I could get used to these.
Dr Van Helsing 08/21/16 Even the toughest of us need a hug from time to time.
Jacob Zev 08/15/16 *Getting back up to his feet, holding what appeared to be his new pet to his chest, he started to walk in the direction Liv had gone. For as strange an encounter as it had been, at least he had a trail to follow again. A small smile crossed his face as the bunny wounds began to heal and he walked down the steps to the metro she had gone down moments earlier, his nose catching her scent again...*
Jacob Zev 08/15/16 *Finally managing to pull the little monster away from his now quite scratched and bleeding face he catches a glimpse of Liv bolting away. He yells out after her,*

"Revenge will be sweet and swift hun..."

*The bunny then takes that moment to sink it's teeth into his hand once more causing him to yelp out again.*
Jacob Zev 08/15/16 *Mid-grin he notices her stance and before he can say a word his eyes widen as she throws the bunny at his face. Surprise paralyzed him just long enough for the fluffy football to connect, all claws and kicking feet, and he drops to the ground trying to pull the clutching rabbit away.*

"F*CK! Ow, Damnit! Get off you little..."
Jacob Zev 08/15/16 *Blinks and looks down to his now bunny-less hands confused.*

"Prized bunny? You never said it won a prize...I'm guessing it won it for the Long Jump."

Jacob Zev 08/15/16 *Looks at the bunny, then back to Liv and smiles.*

"Thank you, I was starting to get hungry..."
Hollen 07/13/16 - Gasps, offended. - I do not lie.
Hollen 06/26/16 Love you too, Livi.
- Smirks. -
Katherine Murray 06/25/16 It is that dreadful dry heat everyone keeps going on about; not a damn thing I can do with it. *dead*
Katherine Murray 06/25/16
Hollen 06/23/16 - Smirks. -
You act like I'm picky.
Mackenzie 06/23/16 To: Livia Vuuuul-check?
From: The Paddy
UPGRADE. Thank you! ...Cough syrup gets you drunk?
Katherine Murray 05/31/16 *wins like Charlie Sheen* YAS!
Katherine Murray 05/31/16 *tilts head*
*tries very, very hard to not laugh*
"Paid? Please... you are still paying for it. Do you not pay attention to your bills?"
*smiles pretty*
Katherine Murray 05/31/16 *glares at*
*is gonna find a knife*
*she can make some throwing melons*
I will be back Liv, with a wee dirk, then we can throw melons.
Katherine Murray 05/31/16 But I... *pauses* What kind of melons? Throwing melons? CAN I THROW THESE MELONS?
Katherine Murray 05/31/16 LIMES! I NEED LIMES!
Jackson McCarthy 05/07/16 Good place to be...water on tap, comfy..
*laughs* Cheers!
Jackson McCarthy 05/03/16 As long as you found the woman who will never say diet beer around me again, we're good.
Dr Van Helsing 04/30/16 “Isn’t it rather dangerous to use one’s entire vocabulary in a single sentence?”
Dr Van Helsing 04/30/16 "I feel so miserable without you; it's almost like having you here."
Dr Van Helsing 04/30/16 Did you burp or did I walk into a p0rn convention?
Dr Van Helsing 04/30/16 Yeah I heard you really like Kentucky Jelly sammiches!
Dr Van Helsing 04/30/16 Why do your Dutch Ovens smell like latex and KY?
Jackson McCarthy 04/30/16 *shakes head sadly*
You must! This diet beer talk is blasphemous!
Jackson McCarthy 04/30/16 *appalled*
Did you just beer?
Who are you and what have you done to my Liv?!
Jackson McCarthy 04/30/16 *swoon*
Chur so strong!
Jackson McCarthy 04/25/16 *Puff puffs as directed*
Hell, I don't mind. I'll tear 'em to bits if they make a fuss.
*He wouldn't normally, but the wolf hadn't quite settled from the full moon yet.*
*He walks them up to an apartment building and around to the back*
*points up* Third floor...fourth? window from the...left?
*Could be wrong. Never looks at it from this way.*
Jackson McCarthy 04/25/16 I just stay the week of the full moon. It's a little more convenient.
*shakes head with a laugh as she starts to shout for Eden*
We're not quite there yet, but I'm sure she'll hear you regardless.
Along with the rest of the neighborhood, *mutters teasingly.*
Jackson McCarthy 04/25/16 *laughs*
You know, I actually haven't a clue where she is. She might be at home. I've been staying at the club the past couple nights. Eden doesn't like spending the night there though.
*turns to the left abruptly, attempting to startle Liv, but also needing to go that way.*
Let's try the apartment.
Jackson McCarthy 04/25/16 Oof.
*pretends to stumble, but was prepared.*
*holds the backs of her knees to make sure she doesn't fall*
Where to, love?
*Starts off in a random direction*
Jackson McCarthy 04/25/16 *flicks open the lighter and bends crouches down*
Alright...Farewell, dead covered shoes
*holds the flame to each shoe until they catch*
Now, do you want to walk barefoot or should I carry you? You know, in case you step in dead again. I don't really want to light your feet on fire.
Jackson McCarthy 04/25/16 *chuckles*
*probably should have offered to take it off...but didn't really want to touch it either*
I'll buy you a new pair. Lemme get the other one.
*leans down to assist in the removal of the newly contaminated show*
Do you want to say a few words before they meet their demise?
Jackson McCarthy 04/25/16 Stepped in...dead?
*looks down at her shoe and frowns*
You should probably take that off..
*searches pocket for his lighter.*
It's the only way. *nods*
Jackson McCarthy 04/23/16 *lets out a low whistle*
Scuba diving? That's awesome, you'll have to show them to me.
*is presented with gifts*
Beer and souvenirs? You spoil me, Liv.
I'm glad you're back. It's not the same without you here...I mean, I've resorted to drinking alone sometimes.
*mock shudders*
Jackson McCarthy 04/22/16
*still catches beer...can't let that go to waste*
*clicks in who it is*
Well look who it is!
*drapes an arm over her shoulders*
How was the beach?
Dexter Gein 01/14/16 Placing his hand over his heart he nodded and accepted the scarf. "This scarf has served me well both in and out of battle." Almost dizzy from a deep sniff, "I do thank you and I remain at your beck and call should you need an additional warrior."
Edward Brollachan 01/14/16 I definitely need t'plan a trip to Paris.

You, me and the Missus...
Le Bar ŕ champagne in the Eiffel Tower...
Edward Brollachan 01/14/16 I'd say someone has been spiking yo'r coffee with hallucinogenics, bancharaid...
Edward Brollachan 01/14/16 Impossible! It must have been an imposter or poseur...
Mackenzie 01/11/16 Oooooohmygod. LIV! LIIIIV! Liiiiiiiiiiiivia! *Is totally Marlon Brando-ing you*
Edward Brollachan 12/25/15 Nollaig Chridheil, old friend.

