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Get it into your stupid heads, KEEP THE DRAMA AWAY FROM ME AND MY MATE. I will delete all BS MAIL
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Born: February 03, 2020 Forum Topics Started: 6 (House only: 6)
Race: Vampire Forum Posts / Replies: 155 (House only: 7)
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imashe's Biography
Nickname: Imashe
Born: Shendi forests of Gor
Eyes: Blue or white depends on mood
Height: 6ft 11in
Hair: blonde dreadlocks later straight
Parents:Chaos and calico
Siblings: Twin Ice Queen
Powers: seeing the future through her powers of a seer.
Transformations:Black Panther with deep blue eyes
Relation Status:
Married: single
Occupation: Queen/Seer of her Tribe
Pets:Black panther
Family background: Born of royal blood
Language: age old Mamba

Imashe's Background

I was born to pure blood royal parents Chaos And Calico shortly after they were mated over twenty-one years ago, I was a twin to my sibling Ice and we were gifted with the powers of seers. My father trained us both in the art of war and hunting becoming stronger to attack our enemies of the north who came down to attack our village.

After a bloody raid, where many of our warriors were either dead or wounded. My sister helped heal some of the males and we got separated in the shendi forest. A big brute of a male, who they called Asger. He stepped out from behind the trees and grabbed me after I fought him, I lost consciousness from the blood loss. Asger carried me in his big strong arms and took me back to his camp back in the north. The warriors sung their song along their way as they gotton a prize of a royal princess in order to bring peace between the people.

After a few nights of healing, I saw the different side to Asger and I became his bond. Little did we know a huge snow storm would separate us and bring me to this strange world. Bringing out the darkness in people including myself in order to survive this place....When things became hopeless my heart skipped when Asger found me once more outside my home. I ran down the stairs and into his arms with tears in my eyes, he had found me. Our bond grew stronger and we were wed on the 19/6/20

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Asger Thorbergsson


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Dr Van Helsing

Black Lord


Ice Queen


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Last five threads posted in:
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NeighborhoodNight Club Insomnia
Created by Marah
-shiki 08/30/21 "You will fit right into the family then.. Oh uh shiki can also be difficult too.. You two will get along great." Anya said with a giggle.
-shiki 08/30/21 "No I'm sorry, he didn't mean anything by it.. He just doesn't like touching other.. Or others touching him if it isn't necessary.. It's my fault I begged him to save you.. I'm sorry.. I'll go bring him back and have him apologize to you.. He is easily misunderstood." Anya spoke with politeness and love for her uncle.
-shiki 08/30/21 "Uncle that was a bit harsh! At least compensate her." She poked out her cheek at him. He looked over at imashe, "ah sorry about thsf.. My uncle is usually closed off like that, he is very shy.. He doesn't normally help out others.. He is a very closed off zhy dwd and I are the only ones who csn get close to him.. He is a complicated situation.. Don't mind him too much.. He usually keeps himself away from others unless he is certain situations." She said handing imashe a tissue.
-shiki 08/30/21 He he showed fsngs as he growled, he then felt her fall from his grasp, he caught her before he could hit thr ground. "Are you crazy or an idiot? Or both?" He spoke with a deadly cold tone. He then flew to his brothers castle, and appeared in nfront of his brother and his wife. He dropped her on the couch. "Tch so unreasonable.. I didn't want to touch you either.. But my neice asked me to save you.. Doing thst.. You could have died.. Then how will I explain this to avens wife.. And my neice.. Don't ever do that again. Females.. And this is why I don't like being around others.. If you didn't want to held like thst you could hwvr just asked me to switch positions." He growled and walked off annoyed for the first time in awhile.
-shiki 08/30/21 He could tell she was in pain and stubborn, he wasn't about to push her, he didn't deal with others if he didn't need to. He Shook his head and started to walk away but his neice stopped him. "Uncle you have to go get her." Anya said. "No I don't, besides she ran off.. You can't force her, I have an exam and you should leave her along. Don't throw nonsense." He said. "Uncle shiki, please.. Mom and dwd invited her, plus she is in pain.. Will you use your divine sense to check...please uncle I will help you get that stone you need, please?" She begged. He sighed, and looked to the forest as she cheered, he disappeared sgaking his head. He then appeared before her and grabbing her by thr nape of her neck. "Thank Anya for me saving you.. Once I get you to my brothers home II will let you go." He spoke like he had no emotion.
-shiki 08/29/21 "Did anyone say you have to leave? You seem to have been living there for a long time, also aren't you family to Savannah.. I'm pretty sure if they wanted you to leave then they would have pushed you to leave.. And since you aren't botherine anyone no sense in kicking you out.." He said. He suddenly looked up and closed his book. He saw his neice Anya, as he suddenly but quietly jumped out of the tree, "hai hai.. Uncle!! Wait!! I wanted to ask if you will show me how you did that speed move thing.. Oh uh miss you must be a relative of my mom and ny aunt in-law.. My dad told me to tell you uhm if you want you csn come swim with the ladies.. Uncle is very shy so don't mind him.. If he seems mean just let it roll of your shoulder." She said cheerfully. Shiki started to walk off to another hiding spot, then he stopped, "Maybe after my exam." He said, as Anya cheered.
-shiki 08/29/21 "Yes.. But we used to live in the caves.. We have always owned this land.. We just kept it hidden.. This isn't the only time we have been on this lwnd.. This land is fives times the wize of crop lands and farms.. You could technically put five cities on this land.. We just keep it to ourselves.. Besides that castle has always been there.. It was originally built by my brother before you even existed." He stated softly. He then looked down at her, she seemed a bit confused.. Maybe she came when it was too dark to see anything so you couldn't tell anything was here.
-shiki 08/29/21 "Uhm well, you see that huge castle over there.. My brother lives there.. And there is a huge Chinese inspired home just a little bit up that way in the trees.. We are in my garden.. This entire land is of mine and my brothers.. If your house is here. Then your home is built on our lands." He stated as he continued to read.
-shiki 08/29/21 "So you live with my brother and his wife?" He asked, riasing a brow as he looked up from his book. "I live around here." Was all he said as he looked back at his book.
-shiki 08/26/21 He sat on the branch of the tree, read a bit studying for his next exam. He looked up to a growl but saw nothing yet, he could slightly feel a female aura. It seemed light,ike she was sleeping, so he kept to his reading.
Ice Queen 08/26/21 Ice pounces on her sister in her cat form as they both tumble in the grass "you my dear sister has gotten stronger since being here. Congratulations"
Ice Queen 03/05/21 "Ye did it again mah sister, you got dem guards on ye back"
Calico 03/05/21 "What be ye do this time mah Ima for you being chased by the guards again" hugging her daughter tightly.
Calico 07/24/20 "Thank ye mah IMA" hugs her daughter
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