I need t'get to Paris sometime for that drink, nae?
Dexter Gein 11/07/15 Until the fragrance sticks.
Dexter Gein 11/06/15 *Carrying a clear plastic bag with a Sun Park Dry Cleaning tag stapled to it.*
The scarf you gave me was sent to the cleaners. Would you mind taking it back and wearing it for a few weeks?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Sprew 10/31/15 Wellllllll..... *pets slowly* We... Are.. Waitinnngg
Sprew 09/30/15 Psssh....pleaaaase! You gotta re-earn those commodities, the HARD way!
There... There...
*grins ebilly to himself*
*she had no idea the torture that's in store*
Welcome home..
Sprew 09/30/15 *stares in disbelief*
Well what the fvck, we should have had one!
My old and decrepit ass sure could need it!
*loves backsies*
Happy Belated 7 to you and thanks for sticking by me through it all
Sprew 09/23/15 *locks her away in his secret dungeon*
*pretends to eat the key*
Sprew 09/23/15 Dear Squishel...sorry that I missed your birthday bash, forgive me?
Edward Brollachan 09/22/15 Taking her hand in his, noting the warmth of her human flesh, he matched her nod with his, "Mar sin leibh an drŕsda, Livia"

A strange mist rose around him, obfuscating him from view, and then the mist vanished, along with the Scot.
Edward Brollachan 09/22/15 "Aye, there is a lot we could discuss and share, mo caraid. Perhaps o'er absinthe while lookin' o'er the Champ de Mars, nae?"
Edward Brollachan 09/22/15 As rare as the blush that had preceded it, a subtle smile rises on his face at her smile, and words.
"I think ye and I ha'e always been on the same page in that regard, lass... velké mozky myslí podobně, nae?"
Edward Brollachan 09/22/15 A rare tinge of color comes to his dark cheeks...
Pokud je to tak trochu jako pravdivé, budu akceptovat, že, můj drahý příteli.
Hollen 09/22/15 - Looks startled. -
That's not what I meant!
- Panicking. -
Hollen 09/22/15 - Ponders. -
Well... you do bring me fingies...
- Smirks. -
Edward Brollachan 09/22/15 *Eyebrow arch*

I couldna imagine s'ch a comparison...
...... a to bez ohledu na to, co někdo říká, včetně vás, jste jedním z nejkrásnějších žen v říši.
Edward Brollachan 09/22/15 I was confused... I knew this wasnae a Wanted Poster, nor a Missing Poster, then it hit me like an avalanche...

Vous avez finalement été accepté dans la Fédération française de la Couture Fashion Designers... comme un modčle haut de gamme!
Edward Brollachan 09/11/15 *Cues Led Zeppelin's Whole Lotta Love*
*shifty eyes*
Edward Brollachan 09/11/15 *Blinks*
*Blinks again*
"I know ye aren't speakin' o'the Hokey Pokey, are ye lass..."
Jacob Zev 08/30/15 -Tears through the front of his shirt, removing it like a vest mid spin to toss it on Livia.-

"You just attacked me with a mongoose!? That...well...That's a first for me..."

Jacob Zev 08/30/15 -Feels something at his back. Spins around to find Liv.=

-Eyes suspiciously.- "What'd you do..."

-Feels another tug from behind before feeling something scurrying up his leg. Spins again like a dog chasing his tail.-

"The fvck?!"

=Spins more trying to shake off the snake and mongoose combination.- "Gah! Get 'em off!"
Bree Ravencroft 08/30/15 *gasps*
*poses for new series of pictures with Liv*
Sorry 'bout that Miss Liv.
Bree Ravencroft 08/30/15 *runs in circles around Liv*
Oh no.. Oh no.. Oh no..
*fans Liv*
Oh no..
*dumps bucket of water*
Bree Ravencroft 08/30/15 *nods*
True, though some does come with a health warning. I hear some have been kilt...*winces*
*snaps pictures, autographs*
Here you go..
Bree Ravencroft 08/30/15 *blushes, then grins*
At least it is not only on milk cartons this time. *beams*
Edward Brollachan 08/28/15 *arches eyebrow suspiciously*
These high stakes... are articles of clothing involved? I am not familiar with this game, Go Fish... it sounds... fishy.
Edward Brollachan 08/28/15 Hmmm... Queen of Hearts, eh?
Dare I ask if this 'high risk' involves a beheading, either literally or metaphorically?
*Tucks away card in sporran*
Hollen 08/28/15 - Gropes. -
Maeve 08/21/15 *contemplates* That sounds like an excellent plan
Maeve 08/20/15 *arches eyebrow, then grins* Yeah we should...
Maeve 08/19/15 *eyes widen* Oh.....
*drags toe of boot through dirt*
*coughs* I... don't think so.
Maeve 08/18/15 *snickers, then wades through the whispered rumors*
Well now that would be suicide to say either way, though there was a certain odor the burnt hanging around The Eiffel for a while.
Only prettier because he insists on not visiting the fashion houses for new skirts.
Maeve 08/18/15 *waves back, grinning*
"Long time no see or hear. Did you and the Scot stop trying to use each other as wrecking balls on the city?
Edward Brollachan 08/14/15 *reads message*
*laughs uproariously*
To: Livia
From: Edward
Re: Business proposal
Text: Nurses? Sounds like a a shoe in for the AVN Awards.
Edward Brollachan 08/14/15 To: Livia
From: Edward
Re: Business Proposal
Text: I was thinking we should make one, but something a little 'livelier'
Edward Brollachan 08/14/15 To: Livia
From: Edward
Re: Business Proposal
Text: Livia, have you ever made a movie?
Jackson McCarthy 08/09/15 O.O
You were a unicorn...and I missed it?!
*spots the band-aid*
You poor thing.
*totes sympathetic*
Yes..beach! We'll get there eventually. Right?
Valentin Metzger 08/08/15 -sniffs at- There's something different about you, Liebste..
-regards- Did you change religions?
John Doe 08/07/15 John Doe Fact #209: When there is a 50/50 chance the odds are 80/20 in John Doe's favor.
Jackson McCarthy 08/06/15 *stares at the pork chop necklace with disdain*
I'm pretty sure I said no give backs
*shifty eyes*
Edward Brollachan 08/04/15 Ceart gu leňr... right enough!
Mar sin leibh an drŕsda!
*vanishes in a puff of mist*
Edward Brollachan 08/04/15 'Tis probably me that is confused... old age and all that.
We should ha'e a drink or three sometime, soon... lots t'talk about.
Edward Brollachan 08/04/15 Oh ye will ne'er hear me repeatin' gossip, Livia. Ye will ha'e to listen close the first time.
Edward Brollachan 08/04/15 *blinks*
*arches eyebrow*

Cha sgeul-růin e ‘s fios aig triůir air, lass.

Edward Brollachan 08/02/15 *arches eyebrow*
*regards +1500 toothpick of doom*
I would smirk but that backhand of yo'rs can knock the bloody moontan off a vampire.
Sprew 07/30/15 *lubbs* Love the new look...pretty
Edward Brollachan 07/29/15 Folding a crisp, freshly acquired c-note, the Scot seeks out his old nemifriend.
"Up for a Starbucks, lass?"
Jackson McCarthy 07/27/15 *tackled*
*stumbles a bit*
*keeps them upright, by some miracle*
*returns the hug*
I should rank more often..
*wiggles eyebrows*
Jackson McCarthy 07/22/15 *probably should not be driving*
*his bike is so conveniently parked near them*
*puts sunglasses on*
Pears? That's an odd craving. I need a burger.
*hands her his helmet. Gentlemanly and all.*
To alcohol and pears!
Jackson McCarthy 07/20/15 *blinks*
*stifles laughter*
How are we supposed to get to the beach if you keep falling down?
*oblivious that it was mostly his fault*
Let's gooo...I wanna terrorize people.
Jackson McCarthy 07/20/15 Thank gawd. I didn't want to miss it.
*takes a drink...because being perpetually drunk is better than being sober*
*gets up*
*offers a hand to help her up*
*uses other hand to take another drink*
*probably not the best support at the moment*
Jackson McCarthy 07/20/15 Have we been to the beach yet?
*has lost a few days, he thinks*
Jacob Zev 07/15/15 *Blinks*
"Pink? My one weakness!"

Thanks for the Happy Birthday though. ^_^
Edward Brollachan 07/15/15 *walks into kitchen*
*spies new artwork on refrigerator door*
*arches eyebrow*
*wonders when Batman started using rose, jasmine, and camellia oils*
Jackson McCarthy 07/13/15 The beach?
*nods off*
*wakes up*
Are we at the beach yet?
Where's my beer?
*looks around*
This isn't the beach. *jumps up*
*clearly not paralyzed*
Cmon! To the beach!
Jackson McCarthy 07/13/15 *startles awake*
*May or may not have been drooling* Ugh...
That sounds gross. *hands her warm beer, well probably hot beer*
I need more...but I think I'm paralyzed. I can't move *hasn't even tried*
Jackson McCarthy 07/12/15 *plops next to her*
*to make sure she's safe*
*not avoiding the dragon at all*
*keeps drinking*
Jackson McCarthy 07/12/15 *eyes widen*
Fire? What do you think I am? Indesch...Indestricktabl?
*shakes head*
You should feed it. It prollies likes you
Jackson McCarthy 07/11/15 *slurs words*
Feed the dragoooone?
*no idea what she's talking about*
Is that ssssome ssort of eu...eupha...what the deck are you talking about?
Mackenzie 07/03/15 To: Thug Life
Text: But I like my car! We have a special relationship!
Mackenzie 07/03/15 With a great puff of frustrated breath, Mackenzie turns around and marches right back to her precious CGT. And...almost cries. Seriously. While the gunshots certainly did give it a more bad-ss look, she cannot in good conscience drive this around. No. She is a classy girl. Or at least tries to be.

Still, she does whine. This vehicle has gone unscathed for years. YEARS. Until today.


With a huff of frustration, she pops the hood and disconnects the battery.


Instantly, there is silence.

Pulling out her phone, she responds.

To: Livers Thug Life
Text: I can't believe you shot up my Porsche.
Mackenzie 07/02/15 Mackenzie's phone buzzes, and of course she is wide awake. She's still walking. Really, she'd barely gotten far enough from her car. She can still hear it. And before she can pull out her cell to really see the message, all she hears is this.


Over and over again. A full f-cking round. She's stopped in her tracks, staring in the direction of the gunfire. And then her phone buzzes again. A reminder of an awaiting message. She pauses, staring at it. And then... she puts it all together. Gunfire. Her precious CGT.

Quickly, she texts back.

To: Livers
Text: ...Sounds like a whole damn car.
Jackson McCarthy 07/02/15 Nooooooooooo
*doesn't realize Liv took the drink*
*thinks it's falling*
*tries to save it*
*falls on Liv*
Well hey there, gorgeous.
*cheeky grin*
Mackenzie 07/01/15 What a lazy butt. He's tired, he says. He has to work, he says. Sol just had an everlasting hangover from moonshine produced by one of the Den people. That is the real problem here. And it forced her hand to try to fix the problem herself.

Walking to her car (like... for forever, again. Thank you, Solomon King.), she pops the trunk and walks around to the flat.

She blinks.


She moves around to the driver seat and gets in. Surely this is an optical illusion. Key to ignition. Turn of the engine.

Turning off the car, Mackenzie can practically lunges out of her car in her frazzled state as a string of profanities escape her. Loudly.

"No. Nope. You are evil. You are on time out."


"Oh my god. It's bloody possessed." And so, she hurries off, the car still playing the obnoxious music at full volume. Maybe no one would notice it's hers?
Jackson McCarthy 07/01/15 *has been drinking*

I should go check out this dragon. Manly duty and all.
Perhaps later...He's not hurting anyone, is he?
Jackson McCarthy 06/30/15 *cracks up*
*can't breathe*
*horrible person*
*has probably been drinking*
*gasps for breath*
There' water..running.
Jackson McCarthy 06/30/15 *snickers*
*pretends like he just showed up*
Hey...Everything okay?
*acting concerned*
Jackson McCarthy 06/30/15 *pokes her left shoulder*
*passes by on the right side*
Mackenzie 06/29/15 Mackenzie had to walk like... to get to her car at the Den proper. Stupid Sol and his stupid isolationist ways. She got in her car, turned it on, aaaaand...


With a big sigh, she gets out of the car and does a walk around. Tire. Down.

"I don't know who did this... but I will find them. And I will...something." Huffing quietly, she starts the walk back to the cabin with the intention of making a firefighter work on his day off.
Valentin Metzger 06/27/15 -styles hair in bee hive-
-wears cat eye glasses-
-gravely voice- Hi hun.. What can I get for you?
Maeve 06/23/15 What else could it be but.... Dr Fang *grins*
Maeve 06/22/15 *arches eyebrow, then smiles genuinely*
I talked a dentist into being a regular haunt.
*snickers to self, knowing he had not had a choice*
Maeve 06/22/15 *puts on scary face* *snaps fangs* *growls*
Maybe. Is that Eau de torns?
Maeve 06/22/15 *shakes head, stomps foot*
Don't you know I'm scary. That won't help.
Maeve 06/21/15 *jumps*
Eeep, it's not safe Livia.
*sprays self with galic laced holy water*
Dexter Gein 06/19/15 I stand ready with my instrument of choice. Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Edward Brollachan 06/16/15 *glares*
I don't lie, especially not to nemifriends.
Edward Brollachan 06/16/15 I didna HAVE them... they just showed up!
Edward Brollachan 06/16/15 *chuckles*
Mas olc am fitheach, chan fhearr a chomann
Edward Brollachan 06/16/15 *shakes head in disbelief and amusement*
Is ann a tha n cairdeas mar a chumar e.
Edward Brollachan 06/16/15 *jawdrop*
Cho corrach ri ugh air droll.
Edward Brollachan 06/16/15 Nonsense! Where I ha'e in mind has wonderful light for paintin' and some o'the finest shoppin' in the world.
I insist, and it would be my treat...
Edward Brollachan 06/16/15 *blinks*
Not drinking and arcane maths? This did not bode well.
Who would he drink with now? Who would he commiserate about the old ways and laugh and grumble at the fvcktardary of Realm with?

I think a vacation is in order, lass...
Edward Brollachan 06/16/15 Stopped drinking? Livia?? Yeah, right...
I'm not speakin' about any hanky panky in London... even if the gossip is true.
And I ne'er repeat gossip, to listen closely the first time.
Edward Brollachan 06/16/15 *arches eyebrow*
I wouldna dream o'sich a thing. I ha'e ne'er told ye, but when Paris was liberated... many years b'fore ye were born... I was in a Scottish Regiment that marched into the city. Why would I vandalize place I helped free from the Nazi scourge?
Nae, I speak o'the vandalism of a certain Ducati motorcycle, that is now adorned with red, white and blue glitter... oddly enough, the same colors as the French flag. Although it now also sports a Union Jack which I ha'e been unable to remove.
Edward Brollachan 06/16/15 Aye, that'd be a sight to be seen.
*soft laughter*
Speakin' o'Paris, I should really come there sometime t'visit. There's a matter o'that drink we discussed recently.

...and the matter of some recent vandalism, which we could discuss o'er that drink

Edward Brollachan 06/16/15 Babylonian Mathe...
*narrows eyes*
Yo'r not plannin' on recreatin' the Tower o'Babel are ye? Although it would be interestin' to see it opposite the Eiffel Tower on the Camp de Mar...
Edward Brollachan 06/16/15 Nay, I canna drink that swill... it's tea, Scotch or... that other stuff.
And why d'ye need t'graph real roots? A little water and fertilizer should do the trick, nae?
Edward Brollachan 06/16/15 *raises eyebrows*

Sciences or finances?

*sips morning tea*
Edward Brollachan 06/15/15 *heads off to find a sympathetic witch*
*is not optimistic*

Why is it always the Ducati?
Edward Brollachan 06/15/15 *Invisible and covered in red, white, and blue glitter*
*matches Ducati...*
*...and Livia*

Edward Brollachan 06/14/15 *sneaks up behind*

sneak... sneak... sneak

*spies bag of glitter*
*quietly inflates, holds up inflated bag-o-glitter behind Livia*
*slaps hands together on bag*

Edward Brollachan 06/14/15 *Vanishes*

*disbodied shifty golden eyes*
Edward Brollachan 06/14/15 *narrows eyes*
*Now is REALLY suspicious*
*wonders where he left the Ducati*

Wait. Glitter?


Edward Brollachan 06/14/15 *eyes suspiciously*
Epoxy? Ye sure ye don't want some duct tape? What needs stickin' or stoppin'?
*follows to investigate*
Jackson McCarthy 06/14/15 *nearly jumps out of his skin*
*tries to play it off*
Oh..Hey, Liv. Didn't see you there.
*looks around*
*makes sure no one else saw*
Jackson McCarthy 06/07/15 *takes beer and drinks*
*stares at Liv* Uhh...How much have you had to drink already?
Stalker 04/18/15 Shave? Why not get electrolysis? Get rid of those pesky pubes forever!
Stalker 04/18/15 My game has game. Or, something like that. Anywho, I say we get some booze, get plastered, go down to the beach, and run around naked, screaming like banshees, until the gods hear us, and invites us for tea.
Stalker 04/18/15 You outta know by now...I don't see any cuts. All I you.
Edward Brollachan 04/18/15 *reads bottle*
*notices word DISINFECTANT in red letters*
*tucks bottle under arm and slinks away*
Stalker 04/18/15 I know...but you're looking pretty snazzy yourself. Why don't we hop off the good foot, and do the bad thing, together?
Stalker 04/18/15 *He winks at her* I know...don't I look BOSS?
Valentin Metzger 04/13/15 Ja, so I can clean up now. -looks at his shirt- You know how much I dislike my clothes being.. dirty. -opens the door for his Liebste- Ja, I want to see what your life was previous to Irkutsk. -frowns- Quit being so paranoid Livia.
Valentin Metzger 04/13/15 -takes her by the elbow gently and begins to guide Livia towards the awaiting car- Less venom Liebste.. And no, none of those places. -his face remains without emotion but his eyes show amusement- It is a surprise. You do like surprises no? -stops momentarily- So this is the Den? I think we should have a tour.. I would love to see where you spent so much of your time before you joined us in Irkutsk. -leads her to the back door-
Valentin Metzger 04/13/15 -walks past Madchen and her husband- Hallo -gives a nod to John- Long time no see John. -raises a brow at Adara and calls out to Livia- Are you ready Liebste? We have an appointment to attend. -offers his hand-
Valentin Metzger 04/13/15 -calls his Liebste- I will see you in roughly.. -looks at his watch- thirty minutes. Do not make me chase you Livia. -ends call-
John Doe 04/13/15 You will have to talk to the little wife about that, she doesn't think the garage will be suitable but I think it will be fine. Just try and catch her when her mouth isn't stuffed full of co...cake. Yeah, cake.
John Doe 04/13/15 You are welcome to stay there as long as you like, you have several months before we need to convert the garage into anything.
Valentin Metzger 04/13/15 -calls after- I will see you at midnight, Liebste. -growls under his breath- Do not be late.
John Doe 04/13/15 Well, everything else is trained too well already. With some unexpected but interesting results. Not much more training left to do with this lovely little girl.
Valentin Metzger 04/13/15 -stares at- Liebste, I smell cake. -raises a thick brow-
John Doe 04/13/15 *Hears his wife's phone beep and looks at the message on the screen. Looks down at his wife and then decides to answer for her. * I'm sorry, she will have to get back to you, I have taught her never to talk with her mouth full.
Hollen 03/26/15 Ugh. That pretty face. I loves it.
Edward Brollachan 03/19/15 *gasps*
"This is not my week."
Edward Brollachan 03/18/15 *kicks rocks*
Edward Brollachan 03/18/15 "Ye don't like it? It matches m'kilt, nae?"
Sprew 03/13/15 Thankies *hugs* Not quite how I expected the day to go however...
Hollen 02/08/15 - Casually tackles. -
- Leisurely loves on. -
Edward Brollachan 02/01/15 I swear, that wasn't me! You wouldn't still be standin'!
Edward Brollachan 02/01/15 Well, the fava beans should help with the 'underinflation', right?
And thank the gods for kilts... it makes crop dusting so much easier.

Edward Brollachan 02/01/15 Someone told me my ego was underinflated... -_-

I ate their liver with fava beans and a nice chianti.
Dessa Chambers 01/02/15 *laughs*
Whatchu doin' sneakin' about?
*makes no effort to move*
Dessa Chambers 12/31/14 *sees Liv*
Edward Brollachan 12/30/14 Oh, bloody hell.. it's sterile! And I'm Undead!
Edward Brollachan 12/30/14 STAAAAHP! I'LL PîSS MYSELF!î Gawdammit...

Thank gawd I am wearin' a kilt.
Edward Brollachan 12/30/14 Staaaahp!
I had always heard you can't tickle a vampire...
Well that is just bullshît!
Edward Brollachan 12/30/14 Where's the poke thingy?
*realizes there is no poking in the Realm*
Edward Brollachan 12/25/14 Nollaig Chridheil, Livia...
Roman Pierce 11/04/14 *pets*
The nighttime is the right time!
*wishes he had a bed*
Edward Brollachan 10/28/14 Her laughter was infectious; she was one of the few that could affect his mood just by laughing, and as the peals of her mirth echoed around them, he found himself laughing with her. Then he gave a mock frown as he attempted to control and stifle his own amusement.

"Threatenin' her shoes... now there's a thought. O'course, if I had to go through w's'ch a threat, it would unleash hell. And not the normal hell... the 'Release the Kraken' type o'Hell."
Edward Brollachan 10/27/14 "Well, ye see, there used t'be this company in the Americas called 'Carters', and they made these snake oil pills that they sold millions of, and..."

He could tell it sounded preposterous, and stopped, mid sentence, pursing dark, thin lips into a frown.

"Fook it... She has a shyte ton o'shoes."
Edward Brollachan 10/11/14 "What is it with women and shoes? She has more shoes than Carter has little liver pills"
Edward Brollachan 10/11/14 "Bloody fookin' hell! She's already been into it. And wouldn't ye think a good Scotch would cure whate'er Irish one might be infected with?"
Katherine Murray 10/11/14 *glares downward* I am going to have to beat him with sugarcane. Or better yet... do you have shiv? I think his other kidney could use some work.
Edward Brollachan 10/11/14 I need help with Katherine... I think she got too much sun in Cancun, and she's now speaking Irish Gaelic.
Roman Pierce 09/28/14 YOU SUCK!!! *glares angrily* Hatechu.
Roman Pierce 09/28/14 You just wanna see Daddy destroy me, don't ya *lip wobbles* what would it take to spare mah life?
Roman Pierce 09/28/14 *cowers* But it's a trademark! *sage nod* Oh sh*t....c'mon c'mon, please don't tell, he'll kheel me *begs*
Roman Pierce 09/28/14 Don't chu threaten me with a good time! *shifty eyes, pretends not to be skurred*
Sprew 08/28/14 No pouting! *throws sugar cubes*
Sprew 08/22/14 *pets* s'okies...s'okies...just breathe!
Jackson McCarthy 08/22/14 "All the time?"
*gasps in mock horror*
"I'd be more than happy, not only relieve you of that second beer,
but to accompany you whilst you drink.
" *shrugs and tries to play it cool*
"If you want company, that is."
Dexter Gein 08/15/14 "A pair? SURE!" a foolish look overcame his face when he realized what she was offering. "Oh! The fruit, sure. I'm take a pair."
Dexter Gein 08/15/14 "It's a deal!" deviantly smiling, "Looks like my day just keeps getting better." Evenly exchanging the items, Dexter balled up the scarf and pulled it close to his nose and took a deep sniff. "If this isn't the sweet smell of a female warrior, I don't know what is."
Dexter Gein 08/15/14 "A scarf if you got one. You know as well as I do these streets get cold at night when you're hunting. A scarf will keep me warm." Extending his arm a little further, "Mighty cold."
Dexter Gein 08/15/14 "1.1 g with a 7 1/2 inch barrel. Yes ma'am, Mr. Mason and Mr. Richards knew what they were doing when they designed this single action revolver. This one here has yet to see action", reaching to hand the pistol over, "Let say for a piece of your clothing... it's yours."
Dexter Gein 08/15/14 "Aint if purdy?" upholstering the pistol. "For a small price, this piece could be yours. Ya interested?"
Jackson McCarthy 08/13/14 *Spies the beer*
*A Scottish brand, no less*
"You know..You shouldn't drink alone."
*Grins and moves to block her path*
"It gets awful boring drinking alone..
Sprew 08/05/14 Ladies first... *waits*
Sprew 08/05/14 *cackles* I taught you well I see...perhaps too well
Sprew 08/05/14 Oh noes...did you spike his drink again? *stares*
Sprew 08/05/14 Heh, you love it! *pets*
Roman Pierce 07/17/14 How'd ya guess? *grins wickedly* Well with my accessorized bag of chains, whips & handcuffs the possibilities are endless
Dessa Chambers 07/11/14 *wakes up to strange noises*
*looks around confused*
*spots pear*
*grins and snatches the pear off the stand*
*hears odd noises again*
*sees crate*
*carefully walks over to it*
*removes blankie to see an old little creature inside*
What are you doing all locked up?
*lets the little beastie out*
*looks at the pear, then to the little beastie running around*
*gets idea* *picks up squirming beastie*
*takes selfie with it*
*sends to Liv with a caption*
Thank you for the cute little beastie!
*moments later*
And the pear!
Sprew 07/02/14 BUT CHU LUBBS THE BEATS! *cackles*
Oh of course...why would you expect anything less? *Ebil grin*
Dessa Chambers 06/26/14 *scratches head*
Papa Pear Saga!
*scrunches up face*
Oh wait..that's a game I got addicted to while I was in Cancun...
*thinks s'more*
Smexy Pear Lovers United???
Edward Brollachan 06/26/14 *Blinks*

"But...but all the big boys are doing it!"
Edward Brollachan 06/26/14 "Aye, that I should ha'e... m'apologies, lass"
Edward Brollachan 06/26/14 *Winces wistfully*
Dessa Chambers 06/26/14 Hmmm...
*taps chin*
For now.
Unless we find someone worthy enough to join..Then, the more the better!
Pear lovers will rule the realm!
Dessa Chambers 06/26/14 We should form a pear lovers club! *nods*
Dessa Chambers 06/26/14 *gasp*
*takes pear*
How did you know they were my favorite?!
*noms on*
Chur the bestest
Sprew 06/24/14 Iunnos...wanna find out?
*sends da beats*
Edward Brollachan 06/20/14 Viva la côcktail...
Edward Brollachan 06/20/14 There's not enough body bags for that, lass... but I know where there's back hoe.
Edward Brollachan 06/20/14 Ruh roh...
Sprew 06/19/14 *pets*
*sugar cube acupressure is good for the soul*
*noms the pain away*
Sprew 06/18/14 *recovers from near concussion*
*shrugs off the shakes and chases*
*tackles into a pool-full of sugar cubes*
Sprew 06/16/14 Awwwes... *pets* It's only fair game sugar, cheer up! *hugs*
Sprew 06/15/14 *snake bites*
Edward Brollachan 06/09/14 Caught by surprise, the ancient Scot barely had time to return the embrace before they disengaged. He was not used to human contact, at least not when he was not doing those things that vampires did. An embarrassed laugh followed the most subtle flush of color to his dark features.

"Nach i tha teth an-diugh...It's a bit warm today, nae?"
Edward Brollachan 06/09/14 "I heard it was yo'r birthday, lass..."

Dessa Chambers 06/05/14 *tackled*
I'mma getchu!
Mackenzie 05/25/14 It has been some time since Mackenzie had paid a visit to Livia. In retrospect, it has been some time since Mackenzie has really seen anyone. But for whatever reason, she feels outgoing, wanting to recreate those connections she once had and mend the bonds that were left to wear down to nothing but memory and nostalgia.

So very carefully, she places her gift into the box, along with her short and sweet letter, and sends it off to Livia's Sanctuary with her name on it in big, bold letters. She is sure that she would receive it, and more than sure she would read between the lines.


Slow change may pull us apart... But... don't you forget about me.


In the box, for her viewing pleasure... The Breakfast Club.
Edward Brollachan 05/14/14 Gliding surrealistically over to the motorcycle, he ran his hands along the lines, admiring the efficient simplicity of the design. As she had said, on the seat was the hand tooled crest of Clan Brollachan, which surprised him because so few had seen it.

The bike was in pristine condition, as if it had rolled off the assembly line yesterday instead of nearly forty years ago. Edward straddled the bike, and started it with one kick. With a twist to rev the throttle, he dumped the clutch and the raucous twin screamed as he took off, up on one wheel as he flew by Livia.

"Best gift ever!"
Edward Brollachan 05/14/14 He cranes his neck slightly and sees the sleek, silver lines of the cafe racer he had not previously noticed.

"I think it would be fittin' if ye accompanied me for the inaugural ride, nae?"
Edward Brollachan 05/14/14 He carefully opens the small package, admiring the care with which it was wrapped. There was a small box beneath the silver adorned black paper, and he opened it to reveal a key. On the leather fob, was the familiar triangular logo with a red wave, and the word 'Ducati' embossed in the polished badge. Golden eyes blazed in appreciation, and he started to look up, before noticing a folded piece of paper... the title.

On the year/make/model line, he read...

Ducati 450 Silver Shotgun

"Livia! This is a collectors item! Ye shouldn't ha'e!"
Edward Brollachan 05/14/14 "Why Livia... how thoughtful, lass!"

A very rare smile graces the features of the dark Scot.

"Mňran taing, mo bhuidheag. Should I open this in private? Or..."
Jackson McCarthy 05/08/14 *catches*
*pets it*
Maybe I'll keep one for when Eden is ready to forgive me.
*luffs the kitten*
Jackson McCarthy 05/08/14 *stares at the kitten*
Can I eat it?
John Doe 04/19/14 Thinks about it for a moment while having another long drink from the bottle. "That is a good point actually, it would be a good stopover place for those that needed it, as well as a safe haven for those that get in trouble while visiting the states." Nudges her playfully with his elbow. "Which would probably be you getting in trouble."
John Doe 04/19/14 Takes the bottle and drinks down a couple fingers worth before setting it down on the bed next to them. "I wonder how hard it would be to find a nice little secluded, wooded area over here. I rebuilt the Den from the ground up once, wouldn't be that hard to do it again."
John Doe 04/19/14 "That is a good question actually, one that has been asked by others as well." He gives a shrug of his massive shoulders as me moves to sit up a bit against the headboard. "I have thought about it of course, but in still don't know. I don't think I could manage it alone even if I decided to re-open."
John Doe 04/19/14 Laughs at her mention of a gun. And then wraps a large arm around her as she settles down to lounge beside him. "Trust me my sweets, that gun down there has killed more than most of the traditional types of guns that other guys carry." Reaching to the bedside table he pulls out a bottle of Jack from a drawer and hands it to her. "The beer is all gone but you know I always keep refreshments on hand for my guests."
John Doe 04/19/14 Having disposed of the girl's body that he used so hard and well last night his room was back in order when Liv came in that morning. Waking up to her attacking him with the picture John can't help but laugh. "Good morning to you too darlin." Looking at the pic he gives Liv am evil grin. "She does look like she would be a lot of fun. You know that showing me things like that first thing in the morning will have you finding out really quickly that I am naked under these covers."
John Doe 04/16/14 "Sounds like an invite I could never refuse. Drinks on you and strippers on me. Definitely going to be good to be back"
John Doe 04/16/14 Smiles down at his old friend and ruffles her hair playfully. "I have just been away is all, had a few things to straighten out before I could return. But here I am, back and in full effect."
John Doe 04/16/14 Gives the woman currently hugging him fiercely an equally tight hug in return and then graces her with a hard smack to her backside. "Of course it is me, who else could look this good in a hat?"
Roman Pierce 04/09/14 *shifty eyes* Uh-huhhh..surrre *runs*
Sprew 04/09/14 haha, hurry back! *laughs*
Sprew 04/09/14 Nuuuuu, I'm not...I PROMISH!! *cringes* And chu can't handle the sugar, SUGAR!
Sprew 04/09/14 Wow, how evil! *cackles* remind me not to get on chur bad side!
Sprew 04/09/14 Oh sh*t!! *cackles and grabs the popcorn*
Sprew 04/09/14 Awes *pets* kick his ass!
Roman Pierce 04/09/14 Nicely done! *hugs* And whaaaaaaaa...whom told chu that?
Roman Pierce 04/09/14 Congrats Squishy!
Sprew 04/08/14 Ohhs... *hides his laughter* mehbees it was Roman?
Sprew 04/08/14 *laughs* Not in this lifetime, all you! Chu can do it!
Sprew 04/08/14 Nuuuuu... *shifty eyes* why, whappeneds?
Sprew 04/08/14 Prolly be a few years but thankies *hugs*
Sprew 04/08/14 *pets* s'okies...s'okies *sneaks some of her juice whilst she's distracted*
Sprew 04/08/14 *enjoys* Well again your welcomes, and I'll be in your corner rooting ya on for the next stop...
Sprew 04/08/14 *cackles*
Sprew 04/08/14 *roars*
Welcomes, ditto that tho no need to thank me, it was more than well deserved.
Sprew 04/08/14 Congrats on Champion, you deserve it! *hive fives*
Sprew 04/08/14 *pets*
Jackson McCarthy 04/08/14 *leaves a basket of probably stolen liquors and a note*
Congrats, Livia! I hope to be as cool as you when I grow up!
Edward Brollachan 04/08/14 *Stahps*

*Turns around*


*Keels over*
Edward Brollachan 04/08/14 "HOLY SHIZ!" *Runs for Undead Life*
Katherine Murray 04/08/14 YAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! *tackles*
Jackson McCarthy 04/07/14 *sage nod*
I tried to be nice this morning, bringing her a cup of coffee, and she purposefully let it fall. If that's not evil, I don't know what it.
*clears throat*
Jackson McCarthy 04/07/14 Ha! She's finally shown her evil side to you, huh?
Jackson McCarthy 04/07/14 *laughs*
Thanks... She scares me with that mop. Least I have a chance now!
Jackson McCarthy 04/04/14 Don't tell her I gave you the idea!
*proceeds to go hide from Eden now*
Jackson McCarthy 04/04/14 Possibly..But you know what she really needs?
*makes sure Eden isn't in ear shot*
A mop...
Jackson McCarthy 04/04/14 Uh...Thank you for the milk. I think.
*scratches head*
Sprew 04/04/14 *cackles*
*allows a little breathing room*
*shifty eyes*
Sprew 04/04/14 Heyyyyyy....that's not what I said! *tackles*
Sprew 04/04/14 Thank you, may I have another? *smirks*
Sprew 04/04/14 I'm feelin' electric tonight... *zaps as he pets*
Edward Brollachan 04/02/14 *Rubs upper backside, recalling and even feeling the ache of an old wound*

*Shifts to mist and disappears before she returns*
Edward Brollachan 04/02/14 *blinks and catches the Slayer by the shoulders*

"Thank goodness ye weren't running with scissors... or a knife."
Roman Pierce 12/27/13 Spankoes!
Edward Brollachan 12/26/13 "Aye, lass, ye ha'e a quick wit, a sharp tongue and a sharper would be a fine lawyer, methinks."

"As far as Christmas, it was quiet one for me, pagan that I am, and as is should ha'e been. and yo'r Christmas?"
Edward Brollachan 12/26/13 *chuckles*

"A dubious distinction, but ye may ha'e a point."
Edward Brollachan 12/26/13 *stares*

"If hook'rs, then they are not Scots and they certainly are wearin' skirts and not kilts."
Edward Brollachan 12/25/13 Roaring withe more laughter...

"Aye, now ye ha'e it!"
Edward Brollachan 12/25/13 Squinting a grin, wrinkles around his ancient eyes, he laughs.

"Nae, nothin' needed under the's full enough of a Scotsman."
Edward Brollachan 12/25/13 Nollaig Chridheil, m'Nemifriend.
Dessa Chambers 12/24/13 Hello Benjamin! *winks*
Sprew 12/14/13 *screams bloody murder* GAWD DAMMMMIT!
Edward Brollachan 12/05/13 *raises eyebrows* Live if old check...
Roman Pierce 11/10/13 S'okies...S'okies *pats head softly* We'll figure out summins..
Roman Pierce 11/10/13 Awes *comforts* I don't see why not, but then where would I go? *cants head*
Tala Hemming 10/30/13 "A bit jet lagged, yes. A rest definably will do." Tala delicately places her hand on Livia's shoulder, "I just want to thank you for welcoming me into your home without hesitation. I am truly grateful."
Tala Hemming 10/30/13 Giving a charming smile to a familiar face, nodded and accepted the ring of keys. It's been over three years since Tala walked the Realm - and has it changed A LOT! "Thank you very much, Livia." Fiddling with the contours of the keys, Tala humbly continues, "Livia, this world has changed so much, it will take a while to become familiar with it's new laws, new roads and new faces. But I'm happy you see yours first."
Roman Pierce 10/21/13 He'll just laff at chu!
Roman Pierce 10/20/13 *stares awkwardly* Nuffins...hateschu
Roman Pierce 10/20/13 Ummm, some of my special sau...erm, I plead the fifth *shifty eyes*
Edward Brollachan 10/07/13 By the looks of the fat little bástards...they've certainly been into the bloody pasties.
Edward Brollachan 10/07/13 I ha'e heard ye were running a Horde, and wouldna ha'e believed it...until I saw this.

Stalker 10/01/13 "Hey smell that? Smells like somebody died."
Dessa Chambers 10/01/13 *nodnod!* He's teh best!
Dessa Chambers 10/01/13 Ooohhhh
Dessa Chambers 10/01/13 *gasp!*
I would never!
He gets treated like a proper prince
Whatchu hidin' for?
Sprew 09/25/13 FUK YES!
Sprew 09/24/13 Just for me??? *wipes off drool*
Sprew 09/24/13 I was thirsty...ooops?
Sprew 09/24/13 Heyyyyyy...*stares at the beer* WHERE'S MINE!?!
Sprew 09/24/13'll wake up the neighbors!
Sprew 09/24/13 Heyyy...*swats* just cuz it's mah birfday doesn't mean you get to reveal alla mah secrets, ya hear!
Sprew 09/24/13 *cackles*Good luck wiff that *pets*

Damn, I'm too old for this shizz!
Sprew 09/20/13 Seems you're early and I'm a bit late...Happy Birthday

*rips one off and tips it her way before chugging down*

And cheers to many more!
Edward Brollachan 09/16/13 The ancient Scot was not an expert at some traditions, but this one required a word...and a gift. HE shifted from mist onto the front steps of the Saints & Sinners Sanctuary house, and leaves an exquisitely carved, wooden wakizashi, along with note of filigreed gold calligraphy on vellum.

Happy Fifth Anniversary, Livia
Allesondra Dylan 09/04/13 *Nods* Those are just fine but who would be willing to have the tip snipped? *Shifty eyes*
Allesondra Dylan 09/04/13 *Lifts up arms as she is vacuumed and hums the tune for the Hora dance* I need a fresh pair of scissors.
Sprew 09/02/13 Check your Spellbook, the answer lies within...
Sprew 08/27/13 Dammmit, I wasn't supposed to be found, don't tell okay? Thanks!
Allesondra Dylan 08/26/13 Hey now! That dries out my skin. *Lathers on the coconut oil*
Sprew 08/12/13 Thanks *hugs* love ya too
Allesondra Dylan 08/03/13 ~Allie looks puzzled as she watched the slayer leave in such a hurry. The kitchen falls silent with mention of a bedazzler and everything from Aunt Jemima to the dancing plates whispers and performs~ Jazz hands.
Allesondra Dylan 08/03/13 ~Allie just smiles as she scrapes off a burnt layer from the toast. Screams from the piece of bread could be heard before it scrambles away from the angels grip and runs across Liv's pancakes~ Hide me! ~The bread cries with the butter knife giving chase~

Are you alright? ~Allesondra asks the S&S leader with a bit of concern~

Of course she's alright! ~The pot of coffee answers and in the distance a symphony starts to play and a musical number of 'Be our guest' begins~
Allesondra Dylan 08/03/13 ~The pancakes do not answer her but the tub of parkay butter slowly turns to, Livia~ "Better" ~The butter says as it licks the slack of pancakes~
Allesondra Dylan 08/03/13 Oh no...not a dream. ~She says while putting the bottle of maple in front of the plate. The picture of Aunt Jemima winks at Livia before humming a tune about shortin' bread~
Allesondra Dylan 08/03/13 ~Doesn't answer but lifts the plate of stacked pancakes up towards the slayer. Like a cartoon, the scent of the cakes tries to lure her to the table~
Allesondra Dylan 08/03/13 ~Makes a big pot of coffee and some pancakes~
Sprew 07/10/13 That was Altered's idea...*shifty eyes*
Sprew 07/10/13 Hacking your way to the front page I see, vewy noice!
Allesondra Dylan 07/10/13 Why would I do that? I could be the reason for your disappearing. If I'm not then I would question Kat.

Now shh...get into the van.
Allesondra Dylan 07/10/13 I would never put you on the milk carton. However, I would put you in a Sunny D commercial.
Allesondra Dylan 07/10/13 Cover girl. :P
Stalker 07/10/13 Congratulations on Profile of the Day. Of course, you owe me $7.50 for the shampoo you "borrowed" for the photo shoot.
Allesondra Dylan 07/09/13 What a poor excuse for a steal attempt. Go try someone else.


*Peeks at Liv's tattoo* It's not fluffy! But fluffer!
Allesondra Dylan 07/09/13 *Inspects the damage before fleeing to her fort*
Allesondra Dylan 07/09/13 *Tries waving the trap off*
Allesondra Dylan 07/09/13 D:

You had a mouse trap in your pocket! ~Shows the trap stuck on her fingers~
Sprew 07/08/13 You know, like I know...*cackles*
Sprew 07/01/13 Don't lie to me!
Allesondra Dylan 06/28/13 ~Grins~ "In due time. Someone always in need of mortality." ~Digs in the slayers pockets before withdrawing a pick; a guitar pick~ "Ooooh, what's this?" ~She says with a smile and slips the pick back~ "My song bird. I had no idea."
Allesondra Dylan 06/27/13 My pockets were violated and the pocket poop(lint) was stolen. The guilty came forward after I channeled a little Liam Neeson. It was Edward. ~Points a finger of shame before coming to a positive conclusion~ However, he did fashion it into a doll. Maybe I can turn it into a voodoo doll?
Sprew 06/27/13 If you insist..
Shayden Rayne 06/22/13 The fallen angel had always been quite the trickster, and over the years she had made Livia the target of a few pranks. Tonight she mused quietly in the shadows feeling that the adornment of the Golden Robes called for something utterly sinister in the way of pranking. When the time was right the trap was put into play; a young maid carrying a rather large box wrapped in shimmery gold wrapping paper trimmed with an equally lavish gold ribbon tied into a bow at the top.

Inside this box was a large container of gold and silver glitter, rigged to explode when the package was opened, regardless of who was to open it. There was also a small camera tucked inside that was calibrated to snap a series of photos at the time of the explosion to capture the mayhem and the face of whomever had opened the box. The photos would then be transmitted to a nearby receiver and immediately uploaded to the realm news channels remotely to share the moment with the many denizens of the realm.

Shay knew that she would be unable to set foot on the grounds herself, but lurked in the shadows nearby to watch as the poor maid girl made her way to the gate to announce her delivery of a package. The girl had been instructed to dangle a package of gummy bears in front of the camera at the gates to gain her passage to the front door, or at the very least draw someone out to retrieve the package from her. What would happen after that would be entirely up to Livia and her staff.
Sprew 06/21/13 Heyyyy....I warned you dammmit!
Allesondra Dylan 06/21/13 A fort?! Well that will be my room.
Sprew 06/21/13 Mhmmms....surrrrrrrre
Allesondra Dylan 06/21/13 It was the jello shots. Speaking of change...~lows her shades~...golden snuggie. Needs some bedazzling. ~Jazz hands~
Sprew 06/20/13 TRUE STORY!
Sprew 06/20/13 HACKER!
Sprew 06/20/13 *hugs* You're welcomes! I'm sure you'll do a damn fine job at that!

*pauses for a moment then stares cautiously* I see whatcha did there...tsk tsk!
Sprew 06/20/13 Congrats on Gold, my friend! Well deserving and they look damned good on ya...

soooo....tell me...what's the secret?
Bree Ravencroft 06/20/13 *stops dead in tracks, glares, shakes head seeing the slayers contemplating look*
*goes poof*
Bree Ravencroft 06/20/13 "Oh shi... Err I mean congrats on gold."
*smiles and runs*
Edward Brollachan 06/20/13 There was something different about the young woman. He couldn't put his finger on it. Then, the light bulb lit up.

"Did ye get yo'r nose fixed? How much prettier ye look now..."

Congrats on Opening, my Nemifriend!
Sprew 05/11/13 *in like fashion he pulls a can from the five pack and shot-guns in followed by a loud belch* Gawd, that felt amazing! What's up? Oh you know, same ole same ole, what about you old friend?
Sprew 04/03/13 No...I would never.. *shifts eyes nervously* erm...why do you ask?
Sprew 04/02/13 I didn't st..stt.sttuttterrr *pets* and mehbees, who wants to know? *shifty eyes*
Sprew 04/02/13 Oops? *shifty eyes* Better take it off before you catch a cold
Sprew 03/31/13 *stares* whappened?
Sprew 03/28/13 FASTER!
Sprew 03/13/13 Thank you as well my friend, for everything. Just promise me that you'll fulfill your's all I ask in return.
Sprew 03/10/13 *stares*
Sprew 01/30/13 Please...Don't...Hurt...Me!
Sprew 01/26/13 *stares* HOLY SH*T...*runs like a mofo*
Sprew 12/31/12 Bwahahahahahahaha *cackles*
Sprew 12/31/12 Thankies! *hive fives* Nah, don't sweat it. You'll get there, just keep the faith. And trust me when I say this, doing it once is more than enough *shifty eyes*
Sprew 11/17/12 @-.-@
Shayden Rayne 11/11/12 *gets splatted*
*sniffs the aussie snowball*
*wrinkles nose*
Ewwwwwww...someone peed in the snowcone machine...
Shayden Rayne 11/11/12 *sniggles*
yanno...shadow stepping has some wonderful advantages
*pokes tongue out*
like traveling with snowball before it can melt...
Shayden Rayne 11/11/12 *sneaks up*
*pelts with snowball*
*runs like hell*
Shayden Rayne 11/09/12 *blinks*
*lets go of zee delivery boy*
he was too...
Shayden Rayne 11/09/12 *noddles*
Italians are tasteh...
must be all teh pasta and wine
Shayden Rayne 11/08/12 oh noes! doz bastids...
*sharez fewd*
Hmm delivery boy nawt yer style...
*gives fewd delivery boy brought*
Shayden Rayne 11/08/12 *squeaks*
someone forgot to feed yuu again?
Sprew 11/06/12 *growls* I KNOW WHERE YOU SLEEP!
Sprew 11/06/12 *slaps her with the hive* gimme back the damn KOOLAID!!
Roman Pierce 11/06/12 Congrats! +HIVE FIVES+
Roman Pierce 10/05/12 +pouts+
Roman Pierce 10/05/12 I'M TELLING!
Sprew 10/02/12 Can't escape the HIVE!
Sprew 10/01/12 *cackles*
Sprew 10/01/12 Run while you still can
Sprew 09/29/12 Wimp...
Sprew 09/29/12 *pats* ask your hubby!
Sprew 09/29/12 NO!
Sprew 09/29/12 Heh, I'll give you wings...*stares*
Sprew 09/29/12 WHATEVAH
Sprew 09/29/12 Purple would be better? *ahem* chop chop!
Sprew 09/29/12 You look too 'Fancy' in Gold!
Sprew 09/26/12 But dun need meeeee
Sprew 09/25/12 Haha...Thanks! *hugs* I see that I have missed yours as well, happy birfday to you too, and you're GOLD! Congrats! Wow, this damn amnesia has really kicked my ass...
Sprew 09/25/12 I AM INFECTED
Edward Brollachan 09/15/12 Well enough, lass, thanks. I see that nose of yours didna set too badly...
Roman Pierce 09/05/12 +flips the bird at her back as she storms off+ yea..yea..yea
Roman Pierce 09/04/12 MAKE ME!

Oh Daaaaaaaaad...
Roman Pierce 09/04/12 NEBARS!~!
Roman Pierce 09/04/12 +hides the evidence+ wha...wha?
Crystal 08/03/12 Thank you. Your words means a lot to me.
Bastet 07/29/12 I dont know his name *she pondered* But it was the first office I went into and threatened. I can show you where! Its amazing what people will do for you when you threaten them with the finger of death *holds up finger*
Bastet 07/29/12 I'm telling you, these implants were the best thing I could have gotten! Don't they motorboat like real ones?!
Bastet 07/29/12 *Squees. Luffs*
Bastet 07/29/12 MOTORBOAT!!!!!!!!
Sprew 07/15/12 Thank you *smiles* You've been a good friend since nearly the beginning, I could never forget such a thing. I'm always here
Sprew 07/15/12 Always best friends! *hugs with a saddened expression*
Julian Montgomery 05/29/12 Thank you so much.
Sprew 05/28/12 Thanks dear!!

*hive fives* :P
Otter380 03/16/12 *Tackle* *DoubleGlomp* *Lurves back harder*
Sprew 01/23/12 *presents his loving wife with a fresh dozen of Peonies, placing a breezy kiss upon her cheek as he hands them over*

Congrats dear, you earned it!
Sprew 01/10/12 *luffs more* Yush, that I am!! You likey!?
Sprew 11/08/11 Congrats hun! *high fives and gives a little groping action when no one's looking*
Sprew 10/28/11 *stares blankly* WTF YO...............
Sprew 08/22/11 *arches a brow at his beautiful wife, he knew that he didn't smell like sh*te, so what the feck was she talking about?* Say what dear...which bod...what did you do now!?!
Sprew 12/25/10 *throws her ass in Purg and eats the key* Let's see who stays in there the LONGEST!!!
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